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The Third Charm: Episode 8 Live Recap

Esom sitting on a couch happily chatting on the phone
So happy they are back on even footing after that miserable birthday. But now we have two other “ideal” mates for our couple to deal with. I only see Joon-young or Young-jae looking to them when times get hard, but unfortunately times get hard for this couple more often than not.

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We open with Joon-young explaininng on the phone that he wills spread his girlfriends magazine around so he can brag about it. he is standing outside, in the background we see that the chubby officer is giving Se-eun chocolates, she is confused about it. One of the older woman officers jokes with another officer about a lot of men hitting on her when she first went to the police station. The other two team officers (the older one and the younger one) also talk in the background about a big gangster guy that had a delivery driver. They might be able to get a clue from him. it might be big.

All of this is happening while Joon-young talks in the foreground with Young-jae.

They tell their teamleader that he should not be too popular, we have gangwoochi’s guy here, if we investigate we will get something!

Joon-young is busy talking about how his girlfriend will be the prettiest in the magazine. His partner yells at him but Joon-young just tells YJ that it is nothing.
Inside, JY interrogates the driver to gangster Gamuchi while everyone else watches in the room. he tells the driver that he is not a bad dongsang, he is a loyal dongsang, but your hyungnim should be very uncomfortable now. Do you think he will be able to sleep? He is on the run now. There is a big possibility of another crime while he is on the run. So, what is really best for yourhyung-nim?

The driver bows his head, it looks like he is convinced.

Outside, the other team mates think that they should threaten the perps to tell them things, not convince them. But the other guy tells them that they will not talk if they feel too threatened.

Elsewhere, Joon-young eats spicy geet with Young-jae. She tells him to try it! Try it! He is so apprehensive, but he tries it and asks her what to do with the bones. She gives him something to spit them in and tells him that he does not have to eat it. But he smiles and tells her that his Youong-jae likes it so much. She smiles as well and says that seh wanted to come there with him.

Later on, they drink tea, she asks him how the chicken feet where, he does not say anything but smiles. She gets the drift and they laugh and hold hands as they have a wonderful date.

Some other time, Sang-hyun hoes on another date with another woman. But he runs into one of his old women. Maybe the one he just dumped? He has to get out of his car and asks her why she came all the way there. She asks him why he did not pick up her phone calls, why are you avoiding me? he tries to tell her that they don’t fit well, it has nothing to do with either of them. She is heartbroken though and tells him that she loves him. He explains that she dates too diligently, he is not that kind of person. You are pretty and nice, you will meet a pretty and nice person soon.

He hops back in the car and leaves. She is left crying and sad in the street. (Hmm, might this lifestyle catch up with Sang-hyun? It feels bad).

The photo shoot photos come in. The salon people think they look great. But at the police station, Joon-young looks like he is about to bust a gut as he can barely open the pictures widely. His team comes in and asks if he is looking at something sexy. he says he isn’t, this is not a sexy magazine. he gives the magazine to his teammates. But the teammates suddenly turn the page to his girlfriends and are shocked, wow! this is your girlfriend? I envy you!

Joon tries to get the photos back, but they are successful in keeping it from him. He goes outside and tells Young-jae not to do sexy photo shoots anymore, this is an adult pictoral, not a normal pictoral! Young-jae gets angry and tells him to hang up. CLICK. Then she goes inside the nearest building to eat super duper spicy ddukbogi.
The plastic surgeon is in there right now – and he is looking at Young-jae’s photos in his phone, lol. She peers over his shoulder and surprises him. he tells her that he didn’t know she had this side to her, it is really sexy and cool. they walk around outside talking about this and laughing. Young-jae tells him that she will buy him a coffee and says that it was difficult to pose in front of others. Het ells her she looked professional but she said that everyone else was great but she felt stiff. However, she thought she would regret it forever if she did not do it, like that story he told her. So she thanks him.

