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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 10 Live Recap

Jung So-Min holds a bicycle and looks trepidatiously at Seo In-Guk in Korean Drama TSHLYE
Oh my goodness, y’all. I saw a moment from todays episode where they were both on bed and he had his shirt off. I don’t know what was going on there, but I can infer what was about to go on. ARE THEY SIBLINGS! Don’t tell me if you know, but seriously, that is the question I want to know right now. But more than that. If they are siblings, will this show actually go there??? You know where I’m talking about.

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Jin Kang walks home after seeing Moo-young. Her brother is there. She goes to her room withut seeing her brother and lays on her bed. Moo-young also lays down.

VO – I dont’ want you to be bad, I am fraid because you are going down the wrong path (doing bad things). Are you really going to take that job?
MY – If you say no then I won’t do it.
JK – Promise me that you will be a good person.
MY – Teach me.

MY lays on his octopang and JK lays in her bed. They both think about each other.

In the morning, Jin-ang looks pretty happy and content as she gets ready. Her brother waits for her as she steps out of the house and gives her a ride to work. He is enthusiastically giving her a ride. Though they don’t talk in the car.

He tries to break the silence by talking about the A/C. They start to get into a little brother-sister battle about the A/C in the car which clears the air between them. Then he tells her that she is lucky he is taking her to work. If she was a little later then she would already be gone. He asks her what she will do next Thursday. She mentions that next week is November already. She did not know time passed.

he asks her if she would like to have a kimbop picnic? he should also buy new hiking boots, his are too old. She smiles. he also smiles back, but his smile is hesitant. He drops her off and tells her, hey ugly, I know I went too far yesterday. You are a grown up, I trust that you can take care of yourself. i won’t be in your business anymore, okay? She smiles and says okay. But, she has a look of being in deep thought as she walks away.

At work, MY gets a text from the rich sister, YES or NO. He tells her NO and removes her contact from is phone. Then he gets back to work.
At work, So-yeon and Jin-kang work and get coffees in the break room. The CEO comes out and thanks them for the coffee then talks about how the rich sister majored in art in college. So-yeon also thinks that they need to know what Kim Moo-young likes because he will be the one that runs the place. Jin-kang kind of tells them that she heard thta he won’t do it. She bumped into him on the street and he said that he won’t do it.

The team are all like, hold up, is he really not doing it? But the atmosphere is playful. Jin-kang says, yes….he decided that he really is not doing it. She smiles a bit. The CEo asks her if she laughed? In this situation? Jin-kang is all like, no, I am really sad about it. So-yeon tells the CEo that Jin-kangg is a bit weird, she has been humming for hours today. Hurummmmmm, Hurummmmm.

At the company, the sister finds out that Moo-yung told him no, she wonders if she was too nice to him. The secretary thinks he is a little rude.

At the policie station, KC tells the boss that they need to take Im Yuri to the prosecutors office for the murder. They would like us to interrogate Moo-young for another week. The head cop wants to know why they won’t just take them together? KC says it is because they don’t have enough reason/motive. The boss asks why Kook applied for a regional police station for next term. But KC did not know that. The boss tells them, do you know why I want you to together? Kook tells him that he is okay with any punishment. The boss says that they only have two months, don’t make any more noise.

In the offices, it looks like all the cops are in trouble. One guy says that Kook deserves it, he should have turned Yuri in when she confessed, then they would not have brought Moo-young in front of the camera. Cho-rang says it is his fault because Kook did not know they would move that quickly. They all move to hit him, but one f the cops says to leave him alone because he is dating Kooks sister. They get a call that they will not be punished for arresting the wrong guy and dragging him in front of all the cameras.

Kook and KC head back to the offices. KC says he does not know why Kook was so eager for the case. But he wants to go back to their relationship before the case. Let’s just ignore each other and not face each other, okay? KC heads into the offices first. Kook goes in and is given a coffee by Cho-rang with a smile. They go outside to drink.

