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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 8 Live Recap

Seo In-guk looks at someone in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Holy guacamole, y’all. I did not see that crash coming and I definitely did not see that flashback scene coming. I really thought that Moo-young just got lost and Jin-kook didn’t find him. That is enough to be guilty over. But what is with all this guns pointing at people and stuff? Plus, the hot water was boiling on the counter, is that how Moo-young got burned? If that is how he got burned, then is that also how Jin-kang got her burn? SO.MANY.QUESTIONS.

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Rewind a little bit to the car chase. Moo-young knows that they are being followed by Woo-sang. Woo-sang is drinking like a mad man as he follows them. Cut to Kook, he takes the umbrella from Yoori, but then it look slike someone gave her the umbrella.

VO – When I woke up, I was at my friends house. Sang-woo and my friend where fighting. Then Sang-woo left. Moo-young came in. What I remember later…is blood. Blood.

Visions of the murder scene in pieces.

Yoori says that she does not remember, she does not remember any more.

Elsewhere, Jin-kang knocks on Moo-youngs door, he is not there. She remembers asking him what he thinks when thinking about a person like that. Moo-young says that he does not think, that is how he will win.

In the car, Moo-young calmly tells Seung-ah not to get caught. But that distracts her just enough for an accident to happen. They car flips several times as they crash.

VO – Kim Moo-young.

MY is taken to a field where a kid is running, there is laughter and a robot. Inside a room, water is boiling and a radio is playing. There is also a man who has a gun to another younger man. The gun fires.

Moo-young wakes up he is still in the car.

VO – Theys aid that Seung-ah’s car had an accident, but the police did not tell me anything. They said that the guy with her is dead. She is in critical condition.

So it looks like this is fake news. The news says there was only one car in this accident. It might be the beginnings of a cover up.

Back at the station, Kook takes Yuri out of the interrogation room.

Kook – So, when you woke up you were in this house?

he took her to the apartment and tells her that it will be difficult, but you will remember when you come inside. He opens the door, but she runs away. he runs after her and hides to make sure that does not see him following her. he also checks the CCTV cameras. Then Jin-kang calls.

Jin-kang is at the hospital. The mother is beside herself with worry. She has forgiven Jin-kang for everything (apparently) because they embrace as they share their worry about Seung-ah. The doctors say that the surgery went well. But the mother is pulled away by Woo-sang’s driver/secretary person. he tells her something, but it is a bit inaudible.

Kook runs up at that moment and sees if Jin-kang is okay. Jin-kang tells him that something strange is going on. Kook asks the secretary if there is a Kim Moo-yang in the hospital, but he is not there. Only Woosang and Seung-ah are at the hospital. (Ah, so they are pretending that Moo-young was not there at all). Jin-kang tells Kook that she saw them driving. the news is telling all lies. I saw them. Seung-ah mother said that Seung-ah’s car had an accident. i think something happend to him, oppa.

Kook tells her to tell him slowly. Jin-kang says that a few days ago WS beat up MY with gangpaes. I think that is where it started. I was afraid that something might happen. gangpae’s don’t know anything. But maybe he will do something to the person that did something to him?

Kook goes back to the police station and sees everyone watching the news about the accident. They news talks about how the driver died, they are looking for the reason. The policeman keep talking about how the team is dissolving. Kyung-cheol looks at Kook and says it is because of someone that this team is dissolving.

At work, Jin-kang’s colleagues are concerned about the happenings. When JK comes in, they ask her how things are, is everything okay? JK tells them that things are okay, but they need to wait a few days. They tell her that the car fell from 10 meters, so it is a miracle that she is still alive.

