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The Tale of Nokdu: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 7 (13&14) Recap
The Tale of Nokdu Episode 7 (13&14) Recap, image Hancinema

Wow, what a thrilling turn of events yesterday! Um, Yool-moo, where did that evil swagger come from because you wear it well. I’m kind of happy that they left us off with the kiss last week so we could have all weekend to happily giggle about it before they completely pulled the rug from under us.

Now we have a major twist that makes this show into almost a war of the princes with one down and two to go. It is exhilarating. Hopefully our love story will still have room to breathe in the midst of it all. A girl can have another kiss, right?

Our recap starts at 22:00 KST!

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We open with one of the guards that lived at the 60th birthday ambush. He tells a man that widows killed everyone at the party. One of the widows even wore funeral clothing. The man asks if he is sure? how can women do that? The man is about to say more, but dies.

The King is listening to this and asks where Yoon is. The man says that he is at the Gisaeng house. The King thinks and says that that town is a widow town isn’t it? The man says yes, it is next to a widow town.

They both head out quickly.

A man goes to the Gisaeng house and tells someone that he is not there as a customer, he is there to investigate something quietly. Tell no one. The man says okay, but Cheon sees this and hurries off.

The King is also there and is walking around quietly. But he sees lights on the hill.

Inside the temple, Yool-moo has shown up and tells Heo Yoon to make him the King of the country, that is the only change he needs to make. 

Nokdu peeks in on this conversation, but then hears something and turns around.

The King starts to walk up.

Inside, heo asks Yoolmoo if he thinks he desreved to be the King?

Outside, Nokdu turns and runs directly into the King. They both lift their heads to each other.

At the same time, the widow assassins run to the temple.

Back with Nokdu, he wonders if this person is with these other people. He thinks he is not otherwise he would not wear those clothes. So he steps outa nd tells The King that he should not be here, do you want to get in trouble? This widow town does not have men around! 

The King tries to get around him, but Nokdu pushes him away. Then two more men come up. The King tells her that she is hiding something and his guards pull their swords out. Nokdu asks what they are doing to a woman?

Ssook comes out and asking what is going on? Then we cut to The King going inside and looking around. The inside is completely transformed to a group of widow women praying. But Nokdu notices blood ont he floor so he quickly sits on the blood so that the King will not notice it. However, he does not know that this is the King.

The King heads out with his people. His guards tell him that nothing suspicious is going on here.


Afterwards, Cheon and several of the assassins tell Nokdu that everything went well because Nokdu smartly bought them some time. Ssook says that she noticed that Nokdu could do a few physical things, but now they see that she is smart also. Cheon says that she can formally give her work now.

They watch the King walk out. Nokdu asks who that person is. But Cheon and Ssook do not say.

Elsewhere, Yool-moo drinks tea with Heo Yoon. Yool-moo tells him that he thought he had the Kings trust, but he followed you like this. Heo Yoon says that the little prince is like that because of Yool-moo. Yool-moo tells him that he should make him the King.

Heo Yoon asks why he wants to be the King?

Yool-moo says he wants to be the King for the citizens to live well. But then he laughs and asks if he has to say something cliche like that?

Heo Yoon says he wants to know his true heart to see if he cares about the people?

Yool-moo says he will be a strong King with the power.

Heo Yoon stands to leave so Yoolmoo asks if he is going to see the Kings son that is actually alive that should have died 20 years ago. Are you going to see the King and confess that? I will give you the answer that I did not give you before. COme in.

Hwangt-tae comes in (Nokdu’s brother). 

Yool-moo says that he was watching them and had an unnexpected gain.

Cut to the black assassin stopping Deul-ra and the events that lead up to Hwangt-tae getting kidnapped.

Yool-moo – I realized that what my father told me wasn’t all lies. Weren’t you curious? Why the King wanted to remove his own son and Jung Yoon-jeo from the world? Ah…you didn’t question it, that is why you are still alive. 

HT – if I am the Kings son, then I would not regret living my entire life in hiding.

HY – You are Yoon-jeo’s son?

HT – i will make him King, he is the only one that can give everything back that I lost.

YM – How is it? Sharing this much of a secret usually puts you on the same side.

