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The Last Empress: Episode 37 and 38 Live Recap

The Last Empress Korean Drama 37 and 38

We are one week behind, but we are catching up today! So expect two posts back to back. Once we finish this episode we will start right with the next one! I know a lot has probably happened, so we are excited to get this going.

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Hyuk goes into Kang Joosung’s room, but he isn’t there, however, we see him hiding behind the bed. Hyuk asks him what all the scribbles are on the wall. WAKE UP, remember something! Recover!

The doctors come in so Hyuk tells them that he told them to recover his memory. They say that they have been showing him palace things. Hyuk hits the magazines away and tells him that he shuold be ready when he comes back.

Joosung picks up the magazinesa nd sees a photo of Yura. he starts crying and calling Yura’s name quietly.

Meanwhile, Yura falls to the ground in the palace after hearing that Joosung had an affair with Sohyun, she thinks that can’t happen. What is going on?

The nanny walks out of her meeting looking very pleased with herself that she killed Sohyun because her daughter will now be the Ruler of this country. Suni comes up to her and asks her who she is? She shows her pictures and asks why she has those pictures. The nanny says that she does not know what is going on. Suni explains that Min Yura found them. The nanny thinks that Yura placed them in her place to blame her.

Suni thinks that could happen since Yura is so bad, sorry to misunderstand you. The nanny thanks her for believing her and then leaves. But Suni was just playing. She thinks that the nanny is lying and wonders who this nanny really is.

In her room, the nanny calls Yura and then pulls her by her hair to yell at her about sneaking into her room. Yura is able to push her off and tells her that she can’t do this to her, she is Kang’s person! The nanny asks her how long she thinks Kang will protect her? She ie expendable. If you want to be in the palace any longer, don’t do anything or say anything, just leave.

Yura grabs the nanny by the hair now and pulls her around and yells at her about how she is not afraid of anything. They keep fighting.

Outside, Suni drops off a secret letter in a fountain. A maid comes up to read it. it is a picture of cross bones. Suni comes out and sees that this maid is the one that is the spy. She takes her to her room and tells her that this is a big crime to do this. The nanny rubs her hands together to apologize on the floor and says that it will not happen again. 

Suni tells her to continue it, tell everything to the nanny. Keep following me around and take my photos, you are better to do the job since I already know you are doing it. But bring everything to me as well and I will not make an issue about it, can you do that? You should.

Elsewhere in the palace, WS talks to Hyuk about how he needs to go places with his bodyguard. it is too dangerous. Hyuk asks him if he is afraid that he ran away? WS says that is not it. Hyuk smiles and says that he is going to visit Kang so you don’t have to follow me. he walks off.

WS checks the navigation in the car and sees that one of the locations was the mental hospital. He wonders who is there for Hyuk to go there now.

Hyuk goes to see his mother, but she does not want to see him so he is not let into the room. Kang talks to someone on the f=phone and asks if there was anything in Sohyun’s dead body. People are very interested in this, the guilty person should be punished, even if it is the emperor.

Hyuk says that he knows she is doing this to me because she wants something. he storms off. Kang smiles.

Hyuk goes outside and walks into the courtyard.

VO – So you plan to abandon me and make me the one that killed my own wife? I was stupid to try and see you again.

He sees Suni and walks up to her. He gives her a back hug, but she uses the self defense that she learned and flips him over in a  Judo throw. But then she asks if he is okay and wonders why he back hugged her.

He holds out his hand for her to help him up.

Flashback to him falling when he was little. He reached his hand out for his mother to help him up, but she told him to stand on his own. The first Prince is a lonely position. Do not do this in front of your father. As the first Prince you should not show any weakness, okay? He said okay.

In the present, Suni thinks that hyuk is not dying, why is he looking at her like this? But she reaches out her hand to help him stand up. He smiles and takes it then pretends like his leg is all messed up so he can lean on her a little bit more. He is in Heaven.

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They get inside where Suni tells him that she will call the clinic to bring him a massage pack. He asks if she can give him a mixed coffee while she is there? He has to drink coffee now since he does not feel good. She does not want to. He tells her that he is the patient, she should at least put IcyHot on him. DOn’t you pity me? I am injured because of someone.

She reluctantly puts the IcyHot on him, he is so happy to tell her where to put it all on his back. She slaps the last one on and tells him to stop pretending. He wants to hear her sing some more like in her musical. But she tells him to be quiet and rest. She walks off. he runs to the door to stop her. She tells him that his ankle looks fine now. The entire country is noisy with Sohyun’s investigation but you are pretending to be sick and singing? You are so disappointing.

She leaves. Hyuk thinks that he wanted to play with her a little longer. He was happy not to think about anything for only a moment. Thank you Oh Suni.

