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The Last Empress: Episode 49 and 50 Live Recap

 The Last Empress 49 and 50 Recap

Okay, y’all. Everyone should have heard the news by now. Which begs the question, what kind of craziness are we going to get into these last two days? The writer should have done a whole heck of a lot of rewriting now that Woo-bin/Wang-sik ran away from those guards never to return again. With how crazy this show has been, I fully expect this rewrite to be hilarious. So I am really looking forward to what this writer has planned.

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We open on Hyuk shooting the phone out of Kanghee’s hands. Then Yoon coms waling in with a recording of what she just said about a dead body. They asks her whose dead body is this? DId you kill someone else like you tried to kill me?

Kanghee falls to her knees and says that his mother asked her to do it. She just followed what she said. Kang threatened her with Ari’s life. They ask if Kang said to kil Yoon also? Kanghee says that she was there all day. But Hyuk says that he does not want to hear her lies anymore, come with me!

he pulls her away.

They both go to Kang and put Kanghee in front of her. Yoons ays a female attacked him, he scratched her neck. You are the one that faked the DNA report with the police. How can you cover up that your son was killed! Did you order her to kill me?

Kang says that she does not know what they are talking about. She is sad that she is being accused of this. Hyuk asks why she is stopping the truth of Sohyun’s death. Kang says that Hyuk is the one that killed her. But they say that the pond was not deep enough for Sohyun to die, she was a good swimmer.

Kang says that she was pregnant with twins! Hyuk asks Kanghee why she diid  not save her best friend that ws int he pond. I heard that you went to the same swimming competitions at school. Kanghee says that Sohyun was already dead. Yoon says that she ws so happy at the ceremony, I could not believe that you were so happy after seeing your best friend die. So what happened!

Kanghee says that she did it to save the baby in her wound, she had no choice. Kang asks why they are yelling at Kanghee so cowardly. Hyuk stands up and plays a recording. In the recording is Kang Joosung who says that kang tried to kill him. Kang fakes surprise and asks if Kang Joosung is still alive?

He tells her to stop faking it. Kang picks Kanghee up by the collar to yell at her about the situation. kanghee tells her to thank her, anyway, when Kan Jusung opens his mouth, you will be the one in the most danger.

But then Hyuk brings up the opiod on the island and says that is why she killed Sohyun and faked a scandal with Kang Joosung and made Hoyun die? You just burned all these dirty things by youself!

Kang tries to deny it but then sighs and says that she is the one that made this empire. She made this empire strong and rich. You lived well with that money, but now you say it is all dirty money? Hyuk says this is a different matter! But Kang tells him that he is the biggest benefactor from that opioid. Their palace shold be strong and rich so the citizens will rspect us. If you ignore it then it is nothing.

She tells Hyuk that he can’t even acknowledge that he killed Sohyun, how can you hold this empire together? Whoever opens Pandoras box, everything will be burnt and you all will get hurt.

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Hyuk and Yoon leave and go to Hyuk’s office. Yoon wants to know what he is going to do now, are you not going to do anything to Mother? They know she will not change even if they give her a chance. But do you still want this rotten empire?

Hyuk says that Yoon does not get it, but I have everything here, it is not that easy to abandon. Yoon tells him that he thought he was a little changed, but you are no different than Mother, I will not see you anymore.

Hyuk tells him to leave, he is doing all of this for the empire. If you were me then you would have done it.

Elsewhere, Kang slaps Kanghee for blaming her. Should she say all that she knows to them? Kanghee pushes her and says that she has a lot of dirt on her too. I may have killed Sohyun but you tried to kill Yoon. So don’t threaten me like this. They keep arguing about it. Tey bring the opioid island into the mix as well. Kanghee wants Suni kicked out and for herself to be the legal guardian.

Kang says that Michelle already decided it, they can not change it. Kanghee says that they should kill her or make her get a divorce or something like SOhyun, now we are in the same boat so we should rely on each other.

Suni meets with Michelle Eun in her room and gives her the letter. Eun is shocked and thinks that this strong woman collapsed like this. She is not the kind of person that would kill herslef. But she was so shamed that her daughter in law and her grandson tried to murder her and she could not stand her responsibility to let the empire collapse. So with her death, she wanted to punish them.

Suni asks for a request, can you put Lee Hyuk back as the Emperor? Eun asks the reason. Suni says that she wants to give him a big celebration for his 10 year anniversary. the place they really wanted to keep, I want to show it collapse to them and fall to the rock bottom. I want to see it with my own eyes.

