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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Kdrama Live Recap Episode 5

Seo In-guk standing in the rain holding an umbrella in Kdrama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Moo-young spotted something that changes everything. Did he put that sculpture there or did someone else (ie. Yoo-ri)? Right now all signs point to Yoo-ri as the killer and Moo-young as the cover up person. But I have a feeling that our expectations will be flipped once again.

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MY looks for the cat on his rooftop. It is pouring rain outside so he has an umbrella as he looks for the cat. The cat jumps out from an area and knocks over something, revealing the potential murder weapon.

At the same time, Yoo-ri tries to run over Jin-kang in her car. Jin-kook saves Jin Kang and they both see that yoo-ri is passed out in the car. They hurry her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Yoo-ri is still passed out as Jin-kang and Jin-kook wait for the news from the doctor. the doctor comes and says that YR needs to eat something, she is malnurished and took a sleeping pill. She needs to eat but there is nothing that is an emergency. He leaves.

Jin-kang tells him that he needs to get treatment himself. Kook looks at his arm as JK holds it and tries to see if he is in pain, he is and cries like a little baby. Cut to him getting treatment, it looks like his arms is all scratched up and Jin-kang’s arm has tendon damage. But Kook acts like his injury is way worse than JK’s. JK tells the nurse to make it even more painful for him.

Meanwhile, Moo-young goes inside his place with the statue? he picks up something that looks like blood stained paper. He puts it in a box along with a cell phone and the statue. it appears like he wants to burn them all? But he gets a all from someone. This person is a woman and asks him if he knows Im Yoo-ri.

Moo-young drives to the hospital.

At the same time, Kook goes to Yoo-ri’s car and watches CCTV footage from it. It shows Jin-kang leaving her place.

Inside the hospital, Moo-young goes to Yoo-ri’s bedside, Jin-kang is there. They talk about Yoo-ri. But Moo-young looks worried about Jin-kangs arm. She tells him that it is just a tendon tear, nothing big. Kook goes inside and sees Moo-young talking to his sister. he asks him to talk to him for a second. They go somewhere in the hospital to talk. Kook tells him that he watched the blackbox in the car, she watched Jin-kang for more than two hours. What do you think would have happened if I was not there? What do you think would have happened to Jin-kang?

Moo-young looked concerned for a moment but then smirks and tells him that it is a strange story. Kook tells him that this is related to him in a way because I told her that I suspected you and she would be in trouble for protecting you. Moo-young tries to make the situation lighter and tells Kook that this might not be the case. he starts to leave but MY says that he also wonders why Yoo-ri did it.

Kook and Jin-kang drive home later on. Kook asks her when she became friends with Jin-kang? You used banmal with him. But hse tells him that they are not close. Sh also wonders if Yoo-ri had car trouble or something, the car accelerate so quickly so I thought that might have been it. Kook tells her that she had a sleeping pill so that might have been a reason. Then he starts to play with her about pulling her out of the way and his scratch that hurt so much and her oogly face. They both laugh, but Kook looks serious when he turns to the window.

Moo-young is still at the hospital and thinks about the CCTV. He is about to leave, but stops when he sees the psychiatrists book at her bedside.

The next day, Kook meets with CR at a cafe. They happily eat.

Cut back to the hospital. Yoori wakes up with a start and sees Moo-young in front of her. He asks her if she is okay. She wonders why she is there, what happened? He does not tell her and just says that they should leave, he can take her with him. Outside he tells her to look at her black box and then she will know. She yells at him to tell her what happened, she has no memory of it. Why am I here? Moo-young tells her that the police brought her there (which I think is a lie because Kook and JK brought her there?).

At the cafe, Cho-rong and Kook start to talk about MY’s amazing memory. Kook also shows him the beer cup logo that is in the photo and explains that MY is also left handed. CR wants to catch MY and interrogate him. But Kook tells him this is not 1988, just sit. he is not easy. if he is the real murderer then he would not ignore the CCTV near the house. he would know of it before. But one of the CCTV on the building is fake. He cleaned up the room meticulously so of course he should know the CCTV in the building. Kook tells CR to investigate around Yoori, but don’t touch her. MY should know how the CCTV works from Yoori or Moo-young.

