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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 16 Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Final Episode Recap
Y’all, the ending yesterday – I just, what? WHAT??? I was so shocked and also kind of like, wow, he just went there and gives zero f’s about it! And on the other hand I was all like WHERE IS MY HAPPY ENDING NOW?? Was I verklempt? All I muttered for 10 seconds was OMG, OMG, OMG.

So, seriously, what is going to happen today? Is this really going to be a healing drama or did they troll us? Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all my US drama watchers! Whatever happens, we will at least have a lot of yummy food to indulge in. ^_^

Loved, loved, loved watching and recapping this drama. However, I don’t know about today; will you Misty us, show? We shall find out.

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We open with Se-ran telling Moo-young that she will call his sister that he loves if he opens that door. Moo-young stops and goes back into the room. Seran asks him, what? Did you really love her or something? You really loved her?

She grabs her phone.

What should I tellher irst? Don’t worry, Kim Moo-young loves you, he will love you until he dies…why did he dump you? Because he loves you so much…because he is your brother. Did you really not know anything? Did you sleep together? Oh, really?

Moo-young pulls out his gun and does not hesitate to shoot several bullets into Seran. She falls back on the couch, dead. Smoke from the gun fills the room.

Cut to Kook running somewhere from his car.

Moo-young is also somewhere, he is at the Buddhist temple looking at the photo of him and Jin-kang. But then Kook comes panting inside. Moo-young gets up and walks to Kook. Kook also walks in front of Moo-young.

Kook – Kim Moo-young…

Moo-young just looks at him.

In the city, Jin-kang walks the street with something in her hands. It looksl ike she is holding a picture frame. She kneels on the ground with it as she holds it to her chest and thinks.

In the Buddhist Temple, Kook and Moo-young sit outside and talk.

Kook – Did you really do it, why?
MY – I am not here to talk about it. Jin-kang…can she live like this now?
Kook – Jin-kang?
MY – Yes, like now, in the future.
Kook – What are you…does this have something to do with Jin-kang?
MY – No, nothing like that.

He stands up and then thanks Kook.

MY – Thank you, I called you to say thank you.
Kook – What are you thankful for
MY – My sister, yoon, protecting her.
Kook – Your sister Yoon? Jung Yoon? Jin-kang is your sister? No, no, that is not it. Who said that? Why would she be your sister? You are an only child. So who said….

Moo-young thinks and then smiles a little in consternation. He remembers Seran telling him that Jin-kang is the sister he was looking for. He kneels over as if thinks that he has just been had. Then he just starts crying or maybe just holding his head in pain.
Jin-kang is at the police station giving her name and her relationship to Moo-young. She says she was his girlfriend and then says that she is his girlfriend.

Kook is also at the police station. Tak is there and asks him if he is there to pick up Jin-kang, I think you should know this. Jin-kang, she knows that she is not your real sister. She says that she has known this since middle school.

In the interview room the cop asks when she knew that Moo-young killed Seran? JK asks if he really did? I think he did not. The cop tells her to get real. The news may say that he is a suspect, but do you really think he is a suspect? He is already the murderer for us.

Kook goes back to his car, his head rests on the steering wheel. But he gets out when he sees Jin-kang coming out. She mutters that she told him he did not have to pick her up. he asks if they gave her a hard time. She says she just told him all that she knows.

They drive off quietly, but Kook just thinks about this huge thing that Tak told him. He thinks back to that big argument he and Jin-kang had where she told him that she was so sorry to him since middle school. She was so sorry that she couldn’t even breath.

They stop the car and see Moo-youngs face on the TV. There is a public search for him. JK asks if what everyone says is true. They all say that he killed her. Kook starts driving again.

Flashback to Tak telling Kook about the serial killer father. She apologizes to Kook and says that she told her, she could not help it because she knew most of it already.

They keep driving quietly. But then Kook tells her. Your name is Han Jung-yoon. Oppa is sorry, I should have told you earlier. First of all, lets find Moo-young, then I will tell you all the things I have to tell you. She smiles and says okay.

Moo-young is sleeping at the abandoned church home in the forest. He is all bundled up with his hands in his pockets and his shirt pulled over his mouth. It looks like he slept like that propped up on the wall.