Meanwhile, Wang-sik visits his brother in his room and also places a motion sensor or wire tapper around the room. Dong-sik is happy to see him and tells him that it is fun to play with the princess and the Empress is treating him well as well. So don’t worry about me, I am fine. Wang-sik tells him to eat well.

But then the proximity alarm goes off. Wang-sik turns cold and tells Dong-sik to eat the food and rest, then he heads out. Yura asks him why he is there. Wang-sik says that the Empress told him to give the boy something to eat. Yura is suspicious and asks if he found Wang-sik? She told him where to find the body. She saw someone digging the ground in the spot back then. A suspicious person was around the door too. he had the guard uniform so you should be careful controlling your people.

WS tells her that he will take care of his guard team. You do what you need to do, I don’t know why are you back here in the palace. he walks off. Yura tells herself that Woo-bin’s time there has almost ended.

In the princesses room, the nanny presents Ari with a kid massage chair completed with Mickey Mouse ears. She tells her that this will make her grow taller, she needs to be taller to be the Empress. Ari is so happy. the nanny tells her that it is not official, but Kang told her that it will happen. Ari is so happy to think that she will be the first female emperor.

Nanny asks if she can hug her this once? Ari is all like, why? But then she tells her that she can do it this once. She hops up and puts her arms out to hug her. The nanny tears up as she hugs Ari. But then Ari straightens her outfit and runs off. The nanny thinks back to what she has to do in order to make Ari the Emperor, she has to say that she saw Hyuk push Sohyun into the water.

Meanwhile, Suni continues practicing Judo and self defense with Wang-sik. She falls so he chuckles a bit. But then he tells himself that he shouldn’t laugh in front of her. She gave him a hard time but then tells him that he has to smile like that once a day, he says that she will have to fall once a day then. She says she can do that, she is a funny person. She falls again and says that it was so natural right?

He smiles, but then he gets a big headache and falls to the floor. He pretends that he is just acting as well, but his nose starts bleeding so he runs to the bathroom. Suni did not notice anything amiss and asks him if he will laugh in the bathroom?

But then he texts hr and says that he has an emergency. he has to run off.

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Wang-sik goes to meet with Byun and the doctor. It looks like he might only have 3 months left to live. The doctor says that surgery would be difficult now, the success rate is low and the surgery is more difficult. Byun tells him that they have to do it! He needs to survive first! if he dies then his revenge is nothing. WS says that he is fine with the pain killers. Byun is sad, he does not think he should have sent him to the palace. WS says that he is not afraid of dying, he will go to see his mother. he is just worried about Dong-sik since he is the only one for him here.

Byun tells him that he knew it, when he risked his life and helped the Empress, but it shouldn’t be. He tells him that he knows, dont worry.

In the palace, Suni looks at her lights outside and wonders why WS can’t call her. Then the lights turn off.

In the morning, Ari is so happy to twirl around the room with Suni. She tells her that she is so happy and tells her the secret about becoming the Emperor. Suni asks her if Kang told her that? Ari says yes. Then Ari asks why the painting is still there, it doens’t match the room. Suni says that her Grandmother gave it to her. 

But Ari tells her that Grandmother gave it to Kang but Kang didn’t like it. Suni asks if that was true? Tell me what you remember.

Ari – When Great Grandmother died she said that all her inheritace goes to Oh Suni. I heard it. So Grandmother got angry.

Flashback to Kang explaining things using Ari’s voice. Ari explains all the dialogue using kang in the flashback (this part is so funny)

Ari finishes explaining it all to Suni. 

Suni then goes to meet with Kang, she gives her the painting and tells her that she is giving this to the original owner. She heard that you only inherited this thing. Kang tells her that they heard everything together, that is a nonsense rumor. Suni tells her that she will check it. Of course there are reasons for rumors.

Kang grips her hand tightly. Suni tells her that she will take the painting with her and she will find out who the real owner is. Also, what kind of deal did you make with the nanny? I am telling you that Ari is my daughter now, don’t use her. kang asks if she came here to instigate a fight? Suni asks if she is going to try and control the country by putting Ari in the front? She is only 8. Te Emperor is enough as your puppet.

She leaves. Kang wonders how she found out about the inheritance then mutters something about how it is time for Suni to die. She tells someone to call the captain.

Elsewhere, Hyuk visits Suni’s family home. Helro says that she cleaned the house but it is still dirty and starts cleaning next to Hyuk. He happily hops around her cleaning which makes Helro so upset. He finishes by hopping on the couch. Appa tells him to stop breathing in his house. 

