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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

Seo In-Guk sitting at an outdoor table in Kdrama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
It feels like 10 episodes has already passed and yet we are only on episode 4. I love it when a show makes time feel like it does not follow the regular laws of the universe.

Right now I really wonder if Jin-kang’s brother is her blood related brother or if he was just a rookie cop with a heart who adopted her. They have similar names though so that is probably not the case. I am so confused, but in the best way.

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We open with Moo-young walking to his rooftop. He does not look extra surprised to see Jin-Kook there and walks over to him to find out exactly why he is there. Jin Kook stands and dusts off his hands, he says he was waiting for him. He asked him before about someone dying, well let me ask you, how did you feel when you killed someone?

Moo-young looks at him quietly for a long moment, but then he says that it was super cool.

Kook tells him that he aws looking at himself at the police station weren’t you? You weren’t looking at the boyfriend, but yourself in the mirror.

MY – Yes, I killed her.

MY starts laughing a bit and tells him that he really wanted to do that. Stop watching dramas. I was talking about the movie, the fantasy….I need to go to work. He starts to walk away, but Kook throws him something. MY grabs it with his left hand so Kook tells him that he is a lefty. MY tells him that he uses both perfectly.

What Kook threw is the snow globe. He asked him where he wants to put it, next to the boat or the angel? Moo-young tells him, next to the angel. Kook asks him if he wants to know a funny story? You know my sister, she has a very good friend. Her bracelet broke and her boyfriend fixed it, later on, it was in the same exact order. There were moer than 20 marbles but it was in the same order.

Moo-young tells him it was cool. Kook tells him that he knows of a cooler thing. The college student that died had the same thing that happened. The snow globes fell and were put back in the same order. It was you.

Moo-young tells him that it was not him, he just fixed the bracelet. and the angel, Rudolph….snow man….flower…..angel….yeah, the angel is better. (He thought about the order as he said them).

Kook asks him if he is mocking him, you are a suspect from today. So expect it. Moo-young tells him, fighting, let me know when you catch him. Wow, 50, I really wonder who that person is.

Moo-young walks away, but his smile disappears when he does. Kook walks off with the snow globe.

Moo-young thinks at home, he looks dangerous.

Kook hops in the car with Jin-kang. She asks him why he is so late, but he is more concerned with telling her to never ever meet Moo-young and don’t let Seung-ah date him anymore.

Meanwhile, Seung-ah’s mother looks pissed. In the car outside, Seung-ah meets with Woo-sang. She tells him that she slept with Moo-young and she does not regret it. Woo-sang grabs her by the cheek like a chipmung and tells her that she does not know what regret is. You regret it? What? he pushes her head back and lets go of her check. She looks out the window in alarm.

everything is quiet for a moment, but then Woo-sang tells her to look at him, you should apologize when you do not keep a promise. Then I will go softer on you. Get out. She hops out and the driver hops back in. he drives off.

Elsewhere, there is big pandemonium at the police station due to the boyfriend going to the prosecution team. Tak tells Jin-kang that this is a big story, your team finally did a good job. But Kook does not look thrilled about it. His boss. Kyung-cheol also does not look thrilled and looks at Kook as he walks away.

Jin-kang calls Seung-ah because she thought about what her brother said about not letting Seug-ah date Moo-young anymore. Seung-ah’s mother is into this conversation. But Seung-ah can’t really talk and starts to text Jin-kang.

Text: Help me, I am under house arrest

Text: I did not come back home yesterday.

Cut to the brewery, everyone is meeting to discuss everything, but Jin-kang’s mind is elsewhere.

In a nunery, we see that a nun has died. Everyone is praying over the nun at her funeral which is being conducted in a Catholic service.

Back at the brewery, Jin-kang’s team asks her why she was not focused during the meeting. Jin-kang does not answer and just runs back to the brewery. She asks Hee-jung for Moo-youngs contact information.

Moo-young is at the funeral, but he is outside. One of the nuns sees him and runs to him, but he walks away. The psychiatrist from the interview in the first episode asks the nun who that was, what is wrong? The nun says that was Moo-young, how did he know that Theresa died?….it was Moo-young.

Moo-yong continues walking away and gets a text.

