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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 9 Live Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Recap
It looks like Moo-young is about to be taken in for questions so methinks it is high time for some secrets to be revealed! Not that I actually think they will be, but a girl can hope right?

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the first part is a small recap of what has happened to this point focusing on the relationship between Moo-young and Seung-ah, the crarsh, and the aftermath of the crash.

VO – Oppa told me you were just playing a game. Because nothing is important to you so you played with your own life.

Jin-kang walks away from Moo-young in the alley. Moo-young walks after her, but he is pulled away by Cho-rang and Hwang Gun. Jin-kang gets to her home, she is still thinking about her converstation and why Moo-young’s life is not improtant to him. he even agreed that he does not know why his life is not important to him.

Elsewhere, Kook talks to Yoo-ri. It is a quiet affair. But then Tak calls him and tells him that Cho-rang went to arrest Moo-young. Ah, he is here! Outside, tons of news organizations take photos of Moo-young as he gets out of the police vehicle. Moo-young is wearing a mask. Kook calls Cho-rang, but he does not pick up the phone.

At Moo-young’s place, several people search his home. It looks like thy are officers. In the fridge is a drawing, possibly the childhood drawing. Outside, one of the officers finds the trophy.
Cut to Hwang Gun asking Moo-young if he knows what this is, this is the trophy. at least a dozen cops are looking at this interrogation from behind the one way mirror. Moo-young tells Hwang Gun that he got the trophy from that womans house.

Kook shows up.

Hwang Gun asks Moo-young why he killed that woman. Moo-young says he did it for money. Kook tells all the cops that Moo-young did not kill that woman, the real murderer is outside, I recorded her confession.

Moo-young looks at the one way mirror, his gaze looks like it settles on Kook.

Elsewhere in the station, Tak talks to Yoori. She tells Yoori that Kook cares about her. he could be in trouble because of her. So be brave and tell the truth, okay? Cho-rong shows up and asks if she is the one that turned herself in? Yuri looks up at her.

Cut to video phootage that Yuri shot in America when she was in high school. It shows her happily cuddled up with a guy. Jung Mi-young had that video footage and was threatening her for money. She wanted $100k. The police chief wants to know who the real killer is! He points to Kyung-cheol and asks him what he is going to do with the media! KS says he will try to find out the real killer.
The police men listen to Yuri’s recording. Yuri says that she sold everything that she owned but still could not come up with all that money. She really wanted to die. She took a lot of pills. But when she woke up, that woman was dead. She did not know anything. But she was so happy that she heard that she died. She did not know that she killed her.

The cops all look like this is a big problem for them.

Moo-young is still in the interrogation room. He has his head resting on the desk, but looks up when Kook comes. Kook asks him how it feels to be a plaintiff. MY jokes that it does not feel good. Kook says that he knows that My did not kill her. MY says that Kook is the one that told him that he killed her. MY wants to know why he lied?

MY says he wanted to finsh things quickly. Don’t you have those days were you think so much that it pokes out of your head. Kook asks him if he thought enough? MY smiles. he thinks about his conversation with Jin-kang. He says that he should have said he didn’t.

Kook looks at him for a moment and tells him that Yuri turned herself in. you knew that Jung Mi-young was threatening Yuri for money. Two weeks before Jung Mi-youngs death, you took her to her apartment. Moo-young corrects Kooks time line.

Kook – The day of the murder, Yuri said she cannot contact you.
MY – I was busy with an event. I called her but she did not pick up. I called her again at home. It seemed like she ws drugged. She is drugged often.

In a flashback Yuri tells MY over the phone that Mi Young-came. Moo-young walk out in the rain. There is a loud thud.

Kook – You saw her falling?
MY – No, I heard her falling.
Kook – You had a lot of time between the photo and the death. But it takes only 3 minutes to get there.
MY – 27 minutes…
Kook – You were already there, what did you do? Were you watching until the end? Yuri was drugged so she wont remember when you came in. It is important if you were there when she fell. It is very important to release you as a murder suspect?
MY – what time is it now?….you can’t interrogate people without their permission after 10.

MY gets up and walks somewhere in the room.

