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The Third Charm: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

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Okay, let’s pull this bandaid off quickly. Hopefully we have a happy ending for all of our characters. I know, I know, that is a hard ask. But you won’t get it if you don’t ask right?

Though this drama went sideways, it was still fun to recap it with everyone! We’re not sure if we will pick up SKY Castle, which will air in this time slot. But we are definitely picking up Memories of the Alhambra which airs over the weekend starting December 1st. Hope to see you there!

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Joon and Young-jae sit on the bench from the scene from the last episode. YJ tells Joon that this drives her crazy because it comes into her mind unexpectedly, but she is not going to run away from it anymore so don’t worry about me. I hope you have a happy life, really.

She gets up and walks away. Joon stays on the bench thinking about the moment he saw her cut on her wrist. He runs after her and holds her wrist. She spins around. But He can’t look at her. He is able to look up at her after a moment.

YJ – I received too much comfort from you. i don’t deserve it.

They stand like that for a moment, neither one talking, both tearing up.

YJ – I need to leave.

Joon looks at his feet and then lets go of her wrist. He walks away. She looks at him walking away, but does not follow.

He goes back to his restaurant and sits at the table quietly and deep in thought.

Joon’s parents get ready for the familymeting at home. It is a bright lively and rushed atmosphere as they try to make themselves look as pretty as possible. Umma and Appa joke about their clothes a bit and then go to the living room to see their daughter and her family looking smart in their clothing.

They joke about how Sang-hyun looks really good in his suit and continue talking about their clothing and neckties and how they all look good.

Cut to Se-eun in her place. She is getting dressed solemly and quietly. She puts on her too small shoes, squeezing her feet into something that does not fit and sighs at the comparison to her life.

At Joon’s place, the entire family happily eats breakfast with the little grandchild running around as they wait for Umma to finish getting ready. They talk about how Joon did not come home last night, perhaps he is spending time with Se-eun? he is doing a lot of things he has not done before.

Joon is waiting for Se-eun right now in front of her building. But it is a surprise meeting, she did nto know he was coming. She asks him if he would like to go together. Let’s go. But he tells her, I am sorry, I can’t go there with you.

She can’t look at him and says, because I like you, I trust you. So I thought you would be okay. But it is difficult for me also. I can’t continue it anymore. And oppa, you don’t have to feel guilty or sorry to me.

She looks at him now and tells him, our relationship – I am letting it go. She slowly turns and walks back inside her building. He stays outside.
Se-eun gets back to her place. Her feet are marked by the too small shoes. She stops by the window and calls her mother with her back to us. She asks if she got there yet. When you get here….well…have a nice trip around Seoul. It is better to go back home afterward. I will call you later.

She hangs up, her lip starts quivering and then she starts to cry alone by her bed.

Joon is still standing outside. But then he looks up and takes a deep breath. Cut to his family house. The family is rushing to get into the car when he walks up the street to them. Sang-hyun sees him first and calls his name. Joon looks at them all.

They all goo inside where everyone is sitting in the living room, but in their own spots. It looks like Joon already told them thta he called it off. His appa is so upset that he just sits with his back to everyone as he tries to take a few deep breaths. But then he goes up to Joon and hits him several times on the back. Joon just takes it all.

Soo-jae packs Joo-ran’s things at the hospital, the room is empty. Joo-ran is meeting with her doctor. Her second round of chemo is done. The doctor tells her that it is more difficult to fight herself to not quit the treatment then the cancer cells themselves. She tells her that she is doing well, have fun with other people and laugh a lot. See you two weeks later.

Soo-jae takes Jooo-ran to a getaway. He tells her not to be angry of anything but if she is angry she can be angry at him. he will not cook anything but he saw a lot of nice restaurants on the way there. There is also a delivery service so we can call a taxi.

In the city, Young-jae feeds a stray cat in the park and smiles as she looks at the cat eating. Then she takes a ride somewhere on the bus. Her destination is not known, but then we see that seh went to her families old octapang. She looks up at it from the street and remembers happy memries with herbrother.

