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The Third Charm: Episode 11 Live Recap

Seo Kang Joon getting bread in a foreign market in The Third Charm
Whew, it’s early, but I have my tea and my curiosity so I am ready for our watchathon! We are watching episodes 11 and 12 of The Third Charm this Saturday morning. Hop in and out to say hi if you get a chance. We will start episode 12 as soon as we finish this episode (episode 11). So excited!

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Joon sits at hom looking lonely with his mother and father trying to figure out what is going on. how could he quit without telling them? The mother is upset, the father is a bit more reserved and is trying to say they trust him they just need to know his plan. Joon says he does not have any plans.

The sister and best friend are there as well. They walk outside to let the parents talk to Joon. She thinks Joon always makes the right moves except when it comes to love. Riwon tells him he can go home after he makes a bunch of cute motions toward her. Then she goes back inside.

Joon goes to his room quietly. Then he leaves and goes to talk to Soo-jae. SJ asks him if it was hard, he did not expect this would end like this. How could he know? They sit outside at the spot where SJ usually sold coffee. Soojae says that he really did not expect it. Joon says he is okay ~. But then SJ tells him that he recieved first place in the competition. Joon is taken a back a bit but tells him congratulations. SJ says it is all because of him. It is partially yours, I appreciate you because you read it and edited it well. thank you so much until now.

he puts his hand on Joon’s shoulder in a thankful gesture. Joon smiles.

The next day, he walks through the airport with his sister and best friend. They wonder when he is coming back. The friend wonders if he can live with that little clothing, you always packed extra on overnight trips. Are you really okay? Joon says he doesn’t know, he tried to live with plans but now he will live without one. His sister holds her hands out for a hug, they share a very warm brotherly sisterly one then they send him off.
Cut to the congratulations party for Soo-jae at Young-jae and Soo-jae’s house. Joo-ran is there as well. They cheer to Soo-jae finally making money from his art. But Young-jae gets a bit sad when she is about to eat something spicy because it gives her thoughts of Joon. She takes a little and says it is so spicy, then she heads to the bathroom. Joo-ran tells her it is not spicy at all.

Young-jae cries a bit in the bathroom and touches her necklace. Then she comes out with red eyes and says it was a little spicy int he begining, but it tastes good. Soo-jae knows the truth though.

Elsewhere in the world, Joon walks around as a tourist. It looks like he is in a European city. he walks through the market eating all the various produce and food, rides on a trolley, and goes into a hostel to sleep. It is packed, but there is one bed available so he settles in for the night. It is definitely not what Joon is used to, but he curls up in the blanket and manages to go to sleep.

back in Korea, Se-eun talks to her brothers and sisters about her ankle being healed. her family is a military family and she has a lot of brothers. She tells them that she wants some honey bread. They tell her that she never liked it, so why do you want it. She just tells them thta she wants it. So she gets some and takes it to work to give to Joon, but he is not there anymore.

In the foreign land, Joon goes to a bookstore and picks up a book on Portugal. He sees a gorgeous place and decides to go there. Cut to a secluded beach in Protugal. He watches the beach through a circle cut in a rock and then walks around a vineyard. He eats the grapes from the vineyard and then walks along a road with a lot of goats.

Then he goes to another hostel with a lot of foreiners. They happily great him as he comes in and he does the same, then he goes to his cot in the sleeping area and sits for a moment before getting some rest.

The next day he is up to it again. He walks and walks and walks around the city looking at all the sights. He goes by some ruins, a light house, a pretty house. He takes a water break at a store and then is at it again.

He changes his socks, his feet are all bruised, then he starts walking again. He walks through sand storms and daisy fields and up hillocks. And he keeps walking.
His feet really kill him, so he flags a truck to hitchhike and happily crawls int he back as he can rest a bit.

Then he gets to a restaurant. It is freezing outside so he goes in shivering and looks around confused. But a happy man comes out and tells him to sit. Joon does not speak Portugeus, the man tells him that he will make him the best thing in the place, don’t worry. But Joon does not know what the man is saying.