The next day, all the news everywhere is about how MY is the prime suspect in the murder case. He confessed and said that he did it for money. They will arrest him tomorrow…..
At Jin-kang’s workplace, jin-kang is enthralled in the news. her coworker Im So-yeon tells her she should be happy that her boyfriend is working on this case. But JK leaves quickly.

At the police department, the detectives all gather and talk about the case. Everything is consistent in the interrogations. HwangGun thinks that YR is the murderer. Moo-young removed the evidence. There is no evidence about Moo-young or YR talking to each other about the murder.

Cho-rang grips his paperwork a bit tighter.

Outside, Tak talks to Jin-kang on the phone. JK wants to know if they actually have Moo-young at the police station? Tak says that they do. JK asks if he said he killed her? Tak says yes, but it seems like he lied. You will see if on the news soon. Kim Moo-young did not kill her. Jin-kang sits, relieved and thanks Tak for the information.

Moo-young is still at the police station. he calls someone at work but then asks if he can call someone else. it looks like he might have been about to call Jin-kang, but he decides not to.

Elsewhere in the station, Kyung-cheol tells Kook that he will make him quit! It looks like he might be in a lot of trouble. Later on, we find out that Cho-rang has the phone data, that is what he was gripping so tightly. He givs Kook Im Yuri’s phone record data, but he does not give him Jin-kang’s phone record data.

CR goes somewhere and checks the phone data again. He sees that it is Jin-kang’s phone number over and over again. It drives him crazy.

Jin-kang gets to work at the brewery and sees the CEO sister coming out with the secretary. Hwang tells Soyeon and Jinkang that the sister is taking care of all the business now. The sister and the brother fought over the company, it looks like she won now.

In the car, the sister and the secretary talk. He tells her that the bank wanted to check on the money. Moo-young sent all the money to the orphanage, but the money was so big that the bank wanted to double check. The sister cannot believe that Moo-young sent all that money to an orphanage? One million dollars? the secretary says that is where he grew up. the sister wonders, hmm….what is he doing now?
Scene change to Moo-young at the police station. Cho-rang gives him the phone records and asks him about the phone number. He tells him that they saw each other before in front of jin-kang’s house. …(flashback)…Cho-rang says that he knows why Jin-kang was embarrassed like that. The MY he saw embarrassed her or was dangerous or makes hr cry…or if not, he would make her become a witness to the murder case. If you have any truth, then you should not call Jin-kang anymore.

Meanwhile, the design team have a funt ime eating at the brewery. they think they can get the new deal for the new pub and brewery! They can do it! They all drink and toast. CEO Hwang sees that Jin-kang drank the alcohol so quickly and motions that it is a boyfriend, boyfriend. So-yeon says that when her boyfriend gives her trouble, she likes soju too. they all ask Jin-kang about her boyfriend issues.

They start to talk about girls that marry safe men. Jin-kang asks what a safe man is. The CEo says that the safe men give you money, they are so so looking and aren’t so sensitive. So-yeon thinks that it an ugly dumb guy. But they think that handsome guys know that they are handsome. But they are handsome and complicated. CEO says she has that guy at home, if you meet a guy like that then run away.

They all laugh. Do-yeon says that she got married though. The CEO says that is the reason she can say it. Some people go too far in the wrong direction and can’t go back. There are moments when you can run away and survive, okay? They all cheer as Jin-kang says that she is good at running. Let’s drink! They cheer.

Later at home, Jin-kang is super drunk as she comes into the house like a happy drunk and tries to hug Kook. Kook helps her flop on her bed. JK talks about how she was always #1 in primary school with running. Kook is all like, do you still brag about that? He closes the door as he tells her good night. All her happiness rolls away as she covers her eyes.

Int he morning, Kook brings JinKang some hangover drink/food, but she is already gone. She is actually riding her bike. She thinks about what her CEO said about running and not looking back, then you survive. Moo-young is still in jail, it looks like he is thinking about Jinkang as well. But someone calls his name.