Flashback to Yool-moo entering Dongju’s house. He tells her that it is okay, he cane come in here, he can go anywhere he wants and do anything he wants, that is who he is. She asks what he means. He says that he knows who she likes.

She asks if he is talking about it again? He asks if he can kill that guy, then she would not care?

Dongju lays awake thinking about this when Nokdu comes in.


Nokdu lays in bed worrying as well. he thinks about running back to the house and hearing Dongju say that she is going to leave soon. She just used him. She is only sorry to Cheon who took her in. Because of him, I can leave this place without any regrets.

Yool moo asked if she used him? She says yes, just like he is rude to her becuase he knows who she is. So she used his weakness. So don’t do any of those cruel things that you are saying. He tells her to come to him. She says no, she does not want to hear that anymore also, can you leave?

Nokdu lays awake thinking about that. But then DOngju sits up and asks why he made an innocent person into a pervert and what did he do when he disappeared and why did he come there.

He says that he is not telling her.

She is all like, what? You said you would tell me everything.

He tells her that she said that she does not care and they should not ask anything. He thinks about her saying that she is leaving soon and is using him.

Dongju tries to ask him what is on his mind and to tell him.

He asks why he has to tell him everything without hiding.

Aengdoo is steady sleeping between them.

Nokdu and Dongju keep arguing. Then Aengdoo sits up and yells LETS JUST SLEEP!


Aengdoo lectures them both about not yelling at night and just sleeping and stop acting like little kids. Nokdu tells Aengdoo to tell Dongju, where are you going, you have to clean up after eating. Dongju tells Aengdoo to tell Nokdu that she is going to go make money and that cleaning dishes is Nokdu’s job.

Nokdu tells Dongju not to go, do you know who he is? Dongju says that she does not even know who Nokdu is even though they live together. Nokdu tells her not to go there! I am your mother!

Aengdoo tells them that they drive her crazy, she can’t even eat now! But when we see the dishes we see that she ate it all. Aengdoo stand sup and says that they are so childish, I am goin to go see Yool-moo! It is lunchtime so I will eat lunch since I already ate breakfast!

So Aengdoo and Dongju go off to Yool-moo’s place, but he is not there. DOngju says that they can do the dishes. Aengdoo is all bummed that she does not have lunch. She really wants Yoolmoo to make her lunch. Dongju says that she can make it for her. Aengdoo asks, wow, are you confident.

Cut to a palace person telling Heo Yoon that he is not confident. What should he do with the King? Why not accept Prince Yool-moo? Everyone thinks that it is a good alternative. Especially since we do not have the prince anymore.

Heo Yoon says that he will not accept him. he will find another way.


Cheon tells the assassin group that they will empty the town as soon as it gets dark. They can move 3 to 4 in one group and meet back up in Hanyang. 

They talk about who sent the letter and about what happened yesterday and what power it had. how can they change their allegiance so easily to another person to serve. Cheon says that the Prince prepared everything already, they do not have any other choice since he holds the sword. If they refuse it then they will all be in danger.

But, he can also realize what they want. Heo Yoon will join them soon, so they are not betraying him. They can trust them both. Cheon will visit Heo Yoon tomorrow and still believes that they should move.

Ssook says that she can take her to Hanyag, but Cheon says that Ssook should stay and coordinate the move. Widow Kim can go with her. Nokdu nods.


Later on, Master hwang asks Jonkdu if he is really going? Perhaps they should stop. The King and the high scholar and the Kings nephew are all involved. Lets just stop and go back to where your brother is. Nokdu thinks that they will go back and hide in the mountain this time?

Nokdu mentions that there will be a coup. Hwang says that he knows this and still wants to go there? Nokdu says that his father is not in the coup. He finally knows their weakness after wearing these clothes, he will go to the police and tell them. He wants to see this all the way to the end and live under the sun with his brother and father and….(he thinks about Dongju leaving soon).

Hwang hugs him and tells him that they will be with him, they will live under the sun together! Nokdu says of course, they have to live together.

Nokdu goes to Yool-moo’s kitchen and opens the door. But then Aengdoo and Dongju run out as steam and food shoots out the door after them.

Nokdu looks in the kitchen and tells Dongju that she can’t put wet dduk in oil! She says that she thought it was similar, frying is just frying. Nokdu says that he is busy. So Aengdoo says that Yoolmoo would do it for her.