Cut to a family meeting in their meeting room. They are all sitting around at their desks. Eun tells them that it is difficult to prove some situations, so Lee Hyuk, you can return to your old position. Arii is not stable and is not ready to be the Emperor. So you can do a good job. But Eun says that she has to go back tomorrow and cannot attend the 10 year ceremony. 

Kang tellsher that a lot of people will attend, so don’t worry. But Eun says that she has something to take care of first. I heard mothers will was not properly honored. I found her real will.

She takes it out and holds it up.

Eun – What you said, Kang, was all fake.

SJ – I thought it was strange, grandmother never liked you two and yet gave you all the money. So how much do I get?

She runs over and reads the will. All the belongings go to Oh Suni. Sojin is mad that she did not get any money. Kang asks how to prove that it is authentic? Eun says that they already proved it and Ari is a witness and said it is true. Do you keep denying it?

Kang says that this is nonsense. Suni works with the anti palace group and tried to overthrow the palace. I cannot give any money to that betrayer. She tricked mother.

Eun tells her to watch her mouth. Suni tells her that she is already rich, so why are you addicted to all this inheritance? Is it bcause of Chingdom island? Kang tells her that she will not give hr anything. If you want that money so much then follow the law. Do you want to go to court? 

Suni says that she does not want the money, but the people int he palace should know the real will of Grandmother. If youw ant to go to court then it will be a good fight.

Kang storms out and screams as she gets back to her room. Her secretary is with her. kang wonders how they found the real will? She tells her secretary to block the will in whatever way that she can. She also has a headache and wants to call the doctor. But the secretary tells her that her money flow is not so good so she should restrain herself. Kang throws somthing at her and tells her to call the doctor.

Cut to the “doctor” who looks like an expensive masseuse who has several people amssaging Kang (several men) and others int he background. Kang tells the woman in charge to do anything to keep her young. Then she injects baby’s first milk into Kang. But in the background, another court lady records it.

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At the chicken restaurant, Geummo makes galbi flavored chicken for Dong-sik and his friends. Helro is there as well and talks to her dad about Yoon. Can he come back? Geumho says yes, he cleaned his room so bring him back.

Cut to Helro meeting Yoon at the new shopping mall in the Empire shopping industry. He inherited it (or bought it?) so he wanted to show it to her. Grandmother loved this particular mall so he bought it and wants Helro to take care of it.

She is surprised but then tells him that she has a request also. She pulls out a ring and puts it on his finger. Then she tells him that she awnts to just live for today and be happy now. She will love him every second of her life. He hugs her and says that he does as well. I love you.

In the palace, Suni goes into kanghee’s room and asks her how she can do that to the crowned prince and still stay in the palace. Kanghee says that her alibi was airtight. But Suni says that as Ari’s legal guardian, I will not let you ruin her anymore. You are fired as nanny as of today and you are not the owner of this building anymore.

Knghee says that Ari is her daughter, you can’t cut our ties. Suni brings people in and tells them to take Kanghee out and put her in jail and do not let her approach Ari at all. If she does then stop her. The maids and Secretaries pull Kanghee out. Kanghee struggles to get free and says that she is the mother of the crowned Princess, how dare you! She breaks free and grabs Suni by the collar.

But then Ari tells her to let her hand go! Mother is my legal guardian. Why are you using violence against that person. I will ask you for repentance for your sin! kanghee kneels in front of her and tells her that her only sin was loving Ari. 

Arii tells her to follow mothers orders. But Kang hee says that she cannot abandone her mothers orders! I lived like this for you!

She starts to get pulled out again. Suni covers Ari’s ears and then tells her that she hopes she does not think she is too harsh, this is all for you. Ari tells her through tears that she knows that she always cared for her and she trusts her. Suni says that she doe snot have an official schedule today, so do you want to do anything?

Ari says that she has one thing she wants to do.

Cut to Hyuk’s office. Ari says that she wants to go out and have fun with Father and Mother. She wants to play like a normal kid for one day. Can’t I? Mother said it is okay.

Hyuk looks at Suni and asks if that is true? Suni tells him that if he does not like it then she and Ari can have fun alone. But Hyuk stands up right away and says that he will get ready.

They go to a jajangmyun place because Dong-sik told her that jajangmyun is the best in the world, have you tried it before?

They look at the poster on the wall, the model is secretary Choi (lol). 

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They start to eat. Ari thinks food tastes better when Suni feeds her, why dont you feed Father? Suni smiles and says she would rather not, but Ari reminds her that she said she would do anything she wants. So Suni gets a lot of Jajangmyun and jams it in his mouth. Hyuk is happy anyway.