Then she walks to the spot where her brother used to sell coffee. She spends a moment there and then walks to the cafe where she and Joon had their blind date meeting. She remembers those things fondly. Then she continues on and goes to the amusement park and watches the ship swing and the bumper cars and the seated merry go round, she remembers Joon and her happy time there then leaves and walks by the old hair salon.

While looking at the hair salon, she remembers her first kiss with Joon.

Elsewhere, the little table restaurant is closed.

At the sisters house, SH tries to call Joon but he is not taking phone calls. he wodners if he is okay. The sister says he isn’t, of course not. He is probably in a chaotic state. SH worries about his in laws.

Cut to the parents at home. The mother silently cleans up the kitchen a bit. The father is outside in the cold staring straight ahead as he sits on the pyongsang. Umma uses jongdaemal and tells him that they should eat. But appa just keeps staring. So Umma sits next to him.

Joon is inside his restaurant, perhaps he slept there that night. He hears a knock on the door and opens his blinds to see his mother standing there.

Umma and adeul sit at the table quietly, but thens he starts talking.

U – I knew I could not control my children. Well, I thought you would get better when you got older. I am sad for everything. Not because you are getting older. Life is like that. When I was little, when I did not get my birthday present, I was so sad. But when I get older, I am sad if you do not remember parents day. But, I know that you are not disrespecting us, so it is okay. DOn’t worry about your father. Parents job is to worry about kids.
J – I am sorry. (his voice cracks)
U – It is okay. You are having a hard time. (starts tearing up) you do your best to worry only about yourself.
J – It is difficult for me also….I try hard to avoid it and tell myself that it should not be like this, but when I have a wrong first step I cannot control myself. I cannot help it, it is my choice. I am responsible for all this pain and agony. I am really sorry to Se-eun and her parents and my family (really crying now). Really really sorry.

Umma tries not to cry, she puts on a brave face for Joon who is near balling and asks him if he is hungry. She hasn’t eaten because of appa, you said there is a good kimchi chigae place so lets eat first.

Joon kind of nods.

JR and SJ sit outside beside a bonfire as Joo-ran thinks it is funny what she used to talk about before. It is not a month go but it feels like forever ago. She will take time to read books and watch movies, like you before. If I don’t have hope then I won’t have any despair. I won’t have anything to laugh about but I won’t have anything to cry about either. I won’t be able to date so I won’t be dumped either. Also, I will save money for shampoo, that is cool right?

SJ smiles and says this reminds him of back then when he told her those things. She told him not to give up especially on dating. He thought, this woman does not know anything about me, why is she telling me this? But I went to bed and somehow my heart moved and I cried. This kind of thing is comforting. When someone has despair enter their life, then someone to comfort them comes as well.

He gets a bit emotional and sniffs then asks her if she wants to go inside because it is cold. But she says she would like stay outside. she feels alive with the fire. So he moves closer to her and gives her his jacket. Then he adds wood tot he fire. he asks, why do all the women I know say “sorry” instead of “thank you” (she might have told him sorry since he gave her his jacket). In a classic movie he says that there is this line “Love means never having to say sorry.”

They go inside and rest. SJ gives her Organic L-Eclat to brush her teeth and tells her to only use good things for her body and have happy thoughts. He goes to the room and says he will make the bed and he can sleep on the couch.

She looks at him in the room and then tells him, thank you. He turns around and starts chuckling. She smiles as well.
Christmas comes to the city. Joon’s family puts a tree in the living room and circles around to hang ornaments. Appa is still depressed with that failed family meeting, so he is sitting at the table. They try to send the grandaughter to him to put on an ornament. Halabogi smiles, but then goes to his room.

Elsewhere, Joon is on a ferry headed to that island where they volunteered together. He is all bundled up and walks around the island alone. He walks to all the spots they spent time at together and takes a moment to look at each of them fondly as he remembers the time they spent there.

He even goes to Halabogi’s house and asks if he remembers him. I fixed the radio 5 years ago. halabogi is all like, wow, did you plan to meet each other here?

