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The Tale of Nokdu: Episode 6 (11 & 12) Live Recap

Recap The Tale of Nokdu Episode 6 (11&12)
The Tale of Nokdu Recap Episode 6 (11&12), image KBS

We were left with a huge cliffhanger last week when Yool-moo walked in on Nokdu giving Dong-mu a half naked kiss. I mean, there is not really a good way to talk yourself out of that one. Of course they have to come clean right? I’m really looking forward to finding out!

Our recap starts at 22:00 KST!

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Yool-moo walks up to Dong-ju’s house and pauses for a moment before going inside. he looks at the ladies shoes and then takes a step toward the door.

Inside, Nokdu is slowly holding Dongju’s cheeks. he leans in for a kiss when Yool-moo pushes the doors open. Dongju and Nokdu look at each other quickly and then look at Yool-moo.

Dongju quickly double leg kicks Nokdu, he goes flying backwards. Dongju says it is a misunderstanding! Yool-moo yells, come out! They both start to frantically hurry to standing and we hear the lady ajummas walking around the corner.

Dongju quicky pulls Yool-moo inside and covers his mouth. The lady ajummas call for Nokdu to come out and talk to them so he has to quickly put on his clothing. Nokdu goes out and the ladies ask about Dongju, they give him something to wash their hair. They can use it.

They also say that men are nothing, you two should get back together well. Nokdu says, yes, true, you two should all be tired, go back and sleep. They are all like, huh? We are not tired at all. He pushes them away and turns back to the door.

Nokdu goes  back inside. Yool-moo fixes his hat and asks if this is why he had to withhold his identity? Dongju says yes. He asks about what he just saw. Dongju says that it was an accident. 

He says he can understand that it was an accident for Dongju but not for that guy! Dongju tries to say that he is not a pervert and all that. If people know that he is a guy then I will be in trouble too beacase I helped hide him. If you stay longer than you will also be in trouble.

Yool-moo says that he hates that he cannot refuse her. He goes over to Nokdu and starts to pull him with him. You cannot stay in the same room as Dongju! Dongju tells him to stop and says that she will sleep at the Gisaeng Jip tonight. They both leave.

Cut to Dongju laying in bed thinking that Nokdu does not have a widow that he likes. She thinks about the kiss. Her friend tells her to turn off her light so she can sleep.

So Dongju grabs the lantern and takes it outside to walk around. She runs ito Nokdu doing the same thing. So they go somewhere to sit and chat.

She ells him that if he talks about the kiss then she will kill him. Don’t talk about who I like anymore either. And don’t talk about BS. He says, let me talk at least! I don’t have a widow or anything. The person we saw in Seoul…

She tells him that she does not care, it is not like he thinks, she is not interested in him. He says she is lying. She says she is not. he asks if she is angry that he kissed her? She says that it was nothing. He says that he felt something with the kiss. She asks if he ever dated a woman ever?

He stands up and says there were so many women who loved him in his hometown! She tells him that he shouldn’t have no one, that is why you misunderstood it and pushed things your way. He asks, what? She tells him to stop coming on to her if you understand. I came here with you to tell you that.

She walks away, he thinks that she thinks he is coming on to her?



The Prince is being taken away from the palace. he cries for his mother as he is put inside the carriage to be taken away. All the politicians line up to watch him go.

Heo Yoon meets with the King in the throne room to ask if he cried a lot? Yoon says that he was okay once he left. The King says that he heard it was the same for his brother. he wonders if it would be the same for him.

Heo Yoon says that he would be the same. The King talks about how his father left a cruel letter. If Heo Yoon did not remove that letter, then he would not be there at all. This is all because of you. Heo Yoon bows.

Later on, Heo Yoon opens the box with the secret letter. We flashback to 6 years ago where heo Yoon is talking to someone who is sitting inf ront of him. He says that this is true. The man says that Gwanghae became the King without expectations and the grand Prince is too young. he needed to wait for the chance.

Heo Yoon told him that you cannot avoid the crime for starting a coup. The man says that he will regret it someday that he took this letter from him. This letter is the Kings letter.

