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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 14 Recap

Jung So-Min and Seo In-Guk hugging in Korean Drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Quickcap for The Smile Has Left Your Eyes! So many things are revealed. I don’t want to give anything away, but basically a huge part of the back story comes out in pieces throughout this episode.

Posting quickly so there are grammar and spelling errors.

Character Chart: The Smile Has Left your Eyes Kdrama Chart 2

Recap of the recent previous episodes. Moo-young tells Jin-kang, “You are just you, whatever happens, you are just you.” Then he gets a gun from Jang Seran.

Cut to Kook getting home and noticing Moo-young’s shoes at the door. He steps in and says, you came. Moo-young comes out of the back with the gun pointed at Kook.

MY – It seems like you know who I am.
K – Yes, Kang sun oh
MY – that is why you hate me so much? Devil, Killer, Murderer
K – Are you really going to shoot me? If you are then lets go outside.

Moo-young shoots the vase. Kook stops and whispers, I told you not here.

MY – What does it feel like when you hear a gun shot? I remember a lot of things because of it. What do you remember?
K – If you are asking me if I killed your father, yes, I did it. Kang Soon-goo your father.
MY – Okay…his name is Kang Soon-goo.
K – I shot Kang soon Goo with my gun
MY – Why?
K – It was my mistake.
MY – Not like that….why?

Kook turns around and MY points the gun right on his chest.

MY – What is the mistake that killed my father? kang Soon-goo, that is the first time I knew my fathers name. It is the first time hearing it from you, the person that killed my father. Devil and murderer, you said those things, you should have a real reason. I was happy when you came. I remember it, it was a small dilapidated house in the mountains, I remember it. But you ruined everything. My youth, my house, my family. You ruined everything.
K – Yes.
MY – So why? Tell met he reason.
K – …If you shoot me then you will really become a murderer, so please don’t do that.
MY – You ask me not to kill you for me? You are pretending like you worry about me?
K – You can kill me if you want to, but before that, please promise me one thing. DOn’t let Jin-kang see it.
MY – I hate someone like you. (People like you disgust me).

He puts the gun to his head. Kook closes his eyes. But then the doorbell rings. They both turn their heads to the sound. Outside, Tak is at the gate, she wonders if he is home but thinks he might not be and starts to walk away. But then Kooks voice is heard over the loudspeaker. Who is there?

He lets her in and comes out to the courtyard. She wonders why he didn’t open the door, Jin-kang wants to eat with…~. But then Moo-young walks by. Tak wonders what is going on. Moo-young keeps walking away.

Inside, Tak says that there is gun powder smell and notices the broken vase. She wants to know what is going on! Don’t be swayed by him, what is going on here!

Cut to Jin-kang happily stretching at work as she works overnight. Then she looks at a photo of herself and Moo-young at the love look out (Nam San Tower?). But she has to get back to work quickly.

Meanwhile, Moo-young gets home slowly. He gets to his house and mutters his fathers name as he looks at the things on the coffee table. Then he grabs the picture he drew and puts that on the coffee table as well.

he looks at it for a moment and then gets a text from Jang Se-ran (the CEO) asking if he would like to see something? In it is an article.

Article: The husband became furious to the wife that was in a cult, he killed the wife and other people in the religion, total 3 people, then committed suicide.

Article: Kang did it all….this shocking serial murder.

Moo-young looks at this and starts to breath a little harder. He mutters…murderer?

Article – This guy found out where the wife was hiding in the cult and tried to take the wife back but killed her and someone else called the police. he killed those people as well.

Moo-young starts to grow intense and puts his hand to his mouth as he thinks about the person that killed his mother. He slowly grabs his drawing and crumples it up until it is just a ball in his hands. then he drops it and starts to walk out.

He walks up the alley and thinks about his talk with Kook.

K – It was my mistake.
MY – Not like that, tell me. If you made a mistake, then why and how and what kind of mistake was it? I was in the small house, I was happy before you came. You ruined everything. My youth, my house, my family, everything.
K – Yes.

Moo-young keeps walking. It looks like he is just walking to walk. He gets to some steps and starts walking up them, exhausted and sweating. He throw up when he gets to the top and sits on the top steps as he pants and looks out over the city. He is able to catch his breath as he sits there and holds his legs as he stays there.

Jin-kang gets a text, no morning workout. Moo-young stayed at that one spot all night. It turns out that this spot is the psychiatrists house. he goes inside and asks if that is the real reason he did not hold on to him. He thought he was a policeman, but he is a murderer who even killed his own wife.

KM – Drink, it was your father, not you, it happened without your will at all.
MY – I feel bad, it has nothing to do with me, but why does it describe me well? That is why you are like that.

