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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Kdrama Live Recap Episode 3

Jung So-Min sitting and contemplating in Kdrama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
This show is amazingly intriguing. There is something here that is so interesting in a way that keeps me engulfed and wondering what in the world is actually going on.

We might move this show to our 9am CST recap time because it is our favorite in this time slot. We aren’t sure if we will yet though because Terius is a quick watch and a quick recap whereas this show takes a little bit more time to recap.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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We open with the shower scene where Moo-young touches the scar on his back and Jin-kook voices over that his heart races whenever he sees Moo-young. They continue going through what happened in the last two episodes (a lot).

But then we cut to the end of the last episode where Moo-young says he was looking at the murderer in his office. Jin-kook thinks he means the picture on the wall, but Moo-young smiles as he looks at his own reflection.

At home, the news is all about the boyfriend murderer. She is excited to see it but then starts to think about Moo-young who told her all about herself and her new “some” relationship. She rolls her eyes and mutters that he does not know her. But then she pulls her brother to the screen and says that it is cool that Cho-rang caught the murderer! But Kook tells her that he did not do it, they all did it, tsk, tsk.

They argue like siblings about that. the argument turns vague about Moo-young as well because Jin-Kang mentions that he has a girlfriend, how can he act like that. But Kook does not know who she is talking about. She does not tell him either and just leaves, annoyed.

The boyfriend gets interviewed/interrogated by the police about the girlfriend. He says it was not him, but the police just list all the reasons it is and try to fill in some gaps. they want to know where the trophy was hidden. The boyfriend says it should be in her room. But he says that he did not kill her, they do not have time to do this. They should go out and find the person that killed my girlfriend. Catch him! Jin Kook watches this.

In the hallway, Cho-rang talks to Jin-kook about the case. the boyfriend is in a state of shock about his girlfriend and cannot believe that she is dead. They were about to go on a trip together but she did not want to go so he left alone. Cho-rang thinks it is really hard to get a confession from him. What if he does not confess?

Kook asks if that was true that he wanted to go to Canada with the woman? Cho-rang says it was, he bought two tickets.

Scene change to Jin-Kang and her team talking to the Brewery team at the brewery. They are talking to the brewery CEO and are being shown around the brewery. They are all introduced to all the key people of the brewery. Moo-young is not one of them. But then Moo-young walks up and gets in line to be introduced.

The mood slightly changes with Jin-Kang as she sees Moo-young in the line.
Meanwhile, So-jung and Jin-Kook make plans to go have coffee. She wants him to buy the coffee and brunch, but she thinks he should do it. He tells her that she is rich. You have nowhere to spend money, no kids, no husband, no looks, no where. So-jung is unhappy about that. Fine, i can’t get pregnant so my husband divorced me. I have no husband and no kids, thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot about it.

She tries to walk off, but Jin-kook quickly tries to apologize, but he does it in a very not apologizing way. he tells her that he was complimenting her. She does not ear expensive clothing or go to the salon or anything. But she tells him that she is wearing more than $1000 of clothing and her nails are expensive. She has filler now, not botox. BUT OF COURSE I DID BOTOX A LONG TIME AGO. SHOULD I SCRATCH YOUR FACE WITH MY $200 NAIL ART. Ugh, you are ruining my life just for this one meal.

Outside, Cho-rang talks to Jin-kang bashfully about the police thing and being on TV. He is so happy that she saw him on TV, but he tries to play it off that he did not even realize he was on TV.

Jin-Kang goes back inside where she runs into Moo-young, he asks her if she is a designer, but she only wants to talk about him and her friend. If he acts badly then she will tell her friend about him. he does not care and tells her to tell. But Jin-kang tells him that she knows how to treat men like him, just ignore them. DOn’t talk to me privately at all, just ignore me. She leaves and he turns on a heavy piece of machinery. Then he yells, UGHAHHHH.

Jin-kook runs back and tries to turn off the machine. His hand is stuck inside so she tries to help him pull it out. But actually, he was just playing and pulls his hand out. He tells her that she taked to him first. She yells, WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THAT? You are really out. Don’t talk to me ever. She storms off.