Young-jae comes out to Joon’s surprise. halmoni died, but the radio is working fine. He hasn’t listened to the radio since his wife died because it reminds him of her. People tell him that he should be happy that she died becaus he was a burden. But they don’t know, after she died, I prepare my own meals and eat and sleep, but it all does not matter, waking up does not matter. I have nothing to do. My kids worry about me dying after their mother died, so I went inland. Yeah, I should forget and shouldn’t hold onto the death or she will not be able to go to the other side, but living does not mean that I can forget her. So I remember her all the time. So I came back, I am comfortable at home, my own home.

He smiles and says that he still smells his wife there. Then he chuckles and grabs the goguma (sweet potato). he tells them that he cleans as if she is alive and sleeps as if she is alive and lives like that. Trying to forget is harder. If you want to remember, then remember, if you want to forget, then forget. Then he tells Young-jae that his wife had a nice haircut and took a nice photo because of her, thank you. She was very pretty when she stayed with me. YJ tries the goguma and thanks him for it.

Later on, Joon and YJ walks away together.

J – In a few hours, this year is over
Y – Yeah
J – DO you remember when I took a picture of you here?
Y – Yes, I remember. Nothing changes here, outside changes but no time passes in this place.
J – *coughs*
Y – Are you cold with that much clothing on?

He says that winter is cold or maybe she says it, she gives him her gloves to put on.

Y – We have known each other for 12 years, but I did not know that you got cold in winter
J – We never spent winter together
Y – I didn’t know everything but I thought that we were different, not a good match
J – Yeah, we did not know each other fully

It starts to snow, so they stop to watch it.

J – It is strange, when you wish something, it does not mean that it comes true
Y – The future is the most important, we should try hard

They keep walking as it snows. YJ comments that it looks pretty as they keep walking under the snow.
Joo-ran frets in the hospital bathroom. It looks like she is about to have her surgery, so she is taking a moment to herself. But SJ asks if she is ready which makes her go out to the room. He asks if she is okay and then pats for her to sit on the bed.

SJ – I…well…before I had my leg injury. If we met each other…hmm…do you think you would like me???……Um, if you weren’t sick like this, would I be this brave…hmm…good timing. This universe helping us for us to meet each other. Your crazy hair and your makeup like dokebi. Now I see your real face. You have a good head, tha back of your head is pretty.

She smiles but then the nurse comes in to see if she is ready to be taken to surgery. Soo-jae accompanies her to the surgery room and tells her that he will wait for her right there, he will not move at all, so do a good job. He holds her hand reassuringly and then she is rolled into the surgery suite.

He finally releases all the emotions he held close once she is in and tries to take a few deep breathes.

Young-joon moves back into her brothers place (their old place) with only her luggage and plant. She takes a deep breath and smiles as she looks around with the plant in her hands.

She sits at the desk her brother used to work on and looks out the window.

Joon gets back to his restaurant and pauses for a minute just inside the door as he takes in the space. Then he looks around and sets his bag on the table. he turns on the lights and opens the curtains as if he is preparing to open the restaurant again.

Cut to the Idol signing his contract for SJ’s movie. He is so happy to put his stamp on the contract. he thanks SJ and tells him that he will not disappoint him. SJ tells him that he is thankful that the Idol broke SJ’s own prejudice.

Young-jae visits Joo-ran in her super huge hospital room. They hold hands as she asks her if she is okay and how she feels. Joo-ran says that she is okay, but after seeing her she feels a lot better.

Then all her closest employees come in crying and worried. They tell her that she should have told them, this was too far, I thought you were shopping in NY city. Such a bad sunbae. They hug her. JR looks at them and jokes with them about who is watching the store. Smiles all around.

Later on, Young-jae and Joo-ran sit in her bed. JR tells her that all the doctors are super smart but they don’t know why this disease came or if it can be cured. But one thing they are for sure about is that living with people and eating well and laughing a lot and thinking about good things is the best medicine.

JR – Young-jae, I did not do this for you. Thank you for being next to me.

Yong-jae puts an arm around her and they continue to sit together.

Meanwhile, Joon goes home. His appa is drinking soju alone in the kitchen and looks up at Joon. Joon bows to him but appa ignores him and takes another swig of his soju.

