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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 11 Live Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 11 Recap
Y’all, is the gross ish about to hit the fan? Is the sibling thing really going to come out in a Kdrama – or are they going to make it the safer choice of your father killed my parents so I cannot love you, trope? I think we might see the later because I just do not see a Kdrama actually confirming incest on the screen. That would literally blow my mind. As The Kthree and I wondered the other day, will they go straight up Flowers in the Attic on us?

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Mini recap of the last episode where Jin-kang told Moo-young that she is not her brothers real sister. Moo-young told her that he wanted to sleep with her. And Kook told Tak that the death was not a suicide, I shot that person with my gun.

Tak walks with Kook outside the cafe, she asks how he lives his life with 25 years. How did he live this long time with all of that accumulated in his heart. He says he had Jin-kang and smiles. Tak tells him that’s right. Human relationships are strange, if you did not lose that boy then there would be no reason for Jin-kang to go to your house.

Kook thinks that is true, he convinced his mother and sister from the beginning to take her home. But she didn’t talk or smile so I didn’t know if I was doing things well. But one day I woke up and she was holding my finger. That soft and pretty girl. That moved my heart. Flashback of a young Jin-Kang holding Tak’s finger and sleeping.

But the real Jin-kang is cuddled up with Moo-young in bed. They talk about sleeping or not sleeping for a moment and then Moo-young asks when she knew that Kook was not her real brother. Jin-kang says that she needed her family registry for a school event in middle grade. Her birthday was strange. She wanted to ask her brother about it but he had a late shift. So I thought about it all night and thought that is what must have happened.

I had a lot of questions before and thought it was difficult not to notive it. MY tells her it should have been shocking to her. She was going through puberty too. JK says that is true, she had a lot of trouble inside her mind. But the funny thing is, that was one day before I went to the hospital to remove this burn.

MY asks if she wanted to remove it? She says yes, but after knowing about it, I thought, hmm, maybe I shuoldnt remove it. If I remove it perhaps I will never find myself. He hugs her closer and kisser her as they cuddle and sleep.

JK – It’s strange, we came here to find your memory – but I feel like I am actually on a journey to find myself.

She looks up and asks him if he would liket o see something that was super duper cute? She grabs her phone but the battery is empty. MY asks wha the super cute thing was. She says that it was her when she was young. He jokes that she is becoming less and less shameful. She smiles and says that makes her cuter right?
Back on the mountain, Tak and Kook get a driver but Kook gets a call. It is the CEO from Jin-kang’s workplace. She is looking for Jin-kang. She told her that she went overnight to go to a temple. Tak quickly goes home thinking deeply. He calls Cho-rang about the investigation into MY. CR tells him that he delayed it because he went to Hesan in the countryside. So I delayed it to morrow afternoon.

Tak asks Kook what happened. Tak tells her that Jinkang went to Hesang with Moo-young. Tak is shocked. Kook wonders, if that really happened, what should I do?

He bursts into his place looking for Jin-kang, but she is not there.

Jin-kang gets home with Moo-young. She tells him that she is late and waves goodbye. But he keeps walking with her. She tells him to leave, he will be late to go to work. They playfully walk with each other, she pushes him away to go home and says she will text him. It is a back and forth as they keep looking at each other as they playfully walk away.

Then Jin-kang runs home. Kook hears her come in from inside, he is sleeping. Jin-Kang quietly walks into the house and puts the picnic basket on the counter. Kook sits at he table, he looks grumpy. Jin-kang tries to talk to him and says that his kimbap was so popular with her workplace. But Kook tells her that her boss called him, she could not find a panel that she made.

Jin-kang knows that she is caught in a lie and apologizes to Kook for lying and sits at the table. She tells him that she went to Hesan with Moo-young. He tells her to cut to the chase, what are you going to do? You said you would not see him. JK says that seh likes him.

He immedaitely yells, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT. How dare you say you like that kind of guy. She wonders if it is that bad to like him? Can’t you listen to me. But he yells, NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND THAT YOU LIKE HIM. YOU ABANDONED A NICE GUY LIKE CHO RANG. JK is still sitting and says that she knows he would not understand. But why dont you listen to my plan.