JK: This Jin-kang, Saung-ah wants you to come to the Han River Saturday at 4pm.

MY: Why are you telling me this?

JK: Seung-ah is under house arrest and her mother has her cell phone.

MY – Why?

JK: Of course, because she was with you that night (but she erases this).

Moo-young waits for the next text as he waits for the bus.

JK: Keep the time.

He looks at the text and sits up a little bit more, then he saves her number.
Kook goes to YR’s studio and sings a song very badly as he plays the guitar also very badly. He asks Yoo-ri is she knows this song? Everyone should know it. She sighs and tells him that he is not there to take lessons. But Kook says he is, he heard that Moo-young came here.

That alerts Yoo-ri to the fact that this guy is different than the average person that comes in. He goes up to Yoo-ri and asks her about Moo-young. She tells him that MY is already 30. Kook tells her that 30 is nothing. But Kook tells her that he just wants her to be careful, he suspects Moo-young for the murder of her “friend” so just be careful.

Yoo-ri tells him that Oppa does not know her at all.
Later on, Kook talks to Cho-rong about the case. he thinks it should be reopened and that their might be another ciminal. Cho-rang thinks that the boyfriend is the criminal. Kook asks him if he is the criminal or if Cho-rang wants/believes him to be the criminal. Cho-rang thinks about this. But then he asks when Jin-kang’s birthday is. Kook, tsks, but he tells him that it is April 7th. Cho-rang also wants to know what time she was born. Kook tells him to stop believing all that superstitious things.

Cut to Cho-rang meeting with Jin-kang. His fellow detectives drive by and laugh that Cho-rang is wearing his dress uniform while off duty. They pull over to give him a playfully hard time. But in the process, they find out that Jin-kang is Jin-kook’s little sister. Kyung is polite to her, but decides to drive off instead of playing with Cho-rang a bit more.

In the car, it looks like Kyung-cheol is worried or concerned about something.

At the polcie station, Kook searches the computer about the case, but he is blocked by a message that says he does not have the authority to look for this date.

Meanwhile, Jin-kang picks up Seung-ah to go out. The mother is polite to Jin-kang but once they leave the mother mutters that Seung-ah should meet friends that are more on her level. Outside, Seung-ah is so thankful to Jin-kang about releasing her and tells her that Moo-young gave her something.

At the station, Kook asks Kyung-cheol to release the information to him. he does not want to stop the investigation. But Kyung-cheol just brings up Jin-kang. Yoo Jin-kook, Yoo Jin-kang. You used a similar name to pretend? She is that little girl right? She grew up a lot, I did not recognize her at all. Why are you so nervous? What? Do you think I told her anything? I did not tell her anything. After I knew that she was your sister, my appetite went away. I did not tell her anything.

he walks off.

But the camera cuts to Tak who heard everything. She comes out as if she did not hear anything and asks Kook what he is doing on his off day. He smiles and tells her that he is doing nothing.

They go talk in the offices. She wodners why he is so concerned about Kim Moo-young. He is a normal guy to her, but the strange thing is that he has a little mood. But perhaps you are over reacting.

Cut to Moo-young meeting with Seung-ah. Seung-ah told Jin-kang that the gift he gave her was herself. She feels like herself when she is with him. Seung-ah tells Jin-kang that she will see her at 7:30, see you later. But in the background is a person taking photos of the three of them.

Later on, Tak took Kook to a drinking place. He says he is not drinking. She asks him if she should force him to drink. Why didn’t you just hit his face, how dare he talk about Jin-kang like that? She says she has to tell him a lot, but she will only tell him after he finishes drinking this.

he teakes the shot away from her and drinks it himself. then he tells her not to say what she wants to say. But she takes another drink and starts talking. She tells him that everyone makes mistakes and everything. It has been 25 years. A lot of time passed. Just stop. Jin-kang is a pretty girl, you raised her, you are worthy of being happy okay? Kook smiles and tells her okay okay okay, now I want to drink, okay. He happily toasts with Tak and drinks.

