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The Third Charm: Episode 13 Live Recap

Seo Kang Joon in Korean Drama The Third Charm
It is episode 13 on a Friday…does that mean it’s Friday the 13th? That’s what it feels like as we all wait to see what happens with this new storyline we have somehow found ourselves on. Just as a heads up, this drama could be rage dropped after today. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but I’m just throwing it out there. If today is super crazy depressing terrible….I will still try and stick it out to the end. But it might get rage dropped.

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We open with fall foliage as Se-eun drives up the street talking to her parents on the phone. It’s night so she is talking to them about driving home and if they are still upset at her brother or something like that. She might be talking about Young-joon though. She drives up to the restaurant. Inside, Joon and Young-jae are talking about were they lived in Portugal.

Se-eun gets there and the sad music starts as she looks from Joon to Young-jae. He notices how bad this looks so he stands and smiles at Se-eun. Young-jae smiles as well. Se-eun asks if this is a customer? Joon says yes and then introduces Se-eun as his fiance. They greet each other politely and we cut to Young-jae in the bathroom. In the bathroom, Young-jae thinks about Joon having a fiance, her face falls as she goes back out and sees them happily talking at the table.

But she tries to put on a bright smile when they both look at her. She ends up sitting at the table with them and tells them that they both looksimilar. Se-eun wonders, really? Young-jae tells them they are a good match, congratulations. Se-eun invites her to their wedding but said that they did not set their date yet. She adds that today is a good day, I dated oppa for a long time but I only know Sang-hyun. Do you know him?

Young-jae smiles and says yes, then she asks how he is. Joon tells her that he is a father. He changed a lot. Se-eun asks if she has a boyfriend? is he the same as when you first met him?

But no one says anthing to that question.

Later on, Young-jae leaves with all her things Se-eun and Joon walk her out. Joon keeps his eyes on her for a moment as she walks away, he looks like he is having a difficult time looking away, but he turns to his fiance and tells her, lets go.

They drive off. Se-eun thinks thta she might have made a mistake. If she didn’t talk about boyfriends then eunnie would not have said that she divorced. But she is pretty cool, she talked about it like it was nothing and exchanged contact info. I could’t do that. Maybe she is a popular person. Joon says maybe. Se-eun continues and says that YJ is the kind of woman she envies, she is a cool person.
Meanwhile, YJ gets home to her empty apartmenta and starts to put the various items that she bought away. It is a quiet moment as she unpacks her instant food and sets it in the kitchen. All the while, she thinks about how happy Joon looked with Se-eun. But she tries to suck it up.

In the car, Joon asks Se-eun, when we get married, would you like to live in Lisbon? We had a good time there before. She thinks about it and says that she is okay anywhere, so long as she is with him. She holds his hand warmly and smiles. But this just makes him think about what he told Young-jae on the island.

VO – Okay, I just want to be with you, that is all I need.

He looks at Se-eun as he thinks this. Then we cut to him walking her to her building. They say goodnight (but no hug or kiss or anything?) and he walks off. Inside, Se-eun washes her face and takes a hard lookin the mirror. She is pulled into a memory where she was hanging out with Joon’s family.

Joon’s appa asks her to come somewhere with him. Ri-won mutters that her father is alrady taking care of the daughter in law. Umma says that Se-eun already finished her mandu, she comes to visit us every holiday just inc ase we are lonely. SH tells his mother in law that she has him. Umma is all like, just keep working.

In the back, Appa shows Se-eun a folder and tells her that he never expected that his wife would make mandu. But you have never seen Joon-young’s kid photos have you? It is her first time so she is excited to see them. Appa tells her that Joon put all his history together through the years, he has always been like this. Have a fun time looking through it.

He leaves her in the room and lets her look through the photo albumn. Se-eun has a happy time looking at all the photos of Joon throught the years. All his awards are also there so she sees them all. He was a very good kid that followed the rules and got all A’s. The teachers notes were all very positive. Se-eun giggles at it but then we are taken back to her looking at herself in the mirror. She looks a bit sad.

Outside, Joon walks up the street alone. He is deep in thought and possibly a tiny bit emotional as he walks around in the wind.

In her place, Young-jae looks at the TV happily, though we don’t know what she is looking at.

Ri-won runs to get ready in the morning. Sang-hyun gets their kid ready and asks if she has something important today, she says nothing special. But she thinks that she might need to stuff her bra a little bit. SH says she thought big breasts were capitalistic, and why are you adding perfume! Riwon just tells him that her job is capitalistic.

