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The Player Kdrama Recap Episode 3

Krystal laughing in the getaway van in Kdrama The Player
These episodes fly by. The good guys are in some tough situations, but they manage to make it out every time. Aaaaaand it is in a way that makes sense. This show is basically the opposite of Terius Behind Me. Episode 3 quickcap is below! (be wary of typos)

We open in the prosecutors office. The money disappeared that they got from the church so the chief prosecutor yells at prosecutor Jang In-kyu about that. But it looks like the chief might be corrupt because he is hiding that the money was in the church in the first place. Prosecutor In-kyu tells him that he will end this corruption even if he gets fired. He will end this chaebol, prosecutor, politician corruption!

He leaves and heads to a warehouse. He is the only one around. He opens the warehouse doors and walks into an empty and dusty room. then he sees the people in chairs with cloth over their heads and bags over their bodies. But he mutters how they did not need to go this far. Why is he like that?

But he has a letter that says that they abducted them illegally. The prosecutor takes off one of the bags and sees that his people are the ones that were tied up. His people apologize to In-kyu and say that they double checked everything, they don’t know what went wrong. Written on one of the guys foreheads is “Bye for now.” In-kyu asks them what happened.

Flashback to the player team taken into the warehouse by the prosecutors. The prosecutors put them in their chairs and tells them that they are going to jail. Ha-ri yells for them not to touch his dong-sang (Ae-ryeong) and really just yells at them in general. Meanwhile, Aryeong has something up her sleeve, literally. All the players are tied up, but Aryeong is able to unlock herself and is also able to give Ha-rim the key to unlock himself. They all get unlocked and then start to fight off the prosecutors.

In the foreground is one of the prosecutors talking to someone about the great job theat they are doing while slow motion pandemonium breaks out behind them to a classical soundtrack.

Aryeong gets home and crashes happily on her bed. She is happy that Kang Ha-ri yelled for them not to touch his dong-saeng.

Jin-woong gets to his home which is a gym. His brother comes in with his son who wants to run to samchon (uncle). But the father says not to wake him up and comments that his face looks a lot happier.

Cut to Byung-min on the street. It looks like he has a prosecutor tail on him. But In-kyu tells this man to just follow him for now. they need to get the main swindler, Ha-ri. he grumbles about trying to find Ha-ri, but Ha-ri is actually in his office dressed like a delivery person and tells him that he should come get him (or something like that).

He gets up and gets himself a drink from the fridge as he looks around the office. Ha-ri talks about Maeng and how they tried to abduct them but failed. He asks him if he wants him to arrest that chairman for him as well? In-kyu realizes that Ha-ri is the person that send him the USB. they keep talking back and forth, but they don’t come to an agreement because Ha-ri just wants money.

Ha-ri tells him that he can’t find them because he has a conscience. He tells him that the rich people make all the laws in their favor, that is all they do! He is about to get really heated but then stops and says that the prosecutor is following the laws that the rich people made, so keep trying to catch them that way. Ha-ri will keep doing his own way.

In the street, the news explains that all the rich people got off with only a fine. The prosector listens to this at a cafe. Even though it all went to court, the rich and powerful all got off.

Ha-ri goes home and sips his bourbon in his very expensive looking loft. But then he gets up to go somewhere.

Meanwhile, Byung-min happily cooks curry for himself in their headquarters when Ha-ri shows up. He turns on the news and tells him that they will have something fun soon. The news is all about how the rich and powerful all got off. there is no evidence of bribery so no one is guilty.

CEO Na leaves amidst a slew of reporters snapping his photo. He hops into his driven car and sees perfume that he must not like. He wants the driver to drink it for some reason. He tells the driver to drink it all, everything. The driver does and throws up out the window. After all of that, he still has to drive.

Elsewhere, Jang In-kyu argues with the chief prosecutor about what is going on. The chief proecutor is clearly dirty, but still does not like it when prosecutor In-kyu challenges him and tells In-kyu that his mentor was dirty which is why he does these things badly.

Another chief prosecutor, Yoo Ki-hoon, breaks up this scuffle and pulls Jang In-kyu to his office to talk to him. Yoo wonders if Jang still thinks that his mentor was set up? Jang tells him that his mentor was not that kind of person, you know that. Just give me one more chance. But Yoo tells Jang that he is not qualified as a prosecutor right now because he has no evidence. With fire in his eyes, Jang tells him that he will bring the evidence, in whatever way.

He calls Ha-ri and tells him that he can do whatever he wants and take whatever money he wants, just bring me the evidence, enough evidence that they cannot deny.

Outside somewhere, Jin-Woong walks by some protesters. A woman tells her son to work hard, otherwise he will be like them. Jin-woong was about to give this woman some words of his own, but his brother calls him over. (his brother is one of the protesters). They talk about how the brother shouldn’t do this, his late wife would be upset. Jin-woong brought his brother food to give him energy during his protest but then gets a text from Ha-ri to come on.

On her octopang, Cha Aryeong is stopped by two thug looking people who pull her to the side and tells her that they have a new business opportunity for her. She tells the that she is not doing that anymore. But of course, they won’t just let her leave.

Ha-ri comes up and says that he knew this would happen, right after you get our of jail too. then he playfully asks these thugs who they are and tells them that they can leave now. he can show them the polcie station. The thugs are all like, who is this guy? But they leave when ha-ri pulls a gin on them.