Elsewhere in the city, Jin-kang walks around by herself. She walks on a bridge and then walks back to the park. On a bench, she sits and looks at pictures of herself when she was little with her brother.
Seung-ah leads Moo-young to a hotel and sits on the bed. She tells him that they can just take a break here, okay. But he is still at the door. She asks him why he is still at the door. he tells her that they can leave, these sheets aren’t clean enough, you can’t even touch them. But she smiles and says she can touch it.

he stands up and tells her that he does not like places like this. She stands up as well and hugs him as she says, I love you.

Outside somewhere, Jin-kang takes a lot of selfies and texts them to someone as she waits. Seung-ah and Moo-young walk up soon. But then a white car drives up. Umma gets out looking pissed and slaps Jin-kang. She calls her a Biatch without roots (basically an orphan) then she pulls her daughter away. Seung-ah is upset about this entire thing, but she gets pulled away regardless.

Jin-kang walks off upset, but she tries to hold it all in. Moo-young walks off after her and asks if it is her first time getting slapped? that ajumma….do you want to eat? You shouldn’t eat alone. Jin-kang yells at him that she does not want to eat with him and it was her first time getting slapped and of course ajumma is like that, she understands her….no one would like their daughter to date someone like you. Just leave!

He walks off. Jin-kang also walks off.

bask at the bar, Kook looks at photos of Jin-kang and says she is his ugly…his ugly….she needs to grow up more. Tak tells him that he is the one that needs to grow up more. She just pretends that she is little in order to make you happy, okay? Kook tells her that Jin-kang knows that I will be sad if she behaves like she is grown up and if she pretends like she is a kid then I treat her like a child so we are all pretending (drunk babbling). he falls asleep right then. Tak tries to get him to wake up but he is out where he sits.

She tells him that he is old….you are getting old but you dn’t think about yourself.

Meanwhile, Moo-young thinks on his rooftop apartment. Then the cat comes to him. He looks at the cat and asks her why she is still there? he picks her up and walks back to the rooftop ledge as he pets her. he tells her to look out there, there are a lot of strange things in the world.

Elsewhere, Woo-sang looks at the photos that the detective took and asks what this is. he sees that they went to a motel. He wants the secretary to call Human Resources. Cut to Seung-ah under house arrest again. The maid is taling to her and tells her that ….she wants her to know….though she might know already….money is powerful. But she gets a buzz and has to run off. She left her cell phone.

Seung-ah grabs the cell phone and goes into the bathroom.

Her mother is pleading with Woo-sang and apologizing to him on her knees. But he tells her that he will call her when the time comes, so don’t do this. She leaves in a huff and he throws something against the wall.

At the same time, Jin-kang gets a text from Seung-ah.

Text: It is Seung-ah, I am using ajumma’s cell phone.

Jin-kang thinks back to the slap and the mother telling her that she has no roots.

Moo-young is thinking about this at the same time as he holds the pottery that Seung-ah made for him. He throws it in the trash. His friend wonders what he is doing, that is expensive. Did Seung-ah dump him?
Woo-sang, meanwhile, meets with his sister. Though they are in diferent cars. The sister asks why he dated her for so many years even though she is no fun. But she is somthing now, she is too much for someone like you. He tells her that things will not go her way, biatch. She asks him if he is still getting married? this is getting more interested. She rolls up her window and drives off.

Jin-kang gets a text on the bus.

SA: Tell Moo-young something for me.

Jin-kang thinks back to yelling at Moo-young, it looks like she feels bad about it.

Moo-young walks up his steps to his octopang, but he gets the text.

JK: Can I see you this evening?

He turns around right away.

They meet. JK apologizes to him and tells him that it was not his fault, she went to far. he hops up and starts riding her bike. He tells her that she should buy him a meal and not just apologize. then he rides off. jin-kang has to hustle after him.

While they are riding, Yoo-ri sees Moo-young ebing playful and happy with Jin-kang. She is jealous.

At her home, Seung-ah thinks about finding a way to see Moo-young again. She thinks she has. She told her mother that she will not see him anymore. But her voice over says that her heart will never change, so just wait a little bit, Moo-young.

At the same time, Moo-young and Jin-kang eat at a cafe. he asks her why she is doing this errand even though she is the one that was slapped. She didn’t even apologize to you at all. that ajumma is the same. She should hit her daughter first. Jin-kang makes excuse for them both. But Moo-young says she shuold slap her daughter then the guy her daughter is dating, why is the order all messed up? Jin-kang tells her it is becuase her daughter is precious to her.

