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The Third Charm: Episode 12 Live Recap

Esom doing hair overseas in The Third Charm
We are recapping this one and episode 11 this morning! Pretty much the best morning ever. We’ll get started on this one at 9am CST or as soon as we finish episode 11, whichever happens last.

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Rewind a bit to Joon setting up for the anniversary dinner. he makes sure everything is perfectly in place then the bell rings. He immediately says welcome. But he stops mid phrase as he sees that the couple is Young-jae and Ho-chul. But he is more focused on Young-jae.

Cut to him adding garnish to the plates solemly from his kitchen. Then he gathers his strength and takes the plate to them. Ho-chul thanks him for the food. Joon smiles. Young-jae asks him if he would like to sit there with them? Ho-chul thinks it is a good idea as well, they have a lot to catch up on. But he says that is okay and waits outside.

But instead of waiting happily ouside, he is basically destroyed and goes somewhere to sit outside of their view.

Inside, Ho-chul says that he didn’t know egg tart can be served like this. He tries it and says that it has a similar taste to her favorite place. She tells him that he would be good at it because he is meticulous. Young-jae is beside herself with her thoughts. HC says that they met him like this ~. Young-jae agrees.

She takes a sip and says that she used to hate black tea because it was bitter, but now she likes it. HC mentions that she had to drink it when she first came to his place and his mother served her. He hit on her so many times and did everything to get her heart. When he thinks about it, now he wonders how he did that much.

She says that it sounds like it wasn’t that long ago, but a lot of time passed. It’s strange. She takes another sip of the black tea.

At home, Se-eun prepares for bed and happily looks at her ring. She thinks that she thinks that a lot of time passed, when did this start? She thinks back to first meeting Joon at work and seeing that his desk was just like hers, then visiting him in the hospital. He say up to happily greet her and they talked about the yellow peaches but they both liked the white peaches. She told him that she had some white peaches in her room. But actually she bought the peaches right away to have them for him.

VO – When I saw the empty seat, I knew the size of my heart.

She goes to meet him in Portugal and spends the day with him. He asks about her boyfriend and says that she wouldnt’ be there alone if she had one. And she confesses her feelings to him in the airport.
She smiles as she looks at her ring and thinks about the moment he asked her to marry him. He asked if she was crying and she said she wasn’t as she hastily wiped her tears away. Then she pulls out her phone and tells her mom that her daughter will get married!

Later on, Se-eun and Hochul leave. Joon smiles at her as she thanks him for dinner. She tells him that being a chef suits him well. Then she tells Ho-chul that he will be late. HC says it is nice to see him policeman – no, you are a chef now. He smiles and kind of nods as they both walk away.

Joon goes to his door, but turns to watch Young-jae walk away. He has a reassuring smile though as he goes inside.

On the street, HC asks Young-jae if she is okay. She tells him that she is okay. He says it is because she is single. She smiles and tells him that he will be late for the his airplane, so HC tells her goodbye and leaves. they don’t hug or kiss or anything, he just walks away.

She turns and heads home herself. She goes to her empty apartment and sits on the floor. (it is legit empty, nothing is there as if she just moved in). She sits with her knees up and her head against the wall as she thinks about the dinner.

HC – It is out last meal together.

YJ – Yes.

HC – I am sorry and thankful.

YJ – Both of us, it was very difficult for both of us.

She walks to the fridge and looks for something to eat. It is empty as well.

VO – It was difficult getting divorced. But at the same time, it was very easy.

She goes to the convenience store and grabs some drinks, then heads out.

VO – This difficult single life. Will it become super easy as if it is nothing?

She sees a cat on the sidewalks and kneels to spend some time with it. The cat kind of trots away so Young-jae follows it a little bit.

VO – I am waiting for that time where daily boredom comes to me.

In the restaurant, Joon drinks his beer as he looks at the unfinished plates.

Young-jae goes to visit Joo-ran’s place. It looks like it has been awhile since she has been there. Joo-ran gives her a full hug as if she missed her a lot. She tells her that she is still busy and fabulous and doing well. Joo-ran’s place looks like it is doing well. They go sit. Joo-ran holds her hands for a moment and then tells her that her replacement is worse than she was before with torturing the kids. But she makes the most money. It is kind of funny, right?

The woman comes out after berating a young hairdresser and gasps at Young-jae. It looks like this is the girl that wasn’t good at all? But now she is the best? She runs to Young-jae and gives her a big hug then asks her if she is there to do her hair?

