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The Third Charm: Episode 14 Live Recap

Seo Kang Joon cooking in Korean Drama The Third Charm
Yesterday wasn’t as trying to recap as I thought it would be even though it was pretty depressing for several of our main characters. Perhaps because I was expecting it. Or maybe because they barely talked. Either way, I kind of feel like episode 13 was the bottom of the depressing bowl so all the episodes coming up should be better. (Please be better).

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Young-jae gets home and puts her items in her house. It is another quiet affair as she looks at the food conainer that Joon gave her and then shuffles to her living room without it.

The next day, Joon puts on a suit and talks to his parents about him visiting his future in-laws. The family is excited for him and fix his suit as he waits outside for Se-eun to show up. Se-eun shows up brightly and greets Joon’s parents but they run off quickly. In the car, Joon says he is a bit nervous because he gave Se-eun a hard time for a long time. But she says her father isn’t scary, he is cute.

At the salon, the idol guy gets his hair done but notices that joo-ran is having a hard time. He asks her about it but Joo-ran doesn’t really say anything. She just turns the question around and asks how he is doing. The Idol says he is having a hard time because he wants to be in a project but the writer doesn’t want him. Joo-ran mutters, that stupid writer with no eyes.

Cut to auditions for the role. Losts of young men are there reciting their monologues. They recite them five at a time. The next five come in and the Idol is hiding among them. But he removes his hat. Everyone is surprised that he is there, they ask where his manager is. The Idol says that he did not tell them because they would be upset. Then he starts his monologue.

But we don’t see it because we cut right to Soo-jae and the Idol talking afterwards at a cafe. Soo-jae is impressed that the Idol came for these auditions. The Idol says that he knows he has this complex that he has to overcome with being an Idol. He would never forgive himself if he did not try his hardest to get past it. Then two girls think they notice him but think that he wouldn’t be there. The Idol and SOo-jae hear them and then the idol leaves.

Hilarious outside greeting with Joon and Se-euns family. The brothers and father do not like Joon and show it. The mother looks exactly like Se-eun and smiles at him.

Inside, Joon meets with the men who all stare at him. They are all special forces kind of like if everyone was a navy seal or something like that. Se-eun is in the kitchen with her mother, but tries to peak out to see how everything is going.

Soon, they all start eating. One brother asks why he quit the police, he was always #1. Joon says it did not fit his personality. The other brother is all like, so you will quit cooking if it doesn’t fit you as well. But appa hits the table and asks to bring the alcohol. Then he starts pouring but Joon tells him that he can pour it for him. They pour their soju (in a pretty big glass) and Joon has to drink it all. They all watch him drink it.

But we don’t see anything that happens because we cut right to the goodbyes. Joon looks okay as he smiles at Se-euns mother and exchanges pleasntries and then smiles at the brothers and father. Se-eun drives them off.

The father asks his wife how she likes him. She says she does, he is manly and can drink and is handsome. Appa is all like, handsome? Umma says yes, handsome is important. The brothers think he has grit. Appa says, If Se-eun-i likes him, then I like him.

On the way home, Se-eun asks Joon if it was difficult. She is the one driving them off. He says it was okay, but except her mother, they all don’t like me. Se-eun tells him that that was her appas happy face. Joon says, really? Well, then thats good. He smiles and then looks out the window.
Meanwhile, Young-jae is at her place. She goes to the kitchen and grabs the food that Joon made for her. Then she awlks to her living room and starts to slowly eat it as she sits on the short bookshelf.

VO – You found it again. I will never lose it anymore.

Later on that night, Joon talks to his partner happily. He says that they never came to see him when he wanted them to, but they came so quickly when I told them that you showed up. Then we see the old team back together again. They call him Oh Joon Young instead of team leader and happily hug him.

Then they go inside to the cafe and are greeted by the old criminal! Lol. He is a butcher now and happily smiles at Joon young. He married his old girlfriend and now they have a lovely life in this cafe. They all sit to eat together. The chubby cop gets a call from his wife and happily talks to her in that loud excited and stifled way that he does. His friends area ll like, you love being married that much huh?

