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The Third Charm: Episode 10 Recap

The Beach in The Third Charm Korean Drama
Y’all, I love this show so much. When have we ever had a beta man to love that wasn’t treated like the comedy relief all the time? Seo Kang-joon is ah-mazing in this role. Esom is amazing as well (love her), but Seo Kang-joo is really the one with the heart break leaking all over the screen – and I don’t even want to clean it off (it earned its spot!).

We quickcapped this one, though I did try to fix all the glaring typos. We are live recapping episodes 11 and 12 starting tomorrow morning. Come hang with us for one or both! It will be a lovely The Third Charm filled morning.

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Joon runs out to tell Young-jae that he fixed the radio. But he stops cold when he sees her talking to Ho-chul. The sight of Joon is enough to destroy anyone. He looks so sad. Young-jae asks him if he fixed the radio? Joon nods and smiles, but tears fall. Ho-chul walks away.

Everyone says their goodbye’s happily on the pier. Joon gives the radio to the halabogi from yesterday. Halabogi is very happy to receive it and says his wife will be very happy. he turns to Young-jae and tells her that they should come by anytime, his wife will be very happy. He shakes both their hands and everyone heads off.

Joon and Young-jae walk to the pier together, but they don’t look like they are together. On the boat, everyone is separate. Joon is standing off somewhere looking at the water. Young-jae is standing somewhere else also looking at the water. But she sees Joon and starts to look at him.

Joon does not see her, he is in his own thoughts.

VO – When I was young, I didn’t like hide-and-seek, just in case the kid didn’t find me and went home. I was afraid of it….I am still waiting for them to find me.

Cut to Joon at home lying in his bed. He is about to text Young-jae, but doesn’t know what to write. He writes Young-jae…(erase)…did you eat ….(erase)…. he decides to call her.

She answers right away. he tries to smile and asks if she ate. She says she did. It is a stifled conversation. They both say “Today” at the same time. Young-jae tells him to speak first. he asks…well…how was your day? She says it was nothing special. He asks, what did she want to ask him? She says that she just wanted to ask him how his day was. He says nothing happened. There is lots of silence in this conversation. She asks how he felt. He says he is okay. More silence. He tells her to eat and rest. She says okay. More silence. He looks at his phone and then hangs up.

Young-jae starts crying immediately and covers her face as Joon keeps looking at the phone.

The next day, Joon’s parents are getting ready. His mother is nursing some soup and his father is ironing his clothing. They are both in a hurry. Umma knocks on Joon’s door to let him know they are going to work. But Joon is not really listening, all he is doing is looking at photos of him and Young-jae on his phone.

It is pandemonium outside as his mother wants to make sure that Joon takes the gomtang with him to work, but all Joon is focused on are the photos he took of Young-jae on the island. He just lays in bed and looks at them.

Joon gets to work and sits at his desk. The room is bustling with activity. One man is a conman, but the woman with him defends him. then another woman runs in and says that her oppa is not a conman! The two women are all like, um…who are you?

Later on, Joon shares the gomtang with his team as they talk about the conman. they don’t understand how he can have two women that are that pretty. But then they mention that Freud couldn’t even figure out women. Cut to the chubby cop interviewing the man. The con man actually gives the chubby guy a lot of tips on how-to pick-up girls. The classical way is the best way.

Meanwhile, Joon packs up all the police things from his car into a clear box. He then goes to a shop where the owner tells him that all he has to do is open the door and he is done. It looks like a place to propose.

At the plastic surgery clinic, Ho-chul thinks about Young-jae. On the island, Young-jae told him that she was seduced once, her heart moved toward someone. But it was not you. I cannot accept your heart. I am sorry.

Ho-chul was dumped.

Young-jae is at that salon giving a woman a lovely hairdo. This woman might be an actress because she is talking about getting a good role. However, she gets a text from Joon-young, he wants to see her after work. This makes Young-jae pause for a moment. The customer has to pull her out of her thoughts as she asks her what she is going to do with her hair.

Later on, Joon meets with Young-jae at a trendy spot outside. It is quiet as he tries to make small talk about the area being nice with cafes and restaurants/ But she is quiet. He gets a bit of courage and tells her that he thought about it, it shouldn’t be too late, can we —.

But Young-jae cuts him off and says that she has to talk first.

YJ – I still like you a lot, with you I can smile and am comfortable and thankful, but ~

JY – Young-jae – I –

YJ – Joon-young, lets quit.

JY – ….Young-jae, I can do better, I know I am not good enough, but I can try harder.

YJ – No, you are not, you did more than I deserved. But you will try to understand me more. I will be sorry to you.

He shakes his head.