Cut to this man dead on the ground next to his son or grandson. it looks like they killed his entire family. Heo Yoon was responsible for it. heo Yoon wals away but is stopped by Yoon-jeo.

He and Yoon-jeo go somewhere to talk. Yoon-jeo says that the proper son of the King grew up smart. Now Gwanghae is the King so we should put everything back to normal. Heo Yoon says no, we should not. Yoon does not understand why, he is the King now, he should not be insecure anymore.

Heo Yoon shows the previous Kings letter which says that the young prince should become the King, not Gwanghae. Heo Yoon says that he just killed the first Prime Minister, do you think the King’s worry has ended? What if nothing changes when he becomes King? Me and you and the boy can die.

He takes the letter back and tells Yoon not to wish for useless things. If you come into the world again, I cannot give you any more breaks.

In the present, Heo Yoon takes out the letter and looks at it. But hen he is called out. A man tells him that Yoon-jeo disappeared and all the people watching him are dead. Heo Yoon tells him to find Yoon, no matter what.


It looks like they found a dead body in the widow town and they are bringing that dead body back. There was evidence of torture on the dead body so they might have found that guy. Heo Yoon says that he will kill the military minister and take the little back. he heads out.

He rides right by Yoon-jeo but does not see him. Yoon-jeo sees Heo Yoon though.


Nokdu talks to his military master near the gisaeng village and says that he found out some important information with someone. The master, Jang Koon, says that they need to get that guy and torture him. Nokdu says that this person is the King.

Jang-koon says that this does not make any sense. Nokdu says that he knows that it doesn’t, but what if his father knows the King? What if that is why we were hiding in the island. jang-koon wonders if it is a coup? Nokdu thinks it shouldn’t be like that? His mother said it was because of him.

Jang-koon says it should be a mistake, his father is a nice person so it should not be like that. Nokdu thinks that he shouldn move too hastily. He needs to find out more. jang-koon talkes a good look at Nokdu and asks what is wrong with his eyes? Did you cry in your pillow all day becasue of a woman? He says no and then asks about Aengdoo.

Cut to Aengdoo crying and saying that her brother is her sister! She says this to Yool-moo. Yool-moo sighs and says that he already knows. he picks her up and says that he will take her somewhere. So he puts her over his shoulder and casually walks away. 

She is sad to be caried away, but then starts to smell food as Yool-moo took her to the kitchen. She asks if he is not going to roll her in carpet and hit her? He tells her, if he did that then who would eat my food? he opens up a dish and tells him that they can talk more after she eats a lot. Aengmoo looks like she falls in love.

Elsewhere, Dongju tells Nokdu that she is going to the kitchen and heads out. Nokdu runs after her and says that yool-moo is calling her to the kitchen, do you know why? She casually tells him to separate her from him. Nokdu says, ah, so you know. She keeps walking away. he keeps stammering to keep her with him.

She turns and tells him to stop coming on to her. They pause for a moment and look at each other. He tells her no, I will make you like me. She asks how? So he grabs her and pulls her away over his shoulder. But then we have a lot of hitting sounds off camera and see Dongju walking away again. Nokdu is all bloody. But he still follows her.

She sighs and tells him, are you really going to do this? Go away. So he sadly turns and walks away with his tail between his legs.


Dongju goes to talk to Yool-moo. he tells her that he will ignore everything but asks if she is still going to stay with him in the same room? She asks, don’t you trust me? Don’t worry, nothing you worry about will happen.

He says okay, but he has a question. You said that you like…well I heard…tell me, was that to him?

She looks a bit nervous and says, of course not. I have my own criteria. Yool-moo agrees and says that she should not like that kind of guy.

Then he asks, so, was it m-m-m-m-me? 

She quickly asserts no, I was just drunk!

He tells her that she did not have to deny it like that.

