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The Last Empress: Episode 47 and 48 Live Recap

The Last Empress recap 47 and 48

We’ll be sad to see this rollercoaster show go, though I do feel like I will need a long vacation after finishing watching it. Some craziness is about to happen because we heard on twitter that the actor who plays Wang-sik will not be available for the last four (2 one hour) episodes next week. Luckily, his job is basically done, though he is still important as far as the love line is concerned. I wonder how this writer will fix this with so little time to do it in?

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Lee Hyuk burns all the information that Suni has been collecting. Suni tells him that she will continue finding out the truth!

He pushes her against the all and tells him to live like a dead person. Then he forcefully kisses her. She pushes him away and slaps him. He tells her that she thinks he is stupid since he smiled in front of her and said he loved her. But you should know that I can kill people.

Suni steps to him and asks if he is confessing everything now? He tells her that all her evidence is gone, what will you do now? Suni tells him, the more you supress me, the more evidence I will find. I will find out everything.

Hyuk tells her that they are lawfully husband and wife, so what she is doing is a rebel act. You came into the palace willingly with your own two feet, I will not give you any more breaks. She tells him that he is a cowardly guy. He does not want to reveal the truth, but he still wants to be the emperor?

She starts to walk away. he asks her what her heart is for Na Wangsik. She tells him that they are both victims by someone like Hyuk. But Hyuk wants to know if she likes Wang-sik? She tells him that is none of his business and tells him to leave her room.

Hyuk tears up as she walks away.

The next day, Kang announces  to the family that Ari has a meeting with the Japanese royal family. But she is too young so they need to appoint her lawful guardian soon. Suni says that Ari has too much stress, she was just appointed as the crowned princess. But Kang is all like, how dare you still sit here.

Hyuk tells Kang to watch her mouth, how dare you say that to the Empress! Sojin asks what this situation is, what is this fight between the family?

Then The other Empress comes in, the one that flew in from America. Kang is SHOCKED to see her. Hyuk is all like, is this? The previous empress says that she was the wife of the last Emperor, that is true. Sojin starts freaking out about how the Michelin jewelry market woman is my aunt! The woman says it is nice to see all the kids here, she actually does not even recognize them with how old they have gotten.

But she gets to work on telling them that she is actually there to appoint the Royal guardian for Ari. She happily accepted that offer. Kang asks how she can be here after ruining the dignity of the palace! The old Empress asks, did I ruin it? Should I correct it?

Kang kind of takes her words back. The old Empress says that she has someone helping me that is socially respected and close to the business in the palace. Please, come in.

Wang-sik comes in dressed in a pin stripe suit and looking sharp. He greets them and tells them that he is the head governing investigator helping the Empress in this matter, Na Wang-sik.

The entire palace is shocked to see him. How dare you show up! 

WS – Also, I will independently run the Sohyun case and the murder suspect of prince Yoon. Please cooperate Royal family.

Kang – Nonsense, he tried to kill the emperor but now he is the head investigator?

The old Empress says that the head of the police cleared him. She also tells Ari not to worry, I will pick the right person to protect and guide you until you become an adult. Ari thanks her (her name is Michelle). Then Michelle says that she will meet three people seperately and see who will be thelawful guardian.

Wang-sik walks away, but Kang grabs him and asks how dare he come back! He tells the guards to put him in jail right now! But then three more guards come up and push the other guards away. The new Prime Minister is with them and says that they will continue this investigation. Also, he says that Hyuk is paused from his position of Emperor so he cannot order the Royal guards round. Wang-sik has the authority of head investigator.

Wang-sik tells the guards, as head of the investigation team, please take the Emperor away. Hyuk tells Wang-sik that he stole all that money! Wang-sik leans in and tells Hyuk that he didn’t even change a little bit after going into that river. You really can’t change. Hyuk asks if he thinks WS became something with this position? Don’t think that you hold my life. Na Wang-sik, you will never be able to kill me, ever.

He walks away with his guards.

Elsewhere, Michelle meets with Kang. Michelle asks why kang did not change at all from before. I am your elder, how can you make me sit on the younger persons seat? She walks around and pushes Kang out of the way and then sits. kang kind of falls out of the way and then goes to the other side of the table.

They start to talk about why Michelle did not come back after mother died. Michelle says that she had a bit of trouble with her husband who stepped down due to drug problems. Kang is all like, are you still talking about this? I had nothing to do with that. Michelle asks if she expects her not to know that your mole was involved? You hid the drug everywhere in the Emperors office.