Kook really does not want to hear it and asks her if she will answer him. She stands to leave. But he grabs her arm and wants to know why she is doing things that she never did as a teanager. Ar you really not going to listen to me? I am begging you like this. Who raised you until now? I am begging you. But JK just yells, why are you doing this to me! I am so sorry to you! What is wrong with this? I was so sorry to you whenever I saw you, I couldn’t even breath!

I know that I am your burden forever, I know that you raised me. I know it so well. I am already super super sorry to you. So stop showing off! He asks, showing off….you…you are not a burden to me! Do you really really think that way? She tells him that she really thinks that way, she cannot even breath and is so sick and tired of it.

She goes to her room and shuts the door to cry. But she holds it in as best she can. Kook is outside about to have a heart attack. he grabs his chest and collapses, but he is okay. Just broken heart pain.
Hwang Gun shows up work and tells Kook when the investigation is. KC tells him to mind his own business. But Kook explodes on him and asks WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH AN INVESTIGATOR ASKING ABOUT AN INVESTIGATION? AM I WRONG! He said some other things too, everyone is shocked. It is the first explosion Kook has had.

Cho-rong asks Tak what is going on with Kook. They also playfully talk about Tak lookingn out for Cho-rang and how he broke up with Jin-kang. She tells him that dating is not fair. But even so, what can we do. tak runs outside and sees Kook sitting by himself, she is holding a sandwhich for him.

At work, Jin-kang reads her texts from Moo-young. He asks to see thta cute cute cute thing if she charged her cell phone. She sends him a picture of her and Kook when she was a little thingy kid. But then she gets a message from Tak. Cut to her eating with Tak. Tak says that she never saw Kook like that before, did you really go to Hesang?

JK says yes and explains things a little bit. Tak tells her that she wasn’t truthful so even if he knew about it, it would still hurt. JK asks if her brother ate. Tak tries to talk cheerfully and says that they should go eat. It might be your fault but it is okay. Oppa was just sad that you grew up too quickly. But of course Oppa should look after you without parents. However Tak tells her that it is not okay. She should never do this to oppa.

Tak tells her that they can just go eat. But JK asks her a question. She never saw oppa hate someone like that before. Oppa was angry without any question, why do you think he did that?

Hwang Gun meets with Moo-young about the interrogation. He tells him not to change his schedule. He leaves and gets a text from Moo-young about Oppa knowing that she went to Hesang with him. He wants to see you. Moo-young walks by the police offices and sees Cho-rong laughing with the other officers as they look at the computer. When he goes outside, he sees a sign about hiring for the police and then sees Kook outside.

He tells Kook that he went to his office, he came all the way here so he did not want to go home. Kook tells him that he said not to date his sister. MY asks if he can just give hm a break? I want to do that job (police recruit). I told you my childhood dream is to be a policeman. Kook tells him that being smart and passing exams does not make you a policeman. You have to be a human as well. But you are a murderer. Why is Yurii inside when someone like you is outside. I dont want to see Jin-kangs life screwed up because of someone like you.

MY tells him that he wanted to look nice to him because he was embarrassed like this. But okay, maybe I was mistaken because you are the brother of someone I love. But you are you. Kook tells him that oppa is nothing. You are afraid of nothing? I am afraid of everything which is why I can do anything. Because if anything happens to my sister, I can do anything. I am telling you that I am not going to talk to you anymore.

Moo-young tells him, whatever you do, I don’t care. I am going to date Jin-kang. Ajusshi, you do whatever you want and I will do whatever I want. Though I wonder what you are going to do to me.
Jin-kang lays outside at home thinking about her conversation with Tak. Tak wanted to ask her…well…honestly, I don’t like Moo-young. I do not think he is a good match for you. She covers her eyes as she lays outside. Moo-young lays next to her. Ah, they are at his place. She tells him, you came and he says yes, I came. They lay quietly and hold hands.

Then they go inside and eat ramen. He asks her if she didn’t eat anything all day? She says it wasn’t that she didn’t eat, it was that she couldn’t. I went home but I couldn’t go inside when I saw the door. It was good to come here. MY asks if she cares about her oppa that much? She says yes. MY mutters that this is complicated.