Meanwhile, Kook meets with Tak and tells her that Moo-young disappeared. he fills her in on how MY and Seung-ah dated. Tak wonders if the Woo-sang group is hiding him. Jin-kang says that two cars were in the accident, but the news is only reporting one. Tak is amazing that Chaebols can do that. She wonders if something is really going on with this.
There is a quiet moment as Jin-kang goes to Moo-youngs home, she plays with his cat a bit and then goes shopping for groceries at an animal store. She walks a bit like a zombie and does not hear her brother calling her name. He asks her what she is doing at an animal store. But then she remembers that Moo-young had a cat. She wonders if she should report MY missing. He is concerned and tells her to not worry about what is going on. I will do everything, you don’t have to do anything.

At home, Kook lays awake in bed. He must feel something because he hops up and checks Jin-kang’s room. She is not there, she is actually at Moo-young’s place feeding his cat.

Kook goes to the police station but it looks like he goes to a department that he is not familiar with. He knocks on a door. But the person he is looking for might be behind him. A man asks, what are you doing here? It was the cop that was on the TV giving the report.

Meanwhile, Jin-kang goes to the Woo-sang building. She sees the secretary and asks him if he was in a certain neighborhood on that night that MY got beaten up. The secretary tells her that he does not know what she is talking about, you have the wrong person. Jin-kang asks him to tell her if he is still alive? the secretary pauses for a moment, but then continues walking away.

Cut to Kook drinking with the cop. it looks like they are old friends. The cop tells him that he knows that he does not behave well, but I should not hear about your moms death three years later from someone else. Kook knows that that was messed up. They keep talking. The cop asks what happened? What’s up? MY asks where Moo-young is, where did you hide him? The cops asks him if he is interrogating him?

Kook asks if he came in too quickly? He hits himself and says that hyung taught him to come in straight with a hook and get the answer. They laugh a moment. The cop tells him that he learned it well, but are you working for that yougn guy that used to be under you? You are on his team right, isn’t that an embarrassing thing? Tak says it is super embarrassing. the cop asks him why he is asking him these questions. Kook tells him to just tell him all he knows. The cop says he really does not know where he is.

The sister goes to Woo-sang’s funeral (wow, so it looks like Woo-sang really did die?). She looks sad, but when she gets away from everyone at the funeral, she looks kind of happy. Then, she goes to see Moo-young! She goes to his hospital room and looks over his bed.

VO – We don’t know when he is going to wake up and we dont know what he will talk about when he does.

Kook – Is he unconcious?

the cop says that he does not know, but he heard that it is not critical. Kook asks him if he saw a 2 million dollar check? This is the love affair thing. that is why the company itself wants all this covered up. baek Soong-ah had a 2 million dollar check in her purse with a note that Moo-young wrote. “I don’t know if this is love or not, but lets live together” I think there were running away, but Woo-sang found out about it. At the time of the accident, Woo-sang was drunk. The girls car slid in the rain and he hit it straight on. the accident was the same height.

Kook – So he didn’t slam on the breaks?

Cop – No, if he slammed on the breaks then his car should have gone under that car. But he just slammed into them. What do you think? If you die, I die.

Flashback of Woo-sang revving the engine and crashing into Seung-ah’s car on purpose.

Jin-kang wakes up with a start. She goes to Moo-young’s place again and wonders where he is.
Elsewhere, Cho-rang visits a ballet class. He calls Kook afterward to tell him that he visited the dead girls college friend. The college friend also has that same cup. it is from a festival or something. Kook says that he heard that it was from the festival. CR tells him that he will investigate it further. They talk about meeting up in 2 hours.

Kook leaves the hyungnim cop. But hyungnim cop tells him to buy something for his sister and gives him some money. Kook is all like, she is almost 30, she does not need anything. But the hyungnim cop says that he just pities that he raised that kid until she was 30. Kook just sighs a moment and playfully says he will take the money, fine. The hyungnim cop tells him that the little boy came to the police station. He wasn’t there that day, but Kyung-cheol saw him.

