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The Tale of Nokdu: Episode 15 (29 – 30) Live Recap

Here we are at episode 15! Hard to believe that we made it to the almost end! The stakes are high and every side is feeling the squeeze. Will Nokdu be able to save the Kingdom and be King, does he even want that? Will Dongju be able to save Nokdu? And herself? Will the Queen and Nokdu get a chance to hug it out? We shall find out today!

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Our recap starts at 8 CST!

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Master Hwang tells Nokdu that 100s of private soldiers means that it is war. So tell me, what is important in this situation, not your fighting skills, but what?

Nokdu answers that it is your gut.

Hwang pats him on the back proudly and tells him to remember it well. He smiles brightly. Nokdu tells him to be careful. Hwang tells him that he is General Hwang, don’t worry, you be careful and then walks away.

Dongu comes up. Nokdu tells her that he won’t do anything dangerous, dont worry. Dongju tells him that she knows that she does not deserve to say this. But, whoever your father is, whoever I am, I don’t care, I just want to live happily with you. i am sick and tired of hating someone. I am tired of being sorry. Being alone in the dark is too scary. I don’t want to live without you so…

he hugs her.

….can I?

He says, yes, of course. She tells him, then goodbye, I will wait for you. He nods and walks off.

They go to the entrance with the carrier. Master Hwng tells him that everyone is at the back gate. Nokdu tells him, don’t worry, I won’t die. She said she will wait for me to have a happy life with me. So I have to go back alive.

Hwang tells him that now he is a little smarter. Okay, go.

Nokdu turns to the gates and then heads in with the carrier. Heavy chanting music cuts in as he walks to the center of the courtyard.

Yool Moo walks with his cockeye swagger to the center as well and tells Nokdu that he did well. He moves in closer. Nokdu grabs his sword and pulls it out on Yool Moo, almost slicing his head off.

Yool Moo angrily asks what he is doing? Nokdu says that he is here to suppress the coup! Whoever is regretting their decision, come to my side. No one? Okay, come in!

A ton of people run in who are all soldiers. Yool Moo asks why the politician person next to Nokdu is on his side now? We were talking about the coup even last night. Do you have another purpose? maybe he wans to be the King and make you and I fight!

The Queen comes in and says NONSENSE!



The Queen steps forward with Yoon Jeo and tells them it is nonsense because he does not have to. Yool Moo asks her what she is talking about. The Queen tells him that the King died with an accident.

Yool Moo asks what is going on. The Queen says that Nokdu does not have to have a coup because he is the Kings only son. He will be the King following the proper procedure. So you Yool Myung, stop saying those things!

Flashback to Nokdu talking to The King and asking him why he is doing this to his son. In case I kill him, I want to know the reason. The King told him that he had the fate of the King.

Yool Moo puts his sword on the ground and huffs. Then he looks at a man who puts a sword to the brothers back. 

YM – Proper procedure? His righteous prince? There is no proof

Queen – 20 years ago, he ismy own son that I gave birth to. I thought he was dead.

YM – Do you have proof?

Yoon Jeo comes out and says that he is the evidence. You guys remember me. 20 years ago, Jung Yoon Jeo who served the grand prince. With the Kings order, I went to bury the Grand Prince, I thought he was dead, but right before I buried him, he breathed again. So I raised him.

One of the men says that he was in jail not that long ago, so how can you trust him? Another man says that no one knows if he just brought a random person.

The Queen says, what about this! She pulls out her pendant and shows it to them. She says that she gave it to her son. For 20 years, everyone shuold know that the Queen carried that old broken jewel everywhere.

Nokdu takes his out and gives it to her.

She puts it together, it fits perfectly.

Yoon Jeo says that the Queen and he should not know what happened 20 years ago and made the evidence, so is that good enough evidence?

Yool Moo smiles smugly. 

Meanwhile, Dongju sits at home and thinks about her and Nokdu sitting in a cave. Then inside that flashback Nokdu thinks about his conversation with the King. The King told him that if he did not know about it they could have became a good father and son who loved each other.