Hyuk tells him that he heard that when the son in law comes you would kill your most important chicken. Can you make me a chicken father in law? Geummo tells him to leave. Hyuk asks for water. helro throws water on in and asks if that is enough. Hyuk chuckles and tells Helro that his sister in law is just like her sister. Can I give you pocket money.

he hands over a super huge wad of cash. helro tells him to shut up and leave. Everyone is talking about you killing your ex-wife. Why are you here? You are not human! Appa also tells him that he is not human, your face looks like a dog. Okay, dont leave, I will give you a taste of our family!

Appa tries to kick hyuk and Helro tries to hit him on the head but Hyuk is about to duck and jump his way out of the way and into Suni’s room where he locks the door.

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He looks around Suni’s room at all her posters and pictures and then opens a drawer where he finds her diary. The diary is all about him back when she was super infatuated with him. he remembers back to Suni always smiling when she saw him.

Hyuk – Oh Suni, whenever you saw me, you smiled so brightly.

Helro and Appa tells him to open the door, but Suni is also there as well. he opens the door for her. She asks why he is there without telling her. He says that he was just resting his legs and taking a nap. Appa is all like, how can you take a nap? We were telling you to leave, he does not respect us at all.

Appa tells Suni that she came home so she should at least eat. Hyuk is so happy that he might get to eat as well, but he actually just sits on the ground like a dog as they eat at the table. Hyuk tells them tat they are so cold, they shuold give him some.

They throw a shell at him. he looks at it and ten eats it like a delicatessen and smiles.


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Wang-sik meets Kang, she wants him to seduce the Empress today. He tells her not to worry. Kang wants him to run away with Oh Suni tonight. She thinks the paparazzi will take photos of this unethical princess. Wang-sik agrees. Kang says that she will make it as Suni’s one sided love. After this finishes up, you do not have to worry about anything ever. He tells her that he will just worry about this job. He leaves looking disgusted.

The maid comes in and asks if she thinks this is okay to give Chon this job. Kang says that she forgot to say goodbye to him since she will not see him anymore. Do you forget that I dispose of people quickly? That is how I maintain my power. The maid is happy to hear it. Kang tells her that they will take care of Chon and Suni at the same time.

Meanwhile, Dong-sik teaches Ari all the different ways you can say Mom using saturi. Ari catches on. Then Aei asks for Juice and drinks it without holding it. DOng-sik tells her that she isn’t a baby so she should drink her food herself. You should also share with your helpers. He holds out a strawberry to the help, they are hesitant to take it. Ari is so confused with why she needs to share with the help.

Suni comes in and tells Dong-sik that he is really great and that his mother taught him well. The nanny comes in and asks to see the princess for a moment. She heads out. The nanny tells her that she has to take a lot of lessons to be the Emperor so she will not have time to hang out with that boy anymore. Ari goes to have all her lessons in different languages.

She also has table manner etiquette classes for when she is invited to the English Royal family.

The nanny throws away all of her things and tells her that the should not play with it. She will be the Empress so she needs to study. But Ari says that her mother gave it to her! The nanny tells her that Suni will not care about her when she is pregnant, she will be on her own kids side.

Ari thinks about Dong-sik and how Suni is nice to him. She is a bit worried. The nanny tells her Ari that she needs to be strong. What if Suni abandons you? You need to be strong. Ari doesn’t think that her mother would do that, but she also kind of believes it might happen.

Elsewhere, Wang-sik tells Suni that kang wants to break the scandal between them. Suni thinks that this is the same, she will think that the Empress will seduce the young handsome bodyguard and run away with him. She says that she is an actor so she can play along. But as you suspected, she does not know when she will end.

SN – I has suspicion so I asked if she faked the Great Grandmothers will. I will pretend like I am tricked and will play her game.

In the parking lot, the maid cuts a break line or something in the car and takes out the CCTV. Suni and Wang-sik both leave right around that time with luggage. Another maid takes their photo and sends it to the nanny. the nanny gives the maid money but the maid also records the nanny with a watch camera.

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Paparazzi records Suni and Wang-sik leaving. The maid tells Kang that the breaks should not work. Ont he road, there is a car that takes a lot of photos of Wang-sik and Suni. Wang-sik accelerates to get away from them. But they get into a car wreck?!

Kang tells them to turn on the news! On the news it says that Oh Suni had an affair with the bodyguard and is in critical condition. It looks like they planned to run away over night. There were a lot of expensive jewels and clothing found. Oh Suni died. kang is so shocked and happy but has to pretend that she is sad.

Sojin is shocked that her Woobin was in that crash.

A huge news team runs in to ask tons of questions about the affair and the bodyguard. kang greets them all and says that they do not know what is going on. Kang says that she is the elder that is responsible for it. She could not control the people inside and will not give a break to the Empresses death. The truth will be revealed. Oh Suni was not proper as a wife or daughter in law. She was a dirty empress without dignity.