Flashback to that night where the water was boiling and the gun was on someone. The gun fires and Moo-young wakes up suddenly. He looks around for a moment and sits up. It looks like he is pretty okay, maybe banged up a little underneath his clothes, but he looks fine to the naked eye. However, the secretary is sitting in the room and looks up to see him.

Cut to the police station. Kook angrily confronts KC about that boy. Why didn’t you tell me he came to the police station! KC asks him what he is talking about. Kook yells that he met the kid I was looking for, what did you tell him! KC yells, what does it matter! I told him to leave. They guy you are looking for isn’t here, Leave!

Kook is stunned, what?

KC tells him that he said Kook ran away to Seoul and was not there! Then he walks off. Kook is crestfallen, he looks at the floor.

Meanwhile, Moo-young gets a cab ride back to his neighborhood. But he gets dropped off near Jin-kang’s place. Once he gets out, he looks up the steps toward her door.

Kook races out and does not listen to CR who is calling his name. CR wonders if he is going through puberty. Tak comes up behind him and smacks him right upside the head. But then she asks if he wants lunch. They go to lunch were CR fills her in on all his investigations.

he went to the same store and asked Hee-joon about the dead woman. HJ says that she was a bad customer, she was a horrible drunk. If Moo-young did not stop me then I would have hit her and went to jail. CR is suprised that HJ talked about Moo-young. he told him that MY took her to the house when she was drunk.

CR told Kook everything but he is still acting strange. Tak says that she understands him. He is not listening. CR says that he was talking to Kook but he was not listening. is he the same person I know? how can I work with him like this? Tak tells him that Kook is strange sometimes, you know this. Just close your eyes and wait.

At home, Moo-young rests with his cat. But then he sees a silohuette of someone walking to his room. It looks like Jin-kang. He sits up and goes outside. Jin-kang is talking to the cat, but asking where Moo-young is. But then, she feels him standing behind her so she stands up and turns around.

However, she does not talk to him and just walks away. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her into a big kiss. She tries to stop the kiss at first, but she keeps kissing him in the end.
Kook runs to the hospital. he sees the little boy in the hospital with his arm and back bandaged. But he turns when the boy looks up and sees him.

Kook sits up from this flashback when Jin-kang comes in. She tells him that Moo-young is back. Kook is concerned and worried, how does she know he is back? Did you see him? She tells him yes and then says that she won’t see him anymore. Oppa, I’m sleepy. He does not press her about it and just turns off the lights so she can sleep.

Jin-kang tries to sleep but thinks about her kiss with Moo-young. She kissed him for a little bit, but then stopped and was about to leave. But he stopped her for a moment and asked if she could stay there a little longer. Jin-kang just looked at him and said that they should not see each other.

Moo-yong is also awake in his place. he turns off the lights to go to sleep, but he still lays awake.

At her home, Jin-kang gets a text message which wakes her up. She looks at it for a long moment, but then gets up to leave. Kook also has the same text message and is at Jin-kang’s door. He hugs her as she cries into his arms.

News – Seung-ah died.

Moo-young goes to work where his colleague asks him if he heard the news? he says yeah and then goes to work.

Jin-kang and Kook bow to the parents, but Seung-ah can barely stand up from her bow. Kook has to help her.

Meanwhile, Moo-young looks perfectly content and carefree as he eats with his new beer company family.
CR and Tak drink as they talk about the news. CR did not know that Seung-ah was Jin-kang’s friend. Tak wonders what really happened and comments that CR isn’t really a boyfriend if he does not know his girlfriends friends. But then she tells him that he will be okay, Jin-kang is just a careful person.

Cut to the burial place. Everyone is sad as Seung-ah is laid to rest. Kook and Jin-kang are there as well. Jin-kang is beside herself with grief and has to cry her eyes out alone to the side of the funeral.

However, the sister looks very happy as she gets in the car at work. She tells the secretary that he looks very good as her person now. She gets driven somewhere and is told that Seung-ah’s funeral finished well, you should go pay your respects. But the sister says that it is over so she does not have to. Instead, she asks if he got the promise?