Dongju hugs Nokdu as they sit by the fire and tells him that it is not his fault. He says, that is what I wanted to say. She tells him, sorry that I left you alone, I did not even know about this. I was afraid. if you knew about this, how would you look at me and how would our relationship be, everything…

He tells her, I am sorry to let you suffer alone. About your family. She says that she told him that things that happened to her family are not his fault. We could not do anything about it. So don’t do anything that will hurt your heart. I hope that you do not live in the hell that I lived in. From the bottom of my heart.

In the present, Yeon geun walks up and sees Nokdu sitting. He says that he told her to take a nap, why are you doing this? She asks if he went somewhere. He sys that he went here and there, he did not feel good about it, he thinks something happened in the palace.




Yool Moo asks why Yoon jeo snuck out the Kings son? Why didn’t you take him back to the King? Why did you hide and raise him? Was that about the rumor?

Nokdu says that the King wanted him to die.

Yool Moo asks, so the son that was abandoned as soon as he was born, who was abandoned by his own father and did not even know how he was raised, we should serve him? DO you think you deserve it?

Nokdu asks if the gisaeng thug deserves it? Did yo practice to be a good King while you were planning your coup since you were young?

Then Nokdu addresses everyone there and tells them that they do not have to have love from the King when the proper son becomes the next King. Even though I am not capable, you all can help me be better. We have a peaceful and lawful way, so do we really have to have a coup and draw blood?

The soldiers all walk up and intermix with the other group, kind of like they are sectioning them off?

yool Moo pulls his sword out and says that he is not going to let this happen. Nokdu yells, protect the Queen!

Then the fight starts!

Everyone sword fights. Nokdu pulls the Queen away to safety and Yoon Jeo follows. Master Hwang pulls Hwang-tae away. Yool Moo sees this and tells his guard to take care of it.

Nokdu takes the Queen to a remote location in the palace that is hard to find easily. Her maid is with her. She holds onto Nokdu’s hand strongly and then gives him a warm mama hug as she tells him that she is so sorry. She did not know he was alive like this. How difficult this must have been. How much you must have hurt.

He tearfully say, omoni. She asks if he can say that one more time. He says omoni one more time. She tells him that she will never lose him again. they hug again and both cry.

Meanwhile, Dongju gets to the gates of the palace.

Inside, the fight continues. Hwang is trying to leave with Hwang-tae. But then the assassin comes up to fight him.

With the Queen, the Queen tells him that he should not leave! What I said before was not all about handling that situation. If the King really does not come back, then you are the proper King, so how can you go into that dangerous place?

Nokdu tells her that the Kingdom is not for him. She says that she understands. They will have resistance and he is not use to it. But..

Nokdu tells her no, actually, I am afraid. The reason the King abandoned me. I hope the crown is not the only reason he abandoned me. If I know that he had another reason that he could not avoid, then it would hurt less possibly. I thought about it over and over again. I don’t want to be like that. i don’t want to be there.

He thinks about Dongju wanting to live happily with him. 

So he tells his mother that he is sorry. He lets go of her hand. She understands and tells him to go. But, promise me that you will not get hurt. Nokdu says yes, I promise you. He bows and tells the head maid to please take care of his mother. Then he walks out determined.

Elsewhere, another gate is broken open as Yool Moo runs in with guards. He asks for one of his persons arrows and says that he will find Nokdu and the Queen.

In another section of the palace, Master Hwang fights the assassin. But the assassin is better. He keeps getting the upper hand on Hwang. Though Hwang has his pride and swagger and smiles as he tells the assassin that the most important thing in a sword fight like this is grit.

He starts to fight some more, but falls to the ground and then a ton more guards shows up. Master Hwang pulls up his sword to take them all out.

In yet another spot, Yoon Jeo reunites with hwangta and tells him that he was looking for him and they should leave now. Hwang-tae tells him that he does not want to live in hiding anymore. he wants to use the name his Grandfather gave him. Yoon Jeo tells him that he does not want to stop him, but you know that this is not the right way.