JK asks why? Are you sad because oppa does not welcome you? We should understand for oppas sake. I hope time just passes. The current moment passes and oppa likes you, right? MY asks, is it that important? We are already adults, we don’t need permission. I don’t like complicated things. You are you and he is he.

But JK says, he is her brother, not just that person. Is he really like that to you? You are bad (to think that). Then she says that oppa does not know that he is trying yet. MY tell sher that he does not want to look nice to her brother. He is used to getting rejected so it is nothing to him. Don’t force me to do it.

JK asks, how can you say “your brother” as if this is none of your business? You know everything, no one else does. You know the kind of person he is to me, how can you say that? MY doesn’t look at her. JK tells him that she is leaving. He tells her goodbye. She stares at him a moment longer and then storms out.

he stays inside eating. But he stops and thinks. It looks like he regrets what he said so he grabs his coat and runs after her.

He runs all the way to her place and is crazy sweaty by the time he gets there. He calls her, but the phone just rings. So he walks home.

But she is at his place and tells him that he is a liar. No one is used to those things. No one is okay to be refused. If you say that it hurts you then I will be on your side!

He just walks up and gives her a big hug. He tells her that he was nervous that she left him. She tells him that he is a bad guy and asks how far he went. He says he went to her place. She asks if he ran? He says yes. She asks if he ran hard? He says yes. She asks, you won’t do it next time right? You will hold me when I leave, right? He nods. She tells him that she is thirsty, she didn’t even drink anything because she was so pissed.

He pulls her into a big hug and carries her inside. But she tells him to get her bag so he has to go back and get it while still carrying her and he also has to open the door while still carrying her. He also has to get her somthing to drink while carrying ehr as well. he walks her all the way to the kitchen and sets her on the counter. Then he gives her a water.

She asks if there is no water in this house? No cups, microwave, rice cooker, or washing machine….I know why the cat left. He mutters, why? She says that she did not think it was a house because there is nothing here. She asks him if he has money, you do right? He says he does, but not a lot.

She smiles as they hug and says that it is nothing, I can’t tell you, it’s my secret. They continue smiling and playfully hugging.
Jin-kang gets home to a dark house. Kook is sleeping in his room.

Kook wakes up casually and goes to the bathroom, but he sees something that makes him stop. Or maybe he heard something? He listens to her door, it looks like her alarm is going off. But Jin-kang comes in and says that she bought some milk. Do you want to eat bread?

Cut to them eating toast. Kook says it tastes good. Jin-kang asks if he wants more? She grabs some more. She also tells him that she was sorry about yesterday. He says that he knows, he isn’t stupid. He chuckles a bit to ease the mood. Jin-kang asks if she can have some time, she can try to see if he would like him. So can you just wait for us a little bit?

But Kook gets quietly angry and goes to his room.

Later he tells Tak that he does not think JK will work things out. She hasn’t said that she will separate from him. Tak thinks that could be big toruble, but sh says nothing, nothing. Kook tells her to tell him. Tak asks if Jin-kang really doesn’t know anything? You brought her when she was young, not your own sister.

VO – She became so worried because sh worried about you. She says she should not do this to her brother. I thought, maybe she knows something?

Kook goes to meet Yuri in prison. He asks her about her sister being an orphan, do you remember saying that? What did Moo-young and Jin-kang say to each other.

Yuri says that JK mentioned she has an eunnie but she lives with Kook because the eunnie moved abroad. That was it. Why, is something wrong?

Kook tells her that nothing is wrong, it is all right. I thought I was here, but you said orphan so argh….Yuri asks if he came there to ask her that and not to see him? He jokes that he came there to see her! the trial starts soon! Of course I am here to see you!

She smiles and says that he is bad at lying. He tells her that she looks better than expected. She asks if MY is dating her sister. he says no. But Yuri asks if he thinks his sister can stop it? She can’t stop it unless Moo-young stops it. Whoever loves Moo-young cannot get out of it by themselves.
Meanwhile, Jin-kang and Moo-young walk around outside. She tells him that she will spend all his $2,000, of course. They go into a department store to buy all his household items. She has a list of everything he needs. Perhaps $2,000 is not enough, do you have $3,000. He smiles.