Kook thanks him and tells him that he is sorry, things were probably hard for you. Chor-rang also apologizes. he says it is all okay, but….however he says it’s nothing. He is happy that Kook is not in trouble. Kook gives Cho-rang some money and says his old mentor gave it to him to buy a snack for Jin-kang, so maybe you can buy it for her.
Cho-rang holds onto the money as if wondering if he should tell Kook that they broke up. But he decides to walk away. He thinks about the moment they broke up and then walks back. he tells Kook that they broke up. He thinks it is better to tell him, he also does not want to regret that. He is sorry that it did not work out. Kook asks him if he would like to have a drink with him? Cho-rang looks a bit sad and embarrassed and tells him that he can drink with him next time.

Elsewhere, Moo-young sees Jin-kang outside her workplace and texts her.

Text: lets take a bus.

Her other employees come out, the boss says that she can take Jin-kang and So-yeon home, but Jin-kang tells themt hat she will just walk. Bye! Jin-kang and So-yeon end up walking together because So-yeon says she will take the subway. But once they get to the bus, So-yeon says she will take the bus. Moo-yeon gets up and leaves from the bus stop.

But then So-yeon says that she might take the subway after all, she says goodbye and walks off. Jin-kang texts Moo-yeon and tells him that So-yeon took the subway. he did not go far away and actually peaks back around the bus stop to Jin-kang. They get on the bus seperately, but they sit together. However, it is an inside joke because they don’t talk to each other.

He shows her the text message. She made a typo on it so they smile about that for a while.

Elsewhere, Tak and Kook walk on the sidewalk. Tak says that this time of the year is the best time because she can feel lonely. Kook is deep in thought. She asks him if he is deep in thought because it is November. He says no, November comes every year. It is actually becuase Jin-kang and Cho-rang broke up. CR told me that it did not work out. Tak tells him that she is sad about that, CR is a good guy.

Kook thinks he wouldnt’ have told her that he trusted her if he knew they broke up. Tak tells him that he likes Cho-rang but it did not work out. So just wait, dont just say that you are waitiing. Why did they break up? Kook says it is because of that guy. Tak thinks, Moo-young? Ah…~. Kook asks her if she knows something! She is all like, no, not like that but…

Cut to Moo-young and Jin-kang eating at a cafe. he cooks the meat for them both. She asks him if he took the job. He asks her what she thinks he said? Jin-kang is happy that this means he said no. She smiles. she also tells him that her boss wanted him to take thejob because that meant they might actually get the work. He says he would 100% pick their company if he took it. He asks why she does not want him to take it. It would pay a lot, you don’t like money?

She tells him that everyone likes money, you should make a lot. I like money but I don’t want you to be too close to those people. People like that can do anything. You should keep your promise where I can ask you anything if I have a question. I have a lot of questions to ask you, but I don’t want to do it now. When I saw you I was always angry and cried and worried about you. I decided not to see you anymore. I never smiled. So not I want to do everything after I smile.

She starts smiling and laughing. he tells her not to smile, when she smiles, he is scared. She says okay and smiles some more.
They wallk home at night. She asks him if they can walk a certain way. Let’s walk that way. She tells him that she does not want her brother to worry about her. You know my brother pays attention to you right? He says yes. They start to hold hands.

he tells her that he likes ajusshi. No, it is not that he likes him, it is that he is fun. He wants to just touch him or play with him, I become childish around him.

She tells him her brother is a funny guy. Moo-young tells her that she smiled, at hime once….maybe I will keep hating you. Flashback to when she asked the cats name ater they spent some time together. He told her the name, Jin Kang. She said it was stupid to ask him and that maybe she will keep hating him.

You smiled at me 3 seconds later.

Jin-kang smiles and tells him that he remembered that? She asks about the cat, did you find it? He says that he did not find it. But he got a text message. The cat got a cute girlfriend, so don’t worry. She tells him that she will keep hating him. Then they see a flower shop that appears to have spring up out of nowhere in their alley street. Jin-kang holds Moo-young’s hand and pulls him to it. She looks around the tiny flower shop and he looks at her, happily.

Kook sees a pair of yellow flower bundles at their home. Jin-kang says that she got them for the house. Then she playfully asks if he can take her to work. He says of course so they go to work. But she tells him that she will have to work late.

At his workplace, Kook takes Yuri out amidst a lot of photographers. A car starts to drive her away as Kook looks at her reassuringly. But then a cop comes up to Kook and tells him that they have to interview Moo-young. Can you take care of it?