Kang tells her to watch her mouth, do you have evidence that I did it? Michelle says it is in the past. So Kang starts to talk about how she envies her, her business is going well, I am trapped in the palace and all my good days are gone.

M – So you don’t want to be the guardian? Why don’t you let go of your power and go back to where you were before.

Kang – No, Yoon became like that so I should sacrifice. 

M – Sacrifice?

Kang – You should know soon, Suni is Ari’s step mother and there is a rumor that Hyuk and Suni will divorce soon. So Kang-hee is a person that betrayed her own friend and had an affair with the Emperor, so we can’t trust those women.

M – I will decide it. You can stop thinking about those things.



Next, Michelle meets with Suni and Kanghee at the same time. She see the report on Suni mistreating Ari. She asks her if that report was okay.

SN – I hit her, but it was to correct her wrong behavior.

M – Will you do the same if she was your own daughter?

SN – What do you mean?

M – After talking with her a little bit, I noticed that she was a smart girl, did you really have to hit her?

SN – I thought someone should tell her what is right. The person that grows up thinking that money can take care of everything.

M – You are a cold person.

Cut a situation where Hyuk grabbed Kanghee in her room. He told her to tell them that she mistook it. But KH says that he did push her into the pond, dont’ blame others, You need to apologize in front of Sohyun’s tomb. Hyuk asks what she did, you were her best friend. There is something going on here. That is why you made Yoon like that. You went too far.

KH says she does not know what he is talking about. Hyuk says that she wants to make Ari princess so he will figure out the truth from that night. He storms out. Kanghee tells herself that he will not be able to do it.

Elsewhere in the palace, Wangsik tells the Royal family that they have a witness that someone killed Grandmother with her hair ornament. Michelle asks what is going on. Hyuk says this is nonsense, that is a report that has no authenticity. Wang-sik says he is just asking them if it is the truth or not. Why are you so angry.

Hyuk – I did not kill her! I am telling you this so many times.

SN – So if you did not do it, then the person that put the poison in my lunchbox is the one that kille grandmother. *she looks at Kang*

Kang – I did not do it!

SN – The Emperor saw you put poison in my lunchbox.

Hyuk – I did not say that, it is a lie.

SN – You were drunk, but I heard it.

She then reveals Kangs burn mark on her arm.

SN – The poison slipped out of her hand and splashed on your arm.

Kang snatches her arm back. Suni says that kang poisoned grandmother, did you stab her Hyuk? Did the two of you kill Grandmother? is that true!

Kang yells that she needs to bring the evidence! I will sue you for defamation, Oh Suni! She starts to walk away. SOjin stops her and asks if she really killed Grandmother? kang pulls her hand away and storms out.

Michelle wonders how their empire can become like this. I will pick the guardian tomorrow. Suni says that she does not have to think too quickly about it. But Michelle says that she will appoint the guardian quickly and then investigate what happened with Yoon and Grandmother.

Suni goes to her room where Hyuk is waiting for her. He tells her not to do anything, just stay, and remember that. he leaves and thinks that he will take care of his mother, so dont be nosy like Sohyun and die. Don’t do anything Oh Suni.

Elsewhere, the hitman apologizes to kang, she kicks him and asks what he did. kang is so upset to see Michelle around. Why do I have to see her around! The hitman says that Na Wang-sik did it. Kang wants to know who told Na Wang sik this.

The secretary comes in and tells them that they have to pay cash urgently to a company. Kang yells, is this all for Wang-sik! Argh! But the secretary looks a bit suspicious. Kang tells her to go to the island and bring that woman.

The hitman leaves. Min Yura sees him walking out. he walks by her looking smug, Yura is frozen in place and grips her dress in anger.

YR – I am sure, it was that guy.

Inside, Kanghee tells herself that she is sure everyone will rbeak themselves fighting, all she needs to do is capture Ari’s heart. She starts to destroy her room, then she cries on the floor as Ari comes in. Ari asks her what happened, why does your room look like this? Kang Hee blames it all on Suni. She says that Suni always gave her a hard time. If I dont become your guardian, I think I will be kicked out right away.

Ari tells her that she cannot decide it. Kanghee tells her that she is the only one that can save her and KH is also the only one that can save Ari.