In the street, JK is still ridding her bike, but she stops when she sees a cat. It makes her think of Moo-young. In a flashback. he asks her if she really think he does not have a heart. Can you eat first and then leave?….she also thinks back to their sudden kiss. that makes her stop her bicycle. But it stops right in front of the police station. She looks at it for a long moment.

But then she sighs and flips her bike around. Cho-rong is right behind her.
They greet each other happily. He says that he just went to the sauna. he asks her if she came there to see Kook? She says no, it is just a Saturday ride. They are a bit awkward for a moment. He asks how her dinner was that day and apologizes for not eatin with her. She tells him that she knew he was busy, she saw it on the news. He tells her that they should eat later after he finishes up everything.

She smiles and shoulders by him a bit. His face falls. But then Jinkang runs back up to him and says that they should do a best thing from his 100 list. he smiles and says that they should go to the sea then. She tells him that she likes it and walks away. This time he smiles as he heads back in. But Jinkang’s face falls as she grabs her bike and walks it away.

Inside the station, HwangGun asks Kook if he wants to join him for the arrest warrant for Yuri? Kook says okay and heads in the opposite direction. But HwangGun tells him that Moo-young’s arrest warrant is declined. Kook is suprised, what about his warrant? Why is it declined? There is evidence about him helping the murderer. hwangGun says that the prosecutors talked about it. he just left. Kook is amazed and walks off.

Cut to Jin-kang walking up her street, right into Moo-young. She hesitantly asks him what is up. He says he is looking for his lost cat, it has been two days. She asks why he is looking for his lost cat there? Look for it on the playground, there are lots of lost cats there. She walks past him.

He tells her that he was arrested by the police, he was released, but he needs further invevstigation. He might have to go to trial…..I didn’t kill her. Jin-kang says that she knows, she saw the news. He asks her if she is afraid of him? She says yes.

he asks her again, are you afraid of me? She looks at him and says, yes, I am afraid of you.

MY – beacuase I was arrested?

JK – Because I don’t know you.

MY – You can ask me anything if you are curious

JK – i don’t want to know. I don’t trust you.

She goes into hr gate. Moo-young actually might look sad about it. he turns around and walks away. But as he gets to his place, it looks like he passes by a black car. he goes to his place and sees that his drawing is on the floor. he runs and picks it up as if it is his most prized possession and touches the image of one of the people he drew.
Scene change to Kook driving with Yuri. he tells her that he knows she wants to protect Moo-yung because he was nice to her, but you should not hide these things. Moo-young is the one that told you the password for her house, right? Yuri says that she has a request in exchange for telling all this.

Cut to Moo-young at home. He is having a bad dream. It is the same flashback that we have seen before. A song plays, the water is boiling, kids are playing outside, there is a Gun that fires. Moo-yuong wakes to someone calling his name. Kim Moo-young, Kim Moo-young. But when he looks around, no one is there.

Jin-kang is cleaning her home at the same time. Moo-young rubs his head as if to get the dream away.

On the street, Kook walks to Jung Mi-youngs house. Cho-rang starts to tell him all the events that happened.

he was sitting there the entire 20 minutes because his clothes were so wet. The parttimer gave him a towel. She thought he was waiting for someone.

Kook goes to that convenience store. Moo-young sees him there and asks him if this is a cliche? But he just smiles and says it is and then sits with him to drink a yogurt. Kook tells him that he wondered what was going thorugh MY’s mind while he was sitting there.

MY tells him that he thinks he did not think anything. Kook asks, you only need 5 minutes to charge a battery. You can borrow a cell phone from the parttimer even. You can tell the judge that Yuri was so poor so you had to help her. But you know why you did it.

MY smiles and starts drinking his yogurt again.

MY – Ajusshi, do you know why you do everything? Most times I don’t know why I do somethings.
Kook – 3 times 5 is 15. 3-5-1-5. At least if you do something special then I would know. Someone like Im Yuri who makes trouble with drugs. You tell her the password to the dead girls house.

Flashback of him telling her the password.

MY looks like he has been caught. Kook calls him a devil. You were sitting here for that 20 minutes.

MY leaves and walks out, but then he looks at the apartment.

VO – Why did you stop.