The man comes back out with warm bread and something that looks like a thick tomatoe soup? Joon takes a bite, it is so good. He mutters that it is really good and starts eating a lot. The moment is suddenly overwhelming as he starts niffling a bit. He finishes it all and uses the bread to eat as much of the leftover soup as possible. The halbae comes back out smiling and gives Joon another bowl, it looks like it is on the house. Then he leaves. At this moment, Joon looks like he feels something about life or perhaps his plans.

At home, his parents are trying to figure out how to cook dinner (lol). Then Joon comes. They are happy to hear from him and immediately ask when he is going to come home. He tells them that he isn’t coming home, he has a plan.

Cut to him talking to a woman about a culinary arts school. It will be 3 semesters and he will also need to do an internship as a chef. He goes to a building where the school might be housed and walks up all the steps. Then he goes to a yellow door and knocks. Ah, maybe this is a dorm?
A youngn man opens it who asks him if he speaks Portugeus. Joon says he speaks it a little bit. The roommate lets him in and tells him that he will be a famous singer one day even though he lives there. The other guy will be a great actor. He walks another room and tells Joon that this can be his room, it is brighter and costs 10 euros more. We didn’t pick this room because it costs more and artists get inspiration in the dark. Joon introduces himself as Joon-young. the roommate tells him that he will be a great chef one day.

Joon walks into his room happily and looks around. It is a really nice bright and large room, espeically with what he has been living thorugh recently.

In Korea, Joon’s family eats. Sang-hyun is there too. They talk about how their son has a plan! He will be the best chef. Ri-won tells them, one person is out, one person is in, that is life. The parents take this to mean that they will get married soon! Wonderful! Then Ri-won ells them that she is pregnant!!!! The parents are all like WHAT! But Riwon just keeps eating like it is nothing.

Meanwhile, Joon cooks in school. He has his teacher taste his food, but the teacher tells him he needs to check the ingredient that he missed. Joon gets back to work. Time passes, everyone in the school has a hard time. They are so tired that they drop dishes, set things on fire accidentally, and Joon sleeps while standing. On another day, his alarm goes off but he sleeps right thrhough it, his roommate has to wake him up. YOUR LATE!

Joon hops up and grabs his bike, he peddles as fast as he can to the culinary school. And he is late.

On another day, he is late again! His roommate comes in but this time he yells YOUR LATE in Korean. Noo Jo So! Noo Jo So! Joon hops up and runs off.
Sometime later, he gets home and tells his roommates that he can make dinner? Or something like that, but his roommates happily have their own plans. One of them is going out to play and another one has his girlfriend in town so they are going out on the town. Joon is actually pretty fluent in Portuguese now.

Joon settles in for the night and eats. But he coughs a bit, oh no, he is catching a cold. he coughs all through the night.

The next day, he touched a hot pot with his bare hands and drops it. He might have 1st degree burns on his fingers. he goes to the bathroom and runs cold water on it for awhile. His teacher meets him outside and asks him if he is alright. Joon says he is alright. The chef tells him that the office wants to see him, he was late a lot so they might give you a warning. Go and check.

Joon heads off right away. He goes to the office and gets a package, so he is not in trouble at all. He takes the package curiously and opens it as he walks away. It is a very fluffy scarf that immediately makes him tear up a bit. This scarf is from Se-eun. She made it herself. Cut to her making it and mailing it.

VO – I didn’t know if I could send it because I am not a brave person. I am going to send it to Lisbon.

She goes to the post office to try and send it but might have backed out. She goes home.

Ont he radio, Se-eun listens from home about Christmas passing. She thinks that Christmas did not give her courage to send it. But Spring coming did. She sends it.

A bit of time passes. He sends her something as well. A jersey from Ronaldo.

She takes it out smiling.

VO – I was so happy, but it was a very polite response. It is not like I can keep liking him.

Back at the culinary school, Joon keeps working. After school he walks out with his friends and then heads to his bike. But then he sees Se-eun. he walks up to her and asks why she is there? She is a bit embarrassed and says that she came there for her summer vacation. She wanted to see Ronaldo’s game in Madrid and came there.

They end up going to sit on some steps. Joon is happy and wonders why she would come all the way over there to watch a soccer match. I thought you were brave and decisive when we had that job together. i can be your tour guide today. Do you want to go to (a certain place). She says that she likes it here in this park. he says this park is really nice. How are the police guys, are they okay?