Young-jae sits for her and tells her that she can do whatever she thinks is best. The young girl talks hair and then starts doing Young-jae’s hair, but she starts to cry as she does her hair. She tells YJ that doing her hair makes her feel successful now. (Awe, full circle)

Elsewhere, the brother looks through a magazine as he sits with his people. He is super successful now. Soo-jae sees that Joon is in a magazine. His manager tells him that a lot of people want to work with him. But actually it looks like the manager is talking about a star actor. Soo-jae is looking at the photo of Joon. He tells his manager about his new story “The Time of Boy” or “Boys Season” however Soo-jae does not want to use the famous Idol. He thinks it is a cheap scenario. He tells the director that he is the one that made the last story great.

The Idol comes in and apologizes for being late. They all go to a restaruant to talk relaxed. The manager says that they can talk in a relaxed way. The Idol eats well and says that he likes fermented fish. They also talk about how they really lives Soo-jae’s last movie “I Will Kill You” his manager says that he really wanted to be in this role. The Idol wants to pour for soo-jae. But Soo-jae tells him that he is very sorry, he has an important meeting, excuse me. He leaves.

The actor runs outside and catches Soo-jae at his motorcycle. He tells himt hat he really wants to be in the movie. Tell me what is wrong with me! SJ asks his name and then says thta he can say it simply. He has too much to be in this role and he looks too bright. Soo-jae motors of.

While driving, he talks to someone and tells them that they know his password so they can go in first. Then he asks about Young-jae, is she okay?
Joo-ran gets to Soo-jae’s home with Young-jae and sees that the place is a mess. She tells Young-jae that Soo-jae really has a reason why he is not working now, his place is a mess. Then she talks about how all the food is bad in his place, do I have to refill it all the time? Young-jae looks at Joo-ran and smiles.

Later on, Soo-jae comes and eats with Joo-ran and Young-jae. It is the three of them back together again. Soo-jae and Joo-ran bicker back and forth about how they didn’t change. Joo-ran still meets strange men and throws up and tells him that they shuold be the ones to get married. Joo-ran tells him to eat and be quiet.

At Joon’s house, the parents tell Se-eun that it would be nice if they got married before the parents retired. They have to have at least one wedding int he family. The sister is sitting on the couch and sarcastically starts talking about getting to know Joon-young first before getting married since their entire relationship has been long distance.

Joon wants to tell his sister to shut up, but he holds his mouth. The parents say that they showed Se-eun everything about Joon. the maker of the product should explain the product well after all. SH explodes about something probably related to his wife. Everyone tells him to calm it down. Later on. Ri-won puts her baby to bed and then goes to lay on the couch as Sang-hyun does all the kids laundry. She chekcs her phone and asks him why he is so eager to get married.

But she tells him that he is the perfect father for a daughter so she should not break up with him. And his father is perfect and will support their daughter with money and you are good at house work so you are a good person to co-live with.

They start to argue a bit about the daughter taking her name instead of Sang-hyun’s name (because they are not registered). He tells her it is important to get married! I want to get married and wear a tuxedo and tell everyone that you are my woman! She looks at him and says that he used to look so good before and went to the salon to get his lashes done, you were a free soul. She walks away. he is all like, what the what?
Meanwhile, Joon talks to Se-eun, he is outside looking into her car window. They talk lovingly about how he proposed to her and if it took longer than she would not have been able to take it. She is timid and exploded that she loved him in the airport, it was so hard to do. he smiles and tells her that they should visit her parents next.

He goes back inside and sits outside on the pyongsang with his dad. He tells him that he planted that tree after he was born, he is sentimental now. He tells him that he thinks Se-eun is a good wife for him and is actually surprised that their daughter is living a relatively normal life as well. What did he do to deserved this nice life. It is actually strange to me that I am you and Ri-won’s father. It is strange right? My father probably thought the same. When did I become a father and a grandfather?

he happily walks to the tree and looks at it. Joon asks him if he wants him to bring him a jacket? But appa says that he will go inside soon. He picks a pice of fruit and bite it, but it is super bitter so he spits it out and wonders why this persimmon tree is always bitter.