Nokdu gets to the kitchen building with a napkin in his bloody nose and speaks with aengdoo. She asks if he insulted her Yool-moo. He is all like, your Yool-moo? She says that she thought about marriage and thinks that Yool-moo is much better than Nokdu. He is so handsome and kind and nice to me. He is a really nice guy! She peers over the fence to look at Yool-moo. Nokdu looks jealous.


Meanwhile, Yeon geun and Jang-koon talk and drink together. Yeon Geun asks if he is like a father to the young widow, Nokdu? Jang-koon says he is, he raised her. So Yeon Geun tells him to help him! jang-koon says, ah, I know women’s hearts well, the way to seduce women is…

Cut to Nokdu’s face coming is as he also wants to listen to this closely.

Jang-koon said that you pretend to be mean to her but then you are nice. For example, WHY CAN’T YOU DO THI, then do whatever that is as if you can’t help yourself.

Nokdu takes this advice to the river where Dongju is washing the dishes. he takes the dishes away from her. YOU CAN’T DO THIS, YOU GO DIE. She is all like, what in the world?

So he takes the dishes to the water and starts to wash them. She is all like, what are you doing? I can do this. He pushes her away and says that she has to do this for her!

She sighs and his him in the head with one of the bowls. he tells her that he is doing this for her so she will think about how he is not kind to her and does nice things for her! Then he starts washing the dishes again.

She sits next to him and watches him. he says that she does not care about him but she looks at him like that. She asks how she is looking at him. He corrects her face and says, like this.

She pulls her face away and walks off. he asks where she is going. She tells him none of your business. he tells her not to be late and come home! Then he sighs and thinks that she does not respect what her mother says.



The King talks to one of his people and asks if they are using one of the governor? The man says yes, a lot of people will want the little prince. It is actually good for us if they move. The King thinks this is a good chance to see who will betray him.

In her cave, Dongju pulls out a wooden box, but we do not see what is inside it.

Cut to the assassin ladies talking in the kitchen. Ssook tells the other two that the military minister is at the center of the little prince issue. He has his fathers 60th birthday tomorrow. There are only family members invited. They might worry about assassins. But they will never guess that the kitchen ajummas are assassins.

Ssook says that she will go to hanyang with the other female assassins and will see what happened to Deul-rae (the one that died). Yeon-boon says that she will go to the island with the others. She stretches and says that no assassins will be in the town.

Cut to Nokdu walking to the kitchen and mubling abotu Yool-moo, that guy. Then he sees the three assassins leaving and asks if they are going far away? They say that they are going to a 60th birthday party, they will cook there. Nokdu asks if she can go?

One of the women says that hanyang is in big chaos becuase the King sent someone to the island~. But she is stopped from saying anymore. The tell Nokdu that she does not need to know and they pat her on the back as they leave.

Nokdu says the islands name and wonders about it.



Heo Yoon speaks with his men about their plan as they walk inside a building. Everything is ready and they have the assassins. But then Yoon-jeo comes in and puts a knife to Heo Yoon’s neck.

He asks him what he is up to again. Heo Yoon slowly turns around. Yoon tells him, it is nice to see you again.



In one of the huge noble houses, the King comes by. The man who opens the gate bows immediately. The King asks if he is inside? The man says yes, he is taking a break now. I think they are at Heo Yoon’s house.

The King says that he will surprise Heo Yoon today.

Inside, Yoon still has the sword to Heo Yoon’s neck. He asks why he did that to his son. Heo Yoon asks where his son, no, the Kings son is. he is able to break way and pull his sword out.

But then they see a shadow.

The King bursts into the room. Only Heo Yoon is there. But the King knows that something must have been going on. He opens the door to where Yoon was hiding, but he is not there anymore.

The King asks Heo Yoon, why don’t we play chess now? Heo Yoon says yes, King.

Yoon is able to run out, he is stopped by Heo Yoon’s right hand man who tells him to follow him, there are soldiers everywhere.


Cut to the island where the little prince is. The assassins are watching and waiting for their moment.

Meanwhile, Dongju thinks that about her plan, her plan was to leave after she completed her revenge.