The criminal tells Joon that his wife is his everything, he gave up his old life for her. How about you, did you marry Young-jae? The other cops are all like (no no no no no). Joon tells him that he is engaged to Se-eun, the hostage woman. Lol. Everyone is all like, oh! That is good! They keep talking abotu dating and everything. It looks like two of the cops are still single so they mutter about that and then they all toast to everyones happiness.

But we cut to Young-jae who still looks miserable. However, it looks like something has changed in her. Perhaps she is ready to live again? She puts on her jacket and goes outside with socks and proper shoes on. Then she goes to the grocery store and starts getting fresh groceries for her home.

She goes home and starts making nachi bokum (fried calimari) that Joon made for her. She cuts all the vegetables, fries them, boils the squid, cuts it, and then continues cooking. It is like a cooking show.

She finally finished cooking and sits down at a proper small table to eat. She slowly takes a bite and chews. With each chew it looks like she is coming back to her self. She mutters that it tastes good and keeps eating. Then her phone rings.

She answers it, and it looks improtant, but we don’t know who it is.

Cut to Young-jae going to a restaurant to meet Se-eun. They are the only ones there and greet each other politely. But Young-jae wonders what is up. Se-eun tells her that she made a mistake last time. Yong-jae tells her that it is okay. But Se-eun says that seh also wants to talk to her, but lets order first.

Meanwhile, Joon is working at his place.

Cut back to Young-jae, she says, at the airport? You were braver than you look. But you need that much bravery to get someones heart. I understand why he loves you (or you deserve his love). Se-eun asks her, do you want to date someone else? I know a really good person that could be a good match…..sorry eunnie, just forget what I said.

Young-jae is a bit quiet for a moment. But then she says, will that make you relieved? Yes, I can meet that good person.

Young-jae leaves quietly.

Inside, Se-eun looks a bit like she regrets it.

Joon is at his place cleaning the dishes when he gets a call. It is form someone. Joon does not know who it is until he says, it’s Se-eun’s father. Joons tands up straighter. The father says that he passed the test, they all agree. Please remove (take) Se-eun quickly. (Take her from the family so she will be added to his family). He thanks him.

At home, Se-eun thinks about what she told Yong-jae and thinks that she is the worst for bringing it up (or this is the worst?). She sulks but then gets a call from Joon who tells her that her father granted their marriage. Se-eun smiles and tells him that she told him not to worry. Joon mentions that he wants them to get married as quickly as possible. They both smiles about that and then get off the phone. But Se-eun looks a bit sad/questioning when she does.

At the gym, Soo-jae plays basketball alone but he thinks about what the Idol told him. He tried to pretend that he did not have a complex, but he knows that he does. he is trying to break it and will regret if he does not try his best. Then Soojae thinks about Joo-ran not giving his heart or recieving someones heart. He is a coward.
At home, Joo-ran looks through all her clothing as she packs. Soo-jae calls her but she does not answer and is instead looking at herself in the mirror. She starts to pack up her bathroom items.

Soo-jae thinks about calling Young-jae but doesn’t.

But then he drives to Joon’s place. Joon is so happy to see him on his motorcycle. They go drink like two best friends. Joon tells him that he saw all his movies in Portugal, they were so bad and so good. I was so happy to hear about you. Soo-jae says it was burdensome to his heart for not treating him to something. But he was happy to hear that his passion became cooking through the magazine.

Soo-jae takes a shot of his soju and Joon refills it. Joon asks if anything happened. Soo-jae says that he just likes sitting with Joon and reliving old times, thank you. But Soo-jae is a bit emotional. He starts to ask Joon if he has any problems? Joon says, well…I am going to get married soon.

That is news to Soo-jae, he thinks it is time for him to get married though it looks like he is trying to say good things about it instead of actually being happy about it. He pours Joons glass and starts to talk about how there are so many things you want to say but it is hard to say it. Then he talks about his favorite movie Bungee Jumping (or just Bungee?). In it there is a quote, You can stick a needle anywhere in earth and if you throw a seed, what is the possibility of hitting the needle? that is the possibility of one human meeting another human. That is human relationships and that is what I want to say. That is you and me.