Team leader Kyung-cheol wants a confession. he wants them to do everything they can to get it. they ajourn. Someone wants Cho-rang to take care of the tattoo woman. Kook is curious so Cho-rang tells that it is the tattoo woman in the photo.

Cho-rang goes to talk to the tattoo woman, Im Yoo-ri. He asks her where the trophy is. But this woman just says she does not know and her demeanor is as if she does not care. But after walking away, she is deep in thought about something.

Flashback to Im Yoo-ri seeing part of the trophy in her studio (or somewhere like that). She nervously calls Moo-young.

Meanwhile, Seung-ah sits at the pier in deep thought about getting engaged to Woo-sang. Woo-young surprises her by sitting at the pier with her.

In the Bar, Yoo-ri talks to Hee-joon about Moo-young. But Moo-young looks like he does not like her and tells her that Moo-young is not around and on top of that, he is dating a very rich girl. Yoo-ri just smirks, she asks who he would rescue in water, him or her? Hee-joon says it woud be the rich girl. Don’t confess to him, he will ditch you. She pours the glass all on the counter and leaves.

Elsewhere, Moo-young walks Seung-ah home. She is not picking up a call from her mother since she is almost at home. But she asks Moo-young who his parents are. Cut to Woo-sang wondering the same thing. he finds out that Moo-young is an orphan.

Moo-yang tells Seung-ah that his mtoher yelled at him a lot and wore the same clothes all the time. They had a lot of emos that were the same as umma (nuns). Seung-ah asks about appa. Moo-young says that his appa used to be a policeman that caught bad guys.

VO – He went to the orphanage at 6. We cannot check his past. He works hard and has a good reputation. he works with another guy and dates women a lot. he never takes the women to his place.

Moo-young asks how Seung-ah’s parents are. She says they are just normal.
Seung-ah tells Moo-young about her friend Jin-kang. Her parents died when she was young also, she was raised by her brother. She is the most pitiful person, when I hate my mother, I think about jin-kang and fell better.

Inside, Seung-ah’s mother looks at the CCTV and sees her daughter about to hug this man outside. She thinks she is a crazy girl and is about to confront her. But then she stops and thinks. She starts laughing and looks at the CCTV as if wondering about something.

Jin-kook and Tak finally go get that coffee. he asks for the most expensive coffee. Then he tells Tak that he is there for her, it is his off day, he has nothing else to do. He is only there to buy her coffee. Tak tells him to go home right away after buying her the coffee. then she pretends like she will scratch him with her $200 manicure.

Jin-kang and Soo-yeon work at the brewery taking photos and notes and they look around. So-yeon wonders about the handsome guy so another guy comes up and jokes with them, are you talking about me? It’s me. they both smile.

The handsome guy is actually at the coffee shop that Tak and Jin-kook are at. He starts talking to them playfully about being tall. What do you eat for breakfast? Moo-young says milk? But then he says he dos not eat breakfast. He asks if she is Kook’s girlfriend? They both say NOOOOOOO. Tak says he should have known that she was too pretty to be a girlfriend. then he says goodbye.

Tak is so surprised that this handsome guy talked to them. Who is he? Jin-kook tells her that he is Kim Moo-young. She is all like, WHAAAAT, THAT KIM MOO-YOUNG? She tells Kook that he is right, his heart races when he sees him, right? I am like that as well. Kook looks over at where Moo-young is and then says that they should leave.

Moo-young is actually there to meet Yoo-ri. She walks in and bumps into So-jung, but she does not apologize and just looks smugly at her. Then she goes and sits with Moo-young. tak sees them through the window and says that she is so dissapointed, he does not know how to read women! Should I get a tattoo as well? That makes Kook look closely at the girl, he kind of connects her face from the photo and excuses himself to run back to work.

He sees the photo and sees that this woman is the same woman.