Jin-kang goes to Moo-young’s home, but he is not there. She calls his name a few times and then goes to the front door with her key, but it is open already. She goes inside and sits on his couch comfortably as she looks at their photo and the different items on his coffee table. Butt hen she sees the crinkled up drawing.

At the psychiatrists office, Moo-young tells the doctor that someone told him he was evil, that is kind of correct. KM mentions that he is talking about murderers blood? Then I am the same. The kid in the first chapter “The sone of the murderer” is me. That is why I could not stop you. Back then, I thought that was the last change I could give you. But I was wrong, I regret it. After I entered my 40s I knew, my fathers thing is just his thing. Your past is not you. Your present is you.

MY gets up to leave.

KM – Don’t hurt yourself with something that is not yours.
MY – Hurt? I am not hurt.
KM – Whatever anger you have, if it points to yourself then it will hurt you and the people that care about you.

The secretary sees Seran, she tells him that he came quickly so that means that he did not resist? Flashback to the secretary talking to KC. Seran says, yes, no one wins over money. Call that guy.

Cut to Moo-young walking into his home. He looks pretty sad, but he puts on a happy face when he sees Jin-kang. he asks her how her workout was. She wonders where he went. He says he just met the doctor and then mentions that he will make them ramen.

He goes to the kitchen to make it, but Jin-kang looks concerned and asks if anything happened to him? She looks right through his facade. he says that nothing happened, but it looks like something might have happened to her, what happened?

She unravels the drawing an shows it to him. he takes it and throws it in the trash.

JK – Why are you throwing it away?
MY – It is all fake, that is all my fake story.
JK – It can’t be fake, kids pictures don’t like
MY – Maybe I did.
JK – Moo-young….
MY – I want to tell you everything…I want to tell you everything, but…

He remembers her telling him that his parents must be a very nice person for making a good name for him. They should be good people.

MY – Next time…I am hungry so lets eat something first.
K – Okay…I am hungry too so lets eat.

They start to prepare the food, but Moo-young is a bit angry as he opens the ramen packet. He pulls it open with too much force so it falls on the ground. Jin-kang picks it up.

MY – My father killed someone.
JK – what?
MY – Three people
JK – Someone…
MY – …please leave.

He turns his head away from her. She calls his name but he tells her that he wants to be alone, please. She thinks about it for a moment.

JK – You don’t want me to be here?
MY – For now.

She softly leaves, but she grabs the drawing before she does and tells him that she will take it with her. The music gets a bit dark. Then she heads out.

But she doesn’t go far, she just goes to the steps and sits.

VO – It was all fake, it was just my stupid story that I made up.

Jin-kang cries as she holds the drawing.

KC tells Kook not to be late for the meeting. He looks like he has something to tell Kook, but does not say anything else.

Meanwhile, Moo-young meets CEO Seran, she has something to show him. The youngest policeman in Hesang works in Seol. Lee Kyung-cheol, he is Kook’s boss now. Moo-young remembers KC from when he was a kid. KC looked alarmed and concerned but then tells him to leave, there is no such person there.

Moo-young looks annoyed at the memory and says that he actually knows that guy. Then he takes the information and says that he will look at it. He gets up to leave, but Seran asks him if she can do it for him. The gun, you want me to find the gun for him, right? If you hesitated because he is your girlfriends brother, then I can do it for you.

MY – if you touch him then I don’t think I will tolerate it. You told me we are similar, then you should know. Whoever touches my own game will not be tolerated.
SR – I know, yes.

Moo-yong goes home and listens to the interview while sitting on his couch.

V – Honestly, it makes me so mad. He will have a death sentence anyway. I am so mad because whenever I think of the name Kang Sang-goo then it reminds me of his wife and the two other people that died, I still remember their names. His wife Lee Mi-young.

Mo-young sits up a bit straighter at that part. It looks like his mothers name is Lee Mi-young.

Flashback to the secretary talking with KC

KC – I still remember those names, that guy Yoo Jin-Kook, I am so sick and tired of him. Why doe she give himself a hard time just because he killed a murderer? It was self defense, we all stopped him. it was dangerous in the mountain. We would be there soon. But he said he went in there alone because everything looked so bad.

Kook shows up to the mountain house, there are dead people all strewn around outside and blood is everywhere.

KC – They were all dead.

Kook gets to the front door and goes inside

KC – Then he encountered that guy with the murder weapon

Kook holds the gun to the man, he has an ax with blood dripping from it.

KC – Do you know the murder weapon? It was a hand ax, you know! Blood was still dripping from it. But the police said we should cover it up. Kook said no. Then our team dissolved during that incident. But this guy was looking for the murderers boy for many many months.

Moo-young walks angrily up the street.

Moo-young calls for Kook to come out. Kook goes out to the alley, Moo-young is standing there. Then Moo-young walks up the alley. Kook calls his name, but MY just replies that he said, not there. Kook follows him.

