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The Third Charm: Episode 9 Live Recap

We left off with Young-jae accidentally spotting Joon-young and the new potential love interest Se-eun sharing a moment of white peaches from the can at the hospital. Except, Joon-young also doted a bit on Se-eun’s sprained foot. The situation is innocent, Young-joon has done basically the same thing after all, but now the tables are turned so will she be able to keep that rage bottled inside?

I wonder if Joon-young’s appa will also turn the tables on his wife. His family is a nice piece of comic relief that has started to mirror Joon’s life.

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Joon walks with Se-eun and asks her if she is leaving to her home tomorrow. They talk about her hometown. Joon says he went there once and loved the bread so much that he ate bread all day. He tells her to enjoy her moms food when she goes. But it is not vacation, you much rest. That is part of work, okay?

They get to her door so he tells her goodbye. She smiles and tells him to take care of himself also. They leave and she smiles as she walks to her door. But she comes back out again to peek and watch Joon walk away.

Joon slowly walks back to his room and lets himself inside. Young-jae is sitting next to his bed. He asks when she came, you shuold ahve told me. Then he notices that he left his cell phone and apologizes for it. Young-jae is a bit quiet but asks him if he is okay. Joon tells her that her boyfriend is a policeman, he is tough, this is nothing.

He holds her hand and softly rubs it for a moment. But then he tells her that one of his female police officers is also injured. he ate white peaches with her, she also likes white peaches. Young-jae tells him that she saw Ho-chul. He tells her that he is not bandaengi sogaltakchi anymore. He is not jealous. Young-jae smiles but looks at bit sad. Joon tells her that he really does not care anymore, really. But she is still a bit gloomy so he looks concerned.

She leaves in this sunken spirit and walks up the street. Joon is left in his room, he also looks very bummed. Almost as if she might have said something to him. He looks like he might try not to cry. At home they both curl up in their beds, but neither one is sleeping. They just stare off into nothing and think.
Joo-ran looks at a list that is all about how to take care of her boyfriends dog. This list is several pages long with detailed instructions. But he tells her that it isn’t that bad, she is easy to take care of. I usually put her in a dog hotel, but I am happy thta I can leave her with you. You are an angel. I will get a gold medal!

He stands up and tells her and the dog that he can’t leave because he will be leaving his two princesses. He starts to kiss her, but actually, he kissed the dog. Then he starts to kiss her, but actually he just kissed the dog again. Then kept kissing the dog and tells the dog that she is his princess, i will be back. Joo-ran looks like her next several days will be miserable. (I think he is going on a triathlon or something similar).

At work, Joo-ran tells her team that they will have a chance to practice on real hair, not mannequins. But she has to stop because the dog pooped under someone workstation. Joo-ran has to take the dog for a walk so she walks around with Young-jae complaining about how she has to take this dog out every 3 hours or she will poop everywhere. But other than this dog, they are the perfect couple. They are a good match in everyway. Young-jae just thinks as she walks with her.

Int he hospital, Joon-young’s team talks to him about the gangster that got away. They all want to get him. They met gangwoochi’s girlfriend, but there was nothing. They think they will get him soon though. Joon just sits and listens to them, but he is still a bit bummed. his team does all the talking.

VO – Joon young, I met Ho-chul.

Flashback to last night.

J – Oh, really, I not suspect you anymore, I am not jealous anymore.

Int he present, his team asks him if he is okay. He tells htem that he is not okay. They think he might have head damage so they ask him who they are. Should we call 911? (but they are in the hospital).

In the club, Ri-won works behind the counter, a few guys flirt with her. Sang-hyun looks at her as she works. He looks a bit jealous possibly? When ri-won walks away, he gets up to peek at where she went and then hides when she comes back. He does this all day long until it is closing time and they are the only two left in the building. She gets her things and heads out without looking at him. So he calls her, hey! She is all like, what do you want? I need to catch my bus. He says he will take her home, she should eat.

Cut to them eating, she asks him why he is taking her home. He says it is dangerous, she asks if it wasn’t dangeroud before? he just tells her to eat. She starts eating in a messy normal way, but it makes him smile. He happily watches her eat all of her food and scoots his bowl over to her as well. Afterward, he drives her home. She gets out without any fuss and walks to her door. He watches her, but dodges her look when she turns around. She goes to the window and tells him that he is suspicious. You looked at me all day and you made me ramen and took me home.