He asks if she is not worth anything then? jin-kang tells him to stop talking to her about it, when she thinks baout it she feels pitiful and sad. She is sorry to her oppa as well. he would not like that she got slapped, she she thinks about it, she hates Seung-ah more. She tells him to just eat. His mother would want the same. Moms are like that.

But he says he does not know because he never had a mom.

What about your appa?

No father.


When I was little.

She tells him that they shuoldn’t pity each other like that, they are 30 soon. I don’t have parents either.

I know

Seung-ah told you?

I think I knew from the begining.

Is it that obvious? Who raised you?

An orphanage….you said not to pity each other.

Who is pitying whom?

Yoo-ri is in the same cafe listening in.

Moo-young tells Jin-kang to call him oppa because he isalready 30, not about to be 30. She says, OPPA, some strange guy is mocking me.

She asks him when it happened for him, he asks when it happened for her. She says there was a fire at home. her parents died before she was born and her sister left Korea before seh went to grade school. I lived with my brother, he raised me. He asks her if she did not get hurt with that? No trauma?

She says that she lied about that. Of course she got a little hurt. how can a girl without parents and with a burn mark grow up without trauma. But now I understand why I want to argue with you whenever I see you. you remind me of primary school. I was slapped once before from my teacher when i was nine.

he says one is nice. She tells him yeah, I was so little. I told my brother like an idiot. he cried under his blanket a lot….a lot a lot.

Moo-young tells her to eat a lot. You had a difficult time lying. She happily tells him okay. Yoo-ri hears everything.

Later on, Moo-young walks off with Jin-kang. they talk about their nicknames. Alien….kids used to hit my back a lot in Haesang. he knows the name, haesang. he lived in haesang. She asks if his orphanage was there? He says yes. She wonders why kids are so cruel, but Moo-young says that adults are crueler. But she says that there area lot of good people. He is a bit twisted, don’t be twisted.

he thinks about it for a moment and leaves. She asks him about his cat, what is her name? he says Kang-i….but her last name is Jin so it is Jin Kang. She mutters tht she is stupid for asking him. He tells her that she does not have a name. She tells him that he should name her, what if you lose her. He says he does not care, he always tells that cat to leave.

Jin-kang tells him that she thinks she will keep hating him. he tells her to try and happily walks away. Jin-kang goes to her house. Yoo-ri watches her.

later on, Yoo-ri has a flashback about wanting to kill herself. She stood on the ledge of a building. Moo-young came up and casually asked her if she wanted to jump? Why don’t you play with me, I am a fun guy. He extends his hand to her. Yoo-ri lays awake thinking about this.
Kook goes to a fortune teller and asks him to pick the best birthtime that matches best with the mans birth time? He happily gets it and runs off. But a red car almost runs him over. it is Yoo-ri, she stopped right in front of him but then drove off again. Kook felt something about her and followed her. he follows her all the way to the psychiatrist.

Kook waits outside watching as she goes inside.

Inside, the psychiatrist thinks about Moo-young at the funeral. But he tries to shake it away and goes to his bookshelf. As he grabbed a book, something fell on the floor and just at that moment, Yoo-ri walked inside.

Cut to the psychiatrist telling Yoo-ri that she should not have any more drugs. He will not fullfil that perscription, but she is here to talk right? yoo-ri tells him that he ruined her life. Him and that woman. Kyung-mo tells her that her mother just wants what is best for her but Yoo-ri says that she will kill them both, they should die. And that a-hole. But then she tells him that he is not an a-hole. She thinks about him with Jin-kang and tells the psychiatrist that she never saw him like that and he never told her anything like he told her.

The psychiatrist asks her if she likes him. She says she does not like him, why does everyone do this to me? I really dont’ like him. I know you. You are going to use my story and write a book and make money right? You can’t trick me anymore. Just give me the drugs, please, give me the drug. Give me the drug. GIVE ME THE DRUG.

later that night, Cho-rang walks out with Gun and some other guys. Kook drives up lost in thought. Gun tells Cho-rang not to tell Kook that they are having dinner, it will ruin their mood.