So Nokdu starts to cook the food while Dongju takes pieces of exploded dduk off the wall. Aengdoo thinks that they made enough dduk, lets go on a picnic. But Nokdu and Dongju say that they are not going. So Aengdoo calls for Yool-moo oraboni-i-i-i-i so Nokdu says, fine! Okay! lets go!


Heo-yoon and Yoon-jeo sit in his house. Yoon asks if he is protecting him or jailing him? Heo Yoon says he wants to do both, but Yoon says that he awnts to find his sons. he asks Heo Yoon to please findhim. HY asks, what if I find the Kings son? YJ says that he will take him and go to China, whatever we have to do, we will do it.

But Heo Yoon realizes that this son should be a proper man now. YJ wonders what he is thinking. Heoyoon tells him not to worry, he will find him, just stay here.


Meanwhile, Nokdu, Aengdoo, and Dongju are walking to a picnic area. Nokdu decided to wear man clothing and helps Aengdoo across a rock. He turns to help Dongju but she walks by without help and hits his hat.

They get in a boat to fish but Nokdu and Dongju bicker about how to fish while Aengdoo eats. They bicker about the dduk that exploded and how it is all Dongju’s fault and how Yool-moo is the worst, he should keep his promise to Aengdoo.

Aengdoo tells them that they like each other like this, why keep fighting for nothing. Dongju tells Aengdoo that her brother has a lot of secrets, he said he would tell her but he is not telling her. Nokdu says it is becuase he did not want to lie. he does not want to lie to her, okay?

Aengdoo tells them both, sorry to say this in this serious situation, but you have to turn the ship back. She holds her belly. Cut to her having a good poop in a bush. She says that she feels really good and asks Dongju to find a soft leaf please.

Dongju goes to find a soft leaf and turns back to look at okdu on the ship. He suddenly falls into the water as if he passed out. She takes off running to the river and treads into the water while calling out, Hey!….He-e-e-e-e-e-y!

But then Nokdu comes out with a fish and says that he does not need a fishing rod! See! he is so proud of himself, but Dongju looks so worried and relieved and angry all at the same time, so he wonders what is up.



They all start to each fish together next to a fire. Dongj is super cold so Aengdoo asks Nokdu why he did not tell Dongju that he grew up on an island. Nokdu says that she did not ask him. he gives Dongju his outer jacket, she looks at him angrily.

They all start to walk back. Donju sneezes and coughs so Nokdu tells her that she needs to dry her feet otherwise she will catch a cold. He sits her down and dries her feet.

He knows that she does not want him to do it, he jsut wants to do it. She says that is not it, it is just that she does not know his real name. When she thought he drowned, seh couldnt call his name because she did not know his real name.

He says that eh does not want to tell her, he will tell her later when she raises Dong Dong and Dong-ju well (the little chickens). I will tell you when they grow up. I will tell you later so stay with them and raise them well. They need you. You are the owner okay? Promise to me that you will do it.

She tells him that she will call him pervert and starts to walk away. he asks why? it is not a difficult thing to do, just promise it to me!


Cheon meets with Yool-moo. Yool-moo is reading a letter and thinks that Heo Yoon is so innocent. His plan is to move the assassin village to hanyang? Cheon says that the King knows now so it is dangerous to stay in the widow village. You also come in and out.

Yool-moo says that he comes here everyday so it would be stranger if he stopped going there. Cheon says that she is going to meet with heo Yoon and will ask him to follow to follow the main stream. Yoolmoo tells her that he will give her a few bodyguards.

Cheon says that she is okay, she will go with one of the widows. You know her. Yool-moo asks, do I know her?


Cut to the throne room where Yeon Geum is bowing and trembling and offering something to the King. He says that he is the regional mayor of the w-w-w-w-widow t-t-t-t-town. the King tells him to tell him everything about this town. You will return alive if you answer well.

In the widow town, Nokdu and Yool-moo meet accidentally in the courtyard. He asks Nokdu if he joined the assassin group. Nokdu says that he heard he could make money and asks Yool-moo if he is preparing a coup? 

Yool-moo tells him that he has a lot of reasons to kill him, but is not because of Dongju’s request. But itis difficult. he wants to violate Dongju’s request. 