Moo-young walks to his workplace, but he is stopped by the rich sister (Se-ran). She asks him why he refused the job. Moo-young tells her that he is trying to learn how to be a nice person. She laughs and says that is not like him. he smiles and says that is why he wants to try it.

She tells him that she recognizes him, they are the same species. They cannot be normal. Boredom consumes 80% of my life. I was born here but there is nothing I want, I am so bored. Sometimes I see something shiny and follow it. But everything is not interesting. But I lose nothing in the end. Time passes. To me, the shiniest thing is you. What do you think you will do? You will come to me. I bet you.

Moo-yung looks at her but then takes a sip of his drink and says it does not taste good. He leaves. She smiles and asks her secretary when the prosecutors are going to take him.
Kook calls Moo-young, but the phone is off so he goes to his place. he sees the same flowers there andgets pissed. He must have stewed in that all day. He tries to put some groceries away at home, but he just thinks about it and leaves. While walking up the street he calls someone and thinks about what Tak told him.

Tak – When Moo-young was arrested as a suspect, Jin-kang called me and asked if the Kim on the news is Kim Moo-young. Her voice was a little ~. If Moo-young is the guy that you are looking for, then he should not date Jin-kang right?

Kook gets ahold of Jin-kang, she is at work. he asks ehr where she is and she tells him that she is at work, of course, I told you I am working late. It is a hectic time at work as she has to talk to her brother and run between her desk and So-yeons. They hang up.

But then Moo-young asks Kook if he is going to his place? Kook turns around to see Moo-young there. they start to talk about how Kook has been truing to contact him. Moo-young says his battery is out. What’s up? Kook tells him that he has to come to the police station at 2pm tomorrow. Moo-young is a bit taken aback but says okay. then he starts to walk up his steps.

Kook asks him if he is dating his sister. Moo-young stops and asks him why not, am I not qualified? Kook tells him it is not because he is not qualified, it is because it is him. I am not asking you, I am warning you.

The next day, Jin-kang goes to Moo-youngs place.

VO – if you come to my place then look under the flower.

Jin-kang looks under the flower and gets the key.

Inside, Moo-young is having another nightmare about what happened in his past. Jin-kang calls his name several times. he wakes up to see her and hugs her right away. She goes to the fridge and gets him a drink, but there are no cups. She asks him if he had a nightmare. He tells her that he had a dream of his father dying. He died from a gun shot. the same dream 5 times.

She asks him if he has the dream over and over again? He says it is the same dream with the same content, but it gets clearer. She asks what kind of dream it is. he tells her it starts good, he is supr happy. Maybe he is 4 or 5. He is playing with a toy in the forest with my sibling. At home, appa is there, I was so happy so I wanted to go to him. there was the sound of water boiling and a gun. I see a gun over the steam.

A gun?

Yeah, someone tried to kill appa, it becamse a nightmare at that point. I don’t see the face, but I see the gun. he was about to shoot my father. I wanted to call my dad, but appa fell after the shot. I want to wake up but I can’t. Then I hear your voice.

My voice?

Yes, Kim Moo-young. I thought you were a dream, but you were here.

When did you have that dream first?

When I had the car accident. I also heard your voice then.

Flashback to the accident.

She asks how he knows it is her voice?

he says he is sure. She tells him that it is strange. He wonders, maybe it is not a dream, maybe it is his lost past. I don’t have any memories before 5. I don’t know if it was 5, but I don’t know about when I was born.

What is your first memory?

i was walking somewhere forever. My leg hurt and I was hungry. I don’t know where I was. Maybe I wondered about someone. I felt like someone waitied for me but I couldn’t stop.

Who, your mom?

He goes to gets his drawing he did when he was little. he tells her who each person is in the photo. Appa, Umma, me, and my sibling. That is my only clue. A halmoni raised me. I was lost, an ajumma took me to an orphanage. I still had this drawing. What do you think?

It looks like everyone is very very happy. See, you have an angel here too.

Do you think it is the police?

It has a purple hat.

I always thought my father was a policeman. My father in my imagination is still looking for me somewhere. His lost son, me. I am not abandoned, i am just a lost kid. It is childish, right?