(missed a bit of this part, will fill in after we finish..like 5 minutes lost)

Ho-chul ends up going to the salon. (before this he had a scene at the hospital but we missed it). Joo-ran asks him if he would like to volunteer with them to do something on an island. He ends up saying yes. But Young-jae says no.

Later on, Joo-ran has to go brush the dogs teeth. It looks like the island volunteer event is tonight. Young-jae calls her and tells her to come. But she can’t come right now? It looks like she gets a call from her boyfriend, his plane is delayed and he did not get first. She tells him it is okay, you are #1 for me, I will comfort you tonight.

Joo-ran also notics that the dog is messing up her house, she has to run after it.

Later on, Young-jae eats with Joo-ran and fills her in on all that is going on. Cut to Joo-ran telling her that she should have told her earlier. She would not have asked Ho-chul if she knew. Did you start seeing him too? Young-jae says it is all about her, she thinks she is cahnging. Joo-young will try harder and I will be sorry for his effort. I am changing. I think I am keeping more secrets from him. Joo-ran tells her that everything is fine. You are 27 now. Of course you changed. It is not an easy thing but can you just let it flow (follow your heart). Young-jae agrees and keeps thinking.

Joo-ran gets home and sees that the dog is tearing up her shoes. JR starts running after the dog. If I catch you then you are dead!
She runs all over the living room trying to catch this dog and explaining how expensive those shoes are! This scene is long. But then her boyfriend comes out with his shirt off and his gold medal on. He looks so sad because she was yelling at his dog.

He even starts to cry maybe? He grabs his dog and asks her how she can be like this! She tries to tell him that this is a mistake but he just says he heard it all! I will leave, you devil woman. H backs out.

Int he hospital, Sang-hyun tells Joon all about his experience getting comforted by someone. It is not normal to be attracted to someone just because they comforted you right? She was the first woman that was not attracted to me and also never said thank you. She is the first woman. Everything was new with her. I don’t like that kind of woman at all, but for the first time, she looked cool. I don’t like it when people eat a lot, but it looked lovely with her.

he sits up quickly and asks, did yo usee! I just smiled! But myself! I need to go to out!.

They end up going out for fresh air. Sang-hyun says he is truthful! This time he is truthful! Joon says he always is the same, that poor woman. But Sang-hyun says that he knows her. Joon asks who it is. He asks if it is Kim So-hee, are you dating her again? Sang-hyun just drinks and says that he misses her.

Cut to Joon carrying him back inside his hospital room and putting a drunk SH on the bed as he mumbles about how she was so cute. I miss you…I miss you a lot….~. Joon just goes and sits in the corner. He says, I also want to see her.

At home, Young-jae un-passionately cuts some paperwork at her table. While doing that, she thinks about Joon drunkenly asking her why they are doing this. You love me a lot right? I really really love you. You shouldn’t dump me.

She touches her necklace that he gave her as she thinks about this.

Int he other room, her brother keeps writing the novel. It is the last line, he is trying to pull it together to write the last line. The last line. The last big ending. NOT THIS….. Young-jae comes out and tells him that she will be back.

Joon closes the door to his hospital room and takes off still in his hospital gown and a jacket. He takes a taxi to go see Young-jae. Young-jae is also trying to see him. She runs up the street looking for a taxi and then starts running somewhere else.

While riding to her house, Joon thinks about kissing her when they had their picnic at the Han river. Young-jae was able to get in her taxi and softly tears a bit as she rides to see him.

Joon gets to her home. Inside, Soo-jae finished his novel and checks the clock. It is almost midnight. He has only a few seconds so he adds the novel as an attachment and sends it! The bell rings, it is Joon. he asks is Young-jae here?

Young-jae is actually just now getting to the hospital.

Joon runs outside and calls her. She tells him that she is at his hospital room. He is a bit upset and asks why she came without calling? She is a bit worried and asks what’s wrong. He tells her that he is at her place, just wait a minute and I will be there. Joon is a bit flustered and takes off to the hospital again.

He gets there, she is waiting outside for him. they stare at each other for a long moment as if they don’t know how to respond to each other. But then Young-jae smiles very slightly. It is a very easily missable smile. They start to walk to each other with a lot of thick air between them. But they get right in front of each other and overcome that last foot of distance to hug. then they go sit somewhere. it is still a bit stiff between them, they don’t look at each other.

She asks him if he hates her. He says no.

have you ever hated me? he says never.

After fighting in the car and I left the car? No

When we had an argument in the restaurant? I don’t hate you because I like you so much.

Joon-young,….I missed you a lot.