In the studio, someone tells Yoo-ri that he told her to change the light. Go buy it! She grabs the money to buy it, but it is raining and she is not talking an umbrella. He wonders what is wrong with her.

Meanwhile, Kook eats at an outside cafe, he has the Kyung-mo’s book with him and flips to the table of contents

By yang Kyung-mo

Prologue : Living with trauma

Chapter One: son of a murderer – living as a murderers family member

Chapter two: the boy who lost his memory – he had to imagine his past

Chapter 3 the kid thta does not get hurt – What is left after two foster homes

Chapter 4 His reason for hitting the dog – cycle of abuse

Chapter 5: the kid survivor – After surviving that big incident

Chapter 6: the dark 52 hours – The dark 52 hours after experiencing an adbuction

Chapter 7: The invisible girl – The ugly duckling of that rich family

Epilogue: Love, Sympathy, and Time

Yoo-ri ended up taking the umbrella, she pops it open and we see that it has the beer logo on it. Moo-young is the one that gave the beer logo to him. She stands in the rain with the umbrella and mutter…oppa.
Meanwhile, Moo-young is on his rooftop calling the name of the cat. Yoo Jin-kang….Yoo Jin-kang….he hears the cat meowing somewhere. She hops out to Moo-young and knocks over something. Inside that something is a trophy.

back at the cafe, Kook gets a call from Cho-rang. Cho-rang is pretty drunk and tells Kook that he will reopen the investigation. He is about to hang up but kook tells him that the elder has to hang up first. They mutter something which ends up being the time of the day (Cho-rang thought he said a Chinese emperor at first). Jin kang was born 7am – 9am (which is called Jinshi). Cho-rang is so happy about that and thanks Kook a lot about it.

Cho-rang texts Jin-kang about it.

CR: Hello Jin-kang, I had a team dinner tonight, I am really happy. Goodnight.

Jin Kang looks out the window and sees that it is raining. She calls her brother and asks if he is drunk. You had a team meeting, you better not drink and drive. He tells her not to worry and not to come. But Jin-kang tells him that she has his umbrella and is coming now. See you.

She starts walking up the rainy street. Kook runs and hudes somewhere so he can scare her. But there is a red car following Jin-kang in the alley. She revs her engine and speeds up the alley at Jin-kang. It looks like it is yoo-ri. But when Kook goes to the car we see no one at first. However, after he opens the door, Yoori falls out of the car into his lap.

Jin-kang rushes up to him and they both look at Yoo-ri in stunend silence.

Wow, that book’s chapters look like it is the story that is going on right now! Okay, also, I did not think my guess at the beginning was going to be true. So, they are not related? Alright, that changes things. I need to think about this.

Right now I really think that Yoo-ri killed that girl and Moo-young covered it up for her. But that is also just a guess. Y’all, this show is so good. Are we the only ones that love it?


Kook – Did you ask her?
MY – Of course not
Kook – Why did you do that to my sister?
YR – I don’t want to say why.
MY – Well, you should come to work 30 minutes earlier, our date is too short.
SA – I am going to leave.
JK – Leave?
MY – Your marriage won’t work. Tabloid rumors are spreading.
SA – I am ready, lets leave.
YR – Kim Moo-youn likes your sister.
MY – Let’s date.

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  1. Table122000
    October 11, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    Thank you so much for doing these live recaps for this drama! I am loving the show so far. So many questions and mysteries piling up. I agree with you that I think maybe Yoo ri killed the college friend and Moo Young covered it up. And now is Jin Kang adopted? OMG! This drama keeps you guessing. Can’t wait for next week!

    • V
      October 11, 2018 / 2:27 pm

      So glad your watching this one! I can’t wait for next week either, this drama really does keep us guessing. 🙂

  2. Shayri
    October 11, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    I love the big changes they’ve done from the Japanese show! It would be so good if they weren’t siblings. & I also like how they’re developing the relationship between the two here.

    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2018 / 10:14 am

      No spoilers pls 🙂

      • V
        October 12, 2018 / 10:38 am

        Yes, no spoilers!

