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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 15 Recap

Jung So-min and Seo In-guk in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Moo-young had the realization of his (love) life on his walk to the convenience store, which literally sat him on his rump. SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I don’t know about him but secret DNA test would be high on my list of things to accomplish.

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Moo-young is walking up the street, but then he has a memory come to him. He remembers his appa getting shot, then a girl comes into his memory, his little sister? he falls to the ground as the memory overtakes him.

Meanwhile, Jin-kang is still chilling at Moo-young’s home. She is wondering where he is though, so she calls him. However it does not look like he is picking up.

Moo-young is knocking on Se-ran’s door and wants to know the thing that he does not know. He wants to know the important thing that he needs to know. She tells him that he knows everything so why are you asking me? Yoo Jin-kang is the one you are looking for, she is your sister, your REAL sister.

Moo-young looks stumbled by the news. He walks away bewildered, Se-ran looks happy and a bit shocked to give him the news? Her expression is hard to read.

Jin-kang is still waiting at his home.

JK: where did you go? I will be a specialist in waiting. Just come back.

Moo-young is walking home, lead-footed. He remembers telling Jin-kang that he wants to be born again. It was one of his lowest points if not the lowest. But they had one of their happiest memories after that when they ate together and went to the amusement park.

Moo-young falls on the ground again as he is overcome with all the memories and what he should do moving forward. He can barely breath as he tries to gasp for air on the ground while also trying not to let too much emotion out. He is able to get back to his feet and continue walking, though it is very measured.

He finally gets home, Jin-kang is sleeping in bed and asks him where he went. He looks normal now, though indifferent. He asks her if she has his key. She gives it to him and wonders if he lost his. But he just tells her that they are done, they can finish everything there. So he is breaking up with her. She is stunned.

He opens the door for her and tells her that she can leave. But she just wonders what is going? We just went to the theme park and had fun, we ate and slept and you went to buy medicine. It was only 4 hours ago. tell me, what happened in that 4 hour period?

Moo-young is his old self and tells her that she is dumped, can’t you see that? She wants to know the reason. He tells her that there is no reason, it is what his heart says. But she thinks he is being stubborn and knows this look on his face. He is being riddiculous and saying something that he does not mean when his heart hurts. So tell me what happened, who hurt you this time?

Moo-young just says, wow, Yoo Jin-kang, your pride is very big. You are dumped, okay? Do you think you are so special. Do you remember Seung-ah? You are like her.

She pushes him and tells him to talk about himself, how dare you say someone elses name! She gets her things and storms off.
Moo-young goes inside and is by himself with his feels.

Jin-kang angrily wipes a tear away as she continues walking away in her rage. But she pauses and turns back, he isn’t following her. She sighs and keeps walking home.

Inside, Moo-young pulls out Jin-kang’s key to put back on his key ring, but it is difficult to do even that, so he stops to take several breathes. he tries again, but he still can’t do it and starts to cry.

In Jin-kang’s house, she gets home and slowly walks directly to her room. She lays on her bed and thinks about the last things Moo-young said to her.

VO – That’s it, lets stop here.

At Moo-young’s place, he thinks about the last things he told Jin-kang as well. He gets out a little teddy bear key ring and puts it back on the stuffed doll they got, then he boxes it up.

Moo-young might have slept on his couch, he stands up and looks at his apartment then grabs something and sits on his couch to look through it. He is looking at a picture of him and Jin-kang. he sighs and then pockets it.

When he goes outside, Jin-kang is sitting on his pyongsang. He tries to ignore her but she tells him that he is lying, he is the one that told her if he said that he hates her that she should not go anywhere.

Flashback to that conversation. Even if he says that he hates her, it is all lies, so don’t leave me. They talk back and forth about lying and leaving and not leaving and not lying.

Moo-young tells her to go to work, don’t get fired from work as well. Jin-kang yells at him to tell her why, IF YOU ARE TRUTHFUL THEN I WILL UNDERSTAND! But he keeps walking away.

Moo-young goes to Se-ran and asks her if her deal is still valid. She says yes, if he still wants it. She calls for the manager to come in and welcomes Moo-young to the company with a handshake. She tells him to take everything that they give him, don’t refuse it. He says he won’t.

