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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 7 Live Recap

Things are not looking good for Moo-yeon. But on the bright side, it looks like Jin-kang ran to his aid and stayed by his side all night. My biggest question is, what will Moo-yeoung do now in retaliation? All this time he has kind of just been going through the motions of life while also playing with a few girls hearts.

But now he actually has someone to destroy, if he wants, and a pretty good reason to do it. Will he use Seung-ah to get his revenge on Woo-sang? I think Woo-sang is the one that sent those thugs to Moo-young’s place after all.

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Tiny review of what happened including the burn on Moo-young’s shoulder and Jin-kang getting closer to each other. We also found out that Moo-young was a missing kid once upon a time ago.

Cut to Moo-young at home. He has a little cake for his birthday that he sits on his small table and pulls out. He adds candles while thinking about JK telling him that he does not have a heart, that is why he can break people and not feel sorry at all. You are happy because you won.

He adds a lot of candles and lights them all while still thinking about JK’s words. She told him that he does not even know how poor he is. He asks her if she never thought about him, you never missed me? Haven’t you ever been happy to see me on accident? Do you really think I don’t have a heart? She said no to all those questions.

MY is pulled out of his thoughts by a knock on the door. two thugs pull him outside.

Outside her home, Jin-kang sits and thinks about Moo-young, then she goes to see him.

Moo-young is busy getting beaten up by a lot of thugs who surroung him in a circle and each take their turn. Jin-kang runs to Moo-youngs and accidentally bumps into someone on the gorund, perhaps the driver? She gets to the rooftopand sees Moo-young getting beaten up. She calls the polcie right away as she hides. But then she runs to his aid when she sees that the men are pulling a lot of things out of the wood work to throws at Moo-young.

They all leave once she shows up screaming at them. Moo-young is all but passed out on the ground.

Kook is at home looking at the missing kid flyer, he looks miserable.
The police ask Jin-kang all the proper questions about the attack, unfortunately she does not know the answer to a lot of their questions. They tell her that they will be back once the patient wakes up. She walks to Moo-young’s bedside. He is bruised and miserable looking with a neck brace on and bloody splotches on his face.

He wakes up a while later and sees Jin-kang sleeping there.

Jin-kang wakes up, Moo-young pretends like he is sleep. But he leaves when Jin-kang goes out to pick up his phone. She goes to his place. he is there looking all haggard like an MMA fighter that lost. She yells at him about going back to the hospital. The doctor said you should rest. He just smiles it off. She asks who those people were. He tells her that he also wonders that as well. It does not look like he is taking this seriously.

JK tells him to sue those people. he just says that he shouldn’t, those pople did a good job and were paid for it. He should get his revenge on the person who asked them to do it. JK is fed up and says he can do what he wants, it is none of her business. She turns to leave, but he stops her by grabbing her arm and tells her to eat something (the cake?) and leave.

But she just lightly removes her wrist from his grasp and walks out.

The next day, Kook is deep in thought at his desk. Cho-rong watches him but Kook does not really notice him at all. CR leaves and runs into Tak. They both wonder why Kook is like that now. CR thinks Tak should know, if she does not know then no one knows. Tak tells him that she does not know everything about Kook, okay?

Outside, Jin-kang walks by a juk place. She looks at it for a moment, but then continues heading to the police station. The police want to know where the victim is? He should come. She asks them if the witness can report it? They tell her that she can, of course, what she did last night was actually a report on the incident. But the law suit should be started by the victim.

At home, Moo-young looks worse. The blood and lactic acid or something must be building in his bruises and muscles because he can barely move. But he is able to get up. He feeds his cat and barely does some stretches which is when he sees a bag of juk next to his door. It looks like he woke up after sleeping for 24 hours.
Tak goes by Kook’s home and comments on how it is weird to come to his home in the daytime since she always brought him home after drinking. She asks where Jin-kang is. Kook miserably tells her that she is out with Cho-rong. CR gets a call from the other detectives but he tells them that it is his off day. So he is not going in. They think he must have gone crazy.

He goes on a a bicycling date with Jin-kang and then tells her that he has a long list of 100 things that they can do. However Jin-kang’s mind is all on Moo-young. Even when Cho-rong puts out his hand to help Jin-kang up, she thinks about Moo-young doing a similar thing.

At home, Kook starts to return to his own self. He gets a bit brighter and chummier as he cooks with Tak. they start to drink and eat chicken stew happily. But they also start to talk about the case. Kook is not telling Cho-rong anything new about the case and did not tell him about Yoo-ri. Kook wants her to turn herself in. Tak takes a moment to announce that she should laugh at this. Kook says he will arrest her if she does not do it, okay?

tak just keeps looking at him in an annoying way and asks if he likes her? Tak says that is nonsense, she is younger than Jin-kang! Tak tells him that she is an adult, men like younger women when they get older! that is why you both fell together and it is why you aren’t arresting her. See! See! the story matches. Kook starts chortling and tells her to stop making him laugh. Why are you so funny with your pretty face?