Jin-kang is back in the city at home, but she only thinks about what the cops told her.

VO – Oppa, so you want to ask Yoo Jin-goo what happened between your oppa and Moo-young? Oppa did not hate that boy, he was sorry and afraid about it because Oppa made that person die.

Cut back to Moo-young looking cold and stiff in the abandoned house. He wakes up and stands in the empty room.
He walks across the room to turn on the light, but it does not work. Then he tries to turn on the faucet, but the water is off. he finds matches, though, and lights a couple candles that he puts around the room. Then he starts to clean.

he looks up and sees a hundred million stars in the sky. Then he remembers asking Kook why he remembers jin-kang and why is she in his drawing?

Kook – Because you liked Jinkang more than your own family.
MY – Did I?
Kook – Yes, Jin-kang’s name is Han jun-yoon, she has a name but she wasn’t even reported on the family registry until she was 4 because her parents where crazy in a cult. Her parents involved your mother. Your mother took all the money and left home without telling your father.
MY – That is why appa did that to mom?
Kook – Yes, and he killed Jin-kang’s parents. Jin-kang is the daughter of the person that was murdered by your father.

Moo-young looks at Kook for a moment then looks away to take all that in.

MY – Can Jin-kang live without knowing anything about the past? Promise it to me……that i good, bye.

MY got up to leave from the temple, but Kook grabbed his arm and lightly told him to turn himself in. Lets turn yourself in, that is the only way. But Moo-young just says he is really angry. Something played with me (tricked me) too much, it makes me so mad that I can’t stand it anymore. I need to think about it.

He moves to leave but Kook calls his name again. Moo-youn tells him that it is not his fault or the doctors fault. Then he hugs Kook and tells him that he won’t win over him anyway, because he is so sorry to him so he would not win over Moo-young even once.

MY – Just give me three days, I will give you a call after three days.

Moo-young walks away.

In the present, Moo-young sits at the now clean table lit with candle light. He has a letter that he is writting, it looks like it is a will or a death letter? He can’t really write is and wipes a few tears. the camera scrolls away to show the gun on the table as well.

He walks outside in the woods and puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger, he falls on the ground lifeless.

But it was a dream! (Goodness!). It was Kook’s dream, he wakes up with a start and heads to the living room. But Jin-kang is right there and asks him why he stabbed Moo-young that day? Why did he do that? You said you were sad to him, why did you stab him like that?

Kook says it was his own fault. Jin-kang says it was his fault, MY is a different person now, he told me that he wants to be born again. I don’t understand why he would kill someone, I will not believe it. I am not that person who has a cold and will be okay. I will die without him.

Kook sits ont he couch and tells Jin-kang that he will find Moo-yuong, I will find him so don’t worry.
Kook tells Km that he should have gotten ahold of MY back then. KM tells Kook that MY hated himself, if he kills someone then he would not be able to stand himself anymore. Kook thinks that is why they need to find him. I will find him.

KM agrees and says that he will check all the locations that MY will go.

Huge press are at the airport and flashlights go off at a chaebol that is leaving the airport. This is the father of Woo-sang and Se-ran. But he does not answer any questions and leaves.

Elsewhere, Tak goes to Jin-kang’s house and persuades her to change her password so that she will be able to sleep. She tells Jin-kang that MY went to her place twice, he brought a gun one time as well. JK asks if it was because of Oppa and his father? When did this happen?

Tak tells her that it was the day she worked overtime and asked her to eat dinner with her brother.

Inside the home, JK looks at her phone and the messages she got that day. She tries to put two and two together with what MY told her and the events that where going on back then. We see a flashback with the two of them on the playground, MY asked her when her brother rested and if he worked during the day that day?

In the woods, MY walks around the little town to buy some food and then goes back to the house. The house looks so much better, everything is clean and ready to be lived in.

Meanhile, JK goes to visit Yuri in prison. She asks her if she thinks that he killed MY.

YR – What about you eunnie?
JK – I don’t think he did it.
YR – No, actually I think he did it because if he wants to do something he just does it, he can do more than that.

In the woods, MY makes rice and remembers when JK told him that he should live in a warm house with the smell of warm rice. He looks up and says chalmokesumnida (thank you for the meal). Then he starts eating.