She holds his hand and interlocks her fingers with his as she holds it to her face. She asks him how many times he has thought about this? He tells her many many times. But then he asks her how she knows those feelings? She tells him that she knows. He asks, how? She says she just knows. See, your family looks so happy. If I was you then I would think that I was a lost kid too.

Is that so?

Did you try to find them?

yeah, when I was 20 and when I was 8.

Do you want to find them again?


Are you afraid?….in case the dream is true?

She gives him a warm hug and he hugs her back. they stay like that for a long moment.
Jin-kang gets home to Kook making kimbap. She happily sits and eats it. he tells her that she always loved eating the end pieces of Kimbap like a little bird. She tells him that it is still the most delicious part to her. He tells her to eat a lot, then they can leave a bit later. he hops up. But she looks a bit reserved and says that she does not think she can go there.

he asks why, too busy? She says they have a presentation next week. She told her CEO that she will not be there, but she thinks she has to go there.

Cut to Jin-kang looking mesmerized in a bus as she tells Moo-young that she can lie so well. I think you affected me. But she laughs and tells him that they should not lie anymore, okay. They both eat the kimbap that Kook made. Moo-young says that Kook can open a Kimbap store. Jin-kang explains that her oppa packed Kimbap for every school event.

he asks why today on November 1st? Why do you go to the temple today?

Flashback to a little Jin-kang and Kook walking somewhere.

VO – I never thought about it I just thought it was a super cool Oppa and me event. I waited for that day more than a school event.

Cut to Jin-kang calling Tak, she happily tells her to date Oppa for her today. They get off the phone. JK starts to walk around with Moo-young in their hometown Hesang.

JK – when I was young, Oppa moved to Seoul. But later I thought that did not make much sense. He moved from Hesang to Seoul for me.

MY – Was he a policeman in Hesang?

JK – He was a policeman since 22, of course he was one there as well.

Flashback to MY asking Jin-kang if he knows of any policeman in Hesang. It takes over his thoughts momentarily until Jin-kang smiles and asks what up. MY says it’s nothing and smiles as well.

In Seoul, the policemen says that Moo-young went to Hesang so they cant arrest him. They have to wait for tomorrow. They wonder about Kook. But then HwangGun says it is November 1st, he forgot. Another cop asks what happened between the team leader and Kook? Why was their old team destroyed?

Hwang Gun says that they chased someone and that guy died. This person was a serious criminal, but Kook tried to catch him himself. that criminal jumped off a cliff. CR asks if it was a suicide? HwangGun says he isn’t sure about all that. But nothing happened back then, no punishment. They had a lot of serious crimes back then and that era was different. It just passed.

They wonder why the team leader does not like him then? HwangGun says that Kook was so guilty so his team was destroyed. CR says he saw someone die so he could be in shock. HwangGun says at that time people had death sentences and no one cared. That guy would have had a death sentence anyway.
Cut to Kook praying at the temple. Tak shows up and sees him praying. She lets out a sigh and then joins him. The mood is somber. Afterward, Kook fills his bottle from a spring at the temple and then he and Tak eat some of the Kimbap. She tells him that she has eaten his kimbap for 17 years. Don’t you remember. Instead of you, I went to one of Jin-kang’s school events, when she was in 5th grade. that little girl has grown up this much to take care of Oppa. Kook smiles and tells her to just eat.

Tak asks if Jinkang knows why he takes her there every year. Kook says that she does not know and she should not know. Tak tells him, because of you, they saw their daughter grow up. Kook smiles and says that there is fresh air and a sense of calmness at the temple.

Cut to Moo-young and Jin-kang walking around Hesang happily. The scenery is gorgeous as well as they hold hands and talk and walk. They walk all the way to the orphanage. Jin-kang rests her head on Moo-young’s shoulder as they happily watch the kids play. Then the bell rings and all the kids run inside to sing for a lesson.

They sing a song about love as Jin-kang and Mooyoung watch along. Jin-kang loves it and Moo-young loves that she loves it. They both clap at the end which catches the Sisters attention. She turns around and sees Moo-young there. they happily smile at each other.

