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The Last Empress: Episode 39 and 40 Live Recap

The Last Empress Korean Drama 39 and 40

We’re hopping into this one right away!

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Wang-sik runs across the palace courtyard and to the EMpresses room. But the Empress is not there, Hyuk is there waiting for him and asks him why he is always looking for his woman?

Hyuk stands and asks how long he has betrayed him? Several guards run out with their guns pointed at Hyuk. Hyuk asks again, how long have you been betraying me! WS says he will tell him everything, but please take the bodyguards away.

The bodyguards leave. hyuk asks what his true heart is for the Empress. WS says that he likes her. Hyuk grabs him by the collar and asks how come he can do that. How can you betray me? Wang-sik asks Hyuk, if you like her a little bit then you should let her go. You will never be able to make her happy.

Hyuk screams and asks if WS really wants to die? why are you instigating me like this? 

WS says that he pitied the Empress who never had a good nights sleep ever since she came to the palace because Hyuk and his mother are always trying to kill her. You know that.

Hyuk says that he will be nice to her now, he will protect her now! WS asks how he can keep saying the same thing? Your mother will never stop. SO long as Suni is your woman, her life will always be threatened.

Hyuk tells him to shut up, he says anything lese then he will put a bullet in his head. This is his last warning as his hyung. WS tells him that he will not be able to kill him. he pulls out Wang-sik’s letter that threatens Hyuk on the anniversary. he tells him that he will bring Wang-sik to him, that will be the last thing he can do as his captain. that will be his last wish.

Hyuk holds the gun to Wang-siks head, tears fall on his cheek, then he puts the gun to his side. Wang-sik breathes in relief.

Outside the palace, Suni and Byun meet. Byun tells her that it is like the Quet before the storm. Hyuk and his mother have turned on each other. Who will be the next emperor? Suni asks what happened to Chon? He is angry all of a sudden and does not speak. Do you know anything?

Byun says that he told him not to tell her, but you should  know that he will die. He only has 3 months to live. Suni takes that information in with a heavy heart. 

Back in the palace, she passes by Wang-sik walking with the other guards.

VO – In this situation, that stupid guy only worries about you.

Wang-sik keeps walking away with this guards.

VO – Na Wang-sik, don’t worry about me. I am going to fight until the end with your share as well. I will keep my promise that I will protect you.

meanwhile, kang’s maid lets her know that she has a letter for her. Kang asks if she has something else to be surprised with. It looks like they are going to privatize the construction company. kang hops up and asks how they can privitize their profitable contsrturction company? What did I do so wrong?

The maid says that she also has to do community service. Kang wants to know why she has to do it. The maid says that she has to do it or they will force her to do it.

Suni comes in and says that is not enough. The maid tries to keep Suni away but Suni pushes the maid away. Then Suni sits. kang tells her that she is a gangpae. Suni says she didn’t know? I am a stage gangpae.

SN – I will cut to the chase, I found teh lawyer that made the will, you sent him to America. I am looking for him seriously. When I find him, we can have tea together. I wonder how you fabricated the will.

Kang – I am your mother in law even though you are from an uneducated family.

SN – Yes, I am going to get an apology with all these materials, I don’t need it from your mouth anymore.

She plays a recording that Yoon had with the doctor about the patient that should have the blood transfusion instead of Hyuk. But that patiend died due to no money and no power.

SN – You fake that you care about citizens, but you get the blood first. What do you think will happen when your true self is revealed to the public? And you put a bomb at the bazaar sale and broke the car breaks and tried to kill the Empress of the country. Should I properly reveal everything?

Kang – What do you want?

SN _ Give me back everything that grandmother gave to me. 

Kang – Okay, I will

SN -One more thing, I have been married for awhile so you should give the key to me and the Empire economy rights.

Kang – But I don’t trust you, are you crazy? I can’t

She starts playing the recording again.

SN – What should I do?

Kang – Okay, I will give it to you. I will give everything to you okay?

Suni stands and leaves. Kang looks like she suffered another defeat.

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Outside the palace, the princess walks around with the nanny. Ari is not that happy to be there since she has to read a lot right now. The nanny tells her that this building has a hundred years of history, it is the landmark for the palace shopping mall. it will be yours soon so you should have a good look at it. Ari is amazed that the shopping mall will be hers. The nanny says yes, she needs to endure all the hardships.