Joon says okay and smiles though it looks like Joon was thinking of Young-jae (and perhaps Soo-jae was also talking about young-jae.)

They go to pay but the place does not have credit so Joon says he can pay. But SOo-jae really wants to pay and asks where an ATM machine is. However we cut to SOo-jae’s bike, it looks like Joon ended up paying so SOo-jae is apologetic outside. But they exchange happy pleasantries, before soojae drives off he says he did not want to say sorry so he will say thank you.
Cut to Joon’s parents talking at the table as they both work. They are in their usual couple bickering mood as they talk about Joon and the wedding and who to invite and how Joon has a one table restaurant so they can’t invite a bunch of people and all those things with weddings. Perhaps they will have 200 guests, 300? Why are weddings so big. It is just two people getting together to make a family but as soon as wel have a wedding agreement we talk about money, not romantic at all.

Umma says that she is happy that at least one is getting married. Ri-won is so selfish, she does not think about her kid or parents.

Cue Ri-won at home getting ready to go. Sang-hyun is with their kid as she talks to him. But she tells him that she is going out with that college grad. He is upset about it. She asks him if he feels insecure? He says no but then he says yes. She tells him, even if we do break up, I will discuss it with you before hand so don’t feel insecure. COme here.

He goes up to her. She gives him a kiss on the cheek that looks loving and then says goodbye.

The youngman officer talks to the older officer and Se-eun about the date he is about to go on with Young-jae. He tells tham that he will do well since Se-eun introduced him. The older woman says that you can forget an old love with a new love.

Then we see Seo-joon cookin at his place. Se-eun shows up with the older police woman. It looks like this is the first time she has seen him since he left so she tells him that he is so handsome now, he is still handsome. Be careful because it seems like a lot of pretty women come to this restaurant from your blog.

At the same time, Young-jae goes to her blind date with the male cop. They ae both awkward. She is standoffish but trying to be polite awkward and he is excited awkward.

At Joon’s, they eat a meal where they have to use silverware sot he woman coments about that and her husband using scissors. But then she gets a call. It looks like the date already ended? The woman sat a little bit and then said goodbye. That isnt a good woman. But she did pay for the meal.

Se-eun looks like she does not want to talk about this in front of Joon. She tries to say eat again. But the woman keeps talking about it and says that she was a divorced woman and yada yada yada and then tells Joon that Se-eun arranged a blind date but it didn’t go well. Joon looks stunned and slightly dissapointed.

But he tries not to let that show. They both say goodbye to the older cop outside, but Joon goes back inside without looking at Se-eun. He is pissed. He starts cleaning up and doesn’t look at her while doing it. She thinks of something to say, she says that the food was really good, my boss enjoyed it…

Sit down.

We can do it together and then we can both sit together.

No, I will do it.

he starts to clean the dishes. She looks like she messed up.

Elsewhere, Yong-jae goes to meet with Joo-ran at the salon. Joo-ran is sitting in one of her seats. Yong-jae asks her what is up, you called me but the light isn’t even on? Joo-ran looks at her.

Meanwhile, Joon sits in a car with Se-eun. It is quiet. Se-eun tries to say something bright but Joon cuts her off.

JY – Why did you give Young-jae a blind date?… What are you thinking? … Why did you do that?

SE – What do you think,oppa? Why didn’t you tell me that you used to date her? Do you know that? For 4 years, we dated. This is the first time you are angry and the reason is because of Young-jae.

Joon does notice this.

J – I am sorry….to make you concerned. It won’t happen anymore. I will get out here. It will be very trafficky so you can turn around, safe driving.

He gets out and walks away.

At the salon, Joo-ran asks Young-jae if she remembers when they went to Hong Kong together and bought that, we thought it would look good in the shop. I bought everything for the shop. I had to have acupuncture for a week. We smiled brightly here. This is my husband and my kid and the first place I remember.