Kook tells CR to tell their team leader that is is working on the scooter thing on foot.

Elsewhere, JK tells her boss that she won’t be able to come in today. She will when she feels a little bit better. She is outside somewhere and starts to walk off, but hears a honk. It is Moo-young. he gives her a ride home and also asks her if she is okay. She tells him she is fine, just a little chilly. She has a book (the psychiatrists book) and tells MY that it is actually her brothers book.

She leaves the car and tries to get into her place, but she can’t open the gate, so Moo-young helps her. he also walks her to her front door (maybe he saw the password). She goes inside with out another goodbye. Moo-young walks back to his car and then takes off quickly toward some place.
Cut to Yoori looking at her CCTV. it looks like she really might not have known what she was doing that night. She gets out with the sd card and breaks it. Then she throws is somewhere and walks back to her car.

Kook is at the police station thinking about this case. he looks concerned as he thinks about the car zooming toward his sister and stands up suddenly. His fellow officers ask what is wrong, but he just says nothing is wrong and sits.

Elsewhere, Seung-ah goes to her studio to work. her employee tells her that her things will sell quickly at that price. Seung-ah is happy about that so she texts MY to tell him about it. And says that they can see each other soon. Moo-young is at work and sees the text, but he does not check it right away. His boss asks him what happened with the wedding beer so he tells his friend to clean up the area a little bit. the friend wonders how he MY make that beer? Doesn’t he have any pride?

At the police station area, Tak talks to Kook about what is going on. She sees that he locked himself tot he chair and wonders what in the world he is doing. Kook tells her he did that as a precaution to not kill someone’s precious daughter.

Meanwhile, Yoori meets with Moo-young over drinks. She tells him that she did not know why she did that, she hadn’t even had drugs since she met him. He smiles and asys he knows, but he also asks why she really did it. She smiles and tells him that she will tell him, but he should not be angry. She actually did not know that she was his sisiter. MY asks her if she followed JK from the begining? Why? (but he asks her in a playful way).

At the police station, Tak is filled in on everything that happened the night before. He tells her that it is strange. Why was she waiting in front of my house and why Jin-kang and not me? maybe Jin-kang was the target from the begining and not me? Tak thinks there is no reason for Jin-kang to be the target. Kook thinks that makes sense.

At the bar, Moo-young walks out with Yoori running after him. She asks if he likes her because she is an orphan? Why? She isn’t even that pretty (lol). He asks her if she thinks he likes her? Hmm, I’ll think about it. He turns to leave. Yoori tells him not to leave, if he leaves then she will tell everything to the polcieman. I remember everything, I will tell him everything because I remember it all now.

He tells her to do whatever and leaves. She mutters that he said he would not get angry.
At home, Jin-kang comes in and tells Kook that she is sorry that she is late. he tells her that she needs to eat rice and not cold potatoes, all day long. She tells him that she slept for 12 hours and didn’t even wake up, then she gives his book to him. Moo-young gave it to her. Kook asks how she met him since she did not go to work? JK explains that she met him at the busstop. Kook is all upset that she is still seeing him. kang basically tells Kook that he is just like that one ajumma.

Kook is all like, I AM NOT LIKE HER. JKang laughs . Kook tells her that he just does not feel good about that guy. So Jkang mocks him and says that he is just like that ajumma and she will play with him more. Don’t do those things to him…he is…~. She thinks about how he is an orphan. But she tells him that they are from the same home town and goes to her room.

The next day, Moo-young waits for Jkang in his car and gives her a ride to work. He asks where her company is. She tells him this is good for her, but what happened, why are all the houses so nice over here. He asks her if she feels better? She says she does not feel better at all, lets go to the company.

Moo-young drives her there while thinking about what YR said about how he likes JK, don’t you know that? Even a stupid person like me knows that. They keep driving. JK asks MY how he knows Yoori. He tells her that Yoori is not a woman to him. JK tells him, whatever, I just wanted to know how you know her.