In a restaurant, Wang-sik meets with Sojin early in the morning. She thinks he will propose to her but he tells her that they should break up. He is the bad guy, he shouldn’t have dated her to begin with. I am very sorry. Sojin tells him not to abandon her, she will do better. But he says that they should break up. He is really sorry about it.

Sojin is upset about it all.

In the palace, Ari is studying with the nanny when Suni comes in compaining about how much studying Ari is doing. How can she eat while studying? What if she has a stomach ache. Ari tells her that she is fine, she is like this. She also hides her face a little bit. But seh thinks about the nanny telling her that Suni can get pregnant and then Ari is out.

Suni tells her not to read all that all evening. Ari asks if she does not want her to be smart? I can’t just play as you ask me to.

SN – I want you to be smart, but reading these difficult books will not make you smart or give you wisdom. Now is the time to play. Will you be trapped in the room all day and then apply for a government exam? No more books for you

Ari – Why do you do this!

SN – You can come to see me if you want to eat dinner together, I will wait for you.

Suni pulls the nanny to the side and tells her not to play with her kid. You are ruining her, you should be ashamed as a mom. the nanny asks if she ever had a baby or cried all night due to a fever? You cannot say that you love Ari more than me. Suni says that she never had a baby or spent all night with them, but she does know how to raise kids into monsters. She does not want her daughter to become a monster under the weight of these books.

She walks away.

Cut to Hyuk pulling a suitcase to the Empresses room. It is a bit of comic relief as he opens the luggage and starts to take out couples pillows, slippers, night gowns, cups, dolls, couple everything. He sets them up all round the room and smiles. then he thinks about the first night they spent together. She was happily looking at him sleep in the morning and commented on how he looked like a picture. She was so happy.

Hyuk thinks that they should live like a real couple. He looks out the window and wonders what that is. But then Suni comes and sees all the couples things all around. he wonders how she likes it. If she does not like it then he will remove it. 

She asks what else he wants to do with her. he says that….you know….tonight….sleeping….

SN – Okay, tonight come to my bedroom.

Hyuk – Really??? Okay, we have to prepare a lot, so lets see each other tonight!

Suni thinks that tonight they need to have a long long long talk.

Meanwhile, Yura tells Dong-sik that she found his broher and does not need him anymore. DS says that he saw him yesterday. Yura puts some fear tactics in him and says that his brother will die because of him. She leaves the door open. Dong-sik walks out and looks around for his brother. Yur follows him.

he finds Ari and asks for her cell phone. She gives it to him after he yells for it. Dong-sik runs away.

Wang-sik is with his guards and gives them all their money that the palace took from them. He tells them to think about their family members and work hard for the empire. But then he gets a phone call from Dong-sik to see if he is okay. Yura grabs the phone but Dong-sik bites her hand so Wang-sik is clued in on things.

Yura pushes him to the ground. Suni comes around the corner and asks what she is doing to this little kid. She also asks why she has Ari’s cell phone. Suni takes it and erases the phone number. Then she tells Dong-sik to give it back to Ari. Yura tries to follow her but Suni stops her and asks if she still thinks she is the Secretary Min from before?

Yura tells her that she is just paper. But Suni grabs her and tells her that she treated her with manners but now she is making her angry. She pushes her to the floor. 

SN – You didn’t hear that rumor that I have a bad temper? I have a bad temper to where I will step on people who are bad humans. What are you going to do? So what if he is Wang-sik’s brother? Why dod you look so suprised? He said youa re his noona. But if he is Na Wang-sik’s brother, what do you thik the Emperor will do? I know Na Wang-sik a little bit, the emperor told me. Can you treat him like that? The son of the woman who took you as a real daughter? You don’t deserve to be human because you returned the favor like this.

YR – What is up with you and Wang-sik? Are you on his side openly now? Why are you doing this? I wonder what the reason is.

She walks away but Suni’s maids grab her and make her kneel.

SN – Yura, you mistreated our important guests and lowered our dignity, so from today you are fired.

YR – You can’t do this

Maid – Kang gave her the power of Human resources and Economy. 

the maids ask what they shuld do with her? Suni says that they should punish her, but it is her job to embrace a person with a blemish. From now on I will make her my maid.

