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The Last Empress: Episode 41 and 42 Live Recap

The Last Empress 41 and 42 Recap Korean Drama

Yura and Wang-sik were about to get into it in the end of the last episode. Of course Wang-sik should win, I don’t think Yura will survive his rage unless he decides to let her live. Other than that, everything is working out nicely for our team, so you now that means something is about to happen to mess it all up!

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Wang-sik is able to sneak his little brother out of the palace with Byun’s help. But Yura spots him and hides. However, WS sees her and walks right over to her.

YR – Na Wang-sik….Chon Woobin is Na Wang-sik

WS – Now you recognize me? I am sad, yes, it is me Wang-sik. It is nice to see you again Yura.

He holds her by her neck to choke her. She tries to hit him with a plank. But he stops her.

WS – You tried to kill my mother.

YR – Hyuk did it

WS – Na Piljoo told me everything, you hit her in the head first.

He stops chocking her and tells her to tell him why she did that. His mother was so nice to her. How can you do that as a woman. She loved you more than her own son, me, and also raised Dong-sik as her own son. But to our mom, you had to hit her with a stone. Why did you do that. WHY!

Yura – Yes, I am not human, who asked to raise me and was nice to me? Did you think I was happy? It was horrible living in that poor family. Why raise me? What can you do for me? Why didn’t she abandon me so I can be raised in a nice family. Why raise someone elses kids!

WS – SHut up.

YR – We woudn’t be in this bad relationship and she wouldn’t die like that. She deserves her bad luck and life.

Wang-sik drags her away.


Inside the palace, Hyuk is about to throw himself into the pond. But Suni stops him. He wonders why she wants to save him? Why not just let me die? Suni tells him that she does not want him to run away like this. She wants him to reveal everything and stand right in front of people. Can you do that?

She holds his arm, he is crying.

Hyuk – I will do well from now on, I won’t put you in danger anymore. I will live my life for you Oh Suni.

he gives her a great big hug.

SN – (Don’t die Lee Hyuk, you don’t deserve to die yet).

Outside the palace, Yura yells at Wangsik that she will tell everyone that he is Wang-sik. he tells her that she hit his mother several times and threw her in the sewage so he couldn’t even find her entire body. If you are human, at least you should leave her well. My mother was cold and lonely and you were happily sleeping next to Hyuk. It drives me crazy.

YR – SO WHAT! I was dumped by hyuk because of you and had burns across my body. My life is over now! You are doing this. Mom won’t come back!

WS – Yes, so you should die the same way that Mom died. You shuold go to mom and beg her.

He pulls up a rock to hit her but someone grabs his arm. Its his mother! She tells him that she does not want him to do this. If he does this then he is the same. She tells him that she is fine, don’t suffer. I am okay.

She touches his cheek and asks him why he is so skinny. He cries. She tells him that she is so sad and smiles like a  mama. then she fades away.

Wang-sik drops the rock and keeps crying. Yura tells him that she couldn’t help it back then. Oppa, you are not this kind of person.

He suddenly grips her by her neck again and she passes out.

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In the palace, Kanghee goes to Ari and tells her that she is there to say goodbye to her. Ari asks what she is doing. The nanny says that she does not need her, don’t worry about me dying or whatever, be happy with the Empress. 

Ari – You will make me the Empress.

Nanny – You can’t be the emperor anymore because the Empress blocked everything. She picked Lee Yoon and kicked me out. Don’t be greedy, everything has ended. Why didn’t you listen to me. I told you that the Empress is just your step mom. It is time for me to leave. Don’t get kicked out like me.

Ari – Don’t leave, don’t abandon me. It is all my fault. I will listen to you, don’t leave.

Nanny – Can you really keep your promise?

Ari nods sot he nanny hugs her and smiles.

Cut to Yura waking up in the mental hospital again, she is in the same room as Kang Joosoon. He is hiding. She hops up and yells for Wang-sik to let her out. But then Kang Joosoon calls her name. She turns around and sees that it is Kang Joosoon. She is shocked that he is still alive.