In the cafe, Yoo-ri says that she saw the trophy at her place. She did not know that it was that girls, but she thinks that it was the morning that she died. She thinks the boyfriend must have come by and put it in her room that night? But she did not hear anything, she was sleeping. She looks at Moo-young and wonders why the boyfriend gave it to her?

Moo-young asks her if she slept well that day? Do you sleep well without drugs? She says yes, I sleep well without drugs after meeting you. She starts sipping her drink again, but she looks like she might be a little suspicious.
At the polcie station, Kook asks Cho-rang if there is anything special about Yoo-ri. There is something that bothers him about it. She used to be good friends with that girl. Kook starts to wonder about the scene on that day of the murder.

Moo-young shows off his shuolder at work, on purpose, as he talks about beer with the employees. But he wants Jin-Kang to see it. She walks in and sees the scar. She starts to think about Moo-young. Moo-young kind of makes it known that he knows that Jin-kook is looking at his scar in the mirror, but he does not make it overt.

Elsewhere, Jin-kook feels iffy about Moo-young. Tt starts to rain.

At the brewery, Jin-kook approaches Moo-young to test the stoat beer. She has a look at his burn when he gives it to her. She takes a sip and says that it tastes good. He tells her that it is his recipe, so she tells him that his recipe tastes good. But then she says that she is leaving. Goodbye. She quickly walks off. He calls after her and tells her that he changed his rotation (or something).

But she sees that it is raining so she goes back inside and asks for an umbrella. he plays with her and says that she does not want a private umbrella so he needs to find a public one. Then he tells her that he will give her a ride. But she takes a box and heads out instead.

he quickly grabs her by her arm forcefully and spins her around. He throws the box away and grabs his car. Then he tells her to hop in, he does not have time to argue. She hops in and spends the entire ride looking out the window. He cleans her window so that he can show his burn in an even more obvious way. It seems like she has been taken by the similarity of their burns, but does not want to admit it to herself.

Meanwhile, Umma talks to Seung-ah about this new guy she is seeing. Is this a surprise? Did you think I would not know? I know everything. I always wondered why Woo-sang did not want to get married and now he wants to get married. Lets stop this right now, dont meet that other guy anymore. Seung-ah tells her mother that she does not want to marry Woo-sang, but her mother tells her that Woo-sang is not an easy guy, he is a scary guy and a manly guy.

At the same time, Jin-kang goes to a store to buy an umbrella. Moo-young gets annoyed and asks if she is only buying one for her? She goes outside and calls him out on being angry for no reason. He speaks normally to her and says that they should speak in banmal. She is annoyed, fine, lets do that. She angrily sits at the bench that he is sitting at.
He tells her that she talked to him first. She calls him a young boy. H tells her that he showed her scar to him so many times. You are strange. This is my secret weapon to women but you also have a burn so you don’t care. She asks if that really works? he says yes they ask what happened and were and all that.

He tells her that she looks like she has no complex or anything from her burn. She confidently says that she does not. In his mind he remembers that Seung-ah called her pitiful, the most pitiful person she knows. Seung-ah calls right at that moment but he does not pick up. Jin-kang asks why he is not picking up. He says it is because he is with another woman. Jin-kang tells him that is BS, why do you do this? I really want to know.

He thinks for a moment and says, one more step….let’s go wone more step further. When I am with you, I miss where I should stop, it accelerates. They look at each other closely. Moo-young tells her that her eyes bother him, if he does nothing then it makes him mad. he looks away from her and then starts to clear his things as he mutters that he is getting mad again.

Jin-kang is left wondering what is going on, while sitting at the bench.

Later on, Mo-yang drops jin-kang off at home. Her brother is outside right at that moment. Moo-yang greets him and then drives off. Kook asks what happened, why are you two together? She tells him that she went to the Brewery and he works there. Kook tells her not to get involved with him. JK lets him know that she will not, he dates her friend. Kook is concerned about that but JK just tells him that she should not have told him.

Cut to Min-young meeting with Woo-sang and the CEO in Woo-sang’s office. They want him to make his beer for the engagement party. Moo-young thinks it is a good idea. Woo-sang tells him he can leave and stares at Moo-young as he walks away.