Back at the prison, the psychiatrist tries to meet Yuri, but he is nto allowed to because someone already met her and she is only allowed one meeting a day. he leaves. But then he bumps into Kook so they go talk nearby on a bench.

KM says that he heard the news and thought about it a lot. Yuri’s mother called him and sent him there because she is not seeing her. Kook says that he is sorry that they are investigating her further. Everything went to the prosecutors office and her accomplice also went to the office. KM asks what the relationship is with Yuri.

Kook says, MY? Ithink Yuri just loved Moo-young. KM is all like, Moo-young? How old is he? Kook tells him that he is 30. KM looks a bit nervous and says that he thinks he knows him. He is not sure thought….well…I have something to do, thank you. He leaves.

Back to the department store, Jin-kang and Moo-young are still looking around for all the items he needs in his home. But they also need food so after they buy these appliances they will go downstairs. And he can have a house warming as well. Moo-young is all like, wait a minute I am not doing all this. But JK just keeps looking at cute things and picks up a cute cat. he says he will not buy it, but she just happily smiles and puts it in the basket. he looks at her as if he can’t say no to her.

meanwhile, the doctor gets home and looks up a lot about the murder case. He sees MY on the news and recognizes his eyes (his face was covered). He is sent back to his fishing moment where he saw a kid by the river. It looks like he knows this is that same kid.

Elsewhere, Moo-young gets home and sees the cute stuffed cat on his bed. He also has the cute picture of Jin-kang with Kook on it. Flashback to her putting the stuffed cat on his bed. They tease each other a bit about the super cute photo. he asks her if she can really give it to him? She says it is a scanned version, she still have the original. She wants to give it to him so he will be friends with her brother.

Moo-young looks at it from his bed. But then he recognizes something. It reminds him of a memory where he walked to Hesang hospital. Hesang hospital is in the picture. He sits up a little straighter in bed.
One of the officers goes up to Kook and says that someone is looking for him, it is the doctor. They go somewhere to chat about Moo-young. Perhaps a cafe. Kook says that he does not know what he can add, he can’t tell him about the investigation. KM tells him that he said he read his book when he came to see him. The kid from the second chapter is Moo-young. He was the first kid I met. Because of that, I went back to medical school and tried to be a pediatric psychiatrist. Moo-young is a very special kid for me.

Kook mentions Hesang. KM tells him that he did not expect that he knew he grew up in Hesang. KM thinks it is shocking that Yuri did that and that MY is related. If Moo-young does not lead a normal life, it is because I am responsible for that. Because of the decision I made a long time ago.

They both depart later. Tak runs up as the doctor drives off and asks if he is Yang Kyung-mo? Aw, I wanted his signature. Kook asks if he is really that famous? They go to eat. Tak asks, so Yuri is Chapter 7 and Moo-young is chapter 2? Wow, I was only focused on Chapter 7. So, why did he come to you? Kook says that he was having trouble. Tak thinks, yeah, they were both his patients.

They sit and talk about Yuri knowing about Jin-kang knowing she was adopted or not. Kook says that she did not know. Tak thinks it is okay for Jin-kang to know she is adopted, she is an adult. But Kook says that she can’t know. He gets a bit upset. Tak basiclaly tells him to calm down. Kook says that he knows he should not be like this. But he can’t help it. They should not have met from the beginning. When I think it could affect Jin-kang, it drives me crazy.

At work, Moo-young looks at a menu when another worker comes in to ask him if he is having a house warming party. Moo-young just casually gets up and avoids the topic by telling him that they can eat.

Cut to Moo-young at the grocery store. He texts JK to ask if they should hav a white wine or a red wine. She says white wine. She also gets a call from her brother, he is also at a grocery store making something. He asks her if she would like to eat a fish stew. She says no and tells him that he should eat well. (But it looks like it is another lie). She gets off the phone looking guilty.