Cut to Moo-young adding his finger print to some paperwork. He takes the money given.

In the car, the secretary says that he got the money. He took the one million dollars as if it were $100. She is incredulous, one million? She starts laughing and says he is a funny guy.

Elsewhere, Kook goes to Moo-young’s place. Kook asks him what is going on. An eye to eye and a tooth for a tooth. Is this something like that? Woo-sang, yeah, he gave you a hard time with gangsters, but what about Seung-ah? MY tells him that he is talking about this like I did it on purpose. Kook says that this is true, but if you knew it would happen, would you still do it?

MY smirks and says, who knows?

Kook grabs him and forces him to the ledge. he tells him that an innocent person died because of this. MY says he would have done it knowing the result. Two people died, do you think you won? He punches MY, MY goes flying and falls to the ground like a rag doll. Kook tells him that he is not human! If you were human – if you had a little humaness in you -.

MY stands up and asks what he should do, if he was a little human? Kook tells him that he does not care who he is and starts to leave. MY asks him if he was something to him before?

Kook just leaves.

At home, Jin-kang heads out and runs right into Kook. He tells Jin-kang thta she has to promise him that she does not see Moo-young anymore. Everything is a joke to him. He gambles with his life like it is cheap. Listen to me, Seung-ah died because of him, he killed her. He said he would do the same thing even if he knew that she would die. Even if he died himself!

Jin-kang is emotional at the news. But Kook leaves without explaining further.
Meanwhile, CR texts Jin-kang to see if she sent her friend off well and that he is unsure as how best to comfort her. But he is given something to do right at that moment, he might not have sent the text. the cops tell him all sorts of things about a case. But CR tells his colleague that he wants to send a text first. The colleague is all like, really?

On the street, Jin-kang thinks about what her brother told her. MY would do the exact same thing even if he knew Seung-ah would die. he would do it even if he died!

Cut to Kook at Yuri’s place. She tells him that she does not know anything else! Kook just smiles and asks additional questions. If she remembers them fighting then that means she was already in the apartment. Your friend must have told you the password. Yuri agrees. then Kook says that she should have seen the CCTV, who do you think is on the recording? Yuri pauses but says that she does not care.

Kook tells her that nothing is on the machine. that CCTV is fake. you did not know, but the person who cleaned the scene knew right? You did not know, but the person who cleaned it knew. It was Kim Moo-young right? She looks up and says that it was not Moo-young. Kook tells her that he followed her home. She only ran on streets without CCTV. Moo-young told you that way.


She throws the broom on the floor and tells Kook that he did not put her in jail because he wants to torture her like this. he was a good guy but he was only that way to get more out of me. I know that. I did not kill her, it was not me and it was not Moo-young! I did not kill her!

Kang tells her that he killed someone when he was two years older that her. You can start over. i am the evidence of that. We don’t have any more time, just clean this up and go to the police station to turn your self in, okay? Yuri looks like he got to her with that confession.
At the police station, CR goes through the CCTV and sees Kim Moo-young with an umbrella from the black box. he goes to Tak and tells her that she knew that this was that daebak evidence. Can you search his background? tak is a bit flustered, but does a quick background search. CR takes it, he is upset.

Tak nervously calls Kook.

Kook is sitting on a park bench like a zombie. But then someone appears in front of him.

JMeanwhile, Jinkang is eating at a cafe. There is a voice over where CR tells JK that he cannot make it to eat with her. At the same time, Moo-young comes in. He sees JK and sits at the same table as her. But she does not talk to him. He asks if she isn’t talking to him and why she isn’t. She asks why he is pretending like nothing happened. MY tells her, okay, you won. he smiles, but she is not falling for it and leaves to pay.

he might have stayed to finish his meal. We cut to Moo-young walking up his street and then going to his place. Jin-kang is there to meet him. She tells him that oppa told her that he was just playing because he has nothing important for him. So he put his own life into the game and played with it. is that true? Even if someone dies, you are not sad. Even if it is Seung-ah. If you could turn the clock back, even if you knew Seung-ah would die, and you might die, you would still do the same thing?

he does not answer so Jin-kang says it is right.

he tries to hod her hand, but she hits him instead.