The secretary comes in to see kang and says that the person with the land does not want to sell it. Who is that person! The secretary motions and a person comes in with a sack on their head. This woman is not scared at all though.

They pull off the mask and it is an older woman (a famous older actress in Korea) who starts cursing right away. She tells them to remove these people before I take out their teeth and put it in my mouth. kang knows this woman and is a little scared of her.

Kang – Team leader, how come you are here?

Woman – You asked them to bring me here!

Kang – What? So, team leader, kim, you are the owner of the land? *starts cursing*

Kim – Hey, you did not change at all, your mouth is still dirty.

Kang – How dare you say that! I am the mother of the Emperor, you used to serve me!

Kim – Yeah, I did that before, you always went to night clubs.

Flashback of Kang coming back to the palace drunk after going to a night club all night. Kim is there to greet her.

Kim – You just gave birth, you neer breast feed, you are always drunk every night. People will smell your milk, can you hook a guy? If your mother knows, you are screwed up.

Kang – I didn’t drink

Kim – You didn’t drink? You drank hard liquor, this will fire!

She holds a lighter to her mouth. Kang breathes on it and it lights up even more due to the hard liquor on her breath.

Kang starts cursing so Kim tells her  not to, shut up! kang kind of passes out on the floor, Kim pulls her to her room and curses a lot.



In the present, Kim tells her that she kicked her out so she would not say that Kang went to night clubs. I was wrongly accused and kicked out so Grandmother Jo gave me the land. She said that she knew I was wrongly accused, some day she will apologize to you. So keep it safe. that day is today.

Kang – Apologize to you? I am the Emperors mother, how dare you think I will apologize to you. You stole something and became a robber, just take my money and sell me the land!

She throws money at her. Kim grabs it and tells her that she hit her as a mitake and starts throwing the money back.

Kim – Do you think I still serve you? I am older than your mother. I will cut off your mouth and cook it and sell it at the market, then I can at least get thirty dollars. So watch your mouth. Goodbye.

She walks out.

She goes to meet Suni in her room. Kim tells her that Grandmother Jo bragged about her granddaughter in law so much. It is so nice to finally meet you. Suni tells her that she wondred about her since she was the only one living on the island. Kang kicked everyone out and bulldozed the land?

Kim says that Kang is so greedy and wants to own this island alone. Suni asks why she is so obsessed with this island? Kim says that she is putting a huge greenhouse there, it smells so bad. I cannot even go there, it gives me a headache. Suni asks about the smell.

Kim notices the painting and says that is the island. It was grandmothers first painting after learning how to paint from Sohyun. Suni asks if Kim saw Sohyun? Kim says yes, Sohyun came to the island several times with her bodyguards, she said she had to find something there, but then she jsut died. A great person died.

Cut to Kanghee leaving to drive somewhere. Wangsik, Yura, and Suni all hide in the same car and then start to follow. Kanghee meets with Kang Joosung and brings him kimbap. She says that she could not find Yura and also says that Kang wants to make Sohyun’s death as a suicide. Joosung says that is nonsense, why would she? KH tells him that they do not have any evidence, your memory is important. Do you know anything about the island? You went there often.

Joosung says that he remembers something, he remembers what he found in the island with Sohyun. KangHee tells him to tell her everything and starts secretly recording. then she leaves. Yura, Wangsik, and Suni run into the building and see Joosung passed out and foaming at the mouth. It is from the Kimbap. 

They take him to the hospital immediately. Joosung survives and wakes up to see the three of them standing over him. He has a nice reunion with Yura and then they start to talk about how Kanghee kidnapped him and lied to him. But Joosung does not trust them and wonders why Kanghee would do that. Yura tells him that kanghee gave birth to Hyuk’s daughter. that woman is the crowned princess, so you should not trust Kanghee.

Joosung wonders how Kanghee can do that, she was best friends with Sohyun. Suni tells him that she knows it is confusing, but they have no time. Kanghee is going to make a deal with Kang with what you told her and take over the empire. Yura tells him not to be a victim again like a dummy, lets get real.

Joosung says that he told Kanghee everything about Jungdong island.

In the morning, the three go to the island and see several men packing up something or building something. Wang-sik knocks out one of them and then fights two others. He is able to easily take them out. But then a lot of other men chase after him. This lets Yura and Suni run into the building. the smell is very bad.