He looks at her now and smiles. Me too, he says as he keeps smiling. She smiles too. She holds her hand out and he takes it. They keep sitting and smiling at each other. The air finally clear between them.
The doctors go check on Joon in the hospital, but they find his friend Sang-hyun hung over instead.

Elsewhere, Young-jae and Soo-jae go to the event on the ship. Joo-ran talks to Soo-jae for a minute. It is a lively happy atmosphere until Ho-chul shows up and drops a cloud on everything. he happily smiles at Young-jae and greets her brother as hung-nim. But Soo-jae is all like, i just met you, don’t call me hyung-nim.

Young-jae pushes her brother inside as they all get on the ferry. But then she happily waves as Joon runs up. She is so happy that he was able to come.

In the ferry, Joo-ran longingly gazes over the edge and tears up. Soo-jae kind of sees her and goes a bit closer. She tries to hide that she was crying a bit.

Everyone else on the ferry is having a lovely time. they all get off the ferry and start to set up their volunteer booth for salon services. the host of the event thanks Joo-ran and her team for coming every year. The even gets going as they give a free hair cut and color to everyone on the island that shows up. Soo-jae and Joon-young make all the hot drinks for everyone and happily pass them out.

The mood is clear and happy between him ad Young-jae. Joon happily feeds her some drink and rides with her in a forklift as she goes to do a halabogi’s wifes hair. they get to halabogis adorable country house and wait outside for his wife to show up. Joon runs inside when they come out so that he can help carry his wife who has trouble getting around. he carries her to her seat so that Young-jae can give her a very pretty haircut.

The old man says that they have nice sunshine because his wife is getting her hair done. he then asks Joon if he is there but does nothing? Joon says he can do anything. Halabogii asks him if he can fix their radio? he pull the radio out and says that his wife likes it but it is broken. To fix it we have to go inland. Can you fix it? Joon tells him that he will definitely try. he takes off his sweater and gets to work.

In the chair, Young-jae talks about how her halmoni had amazing hair. She used to dye her hair and get one dollar from her. Her halmoni was a tiger halmoni. I think that is why I became a hairdresser, seeing people smile after I do there hair, is wonderful. Joon keeps working on the radio. Young-jae finishes halmoni’s hair and does a sophisticated job on the color and everything.
But Joon is not doing the best on the radio, it is still in disrepair. He packs it up and tells him that he will work on it all day, he will definitely do it! The halabogi is happy and says he does not have to do it, but Joon tells him he is good at these things, he can do it. They both smile and walk back to the event. they walk among a gorgeous hay looking field so Joon convinces Young-jae to pose for the camera. You are good at sexy poses.

She hops into a sexy pose, but he does not take the photo. He just looks at her in it for a moment. She asks if he is going to take it? He kind of snaps out of it and takes the photo. he asks her if she would like to see it but she says no, he can keep it. They start walking again. Joon says that this place is peaceful, he wants to live somewhere like this. Young-jae says it will be nice for awhile, but then it might be boring. he says he can be a small town cop and she can do everyones hair. But Joon says she wants to live in a city.

He says that he is fine with living in a city then, so long as he can stay with her, he is happy. Joon is very happy as he keeps smiling as they walk. But Young-jaes face looks a bit more thoughtful. Later on, Joon keeps smiling as he watches everyone play on the beach. however, Ho-chul ges in his view and asks him if he would like to fish with him. Joon’s face falls then.

They both end up going fishing on the rocks. They don’t talk.

It is really quiet.

But then Hochul says he will tell Young-jae. But before that, he thinks he should tell him first.

Joon listens and sighs.

VO – If your heart is the same as mine, it will hurt a lot. But my love and my pain isn’t smaller than you.

They keep fishing.

On the mainland, Sang-hyun happily looks at Riwon work. Two guys come in that know her. She asks them if they are really going to drink at an expensive place? Cut to her serving them drinks. She is older than them so they tell her that she is super popular sunbae among students. She tells them that it does not matter. The emptiest thing in the world are men and women relationships.

The students say that is why she is so attractive. People hit on her all the time but she turns them all down so that is why no one confesses to you. SH is listening to this, upset.

He goes to the bathroom and talks about how this is the first time in his life for constipation and jealousy. While on the toilet he hears the students talking again, she is so dodohagae (arrogant, hooty, etc.) but in an attractive way. They think she is also sexy and wonder if they shuold try to seduce her? Sang-hyun comes out and wonders why God is giving him this pain.

