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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Kdrama Live Recap Episode 2

Jung So-Min and Seo In-Guk speaking at a table outside in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
The first episode of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes was very intriguing in a spooky way. It wasn’t scary though, which I appreciate because I am a big scaredy cat and closed my eyes through most of Children of a Lesser God (even so, that show was great). They are focusing more on this mystery man, but in a roundabout way that keeps him a mystery and they have planted an eerie crime scene to do just that.

I really enjoy how the brother is noticing things about the crime scene that we also notice about the mystery character but from another characters point of view. That only adds to his mysticism. Opening with that interview describing who I think is the mystery guy as a boy, did just that as well.

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VO – he is a boy with a weird gaze.

Recap of the previous episode, especially the murder case, the pottery event, and the photographic memory.

Jin Kook is out eating with his siter and Cho-rang. It looks like this is a blind date. Chorong ate his food ridiculously fast. Jin-Kang ate her food pretty quickly as well so they are done eating way before Kook who is eating slowly. They run off. Tak talks to Kook on the phone and tells him that it is his fault. He needs to read the mood. After you introduce them you need to step away quickly. Are you following them?

he is in fact trying to follow them. He is hiding in a balcony watching them as they sit elsewhere talking and drinking. They talk about their jobs and which drinks they would like to try first. Kook looks on and thinks they are having fun. But then he feels Moo-young walking by and has eye contact with him. he thinks back to the pottery event where MY knocked that guy over which broke the pottery.

Moo-young goes downstairs and serves his own beer at a table. Kook watches him. Chorong and Jin-kang are sitting nearby enjoying their blind date. He says that he did not have a young sister, he thought Kook had an older sister. They keep playfully talking. She asks if her brother is really manager Yoo? ChoRong says that is just a nickname, he is a good person.

But he also thinks he is a hidden kung fu master. Sometimes he makes me super nervous. JinKang says no, she can’t even imagine him catching a criminal. MY listns on and chuckles. He tells his friend about it all and points at them while the couple are talking about doing “some” together. But then the friend “accidentally” spills food all over the young man and her. (that seems planned)

Moo-young comes up quickly and puts his jacket on her, then he leaves without a word or even looking at her. But she feels that it is him. The brother also sees this. MooYoung smiles up at the brother as he leaves.
Cut to the brother and sister at home. He asks her if she had fun without him. She says she drank too much so he asks why she drank so much. Also, what did ChoRong say, are you dumped by him also? She tells him to be quiet so they start watching TV together. The brother mentions Jinkang’s arm and says she could probably remove that scar now. But JinKang likes it and tells him to look at it. Look! Look!

Then she gets up and goes to the washroom to wash that jacket she got from the bar.

the next day, Tak and Kook talk about the burn. He says that she saved money seretly to get rid of her burn, but on that day she did not want to get rid of it all of a sudden and started talking about how it was cute and she liked it. It is okay for the man, but the parents in law will not like that she has a burn on the arm. Tak just tsks, you are already thinking about the inlaws?

CHoRong runs up at that moment and tells them that the DNA matches 100% with the boyfriend who is in Canada, so they need to report it to Interpol. ChoROng also tells Kook that he has his own apartment. He has a condo! he wanted to tell that to ChoRong…..for some reason.

Tak laughs, he told you he has a condo, lol, he likes your sister so much!

Elsewhere, Jin-Kang meets with her friend Seung-ah at a cafe. She settles to eat, but her friend tells her that she is supposed to give her something right? your CEO Hwang told me. Jin-Kang hesitantly brings out the portfolio and gives it to her friend. Her friend is understanding and tells her not to think too much about it and stress herself out. Then they start to talk about the brewery compay. Woo Sang bought a big share of it. Seung-ah says that she is actually avoiding WooSang oppa. JinKang asks if there is a problem with him?

