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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 13 Live Recap

Bunny ears andn holding hands in Korean Drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Are they actually going to give us a bit of adorableness this episode before they toss us over the cliff of despair? Because I’m open to it. I also think revelations are going to start popping left and right, so we really need to keep our eyes and ears on target this episode. I also saw a teaser image of Moo-young standing on what looked like a cliff (ie. the cliff of despair) so maybe he is retracing his fathers supposed footsteps?

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We open with Moo-young looking at the doctor. He wondered if he was the same man from his past. There is a lot of mystery about the doctor at the hospital and how he treated Moo-young’s wound. Kook walks around mindless as he also thinks about all of this.

VO – Moo-young is looking for his past.

Then Kook gets to the end of the street and sees Moo-young at the flower shop. Moo-young smiled at him and showed his wound in the side. He tells him that he isn’t dead yet. Are you not smiling? That was my joke. Did you really want to kill me? You told me that when someone kills anouther person, that makes them a murderer, so that is not good for you.

He pats his side again with a smile and walks back to the flower shop.

Kook said nothing during this exchange and just looked mindlessly at Moo-young.

Meanwhile, Cho-raong calls Tak and tells her that Kook came to work. It seems like his resignation was not processed.

Elsewhere, Jin-kang shows us a bit of product placement in her office as her and So-yeon eat a Golden Granola and talk about how they aren’t having lunch today. It is so good! The boss comes in to play with them as well. Jin-kang asks her boss about her las name of Hwang Son-hwa, she wonders what type of Son Chinese character she uses, good person Sohn? They laugh as they talk about that. Of course good person, Sohn!

With Moo-young, Moo-young sits in front of his boss. His boss tells him that they can say they just fired him so that he can get unemployment. Moo-young tells him that is good. He leaves and calls Jin-kang to tell her that he was fired before he could quit. But he was going to quit anyway so it is good. They decide on a time and place to meet, then Moo-young catches the bus.

On the bus, he pulls out his phone and looks at a map of the location his father supposedly committed suicide. The doctor told him the name.

Cut to him standing on the Lock lookout at the Namsan Tower. Ji-kang alls his real name so he turns around and smiles. Then they use their Galaxy Note to take a photo with the clicker (it must be product placement day). They both check out the photo and talk about how they need to celebrate his becoming jobless. But she tells him that of course they are celebrating recovering his real name. I like your name a lot. Good person “Sohn” and High “ho”.

Moo-young asks who told her that, he does not even know the characters. She says that it is definitely Good person Sohn and High “Ho”. Goo Sohn-ho sounds like a nice and brave boy, I like it so so much. Your parents should have been good people because they named you like that.

He wonders, really? She says yes and wonders if he told him anything else besides his name? Moo-young thinks (your father commited suicide) but does not tell this to her. She tells him that she might be happy because she is also satisfied with finding his name, it is like she found her own name.

He tells her that she can find her own name, lets find it together. She tells him no, later later. Oppa will tell me when the time comes. I will wait for Oppa to tell me.
Meanwhile, her brother is at the Buddhist temple. Behind him are a lot of ancestral tablets with names on them. The name on the one highlighted is Kang Soong-goo.

The scene changes to Jin-kang walking hand in hand with Moo-young. She comments that she wishes she could have seen the fall foliage, but it looks like it is all gone now. They talk pleasantly about that for a moment. But then Moo-young tells her that his father commited suicide. He did it in the mountains. He isn’t sure if the doctor isn’t telling him something or if that is really the case. But that is the result. My family was not a happy family.

Jin-kang hugs him and tells him that his abogi is dead already. He hugs her back tightly and closes his eyes. Then we cut to them sitting He tells Jin-kang that he will go to Hesang, he wants to go there. There is a mountain cliff there where it happened. He still smiles at Jin-kang ask he tells her this. She asks if he would like to go with her? he shakes his head so she understands and tells him to say hi to his father for her.

Moo-young wonders what he should say, he doens’t know his name. Jin-kang tells him that he can just say abogi. Abogi, this is Sun-ho. Moo-young thinks that is good. But then the bus comes so he tells her that she can take this bus, he will take the next one. Jin-kang smiles and mutters that it is difficult to date, they can’t even take the same bus.

But she does not get on the bus. As it drives away, she tells him that she feel insecure. Why does she feel so insecure. he tells her that she does not have to feel so nervous. I will come back soon. he hugs her warmly again.

Later on, he sits at his home and looks at his childhood photo.

Meanwhile, Kook tosses and turns in bed as he thinks about Moo-young being Sun-ho. He remembers a lot of his interactions with Moo-young including stabbing him. Then he remembers Jin-kang telling him that Moo-young grew up sadder than her, he has a lot of pain without you adding anything more.

