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The Last Empress: Episode 43 and 44 Live Recap

The Last Empress Recap Korean Drama

This show is drawing to a close, I think we only have next week left to tie up this latest storyline. It looks like the nanny did it all, y’all! DOn’t hold me to that because I haven’t watching this episode yet, but if I were a betting person, I would put money on it.

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Yoon learns that the nanny is the one that is to blame. He records the video of her with mud on her dress as she talks with a news reporter. But then a bookshelf is pushed on Yoon. Suni hears all of this going on outside and breaks in. But it is too late, Yoon is strangled by the perpetrator. Suni tries to wake him up but sees the person running away and runs to get them.

She goes back to Yoon and sees a piece of a white flower on the gorund. She remembers Hyuk wearing it. Then Hyuk bursts in with his mother. Kang goes straight to Yoon and tries to revive him. Wang-sik comes in with the other guards and tells them to take him to the hospital right now and don’t let anyone else in. Protect this site!

Later on, Wang-sik explains everything to a police officer and gives him the flower that Suni found on the site. The detectives start to talk between each other. One of the police officers tells another that the new building archives from 7 years ago is gone. The main detective says that is the day that Sohyun died. Why is that days record gone? it means that the criminal moved.

Yoon is in the hospital, he is still alive! But he is still passed out and on Oxygen. Helro is crying over his body, kang tells her to shut up. The doctor says that he lost a lot of oxygen, he might die or he might be brain dead if he wakes up. They all argue about that then they wonder what is going on. Sojin thinks that it is all Suni’s fault, after she came to the palace all these bad things happened. grandmother died and the prince is attacked. It is all because of you!

Kang grabs her and tells her that it is all because of you! My son is like this because of you! Hyuk says to let her go. Helro pulls her off. Kang pushes Helro in the face and tells her to let her go. Then she turns back to Suni and tells her that she has to find the criminal. Suni says that Kang needs to know that the palace is hiding all its sins, that is why they repeat. kang says that the palace is not guilty because no one can ask for it.

Suni realizes that Seo kanghee is not there, she runs off. Kang yells after her about how dare she. Suni gets to Kang-hee’s room, she is sleeping, on an IV, and sick. She tells Suni that she was sick so she is in her bed. SUni tells her that she was fine this morning, how are you super sick. She rips off her scarf and tells her that it looks like she has a scratch, tell me, you went to the archives right. How dare you pretend like you are sick when an innocent person is almost dead.

Ari comes in and tells her to stop, what are you doing with a sick person! She is right, she was sick since the afternoon so I was taking care of her. Suni tells Princess Ari not to lie, this is important, was she really here? She left her bedroom didn’t she?

Ari breaks her grasp and asks, you don’t trust me? the nanny sits up and says that she does not know why she is doing this to her, just stop torturing me. Suni tells her that the prince is unconscious by someone that was afraid of what happened to Sohyun. The police are following it so the criminal will be found soon. take care of yourself and get better.

Suni leaves, Ari wonders, the prince was hurt? What happened? Did this have something to do with you! That is why you made me lie! The nanny says that it is not, if anything happens then she will suspect us, don’t be shaken by that, just prepare yourself to be the Emperor. Ari whines and asks if she really didn’t do it? The nanny tells her to trust her. God is helping them. But Ari yells that the prince is hurt! What are you talking about! Are you crazy? Being Emperor is nothing! She runs off.

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The police interrogate all the people about where they were at the time of the incident. They are asking Hyuk were he was and why his flower was there? He says that it is his flower but he did not go there. Why are you accusing me? The detective says that he did not have an alibi. But Hyuk says that his finger prints were not there, someone else did it on purpose. The detective says that they will continue investigating.

They keep investigating. They find the archive entrance key in Hyuk’s room and says that this is the evidence that they need. Elsewhere, Eang-sik says that the polcie are looking around a lot. They will find evidenc with Lee Hyuk. Suni says that someone is trying to blame him, she suspects kanghee. WS wonders about her alibi, do you think princess Ari is lying?