Inside her home, Aengdoo tells Nokdu that Dongju will not be hungry because Yool-moo made her so much food. He is a much better guy than you. Nokdu yells, that jashik! And starts to run out but then Dongju comes in so he quickly sits to eat dinner and asks Nokdu if she ate?

Dongju says that she ate which makes Aengdoo tells Nokdu that she told him so. Dongju goes to bed right away. Nokdu eats angrily behind her.


The next day, Yool-moo meets with The King and brings him some food. The King asks him why he makes these things. What do you think about it? he says that he was not thinking about it because he was with the woman he liked. The King smiles and asks if it was a gisaeng?

Yool-moo says yes, your highness. The King smiles and tells him that he envies that he is free and has a lot of time, nephew. Yool-moo smiles and tells him not to be too jealous of it. he then starts to eat the food as well. It looks like they have a good relationship.



In the village, a man tells a guard to search the house for anything suspicious. The assassins are already in the house preparing the meal. 

Elsewhere, Nokdu remembers what a horse looked like and goes to a stable to see if he can find that particular horse. The horse has black and white on his tail.

But he does not see it. he turns and sees a noble come in who announces himself as the governor of Gongwa island. he heard that this place was good. He is stopping by on his way to Gongwa. 

The gisaengs show him to a certain room. Nokdu follows along.


inside one of the rooms, the governor and the gisaengs talk about the little King on the island. he says that he has a chance to get promoted because of this little King. One of the gisanegs asks what the relationship is with his promotion and the little King.

The governor is about to tell her but says nothing, just know that a good think is about to happen. Nokdu eavesdrops on this conversation.

Later on, the governor stumbles out of the room. Nokdu follows him. Cheon follows along as well.

Elsewhere, Dongju talks to a merchant who asks if she is making her own business? She says no, someon wanted me to ask about it, that is all. But then she sees Nokdu following the drunk guy.

Nokdu ends up putting a knife to the mans neck and tells him to tell her about the party! Dongju comes out right then so nokdu puts his knife away which allows for the man to run away. She tells Dongju to call for help and then chases after the governor.

Nokdu stops the governor but Cheon is there and sees this. The governor says that Nokdu was about to kill him! Cheon takes the knife and puts it to the governors throat! She tells him to tell her everything. Then she slits his throat!

He must have told her everything though, because she tells Nokdu that it is true that they are going to even kill the little prince. They sent him to the island already. She tells Nokdu that this is in a hurry. When you find Ssook, retract everyone from the party and go to the temple where the military minister is hiding now. it is a trap.

Nokdu says that she will do it and leaves.

But then another set of footprints shows up. Cheon is surprised to see them.

Nokdu rides off on a horse in a hurry to the governors mansion.


The assassins think that something went wrong, why is it so quiet here? But then one of the ladies gets bumped and a knife falls. All the mens heads turn to the sound of metal. then they all stand and say, get them! The assassins are women!

All the men at the party are trained swords men that alla start to fight. The assassins tell each other that they have to kill everyone that saw them! 

They start to fight them off when Nokdu shows up and slides into action! She tells Ssook that their boss sent her. She knew that this would happen so she wanted to warn you.

Nokdu has a pot that she is carrying around and hits one of the men with it. She tells Ssook that the military minister is hiding at a mountain temple. Ssook asks if she thinks she can go find him?

Ssook kills a few more people while asking this. Nokdu asks how she can leave now? Ssook says it is too dangerous here for you. Buy us some time and go!

Nokdu takes off and secretly hops the gate like it aint no thang.He thinks to himself that buying time is no fun at all.


Nokdu walks to the temple bummed. he gets to the guards at the temple who ask why he is there. So Nokdu punches them both in the neck and takes them out.

In the party, the assassins have bested all the men. They head out to the temple, but we see that one of the men is not dead yet.

When they get there, Nokdu is sitting next to the all bound up minister of the military looking very innocent. Ssook is amazed.

All the assassin head back, Ssook walks with Nokdu who asks why Ssook does this dangerous work. Is it for the money? She says that they hide there, they do not need a lot of money and they are the only ones that can do this.