Moo-young rides to Hesang on the bus and thinks about his conversation with the doctor. He told the doctor that he still has dreams of his father getting killed.

VO – Somehow everyone told me to stop as if, if I go there, I will not be able to come back.

Mo-young gets to the countryside o Hesang and starts walking to the mountain.

VO – It looks like a folding screen, but I don’t know why they call it jolgudae.

He keeps walking and walking up the mountain as the soundtrack plays until he gets all the way to the top. He stands looking out over the ledge and pulls out a bottle of soju that he bought in the market. He pours the soju over the edge and then sits.

VO – I was about to bow, but I stopped, it looked a bit awkward. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell him aboji.

(the text on the screen are all the VO’s)

VO – I am not sad, I feel like I will have a nice dream if I sleep.

He falls to sleep where he sits and has the same dream. But he opens his eyes as if he remembers something new. He played with a blue robot that he appa gave him. This is the first time he remembered his appa. Now he remembers playing in the forest with his appa.

He stands up knowingly and follows the path out to a sign he saw in his dream. He sees that same sign and then continues on the path. However, he gets to a point where he stops and does not kno which way to go. But he tries to follow his dream and decides to go one way. While walking, he sees his younger self run past him up the patch and wave off at Yoo-na.

Moo-young’s head turns to see another girl running off with his younger self. This little person looks like a girl but has a short haircut like a boy. he follows where the two kids ran off and stops in front of an angel. He remembers the angel from his painting. In front of him is a stone house. he is overcome with emotions.

VO – I feel like I came home.

In the city, Jin-kang follows Moo-young’s journey on the computer.

In Hesang, Moo-young goes into the house. It has been abandoned for some time. But it also looks like it is a church and not a house.
There is debris everywhere in the home. But as Moo-young looks on the ground, he sees his blue toy robot.

VO – I really feel like I came back home.

Moo-young hears the laughter of children outside so he looks out the window. A bird flies by as he does. There are no kids outside. He turns back to the room he is in and starts walking around until he gets to something that looks familiar. He recognizes the hot water heater and the radio. A ring fills his ears as he looks at these two things closer and remembers the gun shot.

He remembers it so strongly that it hears the gun shot loudly and falls to the ground. He looks over to the mirror and sees a young Jin-kook with his gun out. Moo-young is overcome with the realization of it.

Cut to him riding the bus back, stoically.

In the city, Kook talks to the doctor on the phone. KM says that what MY told him bothers him…did his fathers death involve a gun?

Moo-young gets all the way home. Jin-kang asks how was the trip?

Moo-young looks at the texts that he was writing (all the VO’s) and erases them all, he never sent them and does not answer Jin-kang. He pulls out the picture of her and Kook and rips it in half. He puts Jin-kang’s part back in his wallet.

Tak finds Kook at the cafe and tells him, is that really that boy? I don’t feel good about this, what about you? Kook tells her that JK told him that MY was hurt by people who don’t care about hurting other people to protect their own. Tak is distressed and wonders how this happened.

Kook – I was scared, Kim Moo-young is a kid without brakes. Jin-kang is not getting off. So I don’t know where she will go if I don’t pull her off. As Jin-kang said, to protect my own kid, I am hurting others. But that kid is the real Sun-ho.

Tak – What are you going to do?

Kook – Well, he told me, no, I told him first. there is no free pass in life.

Flashback of Kook telling MY that. MY says that is good, he hates free things, he likes an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Kook – If he wants, it is okay with me. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Kook gets home super drunk. Tak is with him and apologizes for Kook being so drunk. Kook is happily drunk and smiles as he sees Jin-kang, he even calls her ugly, so she must be his Jin-kang. he accidentally knocks over a picture of the two of them so he picks it up lovingly and says this is his Jin-kang. But then he is about to throw up so he runs to the bathroom.

Jin-kang tells Tak that she can take care of him from here, so Tak leaves. But JK is a bit saddened but the situation and looks at the photo that Kook was looking at.
Moo-young hangs from his knees on a kids playground as he thinks about Kook. He remembers a conversation with him about the person he killed and if they had seen each other before.

But then Jin-kang rides up to him, out of breath. She says she rode so fast because she wanted to see him. They end up swinging together on the swings as he tells her that he found his old home in the forest. It was a picturesque home. But he tells her that he lied. There was no house, he just walked around. She hits him and says that she was happy.

She thinks it would have been nice to find it, it would remind you of something that you never remembered before. Moo-young agrees and thinks about Kook holding the gun.

He stand and asks Jin-kang about her oppa, he was in Hesang right? So when did he come to Seoul? Jin-kang says something so Moo-young quickly calculates the date. Jin-kang thinks that was impressive and tells him about the reasons they went to Seoul, but wonders why he is asking her that?