Flashback to Wang-sik going into Kang Joosoon’s room and looking at all the writings on the wall. He figures out that he is Kang Joosoon.

Wang-sik watches their reunion through the one way screen.

Kang Joosoon hugs Yura, she pushes him away and asks why he abandoned her. He says he did not. She asks if he knows how she lived. You ruined my life, my life is ruined because of you. You disappeared so what can i do alone? She starts crying.

But then Kang Joosoon has a vision or something and starts to scream and freak out. Yura tries to help him. But she has to hide when the other doctors come in.

VO – Min Yura, recover Kang Joo-soon’s memory. that is why I am not killing you. Before that, you will not be able to get out of this place.

In the palace, kang’s head secretary tells her that Hyuk went to visit Suni. She thinks he fell in love with her. Kang says that she will not let it happen until the day she dies. She will make him useless as a husband and an emperor.

Cut to Hyuk watching Suni sleeping. She wakes up on her couch. he is decked out in JCrew like he is about to go to the country club. But he is there to serve her all day long. He starts vacuuming and says that his duties are paused so his entire schedule is playing with her all day. She asks if he is insane. he has to do something besides play with her. He has to accept or deny.

But he says that this is his first vacation as an emperor. He wants her to join in with his vacation. the butler comes in and tells him that he did everything he asks. Hyuk asks if he sent all the good things? The butler says yes and then they both smile at Suni like they are on a hallmark card.

In Suni’s house, Helro and Appa look at all this food and also money. The man says that this should be enough money so please don’t make an issue about the blood transfusion. But Appa and Helro want to know what the h*ll he is talking about.

In the palace, Suni and Hyuk change into couples outfits and sit around a little table. Hyuk asked the cooks to prepare all the food she liked. She is surprised because it is not like him, Emperor. He tells her not to call him Emperor anymore. She can call him Oppa or Honey or something like that. Then he asks if he can feed her.

he starts to feed her but suni starts to eat her own food. He says that she is good at everything but she is too independent, however that is his favorite part. Hee hee. he makes her a mixed coffee and they sit to enjoy it together in their indoor tent.

Hyuk – This is like a dream to have a day like this were I can drink mixed coffee together with you. Every since I was born, I never lived my life freely, is this like a honey moon?

SN – Our honey moon was cancelled because of the crane accident at the wedding

Hyuk – Sorry, that is all my fault, if I could go back.

SN – there is no cancel button in life

But then Appa runs in and asks if Hyuk sent this. Hyuk is all like, yes! I sent it! I can send more! But Appa throws it away and asks if he can apologize with money! Without you my kids mom would still be alive! Suni asks how appa knew? Did you tell him? Hyuk says no.

Appa says that her mom died because of this jerk, your mother would be so sad in the sky. Suni says that she could not tell him or Helro because they would be so sad. Appa tells her that they shuld leave together, I canot leave you in this family. Divorce him, this bad guy! Appa slaps Hyuk. The guards grab appa.

But Hyuk doesn’t want appa hurt, he tells the guards to walk him out politely and take him to his house. Appa pulls Suni to go home with him. But Hyuk grabs her. She asks why he told him, they shouldnt’ know this. Hyuk says it is a misunderstanding.

SN – How can you cover up my Mom’s death with money? Are you really a human being.

Hyuk – If I tell you that I didn’t do it, will you believe me?

SN – No, I don’t believe you, I am sick and tired of you.

She runs out.

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In kang’s quarters, kang asks her secretary if everything went well with the money. She says yes. they even put her father in the shed and threatened him.

Suni waited for her appa at home, but he did not come home for a long time. Suni and Helro find out that he was threatened in the palace.

Suni goes back to the palace with a fury, but then she overhears the secretary tell another man that he did a good job. take care of the in-law side.

In his room, Hyuk remembers Wang-sik tell him that his mother will never stop and Suni will not be safe so long as she is in the palace. he thinks Sohyun and his bird both didn’t survive. He cries as he thinks that he shouldn’t love Suni, he has to wake up and let her go. Don’t give her a hard time anymore. Just abandon her, you a-hole.