Cut to him signing a lot of paperwork. Se-ran tells the manager/driver/secretary person that she found the proper key to move Moo-young.

At the end of the day, Moo-young goes back to his place and sees Jin-kang still waiting there. He tries to walk by her but she grabs his sleeve and asks him to tell her why he is being like this. She just wants to be told once, and for him to think about their time together. they met each other and loved each other and had to overcome a lot. Just think about that, once.

He pulls his arm away and goes inside. he locks her out so she is left banging on his front door. He sits on his couch and tries not to listen to her but it is impossible. He tries his best though and covers his ears as he sits on the couch and even tries to sink his head as far into his knees as he can go.

But Jin-Kang is raging outside and yelling his name over and over again so he stands up and texts Kook.
MY: Can you come get your sister?

Kook thinks for a moment, then it all dawns on him so he runs to Moo-young’s place.

Jin-kang is a pitiful sight so Kook has to take a deep breath and then helps Jin-kang stand up and walk away. But she can’t walk and sinks to the ground. Kook covers her with his jacket and kneels, so she hops on his back and he piggy backs her all the way home.

Moo-young is left by himself with only his feelings.

Jin-kang passes out as Kook’s back as he takes her home (poor thing!).

Kook and Moo-young end up running into each other outside a convenience store. Kook calls his namea nd tells him, good job. Good job breaking up with Jin-kang. MY tells him that it wasn’t for his benefit, he was just tired of her. Whatever the reason, protect your sister and don’t let her show up at my place, it makes me mad.

Cut to the rich woman, she signs all the paperwork her secretary has for making Moo-young CEO of the Angel Brewery Company. She is all smiles as she tells him to asks her what her open everything key is Moo-young. The secretary asks so she shows him Moo-young’s family registry.

She says she actually didn’t find it, she created it. That guy thinks Yoo Jin-kang is his real sister. Flashback to him asking her.

VO – I wasn’t sure, but I tried it anyway.

She told MY that Jin-kang was his real sister.

VO – His arrogant look broke so much. I knew that is must be true.

She laughs as she tells her secretary that it is so exciting, what should I do? I am so excited. he looks at her like he can’t believe he has this job.

At home, Jin-kang is still pretty destroyed and is lying in bed. Kook tells her that he will make her juk so that she will feel better. he gets up and sees Moo-young’s drawing at her desk. His head spins around and looks at her, then he goes outside quickly to look at the drawing. Something is going on here.

Flashback to the house where Kook shot the killer. KC steps in and tells him that they should leave. But Kook looks disoriented as he stares into the house. He starts to turn to walk away and sees the drawing on the table. It is the same drawing that Moo-young has. But in this case it is freshly drawn. Kook starts crying uncontrollably as he holds it.

Cut to him walking to the hospital to see Moo-young. He gets the drawing out of his jacket pocket and puts it in Moo-youngs sleeping hands. Then he walks out. BUT, there is another kid in the hospital right next to Moo-youngs room. This kid’s blanket is off of him/her so Kook fixes the blanket and then walks away. the camera lingers on the sleeping kid.

Scene change directly to Jin-kang sleeping at home.

The next day comes (or time is passing so more days may have come and gone) and Moo-young is at work. he thinks about seeing Jin-kang at him home and wants to put his jacket on her, but he does not.

he leaves work and is met by Seran who gives him a key to his car. She asks if he likes it and says that she hand picked it for him, then she asks him why he works so hard. He is always at work. he tells her that they are almost opening so of course he will work hard.

She asks him if he is going to sleep at his house? He says he has to sleep at a real house. She smiles and wonders if other houses are fake. He smiles back and tells her that sometimes there are those moments when you need the fake thing more. He walks away and gets in his car, then closes his eyes as he rests.
Kook drops Jin-kang off at work and tries to cheer her up. He asks he what she might like to eat. She says she would like fish soup so he says Okay! And tells her that he will shop for it all.