Kook keeps shopping, but he is at the same place as Moo-young! Kook sees Moo-young and hears him say that he is cooking something for his girlfriend. But he pretends that he did not see it. Moo-young also notices Kook a bit later. They keep annoying each other.

Kook goes to his car and remembers what Yuri said.

VO – If you oppose him then your sister won’t be able to leave him.
Jin-kang gets to Moo-youngs place for their two people house warming. She asks him if he knows why people bring paper towels and detergent? It is because they want everything to go well. So Moo-young, your life should go well. She smiles playfully and then looks around his home. She exclaims that it really looks like a home now.

He set a nice table for her and made her a nice meal. He explains that it should be the simplest recipe but actually it was really difficult. She smiles and then goes to talk to the stuffed cat, but the photo is not there so she asks, where is my oppa?

Oppa is at home eating quietly and alone.

In the restaurant, Jin-kang asks where her picture is. he tells her that he has to focus. She asks where the picture is, did you remove it because you don’t like Oppa? He tells her that he put it here – in his wallet. She squishes his face like a little kid and tells him that he is a cure guy.

he asks her where the picture was taken at? She says it was at Hesung hospital. Moo-young starts to think back to the hospital and hears a voice over about someone asking where they were going (or something like that). He says that he might have been there before. She tells him that it is the biggest hospital in Hesang, you might have gotten treated there. I also got treated there for my burn until I was 7.

But the food is boiling so they are pulled out of those thoughts to eat. They sit and are about to eat but they take a photo before. he playfully pushes her and says he head was huge in that photo (they were both super blurry too since he pushed her). they happily play back and forth.

But we see that Kook is listening in outside. The mood immediately turns grim.

Moo-young decides to go out for a wine opener and tells her not to start eating yet. She playfully yells back at him about not being a pig, but she actually does start eating the food.

he gets the opener and goes to walk across the street. Kook is there. MY smiles as he sees him and starts to walk across the street. Kook starts to walk across the street as well. But a *shitck* is heard. MY faltes abit but keeps walking across the street.

However, he has to hold his side and collapses as soon as he is on the other side. Blood is dripping from his side.

Kook turns around, he has a bloody knife in his hand. Mooyoung looks at him, panting and shaking, and mutters, wow – you are great ajusshi.

At home, Jin-kang thinks that she has to wait for Moo-young to show up.

Moo-young is still on the sidewalk trying to move forward somehow, but he stops moving.

Fade Out

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG 😮. He stabbed him? HE STABBED HIM! This show is so unexpected and Kook is definitely very against Moo-young dating his sister. Oh my goodness I can’t even. That is so shocking.


JK – What happened?
MY – Nothing, I will explain everything to you later.
Kook – Did he call you?
JK – Do you know anything oppa?
Kook – I stabbed him.
JK – Oppa! Anyone else can do it but you shouldn’t because you are my oppa!
Kook – Don’t date him.
CR – Are you really quitting?
Tak – You should confirm if Moo-young is that boy you are looking for. If you cant then you should forget about him. Decide one way or the other.
MY – If you want to leave then you can leave at anytime, but if you want to come back then you should come back at anytime.

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  1. Table122000
    November 7, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    Thanks for another great recap! OMG! Jin Gook actually stabbed Moo Young! My sympathy for Jin Gook is fading fast at this point. If he knows something, he needs to sit down with Jin Kang and have a serious discussion, regardless of his fears. Especially if he believes Jin Kang and Moo Young could be siblings. Not continue to yell at her.

    • Anonymous
      November 7, 2018 / 2:28 pm

      I cannot believe he did that. Really shocking!

      • V
        November 8, 2018 / 8:40 am

        Super shocking!

  2. Rae
    November 7, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    I am not liking JG at all anymore! He stabbed him? Is he jealous? Does he have a sick attachment to the girl he raised? If he knows something that would keep MY & JK apart he should have told JK when she first showed interest in MY. I really hope these two are together in the end. I am on pins and needles waiting for the next episode.

    • V
      November 8, 2018 / 8:40 am

      That was so strange that he stabbed him. I feel like he must have talked to Yuri about more than what we saw. Perhaps they will show a bit more of that conversation in the next episode?

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