In Soo-jae’s place, Soo-jae talks to Young-jae about how he worried about his friend but saw that he had a nice life now. Young-jae says that he envies that person, whoever that person is. Soo-jae tells her that there is a line in Forest Gump, Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get. Why did I make that kind of choice, why did I go there? We can’t control any of these things and life does not make sense anyway. he says something else, but it is hard to make out. then he tells Young-jae that she used to feed him, so she can relax this time.

Young-jae says that she knows he and joo-ran are trying because of her. But you don’t have to do it now. She also asks if there is no hope with Eunnie? Soo-jae says that she is pretty but….it is good for me right now.

But Joo-ran is sleeping on the cough and yells in her sleep, Lee Soo-jae, if you don’t marry me then go away! Soo-jae turns to his sister and says that this is Joo-ran’s charm, she is really cute.

Cut to Joo-ran in the bathroom complaining about drinking and her wrinkles. She goes to a wedding and then goes back otuside to stare at the bride. But she shakes it off and gets back to work.

At home, Young-jae starts to unpack all her things as she talks to Joo-ran. Joo-ran says that her stomach hurts when she sees happy couples. Is it because she does not want to see them? Young-jae asks her how she can drink so much? Why don’t you date my brother?

Joo-ran tells her that she never said she liked him, she is just playing. He has a prince complex. But she has to go inside the hospital for her appointment. The doctor tells her that all this might be about her body getting older. Perhaps menopause?

At home, Young-jae continues unpacking. She takes out a tea pot and makes herself cup noodles. But she has nothing to eat with it, no silverware or anything. Her place is seriously empty.

Scene change to Joon-young shopping for food and walking around. He goes into a place to shop. Young-jae is in that same place shopping for everyday house hold items and a lot of instant food. She gets everything she needs and goes outside.

But a kid almost gets hit by a car which sends her into a falshback. Perhaps someone she knows got hit as well. She helps the child and then throws her coffee at the driver who was a B that complained about his car being scratched and then drove away.

Cut to her at the police station. Someone also calls Joon. It looks like his old partner called him but he is not at the station right now. The couple complains about their car to the partner as Young-jae stands there stoiclly. Joon shows up.

The partner goes otu and talks to Joon about how he thought she looked familiar so he called him, that is you old girlfriend. Should I not have called? Joon says he did a good job, it is good to see you. He can’t just let her get sued. the partner talks about Young-jae’s temper and then says that Joon changed as well. He is like a mature adult now. Joon asks if his partner changed too. The partner says of course, he prays a lot and stuff lala.

Teh angry couple leaves while still complaining. Then Young-jae leaves. the partner says that they can all go out together. Young-jae calmly says that she did not know Joon would come. How come they always meet at the police station like this? He asks her if she would like him to carry her things?

they end up carrying her things away. YJ asks if it makes more sense that a car is more important than a person? Joon says it makes no sense. Then he says that he saw she changed because she looked like a rich married woman, but she is actually the same. He sees her bag and jokes that she shouldn’t buy all instant food as a married person. Doesn’t your husband get angry?

The bag breaks suddenly. He stops and picks it all up. She helps and tells him that she is divorced. This makes him pause but he gathers himself and says that he will go get a plastic bag. As he runs off to get it, he is lost in his thoughts of her saying that she is divorced.

He goes back and helps pack everything into the plastic bags. Then tells her that sheshould eat rice, not all this instant food like this. they walk off together. He walks a bit ahead of her.

Soo-jae happily plays basket ball with some people at a community center. Joo-ran sits on the sidelines and watches. Though she gets amazingly excited whenever Soo-jae scores and tries to hold it in. Afterward, she tells him that she came back from the hospital and found out that her diagnosis is that she is officially old. How are you living life backwards?

He tells him that she is menopauses. He is all like, already? She tells him that she lived her life well so she has no regrets. He asks her if she would like to go on a drive with him? They take off together and drive around in the vespa.

At work, Se-eun shows everyone her ring. hey all congratulate her.

But, elsewhere, Joon took Young-jae to his restaurant. He is cooking for her. She looks around a little bit and then sits. He works.

He prepares all the food systematically without them talking. It is very quiet inside, only the sounds of food being cooked are heard.

Then he sets her table and puts his dish out for her. It looks like a type of seafood stew. Young-jae is impressed and tells him that she never tried this before. She takes a sip and tells him that it is good. He says it is his restaurants signature food.