They go to a haunted house next. Ari thinks they don’t have to be afraid because the bravest eprson in the world is there, Father! They all go inside. Of course, Hyuk is he wimpiest. he screams when an Asian ghost comes out and says that he is only afraid of Asian ghosts, he is not afraid of any other things! But he gets scared of the next thing to come out.

Suni is perfectly fine and tells Hyuk that humans are scarier than ghosts. She walks with Ari through the haunted house. Ari has fun.

After that, they try on flashy wigs and funny masks. Ari asks for a group photo so she can put a sticker in her cell phone. She drags them both to a photo booth to do just that. They take a few fun pictures in the booth and are about to kiss Ari for the last photo but Ari moves so they kiss each other.

On the ride back, Hyuk falls aslep on Suni’s shoulder. Ari is sleeping on her as well. She trie to hit him off her shoulder without waking Ari, but she can’t. Hyuk thinks, I hope this time never ends.

Back in the palace, Kanghee is in jail and says that she wants to see Kang! A nurse comes up and tells her that she told Kang, Kang thinks you can adopt to this place well. Kanghee asks if she really said that! Does she really want to go to the end!

In Kangs room, the bad guy says that there was a break in in Changdom island. He checked the CCTV and got an image of them. He shows the image to kang who sees that one of the people it is clearly Oh Suni. She tells them to bring the Emperor, she needs to discuss this with him.

In the secret spy room, Byun, Yoon, and Suni meet to talk about the Opioid room. It seems as if they might have purified the opiod at the palace in Kang’s planetarium. Byun thinks his daughter was murdered because she wanted to reveal this.

Yoon apologizes that his mother is behind all of this. Byun thanks him for helping. Suni tells them that this weekend is D-Day, she will reveal all the corruption in the palace.

In the background, one of the men in the room is a spy and records it all.

Kang shows this recording to Hyuk and tells him that Suni will not give up. Your 10 year anniversary will be the end of our palace. We can’t cancel it now.

Hyuk says that he will stop Oh Suni, don’t do anything. Just clean out the island if you want this empire to survive. He leaves.

Kang calls for the bad guy to come in.

Kang – Maybe I have to destroy everything on that day.

Pyo – Including the Emperor? 

Kang – What can I do? In this situation I have to cut blood ties as well. You should be properly ready. We have to make sure Oh Suni and the Emperor never ever come back. Na Wang-sik should be the best person to be the criminal.

Kang tears up as she says this. Pyo tells her that he will make sure it gets done.


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Bad guy, Pyo, walks throught he palace. Yura bumps into him and drops what she is carrying> He tells her to be careful and then puts the oranges back in her hand.

Pyo – You have pretty hands.

Yura – I spent so much time to find you and you don’t even remember me?

Pyo – I will make you pay for what you did.

She starts to walk up to him with a huge hook and holds it up to strike him with it. But Suni grabs it from her and pulls her behind a post to hide.

Suni asks her what she will do if she kills him? Yura screams that she does not know what he did to her! My life is ruined becuase of him! Why did I come to this palace!

Flashback to Yura at home. She happily gets up to go to the door, but Pyo and some henchmen show up. They tell her to go away from Kang Joosung, you never met him. Yura asks if they are from the palace? What did you do with my Joosung?

Pyo tells her not to go to the palace or look for Joosung, if you don’t then I will find you and kill you.

then we see Joosung getting hit by Choi’s car.

Back with Yura, she she was beaten up by Pyo and told that she has pretty hands. Yura looks at the baby shoes on her bed and tries to reach out for them.

In the present, Yura tells Suni that she will kill him. She came in to the palace to get the most improtant think to kang. She wanted to make Mom and son hate each other. After breaking the palace I would just die, that is it! Suni asks if that is it? Ruinining your life is your revenge?

Yura tells her that she does not get it! When I think about it all I want to kill myself because it is so dirty! Suni asks about Dong-sik. Yura says that she does not care, he is not my son.

She turns to leave but Suni says that she is just like Lee Hyuk, you think you are suffering so you ignore your responsibilities. Yura says that when she sees Dong-sik, it reminds her of them. So what should she do? Her life and Dong sik’s life and everyoens life was all destroyed by the empire!

Suni tells them to make them correct what they did and pay for it. Killing is not the end.

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Meanwhile, Hyuk happily looks at his photos from Ari’s day out. he has them in his wallet. The butler comes in and asks if he saw what happened to Wang-sik? I looks like he fixed Suni’s light and left. Hyuk asks, how dare he come to Suni’s room! This is my empire!

He goes to Suni’s room and sees that the star lights are all lit up. He asks if this is all Wang-sik’s doing and then tears it all down and steps on it.

