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The Last Empress: Episode 45 and 46 Live Recap

The Last Empress 45 and 46 Recap

Y’all, the nice King facade is gone, deranged Hyuk is back, and I love it. But Wang-sik probably doesn’t love it as he currently has a whole slew of guns pointed at him. But he has to save his brother, y’all. Well, he has 4 more episodes to do it in because The Last Empress got extended again to 52 episodes! Seriously, this is the Energizer Bunny of dramas.

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Wang-sik runs to the palace and all the way to the throne room. Kang is sitting on the throne. Dong-sik is below her.

DS – Brother

WS – Dong-sik!

Kang – Do you know him? He is our enemy, Na Wang-sik’s, brother.

Hyuk walks up, Wang-sik turns to face him.

Hyuk – I hope it is not true. Was it really you?

The guards all run up with their guns out.

WS – Yes! I am Na Wang-sik! Son of the woman you killed! You Murderer! DIE!

they both pull thei rguns on each other.

Hyuk – Why didn’t you kill me? You could have killed me.

WS – I couldn’t kill you, everyone in Korea should know how dirty you are and the truth about the empire.

Hyuk – She was the one that jumped into my car. I am not guilty.

WS – Shut up! You did a hit and run and dumped my mother in that cold place! You are not guilty? If she went to the hospital earlier she could have been alive. Her intestines were all burst and her flesh was shredded like that.

Hyuk – You did all of this because one person died?

He walks off.

Hyuk – What the F!!!

He shoots the chandelier and tells his guards to kill Wang-sik. Suni shows up along with some other guards. It is a guard stand off.

Kang – You betrayers!

Wang-sik pull shis gun on Hyuk again and tells him that he did it. You and your mother corrupted the empire and all the people that you crushed and killed came back to you to catch you because your family members died. Your family was destroyed. All those people. You put someone like Ma Piljoo in front and left this many people in pain, like the bullet in my head. Do you know that!

One guard on Wang-sik’s side says he will kill him today! A tear falls. WS says that his goal was to kill him when he came to the palace. But now he wants to destroy the empire!

Dong-sik yells as Kang holds a syringe to his head. He tells him to put his gun away, then you can save this boy. Wang-sik shoots at her and tells her, if you touch him at all, I will kill everyone in this palace!

Kang yells and drops the syringe(?). Then WS tells Hyuk to take him and then he will remove his gun. Or we can all die, you choose.

Hyuk tells everyone to step aside. He tells the guards to take the kid and leave. But his loyal guards tell him they want to stay. WS says that they are guilty of nothing, they should not die there, go!

One good guard takes Dongsik and leaves. Hyuk yells to catch them. But Wangsik says that he only needs him right? He puts his gun by his side.

Hyuk holds his gun to Wangsik’s head and tells him, okay, goodbye Wangsik.

But Suni stops this all and pushes WS out of the way. She asks Hyuk how long he is going to be cowardly like this? Kill his mother and throw away her son. Do you think you can do this? Is the bullet in his head not enough?

Hyuk – You know everything? Did both of you like to me? How can you do this to me? HOW! What kind of relationship do you have!

He holds his gun back up to Suni. Wang-sik blocks her, but then she moves in front of the gun.

SN – If you want to shoot me then just shoot me.

SHe stands, afraid, in front of the gun. But she holds her ground. He puts his gun down and tells WS that he will kill him himself, take him away! ALl the guards take Wang-sik away. WS tries to tell Suni something. But Hyuk says this is enough, take her away. If you don’t want to see him get killed then leave.

He tells his guards to take her away. She struggles to break free.

Yura looks on at Dong-sik leaving. She is crying.

VO – You shouldn’t have been born into this. You should have died with me back then.

Dong-sik looks at her as the good guards lead him away.

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Wangsik is led to the forest. The guards release him.

WS – What are you doing? 

Guard – You treated us as humans, this is what we can do for you.

They all bow to him.

WS – Lee Hyuk will not leave you alive. I cannot let this happen

Guard – You do not have time, leave.

WS – No, I cannot let you die because of me, I will finish it up.

In his office, Hyuk finds out that Wang-sik dissapeared. The butler says that the guards and everyone disappeared. They are all on Wang-sik’s side. Hyuk tells his butler to gather all the hunters, he will find him himself.

he goes to his secret bookcase behind a painting and gets a huge machine gun. Then the lights go out so Hyuk yells for Wang-sik to come out. Wang-sik comes behind him and hits him on the head with a vase. Hyuk pitifully falls.