Nokdu says that he is not afraid and tells Yoolmoo not to shake Dongju. I don’t give warnings – like someone. He continues walking past Yoolmoo and into the gisaeng house.



Meanwhile, Dongju thinks about the first time that Nokdu and her met. She thinks that she was about to promise him that she would stay for as long as the chicks grew up. I really wanted to do that, sorry oppa. she starts to cry.

In the house, Nokdu starts to look for something and thinks, it shouldn’t be, it shouldnt’ be. But then Dongju comes back in. So he asks, why didn’t you tell me? all night?

Dongju says that she already went there and asks if he is going somewhere. Go and let me sleep.

Nokdu angrily grabs his things and leaves. But he comes back in and tells her that he is not asking her to like him. If you need me, just use me. Don’t disappear on me. I beg you.

He closes the door again. Donju holds back a few tears.


Nokdu is dressed like a super gisaeng with a huge flashy hat. She asks Cheon if they can show up this flashy? Cheon says that she is here for Heo Yoon’s sickness, didn’t you hear that he is sick? I am bringing medicine.

They go inside Heo Yoons place.

Back in the village, Dongju gives her letter to Cheon, though Cheon is not there so she leaves it in her room.

Dongju then goes to talk to Yool-moo. He asks if she is leaving today? Is it because of him that you are in a hurry? She says that she is just leaving. Don’t follow me.

He says okay, but he wants to check to see if she made it to Hanyang at least. Do you remember the swing? Can you be there in the afternoon? She nods and says that he will not do anything to him right? Promise me.

He asks, you are doing this much, but you don’t like him?

She tells him, even if I like him, I will hide it. I will give him the pain of leaving without telling him. So I will make him hate me. It is better for him to hate me then find me dead after we like each other. I know what it is like for a loved one to die and to live alone. So I will not make that happen. You dont’ have to worry.

She is crying huge crocodile tears. Yool-moo wipes them away and asks if she is crying for him? This is not a warning for you. It is a confession to him. 

Dongju asks to just give her the salary she earned. 

He says no, he will give it to her in hanyang, so don’t be late.


Cut to Yeon Geun emerging from the Kings office thinking that he is still alive. he is so grateful.

Inside, the King tells his personto arrest Cheon and everyone that is related/close to her. If they do not have evidence then it is okay to have witnesses.



The lady assassins start to walk away and confirm with each other that everyone has left. The three assassins that we have come to know are the last ones to leave. Though they are sad about it because all their loved ones are in the town. But they know that they are safer once the assassins leave the town. So they head out.


in the woods, there is a big bandit group sharpening their swords and getting ready for something. Yool Moo watches them and then turns to leave.


In Heo-yoon’s house, Cheon tries to convince HY that Yool-moo is better than their current King. HY laughs and tells her that after seh sees this, he will see if she will still say that. 

She looks at it and asks if it is the widow Min’s? he says that he found her dead body and knew that it was hers. Cheon grabs it and asks if this means that Yool-moo did it? Why? Heo Yoon says that he did it to find his weakness and to threaten him. Yool-moo looks at the weak and to get what he wants he does not think about anyone.

Cheon leaves looking spooked and reserved. Heo Yoon steps out after her and watches her walking away. he heads off in another direction.

Nokdu also follows along somewhere, Yoon-jeo leaves the room at that time and coughs, he sees Nokdu walking away, but thinks that he is a woman.

Nokdu follows Heo Yoon around a corner where he talks to his assassins. The assassin asks if he needs to kill him? Heo Yoon says no, he lived in the island because of his father, he is not as inner.

Nokdu thinks that they are talking about his brother. he grows worried and heads out to follow the assassins. He catches one of them and knocks him out, then he changes into his clothing and follows along.



Meanwhile, Yool-moo and Hwang-tae drink tea in a house. Yool-moo tells him that he does not want to be friends with him? We should be friends, we will be together for a long time. 

Hwang-tae asks if he is good help for the coup? Yool-moo says yes, he does not take people in if they are not of good use. He wants to find his brother, no, the Kings son.

The assassins come running up to Yool-moo’s home. Yool-moo’s assassin steps out to fight with them. He is alone against around 7 people.

Nokduu is on the rooftop watching.

Hwang-tae asks YM if he is going to kill hi brother? Yoolmoo says that he has no use of him so he might do it. But what do you think? I can follow your suggestion.