They go to a restaurant where Se-eun fills Joon in on all the people. One of them is married to a woman with a chicken restaurant. He follwoed her to CHooncheun and became a traffic policeman. Joon is amazed. Another policeman went to a regional office. He had to break up with his girlfriend because the family didnt’ like him.

that makes Joon a bit bmmed, he asks about her, do you hav a boyfriend? Well, if you had one then you wouldn’t come alone. You should spend your summer vacation with your boyfriend, that is your duty. Se-eun asks about him, what about you? He tells her that he just lives like this cooking all day. She tells him that she will go home tomorrow. he tells her that she should stay one more day.

He said that casually, but Se-eun looks like this could be a turning point in her life.
She tries to say something and finally says, no….no, no, no, it was a lot of fun today. H smiles at her and says it was really fun for him as well. She thinks, this was enough for me, for a timid person like me… The camera fades out to show their lovely backdrop.

Int he airport, Se-eun sadly starts to walk to her light. But she keeps looking back as if she thinks he might run throught he airport to her? But he isn’t so she starts walking again. But then Joon calls her name and runs to her. He is out of breath and tells her that their class got cancelled today, they had a problem in the kitchen. he gives her a package and tells her that he made an egg tart for her. He is still a student, but next year he will make her something really really good. Come back with your boyfriend next year. Goodbye. he shakes her hand smiling and then walks away. (He is so clueless, lol.)

Se-eun watches him slowy walk away and then calls his name. Team Leader! he turns around.

SE – Team leader….I like you! Ii came all the way here to see you! Becuase I like you!

Joon is stunned.

VO – Someones courage can go to far and can be rude, but if it is their true heart then everything can be understandable.
More time must have passed. Soo-jae is at a meeting with a reporter. His book was a crazy hit and the movie is a big hit as well. Millions of copies/tickets have been sold. Soo-jae looks amazing as well. Joo-ran is there with him so the reporter asks to be introduced to her. SOo-jae says this is his sisters friend implying that they are not dating. Joo-ran is all like “Oh hell no” but she keeps this in her head and drinks all her wine.

In Portugal, Joon and his roommates watch Soo-jae’s movie at home. Joon is so happy.

JY – That fall, Hyung-nim’s movie was a hit over seas as well. And another strange thing came.

Cut to his sister with a baby in the hospital.Joon talks to them over the computer as he wonders how his sister can be a mom. His best friend is also a father. The mother and father are there as well, they are now grandparents. His friend cries. Joon tells them thta he misses them all and smiles at his family all together.

on another day, he rides his bike around Lisbon.

VO – Winter to Spring and SUmmer again, the time changed.

Joon graduates from culinary school happily with his class. Later that night he talks to Se-eun on the phone happily as if he is happily in love with her. She still calls him team leader and asks if his phone card is over, he says it will be over soon, but why are you calling me team leader again? How long will I be team leader to you? But he runs out of money on his phone card. She texts him and says to dream about her, oppa. He smiles and cuddles into bed.

On another day, Joon unpacks a care package that Se-eun sent him. She packed a lot of side dishes and a chef apron with his name on it. He loves it and wears it on his internship. He makes a Portuguese dish at work in a cooking montage, then takes a break. He sees a text from Se-eun showing that she is promoted. He tells her congratulations and that he misses her.

VO – What time does and the season does and effort does…

Se-eun visits Joon in Portugal often. They walk the streets happily holding hands.

Se-eun keeps cooking. He makes an octopus dish thta does not look appetizing, but it looks cool. He puts it out on the service desk.

VO – Time and season and …

JY – Service! *ring*

He heads back into the kitchen to cook some more.
Back in Seoul, Joo-ran cries to Soo-jae about all the men she dates acting the same. What did I do wrong! *sobs*

VO – Something that effort cannot do….

She keeps sobbing. Soo-jae changes her drink for her to a cola. She asks him if he would like to marry her? He tells her that she is starting this again. She wants to know if she isn’t pretty? he tells her she should look int he mirror (she is pretty). He helps her throw up by patting her back, but she yells at him, don’t hit the back of a woman that you dont’ want to marry! He sits back and lets her yell at him as she says she misses Young-jae….young-jae…

VO – The news I wondered about and…

Soo-jae calls Young-jae for Joo-ran so they can all talk. Joo-ran tells her she is a bad girl and should call often.