In the city, JK rides back. Yuri told her, even though he killed someone, MY is still Moo-young. He does not do anyone to someone without a good reason.

Jinkang gets to the police station, it is a crazy busy scene with police and everything there. Jin-kang sees the secretary and yells at him, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO MOO-YOUNG, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM. But the secretary ignores her and drives off. In the car, he answers the phone. The chairman called him.
In the woods, MY remembers what Kook told him.

Kook – The adults were crazy about the religion so MY took care of Jin-kang. You were everything in the world to jin-kang. That is why Jin-kang lost her words when you left. She did not talk for more than 3 months. She just watched the sun and cried when it went down. After I thought she was a little settled, she would run to a boy that should be the same age as you, but it wasn’t you so she would cry. You are the one that implanted love in Jin-kang.

MY – I don’t believe that, but it is a good story.
Kook – the evidence is on your shoulder. After the gun shot, your father died and Jin-kang came in from the sound. She did not know anything and accidentally hit the stove. The water was boiling and fell.

Flashback of Little MY covering Little JK from the boiling water and then crying in pain from the burn.

Kook – You protected Jin-kang from the boiling water by throwing your little body on her. That is why your burn is bigger than Jin-kang.
MY – It’s a good thing (good job), my ugly burn.
Kook – I am sorry, I did that to you.

Moo-young lays awake thinking about this and looking at all the stars in the sky. But then Jin-kang lays next to him and asks him why he is crying.

JK – Are you crying because you are happy or sad.
MY – Happy.
JK – What about?
MY – The sky.
JK – The sky?
MY – Yes, it is very pretty. Why didn’t I notice it before. In the world, there are so many pretty things.
JK – Yes, a lot.

They turn to look at each other.

MY – We were here together before.
JK – Really?
MY – Back then I was really nice to you.
JK – Really?
My – Yeah, if you know all those things then you should be super nice to me (like a kid to a parent).
JK – I will.

They hold hands.

JK – I will do it, so lets live together for a long long long time.

MY smiles but then he looks back to the sky. JK pull his head back to her and says his name. She softly touches his cheek. He holds her hand that is touching his cheek and then cuddles his head into her as she massages his hair.

But she disappears, he is sleeping alone in the woods.
Jin-kang is still awake as well. She is remembering what MY told her. He said he went to his place, the house he lived in with his family in the forest. She sits up in bed and heads to her desk. The drawing is there so she looks at the drawing and then checks the internet and google maps. All the while, she tries to remember what MY told her. In the end he said that he was lying, but now it looks like Jin-kang does not believe that. She thinks he really did find it.

She buys a ticket to that town. The earliest ticket possible. But then scary music starts to play as she gets a text message. It is of the murders that happened in the woods. She zooms in on the article. It looks like the secretary might have sent this? In it are all the details of who died so now Jin-kang knows that her father and mother died there. The voice over basically explains all that happened that we already know. About MY’s father killing everyone and a little girl was sent to the hospital with a burn.

Kook goes to check on Jin-kang that next morning, but seh is not there. However, she jotted a note on how to get to that location so Kook look is it up on the computer. Realization dawns on him so he heads out in a hurry. But he also gets a call. It look like it is Hee-joon? HJ told him to tell Kook to go to the place he met the killer (he said his name) first.

Kook heads out there. He thinks about what MY told him as he drives

VO – To tell you what I have to say, I need to finish the story first. It does not make me mad what you told me. If not having a heart means you are a devil, then I was like that. I don’t know the reason, I was aways curious about people. Why are they happy and sad and angry about something. Some days I hated people, some days it was fun. I touched whatever i wanted to touch and I saw whatever I wanted to see and if they fought then they fought.

Flashbacks to what happened all season.

VO – In those moments, I did not care about Yuri or Seung-ah because I knew that eventually I would win.

JK gets to the forest

VO – Jin-kang told me to be a good person. I wanted to be a good person, but I became a murderer.

he keeps writing the letter.

VO – No one will understand it, but I wanted to say this: I regret it.

Flashback to Seran laughing at him about regret and if he is writing a letter.

VO – That day, I really felt human. I killed someone and felt more human than ever. Then I realized that my life has ended.