In the club, the students ask her when she finished work and that they should have fun together. She tells them that she is not their friend. But she smiles. SH thinks Riwon really knows how to push and pull, look at that smile. The boys tell her that they want to call her sunbae, not sunbae-nim. They asks her if she has a boyfriend? She thinks, boyfrind? I don’t have -. But then SH suddenly goes up to her and kisses her. He tells those boys that her boyfriend is watching them, you kids. Riwon is so amazingly and totally stunned in a hilarious way.

Back at the beach, everyone relaxes with meat and drink. Joo-ran is in a bit of a sullen mood. Ho-chul comes up to their table and gives “hyung-nim” some food. But he asks why he is still calling him that? Young-jae decides to get up and go to another table. At the same time, the employees watch Joo-ran drinking her heart out. They think she is not okay, but they hope that she will be okay. However, she sees some dogs and starts cursing them out.

Soo-jae looks on in a bit of disgust and sympathy. Joo-ran goes to throw up on the side somewhere, Soo-jae goes up to her and hits her on the back. She ends up telling him that she should forget that guy. He says forgetting is not easy, but then he tries to brush away her bad alcohol breath smell. She thanks him for listening to her story. he asks her if she would like to go to a movie or something like that, at times like this, the arts helps a lot.

Joo-ran is so appreaciative and asks if he has been through this? Soo-jae tells her that most artists have a bit of feeling in their hearts that they need to express. they feel and breath and get healed. Joo-ran tells himt hat she already feels that she is healed. Lets watch. I want to be healed. She miles cutely.
Elsewhere, Young-jae sits with Joon-young inside where he is working on the radio. He really wants to fix it. She lays on his leg as he keeps tinkering with it. She thinks they can go back and buy a new one. But he says that he wants to fix it, he wants to turn this back to the way it was. Young-jae must have felt a kinship with that phrase, because she looks a bit remorse. he tells her that she can go play so she sits up and says okay. But he looks at her as she walks away as if he knows what is going on. He sits for a moment alone in the empty room. But then he gets back to work with a renewed commitment and passion.

He keeps tinkering and tinkering. Adding this thing, moving that thing, screwing in this thing, soldering that thing…a tear escapes one of his eyes as he keeps working. he quickly wipes it away and keeps working.

Outside, Young-jae softly walks back to the beach.

She ends up seeing Ho-chul first.

Ho-chul tells her that her people are really great to volunteer in the island. it is so boring to me. I know I am selfish and materialistic, I know that Ohn is next to you, I know where I am now, and I did a lot of childish things. My heart was also soleda (racing). I don’t want to regret things twice. But I at least want to tell you how I feel.

Inside, the radio starts working! it works! Joon is so happy, he holds it up to hear whatever signal he can, then he runs outside to tell Young-jae. But he stops when he sees her talking to Ho-chul, the radio falling slightly in his hands.

She turns around and starts walking, then she sees Joon-young standing there. He looks everything but destroyed as he quietly looks at her and holds onto the now working radio.

Fade Out

This show continues to claim the top spot on my favorites list for all airing shows right now. It is a tough list, too, because there are several shows that are amazing right now. But there is something about the simplicity of this drama that hits me right in the heart. It is really just a touching look at two peoples relationship with no one in the way to ruin it but themselves. There is no big evil plot or any other kind of big baddy (aka evil mother-in-law) that is out to destroy them. Everyone likes them together! That is what makes their relationship so true and intimate to watch. Sigh, I just love this show.

I think this episode had the most feels in it. Joon-young knows that Young-jae wants to break up with him. She never said it or explicitly showed it and she does small things to have happy moments with him, but he just knows it because they have that kind of connection with each other. Young-jae also knows that she might want to break up with Joon-young, but she does not want to do it because he will be destroyed. She does not even have a good reason besides it really just being her. She knows he will try harder to be better to her and she will feel miserable about that. Ah, it is a conundrum! She loves him but perhaps feels that they aren’t the best match for each other. Maybe she really thinks that there could be another woman that could be better for him? Is that why she looked so gloomy when she saw Se-eun with him? I don’t know, but I want to know.

The thing is, NO ONE EVER SAID THEY WOULD BREAK UP. It was never uttered. They had a wonderful day together. They both just feel it coming. The scene with Joon-young fixing the radio was so touching because it was like he equated fixing the radio with fixing their relationship. If he could only turn back this clock to how it was, then maybe he could turn back their time to how it once was as well.