Flashback to Jung Mi-young throwing money at Yuri’s face. She says that she is not a beggar. MY was there. He tells Yuri to give this to that girl, but you shouldn’t come.

At the event, the dead girl got drunk and caused a huge scene. She looks like a B too. Moo-young walked her back home as she happily told him that the CCTV does not work. She happily undresses in front of him in the hallway. They start kissing in her place. She shows him the video of Yuri drunk or maybe high and hugged up with a guy.

The girl tells Moo-young that this girl is her prey. She starts kissing him again and asks him what happened to his shoulder. he gets up and leaves. She wonders where he is going. He tells her that he saw everything he wanted to see.

In the present, Moo-yuong is pulled out of this flashback and walks home. the sister is at his home. he tells her that she should not come there and walks by. She tells him that she lost her only oppa because of him, he bows to her. She just laughs and says that if he is sorry then visit me. I have something I want to discuss with you.
Moo-young just takes what she gives him and walks away.

Yuri wanted to see JinKang at the police station. Shet ells her that ajusshi told her that people can start over at anytime. She wanted to apologize to her before she went to jail. it is about hitting her in the car. JK says it is okay, she did not do it on purpose. But Yuri says that she did it on purpose. She was high, but she still did it on purpose becuse she was jealous of her.

Flashback at Jin-kang talking to Moo-young.

VO – I never heard it before, Oppa never said those kinds of stories, he never said those things.

Jin-kang goes back to work and is suprised by her people. Her people says that Moo-young is taking over the new pub. It was a rumor but now it looks like it is a fact. That is daebak right! Jin-kang loos distraught but she says it is daebak, it is super daebak.

they tell her that this is good news, she shouldn’t look like that, you are good friends with him right? You live in the same neighborhood! A little while later, Jin-kang is napping at her desk Her boss surprises her awake. it look slike Jin-kang was drawing a photo of a cat for the last several hours. her boss asks her if this is why she is so busy. Do you raise a cat? Jin-kang gets up to walk out with her boss and says that she doesn’t, she just drew it.

Later on, Cho-rong and Jin-kang buy some food at the local grocer, but the mood is stiff when Moo-young passes by. It is all the more weird because Moo-young gets in the car with the secretary from that huge business. The sister might be in there as well.

Jin-kang just tries to let the moment pass and gets in the car with Cho-rang to go on their sea date. CR tries to pull her out of her thoughts and starts talking about what she would like to eat? Sushi? She nods, but she is miles away.

At the police station, Kook looks at the phone call list. He sees thta his sister is one of the people on the list. MY called her 9 times. Elsewhere, The CEO sister takes Moo-young to the new brewery and looks at him as he walks around.
Cho-rang decides to pull over somewhere and asks Jin-kang if she might want to see the ocean next time? he ends up driving her back to her place. he tells her that he will call her. She says, I’m sorry. But it is a loaded “I’m sorry.”

he is taken aback a bit and says that he did not want to hear it. She apologizes and tells him that she was so bad to him, she is sorry about that. Cho-rang tells her that she does not have to date him. You do not have to date me Jin-kang. But you shuold not date that guy. You said you don’t have a brain, if they cry then they cry and if they smile then they smile, someone like you, you should not meet that kind of person. Someone like you should never ever.

Jin-kang looks like she knows this, she gets out of the car and sighs. Then she goes into her house and sees someone’s shoes. Probably her brothers. She goes to her room and sees him at her desk. She asks him why he is searching her trash. he picked up a drawing from her trash and asks why he is drawing his face? he yells at her for a moment and asksk her why she looks like that all the time?

then he pulls out Moo-young’s phone record and tells Jin-kang that Cho-rang took care of this. But if he did not then you would be apart of the witnesses!

Jin-kang asks so what? I can tell them what I know.

Kook yells that this is a murder case! You don’t know what goes on!

jin-kang says that he did not do it.

But Kook says that she would not even know about this without him. It is a different world!

She asks if he was born in this diefferent world?

Kook yells, YES.

She tells him that he is the one that says anyone can start over. Why can’t he? You said it to Yuri.