Hwang tae says he knows, but what did you get following the right way? We lost our mother and everything I believe. Mother died and everything that I believed in collapsed. I am going to go to Yool Moo.

His father asks him what he promised him, did he promise that he would give you your name back and give you a position? Hwng-tae says yes, he promised me that.

The father asks why he would do that? He does not know anything about you. Why would he promise that to you? 

hwang tae says it is because he wants to threaten Nokdu because I am good bait. Even if I am angry and run away, or even if he is about to die, he will not let me go. Hwang-tae cries. 

His father wipes his tears and tells him that his heart already hurts like this, but you will continue to do that? You?

But then a guard comes and is about to kiss Hwang-tae. Yoon Jeo spins him around so he gets cut instead. Hwangtae stabs the guard and then starts to lift his father up.



But then he sees the assassin coming in. He tells his father to wait here. He should not catch you. His father tells him not to go. But Hwangtae tells him that he will be back, so you should not die.

Hwangtae takes a dagger from the dead soldier and hurries off. He goes in front of the assassin who asks him why he ran away. The asssassin says that eh was just avoiding the fight, but now you found me.

Cut to Dongju inside the palace. All the maids and servants are running out as she is running in.

She sees Yool moo about to fire his arrow at Nokdu so she gets in the way and he misses Nokdu. He yells, what are you doing! Follow him! Then he pulls Dongjua way.




Nokdu is helping one of the guards away. The arrow just grazed his arm so he was able to continue walking away with the guard. The guard tells him that he does not think they will survive without more help.

Elsewhere, Yool Moo asks Dongju what she is doing? She asks if he is trying to kill Nokdu and start a coup? He says that he could give her everything. She just needs to give him one thing, her heart. She tells him that he is scary to her. She thinks that he should be punished. But also, I am sorry and pity you. So it is kind of funny for me to say, but don’t do this dangerous thing.

Yool Moo has angry fiery tears in his eyes and tells her that he will see the end. He will got her and get it. You said that you won’t give me your heart? It does not matter if it is only your shell next to me. You have to be next to me. It will never happen that he has you as well. I will definitely kill him.

Elsewhere, Master Hwang kills all the guards and sees Yoon Jeo in serious need of help.

Nokdu also continues the fight at various locations in the palace.

Meanwhile, Dongju and Yool Moo walk and talk in the palace. He tells her that Nokdu will never know that she came here and saved his life. So what were you trying to do? here you trying to run away. You tried to kill his father and he is the son of the King that destroyed his family. So even though you guys tried to ignore it, eventually it will be a tragedy. Am I wrong? take her away.

He tells another guard that he should protect her well.

Then Yool Moo goes to the large coutryard and looks at all the dead on their side. The head of the guard is one of the dead, killed by Nokdu with a spear. But they still outnumber them. So even if they are attacked again…

Yool Moo asks if he wants them to wait for them to attack again even though we have the numbers on our side? 

Another man comes up and says that he saw them going into a building. Yool Moo says that he is happy that they are together like that, so attacked them now. But then he sees Hwangtae and sighs. He walks to him and says that he thought he ran away. Hwangtae asks why he would do that. So Yool Moo tells him that they should go to the building together so he can see his last moment.

They all head out.



They go to another part of the palace where Nokdu and his people are fortressed in. So Yool Moo and his people try to break in.

Meanwhile, Dongju waits inside this room. One of the soldiers outside the room whispers and says that he has to take a leak. the other soldier says that they are just guarding this one woman so you can leave.

Dongju hears this and gets out her crossbow. She shoots one of the men right in the chest and heads out.

Elsewhere, Yool Moo’s people break open the gate and head inside to this other huge building in the palace where Nokdu and his people are hauled up.

There is another big courtyard here so the guards all situate themselves around it and start to look around all the buildings.

Then the gates are closed on them and Nokdu comes bursting out of one of the buildings and glares at Yool Moo. It looks like this was a trap!