Suni says that it bothers her, the criminal had a similar smell to Kanghee’s room. WS says that Hyuk is the prince suspect now and has the biggest grudge. Suni just wants to find out the truth from 7 years ago. They need to find Yoon’s cell phone, he said that he would film everything with his cell phone, it should have the truth.

Cut to Kang with the cell phone, she snuck it out as she cried over Yoon. She opens it up and watches the video that Yoon took. She thinks that Kanghee is so stupid for leaving this evidence. Flashback to Kang watching Kanghee push Sohyun under the water. In the past she says that she is thankful that Kanghee did it instead of her.

In the present she says that when the prince wakes up, Seo Kanghee is done. She locks the cell phone in a cabinet.

The next day, Suni talks with the detective about the case. Everything is pointing to the emperor, he tells her that she should be ready for the news. But Suni thinks that Seo kanghee is involved in it. kanghee looks at her and thinks that whatever she does, people will think that Hyuk is the criminal. Flashback to Kanghee pushing the files onto Yoon and Killing him.f She was the person behind the mask.

She walks away and calls Reporter Son about writing an article, the title of the article is “The Korean Empire ware of the brothers has started.”

Suni runs off to Min Yura and asks her a favor, can you go to the mental hospital again? Yura is all like, are you crazy? Didnt’ you see me get out? How can I go there again? But Suni tells her to go to the hospital and recover her exfiances memory. They need to find this out. The prince might be the blocking stone.

Yura walks away and walks past Kanghee. But she does not pretend to know her. kanghee tells her to basically wake up and be on the proper line. She pints at her head several times. Yura grabs her hand and tells her that the Emperor is her kids father, she should nto make him the murderer. You area  person that is the poor girl that was not loved by the Emperor, do you think that you will not end up like me? Power in the palace can change at one moment. Do your best, I dont’ know what your ending will be.

Yura walks off. Kanghee says that when her Ari becomes the emperor, she will destroy her first.

Yura goes back to the mental hospital dressed as a patient and hesitantly goes into one of the rooms.

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In the palace, Hyuk tells the detective that he went to the Royal mental hospital using a secret passage, that is his alibi. The detective tells this to Kang, Hyuk says that he went to see a patient. The detective says that they are checking the CCTV. He asks if he knows Kang Joosung? Kang tells him that he needs to behanve well if he becomes the head of the Royal police. She throws him a lot of money.

He smiles and tells her that he is thankful that she always takes care of him. he leaves. kang wonders, is Kang Joosung still alive? She calls her head secretary and tells her to bring Kang Joosung to her right now! The secretary runs off. Kang thinks that the Empress lied to her and is trying to use Kang Joosung against her.

In the mental hospital, Yura talks to Kang Joosung about Kanghee and asks what kind of person she was. He says that she was the best friend to Sohyun, they like similar things and even had morning sickness when Sohyun was pregnant just like Sohyun. But did she have a man? The EMpress did not tell me. 

Yura says that the Empress did not know about it. Kang Joosung asks who the father was? But then someone comes to the door so Yura hides under the bed. She sees the shoes of a person who has rainbow addidas stripes on. This person tells Kang Joosung that it is his check out time. Joosung gets into the wheelchair, but passes out. Yura gets out from her hiding place and wonders what she should do.

The nurse comes in and asks where kang Joosung is. She tells her that someone snuck Kang Joosung out! They both run out. Joosung is put in an ambulance, Seo kang hee is one of the people sneaking him out. They take off.

Kang Joosung wakes up and sees kanghee in the ambulance. He wonders why she is there. He says that it is nice to see him again, it is not a dream right? thank you for being alive like this. He says that she snuck him out? She says that if it was a little later then Kang’s people would come to the hospital. i am sorry to find you so late. I will take you somewhere safe.