Moo-young brings up that policeman have 4 shifts right? When is his off day? Jin-kang tells him, the 4th, 8th, and 12th of this month. Moo-young realizes that he is the day shift now. JK wonders why he is interested in that now. MY explains that he is interested in being a policeman, so he is curious. JK remembers he said he thought his father was a policeman.

On the same day, Kook and Jin-kang leave theit home at the same time. Kook wonders why she left home so early in the morning. Was it to work out? They kind of talk about that for a moment and then drive off. But Moo-young walks around the corner just at that time and watches them leave. Then he breaks in.

he easily gets to the courtyard and walks to the door. He uses his perfect memory to remember the password and goes inside.

The apartment is super clean and he looks so unwelcome in it (but that might just be me). Then he sees a picture of JKang and JKook from long ago, pauses for a moment, then continues walking around.

Kook drives Jin-kang to work, but she is so super tired and fell asleep like a baby in the car. He looks at her for a moment then wakes her up in a hurry and tells her to leave. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

She kind of sort of wakes up and steps out of the car in a sleep like state to catch the bus.

Inside the apartment, Moo-young finds Kook’s secret luggage. He opens it and sees the wanted poster but he hears a sound. Then he goes to the kitchen and turns off the stove where something is boiling. Then he thinks for a moment.

Cut to Kook driving back up their alley. Moo-young is walking away and has very strong eye contact with Moo-young. Kook ends up running into his place and sees the pot in the sink cooking off. he then bursts into his room and goes through his secret luggage. The poster is missing.

At home, the camera scrolls through Moo-young’s place. We see that the robot and the wanted poster are on his coffee table. Moo-young is bouncing a tennis ball against the wall, thinking.
Then we see the sister CEO at her office. She gets word that a Moo-young would like to see her. But she says no.

The driver goes out and tells Moo-young that she is busy today. he tells him that he will be back, you know my number so check the schedule and call me.

CEO – I don’t want to see him right away.

The driver tells Moo-young that she might have time in two hours.

Inside her office, the CEO anxiously looks out her window. Then she gets a call that Moo-young is coming in. She tries to pretend that she does not care.

He comes in nonchalantly, she tells him to sit as if she does not care that he is there. So he sits. She goes up to him and asks what is up? he tells her that he has a request – I need a gun. Can you find me on?

CEO – A gun?…for two hours, I thought about why you wanted to see me. You are under police investigation from the police…or you miss my offer….but a gun? (laughs) Kim Moo-young, you should have that much reason to see me, but I think it is difficult. What will you give me if I do this thing for you?

MY – Anything.

He gives her the poster and tells her that he wants to know about this kid. Who made it and why are they searching for him and who are his parents.
Cut to Tak eating with Jin-kang at a cafe. Jin-kang bought Tak soup for a hangover. They playfully talk about it being the least she could do since Tak helped raise her.

But then Jin-kang asks how Tak likes her brother as a boyfriend. How is he? Tak tells her he isn’t a boyfriend! They both laugh. Jin-kang tells her that she is too good for someone like her brother. But then Tak tells her that seh is a divorced woman, she isn’t that great, she is single again, manager Yoo is a real man~. But she catches herself because she just outed herself for liking Kook.

Cut to them going to the movies together. But JK sees someone and says that she has to leave and go to her company. But how about that guy over there? She points to her brother who is standing at the front and tells her that it is obvious. Enjoy the movie.

Kook walks over to them as Kang smiles and waves at the both of them to enjoy. Tak mutters that this is so obvious but then pokes Kook to smile a bit more.

kang leaves and texts MY to find out where he is. She ends up going to his place and sees the little robot on his coffee table. But Moo-young is not there yet. He is actually outside walking up and sees his light on in his apartment. He does not look that happy.

he goes inside and is happily greeted by Jin-kang. The robot is working as well. He tells her that she fixed it but she didn’t think that she did, she just cleaned it up and wound it. Then it started working. She asks where the arm is, though. he says he lost it but then changes it to not having it to begin with. Maybe that is why it is abandoned.

Jin-kang asks where he was. He says he went somewhere. the camera cuts to MY looking at Jin-Kook and Tak at he movie theater as Tak poked him to get him to smile.

MY is deep in thought about that and does not notice Jin-kang. She brings it up and asks what he is thinking so hard about. He kneels in front of her and holds her hands.

MY – You are just you. Whatever happens, you are just you.
JK – So what….what is you are just you? (she smiles)
MY – Just…you know.

He leans forward and hugs her as he rests his head on her lap.