Young-jae asks why she is so moody.

Joo-ran tells her that Nuri will take care of the shop, she is good and greedier than you are. YJ wants to know what is going on. What happened? Joo-ran has a hard time telling her but is able to finally say that she has cancer.

In a flashback, she asks the doctor if it is very very bad? The doctor tells her it is 3rd stage. It will be hard to undergo surgery, but we can make the cancer smaller with chemo and an x-ray. We can shrink it and remove it later. There is a 5 year survival rate, but you can cure it. Even so, you will not be able to get pregnant.

Joo-ran tells Young-jae thta the disease does not discriminate so there is no reason why it wouldnt’ come to me. But I am so confused and angry and scared. I tried so hard to have a baby, you know, and it is also embarrassing. But there is one more thing.

Flashback to the woman in the bathroom.

JR – When I saw that woman I thought about your brother the most. He should be very scared, it should be very difficult. He should not have been able to be comforted with any words. I don’t know anything but I pretend like I do. I tried to touch him so easily and say things to comfort him and that stupid guy smiled at me and said okay…okay. I want to ask you a favor. I want you to do it. I don’t want to tell anyone. I don’t want to show this to anyone.

Young jae listens and nods, tears falls.

Then we cut to Young-jae cutting Joo-ran’s hair short.
The scene is long and touching and has it’s own soundtrack.

The cut is finished off with clippers and they both look at Joo-ran’s new pixie cut in the mirror.

Young-jae goes outside as Joo-ran says goodbye to her shop and then goes out with Young-jae, gives her a hug and says, let’s go.

Young-jae sleeps over at Joo-ran’s that night and makes sure she is tucked in well. Then Young-jae goes into Joo-ran’s living room area and quietly looks around. She takes a moment and then walks outside. It is raining outside as she walks up the street. She thinks about her daughter Her daughter told her that she is sorry thta they eat a lot and poop and want to be like the moon. The moon is everywhere, the sea and the playground….

Yong-jae stops walking and collapses to the ground as she cries. The moon is right overhead.

Joon walks out of the subway and sits at an outdoor convenince place as he drinks a beer.

Se-eun gets home and parks in her garage. She sighs and then looks at her Joon-youngs schedule book. On the 19th is 1500th day of loving Se-eun. Se-eun smiles and looks slightly more comforted by seeing that.

Ouside, Joon is still sitting and drinking his beer. But then he gets a call. It is an unknown number. He asnwers it and is greeted by Yong-jae’s voice.

YJ – Joon-young, it is Young-jae….I wanted to call someone. But I had no one to call.

He lets out a deep breath as he listens.

YJ – ….*breathing*…all the people I love….are all sick….are all leaving me.

JY – Young-jae, we shouldn’t…

YJ – I know….I know, I know….I am also leaving….I am leaving….*glasses crash* …..(Miss! Miss! Is she injured? Miss!)….

JY – Young-jae!

Fade Out
Okay, I think we are on an upswing. Though there are only 2 episodes left so it does not look like we will enjoy too much light in these last episods. And by light, I mean happy playful family time. Though I guess we could see that in the last 5 mintues of the last episode. Hopefully they wont give us a 100 Days My Prince ending.

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  1. Linda
    November 10, 2018 / 6:57 am

    Cant wait for the recap!! Thank you for recapping for us🤗

    • V
      November 10, 2018 / 7:04 am

      🙂 🙂

  2. Rose
    November 10, 2018 / 7:04 am

    Yes……be better…..hoping for less depression 😅

  3. Rose
    November 10, 2018 / 8:42 am

    Se-eun offering YJ a date: good intentention, bad execution….weird and akward in so many levels 😳

    • Rose
      November 10, 2018 / 8:45 am

      I think at the back of her head shes worried that of YJ wont date again, JY might change his mind about their engagement 😕

      • V
        November 10, 2018 / 11:22 am

        Definitely! She is worried that Young-jae will try and date Joon, for sure!

    • V
      November 10, 2018 / 11:21 am

      It was awkward because they both knew why she was doing it! Se-eun felt bad about it and Young-jae felt bad about it.