This might be Jin-kang’s first day back at work because her colleague looks like she hasn’t seen her in a little bit and apologizes for giving her so much work to do. But then she tells Jin-kang that Moo-young ended up taking the job but did not hire them? Something like that is going on. SY tells her that they can’t really do anything about it, it is a done deal.

Jin-kang goes outside to rest and be by herself. MY sneak peaks her as she sits on the steps outside the building. But then she has to hop back to attention and look happy as her boss comes out. Her boss asks her what she would like to eat? She hates her so so so so much, but I will give you a break because you were sick. They happily walk away. Moo-young is happy to watch that scene as well.

Later on that night, Moo-young leaves a store and bumps into Jin-kang. He pauses for a moment and then opens his car door cavalierly. he asks her if she wants to hop in? If you want to then lets go. Jin-kang doesn’t say anything and just walks off.

JK – Somedays, I want to believe that everything is done. That guy is just like that all the time. I was mistaken and imagining it all myself. I will try to remember the worst side of him. He is the worst guy in the world. But I fail in the end. Because two different faces are in front of me. Sorry to show up like this.

She is sitting with the psychiatrist. He tells her that it is okay, he was happy to recieve her phone call and for her to show up like this.

She asks what kind of person MY is. He says he doesn’t actually know. But one thing is for sure, when he was little, he surprisingly looked at the world so sraightly. Guys like Moo-young are so smart and so sensitive, they see how the bare world looks. So everything should look strange to him.

MY – One day after fishing, I saw a boy. It was Moo-young.

Flashback to the orphanage lake.

KM – What are you doing here?
MY – Why did you let the fish go?
KM – I wanted to let them go and go home and eat dinner.

KM offers MY some of his food, but it does not look like he has any? Time passes(?) , KM says that the boy was always there behind him.
KM told him that he would see him tomorrow and would say hi to him and good bye to him. But he did not see him all one day so he thought he was not coming. But then he saw him, he had a fish with him and presented it to KM.

KM – That is when I saw it, this kid was criticizing me, I looked like a good person with a good face and released all the fish as a good person. But because of you, the fish died. That was true. I thought I was releasing the fish to give them freedom, but I did not know that I was hurting them. From that day, I quit fishing. I heard you went to hesang from the nun. She asked Moo-young who you were. He said that you were someone he wanted to look good toward. If Moo-young did not have any attachment tot he world, if he loved the world at least a little bit, then I think it is all because he met you. The nun and I both thought the same way.

Jin-kang leaves KM’s office thinking about what he said. She walks all the way to Moo-young’s new brewery. Seran sees her there and steps out to talk to her.

SR – Yoo Jin-kang shi? You came here to see Moo-young, right? Let’s go.

She leads hr to a sitting area where there is a table.

SR – you are having a hard time right? Whoever gets dumped has the hardest time. When Kim Moo-young comes, if you have questions, ask me because I know a lot about you guys, more than you think.

Moo-young shows up at work while SR and JK are talking. SR tells JK, if you hear it from me then you can give it up quickly. He sees JK talking to SR and hurries to the room. SR starts to tell JK about what happened 25 years ago between her oppa and MY, but then MY comes to their table.

he sits with SR who gets up, but he tells her to stay. Then he tells JK to tell him everything now. JK looks at him in a rage and tells him that he looks stupid right now. She huffs out. MY follows her with his eyes but doesn’t leave. SR asks him if he wants to follow her out?

JK goes to meet with Tak and asks her what happened 25 years ago between Oppa and Kim Moo-young. She isn’t a little kid anymore and should know. Tak does not want to tell her. JK is hesitant but reveals that she knows that she is not Oppas real sister. Tak is surprised and asks when she knew that. JK tells her that it was in middle school. Right now she has to know what happened to Oppa, he hated MY and it is all related to this thing that happened 25 years ago right?

Tak says that he did not hate MY, he was sorry to him. She says she will tell her everything. She does not know what she has heard, but Oppa and MY has nothing to do with you. Kim Moo-young’s father was a criminal (I know). You knew that…well, the person that got tot he sight first was your brother. In the world, people thought MY’s father killed people and then committed suicide, but the truth is that your brother killed him. (My brother?) but it was self defense, the other person had a weapon and tried to attack Kook first, that is why he did it.