Joon takes off his jacket and makes ramen for him and his appa. His appa sits at the table ready to eat without having to be told to. Then he pours Joon a shot of soju. They share the glass as Joon pours him a shot as well. Then they quietly divide the ramen. Appa makes Joon’s bowl for him and then gets a tiny bowl for himself. They eat silently together. Umma peaks out the door and smiles.
Radio – The long winter ended, it is spring now.

Cuts of spring scenery. We go to Ri-won’s apartment, SH is playing with his daughter and tells her that she will be in full day Kinder now. Riwon comes in so SH tells her that he is so happy at the prospect of all this free time. Riwon tells him that she has something for him. SH is all like, really? A thank you gift! You didn’t have to!

She gives him a positive pregnancy test. He is all like, this is my gift? But then she gives him a sheet of paperwork and tells him this is her real gift. It is a marriage document. But she says she does not want a marriage because it is too corny to wear a wedding dress. SH is so happy and tells her that he wants to wear a tuxedo so lets get married! Thank you thank you! He gives her a big hug.

At Joon’s home, Umma dyes Appas hair. Umma tells him that she heard about a Jeremy Irons looking Geology teacher was at the school which was pretty amazing to her. He chuckles and says that he heard about a math teacher that looked like Meg Ryan. They both laugh. She tells him, Jeremy Irons, that he looks cool after getting old. He tells her that she is also cool. But he said her name (Ham Soo-mi) so she is all like, why did you call my name?

He tells her that they are retired now so they can live with their own names. She chuckles and calls his name, Oh Chun-soo. Then they talk about going on a date.

Cut to Joon putting on a dress suit.

Young-jae is also somewhere putting on make up for an event.

We see a lot of people walkin on Yong-jae and tells her that it is nice to see them again. How have you been?

Everyone is gathered for Soo-jae and Joo-ran’s wedding. It is a small ceremony where Young-jae is the MC. She reads the usual wedding ceremony and says that she thinks they will be a good couple. She says she is the only sister of the groom and the bride, on behalf of everyone sitting here I declare that you are married.

Everyone cheers and the festivities get underway. Joon is in charge of the food for the event so he checks to make sure it is all delightful. Then he goes to stand next to Young-jae. He gives her a wine glass and smiles as they look at the Idol singing.

YJ – He wanted to have a small wedding, but we have a famous chef for the food and an International Idol star for the party. It is not a small wedding.

Joon laughs and Young-jae laughs as well.

Afterwards they walk around the location.

J – How is your new spring beauty shop?
Y – Yeah, I was sentimental so I made the contract. I am doing a lot of ajummas hair now.
J – But you look good.
Y – That neighborhood is boring but it is good. Nice air, and I can be a bit more relaxed. I can walk around the market and eat ddukbogi. What about you> Oppa told me you are going to New York, when?
J – Next week.
Y – Wow, you are the head su chef of that famous restaurant? Ohn Joon-young, you are famous now.
J – I will live my life busy, like a real person living.

Her VO – After time passed, we became adults, but we are still clumsy and still make a lot of mistakes. So, that is why we comfort each other and worry about each other and embrace each other.

Her VO – All the pain and hard time made us grow up, with all the happiness we enjoyed together, maybe that is why we keep walking. To be our fulfilled self.

They keep walking.


THAT IS THE END? F*********************CK. Why did I watch this entire show? Why. Someone tell me.

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      • Anonymous
        November 19, 2018 / 9:33 am

        I agree with this. This is the reality of life. Actually, reality would have been Joon young marrying se eun, and still having feelings for young jae, and messing up so many lives in the process. I guess this is what you call maturity. Loving someone and being there for them. That’s all this fellow has done. It was a painful show to watch but reality is painful and heartbreaking. Their innocence was gone half way through the show, and Joon young knew what he was getting into when he left se eun. He knows there’s no chance with young jae.. yet, yet, he chose to be free and to be able to be her friend. Which he couldn’t do as a married man.

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    I totally agree with V- why did we even watch this drama?