YR – No, I don’t want to!

SN – I will teach her about what she did wrong one by one. That is an Empress with dignity, right?

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Cut to Sojin forcing Suni to sit in a massage machine so she can tell her a n interesting story between man and woman. 

SJ – Tell me, what is your relationship with Chon Woobin?

SN – Nothing

SJ – Really? Okay, I thought so, you are married. How can you be interested in Captain Chon. But I can’t explain why he wants to push me away. it drives me crazy. i will warn you like this, if I see you close to each other then I will detroy everything you or woobin do.

Meanwhile, Kang has to clean a museum as part of her community service. The maid tells her what to clean and has the photographers take her photo. She tells them to stop taking photos because seh is tired of doing all this.

But then Geum-mo finds her with all his neighborhood friends and they all start to film her and take photos. He tells his friends to take photos! kang tries to run away and the maid sprays windex in his face. But they can’t go far because she still has to clean so the maid and Kang start to clean vigorously. Geum-mo tells his friends to post everything as a live feed.

Later on, Kang relaxes after cleaning. But she still has 40 minutes of cleaning to do. Kang does not want to do it and argues about who does the full amount of cleaning. Helro is hiding and live broadcasts kang telling her maids that she wants to leave now. All the maids try to grab the computer from her but no one can reach it because Helro is pretty darn tall. kang decides to tell the camera that it is all a mistake, I will continue cleaning.

the comments on the screen say that that is their neighborhood museum so they will go there and watch her clean.

Cut to everyone watching Kang cleaning. Kang is so annoyed. She also notices that one of their palace items are in this museum. It was donated by Na Wang-sik.


back in the palace, Hyuk throws all his clothes away as he tries to figure out what to wear. kang comes in and asks who Na Wang-sik is. She shows him the news that shows the vase from Goryeo Dynasty. Na Wang-sik donated it. A lot of poeple are introduced in him.

kang says that this is the one she gave Hyuk for a present, it was so difficult to find. How come Wang-sik donated it? Hyuk says that Yura stole it from his secret safe. kang asks if Yura took it and gave it to Wang-sik?

Hyuk tells Yura to come in front of him, she says that she did not steal it. Maybe Wang-sik just stole it. he can do it with our fingerprints. She suspect Woobin for helping him. Hyuk asks what her evidence is? Why talk about that again. Yura shows the button that Hyuk gave Woobin for becoming captain. Yura said that someone picked it up in the palace. Hyuk can’t believe he would lose it. Yura tells him not to trust Woobin, that is my last bit of advice to you.

Hyuk thinks that is nonsense, but he also looks concerned. he looks at the button again.


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Later on, kang gives herself a laser massage on her forehead when the nanny comes in and asks about her promise to make Ari the Empress. Kang tells her that she is the one that didn’t keep it a secret. Oh Suni knows everything. how can I trust you? The nanny says that she will take care of it, just start removing Prince Lee Yoon. 

kang wonders, it is not like you want to make Ari Emperor, it is that you want to take over my place. Until I take care of it, dont do anything. The nanny thinks that she will perform all the politics for Ari since she is her daughter. the nanny leaves. Kang whispers, how dare she.

kang meets with the Prime Minister. But Byun is dressed like a cleaning person and goes to the door. he then meets Suni by the elevtor and gives her the key to room 3613. 

Inside the room, the nanny tells the Prime Minister that they cannot trust Kang. She gives him evidence to present to the internal investigation. it is her recording that Lee Hyuk killed Sohyun. The Prime Minister asks if it is true. She says yes because he is Ari’s real father so she did not want to say the truth. But she saw it. he should keep it anonymous. 

the Prime Minister wonders, If everyone believes this, then Hyuk should not be Emperor anymore. If we make a case that Yoon wants to be the Emperor and use the sister in laws death, then I will block his evaluation. the nanny says that she trusts him.

They look to the bedroom and walk there together.

Suni quietly goes into the room and records everything.

Back at the palace, Hyuk checks Wang-sik’s badge and asks if it is the one he gave him. WS says it is. But then Hyuk asks what about this one? he holds up the other badge and says that this is the only one with a golden tiger. WS says that he actually lost it. he is not sure where he lost it. he did not want to tell him because no excuse would work. I am really sorry.