In the palace, Yura tells Suni that Kang Joosung was snuck out. they can find out everything with his confession, but he is gone. What if he is killed again? Suni says that she has a spy on Kangs side. Yura thinks that Kang will kill him. Suni says that she will find him. Yura says that the nanny was probably jealous of Sohyun, that is why she killed him. Kang Joosung said that they did everything together. But there is not evidence.

Suni says that they need to make up the evidence, that is what she learned from them.

Cut to a maid running in and telling kanghee that Yoon is almost awake now. Kanghee thinks this is nonsense. The maid shows her a photo and tells her that Suni was looking for a cell phone because it has a video of the criminal. Kanghee drops to her seat. the maid looks at her (cautiously the maid is the mole).

Elsewhere in the palace, Suni talks to Hyuk. She says that she knows that he did not do it. He says that he is sorry he went along with Kang that time they all blamed her for Grandmothers death. he knew she didn’t do it. he asks her to stay with him by his side. But then Sojin runs in and says that Suni and the captain were dating when he was under investigation. She starts to talk about all that and how Suni is a good actor.

Hyuk pushes Sojin away. But Sojin says that Suni likes Captain Chon! It is all your fault! you did not secure your family so my life is all messed up! She tells Suni not to touch her Bin! Suni tells her that she already said she was nothing. Hyuk tells her to go away. Sojin yells at Hyuk and tells him that he is a fool, she is fooling you! ou will regret it!

Meanwhile, Kang is yelling at her secretary and slaps her about losing Kang Joosung. She tells her to find him! The secretary asks about the island. that person does not want to sell the land. Kang tells her that that old woman is still making trouble? What is her name? I should meet her and persuade her, how dare she does not know how scary our empire is.

Then Kanghee runs in and falls to Kang’s feet. She asks her to save her. Yoon is awake. I am not sure when, but Suni secretly met with him. The cell phone has the real murderer, if they find the cell phone then I am dead. No, you won’t be okay because you tried to kill your own son. kang falls to the gorund and asks, what?

Flashback to Kanghee and Kang talking about the nanny stopping Yoon from getting in to the archives. Kanghee tells her that she will take it that she did not hear it. She starts to walk away. But Kang tells her that the evidence that you killed SOhyun is in the archives. What? Are you surprised? Do you really think that no one saw you that day? You pushed your best friend like that, It was good to see your evil face. you tried to be quiet in the palace for 7 years. But I saw you do it. 

Kanghee asks, if you knew everything, why were you quiet for 7 years? 

KH – You used me to kill SOhyun and used the guilty feeling from Hyuk to control him. Right? You are the scary person. How can you make your own son a murderer?

kang – You can’t say that as a murderer. Well, if you want yoon to find the evidence and you will be the murderer, then do what you want.

KH – How can I do this to the prince?

Kang – The first time is difficult, the second time won’t be as difficult. At least I can save your life.

She throws her the white flower and tells her that this will give her an idea as to how to get out of it. 

In the present, Kang tells her to watch her mouth. She trusted her, but her results were so bad, I tried to cover up your DNA from Yoon’s fingernails. That took so much effort. KH asks if she can help her so that Suni does not find the cell phone. Kang says that the police didn’t even find it. How can that baby Suni find it?

Now be careful with your behavior and don’t visit me anymore. I am going to see the prince.

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Kang goes to the princess room where the doctor tells him to have a nice rest and bows to him as he sits in the chair. Kang sees this and asks if he is awake. the doctor says yes, but no one should see him becuase he is in shock. But Kang says that she should see her son. However Suni comes up and says that she should not see him. they argue about that for a moment. Kang blames Suni for making Yoon search the archives. They will know if all when they find the cell phone. Kang tells her that she hopes she finds the cell phone.


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A man yells at Halmoni and daughter about not paying their hospital bill. Just leave! Wang-sik comes up to them dressed as a delivery person and gives them a box. The box is filled with money. The note says that we did not forget the victims from the palace. he signed it with his name, Na Wang-sik.

he gives this delivery of money to all the victims from the palace. There are a list of them. Byun tells him that there are so many victims, but now since you are helping, people have so much curiosity about Na Wang-sik.