She asks what restaurant? He says the place’s name. She asks, in Lisbon? He is all like yes. She tells him that she used to Live in Lisbon. He is all like, what? I lived there as well. We wer close by. She tells him that she went there everyday, how come they never saw each other. It is a small world.

he asks if she knows Motsa(?) if you lived nearby. She says…well….he tells her that the egg tart tastes good. We learned how to make it from that patisserie.

Flashback to Lisbon, Young-jae lived there with her child. They passed by each other, it looks like her child might have liked that egg tart from the same place. they just missed each other.

In the flashback, we cut to a scene that looks like it is a very sad scene. Perhaps their child died and they are coming to terms with the loss though it is not specified how much time has gone by.

Young-jae takes a sip from her drink as she comes back to reality. She tells Joon that a lot of time passed, he became a chef from a policeman. You have been decisive since you were young. How did you become a chef? It shouldnt’ have been easy. He thinks for a moment and tells her that it was during a time when he was very lonely and had a hard time in Portugal. He ate a soup in Portugal that was so warm.

Flashback to him eating that soup. He gobbled it up like it ws his last meal on earth. The owner came back out and gave him some more and smiled.

JY – Food is not for getting full. It can make your heart warm and be comforting as well. It was really cool. I hope my restaurant is like that. What about you, what did you do?

Cut to Young-jae drinking a lot for her misery. Her marriage starts to fall apart.

She tells Joon that it was the same. She did what she wanted to do. What about you, did you get married? He says he will get married soon. She tells him congratulations. He says thank you. The music is so depressing.

Then his woman comes in and the music lights up.

Fade Out

Y’all, this episode just ruined the love story for me. I think that Joon should be as far away from Young-jae as possible and live happily every after with Se-eun. It really seems like Young-jae ruins everything she touches.

No preview?

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    i am so eager to know what happens in the first few minutes!! waiting patiently for your recap (maybe not so patiently but still grateful!)

  3. Rose
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    YES! they are divorced! Now i really feel sad for that female officer…..

  4. Patricia
    November 3, 2018 / 11:11 am

    The hairtylist is a jinx to him. He needs to stay away from her!

  5. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 11:13 am

    I dont know what to feel, i want JY and YJ to be back together but at the same time he fits well withat officer but is there love or more like gratitude? Oh man….this going to get really painful for the female officer 😪

  6. Ruth
    November 3, 2018 / 11:13 am

    The hairstylist is a jinx to him. He needs to stay away from her!

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    November 3, 2018 / 11:33 am

    Man, I don’t care what anyone says but JoonYoung can go live his life himself, I’m not interested, cos my heart’s with YoungJae. Why is her life so hard.

    She may have made missteps in her previous relationships with JoonYoung, but when push comes to shove, she took on the mantle of being the bad one and did what had to be done. If they’d tried to fix their relationship then and dragged it on like JoonYoung would have had done, both would have been miserable for a much longer time and would have just divorced if they’d gotten married because they were both too immature to handle each other then.

    • Rose
      November 3, 2018 / 2:18 pm

      Yup, as much as i want JY to end up with the other girl, i want him to be with YJ more. Maybe because i have a feeling that JY just love the idea of loving the female officer, you know what i mean? Sometimes love and gratitude can deceive you. JY needs to realize what he really wants, if he prolongs this, the more it will be painful to the people involve, coz the way i see it, wether he admits it to himself or not, after knowing that YJ is divorced, you can see it in his eyes that sudden spark with a mix of confusion, coz if he really loves the officer and already got over with YJ, that look on his eyes would have not been there.

    • Anonymous
      November 4, 2018 / 5:53 am

      True, her feelings for JY were not strong enough and it was right for her to break up with him but she could have done it in a better manner. She should have explained why she changed. She changed not long after she met the doctor that JY could only think he was not good enough for her and chose the doctor. Breaking up with JY the first time was also the same, no explanation at all. It’s no wonder he was so insecure and jealous whenever she was with the doctor. JY should stay away from her, not only out of respect for his fiancee but also because he should have realized by now that YJ has not treated him kindly. Not that YJ should have stayed with him, it was right she broke up with him, but he deserves and should expect better. Hope he doesn’t also stay with with his fiancee out of gratitude.

      • Peeps
        November 4, 2018 / 10:45 am

        I don’t see it as she changed after meeting the doctor.

        It’s more like, only with the doctor’s appearance did JoonYoung’s insecure side pop up and create the situation.