Inside are lots and lots of flowers. Yura asks what this is? Suni says that it is opiod. What Sohyun found is opiod. Yura is all like, what? The reason Sohyun died is opiod?



The Emperor wakes up in bed and sees Suni sitting on it surrounded by sunlight. He asks her when she came and hugs her. He immediately apologizes and says that he was angry at her and he did not mean it. Lets start over, not as Emperor and Empress, but just as two normal people meeting. I will do well. Will you forgive me?

SN – I am here to say goodbye, the acting ends here.

She hands him divorce paperwork with her stamp on it. He tell sher not to leave. But she walks away with her luggage and meets Wang-sik, they both walk away together with their luggage. Hyuk yells for her not to leave and then wakes up.

he stumbels out of bed and runs all the way to Suni’s place. She is not there. he continues stumbling around looking for her. No one knows where she is. Hyuk starts yelling at guards to ask where Suni is. he politely asks the maids, no one knows where she is.

But then he goes back to her room and sees her sleeping on the couch. He is taken aback at first, but then goes and kneels next to her and stars crying. he lightly brushes her bangs away from her eyes and touches her cheek.

Hyuk – Whether you hate me or not, I don’t care, just be alive and stay next to me. Don’t leave me Oh Suni.

He smiles pleasantly and longingly as he watches her sleep.

Later on, the Royal family meets. Kang says that they hsould go to the spa and shop together. Michelle says that they are not that close to do that. Now, what happened to the Empress? 

Wangsik and Suni are not there, Michelle says that she has no time to wait, lets start now, it will not change the result. Suni comes in right then and apologizes for sleeping late. kang chides her about it.

Michelle says that, before she makes the last decision, I want to hear from Ari, who do you want to be the guardian? kang and kanghee both look at her seriously. Suni smiles and thenlooks away.

Ari says that she does not want her Grandmother to be her guardian and she does not want Kanghee to be her guardian. The reason is because she does nto want to be a monster! I want to be a little normal kid like Mother said! I shouldnt’ have been the crowned princess! All the adults hate each other and fight! I don’t want to see it! She starts crying.

Flashback to Kanghee and Kang arguing over who the guardian will be. They argue about all the money involved and the big business. They for real fight over it. Ari sees it. kang tells kanghee that she should tell everyone what KH did to Yoon! You attempted to murder someone! kanghee tells her to let her go! You are the one that told me to do it! If that is revealed, then you will be more in a corner, you tried to kill your own son and then blame your other son for it! Kang Hee tell sher that they should reveal what Kanghee did to her own friend in the pond! They keep arguing and fighting.



In the present, Ari says that she does not want to be the crowned princess or Emperor! Not if it will be like that! I just want to go back to what I was before!

She takes off her crown and throws it, then she runs out. Kang and Kanghee tell her, How dare you Ari! Stop! They try to run after her. Suni stops them and shames them for using Ari. DOn’t you really know what you are doing to Ari! Yet you are the Grandmother and mother!

Michelle stands and says that Ari hates Kang-hee and Kang so much, so she cannot make them the guardian. The guardian will be Suni.

Suni is overcome with emotion at this. Kanghee and Kang say that she can’t pick Suni, she is nothing! Ari is just upset. But Michelle says that she already picked Suni before Ari said anything. Ari just solidified it.

Meanwhile, Ari is crying in her bed. Kanghee goes in and tells her that she ruined everything. What are you thinking? Just go tell her that you pick me. take everything back! She pulls Ari out of bed and forces her to follow her. But Ari says seh does not want to. I will be nice to you nanny, just be my mother! She cries. 

But Kanghee pushes her to the floor and tells her that she did not come this way to just be her mother. I will make you Emperor, I will not give up. You are my creation that changed my life!

Elsewhere, Hyuk relizes that Yoon is awake! He walked in on him. Yoon tells him that, except the Empress, no one knows about it. Mother does not know and I do not think she wants me to wake up. Hyuk asks if Kanghee made her like this? Yoon stands and says that he has to tell Hyuk about Kanghee and the footage he saw in the royal archive.

At the same time, Michelle meets with Suni. She says that she had to check and see if mothers choice was right. the day Grandmother Jo died, she called me…

Flashback to Grandmother Jo talking to Michelle about regretting that seh could not protect her. She regrets putting Kang in that position and does not want to have anything else to regret.

Michelle – She apologized for what happened 30 years ago and talked about you. you are a very righteous person and strong. that is why I checked to see if you were a good person to give te future of the empire to.