J – No, Young-jae…

YJ – Dating you while feeling sorry, is so – difficult for me.

Her voice breaks at that last statement.

Joon-young tries to stay positive.

J – Let’s drink coffee first, there is a good place over there.

he gets up to run to a coffee place that is up several steps. But then he stops. It looks like he ran there to not show her that he is so sad or perhaps it is closed and he doesn’t know what to do next.

VO – It is true, love does not change slowly. It changes in one moment.

He turns around with a forced smile.

YJ – Young-jae, maybe it is closed….lets go over to that one, it looks nice.

VO – First you don’t even recognize it.

He runs to the other one, his eyes are teary but he tries to stay positive. It looks like that place is closed as well.

VO – You try for a while.

He runs to the next place

VO – And finally it ends.

That place is closed as well. But he just runs to another one. It also closed right when he got there.

YJ – Joon-young…

VO – I didn’t even know when that moment was.

He runs off to another one.

VO – That end finally came.

YJ – Joon just stop!

He stops running.

YJ – …. Let’s quit.

Joon is like a statue, he just stopped right where he stopped and doesn’t look around at anything. It’s like he can’t turn look around or move even. So, he just breathes and stands there.

Elsewhere, Joo-ran is in the bathroom but regrets that she drank so much. It looks like she regrets that she asked Soo-jae out while she was drunk. They both go to the movie. Soo-jae is so into it and is so emotional. Joo-rang is super bored and rubs her eyes. Soo-jae thinks it means she might have been crying and hands her a handkerchief.

Afterwards, Joo-ran thinks that the movie they saw was good for insomnia. She is int he bathroom and thinks that she should tell him that she will just go home.

Outside, Soo-jae is perfectly happy until he sees his ex-girlfriend. She is there with her baby who is about 18 months or maybe 2 years old. they both talk to each other stiffly. It feels like a lot of love and regret is still there. then her husband runs up and apologizes for being so late, it was so hard to find a parking spot. They walk off.

Joo-ran comes out at that moment and sees this scene. She feels like something is going on. Soo-jae starts to think about his ex cutting his beard when he was in the hospital. They had a wonderful relationship as she cleaned off his face and told him he was so handsome.

She thinks he will look good if Young-jae does his hair. She has her license now. But Soo-jae says that he does not trust her, everyone with their driver’s license is not a good driver. The ex asks if he would like something nice? Let’s eat.

Later on, Soo-jae wakes up and tells his ex that he has to go to the bathroom, but she is not there. She is actually outside. Her family is there giving her a hard time about how long the ex is going to look after this guy. Your mother worries about you. The ex says that he is getting better. But the sister says that he can’t get better, he can’t even do rehab, he has no hope. You are the one that is not accepting it.

Soo-jae heard everything from his wheelchair. He tried not to make a sound and went back to his bed as if nothing happened. His ex came back in there later. The next day, Soo-jae goes to rehab to try and learn how to get around in his new way. But that means he has to work muscles he never worked and deal with things he has never dealt with.

His ex is there with him, but he starts to treat her poorly. Finally, he tells her that he does not want to see her, just leave. You are looking down on me and pitying me. You are nothing, why do you pity me. Are you afraid people will talk bad about you if you dump me? Stop pretending to be a good person. You did enough, no one will point their finger at you.

Cut to Young-jae helping Soo-jae to the bathroom. She tells him to call her when he is done and then lays down. Soo-jae is all alone in the bathroom and starts to cry. But he puts on the water, so she won’t hear.

Back to the present, Soo-jae talks to Joo-ran near a walking track by the river and talks about how his life is actually pretty good, he did not have any time to be bored. He did a lot in the meantime, but he is a bit sorry about Young-jae. This life is convenient, free subway and no need for shoes and I have no concerns and I have a lot of time. Really. There are a lot of great things. There is no hope so there is no despair. And there is not much to cry about. I am disabled but I am an optimistic disabled person.

Joo-ran looks at him hesitantly but smiles. Then she gets drunk where she sits. She tells him that people ask her if she is crazy about getting married. She thinks she wonders about what she is missing out on in life. That makes her want to try harder.

Soo-jae says that, in your life there is nothing too late or too early. That is from my favorite movie, “The secret life of Benjamin Button.” Joo-ran thinks that is cool and tells him not to give up, especially in dating.

Joon and a teammate are on a stake out or something like that and are following the girlfriend to the criminal that they want to catch. The partner tells Joon that the girlfriend is actually a good person. But Joon is just looking out the window like a statue. The partner tells him a joke about the best couple Adam and Eve, the punch line is that there is no one that they can have an affair with because they are the only two in the world! he chuckles about it but Joon doesn’t respond at all. The partner grumbles about that then complains about the other two taking too long.