Scene change to Soo-jae. On his board is 2 days left for the scenario contest, but he is taking a nap. The bell rings so he wakes up and stretches a bit, then he goes to the door. He must have been typing a lot because he has icy hot patches all on his back. When he gets to the door, we see that he has a delivery of a huge bag of rice, but it is hard to pull it inside. Hisback also hurts. He tries to take his legs out and pull the rice bag up on his legs, but it is seriously a challenge. However, he does it! And he is able to go back inside.

His phone rings as he puts the rice up somewhere and holds his aching shoulder. It is Young-jae, she asks him where he is and tells him that she had a delivery for the rice. She asked him to carry it inside but the delivery guy said that no one answered for the bell so they left it inside. He says that he was taking a nap but he went and got it. She nags him about it, the doctor told him to be careful about his shoulder. They get off the phone. Soo-jae is so sad about the situation, but tries to hold it in. He goes to the bathroom and prepares hot water for himself to wipe his face and his feet. The scene cuts out there.

Meanwhile, Riwon tells Sang0hyun that Sooah is late, what’s up with that? he tells her that she will not come, find someone else. Riwon looks at him like he must have messed something up again.

Elsewhere, Joo-ran bumbles around as she looks for something. But it isn’t there. She finds a lighter and set the mood in her home by lighting all the candles around. Her boyfriend answers the door. She asks if there is no dog today, but he says of course she is here and turns around to show his dog in his backpack. Joo-ran tries to smile happily.

they sit and chat a bit. He brought white wine so seh tells him that they might have telepathy because she made fish. hey pair well together. She hits him playfully, his dog looks up. He tells her that he should show her something (teach her something?). Then he starts kissing her passionately, but the dog is too into their kiss. Joo-ran tells them that they should go inside. She pulls him away.

The dog tries to follow, but Joo-ran is able to close the door on the room and sticks her tongue out at the dog in good measure. The dogs starts yapping so Joo-ran turns on the music louder and louder to cover up the dogs voice. But the music isn’t loud enough so she changes it to a different style hip hop music instead of the romantic style music it was on. The dog sleeps outside the door.
Cut to JY’s family home. His father is sleeping outside on the couch. he goes to talk to his mother and asks what happened, didn’t they have dinner together? She says that he got upset because she sang a duet song with another professor. DOn’t be like your appa, that is nothing to be upset about. Joon-young is all like….really? He is about to leave, but then he tells his mother that he was not pissed, he was hurt. Occusers don’t decide if someone is hurt or not. His mother tells him not to be like his father okay? Joon leaves, but it looks like he sympathies with his dad more than his mom on this one.

He asks his appa if he wants to eat ramen? You always want to when you drink. His appa says no. Joon says he will eat it. Cut to the made ramen. Joon puts it in front of his appa and then sits righ in front of him. he even brought two spoons. He starts to eat it and talk about how yummy it tastes. Appa asks, did you put in eggs? Joon tells him, of course! Do you want some? NO….did you put cheese? Joon says, of course! You know I like cheese ramen, just like you.

Appa grummbles and then rolls over to eat it with him. He munches a bunch in a hurry and sighs at the deliciousness. Joon asks if appa still gets jealous of other men? he says yes. Joon asks if he has a nickname. Appa says bandaengi sogaldachi. Joon wonders why he is just like him. Appa asks what he is talking about. Joon just says it is nothing. Appa eats and then grummbles that he will chagne her manners this time! But Umma comes out and tells him he should go to bed so appa does exactly that. She also tells him to brush his teeth. he agrees right away.

Joon just looks at that and mumbles….abogi….(sigh)…abogi.

YJ is at home but rolls over and sits up as she thinks about Joon telling her that he photo is so sexy. Her alarm goes off so she goes to massage her oppa’s shoulder. She asks him if he is sad because of her? She is holding her magazine spread and says that this is like an adult pictorial. She tells him that he is the same as Joon young.

The next day, Joo-rang wants to eat Kalguksu, but Young-jae is eating with Joon. Joo-ran tells her that her boyfriend is bandaengi sodalgachi so why eat with him? Yj tells her that he helped them with that gangster so she will eat with him.

