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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 12 Live Recap

Add me to the list of all the people that were surprised at Jin-Kooks actions at the end of the last episode. He must have been channeling Hannibal when he walked across that street. Did he take some of Yuri’s sleeping pills that make you murder prone right before you fall asleep? I’ve heard getting the munchies before, but the stabbies? It seemed so out of character for his character, but then I realized we actually don’t know that much about his character and what he knows about all that stuff from the past. That must be what led to this reaction. ELABORATE, SHOW. I’m listening.

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Rewind to Kook looking through the window at Jin-kang and Moo-young having fun. He turns away and rests his head on the wall.

Then we are at the crosswalk. Moo-young smiles as he sees Kook and walks across the street. Kook waits and then walks across the street. He looks like he is a bit out of it and then we hear the *shick*. It doesn’t even look like Kook moved at all. But we see Moo-young crumple to the ground across the street. He is all bloody.

Kook looks at him for a moment and then walks away. Moo-young looks at him in pain and mutters, wow, that ajusshi is great.

An ambulance and police car pass as Kook walks up the street. He is still holding his knife in plain view. But his adrenaline dump ends and he falls to the ground as well.

Inside the apartment, Kang calls Moo-young, but he did not take his phone with him. She runs to the flower shop to find out if someone bought a wine opener. The person says he left, they didn’t have one. Kang runs to all the nearby store to find out. They all tell him that someone came but he left.

It was 15 minutes since the last store saw him. Kang waits at the cross walk as well and starts walking across the street. She passes right by the blood stain.
The psychiatrist leaves his workplace and sees a man crumpled in front. It is Moo-young. He sits and checks him, Moo-young mutters, It’s nice to see you again. Then he passes out. Kyung-moo calls his name, Moo-young? Moo-young! Then he calls the emergency line.

At the police station, Jin-kang waits to see if they have Kim Moo-young. But he is not there. She says that she heard the ambulance sound, but the other cop says that it was a drunk man beating a taxi driver.

She goes home and sees Kook. Kook is all like, Hey, what’s up. But Jin-kang is nervous and lays in bed as she wonders where he is.

Cut to the psychiatrists home or office. Moo-young is sleeping and his wound has been dressed. He looks at his scar and is sent back to a memory. He remembers going up to that kid from the river and seeing his scar. He asks, are you~. But hen Moo-youngs wallet falls. KM picks it up and sees Kook and Jin-kangs phone number.

Kook tells Kyung-cheol that he did that accident. They tell him that they already caught that guy, he was a drunk person hitting a taxi driver. But Kook tells them that it was the other one, I stabbed someon. They tell him that there is no report on that. Cho-rang tells Tak all that is going on but there is no report of a stabbing. Tak is all like what in the world. She tells him not to do anything yet, she will talk to him first.

She runs out and sees Kook sitting on a bench. She asks exasperated if he really stabbed him? Kook just looks off and says that he did, it was the only way. Tak is very animated and tells him he is insane right now!

At work, Jin-kang looks worse for wear. So-yeon tells her that as well so Jin-kang asks her boss if she can take the day off. Her boss is cool with it so Jin-kang leaves and tries to find Moo-young again. She checks the police one more time then calls Tak. She tells him that Kim Moo-young dissapeared last night, I don’t know what to do.

At work, she looks at the CCTV from that night. She sees Moo-young struggling on the ground.
Kyung-mo sends a patient home after a session and then goes to the back to check on Moo-young. He is still sleeping.

Jin-kang goes to Moo-young’s place. On the table is a note

Not: What happened, call me when you see this.

VO – You should be surprised I didn’t see anything about an accident. DOn’t worry, I will look around for it and contact you later (Tak).

At the psychiatrist office, Moo-young finally wakes up. KM is by his side and tells him that he surprised him like this. What happened last night? Moo-young says, last night?

He calls Jin-kang immediately. She answers but she can’t say anything, she is so relieved. He tells her that he is sorry that she worried. He is at his friends place. He just saw him after a long time. Jin-kang asks him if she thinks she will believe that? You left your cell phone to buy a wine opener. Tell me now what happened. Are you injured again?

he says it is nothing like that, she just called him because she would worry, nothing happened so don’t worry. But she asks why he would do that to her. he tells her that it is difficult to understand, he knows, it is just that he hadn’t seen his friend in a long long long time, so he couldn’t say no. It is difficult like this. Jinkang tells him it is so difficult and hangs up. She cries.