  4. Rose
    November 10, 2018 / 9:27 am

    If YJs depression continues, she might commit suicide, thats why shes saying her goodbye to JY……NO!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    on a bright side, this might be a wake-up call for JY to run back to YJ….and i think the lady cop is slowly realizing that JY still loves YJ on how he reacted about that blind date, which made me wonder, is it a good intention for YJ or for herself? And im leaning more to herself.

    • V
      November 10, 2018 / 11:26 am

      Young-jae’s life is so miserable right now. At the moment she decided to live again, she got the news of her best friends diagnosis. She also saw the moon which reminded her of her daughter and all of that led to just collapsing on the street.

      I still don’t think that is enough for Joon to go back to her, quite the opposite actually. He should still run far away at least until she gets her life in order and is at a comfortable place where she does not need him to function daily.

      • Rose
        November 10, 2018 / 12:05 pm

        But thats the thing about JY, he feels responsible for YJ. Its like its in his dna. Once he finds out about what was really going on with YJ, im pretty sure he’ll spend less time with the lady cop and more time with YJ. Although he may justify it as consoling someone who is in need of a friend, the lady cop will not see it that way.

        And by the way, when she was saying that she and JY never had a fight or argument for 4 years…..that there saids it all, their relationshiop is not healthy. It may look perfect but in reality its not.

        • Shayri
          November 10, 2018 / 2:51 pm

          I agree with you Rose If this is the 1st time JY has been angry with SE, then they don’t have a real relationship. It’s a lot of keeping up pretenses & going with the societal obligations.
          And V, While I don’t think it’s okay for YJ to call JY, depressed people, grieving people all the more need family & friends & their own people around them to add light to their life. JY has been through nothing compared to YJ. If his heart pulls him to her, why shouldn’t he go to her? Everyone is a mess at some point, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love.
          Maybe that is the point this show is trying to make. Real flawed humans, struggling, loving, mundane. People that want to live for themselves, that make decisions for their own happiness at the cost of others (I don’t think YJ deserves to be bashed for leaving JY. He was holding on to a relationship that was fading. Effort does not equal comfort & happiness.) All such people deserve love too. Once, twice, thrice. It may not work like a charm from a fairytale but It still deserves to exist in this world.

          • JK
            November 10, 2018 / 11:15 pm

            YJ walked out from that relationship because it wasn’t healthy too. I don’t see how both of them have changed that it would work out this time. Nevertheless, if JY breaks up with Se-eun, I’d still be happy because that girl deserves someone who truly treasures her. Just my two cents…

            • Rose
              November 11, 2018 / 6:17 am

              “break it to me gently,
              If you have to then tell me lies,
              Break it to me gently
              Atleast you leave me with my pride.
              Try to spare my feelings
              If the feeling have to die.
              Break it to me gently
              If you have to say goodbye”

              I forgot the title of the song, but its what the lady cop should be singing right now about her relationship with JY 😅

            • V
              November 13, 2018 / 4:06 am

              Yes, she does. She is so sweet, I hope she finds someone in the epilogue.

    • Anonymous
      November 11, 2018 / 2:34 am

      If JY runs back to YJ he will be no different from 5 years ago. He should prioritize himself and this means he should be sure that he’s getting married because he truly loves Se-un. It’s a disservice to Se-un if he’s still not over YJ because Se-un deserves someone who truly loves her. The same way that he should not go back to YJ even if he still cares for her because he also deserves and should expect someone who loves and respects him. YJ past actions has not shown that. Though it was her right to break up because her feelings were not strong enough, she could have still done it better without hurting him so much. It was always her way. The same thing is happening again. She should know that she doesn’t have the right to call him now because she knows it would cause problems with his fiancee. She could call her brother or her ex-husband or even a stranger but not JY, she’s caused him enough pain. The first time she broke up with him she didn’t tell him why, he wasn’t important enough or she wanted to inflict pain because she’s in pain. The second time, she became distant because she felt guilty for realizing her feelings changed or wanting something different. She made him feel he was a burden to her. Now, for her to call JY to say everyone she loves is sick or leaving her and that she’s leaving,too, is selfish. She’s pitiful and going through a lot but she shouldn’t burden JY with her problems, she’s lost that right. She should call her ex-husband, they have more history and it’s obvious he still loves her. And for her brother to tell JY about how hard it is for people to meet each other is also selfish and unfair as it is obviously his way of saying maybe he should try it again with his sister. He knows JY is getting married. It’s unfair to JY’s fiancee and actually what he said about meeting someone is a miracle also applies to the fiancee.