Jin Kang can’t believe it, her mouth drops open at the knowledge.
Moo-young takes Seran all the way home. She smiles and tells him that she is more of a jealous person that what he might think. She also invites him up and says that she can tell him what she told his sister. He says okay and walks ahead.


SR – She looked like she was in agony so I just gave her a little hint
MY – What did you tell her?
SR – I told her that something happened 25 years ago between you and her brother. She ahs to ask her brother. Are you angry? You are super cool but you look so plain when I talk about Yoo Jin-kang. What…are you really mad?
MY – You don’t want to stop here. Whatever I say.
SR – It is so much fun now, do you want to stop the game here?
MY – It is not a game.
SR – What do you want to do with that serious face?
MY – I am regretting it now.
SR – You regret?
MY – I know someone like you well. Because of that stupid anger, I approached you. (flashback to his request for a gun). I involved you by myself.
SR – Are writing an apology letter?
My – I thought I was the only one breaking. My mistake. I am asking you, don’t touch them.

He returns the car key and walks out.

SR – Stop. As soon as you open that door, I will call your sister that you love so much.

He stops at the door and then turns around and walks back in.

SR – What? Did you really love each other? Is that true? I am actually angry. What should I tell her first? Don’t worry, Kim Moo-young loves you, he will love you until you die. He loves you so much so why did he dump you? He is your brother. You did not know that? Did you sleep with each other.

MY pulls out the gun and shoots her! Multiple times! She slinks back and dies on the couch.

He walks out.

Several cop cars drive up the street with their sirens blazing. Chorong runs to Kook and asks him if he saw the news? Cut to the news that shows Seran dead by gun fire. The suspect is a person in his thirties. The son and daughter of the chaebol family are now dead.
Jin-kang gets home and SY calls her to tell her about this super big news on TV. JK turns on the TV and sees that Seran was murdered in her own house. The news says that the striking thing about the death is that it is by a gun that is rare in Korea. They show the CCTV footage, Jin-kang immediately recognizes the man as Moo-young. MY is just walking around with the gun like it aint no thang. JK collapses as she looks at the news.

Tak also sees the news on the bus and tries to get off.

Jin-kang tries to leave the house but Kook shows up right then and keeps her from leaving. She yells that MY would not do that, he is not that type of guy! he is not like that! He would not do that! Kook tries to calm her down and tells her shh, shh, it’s alright.

Later on, he leaves and meets with Tak. Tak knows that this is all Moo-young and that the gun he has is also the gun that he took to Kook’s house. They need to do something, he will kill someone else. But Kook does not think that anything will happen.

Meanwhile Jin-kang runs to Moo-young’s house. Police are seizing all of his things.

Back with Tak and Kook, Tak is about to leave but she wants to tell Kook that JK knows she is not his real sister. But she does not and heads out.

Kook gets a call right at that moment, it is Moo-young. He quickly catches a taxi and runs to Moo-young’s location. Moo-young is at the Buddhist temple. he walks out and stands right in front of Kook.

Kook – Kim Moo-young…

Fade Out


JK – Do you think he really kill her? I don’t think so.
Yuri – I think he killed her. Oppa can do anything, even more than that if he decides to do it.
Tak – Kim Moo-young snuck in your house twice, one time he brought a gun with him.
JK – You know everything, what did you tell him! Where is he!
Kook – Kang Sun-oh, turn yourself in *hug*

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  1. Lydia~
    November 21, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I’m honestly upset how the drama is going so far… ( How come the last few eps of kdramas are always so intense lol?) I planned on watching 16 before 15 so I can not have a mental break-down and not be able to sleep…..
    But this article really helped me get a view of what’s coming up next….In my opinion….I’m a read the book before watching the movie person…Thank you for this article~~

    • V
      November 21, 2018 / 11:00 am

      So happy to help out, Lydia 🙂 these last few episodes are definitely intense!

      • TJ
        November 21, 2018 / 11:51 am

        Sorry he fell for her sick game and ruined his life. “Jin Kang” removed his ability to think. Otherwise, I don’t believe he could have played like that.