Moo-young calls her name a couple more time, then tries to get out of bed. But KM comes back in and tells him that his clothes aren’t dry yet and he hasn’t sticked someone up in several years so they will burst if you move around. You are in my place and I know that you are involved in a police thing so I kept you here. Does this have something to do with Yuri?

Moo-young smiles and says it is nothing like that. I just came here because I didn’t want to say those things (like why he is there). He asks how he knows he was involved in the case. MK explains that he saw the policeman when he visited Yuri. MY tells him it is all because of him.

KM asks if he knows teh police man personally? MY smiles and says yes, him and me, we are not enemies or friends, something like that.

Cut to Kook at home. He still looks out of it and asks Kang if she got a phone call from him. She wonders, do you know something? She sits slowly and asks if he knows something. Kook tells her – I…stabbed him with a knife.


I stabbed him.


I don’t regret it. That was the only way.

You are crazy! How can you stab someone?

I can do more, even worse things. So don’t date him.

You are crazy. You are crazy oppa.

To me, you are the first.

Don’t tell me that this is because of me. I got hurt enough. Those people worry about their own kid and don’t care about someone elses. You shouldn’t do this. You are my oppa! You should not do this! He grew up worse than me. he already got hurt without you doing this!

Just go to sleep.

Kook leaves and goes to his room. Tak calls him at that moment, but he doesn’t answer. So she sends a text and tells him that she is at their regular place. If you don’t come then I will go there.

He goes to meet her at their drinking place.
Tak tells him that Jin-kang called her this afternoon. She could not tell her what actually happened. I stuttered because I could not tell her. Do you know what happened to him? He took a taxi. Do you even care? Kook says no, that is nonsense, I did that.

Tak asks when he became so cruel. I saw the CCTV at the control center. On the TV it looks like he was just drunk, he took a cab. I didn’t check where he went, do you want me to check it?

he called Jin-kang, I didn’t ask her about it, she just told me that he called.

Did you tell Jin-kang? Did you tell him – that you stabbed him?


Ahie….aigo…Oh, cham….

Cut to Jin-kang wondering if something happened to him, are you injured again. Then remembering that her brother stabbed him with a knife. We see a lot of flashbacks, one is from the psychiatrist who remembers his conversation with Kook about Moo-young growing up in Hesang. Jin-kang ends up calling the doctor. She tells him that she got a phone call from this number. Is this a hospital?

he says this is not a hospital. She says that she heard he is injured, how much? he says that he is injured but it is nothing serious. I will tell him to call you, what is your name? Jin-kang asks him not to tell him that she called. Please. Then she hangs up.

KM then saves the number as Yoo Jin-Kang in his phone.

At the outdoor cafe, Tak says that she has been thinking about it. You said you felt tight when you were around Moo-young. You have also been strange all this time since then. It is strange for a cop to stab a civilian. Just forget about all of this. Kook asks how he can forget.

Tak pulls out the book and says that he was in Chapter 2. The title of Chapter two is the boy that lost his memory. Kim Moo-young does not remembe anything. You think he is the person you are looking for, but nothing is confirmed. Even if he is, he does not remember anything. If you forget about it then it will not matter. You are the one that needs to forget about it.

Moo-young sleeps and sweats, he remembers playing with his sibling happily. then he remembers walking up the street. Jin-kang is in his dream but as an adult. She says it is so difficult like this. Moo-young remembers the hospital and remembers someone touching his shoulder, he hears the doctors voice and sees someone that looks like the doctor.

The doctors voice wakes him up and asks him what kind of dream he is having. Moo-young asks him about the hospital, you went there right? I think I ws there before. The doctor asks if he remembers anything. Moo-young says that he does not know but someone got ahold of me in that hospital. KM says he will look around for any friends there, but he looks guilty.
Kook is really about to quit. KC tells him to close the door as they go somewhere to talk. He tells him that he did not change back then and now. I searched all the reports, there are no reported cases! Okay…as you said, you went crazy and stabbe someone. Lets assume that it hurts your conscience so much that you can’t be a cop aymore. Okay. But we are under a lot of pressure becuase of that murder case. When you think about what you did in the past, you should be super sorry to me.

i am sorry.

IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE SORRY – can’t you just not do anything? I am not holding you becuase I like you. Can’t you just go somewhere and quit? DON’T RUIN MY CAREER ANYMORE. OKAY!

KC shreds up Kooks resignation letter.

Jin-kang makes herself a coffee and thinks about what Kook said. He said he can do things that are not human, he can do worse things to Moo-young. So stop dating him.