But then Suni comes in so he has to pretend like he wasn’t crying. he tells her that she figured it out, he did it. And he was the one that ordered to kill her with the crane and he ordered to push her off of the cliff. I am an a-hole. It was fun to trick you but I am tired of this. You are good at making people sick and tired Oh Suni. He rips off his bracelet and yells at her.

She slaps him and calls him a crazy bad guy. 

SN – Do you know what the worst thing you did is? The Emperor does not deserve to be Emperor. You are cowardly and stupid, the Emperor is like this, that is why the Empire is rotting. If you are really sorry to me then wake up, don’t go away, and cut off your own rotten flesh. I know you didn’t do it.

She walks away, but he runs to her and hugs her.

HK – do you trust someone like me? I always gave you a hard time

SN – I never told you that I trust you. But not saying things after knowing it is a sin also.

She walks away.

Suni runs into Kang outside int he courthouse. She tells Kang that she looks good, she must have good circulation with all the cleaning she is doing now. I will accompany you today. Lets go.

They all go to the museum together. Kang tells Choi that she will use the bathroom, CHoi goes to empty it. But Suni tells CHoi that she has to keep the rules unless she wants to get blamed for abusing your power. You need to stand in line.

So Kang goes to stand in line and has to wait and wait while about to pee her pants. She has to wait for the line to go all the way down. Suni gives her a  hard time and steps in front of her to make her bathroom line even longer.

She also makes Kang take the stairs instead of the elevator. Kang yells at her about it when they are by themselves. But they start to draw a crowd. Suni asks how she thinks her family felt when she cut the line to take that blood. For you, going to the restroom or using the restroom is a little delay. But my mother lost her life.

Kang asks how long she thinks the Emperor can protect her. Suni says that she can protect herself. She will show them that someone like her cannot touch her. Kang says she will shred her, Suni tells her to calm down and walks away.

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The Prime Minister visits his sick wife in the hospital. The nanny also goes to visit her. The Prime Minister asks who Kanghee is and why she is there. he tries to tell her to leave. But Kanghee says that his wife needs to know the truth. The wife asks what she is talking about.

Nanny – He pretends like he is the best husband ever, but he wants to sleep with me behind everyones back. I am Ari’s mother. he approached me to promote Ari to the Emperor. I was afraid of your power, Prime Minister, but I cannot lie to my conscience anymore. He took me to a hotel and left his sick wife here.

The Prime Minister tells her to stop and hits her or pushes her to the floor. His wife passes out.

VO – It is your mistake Prime Minister, I am not the one you can dump so easily. If you do not have anything for Ari anymore, then you should be removed.

In the Palace, Yoon asks Suni if she saw the news article? Suni says yes, now she knows how scary So Kang hee is. they wonder if she really saw Hyuk kill Sohyun. Suni asks for more details about her. Yoon says that she went to a building ceremony, people saw her at the party. Suni asks if she really went there. Yoon says that people saw her there.

Suni mentions that she heard that Sohyun could swim well, how deep was the pond? Yoon says that they remodeled the pond because one of the maids died on accident, so they made is shallow. Suni says that the water wasn’t deep and she was good at swimming, so that means that something happened. Yoon says that he will read the archive.


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Yura gets out from hiding so that she can eat kang Joosoon’s food. he asks where the baby is? She yells at him about not paying attention to it. He says that he was on his way to see her. Flshback to him walking with flowers to see her, but CHoi hits him in her car and drives off. He hits the window and falls to the ground.

Hyuk runs up to him and tells him not to die. Tell me the truth! Tell me then die!

Kang Joosoon says that it was this person! He points to the magazine and then starts screaming about how it was all Kang. Yura tells him to tell her the details. He says that the secretary hit him with her car. Yura takes that in for a moment.