Joon talks to his team and asks them if he is sure about it. They tell him that they are sure, this place is a pool place that the gangster runs. They can catch him there. they all head off but run into Young-jae who is walking in with gifts. She asks if they have to leave? The team happily takes the gifts and mutter that she is still the girlfriend. She brought heart pizza for them, lol.

They eat the heart pizza on the job as they interview a waitress at the pool hall. She talks about how she saw the gangster/driver person (or something like that) but she asks if they are really going to give her $500? They say that if he is really that person then they will. She tells them, fighting! The team wonders, what kind of plan should we make since everyone knows us? They think for a moment.

later on, the chubby guy says that this mission is too dangerous, are you really going to include Se-eun? You only think about your goal and performance assessment! Se-eun comes out of the back at that time in her sexy clothing. Joon tells her not to worry too much. She just has to check his face and they will be close by.

Se-eun smiles at him and they get to work. Cut to the location. Joon talks to Young-jae for a moment on the phone. He tells her that he just wanted to hear her voice for a moment. they are about to get the big guy that they have been looking for for a long time. Young-jae starts to tell him about the time someone sent her scrap book to her. She thinks the only person that could have sent it to her was him. He found her bag when she was 20 and he found her kit and scrap book. He alwats find her most important things. He tells her that she needs to take care of them better. She tells him that he alwats finds it, that is why she always loses it…so he has to keep finding it. he asks her if he told her……saranghae. She tells him saranghae too.

he hurries off the phone and then goes to one of their car to talk to Se-eun. He gives her pepper spray and hand cuffs. She hasn’t used handcuff since police academy. Joon shows her how to use it (by holding her hand). The chubby guy looks at her hand longingly, he wants to hold it. He tells Se-eun not to worry, he will protect her life with all his effort.

Se-eun leaves and walks to the apartment complex poolhall entrance. She goes inside holding coffee. it looks like she is the delivery person for coffee to the gangster. She goes into the back room where the gangster is and starts to prepare the coffee for him. he gets a call about something gangster related. He yells at them about keeping their promise. Se-eun gives him his coffee and asks if she can use the restroom. He waves his hands letting her know that it is okay.

In the bathroom, Se-eun calls the team leader and lets him know that he is the right person. he tells her to stay in the bathroom. The team all get out and go to the poolhall entrance. Se-eun stays in the bathroom. But then she leaves. She actually wasn’t supposed to leave. The gangster is at the door and tells her that her coffee was bitter!

The team bursts in then and create a rampage in the front. Teh gangster is in the back and asks her who asked her if he was there. he holds something makeshift and sharp to her neck then he pulls her out to the commotion outside. She is his hostage. He is able to go out the side door and down a flight of steps. Joon follows.

He catches them and tells the gangster that she is an officer. The gangster says that he does not care. Se-eun is able to spray the man with the pepper spray, but he pushes her so she falls on the stairs. The gangster runs off. Joon has a choice, he has to either pursue or save Se-eun from hitting the ground hard. He chooses to save Se-euns head, but he ends up hitting his own head and passes out.
Scene change to Soo-jae writing his novel/screenplay. He gives it to Young-jae to read over. She sits on the couch to read it as he tells her that she needs to focus as she reads it and see if his writing is good enough for the competition. If he does not get it then he will stop writing. She tells him that he has said that before. Then she comments on how the policeman can be weaker than the bad guys, he should be stronger right?. Soo-jae tells her that this will create more excitement. he looks weak, but actually he is not so ~.

Young-jae gets a call at that moment. it is from Ho-chul. It looks like he is calling her out. Young-jae thinks for a moment and then tells Soo-jae that she will be back and read it then.

