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The Tale of Nokdu: Episode 2 (3-4) Recap

The tale of nokdu recap episode 2
Episode 2 recap for The Tale of Nokdu, image KBS

The second episode is even better than the first and breezed on by like a dip in a cold creek. Plus, we have ajumma Avengers that I love. I think this drama might be a keeper, y’all!

For everyone looking for Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency, we will probably get to that one this evening! It came on an hour later today so we decided to catch up on both Nokdu episodes in the morning.

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Nokdu falls into the bath water, but then the ladies all look toward him. Their faces grow alarmed. They gasp and hide their bodies. One of them throws a rock!

The rock sales over Nokdu’s head and hits a man hiding behind him. The Avengers go out and start to kick and bite this man into submission. How dare you come here! Wearing proper clothing does not mean that you are human!

But then they notice that he is drunk. He says he drank because he saw the fairy that he wanted to see today. They knock him out.

*missed a few minutes*


Heo Yoon asks a man at the palace who he saw? The man says Jo Yoong-jeo, he is sure of it and was so surprised to see it. Heo Yoon says that Yoon-jeo died during the war. But the man says that he was Jung Yoon-jeo, he is sure of it. 

Heo Yoon tells him not to tell anyone about it, people will think that you are spreading rumors. Heo Yoon says that the King was happy to hear it. Heo Yoon is surprised that he told the King. This man says of course he told him. You were the same, but the King was the most surprised to hear the news.


Meanwhile, Jung Yoon-jeo and Nokdu’s brother are in a boat in the cover of night. It looks like they are trying to leave the island. They talk about how Yoon-jeo needs to go to Seoul, but it would be too dangerous. So they might also be going to the island to get medicine for the brother.

While they were on the mainland, one man saw Yoon-jeo and says they were in the army together. But Yoon-jeo said he had the wrong person and ran away.

In the boat, Yoon Jeo says he should have been more careful. The master, Jang-koon is helping them and says it i sno problem, they will be inlaws in the future. He rubs his daughtes head who is sleeping next to him.


The King asks if they found Yoon-jeo yet. The man says that they did  not find him. The King says he was looking forward to his friend being found. he tells the guard he did a good job and excuses him.



In their shared room, Dong-ju asks Nokdu if she is going to sleep all wet like that?

He sits up and asks her if she has a change of clothing and a change of underwear and if she can leave while she changes and warm water? Dongju tells him that he is way too needy! She storms out. She comes in later on with warm blankets and starst to take off her clothing to change. 

Nokdu spits out his drink and tells her not to take off her clothing without telling her. Dogju asks if she shoudl put a poster up before telling him? He says you should notify each other, that is etiquette. She tells him that this is her room! If you hate me that much, then you should sleep outside.

He says his mouth will turn if he sleeps outside and is sent into a falshback where he is sleeping on the beach. His brother tells him that his mouth will turn if he sleeps there. Nokdu says he does not care. So his brother lays with him and they look at the sky.

They both talk about how it is boring because the island is so small. Mom worries about you, so go back. He says she worries about them both. So the brother thinks they should go back together. Nokdu sits up and tells her brother that he is not running away to the mainland. He is just worried that his brother is sick, so he went fishing, why is she so angry?

The brother says that their father should have a reason. Nokdu asks what the reason is, then i will give up. The brother hits him and asks if he is really giving up being a general? Then he jokes with him about his mouth twisting. they both joke back and forth about that. Nokdu then says he isn’t going home while the brother says let’s go home. they bicker about that some more.


Meanwhile, the assassins all sit in a circle and talk about how that guy should be dead, he took the poison. The other ladies think that he must not have drank it. Then they mention that man that was kicked out who tried to enter the widow village. they think they all need to solve this.


Inside Dongju’s room, Jokdu starts to change his clothing while Dongju is asleep. She grabs his leg while dreaming so he sighs and then continues to sneak out.