Meanwhile, Kook and Tak leave the theater. Tak tells him that the movie was good but he does not even remember what he saw. You didn’t even smile at all. Kook says he did, but Tak tells him he didn’t, but that’s fine. We can walk and you can think.

Kook tells her that this morning, that guy went to my place and left. He snuck in.

Tak tells him that is illegal! Kook laughs and says that is true. It is just what happened.

At home, Moo-young holds the robot for a minute, then puts it back on the coffee table. While staring at it, he remembers having it as a kid. It had both arms then. Then he remembers the gun shot in even more detail. That makes him stand up suddenly and leave. But he stops outside and stands on his octopang as the camera scrolls away.
Moo-young walks into the CEO’s office and is thrown a gun right away. She tells him that she sawa lot of guns because of him, and started to like them. She thinks guns are pretty because they are so dangerous. Then she tells him to sit down and asks him what he is going to do with it. Are you going to kill someone?

Moo-young puts it in his jacket. She tells him that it would bring a lot of trouble to her if he did. He starts taking bullets from the coffee table and says that he won’t tell anyone she gave it to him.

She wonders if he knows why she is doing these things for him? It is because I want to have you in my pocket. I am attracted to you Moo-young. Do you remember – don’t get caught.

Flashback to Moo-young telling Seung-ah – don’t get caught.

CEO – I heard you had an accident and grew curious. At first I did not know what was going on, but after watching several times I heard, “DOn’t get caught”. I was so happy that I almost went crazy, another person like me in the world.
MY – Am I?
CEO – I told you we are different branches from the same route.

MY does not look like he thinks so. He thanks her for the gun. She asks if he is going to take more bullets? But he says this is enough. he walks off, but the CEO pulls out the poster.

She tells MY that this poster has to do with his girlfriend’s oppa. Yoo Jin-kook was looking for him. This is news to Moo-young.

At home, Kook writes his password for his bankaccount on a note and puts his stamp in the packet as well. Then he puts them both in a drawer that looks like it has some other banking things in it.

With the CEO, MY says that Jin-kook was looking for him. I am that boy. The CEO smiles and says that changes things. The owner of this number was Yoo Jin-kook since 1996. It was so unappetizing to find out things about your girlfriend.

MY tells her that he does not know his fathers name and he thinks he was killed.

CEO – You don’t know your fathers name but you think he was killed when others think he killed himself? Okay, I can look for his name……ah, now you look like you know my true value.
MY – One more thing, I am looking for my family. My mother and my brother. Maybe a 2 or 3 year age difference.
CEO – So you want to look for your brother? Of course you should find your mother, she could be rich. But why look for your brother? It is better not to have it.
MY – I want to find him, I think we are not as similar as you think. Please continue.

He leaves.

Elsewhere, Jin-kang texts someone and smiles. it looks like ti was MY. He sends her a text back and asks how long she works today.

JK: 10 at the earliest, but it might be overnight. See you tomorrow morning.
MY: Okay.

MY gets home and loads the gun.

Cut to Jin-kook getting home from the sauna. He goes into his yard and then goes inside. He sees Moo-young’s shoes at the door and slowly walks inside.

JK – You came.

Moo-young walks out with a gun pointed at Kook. Kook looks like he is ready to die.

Fade Out

(It sounds like a new OST is playing)

Okay, who thinks he shot him? I think he shot him in the same spot that he was stabbed in. But perhaps he didn’t shoot him? Perhaps Moo-young knows that taking Jin-kang away from Kook is an even more painful life for him?

I hope they use the rich woman a little more and a little better. MY is still about to go to jail as an accomplice to murder right? It seems like that issue should take a bit of precedence with the law and the rich woman can help with that. Or did I miss something about that case? Is it closed?

Kook – Yes, I killed him. Your father, Kang Soon-goo
MY – I thought you were a policeman, but you are a murderer. You ruined my youth and everything. I hate people like you the most.
SR – What is up this late? (SR=CEO)
MY – I am returning it to you, I used one bullet.
KM – What your anger does is destroy yourself and hurt the people around you.
JK – I want to hold you and never let you go. Then you won’t be able to go anywhere.
MY – Even if I have nothing, even if I go far far far away, I will come back to you.

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  1. TradeWinds44
    November 14, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    Since they mentioned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, I kind of feel like Moo-young shot Kook in the same spot Kook stabbed him.

  2. Anonymous
    November 14, 2018 / 2:46 pm

    I think he shot him.

  3. jana
    November 14, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    I don’t think the brother got shot. I can’t see the couple going for a day of fun after shooting the brother.

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 5:55 am

      That’s a good point. Unless Kook didn’t tell Jin-kang he got shot, just like Moo-young didn’t tell Jin-kang. But that might be too hard to pull off with a bullet wound.

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