Wang-sik draggs himout through the secret passage.

In her room, Suni tells her people to open the door! Now! But they will not. Kang goes in and tells Suni that she tried to destroy her empire! Suni says that there is nothing to be destroyed anymore, it is already rotten and bad. Kang grabs her and says, you were about to kill my Yoon through Byun!

Suni yells back and says that Kang knows it better who tried to kill Lee Yoon! That is why you covered it up! I will find out what kind of bad deal you had! How van you do this to the Emperor! Are you even a human? How can you treat human life as less than a fly? When I was married to the palace, I thought I hit the lottery. I did not know it was s**t. I do not know how much crime you commited.

Kang yells, how can you hand shake with Wangsik and betray is!

Sang tells her not to touch her and pushes kang away. kang says that the only way she picked her is because she was a nothing entertainer that was easy to control. Get out!

Suni says that she is not there because she wants to be. She is there to find out who killed Grandmother and tried to kill me and everyone! So tell your son that he doesn’t have to keep me locked in my room, because I am going nowhere.

Kang yells again at destroying a nobody like Suni, it would be nothing to her! Suni yells for her to do it! Because I am confident that I can fall and stand up again and reveal one more of your crimes. Now leave! Leave! Leave!

kang is pulled out by her head secretary. But she kicks a vase on her way out and yells for people to get out of he way.

kang goes back to her office and wonders how come Suni is so confident like that. Is she really crazy? But then the secretary comes in and says that the Emperor is gone! kang is all like, what? Is he looking for Wang-sik? Find out where he is now!

Cut to Hyuk tied up in the street. Lights turn on.

WS – you should suffer like my mother and know what it feels like.

he revs the engine and drives right for Hyuk. Hyuk runs but falls. Wang-sik driev past him. Then reverses and drives past him again as Hyuk dives out of the way. Hyuk runs to another street and cuts across a little field to do it. Then he cuts his ropes on the siding. he starts running again.

Wang-sik has caught up to him and stares at him. he revs his engine again. Hyuk yells! ARGH!!!!! WS drives right up to him and then screeches to a halt.

They get out and talk to each other. Hyuk tells him that his mother will not come back even though he does this. Wang-sik starts punshing him and thinks about his mother and all the times he had to kill Wang-sic but he did not.

Hyuk is getting a very big beating at the hands of Wang-sik. He is being drop kicked and soccer kicked and all sorts of things. Then Wang-sik pushes him toward a ravine. It looks like the same ravine that they pushes Suni over.

WS – We are not done yet, remember what you told me to do? You told me to kill the empress and say that the Emperor is not guilty of anything. remember all the people you killed like that.

Hyuk – They are already dead, it does not matter. WHY TAKE MY LIFE!

WS – You are not a human being. You should know what it is like to lose everything you love.

He holds his gun out to shoot him. But shoots on the side in the rocks. Hyuk smiles and then falls back into the water.

WS – The Emperor is not guilty? Then try to survive like me.

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In the palace, Kang asks her secretary where the Emperor is. There is no contact? Did Wang-sik do something to the emperor. If the Emperor spot is vacant….call Seo kanghee.

Kang-hee comes. Kang tells her that she will go to Internal Affairs and try to make Ari the next Emperor. kanghee is overjoyed, but Kang tells her that they are in the same boat. if you have any other ideas then throw them away otherwise the person who will die first is Ari. Kanghee says that she will make sure, she will live her entire life for Kang from this point forward.

Cut to Ari walking out and greeting the staff. The staff congratulates Ari for becoming the first Princess. then Suni comes out. Ari is so happy to see her, but Kanghee stops her. Suni happily greets her and says that she heard she became the Emperor. Ari is a bit sad and asks if Suni is sad. Kanghee tells all the palace people to take Ari.

Kanghee and Suni talk in the courtyard about Ari. Suni knows that something is going on with Kanghee and kang to rush and put the next crowned princess in line even though Crowned Prince Yoon is in bed.

Kanghee tells her, whatever, you will be kicked out of the palace soon. I am princess Ari’s guardian so you should leave before us. She bumps her shoulder and walks by. Suni looks at her.