Hyuk – Chon Woobin, I trust your loyalty is not fake. I am going to go to Suni so I don’t need any guards. You may leave.

Wang-sik leaves.

back in the hotel, the Prime Minister relaxes on the couch when Suni reveals herself.

SN – it was fun to watch.

PM – Empress?!

SN – I did not know that you and Kanghee are in this kind of relationship. You sold out your sick wife, I recorded it all. Should I send this to your wife in the hospital? it will be shocking, but she should know how much trash her husband is.

PM _ What do you want?

SN – Yes, I knew that we should talk, this Prime Minister with ambition. Don’t touch Lee Yoon. you will be fired first.

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In the palace, Hyuk waits for Suni and does a few pushups and thinks when he sees Yura. he is all like, why are you here? She tells him that she is Yura’s maid now. Hyuk tells her that he does not want to see her here! Go far away. Yura walks to a corner, but then he says farther, so she walks farther, but he says even farther, so she walks farther away.

He is happy with that and goes inside. Suni happily greets him. He tells her how pretty she is, she smiles and says that she cannot hear cheesy things like that without a drink. They sit on the couch and have a love shot. Suni really tries to swallow her pride as she gets him drunk and drunk and drunk. She only pretends to drink.

Hyuk tells him that they should play a game. She is all like, the Kings game? He says a truth game. Suni says that she is curious, who killed grandmother? I want to know that and you know everything. What is the reason that you cannot tell me….did you do it?

Hyuk says it wasn’t me! I saw it all!

Suni asks what happened. Hyuk says he saw who put the poison in her lunch box, that person is the real murderer. Suni asks who that person is. Hyuk is hesitant, but says it was his mother. She is the one that put poison in her lunch box. Suni asks if what Min Yura said is what hyuk saw? Hyuk says yes, bingo. 

But then he turns on his charms and says that he told her to truth so she should give him a present. He puckers up his lips. Suni goes to give him a kiss but head butts him instead. He passes out. 

Yura overhears it all and runs away. Suni sees her and says that she needs to run away and tell Kang everything, that is why she put her there.

In Kang’s room, Kang is freezing. the maid says that it was Suni’s order that she cannot heat up her room like before. kang is all like, huh? She’s happy after getting the key to our economy. then she asks what this gift is? It is from Suni.

Note: It will help if you put this on the windows.

It is a roll of bubble wrap that Kang starts to pop with aggression as she says, how dare Oh Suni try to humiliate me!

Then Yura runs up and tells Kang that she should remember what the Empress told her before. You put the poison in the Empresses lunch box. Kang asks her if she is crazy? how can you become the maid for the Empress. Yura tells her that actually the Emperor told her to say that. She jsut said everything that Hyuk wanted so he would save her life. She didn’t know that he really saw what happened. But I just heard it. Did you poison the Grandmother?

Kang tells her to shut up, what are you talking about? Yura says that she overheard Hyuk confess what happened that day to the Empress. kang stands up alarmed and asks, he confessed! he is going crazy with love! Yura tells her that she is the only one she can rely on, she will keep her mouth quiet. Kang wonders what she saw.

Meanwhile, Suni and Wang-sik practice self defense together. Hyuk interrupts them and wonders what they are doing. he says that he is teaching her self defense. Hyuk says that he can do that. You can leave.

WS starts to walk out. But he overhears Hyuk ask Suni why she disappeared when they spent the night together. Are my lips okay? She puckers up and she wants to punch him right in the kisser.

But then a man runs in talking about Sohyun’s reinvestigation.

Cut to a meeting of the families as the man says that a witness has come forward as the person that saw the murder. Hyuk asks who saw it? The Prime Minister says that the witness feels threatened so we will not reveal her identity. But there  are similarities to Prince Yoon’s confession. So, until we finish the investigation, all Emperor Lee Hyuks rights and duties will be passed on to the net person.

Hyuk stands and asks who will do it! The Prime Minister says that they will investigate Yoon to replace Lee hyuk. the nanny smiles and says that they need to say that they are going to put Ari as the next one!

PM – We decided that Yoon is able to serve his duty. He will be the temporary Emperor.