        He didn’t call her; he was pissy himself despite all her attempts to reach out to him. I am of the opinion that if he hadn’t been so pissy and cut off contact from her, she wouldn’t even have had space in her mind to make time for the doctor at all. Because YoungJae has always been the direct, rash, straightforward type. So when JoonYoung ran off, nowhere to be found, and the doctor kept hounding her, she didn’t find it wrong to just spend time with the guy beside her just as friends. But BGR ain’t so simple, which is why we now have problems.

        • Rose
          November 4, 2018 / 11:32 am

          Thats why i think they are both not mature enough yet on how to handle the situation. They both have faults, though i think YJ has more than JY but a fault is a fault. I just hope that its not too late for both of them to realize the mistake they made coz theres another person involve now that could get hurt.

  9. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    I think the only way i’ll feel ok for the female officer for not ending up with JY (this may sound like crazy and heartless) is if she dies because of some sort of sickness and both JY and YJ ending up being single again, but thats too cliche….im pretty sure the writter and director will go to where we are goin to either scream with anger and madness or scream of happiness and joy 😳😳😅😅😣😣😮😮

    Bit still i love this show, cant wait for the sub later. Thank you for the recap V 😊

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    November 3, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    This is a kdrama but the plot twist is so much like soap opera.
    I know u all hate yj but i feel pity for her.
    Still hoping they will end up together but im preparing myself already that they may not end up together.😞

    Ps what if there’s a plot twist again that the child’s father is jy. 🤣

    • Rose
      November 3, 2018 / 1:25 pm

      Thats one hell of a twist there 😅

      • Dramaqueen
        November 3, 2018 / 3:05 pm

        From what’s happening now, anything can happen in this drama. 😏😏😅 i thought the 3rd meeting will be in portugal not in seoul. Maybe the last episode will be in portugal? 🤔

    • November 3, 2018 / 5:22 pm

      Totally his kid!! … 😱😳

      that’s my tragic theory & I’m sticking to it (until proven otherwise LOL)

      • Rose
        November 3, 2018 / 8:40 pm

        …and im starting to lean on that idea after watching this episode 😅

        • Dramaqueen
          November 3, 2018 / 11:17 pm

          If that happens. The writer is a fan of soap opera. 🤣🤣🤣

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    …..And no preview…..really jtbc?! Arent you done torturing us? After this bomb you’ve thrown on us….. 😭😭😭

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    November 3, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    please tell me BGM when young jae enter the hair salon? I heard this song but remember the title!!!

    • Elizabeth
      November 4, 2018 / 5:09 pm

      Waste it on me by Steve Aoki

  13. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    Just finished watching english sub of episode 12….now i have the full understanding of whats going on! Man oh man! This one is HEAVY! Why YJs life that tragic? She lost a kid? No wonder shes so depressing to watch on this episode, coz it was depressing. I wish for her to find her happiness, w/c i think its going to be JY, but how about the female officer? Their love square is now going to be a love triangle since dr.frankenstein is now out of the picture.

  14. Gia
    November 4, 2018 / 1:17 am

    Anybody’s for a typical life + drama twist – that kid was JY’s and YJ tried to look for him, she was told he was there, didn’t find him and after returning to SK broken the doctor still in love offered to marry her and she tried but it didn’t work out? When JY will learn the truth, he won’t be able to marry and will run to YJ and they’ll fly to Portugal to… We’ll see next week.

  15. Lo
    November 4, 2018 / 9:23 am

    First, a big thank you for your recaps too fast! 🙂
    I think the same thing, but I may be completely wrong! (I Past here my opinion that I posted on soompi)

    Hi everyone !
    This drama bumps me more and more, in the episode 10 not once JY does not let burst his sorrow, it contains everything, causing pain physically, giving himself new goals, discovering his way, but not once he can not let go to the immeasurable sorrow of his breakup, this is the first thing I found strange in this episode, I would have found much healthier that it explodes once and then he does all that he did in episode 10.

    moreover, and this is clearly shown in episode 10 and 11 of the drama, JY has no feelings of love for the policewoman, tenderness and respect yes, but the heart that beats … no ! they did not even show a kiss between them, (I think this explains that no?)

    In episode 10 always something else strange, when YJ goes to the toilet to cry (after seeing the spicy octopus) his image in the mirror is blurry … I always wondered why???? especially in the drama or crying is always well highlighted … maybe they wanted to hide a gesture of YJ? to touch your stomach or something else?