He looks around and says, you brought everyone here? Good.

Then we see that all the assassin woman are here and are surrounding them in the courtyard! They point their arrows at them and are also on foot with their swords.

Flashback to the guard telling Nokduu that they will not be able to survive with only there soldiers. okdu says that it is almost the time. Then arrows shoot and kill some guards. Ssook comes out and asks Nokdu, widow Kim, are we too late? He smiles.

Int he present, the assassin woman all run and starts to kill all the men. Now the tables have turned!

The sniper arrow ladies take out a lot of people on the ground. The ground fighters also take out a lot of men. Then Dongju comes around and takes out one as well. Nokdu sees her and pulls her away. Yool Moo sees them both and tells his assassin to follow them!

So Nokdu pulls DOngju to a safe spot and asks why she is here! She says that she will go anywhere he is. I can’t live without you. 

He asks, now you know that? Of course you can’t live without me and I can’t live without you. So don’t worry. He gives her a little hug but sees the assassin and tells her to hide, he will be back. he gives her a peck and runs back to the fight.

It is suddenly dark all of a sudden. Nokdu confronts the assassina nd starts to fight him. In the next courtyard over, all the people look at Nokdu fighting the assassin and do not fight themselves anymore. It is a stand off.

Nokdu and the assassin keep fighting. 



The assassin starts laughing. Nokdu asks, are you laughing? The assassin says that it is as fun to fight him as he expected. Nokdu calls him crazy and they keep fighting.

The assassin cuts Nokdu’s back. Nokdu cuts the assassins leg. Yool Moo gets an arrows ready and is about to shoot Nokdu. Hwang-tae takes out his dagger and cuts Yool Moo’s arm. Everyone pulls out their swords again and the fight continues!

the assassin yells for Yool Moo to be careful! The assassin ladies start to fight Yool Moo so the assassin runs back to protect him. Yool Moo stands there like a steeple as his assassin fights to protect him. But Ssook stabs the guard through which makes him crumble to the ground.

Yool Moo is shocked and drops to his feet as well. He holds his assassin friend as he dies and everyone watches them. Ssook asks Nokdu if she can get her revenge on Hang Soo? Nokdu nods yes.

So she lifts up her sword to kill Yool Moo.

But then someone yells EVERYONE STOP!

Everyone actually stops and turns their heads.

Many many people start to walk in along with the King! The King is alive!

The Kings guards start to walk around and surround the area, they all pull their swords and tells the lady fighters to drop their weapons. They all drop their weapons, then the King walks in.

Nokdu is stunned to see him. The King looks at him with daggers in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Daebi, the former Queen, asks a guard if the rumor is true? The Queen’s son is still alive? The guard says yes. Daebii says that the King died too easily and asks what to do with Yool Moo? We should not let him become the King.

Another guard comes in to tell Daebi that the King came back. She is all like, wtf? You said he was dead! The other guard says that he brought his soldiers. Daebi, we need to leave. But she says no, I need to see him.



Daebi goes outside and sees Daebi. He asks her why she is here? She says that she was dragged and threatened. The King asks who did it?

Cut back to the King looking at Nokdu and then looking at Yool Moo.

King – Right before you got your goal, I bothered you?

The King pulls out his sword then he holds it to Nokdu’s neck. 

VO – I asked you who dragged you here for the coup!

Queen – The new guy, he said that he is your son.

Nokdu looks at the blade on his neck. The King is glaring at him.

King – You asked me if I abandoned you only because of that shaman? Yes, I did. And I killed that shaman and ordered to kill Yoon jeo. Don’t look at me like that. I did what I had to do. See, after following the shaman, you tried to get my position and made me dead.

He puts the sword down.

King – You want to say no? So why? if you don’t want the coup then why did you sneak in next to me! And made me tell you everything. I abandoned you. I killed you many times! You should have hated me. Isn’t that true?

Nokdu is bloody and beaten and close to tears.