The nanny is shocked, Hyuk is shocked. Suni is pleased.

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Suni greats Yoon in her quarters. he says tat he heard that she is the one that stopped Seo Kanghee. Suni says that it is just now starting. Yoon is happy that the truth is being revealed even if it is slowly revealed. Suni hopes that Yoon will help her now that he has the power of the Emperor.

Meanwhile, Ari is wearing her tiara and her cape for when she becomes the Emperor. She looks in her mirror happily, but then she grows sad as she thinks of Ari and all the care and affection she showed her with raising her. She starts to cry and reads the texts Suni sent her like did you eat? I made dukbogi, I miss you.

Ari runs out to see Suni, but Kanghee holds her back and tells her to wait a little bit longer, no one will help us. Ari tell sher that she hates everything, she does not carea bout being the Emperor, she wants to play and eat her ddukbogi and pop the bubble wrap. I hate all these other things!

Kanghee asks her if she is really okay to be kicked out of the palace? Ari tells her that she is really bad, the only good mother to me is the Empress! She runs away. But then Kanghee falls to the ground and tells her that she is her mother. I am yoru mother. You are smart, but how can’t you know this!

She starts crying Ari turns around and looks at her in shock.

Elsewhere, Hyuk goes into his office and sees Yoon sitting there. Yoon told him that he told him he would be back and take over the office. Hyuk tells him that he is not giving it to him! Yoon tells him that he raelly wished that he did not have to come back, but you are the one that ruined all these chances. Accept your sin and don’t be humiliated further. Guards!

The guards all come in. Wang-sik is in charge of them all.

Yoon – Did you forget, all your rights are passed and the Royal guard will protect me now.

Hyuk looks at Wang-sik, WS walks to Hyuk’s side and tells him that he will serve him to the end, don’t worry.

Yoon asks if he is against his order? WS says that hyuk is his emperor. Hyuk is so happy. He tells his brother that wearing the clothing does not make you the emperor, you have to earn the right.

He walks away. Wang-sik and yoon share a moment.

But then Kang comes in and dotes on Yoon. She tells him that the Empire should not collapse with one sinner. Hyuk pulls her outside and asks what she is doing? Is this how you will survive? You hated him so much, but now you are flattering him?

kang – How can you say that? You fell in love with Suni, the person you tried to kill several times.

Hyuk – What are you talking about?

Kang – You said I poisoned Oh Suni’s lunchbox. 

Hyuk – I did not

Kang – One of the maids heard it

Hyuk – I don’t remember

Kang – How can you make up that nonsense, do you want to get love from Suni? Just go to her and tells her that you were just drunk.

Hyuk – No, it happened, I saw it, you put poison in the lunchbox.

Flashback to that night where kang put poison in the lunchbox and Hyuk saw her.

Kang tells him that he is writing a novel now. But Hyuk tells her that she dropped the poison and it scared her arm. Lets check. You are the one that blamed the Empress. 

kang says that she will make Suni pay for it all 10,000 times over. if you can save her life then do it. 

Hyuk yells in frustration. Suni watches all of this.

Elsewhere, The captain meets Yura at a hospital and shows her the real Chon Woobin. Yura asks if it is true? then who is our Chon Woobin? She runs back to the palace and sees Woobin sneaking out Dong-sik. 

Meanwhile, Hyuk is drunk and goes to the pond. He looks at his reflection.

Hyuk – It is all done. they took my Emperor position. Mom and Yoon betrayed me. I have nothing. Nothing.

He starts to fall inside the pond. But he is stopped by the Empress.

Wang-sik is also hurrying Dong-sik out of the palace. he meets Byun who drives him out.  Yura sees it all and now confirms that Chon Woobin is Wang-sik. She can’t believe it. Wang-sik goes right up to her and tells her it is nice to see her again, Min Yura.

he puts her in a choke hold.

Fade Out

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Love that they were able to get Dong-sik back out of the palace! I also really like that Yura knows that Woobin is Wang-sik. Wang-sik might get his revenge on Yura as well, but Yura has 9 lives so I dont’ think she is going anywhere.


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    Rose, it was initially 48 episodes but with 4 more, it should be 52?

    • V
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      Oh, good, I was thinking it might be 52. So we have several more episodes of fun coming our way! 😋

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