She yells at him, YAY! He tells her that she is the pretty one, not Im Yuri. Tak starts to complain about how salty the food is, I can’t eat it! She leaves. Kook asks her why she is leaving, but then he goes back to see if it is really too salty? No salty at all.

Cut to Seung-ah stamping all the paperwork to sell her building. (huh, why is she still going through with it?). She has her 2 million dollar check now and starts to think about leaving with Moo-young. But he also told her that he was looking for a job tomorrow. We are done. There is no where to go between us. She tells him that they love each other. He says he never did. She asks why he dated her then?

But he does not answer, he just walks away.

Seung-ah looks at the bank note and then looks up an address. She calls the university campus.
Moo-young’s phone rings. he is warmly in his bed and does not want to move. Hee-joon calls him from the brewery and asks what he should do, she knows the truth. Should I tell her that I am a student? Moo-young tells him he did a good job and to not worry about it.

Then he sees a text from her, asking to meet. It won’t take too long.

he goes and meets with her,at their normal place but he wears a hat and has his hoodie on. She does not look at him and just dramatically looks at the sea. She hands him the money and asks what he thinks. Tell me, if it is about money then I can give this to you. He easily tells her that it is about money, thank you. She stands up and walks away.

He starts to walk in the opposite direction, but he limps away. She sees him limping in a mirror and runs to his side. Was it Woo-sang oppa? He just smiles and says the most important thing is the 2 million. He keeps walking away.

In a bath house, Kook thinks about Moo-young and how Moo-young mentioned his hometown. Do you really not know any police officers there?

Meanwhile at work, Seung-ah texts Woo-sang and tells him that she will never forgive him. If you torture him one more time then I will kill you. Aoo-sang just rolls his eyes. His secretary tells him that he thinks Moo-young has a woman. He shows a photo of the three of them together (Jin-kang, Seung-ah, and Moo-young).

Elsewhere, Moo-young runs into Kook outside at a corner store. He stops and drinks one of Moo-youngs drinks. then he shows him the 2 million dollars and asks him what he thinks of it. Kook asks him what he will do with it? Moo-young says he will do something bad, whenever he sees Kook, he wants to do something bad. MY gets up to leave, Kook tells him that there is nothing free in the world, if you commit a crime then You shuold pay for it. MY tells him that he likes free things and eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. He keeps walking away.

At the police station, Cho-rong is getting the riot act read to him for taking off on his off day. Kook kind of cheers him up and tells him that he should work all the time (while also staring at team leader Kyung-cheol). Everyone is uncomfortable in the room.

At the same time, Im Yoori cleans her office and thinks about Kook telling her that everyone can start over. She can come when she is ready, he will wait for her for a few days.
Back at the police station, Kook confronts Tak about ignoring him. She tells him that she was not ignoring him, I got to go, bye! She walks off, but Kook noticed that she looks very pretty today and wonders why she is so dressed up (can I just pause and says that he does a really good job of playing a dense guy).

Later on at Moo-young’s place, Yoo-ri goes to see him. She comment about his bruises for a moment. He asks how she is doing. She wants to know why he was nice to her. he says it is because she is pretty. She says that isn’t it, is it because I don’t lie? You said that I don’t lie. Oppa, you never liked me.

Mooyoung is petting his cat and tells her that he likes her. Then he shows her the cat and says it is his first time with a cat. He feeds her and removes her poop. Sometimes it is annoying, but its fun. This cat does not go away even when I leave the door open. YR asks, AM I LIKE A CAT TO YOU?

He calmly tells her not to trust anyone, people are nothing. She asks if he is that way with her? Then she asks if she can tell everything….to that ajusshi.

His face falls.

Later on, Moo-young stares blankly at a street and then walks somewhere. He ends up going to the police station. Cho-rang asks him if something is up. Moo-young waves at Kook, who is walking up. He tells him that he came there to get his drivers license. He has a job. Kook asks him if he would like a coffee? MY says no, it doesn’t taste good. I’m leaving.

Kook asks if he is really leaving? MY says that he just came there to say bye. It was nothing. Cho-rang walks up and asks who that guy is, he looks familiar. Where did I see him? Kook jumps for a moment and CR’s sudden reappearance and then says it is Kim Moo-young. Cho-rang knows that name. Kim Moo-young? That Kim Moo-young???

Moo-young ends up going to the Eagle Brewery place for his job. But he looks at an invitation that catches his interest while he is there. It is an invitation from his old job, The Arts Brewery. They are holding a special event.