In the ravine, Hyuk washes up on the shore with a lot of people looking at him. they think he looks exactly like the Emperor. But he should just be a look a like. They start to take all his jewelry. But then Hyuk wakes up and grabs one of the men.

Hyuk – Do you have a – mixed coffee? If you give me a mixed coffee, I will give you praise.

Cut to everyone sitting at a fire by the lake while Hyuk drinks his mixed coffee. He gives them his ring. They are all hounding over it. he says he can give them more later. The men wonder, can you really give us a bigger prize?

Then Hyuk calls team leader Han.

In the palace, there is a meeting/conference where Ari becomes the crownd princess. She stands and thanks everyone there for appointing her as the next crowned princess and the first crowned princess. She will work hard to meet their expectations.

Later on, kang talks to the new Prime Minister about Hyuk and Yoon. She is worried about the future of their country. The Prime Minister says that he will push to make Ari the next princess. Kang smiles and says that she wants to retire from the palace, but they have so much trouble right now. So she will step up as an elder since the Empire is in so much danger.

The Prime Minister tells her that it is difficult because she is still under social services. Kang is all like, oh. So who is doing it then? They say that Empress Eun in America. Kang is all like, huh? My sister in law? She is the wife of the former King. The Emperor was kicked out do to drugs as well. 

The Prime Minister says that she is already on her way. kang is shocked. The secretary comes in and tells Kang that she has a photo shoot now.

Scene change to Ari and Kang being very cute for the camera as they talk about their date today in a very public space (maybe their mall?).

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It is 100% a PR stunt. Ari tells Kang that she is her favorite Halmom (Halmom is like calling Kang “old woman”). The director yells cut, Ari was suppossed to say “friend.” Maybe the crowned princess does not feel good today? Kanghee looks apprehensive.

The shoot continues as Ari goes all over the mall in this photo and video op. She is very good at looking happy and into everything, but she does yawn when she is off camera.

Later on, she does a photo op with several people but falls when she yawns and falls asleep suddenly.

In the palace, all the maids talk about how Hyuk killed Captain Chon’s mother. It is a big issue with the Royal guards. Captain Chon is also, actually, Na Wang-sik! I heard Na Wang-sik and the princess where on the same side and lied to the Emperor. Do you think she is done? All the power is with Ari now. She will be Emperor soon.

Yur is listening in on them  and asks them if they are wnderin what line they will be in? Another maid says this is not something she can talk about. yo betrayed the palace but are not coming back to the palace? Yura pushes them all away and pulls this womans hair.

YR – How dare you say this to me! I am not the same maid! I am the maid to the Empress. If you talk bad about me and if I see you then you are dead!

They start to fight.

Hyuk comes in looking super zombie like in the background. Everyone jumps when they see him.

Hyu – Where is the Emepress? Where is she!

Cut to Suni looking at Hyuk in her room. He asks why she is looking at him like that. You should be happy I am back. Are you still angry? I apologized to you. Suni tells him that he should apologize to Na Wang-sik and everyone he has harmed and be ready for his punishment.

he says that she does not have to worry about it. But Suni says that she is involved. You used me as an alibi to cover up what you did!

Hyuk is all like, is that why you did this? Okay, I am sorry, dont’ be too harsh to me. I look like this now, but we can talk later. He turns to leave.

SN – You can keep ignoring it as a coward. But there are a lot of Na Wang-sik’s in the palace. You saw it.

Hyuk – Calm down, we still have a lot of time left. We can leave what we need to talk to until we die. We can talk about it slowly, one by one, empress.

He leaves.

Suni wonders just what he wants.

Hyuk goes to his bedroom and looks at his picture with Suni as his wife. Then he breaks it on the ground.

VO – You should feel what it is like to lose what you care about one by one.

Hyuk – Na Wang-sik, you can’t take her from me!


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Kang-hee meets with Kang later and apologizes for what happened. Ari was tired with her schedule. Kang asks if she is saying this because it is an excuse? You are so proud that you trained her well, but you embarrassed me in front of everyone. People will make fun of our palace! Kanghee apologizes and says she will train Ari to do better. She leaves.

the secretary tells Kang that formal Empress, Eun, is coming. Kang tells her to call manager Pyo. the secretary asks why? 

Kang – What? The head of Internal Affairs, how dare she come back. She will never come back here.