King – Is it not true!

Nokdu – Yes, I hate you to my bone!

King – Yes, you should. That is why you stared this.

Yool Moo stands up. He tells the King sorry, I tried to stop it, but he said you were dead. But Hwang tae says that he is lying, Yool Moo is the one that started the coup! My brother tried to stop him! Yool Moo says that hwang tae lied to him and protected his younger brother.

King – You lied to me right next to me and prepared a lot to get your revenge on me.

Nokdu – what can I say to make you believe me?

Somewhere else in the area, Daebi tells her person to kill everyone who will make trouble and quiet the rest. The King does not want to believe his son. if he sees anyone on Nokdu’s side then he will think that that person is part of the coup. No one will be on Nokdu’s side, the side of he guy abandoned by his own father.

Nokdu asks the King if he trust him that he wanted to stop Yool Moo? Would you believe that I was afraid but happy next to you even though I did not know what you thought of me. You will believe nothing except that I wanted to have a coup.

King  – Did you really want to have a coup?

Nokdu – Does it hurt your heart because of me?

King – what?

Nokdu – I ask you because it hurts that you trust me and put me closest to you but I was actually your son and tried to have a coup, does it hurt your heart?

King – Are you trying to humiliate me again?

Nokdu – Do you feel disgusted with yourself that you trusted me without knowing anything? Are you heart broken because of the betrayal?

King – How dare you

Nokdu – As I was, who was abandoned by you. If you are, then I will give you the answer that you want. Yes, I will take you down and kill you myself, that is that I wanted. is that what you want?

The Kign holds his heart and almost falls to the ground. He tells his people that he confessed his own sin, arrest him.

he people all pick up their swords. Dongju shoots one of the guards. Yool Moo pulls the King away. Hwang-tae pulls Nokdu away. Dongju leaves with them.

Fade Out



the King was alive! We were right!

Okay, with all that said, I didn’t really like this episode. it felt like someone else wrote it and directed it. For some reason it did not feel as urgent as I wanted it to? And it almost felt like a stage? And the ending was so quick and really frustrating to me.

But I really really really loved when the assassin women showed up. I did not realize there were so many of them! I loved that scene and kind of wish we could have had them around even more. I also wish that the Ajumma Avengers showed up too in some capacity! Maybe they will make an appearance int he next episode?

I dont’ really get this ending and was so confused with Daebi (the former queen) showing up all of a sudden when she was MIA for the whole drama. Though I can go with it since I love this show. But I wish it would have been handled differently in some way? For instance, perhaps all of Yool Moo’s men could have been killed and only Yool Moo remained. Then the King comes bursting in and Yool Moo tells the King that he was trying to protect the Kings position from these insurgents or something like that? I don’t know. I just wish this episode felt more urgent. Or is this palace just that huge for people to just be chilling and walking casually around while several people are being slaughtered in a coup nearby?

Whatever the case, I am ready for this story to end in one week! I will see you all there!


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  1. CB
    November 19, 2019 / 9:25 am

    I knew King would be alive.. But im really scared as to what it means for Nokdu now.. Thankyou for recapping!!

  2. Ica
    November 19, 2019 / 9:59 am

    Thank you for the recap!!! Pretty sure that the king just lost any possibility of redemption after this episode. And WTF Daebi?!!!
    Jang Dong-yoon is such a good fit for this role and I hope to see him in many more action genre films/kdramas in the future! He’s action scenes were amazing! (Shout out to Dan Ho’s actor as well!)
    Also, continuing on with strong women! I love how the Muweol corps joined in and Ssook and Dong ju being bad ass women!!!

    • V
      November 19, 2019 / 10:40 am

      Every main character in this story is aces! I really want to see them all in something else. Especially jang Dong-yoon and Kang tae-oh. They can both really carry a scene!