He drops her off at work, their kid is in the car as well. But he hops out and gives her some documents. However he sees that college kid from back in the day and gets upset. that good looks sharp and SH looks like an ajusshi appa.

SH goes to tell Joon about it. He wonders if that college grad is like how he was back in the day. Joon does not look that concerned. But SH says he knows it is nothing now, but what if it is a precursoer to what might happen? I am not even married so I can’t get divorced! Joon just asks him if he is going anywhere today? I have to open the store. SH finished his drink and heads out, annoyed.

Elsewhere, Young-jae meets with Joon-ran. JR says that it seems like she might need to find a job now. But YJ tells her that she just wants to do nothing for now. JR thinks that is a good idea to do nothing, you deserve it. They both drink a little bit of wine. Then YJ tells JR that she met Joon-young.

Cut to the police station, one of the polciemen looks like they are breaking up with their girlfriend over the phone or something similar. The ladies of the department listen to his woes as he says his ex-girlfriend is getting married to someone else. Then he says he will get some fresh air. The older police woman thinks he is a poor guy.

Older cop – For women, if they meet someone who never forgets their first love, then that is problematic to women also. You should never know about the first love.
Joon cooks at his restaurant and then goes outside to wait for them to finish eating. He goes to a park nearby. Se-eun finds him there and sits with him. She tells him that he can rest and gives him a coffee to drink as they sit outside. He thanks her. She asks him if he is cold and tries to fix his jacket, he says of course. She drinks a little bit as well and they smile at each other as she says it tastes good.

Meanwhile, JR goes to see the OBGYN, they have her diagnosis. The doctor asks her if she is alone and if it is okay if she hears it alone? JR asks if it is really bad? The doctor starts to explain what is wrong with her. There is a large chunk here….

Cut to Joo-ran walking outside like she just recieved a huge shock. She stops suddenly and falls on a bench in the hall, but tries to pull herself together. She is a bit embarrassed by her emotions and goes to the bathroom. But in the bathroom, there is a woman who is a cancer patient, her hair is slowly falling out. The cancer patient leaves Joo-ran to be alone.

Joo-ran sits outside for another moment and waits for the nurse. The nurse tells her to read all the paperwork and then she can make her decisions. It turns out that she has uterine cancer and needs the paperwork signed by her guardian. It is a tough moment for Joo-ran to take as she inhales all the weight of it.

Cut to her sitting in the car with her hand on her head. She picks up her phone to call someone and decides to call Soo-jae. She asks if he is busy. He is editing right now. She asks to eat dinner. He tells her that they cna do it at home, he is busy right now, so come home now.

She sighs, but she goes home and sits with SOo-jae who is still working. He has his manager on the phone who still wants him to work with this Idol. Joo-ran asks him if he is that great? Do you think you are the most important person in the world? Do you think this Idol is not ood at acting? How do you know that? You don’t look at their work, you just look at their face and decide/ Are you a shaman?

He asks why she is so angry, did something happen?

She asks why he is asking her that now. For him, is your life the most improtant?

He asks why she is like this?

She tells him that he does not know how to give his heart or recieve it. He has to much prejudice. You are a coward. I came here for dinner but you are selfish to the end so I am not hungry!

She storms out and walks to her car in a rage. But she lets it all out once she slams the door shut and cries like a she is terrified for the future.
Young-jae sleeps at home in the dark in her very empty and cold apartment. She is dreaming of better times with her daughter. In her dream they play bubbles outside where young-jae happily blows the bubbles into her daughters giggling face. She opens her eyes and looks up at their family photo.

Cut to her and Ho-chul looking at their newly born baby at home. She does not have a name yet so he lovingly says that they should pick a good name. They happily think that they should pick the best name for her. Ho-chul should go to work, but he can’t leave his women alone, he just wants to stay with them both and keeps coming back in to peek at them just one more time. (This baby is so cute and should have swapped placed with the Where Stars Land baby, everyone who watched that show knows what I’m talking about. Both were cute though.).

They finally decide on a name on the last time that he comes back. Cut to their daughter at around 3 years old. They live in a fabulous house and wear fabulous clothes. There life looks perfect.

That day, Young-jae goes to work and does all the hair for models in this country. I guess that she is in Portugal. Her daughter is on set with her and is doted on by the models on set.

(brace yourself for the sadness to come)

YOung-jae and her daughter leave, they sit outside and talks about ehr birthday. it is her birthday so her daughter wants a real cat. But YJ reminds her that she has a cat allergy, they can get a real cat when her allergy goes away. YJ gets a call from HC, they happily chat for a moment and can’t wait to see each other.