ANother maid comes in and says that the Emperor came back.

Kang – What? He came back safe and alive?

She is so stunned, lol.

She meets with Hyuk in his office. He is all cleaned up and tidy but still has his cuts and scrapes. Kang says that he should divorce Suni now and ask her for her sin of working with Wang-sik. Hyuk does not want to do that even though he wants to find Wang-sik. 

Kang tells Hyuk that now is the time to confront this. Suni has something, some evience, we dont know what she will do. Hyuk tells Kang that Suni is his wife, he will take care of this in his own way.

Then someone comes in that was called by the Emperor, it is Yura. kang leaves. Hyuk holds a gun to Yura’s head and asks her why she lied to him. Why did you cover up Wang-sik as Woobin? Yura says that the Empress told her to do it. 

YR – I was the one that wanted to capture him using his little brother. Why should I be on his side? Se threatened me. you abandoned me and Kang abandoned me. That was the only way to stay in the palace. If you want to ask for the responsibility for it, then ask Suni.

Hyuk wonders if Suni really told her that. Then the Butler comes in and says that they need to see something.

The Royals all sit around the couch and look at the TV. Na Wang-sik is all over the news about the money that he is spreading around to all the people of Korea that need it. Kang and team wonders how a country boy like him can have all that money. Hyuk tells the butler that they need to make an appointment with the head of the police.

The secretary says that the pharmaceutical company they wanted to buy all of a sudden had an investment. Na Wang-sik invested in that company so it survived. Kang is so upset about it, she worked hard to get that company. Who is behind him?

Sojin looks nervous and tells Kang that it was her. All this money is your money. I gave the account of the papaer company to Chon Woobin. Kang is all like, what are you talking about? Soin tells her that if she didn’t do anything she would be arrested for corruption, but she did not know that Woobin was Wang-sik! She runs out, ashamed.

Kang is livid, she wants to see Oh Suni right now! Oh Suni!

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Cut to Ari crying as she misses Suni. She remembers the day that Suni gave her rabbits. Suni told her that Ari is even cuter and prettier than the rabbits. She wants her to smile a lot and be very happy in the future. Like you are right now. I want you to be very very happy. Ari told Suni the same.

But now Ari cries as she feeds her rabbits and says that it is so difficult, I want to smile but I am too tired to smile. She starts to feed the rabbits but Kanghee hits the food away and says that Ari has to go to her room and think about what she did. Remove the rabbits!

Kanghee yells at her about how she is Empress or something similar.

Suni shows up and says that she cannot take these rabbits out. Leave them here! These are for Ari. What you are doing is so nonsense, I cannot just not say anything. Are you so happy to make her the Crown Princess?

Then Kang runs up and slaps Suni, she yells for her to put Suni in jail. Her guards take her away. Ari starts crying. Kang tells Ari thta she is useless, why are you crying? Just take her and punish her. She glares at kanghee, how dare you try to be in my position!

KH – (All the things I suffered, I will pay back to you).

Suni is thrown into the jail. Kang tells her to reveal where Wang-sik is and sign the divorce documents. She drops off the documents and leaves.

kanghee leaves the palace and goes to a suspicious looking Inn where she hid Kang Joosung. She tells him that the Empress died many years ago, she was killed by the Empire. Oppa, you need to reveal it. Trust no one in the palace. Everyone wants to hide Sohyun’s death. The new Empress is the same.

kang Joosung yells and blames Hyuk and everyone in the palace. But then he thinks that he needs to go back to the hospital. He left somewhere there. I left my fiance. She came to see me. I finally met her. I cant separate from her like this.

KH – Who was there?

JS – Min Yura, do you know her?

KH – Min Yura? Well, …. I don’t know. DOnt’ worry Oppa, just remember what happened 7 years about and Chungdom island.

Kanghee starts to leave but puts two and two together about Min Yura being Josung’s fiance and why she might have come back to the palace.

In the palace Ari cries and cries and cries about not wanting to be the crowned Princess! I want you to save the Queen! Save her! Save her! She holds tight to Kang. But Kang tells them to take her away. Then she meets with a man for a secret request. Former Empress Eun is coming, you need to block her from coming to the palace. Do you understand what that means? He says yes, he always understands her.