Meanwhile, moo-young thinks about Jin-kang and looks at her photo with Kook at the hospital. KM also looks at Moo-young who is on his balcony. He decides to go up and gives him a blanket. Then he asks him why he is outside when it is cold.

Moo-young looks up at him and has a memory of the man in his past. That man seems like he is KM. So he asks him, was it you? The one that held me at Hesang Hospital? You asked me….where I am going. Kyung-mo is quiet.

Kook goes home and opens the book to chapter two: the boy who lost his memory.

With Moo-young, MY asks KM why he didn’t tell him.

Yes, I didn’t tell you on purpose.


Good or bad, you lost your memory and I knew that you lost your memory.

Book – I met the boy at the lake for the first time. I was wasting my life fishing after my internship. It was before I studied my pediatric psychiatry. I released all the fish I caught that day and we had eye contact, a boy looking at me. But his eyes were so moving to me, they were so clear and still.

KM – I noticed you after three years, even though it was 3 years, becuase it was so remarkable. (so he saw him 3 years later at the lake and checked his shoulder to make sure he was the same kid)

MY – Three years?

KM – I couldn’t beleive that I met you, but I saw your burn.

At the hospital, KM was treating Moo-young’s wound. Kook walked in at that moment.

KM – Because I treated your wound. After three weeks treatment I saw you leaving the hospital even though your wound was not treated. When I saw your clear eyes….I thought it was my last chance to be free from my past.

MY – Oh…you have that bad of a memory? The boy that lost his memory…you didn’t even hold him from leaving the hospital? You thought it was your last chance? Tell me about my past. (somewhere in here, MY asked why he lied since he saw him before at the hospital)

KM – I need to see my patient, we can stop here now. I don’t think you need to know your past. Lets think about it a little more, you and me.
Elsewhere, Jin-kang goes to Moo-young’s place and fills his fridge with water bottles. Then she opens his drawing and looks at it for a moment. It touches her heart for a moment, then she puts it back inside the fridge. She cleans up the place and writes MY a note. Before leaving, she tells the cat stuffed animal byebye. Then she leaves and turns off the light.

At home, Kook closes the book and then look at the flyer of the kid. Kang opens the door and tells him that she will not see him anymore. Then she goes to her room and softly cries in the dark.

Moo-young is still at the psychiatrists house thinking on the balcony.

He gets home to a message at his front door. Maybe a package delivery? Not sure. Then he goes inside and sees that the place looks clean and nice. His phone is charging. The unopened wine bottle is still on the table. He goes to his fridge for something to drink and then reads the note.

Note: Sorry, please forgive my oppa.

He sighs and goes to his front door. Someone is there with something for him to sign for.

Kook shows up at Kyung-mo’s place. KM tells him that Moo-young left just now. Kook wanted to talk to him, not Moo-young. He has a patient right now, but can you wait inside.

Meanwhile, Jin-kang walks up the street and sees the cat! She is happy to see her and asks how her has been. The cat runs off so Jin-kang follows her. She picks him up and tells him that she was happy to see him, your hyung worried about you. She takes the cat all the way to Moo-young’s place. Moo-young comes up from behind her, it is a thick walk.

She feels him behind her and stands up and turns around. She gives him the cat. He asks where he went, are you happy that I am here? Then he puts the cat on the floor and tells it that it is okay, if you want to leave then you can leave at any time and if you want to come back then you can come back at anytime.

He looks up at Jin-kang and stands up in front of her. She is stuck in place. He lightly runs his hands over her hair to fix it a little and tells her that it looks good now, you can leave.

JK – Where can I go? Where can I go to? You said you would hold me. You said next time I tell you I am leaving, you would stop me. I am not going anywhere, I can’t go. It doesn’t work anyway, even if I leave becaue I will come back anyway.

But he stops her with a big kiss. They keep kissing and then he rests his forehead on hers and touches her cheek lightly again. They keep kissing.
Cut to them both on his pyongsang.

MY – Did you think I wanted to break up?
JK- I told my brother we aren’t going to date anymore. that we would never see each other again. I lied to him. If I can break up with you then I would, but I know I can’t. If you don’t say that you hate me then I am not going anywhere.
MY – Even if I say, leave, you should still not go anywhere.
JK – Are you going to say you don’t me?
MY – I mean, you shouldnt leave whatever happens. Because even if I saw I don’t like you, it is a lie.
JK – Why would you say those lies?
MY – I won’t
JK – Don’t do it.
MY – I won’t do it, don’t worry, never ever.
JK – Now, we have to date super secretly, I am not confident to see my brother get broken anymore.
MY – I am super confident in meeting secretly.
JK – Me too.