He puts on his clothing and starts to look around the village. he goes to that building and finds the assassins clothing. So he puts on the clothing and sneaks around in the woods and eventually goes to the meeting place of the assassins.

There are dozens of female assassins who talk about how one man followed them to the widow village. he will try to sneak into their town at night so we need to guard the entrance. They think they already have guards patrolling. But the other woman says that this man is good at martial arts. Those ladies in the entrance do not know martial arts. So we need to check all the places where people might hide and we need to especially check the gisaeng jip.

They take an image of him out and tells everyone to memorize his face. Nokdu covers his face and then starts to follow the main lady that said she is going to met their leader.

He continues to follow her, but is ambushed by her with a sword. She tries to take his face mask off, but he dodges it and they start to fight.


It is a short lived fight as he runs away. The girl calls for the other assassins and then they stat to fight again. She is able to cut off his mask, so he has to cover his face with his arm as he continues to fight her.

Finally, he is able to escape through the cover of the trees and night. He starts to walk back to the gisaeng jip when someone puts a hand on his shoulder. He freezes.

But it is only one of the widow women in the village. Another one walks there too. Actually, it looks like these are the assassins, but dressed like widows. they ask him why she is awake this late. he says that his roommate snores and dreams a lot. They all know he is talking about Dongju and think that is true.

Nokdu asks them why they are walking around like that. They stutter that they just do it to make money here and there. Nokdu starts to leave, but one of the women is suspicious of her. She stares closely at Nokdu as he walks away.


In the gisaeng house, the gisaengs tell Yool-moo that there was a man that snuck into the widow town so their was a lot of trouble. they are trying to catch him. Yool-moo thinks that they should because that man is stupid.

Then, a Yool-moo pulls out a block of ice. Another man comes up with a sword to cut the ice. His blade is so sharp, that he doesn’t even have to work hard to slice the ice perfectly.

One of the gisaengs tells Nokdu that this man is the best blade person in the area. He is a childhood friend of Yool-moo so Yool-moo uses him to cut ice and other things sometimes. Nokdu was worried that this man was sent by the King, so now he can relax.

Yool-moo starts to make popbingsu for everyone. He gives the first batch to Dongju, which makes all the other gisaengs jealous. He even holds out a spoon to her and says to eat it because it is cool and sweet. Nokdu leans way over and eats it instead, which makes Dongju hurry away.

Yool-moo is sent into a memory of childhood where he loved looking at Donju eat ice and work on her stitching. In the present, Yool-moo thinks that she should have at least tried it.

But he is pulled out of his thoughts by Nokdu eating all the papbingsu.


Meanwhile, Dongju goes to a cave where she has all her notes and drawings of how the King moves around on the cave walls. She thinks that to kill him, she needs to get into the palace.

In the town, Nokdu thinks, to catch the Tiger, I need to go into its lair. he steps inside the building where the assassin went. Inside, a lot of women are working. they also talk about lady things like a man holding their hand when they deliver things and being pretty and all that.

One lady wonders if she look like the most famous gisaeng who is the prettiest in that era. The ladies humor her about it. They keep making food.

Nokdu tells her that she does not look like that gisaeng at all because her eyebrows are like the crescent moon and her nose is so sharp, but your nose is flat and your eyebrows are like caterpillars. And she is so white but your skin is ~.

She yells YAY! Why are you picking on me! Whatever, why do you say that my nose is so flat! You look like a parrot in the water. Nokdu is all like, huh? What are you talking about? The girl tells her, lets die together!

Then she pulls Nokdu’s hair. The ladies tries to stop this fight but Dongju gets burned on her hands and Nokdu ends up falling on a pot and burning his bottom. They both hop all around as they yell about thier hand and their bottom!


On the island, the father, Yoon-jeo says that it is pouring. Then the camera jumps to Heo Yoon who is also looking at the rain and says that it is pouring like it was on that night.