The other two teammates show up. The older partner tells the younger two to give some to the girlfriend because she is under surveillance. So, the younger two go to the shop where the girlfriend is. This shop looks like a tourist spot. A lot of Chinese tourists go in to have a tour and the bad guy is one of them.

the bad guy goes up to the girlfriend secretly, she tells him to stop coming in front of her. He says he has something to tell her, I thought about it many many times, I need you. I cannot live without you. The two detectives go up to her and give her a drink. She thanks them but looks nervous, so the younger cop realizes that something is amiss. Then he sees the criminal.

But the criminal breaks away and takes off running!

Lots of cops are there and are called to attention as they all start to chase him up the street. It is a foot and car chase, but everyone is so tired as if they never ran before in their life. The gangsters are tired and the cops are tired and they are about to have a tired-ass fight where someone is going to pass out from exhaustion. But the goons have weapons (sticks and poles). Suddenly, Joon drives up fresh with the older cop. The younger one is all like, we have our weapons now, too!

The young cop breathlessly walks to the trunk and pops it open. Suddenly, the “MARRY ME YOUNG JAE” banner comes out all happy and rosy with hearts and everything. It is such a strange sight that everyone just stops and stares at it, what in the world? But that moment gives them a chance to tackle the criminal.

In the police station, the girlfriend yells at the criminal about leaving her alone. He says he knows he is trash, I shouldn’t be with someone like you, but I can’t live without you. I will pay for my sin. Please forgive me. I am sorry.

He starts crying and she starts crying.

The boss comes in, he is super happy and frolics over to Joon with a big congratulations. He is so complimentary to Joon about there being no injuries.

The criminal leaves and thanks Joon on his way out, he is so happy. He tells Joon to please marry Young-jae. Poor Joon is so sad about it but has to stay tough at work.

The team goes out to eat. The chubby guy says that this is the first time he has every arrested someone this peacefully and gracefully in his career. They all talk about that but Joon is still super bummed.

he gets drunk and goes home. But then he sees someone kissing in front of his house. Like full on groping kissing. ITS HIS SISTER AND HIS BEST FRIEND. Oh my gosh, if this day couldn’t’ get worse. Joon runs to the driver side and punches his friend out of the car and up the street. HOW CAN YOU DATE MY SISTER! The sister has to go to him and protect Sang-hyun. She yells and says that they are dating!

They all go inside, partly so Ri-won can say that she has been dating for one week and another part so Sang-hyun can get some medical attention to his face. The parents are all there and are understanding, she is an adult (the most understanding parents in K-drama history y’all). But appa does ask why. I thought he was a womanizer. Sang-ryul got on his knees and says that he really loves Ri-won. Appa started yawning and was all like, okay, whatever. They go to their room to sleep. Sang-hyun then turns to Ri-won and asks her to put on his medicine for him.

Poor Joon is all like, really?…..really? Is everyone in love but me? (he doesn’t say that, but that is the look he gives)

Scenes of fall.

Radio – It is the beginning of fall; the night time and day time is the same. Summer left and real fall came. The long summer has finally ended.

At work, the youngest tells his teammates that their boss, Joon, will get an award. But no one knows, not even their boss so don’t mention it. Joon is at his desk consumed in work.

Meanwhile, Se-eun gets her cast off. She leaves. The chubby cop calls and asks how her leg is. She tells him it is better. The chubby cop is so relieved and tells her all about the reward and how they caught that guy and everything. Se-eun looks happy at the mention of the team leader. She walks off as if her ankle doesn’t hurt at all.

In a lounge, Ho-chul drinks with his friends. They tell him that he should bring that girl he is dating to hang out with them somewhere, but he tells them that he was dumped. His friends can’t believe it, but they also think that he must have been truthful about her.

At the salon, Young-jae sits as Joo-ran comes up to her with a beer. They talk.

JR – People will say that you broke up because of the doctor, but I know you. I was your age once and we are on the same path. Back then, work was the most important thing and I was the most important person. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable or sorry. My own emotions were the most important thing than others. You may regret your choice now, but that regret is also something that you will have to be responsible of.

Young-jae listens to it all with a solemn mood.

YJ – Since I was little, I couldn’t talk about myself that well. Because my brother would be sad. Maybe it became my habit. Those small emotions that I have in each moment. If I told it all to Joon-young in that moment, do you think it would be different now? Even so, Joon-young could have tried to understand me more. If he does it, I would feel even sorrier toward him.

the camera scrolls to Joon who is still at work staring out the window, but the blinds look closed.