MY puts his pen on the table and looks at his photo of him and Jin-kang. His gun is in the living room. He is in the kitchen.

(all the voice overs were him writing the letter)

Jin-kang gets to the woods and starts to remember. She remembers playing with MY with his robot. He yelled her name and gave her the robot. They both ran off together. Jin-kang follows them to the house. She pauses as she looks at it.

A new flashback happens. it is dark and the kids are outside. ALl the parents are inside doing their cult stuff. JK says he is hungry so MY gives her as many peanuts as she wants. he happily feeds them to her as they sit outside in the dark.

Inside the house, MY happily looks at his photo but hears something so he hides. That something is Jin-kang coming in. He slowly walks out and sees Jin-kang, with the gun in her hands.

MY – How did you find me?
JK – I have a question, this…you found it for my brother right?
MY – Yes
JK – To kill my brother?
MY – Yes
JK – You went to my house with a gun right
MY – Yes
JK – You asked me how late I work and asked about his shift
MY – yes
JK – Did you really want to kill him
MY – Yes, but I couldn’t becuase you came back
JK – So that is why you wanted to break up, because my brother killed your father
MY – Yes
JK – …do you have anything else. Your lies that you prepared, do you have anything else. With your bad face. What are you really hiding?
MY – I have nothing.

He stops smiling becaus she puts the gun to her head.

MY – What are you doing
JK – I am dying with this
MY – That is not a toy
KJ – So…
MY – on’t bother me, give it to me.
JK – I am sorry to you because my brother killed your father. i am so sorry so I will kill myself instead of him.
MY – Give it to me.
JK – Tell me that you will not kill yourself. Tell me that you will not die.
MY – Yoo Jin-kang!

He jumps to her but then the camera cuts to Kook running through the woods.
MY caught Jin-kang’s arms and asked her if she really wants to die? She says no, I want to live with you. He tells her to leave but she says that she will not leave without him. His father killed her parents, she was afraid when she heard that her parents died like that and it was all because of his parents. But when I knew that my brother killed your father, I thought you should also feel like this. that is why you told me that right?

Flashback to MY telling JK, you are just you. Whatever happens, you are just you to me. She said the same thing to him.

In the present.

MY – I killed someone.
JK – You can start over, you can have your sentence.
MY – No, I can’t, I can’t start over anymore. I want to die as me.
JK – You are really bad. Really bad. What about me? What about me?
MY – Go back.
JK – Where?
MY – To before you met me.
JK – We were together from the beginning.

A few tears fall as she opens his drawing.

JK – It is me right? If you die then I will die.

Kook keeps running to the house.

JK – Because you were here from the begining, I am here. Do you think I can go somewhere by myself? Do you really want to kill yourself?
MY – No…I want to live.

MY’s voice cracks as he says that. Jin-kang walks closer to him but then the door opens. Jin-kang’s eyes go bright as she pulls herself in front of MY. A bullet is fired thta hits Jin-kang right in the back.

Kook hears it go off.

Cut to the house, Jin-kang is shot by the secretary. Then he also fires his gun at Moo-young. They are both shot and fall next to each other.

they lay facing each other just like when Moyoung imagined that Jin-kang was with him in the woods. He tries to look at her and speak.

MY – I love you….
JK – I love you…

He stops moving and his eyes close. Jin-kang is still alive and looks at Moo-young, tears fall from her eyes. But then her eyes start to grow heavy. She closes her eyes as well.

Outside, Kook runs to the house. He gets inside to see them both ont he gorund. He gasps and falls on the ground but keeps crawling toward his sister as he wails and wails.

VO – Hello ajusshi, stop being sorry to me. 25 years is too much.

The letter was written to Yoo Jin-kook ajusshi. The date he adds is November 22, 2018. He signs it as well.

PS. One afternoon someday, I left because I was longing for something. I walked and walked and walked and bumped into something and something and something and then landed to Jin-kang.

Flashback to their first ever meeting where she hit him with the door though he stood there on purpose and told her that she was not that pretty.

VO – I started to breath again.

Cut to MY lying next to Jin-kang on his tiny pyongsang.

JK – You came?
MY – (smiling) Yes, I came.