Cut to the special event. Jin-kang and her design company people all go to the event. The boss comments on the sign and jokes, who made it? they all laugh because apparently they are the designers of the sign. I think they also designed the containers wrapping, but I’m not sure.
They all sit for the event. Moo-young shows up as well and sits. Jin-kang kind of ignores Moo-young as he looks at her. But when Woo-sang comes in, he gets all of Moo-young’s attention. Cut to Seung-ah at home. She has a mail delivery. It is the 2 million dollars and a note from Moo-young. He tells her that he does not know if it is love or not, but let’s go somewhere.

Woo-sang speaks at the event about this product launch. Moo-young toasts to him with a smile. Woo-sang notices it. After the speech, Woo-sang talks to Hee-joon and another worker at the brewery. Woo-sang talks to investors in the room and whispers something to his driver. Jin-kang remembers the driver from that night.

Meanwhile, Moo-yeoung walks closer to Woo-sang who is talking business with someone. Moo-young stands so strangly near them with a smile. Woo-sang excuses himself from the conversation and then starts to talk to Moo-young. He asks him what he wants. MY says he wants to play with him. But WS tells him to cut to the chase. MY tells him that it hurt when they hit him here and there, he understands that his heart should be broken.

Woosang asks him if he got the money. MY explains thta it was pretty good work for two months, do you want any of it? How about 1 million? Half and half. WS is not impressed. MY tells him that everyone at the last event talked about Seung-ah with her rich boyfriend. He noticed that getting her to fall for him would be easier than expected. I got her so easily because of you.

On cue, Seung-ah calls. Moo-young talks to her happily and then hangs up. He tells Woosang that he will give him one million, he can just leave. I will date Seung-ah continuously. Woosand laughs and looks over at Jin-kang. He tells Moo-young that they are a good match. I knew that she asked Seung-ah for work for the design stuff. That is good, she asked her boyfriend to get money from Seung-ah. Then he tells him that 2 million is bag money. If you ask politely then maybe you can get some more.

Woo-sang walks away confidently. Moo-young looks over at Jin-kang.

Meanwhile, Seung-ah writes a letter as she prepares to leave.

Letter – I will not ask you to understand me. You will say I am giving up everything for love. he is nothing. But I am not giving up anything, I am taking everything back. Myself that I want. Freedom. Everything. Bye, Umma. Sorry.

At the event, Jin-kang asks Moo-young what he talked to Woo-sang about. It was Woo-sang who did this right? MY says that he wanted to make him mad, but he was the one that punched me. Jin-kang wonders what he is talking about but then gets a phone call from her boss to come over.

Moo-young tells Jin-kang that she should leave because she is his weakness. Jin-kang leaves, though it does not seem like she wants to leave Moo-young there.

Woo-sang, meanwhile, gets in his car. He is about to leave, but Seung-ah shows up. She tells him that he should be ashamed of himself. WS tells her that she is the one that was used. Why are you here? WS tells her that he told him that she was so easy, it was good return for two months work.

MY walks up and says that Seung-ah knows that he is trash. But Seung-ah defends MY and says that he is not like that. Moo-young tells Seung-ah to go, but WS grabs her arm. If you leave like that then I won’t be able to stand it. She tells him to let her go and then leaves with Moo-young, in her car. Woo-sang gets in his car and drives after them.
Jin-kang is on the street and happens to see Seung-ah, Moo-young, and Woo-sang driving by. This does not look good.

They drive through the streets of Seoul with one following the other.

Kook goes outside to look at the rain. He sees someone walking up to him carrying the umbrella that he remembers from the video. It is Yura.

On the streets, Woo-sang drinks whiskey and drives after Seung-ah and Moo-young. He is going crazy.

Moo-young tells Seung-ah not to get caught. But then a cars lights hit them, she turns quickly which turns into a U-turn. Woo-sang hits the car and sends it flying throught he air. The car catches fire.

Moo-young hears someone call his name. He is sent into a childhood memory with kids toys and water boiling in a room. But a young guy is there in the room, a gun is being held out to the younger guy – it fires.

Fade Out
Wow, that crash was very unexpected. This show continues to surprise. But what is going to happen next? Does Woo-sang rescue them all and hide Moo-young away somewhere then give him 3 million dollars? I am so confused as to where this story is going, but it is a good kind of confused.


Kook – are you sure Moo-young was in Seung-ah’s car?
JK – I am sure but, there is something strange.
Kook – Moo-young disappeared.
Tak – He disappeared, what are you talking about?
Kook – I am sure someone is controlling the incident and news.
MY – Should I put my finger print here?
Money – 3 million dollars
Cop – this case is about a love affair.
Kook – Love affair?
JK – Where are you?
JKang – You know Jin Moo-young, is he still alive? Tellme where he is.
JKang – Should I report it to the police as a missing person?
Kook – What do you care? Why report it to the police?

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