She shows a scar on her leg and says that her inlaws did that to her because she did not die after her husband. he died only three days after their marriage. If she did not run away then she might also be dead already even though seh didn’t even remember her husbands face. But her story is not that bad.

She is happy that she met her boss and they live nicely now. But everyone outside this place does not live nicely. So they started helping all the widows. Nokdu asks if they killed the military minister becuase he did bad things to widows? 

She says no, it was for a better world for people without power, like them. She believes that.

She continues walking ahead. 


Ssook and Nokdu sit with Cheon to fill her in on everything. They say that the military minister died by falling. They had a lot of help from widow Kim. 

Cheon tells Nokdu that she promised it to her and they cannot delay her joining anymore, so welcome to the team widow Kim. She says that another person is waiting outside for her but Ssook will wait and talk with Cheon.

Nokdu leaves so Ssook asks cheon if there was any problem?

Cut to Dongju who is thinking about the governor. The people that work there said that he was not just a pervert, he was a governor of an island. Dongju hurries off somewhere.

Meanwhile, Aengdoo talks to Yool-moo. It appears that she is his little informant now and tells him all that happens in the house between Nokdu and Dongju. She says that Nokduu did not come home and Dongju eunnie was in and out of the house all night. She was sighing and looking outside. She went to the front yard and walked around. Then she said YOU STAY OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT AND NOT TELL ME! That is what she did.

Yool-moo looks a bit serious ad looks over at Donju who is at the gate fretting.

Elsewhere, Nokdu gets the official tour of all the assassin things. That night Ssook and Jung tell Nokdu that she did a good job today. Jung then asks Ssook why they don’t guard together? But Ssook says no, then she tells Nokdu that she does not have to work too hard from the beginning.

Dongju wakes up in a very dark room. This might be her home. The door opens so she asks if it is you? But it is not, it is Yool-moo. She tells him that he cannot come in like this. But he says that it is okay, he can. She is all like what?

In the town, the assassins start to leave, Nokdu runs off as well.

In the temple meeting ground, Heo Yoon meets with his supporters to talk about what is happening with the little prince.

Cut to yoolmoo leaving Dongju’s place with a sigh.

Nokdu walks around the corner and sees him leaving.

In the temple, Heo Yoon tells his people that they are prepared for the coup! One of them thinks that the King is still sharp now. What if everything we prepared becomes nothing because we are too careful? This might be the perfect time!

Someone yells, Dont’ do it! 

Then Yool Moo comes swaggering in with a smile. Everyone turns their heads to look at him. Heo Yoon is shocked.

Yool-moo tells them that they should not hurry. I took care of the urgent matter. he throws bloody clothes on the table. It looks like he already killed the little prince?! 

Yool-moo tells him that peolple are outside, but they all serve him. 

They ask him what he did for the prince? Yool-moo says that he killed him himself.

Flashback to Yool-moo showing up to Cheon when Cheon killed that governor. She tells him, can you really keep the promise? He says yes and tells her that her role starts now. She starts to sign a parchment and he smiles.

On the island, the little prince cries for his mother when an assassin comes in and kills the guards. The lady assassins show up so this assassin gives them the letter that Cheon wrote. They look at each other and then turn and leave.

The assassin then goes inside and kills the little prince.

In the temple, one of the politicians yells at Yool-moo and is about to hit him. Yool-moo immediately runs his blade thorugh him and splatters the wall with his blood.

In her room, Dongju is terrified as she holds her legs and rocks back and forth.


Nokdu comes in so she hops up right away and says that she was waiting for him. He tells her that they should leave. the head out. She asks why he is not making eye contact with her? He tells her to go somewhere bright. He will explain it all later.

She asks why he said that customer was a pervert? Why did you come to this widow town? he tells her that he will tell her later and heads out.

In the temple, the remaining men look at their fallen colleague. Yool-moo smiles and tells them that he does not like noise.

Nokdu goes to the temple and looks at it from outside.

Heo Yoon is about to pull his sword. But then one of his men pulls a dagger to his neck. Then Yool-moo’s people come in with their swords. 