        • TJ
          November 21, 2018 / 3:06 pm


          Last line should read “I don’t believe he could have been played like that.

  2. Anonymous
    November 21, 2018 / 10:48 am

    whoaaa such an intense episode. im really waiting for tomorrow, i think im gonna watch today’s episode tomorrow haha
    i hope that every question we have now will be answered and explained- like if they’re really siblings or not, and if yes how is it that Kook doesnt seem to know?
    Jinkang’s real name; and what happened exactly about the girl who died because of Yuri, and so on… whoa too many question
    i think its going to end sadly, even though i do hope not
    lets brace ourselves!

    oh anyway i love your page! it really helps me bcs i dont understand korean that much ^^

    • V
      November 21, 2018 / 11:02 am

      I wonder where they are going because it is supposed to be a healing show, right? So, I guess Moo-young will get all his healing in jail? I am so confused. Hooked, though!

      • Anonymous
        November 21, 2018 / 12:46 pm

        exactly what i thought. it drives me craaazyyy because i really dont know how they gonna end it in a such healing way?
        all i think about is how tragic mooyoung life is… like this guy cannot take a break, everything seem to fall apart in his world

        • V
          November 21, 2018 / 2:05 pm

          YAS, his life is so tragic. Hopefully it can come around somehow? It looks pretty bleak at the moment.

  3. TJ
    November 21, 2018 / 11:49 am

    While impatiently waiting for subtitles, it’s great to read here. Thanks V.

  4. Alex
    November 21, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Wow, thanks, this helped to confirm my understanding of the episode MWAHAHA.
    Although I was hoping that MY killed that woman because he found out that she’d manipulated him with the family registry.
    But now it actually makes even more sense! I mean, now I see the real true reason for his dark action: he was trying to PROTECT JK. AHHH. I must say this was a good way to end the story with the woman. If she lived, they’d never have had any peace… *applauses*

    Well, now… I’m truly hoping that the directors won’t kill MY, although they are hinting at it in the preview. It kinda looks like he’s “saying goodbye” and goes to kill himself in the forest, while others are looking for him… 😀 What scares me is that moment in the preview where Jin Kang is suddenly shocked and tears run down her face. I hope it’s not MY’s dead body she sees lol… Dark thoughts dark thoughts… But in that case, I wouldn’t see the point of the show, if they just let him die like this for no reason. D:

    Plus, honestly, the episodes always end up very satisfying in this show… Have you ever noticed? How they don’t let us die in suspense: if something’s going on in the episode, it reaches a “certain conclusion”, not final, but enough for us to guess that everything’s alright. Is this wishful thinking? XD Dear writers, please, don’t let us down! Let him “be reborn” in prison LOL.

    To sum up, I’m definitely rooting for a happy ending here! Healing to the masses! 😀
    And what are your predictions?~

    • V
      November 21, 2018 / 4:28 pm

      I hope Jin-kang can get to him in the forest and have a heart-to-heart-talk-him-off-the-ledge moment or something. Perhaps he is going to his family home in the woods where all that ish happened in the past?

      • Lydia~
        November 21, 2018 / 11:07 pm

        Haha…it’s kinda sad when movie posters and trailers kinda give away some hints and spoilers…

        The trailer was Moo Young about to commit suicide…but Jin Kang says ” Don’t go” …..So I’m wondering………….would the series really have a good ending? Even if we don’t get a happy ending….I really hope we don’t get an ending where it won’t put us to sleep. 🙂

  5. kdramanewbie
    November 21, 2018 / 8:45 pm

    thank you for the recap. looking at this episode, i think we can expect a not-yuck ending (as in MY JK arent sibling). although i’m not sure how the show can end it in “healing” tone, too much pain for our leads because imo the other 2 persons who was murdered by MY’s father are JK’s parents.
    but from the japanese version, the conclusion is “love redeems all” so maybe JK-MY love will strenghten them to not let the past defines their future together (hopefully).. and also, when will there be true romance scene between Kook & Tak?! I think I ship them more than MY-JK 😂😂😂

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