Outside somewhere, Sojin calls Wang-sik out and says that they should start over. The Queen said that she does not love you. Wang-sik says that he is not the person that can love anyone right now. She says that she will die, then she takes off running to the street.

he has to run off and save her as she runs into the street. He has to tell her that her life is important, you can’t just throw it away! One day is so precious for some people. But you are throwing away your precious life for someone like me? Please don’t do that.

Sojin goes to see her mother. Kang says that she does not want to see her. Sojin asks if she can make Chon Woobin hers? I like him. Kang is all like, no, don’t you know what he did to me? How can you like that guy? Sojin says that he liked her but now everything is ruined. Why did you involved him with the Empress and make him leave me? You haven’t done anything for your own daughter, so please listen to my request.

Kang – Not hime!

Sojin – I will marry him! Even if I have to break his leg! I will make him mine!

Kang – (When did Chon Woo-bin seduce Sojin? What is his identity?)

Cut to Wang-sik practicing his target practice. He is an excellent shot. But then he sees Hyuk in front of him and starts to shoot him. He shoots him several times but Hyuk keeps coming. He even shoots him in the head. But Hyuk just smiles at him and keeps standing.

Hyuk – is the one you want to kill, me?

Wang-sik turns his head and sees Hyuk behind him. He tells him that he was just practicing for his 10 year ceremony for being Emperor. He is actually practicing for Wang-sik, right? Hyuk says that he will look forward to that day. then he leaves and asks one of his butlers what happened with Chon Woobin’s background check. No one knows Woobin. He is perfect on paper, but it seems like he does not exist.

The butler says that someone wants to see him. He goes outside and sees Captain Choo. Hyuk asks how he is still alive. The Captain says that he is there to exchange Chon Woobin’s life and his, because he found the real Chon Woobin.

Inside Wang-sik gets a gun held to his head. But he is able to disarm those two guys. However a third man hits his head and then more come. He is surrounded.

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In the palace, Suni sits to eat with Ari, but Ari throws a temper tantrum and says that she knows that she is the one that vetoed her becoming the Emperor. Suni says that it is not like that. Ari says that seh does not want to hear anything, the nanny was right, you don’t want me to be the First Princess or the Emperor. You dont’ love me as a read daughter, you tricked me. Dont’ come to by place anymore.

Ari leaves. Suni is steamed and thinks that So Kang-hee did this. She finds kanghee and asks her what she said to that little kid. Kanghee tells her that it is her problem that she takes her as a little kid. SN tells her that she is the one thta wants the power, she wants to become like Kang. How can you be so similar to her that you also want to make your own kid your own puppet? Do you really want to make Ari like Hyuk? It was my good choice to stop you.

Nanny – Stop me? DOn’t be mixed up, I will make her Emperor.

SN – You used the Prime MInister and now make yourself the victim. I acknowledge your ability to be two faced. But how long will people be tricked by you?

nanny – In the palace, who will trust who more? I lived here since I was 19.

SN – We will see your lies one by one. Your perfect lies should have pot holes.

Meanwhile, Hyuk sees the real Chon Woobin in the hospital. The Captain says that he is sure that this is the real Chon Woobin, he reserached it with Yura. Hyuk asks where Yura is? The Captain says that he lost contact with her, but you should remove Chon Woobin.

Yura comes in and says that this patient is not Chon Woobin. She slaps The Captain and asks how dare he tricked the Captain. He has a grudge because he was ordered to kill himself because of captain CHon. He wants to come back to the palace. he also threatened me to tell you the same. I refused it but he held me captive. I just got out.

Captain – Min Yura!

Yura says that she suspected Woobin, but she back ground checked him and his identity is okay. She gives all his information about Woobin’s life and how his parents died when he was young and he was in the hospital for a long time due to a car accident so that is why people forgot about him. You can investigate it to learn more.

Hyuk pulls the Captain away. The captain asks how Yura can do this to him. Yura tells him, why did you save me? I dont’ know what I will do the captain laughs then screams.

Meanwhile, Yura is being tortured by Kang in a secret room. Several people are torturing him. Kang asks what his real identity is and who is behind him. Woobin says that he deserves all the things about the princess but he does not regret betraying her. kang picks up one of the hot metal pieces and says that she will torture him herself. She holds the hot rod to his face.