Kook says that he can’t, he is not human! When humans’ do something wrong, they feel sorry about it. They feel pain when they get hit. That is a human.

Kang says that he will get hurt as well if he gets hit.



Jin-kang, look at what happened to Seung-ah.

DOn’t talk like that, oppa!

She pulls away from him and stares at him in shock.

Meanwhile, Moo-young is riding away with the rich woman. She drops him off at his place. MY just gets out. The rich woman gets out too and asks him why he did not ask, why me? So Moo-young says, why me? She laughs and walks up to him.

W – At least you tried to ask.
MY – There is no reason, you decide.
W – Yes, that is true, I decide everything and everything goes my way. Think about what I said today.

She walks back to her car. He walks back to his place.

On the octapang, MY stops and looks up. Jin-kang is there waiting for him. She looks upset.

He walks over to him.

JK – You are a bad guy right? Right. Everyone says you are a bad guy. Everyone will change but you. They said if I am with you then something bad will happen to me. But why…why do I~.

She stopps talking and gets chocked up.

JK – Are you really that kind of person? I don’t want you to be bad. I am afraid that you will be worse. Are you going to do that job?

MY – If you say no, then I will not.

JK – DOn’t do it. Promise me that you will become a good person.

The air is thick between them. MY tries to say something. he is finally able to get it out.

MY – Teach me.

Fade Out.

Okay y’all, I am a bit in awe of this shows scene structure. This show has a scene break almost like clockwork. Or at least this episode did (I don’t remember noticing in the other episodes). It is almost as if each scene is timed based on how long it will take to get to a pre-determined episode break point. So if there are say six plot points to have an overall 60 minute episode then this writer might have six critical changes of the pace. All the scenes in each break point build to that critical moment and then it “starts over” with the next plot point. I feel like I want this script so I can actually see where each beat is on the page.

This episode by itself was really good. A lot did not happen in this particular episode, but it still felt like a lot was going on. I think that is because it was structured so well. We seemed to get critical information in the points where it was about to lull that reignited my interest for what was happening. We also had a lot of internal turmoil with Moo-young, even though he tries to play like he is happy go lucky and nothing bothers him. It really seemed like he did not like that girl that died and was perfectly fine with Yuri doing whatever she wanted with her. But perhaps he felt a touch of guilt which is why he helped clean up the scene?

He also only cares about Jin-kang and what she might think of him. She clearly hates him, but is also drawn to him in a way that I think is only answered in the past. I am so confused about the past. I want to know what this psychiatrist has to do with it as well. We haven’t seen the psychiatrist in a while, will he make another appearance, or is his role all but done? So many questions.


VO – Who?
MY – Someone who I want to see me nicely.
MY – What kind of person is a good person?
JK – Did you say you won’t do it?
MY – What did you think I said?
JK – You said that?
MY – Why do you hate me doing it so much?
JK – Those people can do anything.
MY – Before, a police man was looking for a kid just like me. I thought he was my father.
Tak – If Kim Moo-young is the one you are looking for, then Jin-kang should not date him.
Kook – You. Don’t date my sister. I am not asking you. I am warning you.

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  1. Zo
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    Thank you so much for the recap! I am so addicted to this drama and really appreciate it 🙂

    • V
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      I am right there with you.

  2. Table122000
    October 31, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    Thanks for another great recap! This drama just keeps getting more interesting each episode. When Moo Young said “Teach me” to Jin Kang…Oh my God! The writing continues to be so good here.The preview for next episode it looks like they are on a date? I guess Jin Kang makes up her mind to give Moo Young a chance? Can’t wait to see what happens next episode.

    • V
      November 1, 2018 / 10:49 am

      That part got to me, too. I thought, aw man, he wants to learn how to be a good person. But I also thought, RUUUUUUUUN, let someone else teach him!

  3. CN
    October 31, 2018 / 5:20 pm

    I love how they both had such internal battles this episode. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min convey all the nuances of their fated romance so beautifully. Cant wait to see how this story unfolds!

    • V
      November 1, 2018 / 10:51 am

      The internal conflict is what makes this drama so noteworthy. These actors are really pulling everything from their quiet scenes.

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