Yool-moo casually walks over to Heo Yoon and tells him that he does not want the young Prince to be King, he wants him to make him the King. Ah, so Yool-moo wants to be King! It is the war of the princes!

Heo Yoon asks if he thinks this cheap threat will work? Yool-moo says, of course not, his threat will not end with this. Today is a little greeting.

Heo Yoon asks, if you want to be the King, then do you think you deserve it?

They stare at each other, the camera goes back and forth between them.

Nokdu opens a door to wherever he is at. A man is standing there outside. It is the King! The King lifts his head up to look at NOkdu and Nokdu looks down at the King.

Fade Out


Oh wow! This is a crazy amazing episode! Ah, it gives me chills! How can this show be this good and unexpected? I really did not think that Yool-moo was anything close to being bad. But now it makes sense as to why he could pull rank on all those people and have all those guards at the ready and everything, because he is a prince!

I love this turn of events. It is the battle of the princes y’all. So it seems like Nokdu is a prince (at least I think he is even though the preview makes it seem like his brother could be). He looks just like the King which I did not even realize until the end of the episode when they were both looking at each other.

So, one prince is killed (poor little guy) and another prince is using his power to get Heo Yoon to make him the new King. While yet another prince is parading around like a woman as he tries to find out why some assassins want to kill him and his family. Though I think that storyline was a Macguffin and we have moved into a much meatier and juicier storyline with the crazy King and palace princes.

I love how this writer has led us to this point with lots of funny moments and thrills and twists and turns thrown in. It is so good!


VO – The gisaeng house that feeds the widow town. The owner and all the widows close to them.

HT – if I am really the Kings son, then hiding like this my entire life wont be too regretful

YM – I heard you joined the assassin group

ND – Are you preparing a coup?

Caption – The War is…

Cheon – Tomorrow morning we all have to leave the widow town

YM – if I kill him, would you still be okay?

Caption – Starting

ND – i am not asking you to like me, just don’t disappear, please.



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  1. Table122000
    October 21, 2019 / 10:37 am

    Oh My! What an episode. Turns out Yool Mu is a cold blooded killer and royalty who wants to take the throne. Did not see that coming, so well done writers! So Yool Mu and Nokdu are actually cousins. Still confused about why Dong Ju’s family were killed if she was betrothed to royalty YM in the past? Can’t wait for the next episode. I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:37 am

      I really want to know what happened in the past too! I think it might be related to the King and how he never feels secure in the palace. Perhaps there was another coup attempt or maybe Dongju’s father was on the opposition side against the Prince before he became king? I think it is something to do with that!

  2. Rose
    October 21, 2019 / 11:45 am

    I am soooo excited to watch this later when sub is available! By reading the recap it looks like there were a lot of crazy things that happened and will take me on a roller-coaster ride 😊

    Thanks again V for the recap! 😊

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:37 am

      Yes, this episode was a big roller coaster!

  3. missjb
    October 21, 2019 / 3:04 pm

    It’s abit jarring imo. The first half is romantic comedy, meanwhile the second half turn into melodrama. I’m not against twist and turns, but this kind of trick of writers to hooked viewers is abit cheap. But no going back, no way after this, the tone will go back into romcom for couples period episode given we know now Yeol Mo’s facade and the politics start to kick out. Hopefully the writers play the politics more fun and have more depth.

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:45 am

      It is definitely as sudden turn from rom-com to almost thriller?

  4. Barsha
    October 22, 2019 / 8:28 am

    This kings and prince part is way to complicated, i just don’t get it whose son is young prince, who is Yul mu ‘s father how he is a price, what about nokdu is he the real son of present king? If yes why he wanted to kill his own son 😣😣😣😣😣

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:51 am

      I am a bit confused as well. But Ii think it goes like this:

      Nokdu – The Kings son of the present King
      Yool-moo – The Kings nephew. His father is the Kings brother so they are all princes.

      I have no idea why the King wanted to kill his own son, but it seems like it might be for superstitious reasons?

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