Moo-young tells JK to come out earlier, their morning together is too short. She mutters something back, sarcastic. they get to the workplace. MY tells her that she should date him, he likes her. JK tells him that he is crazy. She is pretty annoyed about it. He says he wants to date her, he likes her. JK just rolls her eyes and tells him that he needs to keep hold of his common sense, at least for Seung-ah. She leaves. Moo-young tells her that she can keep her policeman and date them both, he does not care. But he says it playfully.

Elsewhere, Kook meets with Yoo-ri at her studio. He is so annoyed with her but tries to keep his temper. He asks why she did that to his sister. She smugly says it is because she made him mad. Kook asks why she made him mad? Was it bcause of me? YR just tells him that she was mad at his sister, okay? Kook asks if she tried to kill her? YR nonchalantly says that she might have, she was about to hit her, right? Kook tries to hold his emtions back and asks what the reason is?

Yoori just happily says that she does not want to tell him. Kook throws a chair/table and asks how she can do that? YR says that she is an orphan right? I heard your sister and Moo-young talking. They were super happy talking about how they were both orphans. Kook angrily asks if that is why she did it? Because of that? I don’t know what you heard but his girlfriend is not my sister, it is someone else!

YR tells him that is not important, Moo-young likes your sister. This is news to Kook. Yoo-ri repeats herself, Kim Moo-young likes your sister. Kook says it isn’t true, you misunderstood it. And second, you need to promise this to me, it is my warning, never ever touch my sister. Yoori tells him that she can’t promise him anything. Kook handcuffs her and tells her that she needs to go to jail. He is about to hancuffs her writs but sees that she has a lot of scars on her wrist as if she tried to kill herself several times or is a self-harmer. But Kook still arrests her for attempted murder.
Kook drives to the police station. Tak runs out happily and says today’s menu is guk su, but Kook is in a serious mood and pulls Yoori out of the car. He escorts her inside and puts her in jail for a murder attempt. Tak wonders what is going on, why did you arrest her? She runs after him.

Kook walks outside and is talked to by CR, but he is not in a mood to talk and quickly gets in his car to drive off. tak takes CR with her to a cafe. She fills him in on JK almost getting hit by a car. Cho-rang is so anxious about this and starts to call JK, but Tak tells him not to. It will just make her nervous if you call and ask her questions.

Meanwhile, Kook goes to get the blackbox footage from Yoori’s car. But she got rid of it. However, he sees a CCTV nearby and finds out that Yoori threw the SD card into the empty lot.

At the same time, Woo-sang gets filled in about the beer that will be at his wedding. The boss says that Moo-youngs recipe is the best. But Woo-sang just looks blankly at the boss and asks him if they really need Moo-young tomorrow. He leaves, but walks right past Moo-young on the way out. The CEO and another worker start to talk about the marriage rumors of instability and how Moo-young is involved. Why does he want him to fire Moo-young? He is the largest shareholder, but shy does he want me to fire my employee?

Across town, Jin-kang meets with Seung-ah at her studio. SA asks about her arm but then tells JK that she wants to run away with Moo-young. Jin-kang is all like, what? They sit and talk. Seung-ah has 2 million dollars from selling her building (not all her ceramics). She asks if her parents were okay with it. Seung-ah just smiles likea love sick fool and says that she can go to Greece or some other place with Moo-young. No one can know. Or they can go to his hometown, if he likes it then i can do it.

Jin-kang looks concerned and tries to interupt Seung-ah, but Seung-ah keeps talking about Moo-young and his funny family members that wore the same clothing all year. Jin-kang looks like she knows what Moo-young really meant.

At home, Kook looks at the broken memory card. Cho-rang is at the police station and called Kook at that moment. he asks him what they will do. This girl is crazy, everyone that I talked to about her says that she is crazy crazy. She was even in a book. Kook looks at the psychiatrists book and asks if thta was true? he starts to flip through the book. Chorang says that Yoori was the youngest daughter of a famous gynecologist. She has had a lot of problems her entire life. Kook starts reading the book.

VO – She tried to kill herself as a kid and did not talk for months or respond at all. She just took the dolls I gave her. On the 8th meeting, I heard her voice. The first thing she told me was, can you see me? Mom says that she does not see me. Mom does not see me – that is the first thing that she said.
Jin-kang leaves Seung-ah and starts to head home on the bus. She text Moo-young and asks him if he knows what Seung-ah is thinking now? Moo-young drives next to the bus and points to his ear for her to call him.