    And that’s where wacky theories originated in my mind …

    In episode 11 when I learned about this child and this marriage with the doctor, I thought:

    What if YJ had learned about being pregnant with JY but that he had already gone to Portugal?
    Why was she in Portugal exactly? Was she looking for JY to tell him?

    being European, I know Portugal is a beautiful country, but for a hairdresser stylist who has ambition I don’t understand too much this choice of Portugal? … that’s what makes me think that YJ was not there by chance (but I can be wrong of course)

    The doc (after the accident of the child) looks sad and worries for YJ but he doesn’t look devastated.

    (I mean as if a dad just lost a child)

    Maybe the doc and YJ got married after this event? we know that the doc was always there for her, to help her, to support her, and above all to woo her, in a way it was the right moment for him to have what he wanted and on the other hand not surprising that this marriage didn’t work …

    Finally when we see the little girl with YJ she is not more than 4 or 5 years old …

    Would that mean that once the YJ / JY relationship was over, would YJ have had sex with the doc? allow me to doubt it …. (or for me it would be terrible and yet I like YJ as much as JY)

    Unfortunately, in the end I come to the same conclusion as some others here …

    the child would be that of YJ and JY .. what tragedy but at the same time it opportunity for the authors to pick up the pieces between them no?

    Sorry, I told you that my theory would be far-fetched.

    And sorry for my English :ph34r:

    • Rose
      November 4, 2018 / 9:47 am

      LO…..my thoughts exactly (well, not word by word but the idea is the same 😊). JY and YJ having a kid is not far fetched at all. Some of us here already were thinking about that theory.

      I also noticed the way YJs friends and brother talked to her, was like she was gone for a very long time, made me wonder : did she gave birth outside Korea? Or after she found out shes pregnant did she left Korea?

      So manu theories to consider so little time 😅 (we only have 4 episodes left

      • Rose
        November 4, 2018 / 9:53 am

        *so many theories…..

      • Lo
        November 4, 2018 / 11:02 am

        We are on the same wavelength Rose! 🙂
        And a good point for you with YJ’s correspondence, his brother and his friends (I didn’t pay attention) Somehow I would like us to be close to the truth, if only to see the acting of SKJ when JY will learn it! :o)

    • Gia
      November 4, 2018 / 2:53 pm

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. She could give a birth outside of SK because of the terrible status single mothers have there. I still don’t understand why people are so judgemental about YJ. She turned down JY twice because she had her reasons and she didn’t want to bring more pain to him and it was a wake-up call to finding himself, what he really wants from life. There are lots of very young people, some are not so young, thinking about YJ that she is the worst and she doesn’t deserve JY and hate her. That’s exactly what YJ was dealing and is dealing with – lots of worries, doubts and hate towards herself. You need to be little bit selfish in relationship because otherwise you are not living your life but life which to others looks like a happy one but yourself are suffocating in it and are not happy at all. It’s a vicious cycle which could be avoided and maybe she didn’t make the right thing in breaking up, but sometimes you can’t talk about some things even with the person you love the most. If everybody was perfect life would be easy and we would be robots not humans.

    • Chris
      November 7, 2018 / 1:12 pm

      After you explained it, i can really see how it could have been Joon-young’s child. The possibilty is mind-blowing and quite tragic. We don’t get to see how Young-jae and HC got together and I admit that I felt resentful that she gave their relationship more of a try than her relationship with Joon-young. Don’t get me wrong; I totally understand why she broke up (why she needed to break up, really) with Joon-young. She couldn’t be in a relationship where she was constantly feeling guilty and sorry. Neither of them were ready for each other and their personalities made it difficult for them to grow together then. But that was why I was admittedly disappointed seeing her with the doctor, because she chose to have this person by her side over Joon-young. The possibility of her being pregnant with JY’s child is something I never considered and if that were true, then it makes me understand her choices a bit more than before.

  16. Rose
    November 4, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    Argh…..these theories….and we still have a week to wait to find out if any of it are right (if we’re lucky to find out about it next week 😅)

    • V
      November 8, 2018 / 11:14 am

      Okay, we will get to it! Hopefully it is not bleak news.

      • Rose
        November 8, 2018 / 11:57 am

        Hope so too….but what i get from watching without understanding it:
        -YJs depression continues
        -Lady cop trying to brush-off the intuition shes having about JY and YJs feelings for each other
        -JY is in a crossroad

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