Jin-kang plays with the kids as Moo-young catches up with the Sister. She asks who Jin-kang is. Moo-young says it is someone he wants to look nice too. She smiles and says that makes her happy to hear it. He asks what makes a good person. The nun says that it is someone with a lot of love. he thinks that is not him. She laughs, he says that he made her laugh, he did not think that day would ever come. She laughs some more and asks him why he came to Teressas funeral.

He changes the topic and tells her that he came there because he had a question. A long time ago, you said that a polceman was looking for someone like me?

Hey, Moo-young, that boy is…

I know, but he came there to look for a boy with a burn on a shoulder one year before I came here. When I came here, the head nun looked at my burn and called the police. that boy, did they already find him?

She nods.

So, of course I am not that boy. But, I still want to check it with the police. When I was 8…..I thought….he was my appa.

The nun looks at him with concern.

But…it was as expected. But why do yo think, I still think I shuold start here, so I came back here again.

VO – Behind the orphanage, there is a lake. In the middle of the walking pass, there is a stone. That is my place.

JK – what did you do there?

MY – Just sat

JK – What did you do sitting?

MY – I just watched, people fishing and dating. (OMG this is the psychiatrist scene)

Moo-young comes up from behind her and asks what she is doing. She says that she was watching him. It looks like you did not listen when you were little. She grabs his arm and asks if he found out anything. He says he did not find out much.

They keep walking in the forest along the river.

She says that she thought about an orphanage a lot when she was young. She wondered what it was like living there. He aks, is it because you would have grown up there without your brother?

She says yes, she did not think abuot it at the time, but it all clicked later. But why don’t I have any kid pictures. My father died in 88, but I was born in 90. I have a sister that went to America. What did she say before she left?

MY – What did she say?

JK – Your sister is not her, it is me. My brother is my real brother…..~. So, I am not his real sister. It is not that weird actually. I thought I would not be able to tell anyone until I died. I already feel sorry to Oppa for just thinking about it.

MY – You should have a lot of questions. You can’t ask him because you are so sorry to him?

JK – I thought about it a lot, an abandoned kid, a lost kid. I always thought I was abandoned, who are my parents? Why did they abandon me? Why did oppa have to take care of me? The saddest thing is, I can’t say thank you to him….thank you for raising me even though we are not anything. I want to tell him that but I can’t.

Moo-young gives her a very comforting hug. She smiles and says that she hopes her brother is happy. He tells her that that policeman is great. She says he isn’t that great. They keep hugging.

Cut to Kook eating and drinking with Tak. She mentions that makguli is so good at the bottom of the mountain. he tells her to be quiet, he is trying to text Jin-kang and mutters that he wonders if she ate dinner. Tak takes the phone away.

Kook tells her that it is strange, she looks so pretty when she is angry. Tak is all like, shut up. She asks him if he even worried about her? He says, me? Worry about you? They start to playfully bicker back and forth. Tak tells him that he worries about everyone in the world except for her. She thinks about this every time she sees him. Love is worrying for you, that is why you don’t worry about me at all.

He smiles and tells her that his Tak is brave (bright). She says whatever. Then she tells him that the person that worries about him most in the world, she leans in and asks if he knows who that person is. Right at the perfect moment he hits her on the forehead like a little kid; that sends her moving backward. Perfect timing.

Back at the lake, Jin-kang and Moo-young sit on Moo-young’s rock. She says that she wishes that she had a time machine, then she would hug him. He tells her it is not too late. She laughs.

MY – I want to sleep with you.

JK – Me too.

They cuddle a bit closer.

Back at the mountain, Kook and Tak laugh and have a good time with their makgoli. Tak tells him that they go to work tomorrow, so let’s drink! Maybe we can skip work! Let’s live with a smile, it looks good on you. Tak tells him that she respects him, even if everyone says it is not your fault, you are still sorry about it. I really like you because of that. Someday, if you have a day where you forget to come here and then think that you are crazy, how can I forget this. Kook says that day will never come. Even if he is old, unless he has dementia, he will not forget it. Do you know why I wanted Yuri to turn herlsef in? I worried that she would become like me. I did not know what to do even though someone died because of me. I tried to kill myself, but I couldnt’ do it. My sister was a high school student. I thought I should live. But there are so many days to live. So, many days. back then I did not know that time passed so fast. I was just 24. What is the scarriest thing is that i did not go to jail. I did not pay a little bit for what I did. that made it more difficult.