  3. Evelyn
    October 11, 2018 / 10:02 pm

    Hello V! Thanks so much for recapping this show, you put in so much of effort I’m obsessed with it and refresh your page every wed/thurs and watch it raw lol. Few (not-so) quick thoughts,

    1. I think MY isn’t the killer, Yuri probably is. She seems like a very jealous, self-destructive type and is probably really attached to MY cause he “saved” her. I notice he tends to take this role with certain women and did it with SA too. But I think he definitely knows about the murder and helped in some way, either cleaning up or hiding the trophy

    2. I kinda knew that JK and JG weren’t really siblings cause of people on other sites constantly spoiling it with comparisons against the J-remake. Found that annoying, like can’t we watch this version for what it is instead of constantly putting it down? K and J film/drama contexts are so different anyway in terms of how they approach certain themes, and I’m definitely hoping this isn’t going the route of the original, because if so then what’s the point.

    3. JGook seems like a very complex person. I think he probably killed someone related to Jkang/MY back in Haesan and that’s how they are all connected. I kinda suspect Kang and MY were at the same orphanage or same locale back when they were kids and were close, which is why he feels a familiarity and affinity with her. I also think the Team Chief has something on JGook as a result of that, which is why he’s looked down upon and remains a manager despite his superior investigative skills.

    4. MY has probably totally fallen for JKang already. I liked how he saved her number when she texted him, and their emotionally charged scenes at the Hangang and at the BBQ place were quite touching. I don’t know why but I teared up quite abit! I like how he’s quite open and vulnerable with her and only her. He definitely acts very differently around her. I also liked how he was calling out to the cat and just started calling it Jin Kang lol. There were a couple of times earlier I thought he would kick the cat/beat it or throw it off the roof lol but I don’t think he’s like that with animals.

    5. JKang is wow. I would love a friend like her and am totally disappointed in how SA has treated her this episode. I dunno if it’s Jung Somin’s acting or the director or the editing, but JKang has a very obviously sad vibe about her. She’s strong but also vulnerable and carries a lot of pain. I think this is why MY connected with her so quickly – save the fact that she’s different and doesn’t respond to him like other women do, seeing his antics as childish – I think he’s found a soulmate so to speak lol. I liked how she told him that they are 30 now, with the implication that he shouldn’t let his scars from his past define him as a person or define his life. That they are adults now and can dictate their destiny. I have a feeling they will both grow as a result of their relationship.

    6. SA. God I’m so disappointed in her. While I felt pity for her in earlier episodes cause she’s got some really awful, abusive people around her in her mum and WS, I still liked her friendship with JK. Especially when she defended JK against Woo Sang; I like shows that depict healthy, fun female friendships. But this episode, gosh, she’s willing to just throw away her friendship for a guy she barely even knows. And sleeping with him already and getting super obsessed with someone she doesn’t know? Man, she’s letting her feelings get way ahead of her and it’s clear that MY is already over her. She was the one that wanted to spend “rest time” in the motel and he was like nah, and then her/her mum’s treatment of Jkang was the dealbreaker. I think he really felt for JKang and disliked how they treated her. Him smashing the pottery he gave her is a metaphor for the breakup. She’s gonna be in for a nasty surprise when she learns about her feelings. I’m guessing she might kill herself. I liked how MY pointed out that she didn’t apologise for her mum’s behaviour towards JKang and yet sent her on ANOTHER Mooyoung messenger mission? Seriously? After all the trouble JKang went to for her and got slapped for it?? She’s so into a guy she barely knows that her relationship with him is more important than her friendship with JKang. JKang is too nice cause I’d have already dropped SA as a friend.

    7. Woosang and SA’s mum are really scary people my goodness. I’ve seen the actress (SA mum) in other shows but wow she’s downright scary here. From the facial expressions, to the random laughing, her treatment of SA and her severe hairstyle. Gosh.

    8. This show has a lot of pretty complex characters. Even the side characters are complex and have their own secrets or whatever. It makes them imperfect and so human.

    I’m curious as to how the relationship between Kang and MY will evolve, and how their pasts will be revealed. Am curious about how she will find out the truth about her and Gook. Also very curious wrt Gook’s character trajectory. Totally love this show and a K-drama has never made me think and feel so much since Because this is my first life.