At the police station, Yoori gets released due to lack of evidence. Cho-rang is beside himself with worry about it. But then he sees a guy come in named Oh Barum. It looks like this person might be important?

At the brewery, Moo-young pretty much gets fired. But the boss says that he will recommend him for Eagle Brewery, don’t ask him why, it will just be for a little bit.

Inside the police station, Kook works on the computer as Cho-rang asks him why he released Yoori. he doesn’t really get a response. Cho-rang sits next to him and talks about a gift that he got JKang, but the gift is heart fingers. But the real gift is Oh Barum who is the scooter guy from the rich family. he really wants his scooter. Cut to pandemonium in the police station as Barum tells them that he wants his scooter!

Cho-rang tells him that they will not be able to find it from public CCTV, you know. barum goes crazy. Cho-rang then asks to search someones folder. It looks like Cho-rang was able to use Barum to get all the private CCTV footage from the crime scene because the crime scene was very close to where the scooter was stolen. he was able to copy private and public CCTV’s one kilometer radius around the crime scene. Kook is so happy that he bursts out in a huge smile and hugs Cho-rang.

Meanwhile at the brewery, Seung-ah goes to find Moo-young. But she finds out that he was fired. Hee-joon tells her that it is all because of her, rich poeple can do these kinds of things when they are angry. Seung-ah asks him if he can call Moo-young for her.

Moo-young and Seung-ah end up meeting at a cafe somewhere. He tells her that he was sorry to make her worry (because he did not take her phone calls). She apologizes for what happened with his job and tells him that he does not need to find another job. He should quit that job anyway. I told you that I am going to be smart from now on. Everything is ready, let’s leave.
Later on, Jin-kang rides the bus and gets a call from Seung-ah. She ends up runnig to the cafe to meet with Seung-ah. When she gets there, she finds Seung-ah crying. She wants to know what happened. All Seung-ah says is that it is all her fault. JK asks what is.

Flashback to Seung-ah telling Moo-young that they are rich right? Where would you like to go? Somewhere warm like Greece? When we leave I will not take anthing with me, just one bag. He tells her that they can go. She asks him where he is going? He says he is going home to work on his resume.

Seung-ah cries and says that she thinks she hurt Moo-youngs pride because all she talked about was money. I hate Woo-sang oppa. Jin-kang tells her to slow down a little bit. But Seung-ah just talks about how she hates her mother and father and Woo-sang. JK tells her that she needs to know what kind of person Moo-young is, you have to find out if he is the right person for you and if you two are a good match. You only dated for two months. Seung-ah says that she understands what JK is saying, but you don’t know him, that is why you are saying that. She walks away.

The next day, Moo-young sees that Jin-kang was waiting for him outside somewhere. He is in a happy mood but JK is upset and asks him what he is going to do with Seung-ah? MY tells JK that he does not like Seung-ah and ignored her calls but seh did not understand so I had to tell her everything. I told her that I cannot leave and there is no love between them. I do not love you. JK asks why he messed with someone like Seung-ah. MY starts to talk about how church and how you go to church even though there is no God, love is like that too.

JK asks if it was bad for him? He says yes. She asks if he does not care about the other person? He says yes. She asks if he has every liked someone truly? he smiles and says yes, you. KJ asks if someones heart is nothing for him? He asks her why she is looking at him like that? She tells him it is because she pities him. Then she walks away.

He calls after her, YAH. But she keeps walking away.
Meanwhile, Cho-rang waits outside the station for Kook. Kook shows up but Cho-rang tells him that his mother made gomtang for him and is at the airport. But Kook alludes to finding something so CR goes inside to look at it. Kook shows him the route you can use to avoid the CCTV. there were a lot of cars that passed by that night.

Cut to Kook working on this for hours. he looks through all the CCTV footage.

At Moo-young’s home, we get confirmation that he is a lefty because he bounces a tennis ball with his left hand. But all he is thinking about is Jin-kang telling him that she pitied him. he stops bouncing the ball and gets up to go somewhere.