    I felt YJ was akin to starving people in a very poor and deprived country- very pitiful and very difficult to proper heal and JY was a vegan boy struggling to get food he liked after he moved to a new city…both different situations with each having its woes and both being compelling on their own.. This drama just pushed them together without any meaningful story connection and just seemed to force them together..
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    Thank you for this preview of the final episode. We were treated to two marriages and the lead couple reclaiming their joint last and developing a solid friendship based on who they are becoming. Romance may come and go but they have become family to each other. That is indeed a third charm! Also seeing how coupes (including his parents) care for each other in different ways was very life affirming.

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    -its up to us viewers to conclude whats will be the ending with these two. Maybe one day they’ll be together as a couple, maybe not, who knows. The important thing is that they are friends.
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  26. Jana
    November 17, 2018 / 7:43 pm

    It doesn’t make any sense for JY to go to NY. Are they going to have a long distance relationship ? I thought the idea was to spent time together getting to know each other. They have hardly spend much time together. First time was a few days, second was just from new year to end of summer. And the third time they meet in fall , reunite beginning of winter and he’s off to NY in Sprring .
    Didn’t he confess to his mother that he can’t forget YJ…etc ?! Then why is he going off all cool and calm to NY (full of drive and focus) and she’s happy to be staying back in her old neighborhood leading a laid back life?….Doesn’t make any sense. Just thought I’d rant and vent. Third was not a charm.

  27. Dolly
    November 17, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    Ridiculous ending! Total messed up drama. Normal happy ending for all except the main characters. The twist in the story make no sense.

  28. ConfusedALot
    November 17, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    I feel like so much of the MCs’ relevance in each other’s lives was left unresolved.

    JY’s feelings for YJ – what happened there? He was still in love with her at the time of breaking up his engagement. Did he move on by spring? Or does he still carry those emotions, albeit giving them time to mature into something more patient and unconditional?

    YJ – Does she feel anything for JY, at all? This episode made me think she is only revisiting the phantom of nostalgia, and that there are no real feelings for him left in her heart. She seems to have moved years ago, with her previous marriage.

    JY & YJ – Are they taking time to love themselves before loving another? Do they have something between them, or only platonic, familial friendship?

    The show seemed to focus on giving their individual characters closure, with no indication of where they stand in each other’s lives.

  29. Fino
    November 18, 2018 / 2:05 am

    This is so sempak ending, this movie writer seems to be like YJ brother’s, moody writer and too much life poems hahahaha

    Yeah…The third charm is long last friendship

    Why dont JY married the Police girl first, then he can still be friend with YJ, I think all will be better, that’s how to be a mature, you can be happy when your ex get married and you still can be his bestfried….

    That’s just me guys….sorry if someone hate this hahahahaha

  30. Breeanna
    November 18, 2018 / 7:37 am

    Maybe someone who understands the story/characters more can explain this to me but what I fail to grasp is the fact that Joon can propose to Se Eun who likes him more than he likes her, yet he didn’t pursue Youngjae whom he is obviously in love with. It just seems contradictory for Joon’s character. But then again, my thoughts are, maybe he is waiting for her to heal or just that simply, like many other men, it’s easier for them to accept a woman who likes them more than to pursue the woman they actually like.

  31. Evelyn
    November 18, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Thanks for diligently recapping this series, V! This was a hard one. I get that everyone grew up, but what a depressing slog at the end. Given the story that was presented, I don’t think they really belonged together anyway. I hoped that the two leads would be happy somehow and I guess hopeful for the future is the best the writer could do. I agree with @Confusedalot who thinks that YJ let go of Joon when she left him on that island. At no point later did she seem in love with Joon. Meeting again on that island didn’t seem like destiny. It felt more like they were there to get closure and move on. I think Joon sees how YJ felt about him because of his not real love for Se Eun. I didn’t like this drama because there definitely wasn’t a big enough payoff at the end with all the suffering they put us through. The big disconnect in the plot, for me anyway, was YJ’s terrible story. Not intending to be heartless, but how is it meaningful in anyway? Oh well, on to something more uplifting, hopefully!!