VO – The news that I tried not to wonder about.

At home in Portugal, Joon hugs Se-eun from the back as they look out the window. She asks him why he likes her. He says they are a good match and comfortable…~. She asks if that is only it? He says only? It is difficult for one persont o try to match the other person when they dont match at all. This is very precious, that is why I like you.

She tells him to say one more. He says it is because she is pretty. She says he is lying, no one told her that before. He says they can keep it as their secret. They both laugh.

VO – A lot of time and seasons and effort passed like that.

On another day, Joon asks his chef if he is going home. He is still at the restaurant. The chef wants to talk to him. He tells him that they are going to open a branch in Portu. Joon is happy about that and congratultes him. But the chef tells him that he wants him to be the souo chef. Joon is stunned.

More time passes, Joon finally goes home. He is greated by his family. His sister gives him a big hug. His mother tells him he is so old now and so skinny! His father tells him he is more handsome now and rugged. They all ride home.
In the car they talk about how Seoul changed a lot, Joon says not that much. Abogi asks him if he regrets not taking the souo chef position. Joon says when he first heard that he immediately thought, it is time to go home.

He goes back to his room in his home and looks around remembering everything. He smiles as he touches all his things. Then he goes outside in his courtyard. Everything looks the same with all the plants around. He sits on the pyongsang and takes it all in.

On another day (or later that night) Se-eun goes to their house to eat. She dotes on Joon by giving him food. His parents are happy to see it and happy that Joon is happy. Umma says that her cooking improved a lot since Joon was gone. Appa says that she had a hard time at first, but now she is a cooking fairy. Wifes food is the best after all. Umma tells Joon that it is good to cook for customers, but cooking for your wife is the best.

On another day, Joon visits his best friend and neice at their home. Sang-hyun does his daughters hair and pats her to send her on her way. Then he tells him that his siter doesn’t want to marry him. They are raising his neice together but aren’t married, what kind of sense does that make? Co parenting?

His father comes in and talks about his son and his wife. But Sang-hyun tells his dad that he is not married yet! Appa is all like, whatever, then he goes and plays with his granddaughter. Sang-hyun goes to their company and sees the young buck that hit on Se-eun in the past. Joon is with him.

Ah, Se-eun is the CEO of this company! It looks like Se-eun is really good at her job. She immediately starts to talk to Joon about the best places to open his business. She picked several locations. One of them is Gangnam but Joon tells her that he does not want to be in Gangnam.

Sang-hyun starts bickering to her about picking that young buck for a job. Se-eun basically just tells him to go away he is silly. Then she talks to her brother about his business. But he does not like her suggestions so she asks him what he wants.

They walk to the place that Joon wants to open fro his place. he likes it a lot becuse there can be a bakery there and he can cook. But it is very small. Se-eun says that you can only fit one table. Joon says that one table is okay with him.

SH thinks he is crazy. Cut to them washing dishes for his place. SH tells him that Se-eun did a long distance relationship with him and supported him. Is this a Ohn family tradition to treat their spouses like this? Why are you 4th dimensional like this? (out of your mind, out of this world).
Joon scoffs and asks what about him? Why do you like selfish shameless 4th dimenionsal person. And why does she like a womanizer that lives off his father? SH is all like, yeah. Joon tells him that they won’t understand.

Cut to opening day! Joon takes a photo with Se-eun in front of the restauraunt. SH takes the photo. The sign says “Only Table Restauraunt.”

Joon goes to get food for his restaurant early in the morning. The woman tells him that she knows he is picky so she put the best ones in the front. He smells them and she asks him why he smells them. He smiles and asks to buy them and some other things.

He walks away later, it really looks like he has the best life. then he stops and looks at a window with rings. he pauses there. But then someone calls. His first customer! They want to set up a dinner for their first anniversary. Joon is so happy and quickly jots it all down.

Joon hurries to the restaurant and makes a gorgeous delicate dish. it is for an older couple. he explains the dish to them and happily serves them a full course meal one dish at a time. then he gives them some happy time alone and outside.