Seung-ah tells her that she wants to show her someone. She waves behind JinKang so JK turns around and sees MooYoung waing and walking up. Seung-ah introduces him as her boyrfriend and introduces Jin-Kang as her best friend. Jin-Kang stands to shake hands, but MY stays sitting and asks why she is greeting him like that. They met before, this is the 3rd or 4th time? At The Arts Brewery?

Seung-ah starts asking about The Arts Brewery. JK says that she went on a blind date there that her brother set up. MY tells her that they looked like a good couple. But Jin-Kang looks like she is too bashful to talk about it.

Later on, Seung-aht ells JinKang that Mooyoung can drop JK off after dropping her off. But Jin-Kang tells her it is okay and walks home.

We get to Seung-ah’s house. Moo-yung drops Seung-ah off and walks outside to send her off. She gives him a piece of pottery that she made and asks for a kiss. But MooYoung tells her that too many people are watching. But she tells him that she does not care about that anymore and kisses him. So he walks in and kisses her as well.
Woo-sang tells Seung-ah that her friend is friends with her because she wants you to do these things like this. But Seung-ah tells him that her friend is not like that. She actually would not like this. Woo-sang tells her that she is pretty when she is angry. Lets go to japan soon. But Seung-ah just tells Woosang that she wants to break up, she found someone that seh loves. It is her first love.

Woo-sang starts laughing and tells her that she is so cute. Seung-ah is upset though and tells him that she will leave. Woo-sang tells her to date cutely, that is fine, but don’t sleep with him. She leaves, clearly upset, but he is still charmed at her innocence.

Elsewhere, Jin-Kang rides her bike around and accidentally sees Moo-young. She parks her bike quicklky and then gives him his jacket. he asks her if she lives around there? She says yes, so they both live in the same neighborhood. She also asks if he is dating Seung-ah this weekend. He tells her that she is visiting her grandmother.

But she gets a call from Cho-rong at that moment. He wants to take her to the movies so Jin_kang agrees. Moo-young overhears and tells Jin-Kang that seh is really having “some” with someone. You eat and wath a movie and have some push-pull. Jin-Kang asks what is so fun about it? He asks if she is angry. She says she is angry, why are you listening to my conversation.

He tells her that he just overheard, he is sorry if he hurt her feelings.

She is about to ride away, but then asks him what those three times are that he saw her? One was the exhibition, one is the jacket. What is the third time? it is only two times. So when?

he leans in and tells her it was a long long time ago somewhere….somewhere….(She looks a bit hypnotized as she looks at him)…..like my cute little sister. He leans back and the spell is broken. She asks how old he is. He says the same age as her. She asks how old she is. he says I don’t know and chuckles.

She tells him that she understands now. She never saw him before, he is a stranger. She knows people like him, rude people that think it is okay if they do anything. All the women like a-holes like you. He asks if he is so she tells him that he should be the best one to know.

She goes to ride her bike away, but then notices a cat under a truck tire and runs to stop him from riding over it. She is able to save the cat, but then runs back to her bike. MooYoung is at her bike and turns it around so she can leave. Then he asks her if she is going to take the cat with her.

All of a sudden, they start to use banmal to each other. She asks if he is going to take it, have you raised a cat before? He tells her no and walks away with it. But he leaves his hoodie. She tells him that he left it but he does not care and tells her that she can have it.

He walks all the way home with the cat it looks like he lives in an octopang apartment that a lot of people live on.
Jin-Kang presents the labels that they designed for their beer bottles. She tells them that she drank this many beers using her own money in order to make the design. First she tried a couple bottles because she had to, but it was so good. There is no one that can beat the one that enjoys it. So if I enjoy the bottle itself, can you also imagine the kind of design i will make? I will make you the best design so more people will enjoy it. thank you. Everyone claps.

Meanwhile, Mooyoung works at the brewery while his friend talks about his tuition money. She gave it to him and left. that is funny. Hyung, do you want me to be a fake university student also? Why did you lie to her like that? Mooyoung explains that he wondered how to move a rich girl. But his friend wondered what he should do with this money.