They drive to their favorite spot in Portugal in their mercedes and hop out to get something. Joon-young walks across the street right at that moment, but they don’t see each other. Young-jae is happily smiling at her daughter. She really has the perfect life that she always wanted.

They go inside, but there is a cat outside across the street that the daughter sees. (brace youself y’all). The daughter keeps looking at the cat. Young-jae is focusing on the gift of treats for her daughter and family. She does not see that her daughter is not next to her anymore. She grabs the food and tells her daughter that they should leave, but her daughter is not there.

So she goes outside looking for her, but her daughter is nowhere near. She keeps walking and then sees a crowd. She drops her treats and screams as she drops to her feet in front of a car. the cat stuffed animal is on the ground.
Cut directly to the funeral in Portugal where their daughter is laid to rest (so not brought back to Korea?).

Sadness all around.

Then we cut again to a very sad and depressed Young-jae looking at her family portrait in her bed. Her husband is miserable and depressed in the living room.

In the present, Young-jae is pulled out of her memory and sits up. The TV is still on in the background. Young-jae wipes a few tears away and sits for a moment. But then she mutters that she is hungry and hops up to find something in her kitchen.

She is able to find an instant meal, spicy calamari, and starts cooking it. She sits on a bench against the wall (remember no furniture) and starts to eat quietly and slowly. It is an empty moment.

She then walks outside looking disheveled and continues walking up the street as the wind blows every which way and rain falls. But, we see Joon out as well. He looks well put together and has an umbrella, though he might just be out for a stroll. However, he sees Young-jae inside the store buying something and stops in his tracks.

VO – Memory is a dangerous thing. The owner of the memory can’t do anything with it.

He starts to walk away, but he stops.

VO- I thought I completely forgot about her.

Young-jae finished buying her things and walks out. Joon is still stopped on the sidwalk. Young-jae walks by him and perhaps doesn’t notice him at all. But Joon talks to her.

J – Instant food again?

She turns around and sees him, then inspects her own appearance. She grows selfconscious and tells him that she ate calamari at home but it wasn’t good.

VO – You should live well and have a good life. Don’t show up like this. Just live well, wherever.

J – I can teach you….how to make spicy calamari….I can teach you.

He walks to her and gives her his umbrella then he walks on without it. She turns and looks at him, a bit taken aback, but not outright confused.
Joon starts to show her how to make the spicy calimari. He tells her that she should fry the spring onion first for the spicy taste, that is the most important. And you just boil the nachi. Are you listening?

She nods. She is watching him do this from a close distance, but her mind looks like she is far away. He starts preparing the rest of the food. He cuts the vegetables and cuts the octopus (or squid) and starts to cook them. Then he gives her the food at the table.

She slowly takes a bit and her face glows. She tells him that this is the taste, she never had this taste in any restaurant. He tells her it is because he made it for her taste. He takes a bite as well, he can eat spicy food now. She asks him as much. He tells her that he tried it to get used to it. He had to know what it tastes like so he can make it.

he asks her if she works anymore? She says that she is taking a break. She wants to take a break right now. She wants to do that.

Their conversation is not as light as it was the other night when Se-eun caught them. It is gloomy amidst all the light in the room. It is also a quiet conversation as they don’t say much between each other. they just both sit and drink their tea.

YJ – (It hurts…eating hurts, not eating hurts).

JY – (You shuold eat, that is how you survive, no one will help you. So don’t look so pitiful. Just wake up and get real).

YJ – (Joon-young, this warm food is my last…and your no nonsense and spicy yelling at me….it still hurts. I still want to get hurt and feel the pain exclusively. It looks like a little sting, but it is more like a cactus that hides it stings with tears).

They keep sitting across from each other. But Joon thinks the night should come to a close.

JY – Let’s leave.

He gets up and gives her a mug to take the rest of the food home to eat. Then he looks at her and tells her to wear warm clothing. When you go out, wear your socks and eat your meal. I will call you a cab.

He leaves to call the cab, Young-jae couldn’t’ really meet his gaze all that time, but she is able to look up when he leaves. When the taxi comes, she hops in without a word and leaves. he helped open her door.

JY – (I hope you live well somewhere where I am not there, anywhere in the world, I hope you live well.)

Fade Out

Okay, so many depressing things happened in this episode. But I can continue for the sole reason that Joon-young is not the father of the baby. That would have just been misery on top of misery on top of misery.

I could also have done away with Joo-ran’s cancer diagnosis. I mean, writer, one friend is having a very difficult time in her life so you thought it would be wonderful to give the other friend a hard time as well? Couldn’t she continue to be the comic relief in her quest to find love? I was very happy with her in that role.