Cut to Nokdy coming into the room and hugging Hwangtae, Yoolmoo is not there. Nokdu asks his brother how he is and how his wound is and that they suffered a lot. He is there to rescue him!

But Hwang-tae tells him that he is not captured. Nokdu asks, what? You are not captured? We are trying to escape from those people that tried to kill us.

HT says that this all happene dbecuase of Nokdu. He was about to be killed again, but the prince rescued him. 

Nokdu asks what he is talking about.

HT tells him that he knows why they have to run away and hide and why their mother died like that. He knows everything. 

Nokdu asks, is it because of me?

HT says yes, it is because of you! But then he says no, he will take it that nothing happened today.

Nokdu grabs him by the collar and asks what it is about him! tell me!

Hwangtae asks if he thinks he can take it? Do you really want to hear it?

Nokdu tells him to tell him. SO Hwangtae says that all of this is because of Nokdy, because he is the son of the King.

Nokdu looks on stunned, he takes a step back.

Outside, Yoolmoo’s assassin kills all by one of the other men, it looks like he did it easily. he starts to fight the last one. But YoolMoo tells him not to kill him.

Yoolmoo comes casually walking out and says that they have to have someone go back and tell heo yoon.

Inside, Nokdu thinks that is nonsense, do you want me to believe this? I am the son of the King? HT tells him to see the King if he does not know.

Nokdu says that he is his brother! And our fathers son! HT says he thought so too, that is why he lived his life like that. Flashback to HT overhearing something at home.

HT tells Nokdu that he no longer wants to sacrifice because of Nokdu. He wants to bring everything back.

Nokdu tries to hold his hand and tells his brother not to be like that. Lets go off together.

HT tells him not to try and find him, just go hide alone and live like that. Otherwise you will really die.

He pushes him out. Nokdu calls hyung, but his brother tells him not to call him that anymore. He closes the door.

Then Yoolmoo comes back inside. He sees HT crying and wonders what is up. he asks what happened. HT says that he was drunk. he asks what happened outside. Yool-moo says nothing, it was all taken care of so rest well. I have an appointment. He leaves and Hyung-tae whimpers alone.

Outside, Nokdu tries to walk back but he has a hard time with all that he heard. However, he gets himself together and puts his maks back on. Then he walks off.

In the city, Cheon meets with yoolmoo. Cheon outright asks him if he killed widow Min. He looks at her and says yes, to keep the secret he removed the root, just in case she becomes evidence.

Cheon says, just in case she becomes evidence? You removed her? So you will remove the assassins and the widow town if you don’t need us anymore? 

Yoolmoo tells her to behave, as for the widow town, I already abandoned it.

Cut to the bandits walking to the entrance to the widow village. They see the sign that says, No Men Allowed. And yell LETS GO-O-O-O!

Yool-moo tells Cheon, if you want a town, then I will make you a town, if you want a gisaeng jip, then I will make the biggest gisaeng jip in hanyang. Did you also think that if you took that assassin group out then the town was safe? Do you think that the King is that easy?

Cheon asks for some time. She will make sure that no one can be evidence in front of the King. She can move the entire town somewhere else if needed. 

Yool-moo asks, really? But why should you? There is an easier and surer way.

She tells him, I understand what you are saying.

He tells her that is good. Also, give an order to your people to find widow Kim.

Cheon says, yes master.

Yool-moo leaves and Cheon looks terrified.


Heo Yoon waits in his room hen a person comes in. He asks, did you catch him? 

But this man pulls a sword on Heo Yoon. It is Nokdu.

ND – My father, my brother, me, why did you try to kill us? Who am I? Tell me.

HY – Are you…

Cheon comes bursting in.

Cheon – Our widow town is in danger, old master!

But then seh sees the assassin.

Cut to the widow town about to be ransacked by these bandits. They break in and start burning everything. The woman all come running out.  The bad guys yell, KILL THEM ALL!

They start to push all the women and run their swords through them. The Ajumma Avengers come out and look at all the chaos around them. Nokdu rides back to the widow village with determination!

Meanwhile, Yool-moo waits for Dongju at the swing. He sighs as he continues waiting.

Dongju is at her cave, she looks at it one last time and then heads out.