But then Hyuk comes in before she can put it on his skin and tells him not to touch his person. She says that he is a suspicious person. Hyuk says if anyone tortures Woobin then it will be him. Now release him!

Woobin is released and falls to the ground all bloody and beat up. Hyuk helps him up and carries him out to his room. Suni sees this and is worried, but Yura asks him why she is worried, who is she worried about.

They start to talk about Na Wang-sik and Suni. Is she on his side? Suni asks how Yura came to the palace and came back? You are the one with the most grudge against the Royal family. You should have heard everything about Kang Joosoon. Now open your eyes and see the reality. The one you should kill is not Na Wang-sik, it is Kang. She is the one that made your life like this.

Yura – Shut up, you don’t know anything.

SN – I will not be on your side for long. I have to shut your mouth against a big evil. 

Yura says that she will decide whether she will have revenge or screw up Hyuk and Kang in her own way. So don’t pretend like you care about me. I will decide when I want to reveal his identity. You know I have nothing.

Suni tells her that she is a smart girl, you know how we van use each other in just the right amount that we need. I am done calculating, so come and see me when you are done.

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The Royal family end up meeting, Yoon wants to review the archives. Hyuk says that they cannot review it unless one empire ends. Yoon asks why they are so hesistant, is it about the truth about Sohyun or is it Chung Geom island?

They tell him to watch his mouth. He asks them if they forgot that he is the Emperor now? he is there to reinvestigate Sohyun’s death. You need to follow my decision.

Hyuk lifts him up and they start to argue about who deserves to be the Emperor. Kang tells them both to keep their dignity. No one can open the archives. if he does it then he is breaking the law. The internal investigation team will not let it happen. he will be fired.

Helro comes in with her luggage and greets everyone. Suni asks her why she is there? She says that she is there to see her honey. Did you tell them? I am his girlfriend. Hello mother.

Kang is all like, what? How dare you call me Mother? Who is your mother?

Sojin tells her fighting! And starts clapping. kang is losing her mind. SHe says that she is not granting this relationship. One Oh is enough, not two! Leave! Yoon tells her to keep her manners to his girlfriend. Kang calls him crazy. How dare this B is your girlfriend.  Helro happily smiles and tells her to take it as fate.

Helro – This royal family is undetachable from the Oh family. We are here so if you give up we will feel better.

Kang – How dare you! I hate you more than Oh Suni!

Cut to the archive room. Yoon says that he will go inside himself, if Suni is found there then it will be a big issue. He puts his card on the pad and is let in.

The archive room is dark so Yoon has a hard time looking around But he finds the area that he is looking for and finds the day that he wants to look at. he sits at the computer and looks at the image of the event that was going on at the same time. He saw Sohyun at 7:40pm that night. Then after that So Kanghee went to the event. 

She spoke to an interviewer about how she is the head of the secretary team and thanked them for the new building. But then she wanted to leave right away. However the interviewer says that her clothing and everything was so muddy, why is that, it did not rain. Did you go somewhere?

Yoon takes note of that. But then we see a shadow moving int he room. Yoon does not see it, he just records the computer. However this person pushes the stacks and they fall on Yoon.

Suni hears this outside and calls to see if the First Prince is okay. But he is not answering. He is trapped below the stacks and the masked man is trying to choke him. Suni breaks in so the person takes the tape and runs away.

Suni runs to see if she can find this person that ran away, but they are able to lock the door. However, Suni sees a flower on the ground and remembers that Hyuk was wearing one just like it.

But then everyone comes into the room and sees Suni standing there over Yoon.

Fade Out

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Wow, the twists and turns keep coming! I hope Yoon is okay! I was about to love the storyline of Helro becoming the new Empress. That was so hilarious.

I am super happy that there was a record of the nanny with mud and water all over her outfit so it looks like she will get her comeuppance! But it might take a while to get there.