  32. missjb
    November 18, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    I think we are mistakenly is a love stoy between YJ and JY. Nope It’s Not.. If It’s, People which saying it’s a trash romance drama is all corect. But this drama is not all about that. It’s about how relationship work if your foot is in the right place with your suppose partner and has equal vision and your heart is with your partner, SO is your partner. At times, it’s not about trying hard. They are just come at the right place when you didn’t expect coming, Like Joo Ran case.

    But it’s never work WIth Joon Young. IMO It’s about Joon Young Journey. His partner has always been not in the right place with him. The heart is not there. Young Jae, in the past and in the present it’s not in the right place with him, SO is Seu Eun. He tried to make it work, to fit his idealism, but it’s never work. That’s why, in the end, for his love story journey, he is just let it flow and doesn’t force to marry with Seu Eun, neither want to reunited with Young Jae.

    • Rose
      November 18, 2018 / 9:57 pm

      After many hours of contemplation and being done venting my frustration and watched this ep 2x, i decided to see this without being too emotional. I think i agree with @MISSJB. It may be a love story but its more on the leads life journey and realization about their life as a whole. The concept of this kdrama is not really popular with kdrama fans because we are used to seeing the lead couple getting back together or ending up together in the end, right? I mean, i was reading a a lot of reactions and most of i read are frustrated on “why they didnt end up together after all the heartaches and journeys they went through?”, well, unfortunately in real life, like JY said “not everything happens the way you want or planned it” w/c in real life that is SO true. The reason (i think) most of us are frustrated was we are expecting them to be back together coz thats what The Third Charm is. But thats the thing, we assumed that thats THE THIRD CHARM. For me i think The Third Charm was the lead REALIZATION about their lifes goal and happiness. JY decided to continue his life as a chef because i think that what made him happy. On YJs case she realize that life has to move on wihtout her daughter. I think even though she gets back with JY, she will still never be happy, because the root of her depression was the death of her child. She needs to learn first how to accept first that her child is gone. That is why she chose that place (the island) to have her new hair salon because its quiet and peaceful so she can contemplate more wihtout being alcoholic or attempting to kill herself.

      Anyways, the more i think about it, the more i understand the ending (i guess) 😅

      • Jana
        November 19, 2018 / 4:09 pm

        Yes, I have been trying to comfort myself by rationalizing that one can’t except YJ and JY to jump into each other’s arms after what YJ has been thru with the recent death of her daughter. They are also 32…no more in their impetuous 20’s. ….but it would have lovely to see a montage of them getting to know each other. Also him going to NY says a lot about his priorities….he wants to focus on his career…and why not ? That gives time to to YJ to heal.
        I thought she bought the old hair place she used to work in when she started out. She really moved to the island?

        • Rose
          November 19, 2018 / 5:09 pm

          I assumed she moved to the island coz her hair place is there. She said she likes it there coz its peacefu. Its good for her healing process. 😊

    • Ida
      November 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      That sounds like a good possibility. That may be the reason the drama gave us so much of his view.

  33. November 20, 2018 / 10:53 am

    Hi V,

    If you don’t mind, I used your translation again in this episode in my blog. Thanks for sticking with the recaps. I officially dropped it around the 5th episode but fast-forwarded through some episodes to see if there was any noticeable change in the characters.

    I dodged a bullet here.

    If this will help you, I wrote my take on the whole kdrama here.

    Thanks again.

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 10:55 am

      I don’t mind at all, packmule3 😊. Happy to check it out as well!

  34. Moondance
    December 29, 2019 / 1:11 pm

    I just finished watching this series. I think ultimately its about fate and destiny and how the two main characters are destined to always be a part of each others lives. Maybe not as perfect partners and to lead a happy life together but to teach each other lessons they need to learn or to help them mature and become who they are ultimately supposed to be. They can plan their lives and try to find their place in life but will always be connected and fate and circumstance will always draw them together as with the case when they were both leading separate lives yet both in Lisbon at the same time. I personally liked the series. Its realistic and doesnt have the conventional ending of a romantic drama.

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