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In the palace, Kang-hee and Yura meet in the courtyard. kanghee says that she was too harsh last time to such a poor person. In retrospect, we are in the same position. If there is any trouble, tell me, I pity you. Kang-hee walks off.

Then Kang-hee burns the shoes that she wore at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Hyuk tells the head of police to catch Wang-sik. However he sees Ari crying in his office. Ari tells hyuk to save Suni, she is in jail because of the rabbit. Grandmother put mother in jail, please let her go! She is not guilty.

Hyuk bursts into the jail and tells the guards to open the door. They are hesitant so he physically makes them do it. Then he goes into the jail and apologizes to Suni about being late and not protecting her. He tries to put his coat on her and escort her to her room, but Suni says no, she will go there herself. 

Hyuk sees the divorce document on the ground and shreds it.

Hyuk – Who will get divorced!

he looks evil.

Suni goes out into the courtyard and sees Ari who is crying. Suni tells her not to cry, it is all the adults fault, not yours. But Ari says that she lied to her that day.

Flashback to Ari and Kang-hee and the night that she had to lie about Kanghee coming in late with a cut on her neck and dressed in all black. KH ties a scarf around her neck and tells Ari to tell everyone that she was sick so she was there all day. if you do not help me then I will die today. Do you want your own mother to die?

She drops the tape and says that she has to remember that she never left the room.

Ari tells all of this to Suni. Suni thanks her for telling her the truth. Ari says that she had such a difficult time, she thought being the crowned princess would be great, but it wasnt’ great at all. i  missed all the time I got to play with you.

Suni realizes that the person who attacked the crown prince is Kanghee.

She talks to the spy maid. She has a little cut on her finger and didn’t want to hide anything from her. She tells her that Yoon and Kang had a big argument that night. They talked about Chongdom Island. Kang broke the vase so the maid cleaned it up while they were still fighting. Yoon said that he would find out everything. He stormed out.

The maid says that she does not know why they fought, but it had something to do with Chongdom island. Suni asks if she can testify later? The maid hesitantly nods.

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Then Suni meets with Yura. They talk about what Yura might have found at the mental hospital. Yura says that she looked at the CCTV, someone snuck Joosung out. There was a female nurse that went to the room that day, but Yura did not see her face. The mole comes in and gives Suni the video from the day. It is of Kanghee burning shoes.

Yura recognizes these shoes from the mental hospital. She knows it was Seo Kanghee. She is the one that snuck him out. She has Kang Joosung.

Meanwhile, the former Empress lands in the airport and walks outside. She is not escorted by anyone. The bad guy gets out and tells her that he is there for her. Then they drive out.

The real driver shows up and goes inside late.

Cut to the Empress being driven away and realizing that something is happening. She tries to move and asks where they are going! But they are being followed!

An SUV cuts them off and stops right in front of them. Woobin gets out. The man asks who he is and holds his collar. Woobin pushes him easily to the car and twists his arm. Then he fights with all the people, defeats them, and frees the Empress. She asks who he is. he tells her that it is nice to see her I am Na Wang-sik.

In the palace, Suni recorded the maids testimony and grabs a key behind her painting. Then she opens her safe, but it is empty. She asks what happened and looks around. Hyuk comes in with an autopsy report test and a picture. This might have been in the safe. He plays a recording that was of the two of them talking that night he was a drunk. He tells her that she has a lot of interesting things in her safe.

He got all of this out when the empress was in jail. he searched all over her room and found the safe. The autopsy report is his Grandmothers.

He pushes Suni aside and burns it all in a tiny pot. She tries to stop him but it is too late. She says that she will not give up! She will find it all out! Everything your mother did!

he tells her to not do anything, just quietly live as my woman.

Then he forcefully kisses her as Suni pushes him away.

Fade Out

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I don’t understand how this writer can juggle all these balls in the air at the same time! There are so many story lines going on that all pretty much fit together and yet she has to make new storylines up on the fly with each extension. Wow.


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  1. Julia
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    I absolutely agree that the writer is 👍 to write this drama with all the personalities, plots, twists, and able to keep it cohesive. I am gonna be sad when this drama ends as it is midweek highlight.

    Thanks for the recap too!!

  2. Mai
    February 14, 2019 / 1:20 am

    Thank you Thank you for covering this series! I am beyond grateful for all you have done! I’m sad to see this slowing coming to a close.

    • V
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      Only one week left!

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