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  1. Anh Roff
    January 31, 2019 / 10:43 am

    Does it mean Yoon dies? In some reviews they confirmed his death.

    • V
      January 31, 2019 / 11:39 am

      It looks like it. Poor guy, I was looking forward to his turn in the spotlight.

    • Rose
      January 31, 2019 / 11:55 am

      What?! Yoon is going to die??! 😳

      • V
        January 31, 2019 / 6:37 pm

        I know!!!! I’m sad about it. I hope it’s fake.

  2. January 31, 2019 / 10:49 am

    this show is roller coaster crazy! 😀

    • V
      January 31, 2019 / 11:39 am

      For Real!

  3. Rose
    January 31, 2019 / 11:53 am

    Wow! I knew this episode is going to be intense just by watching the clips….but man! Didnt expect that there seems to be people switching sides, its more intense than i imagined! And who knew that there is someone more evil than the Dowager…its the NANNY! 😂 and who knew Yura is going to cover-up Wang Sik? The twists and turns of this drama are never ending! 😄

    Thanks V! ☺

    • V
      January 31, 2019 / 6:37 pm

      The nanny is so evil!

  4. Julia
    January 31, 2019 / 9:06 pm

    Do we know if Ari is really the Emperor’s daughter?

    • Rose
      January 31, 2019 / 9:31 pm

      Actually thats a good question, knowing how evil her mom is, is Ari really the Emperors daughter? Hhmmm….

      • V
        February 4, 2019 / 11:05 am

        Right, they could have faked the results of the blood test or did something else sinister. Poor little thing. I think she will be better outside the palace though.

    • V
      February 4, 2019 / 11:05 am

      I think they did a blood test, but I’m not sure.

  5. Janet
    February 6, 2019 / 2:29 am

    The storyline is a little over the top. The scriptwriter seem to just out of covienent put everything together. Some of the events simply appeared out of nowhere and expect us to believe in order to push the story forward.
    1) I don’t buy into the theory that Wang Sik suddenly change into a handsome man Woo bin and within such a short time! Unless he is an alien.
    2) Byun happen to be at the palace gate looking for Yoon. Isn’t he asking for trouble? What happen to him? Isn’t he in hiding from the palace?
    3) The empress sneaking into the palace after been on the wanted list? Is the palace so easy to break into?
    4) Woo bin abilities to cover himself every time and the empress saving him at the hospital is too forced to convince me. Too convenient again.
    5) Who goes into a bath wearing long pants? I assume only the emperor? Perhaps he is too out of his mind? …..

    Strong points
    1) The actor that played the emperor is so convincing as the mental unstable man. I don’t know what to feel about him. He can be super sweet and hilarious one moment. The next moment be a psychotic man with murderous intend. On the other hand, I pity his upbringing and the way he behaves was not his fault as he was nurtured and poisoned by everyone. This conflict feeling is when we know he is a villain but a victim at the same time.

    2) The other characters were well casted but the most character development is still the emperor. Bravo to the cast for being so dedicated to their roles.

    3) The twist and turn in between and the fast pace of the drama. Who to root for? The empress with woo bin or emperor Hyuk? I hope there will be a good ending. Not necessarily happy but the ending should account for all the things. The wicked ones should be punished.

    • Katakwasabi
      February 6, 2019 / 6:24 am

      Lol. This drama needs to be watched with logic pushed aside. Its totally OTT. Once i discarded my logic, TLE is very, very entertaining. I don’t usually do this, but somehow for TLE i’m fine with the absurdity.

      And agreed with the emperor as a strong point. Shin Sung Rok is absolutely amazing as loony and sane emperor. He acts both extremes so well to the point i find it difficult to hate him. In fact i root for him to be better mentally and at least have someone genuine by his side to help him pull him out from his own disructive mind. Hua3

  6. Kelana
    February 7, 2019 / 8:04 am

    is the next episode not aired yet? it should have been yesterday right?

    • V
      February 8, 2019 / 5:21 pm

      They missed one episode this week due to the Lunar holiday.

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