Ha-ri basically kicks them away. Aryeong asks him where he got the gun. But the gun is actually just a lighter. then he plays in her hair and tells her, lets go. She laughs and thinks that she somehow cannot refuse his proposals.

All the players show up at their spot and are all happy to see Aryeong again as well. Bu they jump when they see the prosecutors show up. What is a prosecutor doing here!!! they are about to bolt. But the prosecutor tells them that ha-ri did not tell them yet…he is not there to arrest them.

But the players really could care less what this prosecutors says and pull Ha-ri away a little to talk to him. How can they work with a prosecutor? Ha-ri tells them it is okay, in Korea connections are the most important.

They all listen to Jang In-kyu’s speech. Their job is putting all those bad guys away that only pay fines and get out of jail so easily. Their target right now is Na Weon-hak. And you can have all the cash, I promise you that.

The players wonder how they can trust them? In-kyu gives them a flip phone and says they can only talk to each other with that. In-Kyu and Maeng leave. But they also say to each other that they will see how they work.

Inside, Ha-ri talks to his team about who is in. They all agree even though Byung-min is the last one to decide.

Cut to an illegal MMA fight where money is on the table for the winner. CEO Na Weon-hak is there placing bets, but his guy loses. So another man in a suit walks by and chides him about it. The CEO tells his right hand man to bring him the broker. He ends up beating the snot out of this broker with a metal rod and tells him to bring a better fighter next time, okay?

In the swindlers headquarters, they start to break down the CEO. He got a big promotion to CEO by seducing the chairmans daughter. He runs an illegal fighting ring, but this ring is very secure so they do not know that much about it. they need someone on the inside. Of course everyone looks at Jin-woong, but he does not want to do it.

Meanwhile, the CEO talks to his wife over the phone about speaking nice to her father for him. His business is not going well and his connections and bribery are not going well because of Prosecutor Jang In-kyu. He thinks his father in law will remove him as CEO soon. He needs to be successful. he does not want to live like a person who cuts coupons and saves in order to come to a place like that.

In another hotel, Ha-ri approaches a woman who is a fighting broker. he starts flirting with her about coffee. Order two singles, not one double expresso. He also has a book that she likes (the hacker found out all this info). he asks her what her job is, she says she is an agent for fighters. Ha-ri feigns surprise and tells her that this is not just a regular meeting. He gives her his card as an agent in a global sports company.

He walks with her around this hotel event as they mix and mingle together. While doing this, they run into the CEO who smugly asks Ha-rin what school he went to. It comes out that he went to law school at a prestigious school. the CEO calls someone else up who went to that school and asks if he knows him. it is a tense moment as the person looks at Ha-ri, but then he does know him and says that he is famous, why don’t you ever come to our reunions?

They end up chatting a little bit until they all part ways. Ha-ri mentions that CEO is a douche, but the law school guy talks to one of his other classmates who are there and says he saw that guy, the one that passed the bar easily.

The CEO asks the female agent if she has some guys that can fight. She says that she does not do illegal underground fighting. But she tells him that the other guy might do that.

Ha-ri ends up introducing Jin-woong to the CEO for the underground fight, but the CEO does not think that they should put this unproven guy in this fight. he wants to have a fight right now to prove who is the best. Ha-ri tells him they should not do that right now, but there is already money on the table so this other fighter starts to fight Jin-Woong. jin-Woong beats him with one punch.

The CEO starts kicking his fighter that lost, to the disgust of Ha-ri and Jin-Woong, but he is also happy that he has this fighter that can win. After the CEO leaves, Jin-woong gives the fighter on the ground all the money he just won and tells him to use it for his hospital bills. Then he tells Ha-ri that they have to get the CEO no matter what.

Outside, the CEO’s manager tells him that he should get insurance just in case the big guy loses (or tries to lose?), he has a plan for it. He whispers his plan into the CEO’s ear who nods accordingly. Cut to a lot of thugs showing up to the brothers protest. they beat up all the people with bats and wooden 2x2s. The brother gets severely hit over the head. He might be dead or he might have just passed out.

The CEO shows up to the fight with women hanging off his arm. In the back, Jin-Woong gets ready with Ha-ri and Aryeong. Aryeong looks slightly concerned and even tells Jin-woong, fighting, before she leaves.

In the bidding area, the CEO tells all the women that his wife (who is calling) is actually his maid and settles in to a nice night.

Aryeong and Ha-ri walk into the bidding fight area (with Ha-ri’s eyes going to all the pretty women around, Aryeong has to push him to keep him on track).

In the back, Jin-woong thinks about his brother telling him to start practicing MMA again. But Jin-woong told him that he did not want to. But now he tells himself that he can do it. But as he leaves, he also leaves his phone in the room and we see that his nephew is calling him.

In the fight area, the manager/secretary tells the CEO that they are ready, but the CEO tells him that he wants to see the fight first, they are not in a hurry.

Jin-woong walks in to a lot of lights and acclaim. he takes a deep breath before stepping into the ring as the music plays.

Elsewhere, Ha-ri and Aryeong walk up a hall. He tells her that it is time to play properly now.

Fade Out

The good guys keep winning, the bad guys keep losing. That is literally all I need right now.

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