    • Jo
      November 19, 2019 / 10:58 am

      I didnt understand why Daebi came until this ep. Nodku doesnt want to be king so she and her son will probably take over and Nodku will leave and live by the sea. Also. Totally understand the ep felt different than the others like it was filmed WAYYYY before the previous ones or something, still..I love the show and I wonder how the heck it will all end

  3. Ciele
    November 19, 2019 / 10:18 am

    I agree with your comments on this. I felt very excited while readin your live rrcap especially when the Muweol corps showed up( been waiting for it!) but Darn! The king!!!! I hope the drama to have a satisfying ending…tho one week is kinda long for me to endure given the ending of tonight’s episodes. Thanks for the recap! :).

    • V
      November 19, 2019 / 10:41 am

      I know! They did not give us any hope of a happy ending with this ending so i am a bit stressed actually? 😅

  4. Rose
    November 19, 2019 / 11:27 am

    Thanks for the recap V! All i can think right now is….F-you king! I officially hate you! You are evil to the core disguised as a good person…..ggrr!!!

    Thanks again! ☺

    • V
      November 19, 2019 / 11:29 am

      The poor man fell from a cliff, Rose! Give him a tiny break 😂😂😂😂

  5. Shann
    November 19, 2019 / 11:59 am

    I had a little laugh at the end, when everyone started retreating and pulling back the King with just Dongju’s appearance with her bow and arrow hahaha. The women are really the strongest in this drama! I have hope though, that NokDu will definitely choose Dongju over the throne.

    Btw, does Daebi actually know her son is dead? What is her goal?

  6. Odila Maria
    November 19, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    I have conflicting feelings about this episode. Because I realized that maybe my happy ending won’t happen. Let’s hope and pray!!! Thanks for the recap!!

  7. iceprincess
    November 19, 2019 / 3:51 pm

    I am sure ND will choose DJ over anything. He does not care to be King although he will be a good and kind-hearted one. YM will probably succeed to be the King as history has told us, his character is not in the webtoon and he was created just for the reason of linking history to fiction I guess. I expect a very happy ending for our OTP.

    • Mary Mitris
      November 20, 2019 / 1:52 pm

      Yes I believe Yul Moo will become King as in history. I think there will be a big reveal Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom style where we find out Yul Moo was born on the same day as Nok du. Shamans prediction was about him not Nok du.

  8. Missjb
    November 19, 2019 / 6:33 pm

    I don’t get it why anyone doesn’t see the sign the king gets swayed by Nokdu’s words. He see’s Nokdu’s sincerity through his son expression. He is definitely touch and desperately want to believe the prophecy from shaman was wrong all along. He has been fighting with his inner turmoil through the whole scene.

    • CB
      November 20, 2019 / 1:12 am

      He is affected .. a lot actually when nokdu confessed he wanted to kill him.. he was visibly swayed.. but the thing is that even then he gave the order to capture the “criminal”.. he valued others words more than his own son..

    • Mary Mitris
      November 20, 2019 / 2:40 pm

      I think the King will have a change of heart.
      Maybe shaman was not wrong though? When was Yul Moo born? Maybe another twist will come that he was born same day as Nok du?

  9. noor
    November 20, 2019 / 3:08 am

    Thanks for the recap!

  10. tetehdina
    November 20, 2019 / 8:12 am

    The appearance of ex queen Daebi may be as a vehicle to make the ending close to history. YM still gonna be King Injo, a weak king with no power. Everyone in his side (in this coup) originally sides with the dead prince (Daebi’s son). So even though YM will be the next king
    he’ll lack power.

    King Gwanghae soon will realise that YM is the real traitor, he’ll be dethroned and disposed to Jeju. He’ll regret not trusting his own son.

    I dont know what will happen to DJ and ND. Will they live in hiding? Or assume new identity? As long as they are together they’ll be happy.

  11. Mary Mitris
    November 20, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    I think the King will have a change of heart.
    Maybe shaman was not wrong though? When was Yul Moo born? Maybe another twist will come that he was born same day as Nok du?

    • V
      November 20, 2019 / 4:46 pm

      Yes! Yool Moo could be the one that the shaman was talking about 😲

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