Cut back to the presentation, Ji-Kangs small company got the deal so they all celebrate outside the building and decide to go out for drinks. They all hop into the same car. JK notices MooYoung walking back into the building. The other women notice Woosang showing up.

WooSang walks into the brewery with all his people. He is introduced to MooYoung so he can have a tasting. Woo-sang tells MY that he wondered who that person was. MY just walks off without saying anything. They walk through the brewery tasking area a little bit more. But Woosang sees a piece of pottery. He asks Mooyoung if it is his, where did you buy it?

Mooyoung takes it from him and tells him that it is a present. Woosang is impressed but tells him that the pottery does not fit him that well. Mooyoung ignores him.

Jin-Kang is on the scooter case. He talks to a kid about it and even tells him that his parents named him because they wanted him to grow up straight. It looks like this kid is saying he lost his scooter so he stole someone elses (or something like that). The cops tell him that someone died when he took that scooter. So what is more important, finding the scooter thief or the murderer?

ChoRong sneaks out quickly. He has a move dat to get to. He goes on a date with Jin-Kang. She thinks the movie is funny but I guess it is a funny and sad movie. JinKang says that her brother thinks she has no brain because she laughs when others cry and cry when others laugh.

But they walk right past Mooyoung who is on a date with another woman, not her friend. She mutters that he is an a-hole. The girl on MY’s arm notices the policeman from the crime scene. This girl is Yoo-ri (YR). Mooyoung asks if it has to do with her friends murder but the girl gets upset and says she was not her friend. She even bothers me after she died. the girl walks off, upset.

Elsewhere, Kook tells someone on the phone that he is on his way. He is relaly busy. The person tells him sorry, it should not be wrinkled. Kook asks her how she can remember that her top should not be wrinkled. It was in the dryer over night. (ah, he is talking to his sister). he tells her that he is driving, he has to hang up. then he screeches on the brakes because he almost hit Moo-young who is holding his cat.

Kook ends up giving Mooyoung and the cat a ride. MY apologizes because his cat jumped into the street. He asks if Jin-Kang is his sister? Right? Kook asks how he knows? MY says that he was stalking his sister at the Brewery. Kook says he wasn’t, ha ha ha. You have a good memory. He tells him that he can drop him off since they live in the same neighborhood. Mooyoung tells him that he is so kind, maybe because he is a policeman.

MY tells him that his dream was to be a cop when he was little. His father was a policeman. Jin-Kook asks what department? Mooyoung says his dad worked at HaeSan police department. This reminds Kook of something. MY asks if he knows any policeman in Haesan? Kook says he does not.

Mooyoung asks him if he can stop right over here. then he asks Kook if he has a gun? Kook pretends like he does but then tells him that he does not, he left it at home. MY asks him if he ever shot one. Mooyoung says he did, many many times. But Mooyoung asks if he ever shot right at a person. The melo music starts playing. Kook says a lot of police retire without shooting anyone.

But Mooyoung says he did, didn’t he. He looks at Kook strongly. Kook asks him why he is interested in those things. MY says he is interested in that a lot, but he ust said that. What happened to that person? Did they die? How does it feel if someone dies because of you? Kook asks if he really wants to know? It feels like th world ended.

But then Kook tells him that he is joking, just joking. It does not feel like that. What do you think it would feel like? MY says it would feel strange. Don’t murderers say it feels like they become a God. Kook tells him it is not God, you just become a murderer. that is it.

Mooyoung looks at him in the mirror for a moment and says, that is very clear, murderer. Thank you so much. He hops out but Kook asks him what his name is, have they seen each other before? MY says they did, in Itaewon at the bar. But Kook says it was a long long time ago. Mooyoung smiles and tells him that he does not think so. He walks off, but Kook looks at him walking away.
Mooyoung goes home and looks at the cat. But then Seung-ah calls.