Elsewhere, we see Aengdoo in the market with her father. She looks at all the food and tries to pick one that she likes. Her father tells her to just pick something, tigers come out at night. She says that she is okay, she wants to spend this money. Her father wonders why seh has all this money to find a food that does not exist.

In the widow village, the woman are all being killed. It is terrifying.

Dongju is walking through the woods and sees the town on fire. She thinks, that is our town, what is going on? She starts to hurry back.

Nokdu is alsi riding his horse back quickly.

He gets to the cave entrance and starts torun in on foot.

Inside, the ajumma avengets start to fight the bandits. 

Dongju comes back inand shoots several of the bandits to save one of the ajumma avengers. She asks her what happened? The ajumma does not know. They start to run away, but then a man grabs Nokdu and starts to strangle her with one hand.

Yoo-moo comes back in and sees Dongju being strangled. He yells, STOOOOOOP.

Donju is being strangled though. She thinks back to talking to Aengdoo. She gave her a lot of money. Aengdoo asks what this is. Dongju tells her to tell him that she is sorry but it is not enough. Aengdoo asks to who?

Dongju asks what her brothers real name is? 

While she is being strangled to death, she calls out his real name, Nokdu…

Then her hands fall to the ground, dead. Blood splatters on her face as he hear a knife slice through the man.

Nokdu holds Dongju as she falls and cradles her in his arms. Then he looks up with anger and determination.

Fade Out


How is this show this good! They said they were going to destroy the widow Village and they destroyed the mickyficky widow village! It was terrifying! So many widows died and Dongju was actually one of them, I mean, what! 

I cannot believe that Yool-moo had that done without knowing that Dongju was safely outside the village. It was just his bad luck to see her being strangled to death at basically his doing. Though I am so happy that before she went out she was able to show off her shooting skills and take a few of those pillagers with her. 

It was also nice that Nokdu got there in time to save her, though saving her might prevent him from saving anyone else int he village. I have a feeling that he will put her somewhere safe with someone safe and then go help some of the other women. But we have to wait a week to find out!!!! Why did they do this to us!!!!!


YM – I can’t keep him alive anymore

DJ – The bandits did this?

Ssook – I am going to find them and kill them

King – The thing you hid from me was this!

JK – Hanyang? You shouldn’t push yourself too much yet

ND – I have an unfinished story

ND – how long are you going to ride this

King – Maybe our fate is connected now

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  1. nokduftw
    October 22, 2019 / 8:43 am

    You’re the best @V! Poor show tho – I think their ratings suffered from last week’s baseball.

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:51 am

      Yes, they really should have just shown it super late.

  2. Angie
    October 22, 2019 / 10:33 am

    ahh this show is keeping me on my toes!! can’t wait for next week’s eps 🙂

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:53 am

      Me too! I love all the twists! The actors are great, the story is great, everything is great. Hopefully they can keep it up!

  3. froggy
    October 22, 2019 / 6:01 pm

    so guys I started watching this drama after about three years of not watching anything…how can a story be this good?!
    and does anyone have any recommendations of dramas with a similar energy to watch while I wait for the next episode?

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 10:42 am

      Perhaps 100 Days My Prince! Or My ID is Gangnam Beauty!

    • Rose
      October 23, 2019 / 2:49 pm

      Oh good lord…..we have to search our memory bank for that. Do you like it like this like historical drama? Or romcom? Or something like drama/suspense/action? ☺

      • V
        October 23, 2019 / 3:43 pm

        I think she might like anything fun and light but maybe more historical? I’m interested to hear what you come up with Rose!

        • Froggy
          October 28, 2019 / 11:52 am

          Thanks for the comments guys! I had such a manic week I couldn’t come back here.
          I think in terms of recs, anything light, funny and sweet really. The last thing I watched before this was Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and my favourite drama ever is Signal.
          I’ll try watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty! Love y’all!

          • V
            October 28, 2019 / 1:00 pm

            Thats a good one!

  4. asupfil
    October 22, 2019 / 7:22 pm

    Hi! What’s the name of the song at the end of episode 14? When Nokdu holds Dongju. Thanks!

  5. Jessica Lopes
    October 23, 2019 / 3:15 pm

    I love this show. Thanks for recap.

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 3:43 pm

      So happy to have you hang out with us, Jessica!

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