Flashback to that night were it was pouring rain. Yoon-jeo was holding a baby in his arms and in royal guarb. He also looked like he was trying to escape. Yeo Yoon was after him and caught up to him. He is about to hit him with the sword, but he tells him to leave. He will tell them that he buried the boy and he killed him and he fell into the water from the cliff. Just live as a dead person. A dead-dead person.

the camera scrolls from Heo Yoon to the King who is looking like he has thoughts. He thinks, I want to see this with my own hands. Then he gets up and leaves in a hurry.




Nokdu tends to Dongju’s burnt hands and says that he was just trying to help hr, he honestly said that she didn’t look like that person at all. Dongju thinks that Nokdu must not have any friends. Should I tell you what you should have done in that case? Nokdu says yes. So Dongju asks, for free?

Cut to Nokdu preparing a lot of food for Dongju and feeding it to her. Then she starts to show him how he just has to dramatically say that she looks just like her. You don’t have to add anything, just say it like that. In this situation, just say yes, yes, yes. You are a woman, so how can’t you know that?

Nokdu starts to take all the food away. Dongju says that she is not done eating. then they bicker about how he has to prepare her bed and get pillows. he throws them all on her. She asks why he is like that, he says that she is so needy! She tells him that she wont do it anymore, okay! They both smirk at each other as he leaves. He takes the food back and then goes back to their room.

Dongju is up and scratching her back on a piece of furniture. Nokdu is startled to see her for a moment until she says that her back is all itchy because she cant change (due to her hands). So he starts to scratch her back. She tells him, yes, yes, right there, lower, a bit lower, yes, right there.

But he is abit too warmed by all this scratching, so he has to hop up and grab his things to sleep. She is all like, aw man, it still itches. he curls up in bed. She is still awake and looks at Noku’s burnt clothing over her bottom and says that her butt is injured, it should hurt.

She tries to wake up Nokdu but he is fast asleep so DOngju thinks she must be tired. So she starts to unwrap her clothing to inspect her burn. he wakes up right then and pushes her away in shock! What are you doing! Aren’t you afraid of the gods!

Dongju says that she just wanted to put medicine on her butt. Nokdu says that you can’t do this to women! Dongju is all like, what is going on, this is so strange.


The King and Heo Yoon play Chinese chess. Heo Yoon says that the King was supposed to tell him checkmate before he has checkmate. The King smiles and chuckles, then he asks for one more game. They start to chat and the King slides in that Yoon-jeo was good at chess. He never let me change a move, he was so righteous.

When he died, you said that Yoon-jeo buried the boy? Heo-yoon says yes. The King asks if he died with his own sword? Heo Yoon says yes. The King says that he shouldn’t like to him. So, lets take a little break and play again, I am tired.

The King goes to sleep. Heo Yoon watches him. But then, it looks like there are assassins outsid the room? Inside the room, Heo Yoon looks like he might strangle the king. Hmm, maybe the guards are outside the room? Instead of strangling him, Heo Yoon tucks the King in and leaves.

The King opens his eyes as Heo Yoon leaves.

Then we see the King walking out with one of this guards under the cover of night. He tells this man that he dos not think that that other guy mistook seeing Yoon-jeo. So go find him. The man says yes.



Nokdu starts to practice sounding like a woman and saying “really, really, oh yes yes” while he walks in the village. The assassin sees him and starts to follow him around. But then the man that likes him shows up and says that he heard that she was burned. Here is some medicine. I injured my face in the mountains so I went to the doctor. Here you go.

Nokdu uses this as a way to pretend to talk like a lady and thanks the man for the medicine. This makes the assassin leave. Nokdu thanks the man who asks him where he was injured? Nokd says here and shows his bottom. The mans nose starts to bleed right away, lol, so Nokdu tells him that he has a dirty mind and takes the medicine to leave.

He goes to find Dongju who is going in and out of the working building. Donju has a batch of clothing with her and is going out to try and wash the clothing, but she can’t really do it with her burnt hand. So Nokdu takes it all and starts to wash all the clothing for her.