Suni – Did Grandmother say that?

Michelle – She did not say that you cried a lot….take this. It is a very important hair ornament that Grandmother gave to me. Open it.

She opens it and sees the same hair ornament that was in Grandmothers chest. Suni says that this one looks similar to the hair ornament that stabbed Grandmother. Michelle asks if she can see it? Suni says that she never saw it even after the police took it. Michelle says, actually, Kang has the same one. She is super jealous so Grandmother made the same one for both of us.

Suni – the police never said who it belonged to. I have to find it out myself to see if the hair ornament that stabbed grandmother really belonged to Kang.

In Kanghee’s room, she talks on her cell phone about how they will find the dead body when they open the door. But then Kanghee comes in and shoots the cell phone. Yoon is there as well. he recorded what she said.

Hyuk – This time, whose dead body is it this time? 

Yoon – Did you kill him as you killed me?

Hyuk – Tell me!

In the meantime, Suni goes into the archive room. She opens a safe that has a lot of decorative boxes inside. One of the boxes has evidence from Grandmothers crime scene. She sees the stabbed harpiece and compares it to the other one. It is definitely kangs hair ornament. She puts everything away and then sees another box. She pulls it out.

Inside are fluffy rabbit shoes and clothes. there is also her signature on it. Flashback to all her and Grandmother Jo’s fun times together.

Suni – I am not going to give up, I am going to see the end.

She tears up and puts those things back. But then she finds something under the box, there is s secret compartment. In there are two documents in folders. She opens it and reads it.

Letter – If someone finds this letter, all the truth about my death will be revealed. Hopefully that person is Oh Suni, the person that I trust the most. Today, Lee Hyuk came to murder me. If I did not know about it and kept sleeping, it would be better. But now I saw what my grandson did, it hurts my feelings so much. 



Flashback to what happened with Lee Hyuk that night. Hyuk tried to kill Grandmother but she was not in bed so they got into an argument. grandmother says that Sohyun only knew him. This empire is not important, there is no reason to continue it. Hyuk yells that it is his Empire. granmother says that she will stop it, because it is embarrassing. She will remove him herself. he says that it will nto happen! Will you be happy if you make me a murderer! She falls to the floor after a struggle and his cufflink falls off.

he runs out, but then he returns and asks what her answer is. Grandmother says that he can just kill her! So he throws the hair ornament and it hits the mirror. kanghee is in there. Grandmother sees Kanghee and asks how long she was there! Just leave! kanghee runs out.

In the present, Suni realizes that Lee Hyuk did not kill Grandmother.

Another flashback to Kang meeting with grandmother Jo that night. kang says that she has poison and will drink it, just kill me first, not your own grandson. hyuk is the head of the country, I do not want to see him punished. I would rather die right here. 

grandmother hits the poison away.

Jo – You bad person! How dare you threaten to kill yourself in front of your mother in law!

Kang – So please just stop, protect the King and the palace. 

Jo – It is not too late, just accept your sin with Hyuk and I will try and help.

Kang – No, I did not commit that bad of a sin to ask for mercy. Plus, I cannot trust you. You don’t do anything, i will cover it up.

Jo slaps her.

Jo – Okay, lets go to the end! You did everything that made the Emperor a bad person and kicked Yoon out from the palace. you need to be responsible for all that you did.

Kang – Do you really want to see the end?

Letter – My grandson and my daughter in law killed me two times. They did not kill me, but I was dead. there is no reason to continue this empire. As much as the Emperor and Kang have power, my sin to give them power is also shameful. So, I will ask for responsibility with my own life. I want to punish them. So I will leave the edivence in my body and make then responsible for it. With my death, this rotten corrupt truth will be revealed and all those people that where hurt by the empire will be resolved. (she drinks the poison). I want to ask Oh Suni for it. (She stabs herself with the hairpiece). As your name, Oh Suni, she is shiny. I want to adore her and see her longer, but I cannot even say a little goodbye, I will die early. Forgive me that I made my own grandson a monster. I give all my inheritance to Oh Suni, so please use it for all the victims of the Emperor. Please take care of the Korean empire.

Suni cries.

SN – You died this lonely….I am not going to forgive them. I am going to destroy this empire.

Fade Out


One week left! I will not even try to guess what is going to happen. But I will sit back and enjoy the ride. 😎


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