WS says that he has to be a very improtant person to find out about his mothers death. The palace should not know about me.

In the palace, the maid runs back and tells Kanghee that Suni found the cell phone in the archive and is going to meet with the prince. kanghee runs off and says that she has to block her! She goes to Yoon’s room where she sees Suni take the phone from Yoon and put it in a drawer. Then doctors come in and tells her that Yoon is ready for his testing. they all leave.

the room is empty so Kanghee goes in to steal the cell phone. She grabs it but hears someone beathing or something. It is Yoon behind the cover. She wonders, how is the prince like this?

Everyone comes back in. Hyuk was actually the person in the wheelchair. They ask her what she is doing there, did you come here to find this! he snatches the cell phone from her. The guards hold kanghee. Suni asks her why she tried to kill the prince and what she did to Sohyun! Tell me now!

kang comes in with her secretary and says that she asked her to. Suni tells her that this perosn tried to kill your son! Kang says that she asked her to do it becaue she did not want to give her son’s cell phone to Suni. She cannot trust her so she told Kanghee to give it to her. Hyuk tells Kang that is nonsense. Kang asks him what he is thinking making this up with Suni and telling everyone that Yoon is awake? Do you want to kill me again?

Kang tells them to let Kanghee go and to leave. But Suni says no, they will take her to the police and asks for a new investigation. kang says that she knows who the criminal is, it is Chon Woobin. Suni asks why? Hyuk asks why she hates Chon so much? Kang asks them why she arrested Chon last time? He tried to be your person but was a doble spy from me to you and you to me. He also tried to seduce Sojin, by head is bursting because of him.

Suni tells her that she has no evidence, you are trying to turn an inncent person into a sinner to protect kanghee. She then picks up Kanghee and tells her that it ws all her. But kanghee says that she just followed Kang’s order.

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Hyuk and Kang go to another room to talk. kang basically says that Suni and Woobin are investigating Hyuk and aer using him. Hyuk has a flashback to Suni questioning him. Hyuk says that he trusts his wife, so stop talking. kang says that when Yoon came, do you know who he saw first? He saw Suni first.

Hyuk asks why she is still doing this with Suni, was Sohyun not enough? kang hands over pictures of Woobin and Yoon and Suni and Byun and says that they are all working together. the boy I brought here was na Wang-sik’s brother. But Byun snuck him out and Woo-bin helped him. It would not be possible without help from the palace.

Hyuk tell sher that he does not trust her! Just leave! But he breathes hard as if he does believe her.

kang leaves looking very happy. She walks off wondering who Hyuk will kill first, Suni or Woobin?

meanwhile, Hyuk sits and thinks about all the suspicious things in his brain with Suni and Woobin. He thinks ti shouldn’t be true, but he remembers all the moments that Woobin and Suni had together where it seemed like Woobin liked Suni. Hyuk throws a huge temper tantrum and breaks lots of things. Then his eyes turn crazy.

Elsewhere in the palace, the detectives arrest Wang-sik as the prime suspect fro Lee Yoon’s murder case.  Cut to him being interrogated in the palace. Wangsik says this is nonsense, why would he do this? the detective says that his record is all erased. Wang-sik says that he met with his friend. But he can’t say who.

Hyuk comes in and asks if Woo-bin met Byun? Wang-sik looks caught. Hyuk asks if he can talk to him in private. The detective leaves. Then Hyuk shows Wang-sik all the photos of them together. he tells him that he tried to be his person and brother but gave his information to his mother and is now working with byun and Yoon? What is your identity? Is this fun? How much fun did you have working with Wang-sik?

Suni comes bursting in and tells Hyuk to stop, he should not have done it. Hyuk asks SUni why she is on the murder suspercs side. Are you all screwing me over! Tell me the truth! he shakes the Empress. Wang-sik preotects her. Hyuk punches him.