While outside, we see time passing as Joon looks back at the coule, but the couple changed to a younger couple having another dinner together. Even more couples come to eat together. Joon greats them all and lets them in. His place starts to become popular in Instagram. Lots of people start to show up, families even start to show up and enjoy there time at this single table restaurant.

On another day, Se-eun goes to eat her lunch at work. The head police woman asks one of the younger guys to date someone but this guy says he has no time to date. He spent a lot of time to become a policeman so his first goal is to not get married and pay off all the debt.

Meanwhile, Joon cooks another meal as Se-eun walks in with her meal for him. He eats her meal happily as they take a break. She tells him that he cooks so well for his customers but only eats kimbap. He tells them that he will have another smell in the restaurant if he cooks there. She tells him that he can eat out. But he just makes more excuses until the truth comes out, she likes making him Kimbap and he likes eating it.

he takes out a dessert tart and gives it to Se-eun to give to her collegeus. Onen of his customers requested egg tart for dessert so he made extra. She says that she has not had it in awhile, the one he made in Lisbon was so delicious. It looks so good.

Joon looks at Se-eun, it seems like he is about to take their relationship to the next level, but they are interupted by a service man who comes int o fix the water filter. Cut to Joon sending Se-eun off. He watches her drive away and then lowers his head as if he missed a good chance to tell her.

Then he starts to run after the car. he runs a long way because she does not see him. But then she sees him in the rearview and stops the car and gets out. What happened? He catches up, panting. But he tells her, Se-eun, I am so sorry, I didn’t do enough for you, but…

He opens a box that has a ring in it.

SE – will you marry me?

She starts to tear up. he asks if she is crying, she says no and then they hug. He goes back to his place wher the technician says he was able to fix it. Then he stands outside, smiling and warm inside. His life is perfect.
Later on that night, Joon prepares his place for the couple that is coming tonight. he happily sets up everything and finds the right candle for the table. As he is lighting it the bell ring on the door.

JY – Welcome ~.

But it is Young-jae who comes in. Joon’s words catch in his mouth. He tries to say something, but there is a frog in his throat, he can’t talk. Ho-chul steps in as well. Joon does not know what to do, his past just came crashing to him all at that moment.

Fade Out

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  1. Anonymous
    November 3, 2018 / 8:21 am

    I’m here for this 😀.

    • V
      November 3, 2018 / 9:22 am

      I love everyone who loves this show.

  2. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 8:38 am

    Here we go! 😊

    • V
      November 3, 2018 / 9:17 am

      That ending!

      • Rose
        November 3, 2018 / 9:21 am

        I know right? Gut-wrenching ending 😪😪😪

  3. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 9:28 am

    When all the dust are settled, the one that i will feel sorry for is the female officer. I mean she has done all the effort in the right way (unlike dr.frankenstain 😕) and still gonna get hurt in the end i think.

    I just hope that on ep 12 there will be some clarification that yj and hc are not really married or something…..man! This is worst than i thought…one party is engaged, the other is married….wt??!!

    • November 3, 2018 / 10:38 am

      Yep. She is going to get the worst of it. Poor thing.

      And yeah, YJ better be getting divorced/already divorced or this show is about to get allllll sorts of messy.

      Damnit it is really SO GOOD.

      (oh and could I love Joon Young’s sister any more???)

  4. Rose
    November 3, 2018 / 10:01 am

    There was a scene that it feels like JY is kinda talking to YJ about relationship. Its when JY was doing a back hug to the female officer (i keep on forgeting her name) and they are talking about what makes the relationship successfull, if both parties are giving their effort to make the relationship work. It feels like he’s venting his pain to YJ on why they didnt work out because he felt like he’s the only one doing all the effort.

    I do also think that JY feelings for the female officer is more like gratitude than love.

  5. Chris
    November 5, 2018 / 11:55 am

    I watched eps 10-11 one after the other and I was really heartbroken after this. And not just for Joon-Young and Young-Jae, but also for Se-eun. I think she did it right: she confessed her feelings and let the relationship develop naturally. Even though I’m rooting for JY to get his happy ending, part of me wonders if this will be one of those dramas that surprise me with who the endgame couple will be.

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 1:02 pm

      It definitely might.

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