Dongju puts a pad on her bottom for Nokdu to sit on. Nokdu says, don’t touch my butt! Donju just sighs and says that her but will get worse, just sit on it. So he sits and they chat. He says he is only helping her once. She mentions that his good at laundry as a noble lady.

He says he is only helping her becuase he does not want her hand to get worse. that would bother her more. Later on, Nokdu puts balm on Dongju’s hand. He says he got it on the way there, not from the doctor. Dongju says it isn’t so bad, thinking about me like this. It also reminds her of her past.

Nokdu says no one helps her like this? I am like you mother then. Then he brings up that her mother must have been a good person? She asys yes. He envies her memory with her mother. She says it hurts becuse she remembers her so much, what about your mother?

He starts to think about his mother and we are sent into a flashback of him taking care of his sick and dying mother on her death bed. He says that father will bring medicine soon. She tells him that she is sorry that he had to live like this, she is so sorry. Now listen to me, your name is not Mang tae, it is Jeon….ee….

But then she starts gasping and can’t get the rest out. She gathers some strength and tells Nokdu, without you, my son, my Jiwon….then she falls. he starts to cry over her.

In the present, he tells Dongju that she is a good person, a poor person. Dongju asks if her but hurts? I can put medicine on it. Then she giggles when Nokdu stands quickly.

Dongju then asks if she can call Nokdu eunnie? She looks up at her sweetly. the music cuts in as Nokdu looks down on her. It is a magical moment.

Dongju finally asks, do you not like it? He says, I don’t like it. I – I am not eunnie. She asks if he is younger than her? he thinks back to meeting her when she was dressed as a boy and said they were born in different years.

he picks up his jacket, she says she does not have to call her eunnie, she can call her widow. he says he has to leave and hurries off. DOnju thinks that is weird, she is also busy.


Dongju gets back to the village at night and wonders why he said that, sigh. But then he notices all the woman running around and turning off all the lights in the village. he sees one of the avengers and asks her what is happening? The avenger tells him to be quiet and then peers around the corner.

We see shaman looking people walking up the street ringing a bell. the avenger says that the shaman is praying for the widow that is dying based on a wrong cause. You shouldn’t walk around like this or you will  be in trouble. Ghosts are running around so don’t turn on the light or you will be in trouble. Several widows died ignoring this warning.

She looks at the shaman and turns back around, Nokdu is gone.

Nokdu is actually following the shaman parade into the woods. It is a mysterious thing as many more people show up with cloaks on to cover their faces. But one of these people also looks like a man. Nokdu tries to get a closer look, but slips and falls.

The woman all pull out their arrows and unleash them in the area. they kill a hog nearby. The women take off to the area. Nokdu throws a rock somewhere to throw them off his scent and then he takes off running. One of the assassins isn’t fooled though and calls for the others with a whistle. She tries to run after Nokdu, but he escapes.

Back in the village, Dongju talks to a gisaeng outside the building. It looks like this gisaeng is one of her friends. 

At the same time, Nokdu is still trying to run away, the assassin is still following. The assassin sees Cheon outside the building and looks at her. inside, Nokdu looks around for his room and pokes a hole in the paper door to look inside.

Donju sees this and prepares for a fight.

Nokdu looks up the hall and sees Cheon and the assassin about to come, so he quickly goes inside where he is attacked by Dongju.


Dongju falls on the ground with Nokdu and is relieved that this is her and not a pervert. She asks why she is there. Nokdu says that she was looking for scissors to – um – cut your hair!

Outside the assassin opens each door.

Nokdu tells Donju to close her eyes, it will get in your eyes. He accidentally pokes her so she complains for a moment. He sighs and starts to cut her hair into some kind of shape.

Meanwhile, Heo Yoon goes to the gisaeng jip as well and asks Cheon if that guy is here? She says yes, he snuck in.