In the polcie department, Kook asks Tak to searh someone in their 30s in wanyangdom. Tak says he knows she cant do it. He is all like, huh? So she starts to mock him. She throws the notebook back at him and tells him that she will get fired if she does this without a case number. But getting fired means to take off her uniform as well so she grabs her face and says, did I say to take off my clothes as well? It was my mistake, leave, leave! But she sits and looks for Kim Mooyeoung anyway.

Elsewhere, Seung-ah lets Mooyoung into her place. He sees a photos of Seung-ah and Jin-Kook together.

Woo-sang checks a document on his desk and then talks to someone on the phone about who bought the pottery at the exhibition.

At home, Jin-kang tells Seung-ah that their company was picked! They are so happy! Her boss will by her a nice meal. Seung-ah is doing pottery at home and talking with headphones, so Mooyoung starts to put one of the headphones in his ear as well. Seung-ah tells her that she actually did not give the portfolio to Woosang. Jin-kang says that is even better, but lets not tell the CEO.

But then Jin-Kang remembers that she saw Moo-young at a movie and starts to tell Seung-ah about it. But we are not sure if she told her or not because Seung-ah goes into the next room.

But she looks upset when she comes back out. She tells Seung-ah that her friend saw everything. You know that you did wrong. Moo-young says that he does not know. Seung-ah tells him that she knows he watched a movie alone, eunnie saw everything. You should have gone with me. You did the wrong thing. They hug as he says that he did the wrong thing.

Cho-rong tells Jin-Kook that they caught the boyfriend, they all have to run! The murderer used a credit card in Toronto and was arrested. Salute, salute! He runs off. But Kook is confused, he used a credit card?

Kook is the only one left in the office, so he looks on the computer about something.

Cut to Woo-sang meeting at Seung-ah’s family house. Her father is vice president of Woosangs company or something like that. Her mother talks to him as she stands in the kitchen. Woosang tells umma that they have something to tell her. Umma immediately thinks it is an engagement. But Seung-ah just walks out.

Woosang goes to talk to her. Seung-ah is reading on her bed and tells him that she will tell her parents so he can leave. He tells her that she is cute because she says she is not materialistic, but in actuality you can’t live without these things because you are materialistic. I am canceling my permission to you, you shuould wrap it all up now. My father come back next week. We should tell him about the marriage.

She tells him that she is not an object, she is a human being. He just smiles and tells her that whatever she is, she is his.
In the neighborhood, Jin-Kang goes to a guk sul place and sees Mooyoung there. She decides to sit at his desk and asks him who that woman is. Mooyoung says it is his sister. JK asks if every woman is his sister, he says only one woman is his sister. KJ does not want him to play with her friend. Mooyoung starts to talk about how Jin-kang is thinking as she dates the cop. He is a policeman with a stable job….he is a good guy….but he is too nice/naive so maybe I wont love him….so I am just dating him now. Is that the truthful thing you are talking about?

He asks if she wonders if this guy really loves her friend? Are you really curious about that? What if that guy is not truthful, what then?

I will be angry.

I don’t believe that. You can just enjoy it. I knew it….that kind of mind.

She tells him that maybe it is him, he is the kind of person that gets hurt and has a fun fling.

Mooyoung leans in and tells her that hse might be interested in him without noticing it.

But Jin-kang tells him that she is sorry but his way does not work with her.

Her food comes.

he says that it is his way, he is truthful. You asked me if I am truthful to Seung-ah, I am. I am truthful. Eat, or your noodles will go bad. His eyes trail to hr burn.

Jin-kang asks him if it is his first time seeing one? if you are done then just leave. Does it bother you? Mooyoung tells her that she is the one thinking about it, she was the one that was embarrased in front of that guy.

She tells him that it was a blind date, she does not care at all. She keeps eating, he watches her.