    Thanks so much for your hard work once again!! 😀


    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2018 / 10:22 am

      I disagree abt jin kang being a good friend. A good froend would have already told the friend abt seeing MY with another girl, and abt MY’s bad traits instead of threatening MY that she’ll tell her friend. A goid friend would not go out alone with a friend’s bf like that, too. They have too much time being together, really. And if she found a guy to be awful, why woul she condone her friend seeing that guy?

      • V
        October 12, 2018 / 10:54 am

        They have a strange relationship. I kind of wonder about how Jkang acts with SA as well. But SA also has a strange way that she acts with Jin-kang. For instance, why didn’t she apologize to her for her mother slapping her? That would have been the very first thing that a friend would have done.

        But JKang is hanging out with Moo-young a lot. It kind of seems like she has a feeling about Moo-young, perhaps a kindred feeling toward him that is conflicting with her friendship feeling toward SA.

      • Evelyn
        October 14, 2018 / 3:33 am

        I was thinking about their friendship more after watching episode 4 for about the 15th time haha. And I do agree with v that their friendship is kinda strange and I wouldn’t really say that either girl is a good friend to the other, now.

        They don’t seem to deeply care for one another it seems.

        I don’t know what’s their backstory but it reminds me of a lot of long term friendships where people remain friends just cause they knew each other since they were 7 kinda thing. But don’t really necessarily like each other or deeply care for each other.

        • V
          October 15, 2018 / 12:25 pm

          Right, it might be kinda like that.

      • Evelyn
        October 14, 2018 / 4:16 am

        Ugh comment keeps not getting posted. But actually, although she hangs out a lot with MY, she hasnt fallen for him romantically. I honestly see those hangouts as friendship and curiosity towards him, which is nothing wrong imo. Also, her not telling SA about YR is kinda gray, but she could have kept it from her for various reasons. And I whilst JK doesn’t like MY, I don’t think it”s up to her to “condone” her friend”s relationship with him. SA is an adult and can make her own decisions. She’s free to date whoever without having to ask for JK”s consent. That doesn’t make JK a bad friend perse.

        • V
          October 15, 2018 / 12:25 pm

          Ack! I need to check our spam filter to see if they are eating them!

    • V
      October 12, 2018 / 10:49 am

      I think Moo-young has fallen for her, too. I am staying super far away from spoilers for this version, but I do kind of guess that they are not siblings due to the posters. That is just my guess though since I don’t know anything about anything with the other version. (And I don’t want to know! No Spoilers!)

      SA and Jin-kang have an interesting relationship. It is so surprising that SA did not apologize to JK about her mother hitting her and only went straight into asking for help again. I kind of feel that Soo-ah is the one with all the power in that friendship, even if they try not to let this dynamic ruin their friendship. But now, their relationship dynamic is becoming apparent in how SA treats Jin-kang now that SA has something that she wants. I think what you said about SA noticing the sadness in Jin-kang is right though! They kind of felt this about each other and gravitated toward each other.

      Pretty soon, Kook is going to figure out who the real killer is and who helped the killer. But I feel like this murder mystery might be a red herring for what this show is actually about – the past of JKook, Jkang, and Moo-young.

      • Evelyn
        October 14, 2018 / 4:44 am

        I’ve read too many spoilers already ugh but taking this version as it is. Yes! The posters could be a clue. MY seems to be protecting JK from Gook though..

        Yeah I found SA’S actions pretty upsetting tbh. I just want her to disappear asap. I feel like SA is a user. She “uses” MY to escape her life and uses JK in all sorts of ways . Usually without any care for how they feel. I like your point about their dynamic, I also think it’s tilted in favour of SA. I do wonder how they met though and if they stuck together simply cause they’ve been friends since a long time ago.. and neither really has any close friends to speak of.

        So true! I think the murder case is just a catalyst in unearthing the three main characters’ histories. I do wonder if MY really recognises the Yoo siblings as ppl from his past.. Wednesday couldn’t come faster!

        • V
          October 15, 2018 / 12:27 pm

          What you said about “using” rings true. SA might just be using JK for the sole reason of feeling better about her own life circumstances. I think she even told MY something along those lines.

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