Kook is hard on the case at work. He talks to Cho-rang about it for a moment and then goes to the back. he finds out that the murder suspect bought a snow globe. Kook goes to talk to him. He asks the boyfriend if he bought his girlfriend a gift? Your girlfriend loved snow globes, right? Where do you think she would put this one? Next to a boat or an angel? The boyfriend wonders what he is talking about? Boat or angel? Tell me in plain Korean so I can understand.

Elsewhere, Moo-young goes to pick up Seung-ah. He calls her to come out. But Umma picks up the phone and tells Moo-young that her daughter is not coming out. She is going to great her future inlaws so she will erase his number. You shuold do the same. She eraes his phone number. All the while, Seung-ah tried to take the phone away from her mother. But her mother kept the phone away well. Seung-ah looks at the CCTV at Moo-young who takes a few steps to the door, but stops.

Kook tells the team leader to take a little longer to took for clues. But the team leader just tells Kook that he must be mad that they found the killer so soon, that is why you are not on our team. He walks away, but kook yells after him that all they have is circumstantial evidence.

Kook sighs and looks at a form on his desk. It looks like he is bring sued or the police are being sued. Something like that.

Meanwhile, Seung-ah goes to meet her future inlaws. But she is misearable about it. her mother reminds her to smile as she gets into the car, but Seung-ah does not.
Kook starts working on the scooter case. He looks at CCTV about it and sees a person with a back umbrella.

Meanwhile, Seung-ah is driven to her inlaw meeting. She thinks about Woo-sang telling her when she is the cutest. She cannot live without all her riches because she is as materialistic as he is. She also thinks about Moo-young who told her that she does not have to do it. But maybe she wants to do it.

Seung-ah thinks, no. She hops out of the car in the middle of the street and runs away.

At the same time, Moo-young sits on his octopang and looks at the sunset.

Elsewhere, Jin-kang works hard at home on the brewery design. Kook tells her that she really looks like a career woman. But then he notices the logo and remembers the same thing from the CCTV. he asks his sister about it. She tells him that it was made for a festival with the beer company.

Kook is intersted in that but accidentally knocks over all the drawings. Jin-kang tells him not to pick it up, it has to stay in order! She thinks that Moo-yang would be able to do it. Seung-ah told her that Moo-young has a photographic memory, her bracelet broke but he was able to put it all back together in the same order.

Kook remembers the snow globes and takes off running to the police station. He looks at the same photo he looked at earlier and sees the logo on one of the cups. He starts breathing hard as he thinks back to Moo-young looking at the photos in his office and also looking at his reflection. Jin-kook looks at his own reflection in horror.

The rich inlaws and family all wait for Seung-ah to show up, but she is not coming. Everyone looks angry.

Seung-ah is actually waiting for Moo-young somewhere, she tells him that she really does not want to get married. He tells her that he understands and helps her stand up. They hug for a long time, then we cut to them kissing in the brewery.

He reaches behind her and pulls the string to her blouse, then he smiles as he stars unbuttoning her blouse. She lets him and kisses him again. He takes off his shirt and they keep kissing.

Cut to Moo-young walking back home up the stairs. Jin-kook is waiting for him. Moo-young asks Kook what he is doing there. Kook asks him what he thinks he is doing there. you asked me once what it felt like to kill someone, why don’t you tell me what it felt like when you killed someone?

Fade Out
This show flied by. So it really looks like he might be the killer? Also, did he briefly live at the orphanage with Jin-kang when they were little? Don’t tell me if you know the answer! You can speculate with me, but if you know the truth, don’t reveal it!


MY – What’s up, you asked me for a date first.
MY – I don’t know, I never had a mom.
JK – I also don’t have parents
MY – I know, I feel like I knew you from the beginning.
JK – How is the cat? What is her name?
MY – Last name Jin, First name Kang. Jin Kang-i.
WS – So this is all you recieved from me?
SA – I slept with him.
Kook – I suspect Moo-young for the murder case, so be careful.
MY – You didn’t go home yet?
Kook – Stop her from dating him.

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