*Heads Up! We won’t be recapping this show live tomorrow. We are going to try ad enjoy some sun this weekend. But we will try and quickcap it Sunday and post it sometime on Sunday. Maybe in the evening? See y’all then!


Soo-jae sees his ex at the airport with a child. He looks destroyed.
Joo-ran is also there and sees this happen.
YJ – If I told all my tiny feelings to Joon-young right away, do you think we are different now?
JY – Young-jae, what did you do, how was your day?
YJ – Yes, nothing special.
YJ – But, even if Joon-young tries to understand me know. I will be even sorrier to him. (or something like that)

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  1. Rose
    October 26, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Waiting for recap…..check!


    • V
      October 26, 2018 / 11:00 am

      You know how to recap right!!!! I need some waffles!

  2. Rose
    October 26, 2018 / 10:25 am

    Is HoChul in stalker mode or something? 😕

    • Andie
      October 26, 2018 / 10:52 am

      Right? it seems like she keeps telling him no and he just keeps showing up. i find him very annoying. Like why does he feel like he needs to confess if he’s already told her he likes her and she’s already told him she has a boyfriend?!?! how can he say he really cares for her while interfering with her relationship?

      • V
        October 26, 2018 / 11:01 am

        I KNOW!!!! This episode I just thought, maybe they need to move to another city or something. But I think Ho-chul can feel that Young-jae is wavering toward him, that is why he keeps it up.

        • Andie
          October 26, 2018 / 12:29 pm

          he sees there is a crack in their relationship and is taking advantage of that. it’s like he wants to make that crack keep getting deeper until it finally breaks their relationship. i hope he learns eventually though that just because he *thinks* he’s the best person for her, he can’t force it and it’s ultimately her choice even if her choice is not the “perfect match”.

        • Rose
          October 26, 2018 / 12:37 pm

          ….or move to another country? Hahaha! I just thought about it because of that poster again 😂

      • Rose
        October 26, 2018 / 11:09 am

        Yup….he’s starting to annoy me too! He already told her once….telling her the 2nd time means he has some hidden agenda, maybe he didnt realized it but he’s an adult who knows whatbthe heck was he doing to YJ and JYs relationship 😕

        On a side note, i saw the clip of JYs bestfriend kissing JYs sister in the bar was sooooo funny! The look on her face and the stiffness of her body after the kiss was hilarious! 😂😂😂😂

        • Andie
          October 26, 2018 / 12:22 pm

          I’ve been shipping the best friend and the sister since i saw that she was working at his bar. i think they would be so cute together.

          • V
            October 28, 2018 / 9:53 pm

            I was low key shipping them, too 🙂

  3. Rose
    October 26, 2018 / 11:20 am

    I just saw the clip for the preview…..why oh why did i looked for it??!! I need to watch my go-to RomCom after seeing this kind of previews 😭😭😭😭😭

    • V
      October 26, 2018 / 11:46 am

      Right! Also, I need to add the clip!

  4. Anonymous
    October 26, 2018 / 12:16 pm

    The best sleeper of the year. Rose is right, the sisters face was hilarious.

    • Rose
      October 26, 2018 / 12:35 pm

      I did not expect that reaction from her, i thought she’s goin to slap him knowing her personality. I guess she was so shocked that she cant fatom yet what the heck just happened 😂😂😂😂

      • V
        October 28, 2018 / 9:54 pm

        Right! I thought she would do something cool, but she was anti-cool. I love it.

  5. mschoiyu
    October 26, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    I love how Soojae doesn’t warm up to Hochul seeing his intention :”) I really hate I have to read all recaps and just watching cuts because I hate seeing Hochul on my screen so much I can’t bear to watch him

    Please writer, tell me that there won’t be Hochul anywhere in the present time 🙁 but, then Seeun seems to be annoying as well judging from her character description. I hope it won’t be true though. I want happier and longer adult relationship!

  6. Chris
    October 26, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    Thank you for the recap! I’ve been reading your recaps since I lost DramaFever. I just love this drama. I like how real their relationship is. I know their breakup is inevitable at this point but I’ll be rooting for them to fix their own issues and get back together in the end.

    • V
      October 28, 2018 / 9:57 pm

      So glad you found us! I love this show too. It doesn’t seem like it has a big fanbase, so we have to stick together! 🙂

      • Chris
        October 29, 2018 / 4:03 pm

        I know what you mean! I read The Third Charm recaps on another site but viewera there don’t seem to love it–but I guess to each her own! 🙂 We definitely need to stick together!

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