Oh my gosh y’all. Even though this ending was sad, I don’t think we got Misty’d, this ending was so poetic. I would have loved if he didn’t kill Seran, but I do love how it ended after that plot twist. He only cared about Jin-kang and actually did not care about his life ending. But he did not want Jin-kang to be hurt. However, she would have been hurt if he died. So the answer was that they died together. It was so Romeo and Juliet like but in a good way (or in a not cliche way). I would have preferred that they lived happily ever after, but this ending fit the mood of the entire show.

Very well done show from beginning to end. I feel like I need to thank everyone involved like I’m accepting an award or something. This show was that good. But it is a weird show that I am not sure I would recommend anyone watch because of the ending, but I am so happy that I watched it.

Star Crossed Lovers, For Real.

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  1. Lydia~
    November 22, 2018 / 8:55 am

    I’m the first to comment….yay! ahahha~ I haven’t read your whole post yet…(cuz it’s not completed finished yet lol)

    But thank you so much for writing these~~

    • V
      November 22, 2018 / 9:03 am

      About to get started right now! Whoo hoo!

  2. Anonymous
    November 22, 2018 / 9:16 am

    Thank you for your the time and energy that you put into these recaps. This is my favorite find this year by far. Holding my breath and holding back tears as I wait for the end of this beautiful tragic story! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous
    November 22, 2018 / 9:22 am

    It’s like 7:30 am over where I live…boy, do I love crying in the morning lol…

    • V
      November 22, 2018 / 10:42 am

      What a way to start the day, right!

  4. Mikan
    November 22, 2018 / 9:41 am

    Seriously? do you expect a happy ending? well… I’m not gonna spoil you, but if they’re true to the original drama (the Japanese), I suggest you to don’t have you’re hopes very high.

  5. aya
    November 22, 2018 / 10:34 am

    couldn’t agree more with your last comment.. it was a sad ending, but in a good way.. a happily ever after for them would’ve feel forced. the ending was so satisfying, and suit their story from the beginning. what matters is that they dies in each other arms, knowing that they love each other, and most importantly they didn’t kill each other (as shown in jap ver)
    i am actually more sad that it already ends, the fact that i dont get to see them anymore

    *SIG and JSM really play their characters so well through out the drama, they deserve a daesang!!

  6. KTHREE Jenn
    November 22, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Short of a happy ending – which was never happening – that was perfect.

    Getting emotional just reading your recap LOL – Seo Inguk is gonna kill me when I actually watch this!

    thank you for your service V!!!

    • V
      November 22, 2018 / 10:45 am

      This episode brings so many emotions! The flashbacks will really get you. And I love how the letter was addressed to Kook so that he can finally find healing himself. Tearing up just writing this, sigh. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, SHOW. I shall go eat all the stuffing.

  7. Anonymous
    November 22, 2018 / 10:45 am

    Sad ending but satisfied. Afterall, they are not siblings!! Yes!!!
    It will b sad & tragic if they turn out to be sibling!
    Thumbs up up up for the recap!
    So now will wait a few more hours for the upload drama with sub.

    Need more of this quality storyline Kdrama like this!!

    • V
      November 22, 2018 / 10:46 am

      We definitely need more Kdramas like this!

  8. Anna828
    November 22, 2018 / 11:16 am

    Such a heavy drama…cruel ending…but thug e actors portray theirs character beautifully…i wish MY didnt work together with Seran…i wish they hv a happy ending…but it goes the other way around….i need a fresh,and cheering drama to coax my weary heart…thank you for recaping this drama…

  9. Lydia~
    November 22, 2018 / 11:16 am

    It may not be a happy ending….but it’s a satisfying ending…it’s an ending that feels like an actual ending…

    an a c t u a l e n d i n g

  10. Table122000
    November 22, 2018 / 3:13 pm

    Thank you so much for your recaps of this episode and this drama. I was still hoping for a happy ending right up to the last moment, but I am OK with this ending because even though it was sad, it made sense. Plus, JK and MY died without any misunderstandings between them and knowing they loved one another.

  11. Anonymous
    November 22, 2018 / 4:41 pm

    Yes, not a happy ending but it somehow feels right. Thank you for the recaps!

