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The Player Kdrama Recap Episode 2

Song Seung-hyun fighting on a rooftop in Kdrama The Player
The swindlers where able to get away from the bad guys from the end of the last episode. But it took them all episode to do it (in a roundabout way). However they prevailed in the end only to find themselves in another bind. I love this show, the writer does not give our swindlers a moment to rest, but somehow nothing feels rushed.

The van is surrounded by men in black suits as the team is pulled out against their will. The fight ges started as the swindlers all get the living ish beaten out of them and Jin-Woong even gets hit by a car.

A-ryeong runs up on this and peeps the scene, but she has the wherewithal to think of something to do. She hops in the van and puts it in revers to scare away all of the thugs, then she tells the men to hop in! they are all able to run and hop into the car as the thugs try to hang all on them. But they are able to get away.

A-ryeong hides the car in an alley until this all calms down a bit. Byung-min thanks her for it and hope to have a good relationship, but she is all like, whatever. However, they have bigger matters to attend to because the site is no longer up. Byung-min grumbles that he should have screen capped it.

They find the fumbling bad guy from earlier who was supposed to kill the waitress. He is with another woman on the street, but pushes this woman into ha-ri and Jin-Woong so he can get away. But just one slap puts him on the ground.

Meanwhile, A-ryeong and Byung-min break into the apartment room. AR lets him know that she learned how to pick a lock in elementary school. MB mutters that early childhood education is very important.

Back with Ha-ri, Jin-woong and Ha-ri managed to tape the bad guy to the street as Ha-ri talks about that location being the perfect place to kill a woman, right? HR calls the cops and tells them that a guy got hit by a car and is dying. there was no license plate, it is so dark! Come quickly. Then Jin-Woong revs his engine as he speeds to the perp to run over him with his car. If he has good aim, he might miss him, but it is a dark street.

The perp ends up saying, I WILL TELL YOU. Jin-Woong screeches on the breaks at that point.

Elsewhere, the chaebol looks at the VVIP site and tells the owner that he will make his own site and be in the content. Money controls Korea so I can do as I like. One call from my father solves everything.

Flashback to the chaebol parents believing their son. They think all the poor kids blame him, their son is too weak and timid to do something like that. But their son is actually the root of all evil.

In fact, the son is back to his bad ways as he hangs out in a club filled with women hanging all over him.

Back in the sons apartment, AR and MB stumble upon a secret room. Possibly the secret torture room.

On the street, Ha-ri and Jin-Woong see the text for the perp to kill the woman who is in the hospital.

In the hospital, one of the bad guys pretends to be a doctor with the goal of injecting the woman with heart stopping medicine. But he is too late, our team has already saved the girl and put her in their van.

The bad guy calls the evil chaebol who is busy looking at a woman in a very creepy way, though she does not notice. The chaebol tells him to find her! Then he takes that girl to a back room and kills her. (At least she look dead). He does not care and tells the CEO, Weon-hak to just take care of it. The CEO looks like damn, who the hell is this kid, but he has to keep this kid out of jail due to the chairman.

With the swindlers, a woman shows up who is a doctor, she is a mysterious woman from Ha-ri’s past who inspects the waitress and makes sure that she is stable. But we don’t go into her past with Ha-ri at all.

The woman ends up waking up and painfully tells them that she recorded it all with her cell phone. Flashback to her running down that street and being hit by the chaebols henchman’s car.

The swindlers try to figure out wha they can do. AR dos not want to go to the police station to find info, but they see the chaebol on TV looking like a very innocent boy, so she changes her mind.

At the police station, Aryeong is able to pick pocket one of the cops. JinWoong petends to be a jajangmyun delivery person and plants a usb on a computer. He also takes some keys. Ha-ri sneaks into the back of the station and meets up with Aryeong. Outside, Byung-min hacks the computer and finds out that the polcie work with the chaebol to cover all his things up.

Inside, Ha-ri and Ahryeong find whatever they were looking for in the police archive.

But by this time the police are onto them so they have to make a quick getaway in their van. But in the an they have a bunch of other things they need to, like recover all the hacked stuff. It is chaos. They end up having to drop the car off and take off on foot.

The men stay together, Aryeong takes off on her own and talks to them via earpiece to let them know to be careful, gangsters are out also. But of course, our team runs right into the gangsters. Jin-woong is able to fight off basically all the gangsters as Ha-ri gets away with Byung-min. Unfortunately, Byung-min is so out of shape that it is pathetic.

But they are able to get to a rooftop so Byung-min can continue saving the hacked files. However, one of the thugs is able to get to the roof and easily gets past Ha-ri. But Ha-ri is able to get back his composure and starts to fight the bad guy to buy all the time. Finally, the file is saved. But the thug is fast approaching Byung-min. Ha-ri is able to catch up to him and do a flying spinning knee kick right in his face which buys just enough time for them to get away.

Byung-min and Ha-ri run down the steps only to almost run into the cops who are on foot chasing them. They have to think of another way out.

Meanwhile, Jin-Woong is able to defeat the last thug and stumbles back to another car that Aryeong found for them. But they are soon all surrounded before they can even leave the parking lot.