They get to a quiet spot and Moo-young pulls out the search post.

MY – Why were you looking for me?
K – Because I killed you father and I lost you.
MY – So why were you looking for me? Can’t you just say that I was unlucky and deserved to die like others do?
K – How did you know that?
MY – DOn’t look at me like that. Can’t you just be honest like others?
K – Like others? I did it. Why did it happen to me? He moved first. Kang Soon-goo moved first.

Flashback of the encounter.

K – I learned it later that you came there.

Moo-young shows up with turns the mans head to him.

Kang Soon-goo didn’t want to attack me and wanted to hide it because he didn’t want to show it to you.

K – Then I heard it.

lil MY – Appa!

K – I will never forget your voice. I try to deny it, but I will never forget that I killed a human being. I am sorry.
MY – You shouldn’t have done it, even if you were sorry. You were looking for me so I thought my father was a policeman. If I think my father in my memory was you, I can’t stand it. I didn’t shoot you, but that does not mean that I forgive you. I will never ever do that.

Moo-young walks away. Kook calls after him and tells him that his father is in Gong Jin Temple. His memorial day is Lunar Calendar September 18th, Solar calendar November 1st.

Moo-young walks off as he remembers Jin-kang telling him that they go to the temple every year. She never thought about it, she just liked it because it was her and her oppa’s yearly thing. I loved it more than school athletic events.

Jin-kang is at home thinking about Moo-young. She hasn’t seen him since he asked her to leave. She has her phone out and thinks about calling him. then Kook comes in and asks her what’s up. She says she just wanted some water but she will go to sleep. Kook tells her that he will go see his mother in Hesang, you don’t have to come.

Jin-kang mutters that he also wants to be alone. Then she smiles and goes to her room.

Kook talks to someone on the phone about changing his password. Maybe he is talking to Tak. She tells him to change it now or at least she can change it. But Kook says he is going somewhere now. She wonders where he is going.

Cut to Jin-kang walking by herself on the school field.

Moo-young is sitting by himself at the bus stop.

They both look particularly miserable.

Meanwhile, Tak and Kook go to the gravesite together. Kook pays his respects and they both sit. Tak says it is funny, he is all grown up but still turns to his mother when he has trouble. Kook smiles and says that he didn’t listen to his mother even when he got hit. So his mom hit him a lot. He laughs a bit and says he got hit a lot when he was little and she still hit him in his 20s. He got a job and was a cop, but she still hit him to remind him to be careful when he goes out and would hit me if I didn’t put my socks in the laundry basket.

But after that, she never hit me anymore. The music grows solemn as Kook mentions that she only worried about him from then on. She was more careful about hitting me (he actually says she became noonchi) just in case something happened to me. Then she died after only 3 years. Yesterday when I laid down, I wanted my mother to hit my back and tell me to wake up (get real). He lets out a deep breath and they continue looking at the mountain side scenery.

That same day, Moo-young goes to the temple to see his father. Jin-kang walks around by herself and looks at all the missing kid reports on the wall. She thinks about Moo-young’s drawing. At that time she told him that everyone looked so happy, there was even an angel. MY said that in his dream, his father is still looking for him. Somewhere in the world he is still looking for me, his lost son.

Moo-young finds his fathers name at the temple and starts crying.

VO – So, I am not an abandoned boy, I am a lost boy.

Moo-young keeps looking at the wall of peoples names at the temple and Jin-kang keeps looking at the wall of missing children. They both cry.

Moo-young heads home at night, he is still very emotional as he looks at a message on his phone.

JK: I love you.

He starts to cry again, but tries to hold it in. Then we see him walking up the street to his place. He isn’t really looking at anything in particular, but then he stops and lifts his eyes to see Jin-kang waiting in the alley in front of him.

They stare at each other for a moment.

MY – Are you really okay with someone like me?
JK – Of course.
MY – I want to be born again.

Jin-kang runs up and hugs him. They both share a big comforting hug as Moo-young softly cries in her arms.

Then they go back to his place and happily make that ramen that they were going to make before. They don’t leave each others touch as they walk around the kitchen hugging and trying to make their food.

She tells him it is a 30 minute wait. He mutters that rice is not that important She tells him that he wants to be born again, so he should live in a warm house. If you live in a warm house then you will have the warm smell of rice. he tells her that is so easy.

They sit on the side and happily hug and smile and each other as they wait for the rice to cook. Then they sit and eat. Jin-kang starts laughing,

JK – This reminds me of the first time I came here. It was a super strange house. I thought the house was like you, cold and dark. The house that always feels lonely and you want to leave. I hope it gets more and more…when you have a cat, you have to feed it, when you have flowers, you have to water it, when you have food you have to eat it or it will go bad. I hope all of those things get ahold of you and wont let you go.