  12. Majo
    November 22, 2018 / 7:36 pm

    I’m speechless right now… I watched the last episode about… 10 minutes ago and I can’t resume all my feelings inside, but one thing for sure… This is one of the best drama that I’ve watched so far 🙂

    Thanks for your recaps 😀

  13. ~
    November 22, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    3 tissues weren’t enough to soak up all my tears when I finally watched the final ending..~~ :””

  14. drama lover
    November 24, 2018 / 4:57 am

    can someone explain why you are satisfied/ok with sad ending. if secretary didn’t shoot them then i would have been better right?
    ps:i watched the whole drama but i didn’t understand why all are happy with the ending, please explain….i feel like i didn’t understand the story

  15. Sadeesha Fernando
    November 24, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    I feel missing something…something which has not delivered through the drama… But I still don’t know what it is… Maybe due to the following reasons…
    I understand in order to change the ‘sibling’ twist, they bought more interfere with the rich lady and that’s how they tried to make them died at the end. But the plot was not revolving around that though it became the main reason for their death. From the start, the plot revolved 3 of them, MY, JK and JG…and the entire story was about them… But they died because of a rich lady which is a side part of the plot… It feels empty for me…

    Further, MY is not a stupid guy from the beginning. they bought him as a smart, intelligent and secretive person who can manipulate anyone so easily. Even the crime incident at the start, until the end, the police were unable to prove that MY was the one who cleaned the murdered place and protected Yoo Ri. it’s because he’s that much smart where he knew how to handle a situation.

    BUT… at the end, the writer made him as the biggest fool unlikely him.
    First thing is, the writer made him believed rich ladies words regarding ‘siblings’. Finding the truth through a DNA test is a few hours of matter and it’s the first option to someone smart and intelligent like MY.
    The second thing is, ‘murdering the rich lady’! A guy who covered everything regarding Yoo Ri’s murder like a genius, caught in CCTV cameras with the pistol so easily here. So, where is that smart MY??? The guy who can manipulate people and get the win as he wants, where is he at the end??? as per his character, he is someone who plans things so tactically without moving so fast. The way he got the revenge from the rich guy in beginning episodes were the best example for that. If he really wanted to kill that rich lady, he would have done that later secretively to protect JK or he is so intelligent and smart to handle the situation without going for the murder…
    So, my comment is The effort which took to cover the sibling issue through a murder is not successful and realistic according to the character introduction which they have given from the beginning. it’s not realistic.

    Also, the guy who shot them at the end was unbelievably unreasonable. Though we don’t know what kind of background he has to be a dog who can even kill two people so easily, I wonder how they changed his character to that point where he’s willingly coming to the forest to kill him even when he knew that the dead rich lady was the original cause of her death by manipulating MY so dangerously. It’s totally unbelievable to see from where his loyalty came so sudden…

    Further, the guilt and the pain they left to JG… does that indicate that the writer thinks, that the main course of everything happened toward a tragedy is JG? And JG deserves such a forever pain just seeing the dead bodies of two kids who he couldn’t protect not only from him but from the world ??? So, is the finger is pointing to him at the end making a witness to such a tragedy where he’s still carrying the 25 years of guilty till the end for them??? It’s totally unbelievably heartbreaking… More than the death of them, that fact the writer made us think that he deserved to witness such a tragedy is so heartbreaking.

    Finally, for me, the drama is a masterpiece except for the fact which I mentioned above.
    The acting, the cinematography, music, directing, editing, etc… are on the point where we felt we were with them.
    It’s really beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
    Congratulations to all crew, you all did so well… So proud to be a viewer to such a dangerously beautiful drama …
    my rating is: 8/10

  16. Hadiyah
    January 13, 2019 / 12:55 am

    Okay I’m still kind of confused with a few theories running through my mind. Can someone explain to me why they think the secretary killed the both of them? After watching the drama, and during it, I always had an eerie feeling about the secretary. Like he was also another broken character, but there was no story for him so didn’t pay too much attention until the minute his face – specifically his eyes, would come on screen again. But I couldn’t find any reason as to why he would kill them. He took orders the entire drama, so to see him act on his own like he was the actual puppet-master was kind of surprising.

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