Why do you have to go to jail? I agree with KC, it was not your fault. Whether he killed himself or not, you tried to catch him.

Kook – It was not a suicide, it was not a mistake that he fell.
Cut back to the hotel. Jin-kang and Moo-young playfully take off each other clothing on the bed. One piece of clothing each. they both smile and laugh as they enjoy looking at each other. Then she touches his cheek and he touches her hand that is touching her cheek. She cradles his head in her hands and then they kiss softly. They are very happy just being with each other and kissing softly.

Kook – It was not a jump from the cliff. He did not run away. I shot him with my gun.

In the seaside, Moo-young happily lays on top of Jin-kang as she lovingly looks at him. They start kissing once again.

Fade Out

THIS SHOW JUST WENT THERE. But will they go to that other place across the river where no one should ever tread? They seriously actually just slept together. It was such a beautiful scene too that made me think that they are perfect for each other. I have a feeling I will feel so icky later. Y’all, there is no going back into that safe space now.

This episode had so much come out. We know that Moo-young had a sibling. We also know that he does not remember anything from before a certain age. We know that Jin-kang knows that Kook is not her real brother. We know that Kook killed a man and we know that MY saw his father get shot (or at least the person who he thinks is his father?). We also know that he tried to find Kook when he was 8 but KC turned him away. We know that KC did it because Kook was in all sorts of depression about what he did and seeing that kid might have really put him over the edge. Perhaps KC did not want Kook to adopt both kids since he already adopted one of them. It seems like they were good friends back then, so maybe KC was trying to look out for Kook. Kook’s own sister basically told him that she was his real sister, not this kid. Y’all, there is so much to unpack in this episode.

And then the preview! You may love him JK, but Moo-young is still Moo-young and will not like your brother no matter how much you want him to. In fact, he will probably try to get him killed if he ever finds out the truth. Or maybe he will get Kook put in jail. I don’t know, MY is sinister.

And they pulled the psychiatrist back into this! Did anyone else recognize that lake fishing scene? That is the photo that the psychiatrist had! It might have been in the first episode when the psychiatrist was giving an interview over the TV in the opening scene. I don’t actually remember exactly, but I remember that it was a scene that had something to do with that psychiatrist.


Yuri – Moo-young dates your sister, ajusshi?
Kook – Not dating! I oppose it, never ever!
YR – Your sister will not be able to finish the relationship.
JK – I never saw oppa hate someone so much. Do you know why Oppa is like that eunnie?
Kook – When do you investigate Kim Moo-young?
KC – Worry about yourself, okay!
Kook – What is wrong with asking about an investigation as a policeman! Am I wrong!
JK – Oppa, stop! Stop!
Kook – Who raised you until now!
MY – I don’t want to be nice to your oppa.
JK – You know how important he is to me, how can you say that?

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  1. Ketchumall
    November 3, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    I’m not fond of the slow pace of this show, a lot of time is taken up in scenes that don’t add much to the plot.
    1. Now after watching this ep – this is what I think: There are a lot of loose ends about MY’s past- like what about his mom or the “brother” he had. I guess he has tried to find them but hasn’t been successful
    2. Why is Jin kang so fucking dumb? Why doesn’t she try to find who her parents are? She doesn’t know why she goes to the Temple every year November 1st? I mean I would’ve asked at some point…
    3. The real mystery seems to be actually the connection between MY and Jin Kook – which it seems to be more clear than ever that Jin Kook is the killer of MY’s father. What I’m more curious about is how is Jin Kang related to the whole thing? Is she MY’s “brother” who he thought is his brother but actually his sister, since they both have similar body burns – or is she just a random girl that Jin Kook decides to adopt (because she has the burn).
    (But the fact that she is from the same town as MY makes things a little fishy…) Additionally- it makes sense that MY doesn’t remember his past- but Jin Kang should right? So she should know what orphanage she came from or foster home she transferred from…

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 4:20 am

      It seems like she might have never been in foster care? I’m not sure about that though.

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