Then Hyuk laughs and asks how Woobin can be innocent. He did all this, what is your relationship with Lee Yoon! How dare you make him the Emperor! Tell me the truth. You never know, I might trust you like a fool. Suni tells her to trust whatever he wants to believe becaue he does not want to trust her at all. He has a flashback to Sohyun saying the same thing. Then he starts to strangle Suni.

Wang-sik stops him and sees if Suni is okay. But then Hyuk hits Wang-sik over the head with a chair and tells him not to trust his woman. Wang-sik falls to the ground.

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Later on, Hyuk meets with the butler and checks out Woo-bins medicine and says that the phone he had is a no name phone with names of anyone there. The pain killer is very strong as well. 

The butler says that Woobin’s CT had a bullet in the head at the hospital. It is not a mark, it is an actual bullet. Hyuk wonders, is he…no, nonsense….bring Min Yura to me.

Yura goes in. Hyuk tells her that she is the one that knows Wang-sik the best. Tell me about him. Does he have secret marks? You were a couple. Yura says that NaWang sik has a big surgery mark on the bottom of his stomach.

Hyuk checks Wang-sik’s stomach and does not see a mark. His stomach is clean. Wang-sik is tied up in the torture room just like he was last time. Someone throws water on him that wakes him up. Hyuk asks him if he is looking for his pain killers and asks him why he has headaches, brother?

They get that blue drug out to give it to him. Hyuk tells him that he will be comfortable soon and will only tell them the truth after sleeping for a bit, Woobin.

Yura tells Suni that the emperor suspects Chon. It looks like Yura lied about the mark. Suni asks her to help her. Yura says that she lied to the Emperor, risking her life. But she is done with her part, she has to survive and do something.

Suni meets with all Byun’s guards and tells them that Chon is in danger, they need to find him and sneak him out. They all agree and wait for her order.

Meanwhile, Hyuk is in his office thinking about being used. the butler comes in and says that they found Byun at Suni’s family house. The emperor can’t believe that Suni was protecting Byun this entire time. It makes him sick to his stomach.

All the guards go to the house. Byun fights with a lot of them, but has to stop when they are clearly out numbered.

In the torture room, Woobin is being quetioned about his name and home town and his mothers name. He answers the first two correctly. But he says his mothers name wrong. Hyuk is all like, who? Wang-sik starts yelling and then an alarm goes off. Guards come in and says that there is an intruder who came in, you have to leave.

But the guards are on Byuns side so Suni comes in when Hyuk leaves. They give him his detox shot. Suni slaps him awake and tells him not to die here without getting his revenge. He says that she will be ind anger because of him.

They manage to leave and sneak Wang-sik out to the secret passage. Suni gets a text from Byun that says that hyuk took Dong-sik. This gives Wang-sik all the adrenaline he needs, he starts to walk with determination to get Dong-sik. But Suni says it is a trap, i will take care of DOng-sik, you just leave. he tells her that he can’t leave without DOng-sik.

Yura comes out and says that he should just leave. You and DOng-sik are strangers, dont’ be a nice person, no one will point their finger at you. But he tells her to shut up and not talk about DOng-sik, no matte what anyone says, he is my brother. it has nothing to do with you, understand.

he walks around her and starts to fight his way to get to DOng-sik. He punches several guards and runs all the way to the throne were Kang is there with her secretary and Dong-sik. She is sipping a tea. The Emperor comes in as well and it is all too clear that Woobin is Wang-sik. 

Hyuk – I wish that this was not true, was it really you?

Several men come in with their guns out. 

WS – Yes, I am baekdo’s son whom you killed! Na Wang Sik! You murderer, Lee Hyuk. DIE!!!!

He pulls out his gun on Hyuk and Hyuk pulls out his gun on Wang-sik.

Fade Out

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We have to run so we can’t do the Preview! We are actually not sure if there is a preview. See you next week for the finale!

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