Hyuk – You cannot take Suni from me

Hyuk then waits for Suni in the courtyard. he thinks about what Kang said about the 10 year anniversary. Suni looks at him and then starts to walk by.

Hyuk – Suni, it is not working anymore.

SN – What?

Hyuk – You will never forgive me?

SN – You have not changed at all from then and now. I gave you the chance to reveal it yourself and waited for you. But you were the cowardly one that avoided it. So why should I forgive you?

Hyuk – You said it won’t work between you and me. Okay, I can’t help that. Guards! Take her with dignity.

Several guards show up and remove Suni.

SN – What are you doing!

She is escorted away.

Hyuk – Suni, this is the only way I can stop you because you won’t forgive me.

Cut to a whole other scene that is a car chase between Pyo and Wang-sik. It is night time and 3 cars are chasing Wang-sik’s car. Pyo pull sout his gun and starts shooting Wang-sik’s car. Then more bad guys show up in front of Wangsik and start shooting the car. He crashes.

Pyo gets out to inspect Wangsik and sees that he is dead or very close to death, but I think he is dead. Moment of silence for Wang-sik, y’all.

Cut to the 10 year anniversary for Hyuk as Emperor. it is a world wide spectator event as new cameras and poeple from all over are there. yoon and Kang joosung are undercover in the audience. 

Ari asks where mother is. Kang tells Hyuk that he told her that he was coming with them. He says that she ws a little sick so she is not coming. Kang thinks that is great, she didn’t want to see her at all.

But then she notices a look between Hyuk and Pyo.

Suni is actually in a jail in the palace. It is a much nicer jail than the other one. Yura comes in with her meal but throws the food on the guards so that Suni can break out. they all start to chase them. But they close in on them. 

Suni uses her self defense skills to kick several of them off. Then Byun shows up and fights them all off. All the guards are left knocked out on the ground. Suni tells them that Kang and Hyuk wont think about them so this is good. Wang-sik should show up soon, but I can’t contact him. They hurry out.

In the celebration, Hyuk thanks them all for coming and finishes up her speech. he tells them that Suni is a little sick today and could not make it. Lets go to the next ~. But then Suni walks in. Yura whispers something to Ari and Suni then goes to the mic to tell them that she is sorry that she is late.

Outside, Yura tells Ari that Suni wanted her to go to her room. Ari says that she wanted to see the 10 year anniversary. Yura politely says that she should listen to the Empress because she is her guardian. Then she sees Pyo. She meets with Byun who tells her that they cannot contact Wang-sik, something must have happened.

Cut to Wang-sik tied up in a room! Yay, he is still alive!

In the press conference 10 year celebration. Suni says that she prepared Hyuk’s footage for the last 10 years.

The video comes up and it shows Hyuk’s hit and run accident. Suni tells them that this person that died in this accident is Na Wang-sik’s mother. Hyuk also tried to murder Na Wang-sik by shooting him int he head and throwing him into the sea. He is the one that did everything.

Hyuk tells her to stop and says that none of this is true. But guards hold him so Suni continues. She says that he tried to cover up the death by marrying her and then he tried to kill ehr at their wedding. he was having an affair with MinYura. He married me to cover up his sin but eh did nto want to maintain his married life. he completely lied to me and used me.

Helro stands up in the audience and says that the Empire killed their mother, she says that her and Suni have the same mother. Their mother had a rare bloodtupe and the emperor took her blood becuas ehe had the same blood type.

Geom stands up and says that it is all true! My wife did not have money and power so they took ehr blood to give to te Emperor. Everyone in the crowd starts to talk and whisper.

Yoon stands up next and talks about the confession he got from the doctor that did the transfusion. They killed him and pretended like he committed suicide.

SN – And they made me the murderer of Grandmother and tried to take me down! The person who put the poison in my lunchbox was Kang. Grandmothers secretary took the blame to save me and commited suicide because of that. So I want to reveal her innocence.

Kang is stewing and stands to tell everyone that this was not true! There is no evidence! Suni says that of course she has evidence. Yoon holds up a recording.

This is the recording that Suni got from Hyuk when he was drunk. He plays it. Yoon says that he had a copy just in case. You need to stop this, this is all our Empires sin.

SN – This is not it, there is more. Do you know about that drug cookie? Do you know that the Empire is behind it. 

Kang – Oh Suni! 

Kang turns to Pyo and tells him that they need to get out, prepare for it.