In the room, Nokdu keeps cutting Dongju’s hair. She tells him to just match the length, dont think about it so much. He tells her that it has to look good, it is her hair. Her hair is all messed up.

She wants to look in the mirror to inspect, but he will not let her so they start to grapple with the mirror and she ends up falling on top of him and accidentally hits him in his family jewels. He lets out a loud grown that everyone in the place here.

She is all like, um, what did I just feel? then she pokes him on his chin and is shocked, there is stuble! She picks up the scissors and holds them up to Nokdu.

He pretends like he is a girl and is all like, “OMO, Aya!”

Fade Out


I am really enjoying this show and loved the opening two episodes. Everything about it is whippy and smart and quick. I love how much ground we have covered in the opening two episodes while still understanding the back story but without spending all of the episode on flashbacks (I’m looking at you Melting Me Softly episode 2).

These female assassins are so cool, I love them and kind of want everyone to be friends because I love them so much. I also love the intrigue with the lost prince (at least that is what it appears that Nokdu is) and how he wanted to train to be a fighter in order to be a part of the royal guard or the military. But now, he is trying to find out who is trying to kill his family and is putting all the martial arts skills he learned to use.

It was so cute how this episode ended as well. I love how Donju accidentally racked Nokdu and he could not help but to groan out in pain, which caused every head in the hallway of the Giseang house to turn in their rooms direction. Nokdu and Dongju were both surprised at this twist of events as she looked at her hand to see if she really felt what she thought she felt. But they finished it off with him using what she taught him by reverting to a girls voice and saying, “OMO, Aya” like a woman would say in that situation. I loved it all.

Right now, I just hope that the next two episodes keep this bouncy vibe going, because I am hopping right along with it!


ND – To use the restroom?

DJ – *holds scissors to him*

ND – No, I will go in.

ND – That’s good, that’s good.

DJ – *says something serious to him*

DJ – I told you, don’t go anywhere!

DJ – You are not leaving! Stay next to me!

Cheon – Dong-ju?

Man – She is already old enough

Cheon – She is old but doesn’t behave

Man – *throws drink at her* You don’t decide, I decide

Gisaeng – Dongju! 

Assassins – How much did you hear?

ND – Heard that you would kill someone

Assassins – You heard it well.

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  1. Melo
    October 2, 2019 / 1:39 am

    The few minutes that you missed were comedic gold. The shortest of the female gang *finally understood* the real reason why female Nokdu acted so shy, it’s because she/he has a flat chest and that she can relate. Although hilarious, it was also heartwarming when she comforted Nokdu with saying that it’s not about the size but about the heart. I was in stitches when dong Joo Joo gave Nokdu a sympathy look and a pat in the back for consoling lol

    • V
      October 2, 2019 / 7:58 am

      Awwwwww! That would be such an adorable part to watch!!!! I need to go back and watch that.

  2. Table122000
    October 2, 2019 / 4:07 pm

    This episode was good too. I like that we had at tleast a few more “lady in disguise” hijinks between Nok Du and Dong Ju, but I think Dong Ju found out now. I wonder how/why she will agree to help Nok Du keep his secret? I’m looking forward to all their “partners in crime” hijinks as they help each other meet their goals. And, aww! Looks like Nok Du is starting to like Dong Ju already with those stares. Anyway, loving the performances by all the cast, the mystery elements of the script,the comedy and the fun vibe. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

    • V
      October 2, 2019 / 4:21 pm

      Oh, yay! You watched this episode already. I think Nok Du has definitely falled for Dong Ju already!

      • Table122000
        October 2, 2019 / 11:19 pm

        Yes! Nok Du definitely is already attracted to Dong Ju. And Dong Ju beginning to feel a connection too because she ask already if she can call Nok Du “Sister” .
        Also, forgot to say in my previous post Thank you for recapping this drama!

        • V
          October 3, 2019 / 10:05 am

          You’re welcome!

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