Back at the station, Kook finds something on one of the CCTV’s. He sees someone with the umbrella and the brewery delivery truck. Upon closer inspection, it looks like Moo young is carrying the umbrella. A car drives by so he was possibly caught on the car’s black box as well.

Fade Out

Okay, Seung-ah is going absolutely losing her ever loving mind for Moo-young. I thought Moo-young might roll with it, take all her money and leave her in a lurch. But he actually broke up with her. Soooo, is he really not that bad of a guy? Or is he just sprung for Jin-kang and does not want to mess up her friends life?

Kook – Maybe I should ask him
MY – Do you still think I killed ~
Kook – He pretended like it was nothing, but I felt that he was nervous.
MY – Hey you don’t have to look at me like that, it is not the first time you saw a burn.
My – You look okay, you made me unable to do anything all day.
JK – What are you doing?
MY – I made it tight just in case you kiss him.(?) Why, do you want that?
SA – Do you like Jin-kang eunnie?
JK – Seung-ah.
SA – What about you eunnie, do you like Moo-young also?

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    Kocowa and VIU are only available in certain countries, so you will need to go to the websites to see if the service is available in your country. Of the currently airing Korean shows that were on DramaFever, all of them are available on VIU (like 3rd Charm, 100 Days My Prince, etc) except Devilish Joy. Kocowa has Terius and Two lives, One Heart/Heart Surgeons. Viki has Room No. 9, The Player, Two Lives,One Heart/Heart Surgeons. If you can’t watch a drama on a legal streaming service because it is not available in your country, or for any older dramas (like Goblin) you can try one of these “other sites:
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    • Ianna
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      Also would like to add watchasian.io here as an alternative site to visit

  2. Table122000
    October 17, 2018 / 1:41 pm

    Thank you for continuing to recap this drama. Wow! I can’t believe Moo Young has fallen for Jin Kang so quickly, and he actually told Seung Ah? Or maybe not, but he broke up with her for sure, right? I wonder if Jin Kang will agree to date Moo Young and give up her friendship with Seung Ah? Right now, I think she is standing by Seung Ah. Can’t wait to see what happens next episode.

    • V
      October 17, 2018 / 3:38 pm

      I think she is standing by Seung Ah, too. It feels like something big will have to happen for her to date Moo Young against Seung Ah’s wishes.

  3. Evelyn
    October 17, 2018 / 11:25 pm

    Thanks for the recap once again 🙂 Some thoughts,

    – I’m slightly surprised that MY isn’t aware he likes JK actually, that it had to take YR to make it aware to him. But Idk, maybe, he knows he’s drawn to her but doesn’t consider it as romantic as of yet
    – Gook can be really scary. Even CR mentioned that on his date with JK. And I stand by my initial thoughts that I think he has it in him to kill or seriously hurt someone. Which I think might be what he did in the past, with the history tying him and MY/JK together. He’s insanely protective of JK and can get very intensely angered over people who hurt her.
    – This ep has changed my mind more about SA and JK’s friendship. I don’t think they are really close friends, more like familiar acquaintances.
    – MY’s boss is ??? Just ‘transferring’ him like that?
    – Also, seriously dislike SA and I want her to disappear. She can go run away on her own. This ep shows how self-centred and selfish she is. Also, seriously has no EQ. You wanna run away with a guy you barely know and didn’t even bother to check with him if he’s ok with your plan? You just plan things on your own and announce it to him? Also the dude just lost his job, and all you can talk about happily is running away? And she still didn’t get it in the end, insisting to JK that she hurt his pride over money. *eyeroll*
    – Really liked JK and MY’s conversation as the end. I find the comparison between the existence of love/church that MY made, interesting. Definitely bothered MY as he kept thinking about the conversation later on
    – Feel sad for young YR. Still unsure who the real killer is
    – If I were JK, and had to choose between MY and SA, I think I will go with neither. In fact, I hope SA uses MY breaking up with her to end her friendship with JK, cause I’m tired of seeing her make use of JK every time crap hits the fan for her. Their ‘friendship’ is so one sided and she doesn’t seem to care for JK much.

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