SN – Grandmothers beautiful island, the empire kicked everyone out and made a big greenhouse and grew something they should not have grown there – opioids. They used all the money themselves and lied to the citizens. Sohyun wanted to reveal this 7 years ago and died.

kang – these are all lies!

kang Joosung comes up and says that it is true! He reveals himself to Kang.

kang – What? I thought you were dead!?

Joosung – 7 years ago, I was Sohyun’s bodyguard. They faked a scandal and said that her death was suicide because of that. it is all lies! It is all because she knew the secret. This secretary Choi hit me with a car!

Kang starts to hyperventalate. She thinks that Hyuk can go to hell with Suni. She is leld out by Choi. But Suni tells her to stop. 

SN – I am going to reveal who is behind these opioids and the drug cookie.

Kang tells her person that they will leave!

Pyo reaches in his pocket. Byun sees it and stops him. He pulls his hand out to reveal nothing. Pyo pushes Byun away and then reaches into his other pocket (lol for days). He grabs a detonator and presses teh button.

Suni was just about to reveal it all but a bomb goes off and  a pillar falls. Everyone starts to leave. But then Suni sees another bomb. She starts to head out, but she sees Hyuk passed out ont he floor. She tries to wake him up. It says 20 secnds on the other bomb. 

He wakes up a little bit and asks what happened. She tells him that there is no time, the bomb will go off! She tries to pick him up. But the bomb goes off and knocks her out. Then Na Wangsik shows up and and covers a third bomb with his body. It blows up. 

Hyuk carries Suni out of the burning exploding building.

Fade Out

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Y’all, it looks like Wang-sik is still alive in the preview! It showed a man wrapping himself in bandages like he is the Invisible Man, so you know I assume that is Wangsik. I guess this is how they are going to get away with the actor not being available in these last episodes? This show is so crazy. The finale is tomorrow! I’m so excited to put a stamp on the ending of this show with everyone! See you then!


Hyuk – If something happens to me, the Emperor of the country, and I cannot function as the Emperor anymore, all the power goes to Suni.

SN – I told you everything about the last footage of Emperor Hyuk

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  1. Serrra
    February 20, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    Wait did the pyo rape Yura?

    • V
      February 20, 2019 / 12:46 pm

      That is so unclear. I am actually not sure myself.

  2. Rose
    February 20, 2019 / 12:36 pm

    Wow! The Queen Dowager is really going to kill her own son for the sake of money and power? That woman doesnt have a soul!!! 😣

    • V
      February 20, 2019 / 12:47 pm

      She is seriously carved from evil.

  3. Rose
    February 20, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    I think so too that the man with bandages is WangSik, so we’ll see what will be the ending tomorrow. Thanks V for the recap! 😊

    Btw, the satisfaction that this drama will give me is not who will end up with whom (suni to wangsik, suni to hyuk….or no man at all like Queen Elizabeth)….but how will the Dowager gets punished….seriously, i want hell be brought to her! Really!

    • V
      February 20, 2019 / 2:06 pm

      Right! She is so slippery, she gets away with everything! Hopefully she gets what is coming to her legally!

    • Katakwasabi
      February 20, 2019 / 4:53 pm

      Agree. ED needs to be punished hardest. She is pure evil. Maybe the worst punsihment for her is to actually lose her son on top of losing everything else, money, face, reputation etc2. I hope she doesn’t slip away. By the way, will it really end up with no one else knowing that Sohyun was killed by KangHee? ED still is pushing Hyuk to believe he killed her.

      • V
        February 20, 2019 / 5:31 pm

        I think it will be revealed that Kanghee killed Sohyun. Hopefully it is!

  4. February 20, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    I love this drama , it’s one of those dramas that keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. You just can’t wait till the next episode post . Now on a more serious tip I really hope in pray that Hyuk , the Empress Dowager, and everyone who help them commit and cover up their hideous crimes get there just deserved punishment.

    • V
      February 21, 2019 / 10:38 am

      Right! They need to have legal action against them.

  5. Mai
    February 21, 2019 / 12:14 am

    I wonder how Wangshik’s going to go from here. The actor won’t be playing that role anymore…So bummed…now the series is ruined. Everything felt rushed now. They built all these relationships and then BAM…your my enemy and BAM Wangshik is no where near The Empress…and then easily captured and injured…

    • Katakwasabi
      February 21, 2019 / 4:42 am

      Wangshik is still alive. A lot are certain he is alive. Maybe if CJH was able to film, they didnt have to bandage the guy up haha

    • V
      February 21, 2019 / 10:38 am

      he might come back as a mummy.

  6. S
    February 21, 2019 / 1:23 am

    Hi do anybody know the song played at 00:40? when Lee hyuk and Sunny are talking. I don’t know how to find it. 🙁

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