They are inching into a bit of dangerous territory elsewhere too with Ri-won. Please don’t tell me she is considering having a man on the side. I really like Ri-won and don’t want to see her character go the affair route. I know, I know, she is not married, but she is basically married. that is common law no matter how you slice it.

I have a theory which annoys me because I dont like seeing writerly machinations in clearly strange scenarios. Did anyone else think that it was strange for YJ and HC’s child to be buried in Portugal? I thought that was very strange considering they are both Korean, they have family in Korea, and they were only in Portugal for maybe 5 years tops? But I can see what is going to happen in the future.

Remember when Joon asked Se-eun (in this episode) if she would like to move to Portugal? I think Joon is going to convince Se-eun to move to Portugal (or he is going to break up and go by himself) and will run into Young-jae there because she will be there to visit her daughter’s gravesite. That will be the scene from the poster where she is walking away and he is looking at her. The only reason for her daughter to be buried in Portugal is for this meeting to occur. I think this will be their third charm meeting because he will have broken up with his fiance and she will possibly be in a better place and ready to start working again in Portugal or just in general.

And in true Kdrama style, he might also find out about her daughter at this third charm meeting, which would change everything that he thought about her with her disheveled miserable look after her divorce.

JY – Hello (meeting the family)
Brother – You only hve one table in your restaurant?
Brother – Do you think you can support her?
brother – Why did you quit being a policeman?
Appa – Bring the alcohol
YJ – Yes, to get someones heart you need to act that much.
SE – Eunnie, I have a question.
YJ- What is it?
JR – Lee Soo-jae came into my mind first. Youn-jae, I have a request, I hope you do it.
JY – I hope you wear warm clothing, and wear you socks when you go out, and don’t skip your meals.
YJ – You found it again, I will never lose it anymore.

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  1. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 8:52 am

    Friday the 13th episode…..bad omen people… 😣

    • V
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  2. bwv232
    November 9, 2018 / 9:00 am

    Welp, one week after putting it on my ‘to watch’ list, I guess I now need to cross it off.

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 10:42 am

      I cannot disagree with this.

      • RevSparklyAndroid
        November 9, 2018 / 11:31 am

        I dropped it already just because I wasn’t feeling it, but I’m now glad I did!

        Sorry that you’ve taken one for the team again, V. Hopefully Writernim will make it up to you with a reasonable ending.

        • V
          November 9, 2018 / 1:15 pm

          So far I’m still curious! And still love the characters so it isn’t as hard of a recap as say About Time. 😬

  3. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 9:02 am

    Whatever happens….pls dont drop it…..please…..please….please…..pretty please….. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 10:41 am

      I think I’m in it till the end. I thought this episode would be super tough to get through, but it was okay.

      • Rose
        November 9, 2018 / 10:48 am

        Thank you so much!! 😘😘😘

  4. Ida
    November 9, 2018 / 9:56 am

    i’m in it until the end. Please be too.

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 10:41 am

      I think I’m in it till the end.

  5. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Spell tragedy- Y-O-U-N-G-J-A-E


  6. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 10:32 am

    Argh…….the depression continues…..and why JYs eyes looks like hes about to cry? I have a feeling that as soon as he finds out about YJs depression, he’ll start running towards her and forget about his fiance

    And why it feels like this episode was fast? Is JR going to die??!! TOO MUCH DEATH!!!! arghh!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 10:39 am

      He looks like he is about to cry all through this episode!

  7. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 10:57 am

    I have a question (im trying to backtrack all the episode in my head, hoping i can remember) the lady cop doesnt know that YJ is JYs ex, more specifically his 1st love? They never seen each other in the police station before?

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 10:59 am

      I don’t think she knows, but I think she might have seen something in that photo album.

  8. Jane
    November 9, 2018 / 11:13 am

    Wow, good theory on the Portugal piece …

    • V
      November 10, 2018 / 5:39 am

      Thank you Jane! Do you have a theory? I would love to here it, all theories are welcome here.

  9. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 11:36 am

    Yup, i love that Portugal theory. And i think the lady cops family will add a huge impact on JYs decission to change his mind about the engagement (i hope 😄)

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 1:16 pm

      Yes, her family appears to be filled with men who are the opposite of Joon-young.

  10. Rose
    November 9, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Btw, thank you V for the recap even though the episodes this past few weeks are depressing 😂

  11. Shayri
    November 9, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    I’m relying on your recaps to decide if I’ll complete watching this show. I really want a happy ending for YJ.

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