Joon-young is awake and in the hospital. Se-eun is fine as well. His mother and father show up with a ton of food…that she bought. She tells him that the market banchan store is pretty good, but actually your food is a lot better (lol, Joon makes all the food at home). She mutters that Joon looks weak but has actually never been hospitalized. Do you want me to sleep here with you? Joon says he is fine. She says, yeah, if I do that then your appa will be upset again. Be careful! he happily shoos them away and then tries to lay down.

But then his sister and his best friend come. He puts on a happy smile and sits up to great them. But it looks like he really wants to rest. The sister says that she thought he was stabbed, but he only has a cracked rib and concussion, that is nothing. They bicker like siblings. he asks her is she wanted him to be stabbed? She tells him to get all the bad guys, don’t worry about being injured. His friend tells him that he looks good in hospital robes. His sister agrees, it is because his face is so pale so he looks good in white. the nurse comes in and the friend ogles her, Joon is basically like, lets go walk around.

the three walk around. the sister is a bit concerned with who will cook at home now, he needs to come out soon. Sang-hyun happily tells him to be friends with the nurse. they talk about that and then they leave.
Young-jae walks to meet Ho-chul. She thinks that she should finish thing with him right now. But when she gets to Ho-chul, he is set up with a mic and sitting. She wonders what he is doing. He looks nervous, but he starts singing a love song. It might be the one he was supposed to sing at the wedding. A small crowd starts to form as he sings the love song while looking at Young-jae.

Everyone claps as he finished.

Meanwhile, Sang-hyun watches a person sing at his place. He is ogling another woman. Riwon tells him to stop doing these things, he will be hurt. He thinks he is not Joon-young, he wont be hurt. But then a man comes in asking for Sang-hyun and basically starts fighting him for the womanizer that he is. The ex-girlfriend runs in screaming, OPPA! Everything stops.

Cut to a calmer situation where the ex apologizes to him. She says she took some sleeping pills, after that night she couldnt’ sleep so she took some. Oppa thought somthing bad happened. I won’t come back anymore, I regret this, and I am sorry one more time. She slightly bows to him and leaves. Sang-hyun is stunned.

Riwon mops next to him as he wonders why she took sleeping pills? I didn’t ask her to marry me and didn’t talk about forever love. She is a strange person. I was very cool while we dated. Sigh…how can I get refunded for my injry. Riwon asks him if he thinks everyone is like him? He says of course.

She asks for his cell phone and tells him that he did not erase all his women’s cel lphone numbers. He says he did not so he can better avoid their phone calls. She starts calling one of them. She curses at him right away, WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME YOU WOMANIZER.

She calls another one, “I thought you would call me again, I forgive you, are we meeting again? Why aren’t you saying anything? Sang-hyun? Sang-hyun shi?”



Riwon asks if he wants more and tells him that broken hearts cannot be recovered.
Meanwhile, Ho-chul and Young-jae walks around. He tells her that this is the first time he has sung in front of that many people. He tells her that this song was for her. He practiced it for her.

he looks at him but then her phone buzzes. He looks at her phone as Ho-chul continues walking.

Young-jae picks up the phone, it is Joon. he asks her where she is. She says she is outside and met her friend. He asks her if she knows where he is. He tells her not to be surprised, he is at the hospital, it is not a big injury, it is a small one. She takes off running and catches a taxi, frantic.

At the club, Sang-hyun drinks and slaps himself. He drunkenly tells himself that he is trash. Riwon tells him that he did wrong but he does not have to punish himself He tells her not to comfort trash. She tells him that she is not comforting him, she just thinks that people like and stop liking. those women got hurt one sided by you…to get better…~. Sang-hyun starts balling so Riwon gives him her shoulder and pats him on the back.

Meanwhile, young-jae thinks in the taxi about lying to Joon. then she thinks about him picking her up on the borrowed motorcycle and giving her a coffee. he also thinks about him driving her to the ocean. Lastly, she thinks about him telling her that he loved her today.