Cut to them all being tied up, sans Ha-ri. The cops and the thugs are all around and are all in on it. Ha-ri went to meet the chairman so the cops tell the three swindlers that he is sold to the chairman. The three remember what the doctor said which is to never trust Ha-ri, he will sell you out.

But Ha-ri is actually letting the chairman listen to the recording. He also asks him if he would like to watch the video. He tells the chairman that he needs to give him money and keep him quiet otherwise his company reputation will be ruined. He even mentions that his team is not his friend, money is his friend. But the prosecutors office will get all the date if he does not show up in ten minutes.

So they go to their stash and give Ha-ri a bag of money that must always be available. Ha-ri tells them no to follow him or he wont erase the copy of the file.

In his office, Jang In-kyu is working hard for the money as the only person working on this case. He closes his files and looks at his board with the hacker, swindler, and fighter. A phone rings, it is the woman who is the friend of the victim.

Back to the three swindlers, the big guy tries to get out, but he is too big. Aryeong kind of uses a bit of contortionist and cleverness to release everyone easily. She unwraps them all and they walk out. It was good timing too because all the thugs show up with wooden 2×2’s to beat them all with. But Jin-woong is able to take them all out.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Jang goes to the hospital where the woman is hiding. the doctor shows him where she is. the bad cops show up at the same time as well. (mini joke on the prosecutors name with also means gut check). The prosecutor knows these cops are up to no good so the cops try to play it off and leave.

back with the thugs, Ha-ri shows up but the three swindlers are out and pissed so Ha-ri hides somewhere and pretends like he is sleeping. But of course the swindlers find him and want to throw him off the ledge.

In the hospital, the woman gives the prosecutor something. the person who helped her wanted her to give it to him. It looks like a fancy USB.

Flashback to the prosecutor arresting Cheon Dong-sub (the bad guy from the first episode). In the present, the prosecutor wonders if they can trust this new usb. They think they can because they got a similar usb when they arrested Cheon Dong-sub.

Meanwhile, Ha-ri has to explain to his team that all that he did was for them. Jin-Woong tells him it is over if he does it one more time! But they are, for the most part, relaxing in the car as they plan their next hit. Ha-ri tells them that in this case the most important thing is speed.

Ha-ri and Aryeong go inside this fancy hotel and immediately steal someones name tag to get inside a restricted area. This even is for the cultural foundation that the son will be the chairman of. Ha-ri flirts with the MC who is a former newscaster while Aryeong does her thing with the computers in the back. Ha-ri ends up inviting the woman out for a drink and leaves as Aryong hits him on the shoulder.

She ends up asking him if he is working or flirting. Ha-ri is all like, of course I’m working. they keep walking out. the camera cuts to all the important senators and congressman talking to the chairman and his son about how wonderful this son is. The all go inside the event where the son behaves very well and timidly in front of others.

The event starts, the introduction is a video with the son as the person explaining everything about the foundation. Ha-ri and Aryeong watch from the back. In the car, the hacker gets to work. Suddenly the video cuts into a cute picture of cartoon dogs. Then it shows all the crimes of the chairman and the son and everyone at the head of the company. The reporters there start to take all the photos.

In the back somewhere, Jin-Woong plays the waitresses recording of the son. The chairman gets up angrily and tells them to take them out a the son pleads with his father, it isn’t me, it isn’t me! they all head out but they are met by Jang In-kyu who tells them they are all ready for the interrogation.

However, the son is able to sneak out and is on his way to the airport for his getaway. But the swindlers van cuts them off and Ha-ri pulls the boy out of his car by his hair. He pokes the chaebol several times and tells him that he can’t stand men that harass women, are you telling me that you can’t hurt men? He punches the chaebol in the face with knocks him out right away.

the swindlers all say he is cool, you don’t need us anymore, then they drive off.

However, there is a mystery person that follows them.

The prosecutor shows up to the bloody chaebol and tells him, following the law is this fun. (the same thing that the chaebol told him when he got off).

the swindlers all go to a church. Hilariously, the big guy bumps into a chair which proves to be the only thing to take him out this entire day. Everyone check to see if he is okay and tells him not to make any noise. Then they sneak into the basement where Aryeong works her magic to unlock a huge lock on a gate. they open the doors to reveal a crazy amount of bills. Like 8 million dollars.

But then several people come up behind our swindlers and quickly cover their faces with black sacks.

Fade Out

This show is fulfilling all of my swindler show desires that I always new I wanted and never found in a Kdrama. I love OCN. All their shows are aces. One thing I want to mention about this show is that the music is used really well which might be another reason it reminds me of a Tarantino film. All the musical hits are in all the right places.

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  1. tbafs
    October 7, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    Me likey! I was hoping you’d recap this one. It’s such fun. Thank you for picking it up.

    • V
      October 7, 2018 / 12:29 pm

      I LOVE IT SO FAR. These recaps aren’t as detailed as we usually do because we are trying to cover 4 shows today. In the next episodes we plan on trying to translate most of the funny dialogue they say to each other.

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