They go to sleep together in bed and hug as they cuddle.

MY – I am not going anywhere, even if I have nothing. Even if I go far far away, I will go back to you.

Moo-young goes to Seran’s house to return the gun. He says that he does not need it anymore and he used up one bullet. She says that she did not hear about anything on the news. He just says, whatever.

He is about to leave but asks if he heard about his brother? This catches his attention so he follows her to the sitting area. She tells him that he looks very very curious.

Flashback to the secretary telling Se-ran about Kang Soon-goo’s family registry.

In the present
Seran – two kids were hospitalized for burns that day. But you do not have a brother.
MY – No brother?

Secretary – The girl was adopted to Lee Jung-shil, Yoo Jin-gooks mom.
SR – So she is Yoo Jin-gang? (smiles)

In the present, she asks him if he really does not know anything? I have never seen you this nervous. I don’t want to tell you after seeing your face like this. You should give me something. Here (hands him something) and we can talk about it.

It looked like she handed him a plane ticket.

Moo-young ends up going to meet Jin-kang at the theme park. They have a day of fun as they ride the merry go round, play bumper cars, and walk around with bunny ears.

Jin-kang wants to ride a roller coaster, but Moo-young says never ever. She frowns and tells him that she wants to do it with her boyfriend. he is all like nope. But she is able to drag him there. They both ride the rollercoaster up and their sad longing music starts to play.

MY – What did you do to me?
JK – Hard to say.
MY – I can’t believe it, how am I here.

Back to his home. They both hug and look at their burn scars in the mirror.

JK – Look at that, it is almost as if it is connected. Like a map. Maybe we met here following this map.

He gives her a soft kiss on her head and continues looking at her in the mirror.

Flashback Montage to all their interactions with their burn marks.

The hear the sound of the food going off so they go to the kitchen. But Jin-kang burns her finger accidentally on the hot water from the kettle. he quickly pulls it to the sink to run cold water on it. But he thinks she needs more so he wants to go to the pharmacy. She tells him it is okay but he still leaves.

he gets the medicine and walks back, but he sees something and stops. Or maybe he just thinks of something because we see a flashback of that night Kook shot his father. He is remembering another memory and sees his little “brothers” face. the memory hits him pretty hard, he falls to the ground and holds his head.

Then he pulls out Jin-kang’s picture from his wallet. He starts to connect all of the dots as we see a montage flashback that connects it all.

The camera cuts to Jin-kang happily sipping her tea back at home.

But Moo-young looks destroyed.

MY – It was my sister…

Fade Out

Wow, so he put everything together without having to have it all spelled out for him. This definitely raises the stakes for the last two episodes because we don’t know for sure if they are siblings or if the father murdered Jin-kang’s mother (which I think is what might be a Kdrama way of easing this situation). But they could go the full deal on this and keep it like the Jdorama. I am so curious as to how this will play out.

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  1. Jana
    November 15, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    The production team did say that the drama’s theme would be ‘Love saving people’…..so I am hopeful they will not be siblings. The father kills three people..his wife and the other two might be JK’s parents. I think it will be a happy ending. I want to see JK and MK living happily and visiting with the brother who actually turned out to be a great guy.
    Thank you for recapping.

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 3:15 pm

      Oh, I did not know that! But that would be great for a happy ending. This gives me a bit more hope.

  2. TJ
    November 15, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    Do you mind revisiting Moo Young’s and the CEO’s conversation? I need translated precisely what was stated about Kang Soon Goo’s family registry. I understood her to say there was only one child listed. Is this accurate?

    • Jana
      November 15, 2018 / 5:32 pm

      The article mentions MY’s mother running away with one child and the father finding her with two other people (probably JK’s parents) after 2 years in a house and killing them all so it looks like MY and JK were childhood friends and not siblings. Also JK’s brother would tell her if they were siblings….I can’t see him keeping information like that secret. I think he knows MY’s dad killed her parents and that’s why he’s trying to keep them apart. I wish he’d just tell JK. Looks like MK is going to get snared by the scary soulless lady and JK’s brother might end up saving MY.

      • Table122000
        November 15, 2018 / 5:40 pm

        Thanks for the clarification @ Jana. I hope that it is true and that Jin Kang and Moo Young will not be blood related, and this gets clarified for Moo Young and Jin Kang. So at least we won’t have any incest to deal with in the final episodes.

      • TJ
        November 15, 2018 / 6:13 pm

        Ask me why I don’t care what was stated in the news article.

        Please recall the article reporting Seung Ah’s and the chaebol’s deaths.

        They’re police constructs. Coverup stories.

        I just NEED translated what was stated about Kang Soon Goo’s family registry. PLEASE????

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