Kook tells KM that he is looking for that boy.

Flashback to the hospital. MY is sleeping.

KM – I thought your name was familiar You are that policeman.

At the hospital, KM wraps a jacket around the boy and lets him leave. Kook runs up to the hospital and asks where the boy is.

KM – I was a first year intern at that hospital.

At MY’s place, JK heads out. She tells him that she will text him. He tells her that he will not go to work for awhile, he has an investigation going on and he has to look for soemthing. I think that doctor knows me, about my past. But he won’t tell me.


I don’t know. Maybe my past is not so good.

What do you mean?

What if it’s really really bad, something I should not know about.

It’s better not to know….something bad…

Don’t think about it.

he hugs her.

DOn’t be nervous or insecure. Don’t think about those things.

If it is really something bad then I hope you don’t know about it actually. But, you should do what your heart tells you.

Maybe there is something that maybe I don’t even know about.

It is okay, I will hold your heart like this. But you should promise me. Never disappear without telling me and take your cell phone everywhere and never get injured anymore.

I promise.

They keep hugging.

JK – I am late, I have to leave before my brother comes, Bye-bye.

But they keep hugging.

JK finally heads out, but happily waves to Moo-young as she looks up at him on the octopang.
Jin-kang cleans at home when Kook comes in. She tells him that he is late. He asks her what she is doing, Kang tells him that she is cleaning everything and has some bread on the table if he is hungry. He says okay, but he goes to his room and puts the young picture of MY in the box secretly.

At home, Moo-young looks out over his balcony at the city.

The next day, he goes to meet with KM at his house. They sit inside. MY tells him that he is very curious about it so what do you know about my past. KM asks if he would like to have tea first?

MY immedaitely asks, my father was killed right? By a gun?

There are no guns, this is not a movie

But I have that dream over an over again, abogi got killed by a gun. Tell me, my father was murdered right?

No, you father commited suicide.


In more detail, he misstepped on the mountain, but people think he committed suicide.

Why did he do that?

I don’t know.

If this was you, do you think you could stop here? I never stopped once I started something.

Moo-young rides the bus off somewhere while thinking about the suicide.

VO – I don’t know but I never heard about a gun. I dont’ know the details, I just heard the nurses talking. On the mountain, you are the son of the man that committed suicide on the cliff.

Moo-young pulls out his phone and looks up the mountain location. But he gets a text from Jin-kang.

JK: Are you awake, are you going to work to quit?

He gets off the bus.

MY: Yes, I saw the dorctor and I am going home to pack up everything I need to return.

JK: Already?

Kook comes into Jin-kang’s room and tells her that he can’t take her today because there is a lot of traffic. She smiles and says that is okay. Then she starts to text MY again after her brother leaves.

JK: Did you already go there? What did he say?

MY: I don’t know yet, I will tell you later. But do you want to know my name?

JK: Name?

MY: Yeah, my real name.

She smiles.

JK: Wow, I am a little nervous now, what is your name?

MY: Sun-ho

Kook walks away in the alley and remembers his conversation with the doctor.

Kook – Is Moo-young’s name Sun-ho?

KM – Yes.

Moo-young texts Jin-kang.

MY: Yes, Kang Sun-ho.

JK repeats the name and smiles.

Outside, MY walks to the end of the street where it forks with another street, Kook is there.

MY looks at Kook – and smiles.

Fade Out

What is going on? I am so curious! Why would a doctor let a kid walk away from a hospital? Why didn’t Kook get the kid at the hospital when he found him the first time, and why did he go back later?

From the preview, this show looks like it is about to be a heart tugger next week. Only two weeks left!

MY – If you were me doc, do you think you can stop here? I never stop when I’ve already started.
KM – Do you think there is more there?
MY – A gun
Kook – A gun?
KM – That’s just what happened to your father, it has nothing to do with you.
MY – It has nothing to do with me, then why do I feel like it describes me well?
MY – Someone told me I am not a human – I am a devil.
MY – Are you okay with someone like me? (he cries)
JK – Of course (they hug)
MY – I want to be reborn again.

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  1. Table122000
    November 8, 2018 / 3:19 pm

    I knew the psychatrist was more involved with Moo Young’s past than was shown at first, but to let a sick and injured child just walk away?! Not right. Hopefully we will start to get some answers to the questions about what actually happened all those years ago. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • V
      November 9, 2018 / 12:00 am

      Right! What in the world was going on there? Is the psychiatrist the one that orchestrated all of this from the beginning? How many lies did he tell in his book?

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