Meanwhile, Tak and Kook talk about the murder case. It does not make sense. that guy killed someone and went to Canada and used a credit card, it does not make sense. Plus, that room was so messy, like he never cleaned.

tak wonders if he wondered if that boyfriend is not the kind of person that can put 50 snow globes in order? Jin-Kook asks her how she knows. She says it is strange to see something once and know the order. they get their food and start eating. Kook mentions that it will take a long time for the boyfriend to arrive anyway.

They playfully talk about who is buying. Tak wants to pay but Kook tells her that he wants to and then says they can go dutch.

But, elsewhere, Kook is washing in his octopang as he takes a shower. he thinks back to Jin-Kangs burn on her arm and continuously rubs something on his shoulder. It looks like he also has a large burn on his right shoulder and onto his back.
Meanwhile, Tak and Kook keep eating as she shows him the results of her police search for the person Kook is looking for. But none of the people are Moo-young. Tak thinks this is great, at least he is not an ex convict, why are you looking for him? Kook says he was just ….. you know……he is a neighborhood guy. Tak asks him if he relaly wanted her to look up a normal person?

Kook tells her that it is strange. His heart races. When he sees him, he is nervous.

Moo-young gets out of the shower and checks his phone. He has a text from someone.

Text: Oppa, my sink is blocked.

Back with Tak and Kook, Kook runs away from Tak. He tells her that he will buy coffee tomorrow! She yells at him, you cheap guy! She turns to walk away and passes by MooYeon.

But then the boyfriend comes in and is led into the polcie station. Kook is there and Mooyoung is also there in the crowd. there is a sea of photographers and reporters as well. Kook tries to see Mooyoung again, but he dissapeared.

However he reappeared right behind Kook and asks him if that guy is really the murderer.

Cut to Yoo-ri’s house. She is trying to fix her sink, it is broken. She get a call from Mooyoung and asks him why he is not coming. he says he never said he was. She wants him to come, she needs to wash her face. But he tells her that she is pretty without washing it. i am looking at you now. Her face brightens as she asks him where he is? She walks out to find him.

But she does not see him anywhere outside. He tells her that he is looking at her. But then he starts looking at himself in the mirror. Kook shows up right then and asks Mooyoung what he is doing there, he should not be in there. Mooyoung is at Kook’s office and looking at photos of the murder. The girl is in these photos.

Kook leads Mooyoung outside and asks what he was doing in his office. Mooyoung says he was looking at the murderer.

In the picture?


But Mooyoung is actually looking at his reflection in the door and smiling.

Fade Out

So now we know that Jin-Kang and Moo-young have scars on them in similar places. they are both on the upper right side of their bodies. Are they twins? Were they separated after an accident? What is going on here? So far, me likey.


VO – Do you know that Chae Sang-woong was arrested
SW- It was not me…not me!
Kook – Do you know where she put this?
VO – Where did you hide it?
YR – I am sure that was it.
Kook – I don’t thinks Cha Sangwoo is the murderer
MY – Did you send SY on purpose?
MY – Hey no one is here, they each left one by one, it is only you and me.
JK – Why are you doing this?
My – With another woman
JK – If you do it again then I will tell Seung-ah everything.
SA – I am not marrying Woosang oppa.
Mom – Woosang is a cruel man
JK – You are really out.

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  1. Sashaa
    October 6, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    Wasn’t his scar on his right side, below the shoulder? Have to go rewatch.
    Could be joined at birth. Or been in an accident together.
    Or were intentionally hurt by someone.
    The way he is penetrating into people’s psyche is totally creepy. But at the same time we don’t know if he is a good person or not!!

    • V
      October 6, 2018 / 7:05 pm

      It wasdefinitely on his right below the shoulder, did I write something off up there? I’ll double check. I think it was like on his shoulder and then onto his back.

      • sashaa
        October 6, 2018 / 8:02 pm

        “So now we know that Jin-Kang and Moo-young have scars on them in similar places. they are both on the upper left side of their bodies.”

        Hers was on the right too.

        • V
          October 7, 2018 / 12:24 pm

          Yep, I was way off with that description. Let me change it now!

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