But then Suni comes marching in. Kang hops back. Hyuk new about this.

Hyuk – Thank you reporters.

SN – Why are you surprised? The person who should die is not dead? I am sorry to disappoint you every time mother?

Kang – What are you talking about? I just saw the news, the news said that you were in an accident.

A door opens revealing that the news was fake. kang has been had by Hyuk and everyone.

Kang – Was this all fake to lie to me?

Flashback to Suni telling WS that they should be tricked and play her game. She tells WS to tell Hyuk that Kang will use he media. We need to use someone that can fight against kang with as much money and power as we need.

WS tells Hyuk that kang asked him to run away with the Empress. She talked about the paparazzi so she wants to make a big issue out of it. He can try to sway it. Hyuk tells him that he should not be in the car, she will do something to kill you also. It was the same 7 years ago, she wanted to remove Sohyun’s bodyguard. I will take care of it.

Hyuk goes to the car that was tampered with and puts a working car in its spot. They change the license plate to the old one. In the high speed chase, Suni and Wang-sik were about to get away and were not in an accident.  The car following them was stopped by several other cars and hyuk.

Hyuk pulled out his guns and shot into the car, the reporters fall out scared.

Hyuk – If you want to survive then do whatever I tell you.

He turns around and sees hyuk and Wang-sik standing behind him.

In the present, Kang asks them how they can do all this. Suni and Wangsik tell her not to deny things anymore and then play a recording of her telling Wang-sik what to do. Kang is busted. ALl the news reporters hear this and are recording it.

kang grabs Chon Woobin and asks him how long he thought about betraying her. WS says that he never trusted her from the begining. She is about to slap him but Suni stops her and asks what happened to SoHyun’s bodyguard. Is it true that you fabricated her affair? 

Kang yells and tells her maid to make them all leaves. She tells them that she will kill them all if they have any report.

Suni taps her on the shoulder and tells her to watch her mouth, the citizens will be surprised. Kang asks why she cares? Suni points to a camera that is showing a live broadcast. The maid opens her computer and shows that this is going on live!

Suni tells her that she does not have to help her live broadcast this much, thank you so much. It will be very difficult to cover up what happened today.

Kang falls to the ground and stress cries as she covers her face to the cameras

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Meanwhile, Yura talks to the captain and asks if he found anything about Chon Woobin? The captain says that no one remembers him.

Later on, Kang tries to talk to Hyuk, but he does not want to see her. Then Suni comes in so Kang tells Suni, how dare you! We will see what happens to you. Suni tells her that this is only the begining, you should be ready. Kang runs off with her maid behind her.

Hyuk comes out and asks if anything is wrong? Suni thanks him for his help, it would be hard without it. he hugs her and says that he will do anything for her and to protect her. he will jump into fire and go to hell and anything. She tells him that he does not hav to do that, he just has to reveal why Grandmother died and why Sohyun died and all those things. Find out the truth as the Emperor and then I can live in the palace.

She walks off.

Hyuk – Empress, what should I do? If you know the truth then I am afraid that you will leave me.

Meanwhile, Kang is raging in her room. Straight up raging, yelling, and destroying all her things. 

Elsewhere, Suni practices Judo and self defense with Wang-sik. She asks for a break but he says that she should continue. He is pretty tough on her. She wonders why he is so scary today, you said that you would smile once a day. he tells her to stand up please. 

he thinks that he only has 3 months and she will be all on her own. She needs to be ready just in case he disappears tomorrow.

He walks her back to her room. Hyuk sees him walking her back and then resting on the floor and against the wall. Hyuk made Suni something nice to eat, but he starts to look a bit jealous as he sees Wang-sik sitting outside Suni’s door. His face turns stern and he walks away.

Later on, Wang-sik watches the guards practice. he tells them that they did a good job. Body guards shouldnot have one mistake, if they have one mistake then they are done. But then someone tells him that the Empress passed out. Wang-sik runs to her room, bursts inside, but only sees Hyuk there.

Hyuk – Why are you looking for my woman so much?

WS – I heard she passed out

Hyuk puts his family picture on the counter.

Hyuk – When did you betray me Chon Woobin?

Several guards come in and hold a gun to Woobin’s head.

Fade Out

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Hyuk continues to delight with his strange behavior. Only he can pull out two guns and fire it into the car of sinister paparazzi’s and then make his lady something to eat afterward. But crazy Hyuk is always front and center which is why Wang-sik needs to watch his back when it comes to Hyuk and his sudden and unending love for Suni.

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      I am so happy that cold/flu whatever it was is finally gone!

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