Sang-hyun walks Ri-won to school the next day and makes it known to those two guys from earlier that he is watching them. They run away. Ri-won is all like, what are you doing. He tells her that he has these hot blooded young men everywhere. he starts to talk about marriage. She tells him that she knows that he does not want to marry her now, she also does not want to get married. This is so funny that I can’t do anything but laugh.

he starts to talk about marriage more and how he thought marriage was not his way, that is why he lived like that. Cut to them both eating. She tells him that the sacred thing is not marriage itself, it is love. She starts eating. he asks her if a baby at another table is cute or not. She says she is cute. He tells her that she needs to get married to have a baby.

But she tells him that she does not have to get married to have a baby. He is all like, that is crazy talk. Ri-won just starts to bring up co-parenting. SH thinks she lives on another universe. Ri won tells him that she liked him because he was so free, no obsession and no controlling feeling, but we have only dated for a little bit and you are already like this. What if we get married? See, this proves that marriage is the worst thing that humans made.

Cut to a nice suit shop for men. Jo-ran makes sure that Soo-jae is dressed nicely and sharply. he is like a doll that she is dressing up and starts to tell him that she also wants to do his hair. But then he gets a call, it seems like a sad call but then Soo-jae tells Joo-ran that he got first place in the competition.

Joo-ran explodes with happiness and starts hopping around and hugging Soo-jae, but then they both remember themselves and relax a bit.

At home, Young-jae sees Joo-ran and Soo-jae coming home happily, but she is bummed. When he gets to the top, he sees her sitting at the window and is a bit surprised, he asks her if she was there the entire time? She smiles.

At home, Joon sits outside, miserable, as his sister and his best friend happily talk in her room and kiss.

The next day, Joon’s parents talk about the award he is getting. Umma is happy but appa thinks that this is not the first award, we have no space for all his awards. Umma is extra happy about it and actually feels bad about telling him not to be a cop. They are ironing Joon’s clothing and polishing his boots for him. They look so proud.

Later, Joon puts on his uniform, but he does not look all that proud. After getting dressed, he walks out and looks at his white keds. Then he goes to work, he is alone standing at his desk. It really looks like he is giving this police thing second thoughts. he is a bit reserved and slightly emotional as he puts his hand on his chair and looks around.

His team comes in later talking about what they will eat for dinner tonight. They think they need to ask their team leader since he will pay. Someone tells them that he was there earlier today. They go to his desk – and see his resignation letter.

Cut to Joon driving off in his uniform, but he looks content.

(It is almost as if he is completely separating from her because he wouldn’t have been a cop without her suggesting it).

In the salon, an actress tells Joon that her hair is amazing. She hopes someone like Young-jae keeps working because she is amazing. Outside, Joon watches her from that spot he sometimes watches her from.

VO – With my fears and my shiny love, the summer of my 27th year passed.

he drives off.

Young-jae walks the woman out right at that time and sees Joon driving off. She runs after him up the street, but he keeps driving. It is not clear if he saw her running after him or not.

VO – It hurt because I was clumsy. I was sorry because I was not good enough. I was thankful and soleda (heart fluttery) the moment I loved.

He remembers when he first met her on the subway and then their first date at the amusement park, the first time he ate something really hot with her, winning the beer competition and passing out on her shoulder in the bus, their first kiss at the salon, their first break up on the octopang, meeting her again at New years, eating with her at his place and tickle fighting, arguing with her in his car and she got out at the bridge, taking her to the sea to make up and kissing…

He remembers it all as he drives away.

VO – I wish I became a tree standing straight against the wind. Cold winter days I want to become sunshine. Hot summer I will wish that I become a shadow. Goodbye to my 27-year-old self that will never come back again.

Fade Out

I love this show so much. I love how they kept Young-joon as a beta man throughout and how he really has his emotions on his sleeve even though he is a tough cop who is really good at his job. His character is wonderful.

I love that he quit being an officer. The only reason he became an officer is because of Young-jae. So being an officer is a daily reminder of her. With how much this fella loves Young-jae, I could not see how he could continue being a police officer and not get drunk every night in regret. So, I am really happy that the writer wrote this resignation in. Now it is probably his turn to disappear from Young-jae’s life.

Before I go, I just want to say – the scene of him trying to find the coffee shop and failing, as if finding it will be all they need to go on and Young-jae standing idly by knowing that he won’t be able to do it yet letting him keep trying until the moment just got too futile….I just…it was a perfect representation of their personalities, their relationship, and their breakup all in one scene.

We are live recapping episodes 11 and 12 tomorrow morning back-to-back! It will be pure The Third Charm love all morning long.

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