Jin-kang – I didn’t know Seung-ah was dying. I only thought about you. I was so scared that something bad happened to you. But Seung-ah was dying in the hospital. In case you were dead, I thought I didn’t’ want you to die. But Seung-ah died…..I didn’t even tell her I was sorry…..I didn’t even tell her thank you…..why aren’t you sad? Why are you okay? I worried about you! Even when my friend was dying, I thought about you! Why isn’t your life important to you!

MY – I don’t know.

Jin-kang takes that answer in and walks away. Moo-young pauses for a moment, but then follows her.

He walks a bit of a distance behind her. She might not even notice it. She keeps walking and wipes her tears away. CR drives up in a police van that screeches to a halt to not hit her. She keeps walking. CR is stunned to see Moo-young walking behind her. CR hops out with Gun and arrests Moo-young for the dead girls murder.

Fade Out

Just wow. The body count actually did go up. I am over here stunned that Woo-sang died and Seung-ah died. I mean, what??? And what is going on with the flashback? Did Kook think that Moo-young was evil from the beginning or does he just think he is a lost cause now? Also, ARE THEY SIBLINGS OR AREN’T THEY. Because that is the big question on everyones mind right now.


Kook – He didn’t kill her.
KC – *Yells something*
KOOK – Jung Mi-young’s real killer is outside.
Kook – What did you do? Did you just wait until everything ended?
CR – You don’t have to date me, but don’t date that guy.
JK – If he gets hit then it also hurts him.
Kook – MAYBE HE ENJOYS IT. He is evil.
MY – Are you afraid of me?
JK – I am afraid because you are on a bad path.
SY – Kim Moo-young is going to be the manager of a pub.
MY – if you don’t want me to do it, then I won’t do it.
JK – Promise me that you will become a good person.

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  1. CN
    October 25, 2018 / 11:17 am

    I am addicted to this show. Thank you so much for the recaps!

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      • V
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        This show just gets better and better!

    • Anonymous
      October 25, 2018 / 6:08 pm

      Yes, this show is great!

  2. Rashmi
    October 26, 2018 / 3:18 am

    i am too addicted to the show , thanks for the live recap

    • V
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      So happy you are addicted as well, Rashmi 🙂

  3. Tulenz
    October 26, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    I think they are changing things from the Japanese original – I believe Seung Ah commits suicide in the original version. It will be interesting to see what difference will it make.
    And you are right – to be or not to be the sibling is the question right now!
    Thanks for the recaps, looking forward for more.

  4. October 26, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    I truly believe that they are NOT siblings.

    First off he remembers EVERYTHING after looking at it only once…so unless he is truly twisted I say they are not siblings after that kiss!

    and Second (maybe I’m too new to KDramas but…) I think them being siblings AND then kissing like that would be way too scandalous for South Korea – even if it is on a cable channel.

    Because back to point one – HE KNOWS if they are related or not.

    This is my theory. And until the finale or I am proven wrong – you will have to pry out of my cold dead hands!! LOL


    • V
      October 28, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      I love this theory because I don’t want them to be siblings either!!!! And this show better not pull a MiSa on me (that So Ji Sub drama that no one should watch unless you want to be crushed).

  5. sashaa
    October 27, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    Oh F&**.
    I did not see this coming. I did not..
    This show surprises me every episode.. phew..
    MY is terrifying me. He showed no remorse whatsoever..

    • V
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      It was really a surprise.

  6. Jade
    October 28, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    I screamed when the crash happened.

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      I was speechless. I was seriously just like – “whoa….”

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