      • Rose
        November 11, 2018 / 6:12 am

        -5 years can make a lot of difference depending on who are the people involved and what is /are the situation. For JY and YJs case the 2nd time they broke-up is way different from the first time so the outcome wont be the same.
        -JY did prioritized himself the 2nd time they broke-up. He resigned as a police officer and go soul searching somewhere to find himself, and realized the being a chef is his calling. We have to remember that the reason he became an officer is to prove to YJ that he is not a weakling, being young at that time can make someones decissions in life a little immature espcially if you follow your heart to much and leaving the brain out of the equation.
        -granted she doesnt have the right to call him, but depressed people dont think that way. I think she was drunk when she called (w/c i know its not an excuse) but i dont think she can call her ex husband. Most probably the reason they broke up is because of her depression, most probably she already said to him all the angst and anger she could probably said and calling him wont do any difference. This drama didnt really specify how was HC and YJs life inside that 5 years. They just said they got married, had a child, the child died, they were both devastated and they got divorced. They did not include the grey areas in between those.
        -im sorry, but i totally disagree about the brother wanting JY to go running back to YJ when they talked. If he wants that he could have just said straight to the point that YJ is in a a mess right now coz her kid just died, that along will make JY run toward YJ in a heartbeat, but no, he didnt do that. He was just telling the reality that he knows how hard it must be for JY and YJ to meet again because of their history.
        -it is really unfair for the fiance to be in this situation. But a relationship without a strong foundation is like a building standing on top of a very thin sand, it will collapse sooner or later. For them being in a relationship for 4 years without JY being mad at her or having no arguments? Its not healthy at all. JYs sister was right, they should know eachother more before deciding to get married. Just because they are in a long distance relationship for 4 yrs doesnt mean they knew each other. Its not the quantity, its the quality. The 4 years they had was so hallow. The true essence of what the relationship should be wasnt there. The lady cop i think really do love JY and will sacrifice everything for him, but i dont think JY is the same. The lady cop was right though, the first time he got mad to her was because of YJ, so what does it says about their relationship? Its not as strong as it supposed to be because deep.inside JY still loves YJ. And that sucks for the lady cop, but better be heartbroken now than later coz it could get worst after they get married.

        We also need to remember JYs personality as a whole. He likes to take care of people. He likes being organized. He likes everything in order. When lady cop saw JYs journal about stuff the he did for her (making tarts for her on this day, doing that for her on this day), thats his personality. He likes things in order, he likes things organized. But that doesnt mean its love. Maybe it is, who knows. But as far as i can see, JY level of love for lady cop is not the same level as his love for YJ. I still do believe that JYs feeling to her is more of gratitude in disguise.

        Wow! Thats long! Hahaha 😅! Anyways this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. Lets wait and see what will happen in the last 2 episodes. I hope we dont go berserk on whatever the director and writer cooked for us to watch 😅

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 8:55 am

      Yay! We’ll try to translate it.

      • Rose
        November 15, 2018 / 10:54 am

        Thanks V! 🙂

  5. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 5:59 am

    What i read on this preview:

    -break-up and reconciliation
    -heartbreak and depression
    -death (hope not)

    Lets put on our seatbelts people! 😅

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 8:58 am

      Oh good Lord!

  6. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 6:02 am

    Ggrrr…..posted twice again! I hate my internet right now 😣. Can you just delete this one V? Thank you so much!

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 8:58 am

      I can do it for you!

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