At the hospital, Joon-young is sleeping when a woman comes in, but it isn’t Young-jae. He thinks it is her at first until he sees that it is Se-eun. She was about to leave but he sits up and tells her to have a seat. He is on crutches due to a sprained ankle. Se-eun apologizes. Joon thinks it is about gangwoochi running away so he tells her that they can catch him again.

She tells him she is sorry that he got injured. But he says it is fine, it is nice to take a break every nice and again. But she looks miserable. So he asks her if she likes yellow peaches? Everyone brought me yellow peaches but I like white peaches. She tells him that she is the same, she likes white peaches better. I have some in my room!

Cut to Young-joon hurrying up the hall. She gets to Joon’s room but he is not there. He also left his phone. She might think he is in the emergency room or critical care so she hurries off again and looks around for him.

he is actually outside opening the white canned peaches for Se-eun. She tells him that she shouldn’t eat alone so they start to share it. They have the same mannerisms and looks very similar. Joon talks about how he always liked the white one since he was little. She tells him that seh is the same, ever since she was little.

Joon then talks about how everyone says that they hate hospital meals, but I like them a lot. She tells him that she is the same. It isn’t salty. He asks her if she likes spicy food. She says no, not at all. Spicy is painful, I don’t understand why they endure it. He jokes that he has met a comrade. Sh gives him the can so he can eat some more.

Inside, Young-jae keeps looking for him.

Outside, Joon keeps eating and commenting on how it tastes good. He gives some more to Se-eun.

Young-jae sees them.

Joon and Se-eun keep happily eating. But then he tells her that they should go back. they stand, but she kind of trips due to her ankle. He catches her and tells her that she shouldnt’ hurt her foot. he kneels to look at her foot and tells her to tell him if it hurts. He bends it a bit, she says it is okay.

Young-jae looks on, she is getting a bit of her own b=medicine and she does not like it.

The song playing is “…baby I’m tired, it doesn’t work, I just want to run away…”

Fade Out

I continue to love this show. There is not a big plot driving it forward, so I can see someone getting tired of it. But I really love this change of pace. I wonder how Young-jae will take this taste of jealousy that she has been unknowingly (knowingly?) giving to Joon. Will she change her ways, or will she dig in deeper and actually meet with Ho-chul more?

No preview

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  1. Rose
    October 20, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Uh oh! Its time for YJ to get jealous…..and whats the deal with HC? Is he really planning to sway YJ away from JY?

    • V
      October 20, 2018 / 10:40 am

      Right! I can see her exploding with pent up jealousy. I can kind of understand HC continuously approaching Young-jae considering she has not completely shut him out. She needs to tell him point blank to stop calling her, eat with her, or singing to her.

      • Rose
        October 20, 2018 / 10:55 am

        Yup! It takes two to tango. I think deep down shes enjoying the flattery shes getting from HC thats why she cant shut him out.

        And again….no preview….Terius and The Third Charm is killing me softly!

        • V
          October 20, 2018 / 10:23 pm

          They might be in live shoot mode maybe? or they might be keeping us in suspense.

  2. KThree Jenn
    October 21, 2018 / 12:15 am

    AHHHHH this show I love it but…we all know it’s coming!!! And it’s so painful to watch. I called it a slow mo collision at our taping today. It’s killing me. These two make no sense and all the sense. Agree V really enjoying the non-epic-ness of this story. It’s just life.

    • V
      October 21, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      It is coming! OMG, it is a slow motion collision! I need to run and listen to your taping.

        October 23, 2018 / 1:04 pm

        I honestly can’t watch until they get to the final ‘Charm’…thank you for be the recap QUEEN to keep me in the loop!!

        • V
          October 23, 2018 / 7:46 pm

          You are the MC queen and keep me in stitches over on yall’s podcast/vlog! I need to catch this past weekends show.

  3. ftyellow27
    October 21, 2018 / 3:24 am

    Do you know the song played in the last scene ? ‘Babby im tired, its doesnt work’

    • V
      October 21, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      I don’t know that song, maybe we can try googling it! It might be an OST.

  4. k
    October 21, 2018 / 7:31 am


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