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The Last Empress: Episode 35 and 36 Live Recap

A lot of secrets will be revealed this episode! Unfortunately, I am a bit under the weather so I am turning this into a quickcap that we will do later on after I take a very long nap. I might sleep the rest of the day.

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Hyuk reads the book “I killed her, I pushed her and killed her…I didn’t mean too…but they didn’t know one thing, the loyal butler snuck out the dead body”

Kang yells, STOP.

Byun comes in and asks if his daughter died like that? Who killed Sohyun? He stares at Hyuk and Kang. WHY DID MY DAUGHTER DIE!

Kang stands up with a sigh and asks who this is? The father in law, why are you talking about Sohyun?

Byun – If it was a heart attack, then why did you burn the body so quickly?

Kang – I heard you had mental problems after your daughter died. Drag him out

Yoon – No, what he said is right, I saw everything. Sohyun died in the pond.

Hyuk – Yoon, how dare you say these things, it is not your place

Yoon – Of course I am because you have a meeting with the writer. I am the real Vincent Lee that wrote the book.

Yoon tells them to tell him who the real murderer is? Who put Sohyun in the water? I wrote what I saw. Seven years ago, there was a dead body in the pond and you and mother were there. I don’t know why she was in the water, but I am sure they changed the cause of death. That was the real motive for me to write this novel.

Byun says he wants to reveal the real death of his daughter, who is the real murderer?

Helro is there as well and calls Yoon a conman. She storms out. Yoon follows her. Byun tells kang that she needs to tell him something, right?

Elsewhere, Wang-sik apologizes to Hyuk for letting Byun and Yoon into the palace. he will resign. But Hyuk tells him he can’t leave, he is the only one he can trust. WS tells him that he thinks he is giving him a hard time. But Hyuk thinks it is not his fault. Everything is all by Yoon. How can he write that crazy thing. If the Empress knows about it then she should be very disappointed.

In another room, Kang tells Byun that his daughter is already ashes, what do you want to reveal? He says that his daughter died, do you think I can forget it? My wife also died with anger. I am so happy that we can reveal it now with your sons novel. Kang tells him that if he digs it up more then he will be the only one getting hurt. Should I tell you that it is a suicide case? She jumped into the lake after having an affair?

Byun yells, how dare you say that! kang continues and tells him that she was pregnant with Kang Joo-soong’s kid. To keep her dignity we lied and covered it up. So what are you doing here!

He holds her by the collar and tells her not to taint his daughter dignity! i will never forgive you! Including this palace and empire! I will destroy everything. Kang whispers that he is just an old man, he has no evidence.

In another room, Hyuk meets with Suni and asks her if she knew aout this event? She says that this event was prepared by his mtoher, she knew nothing about it. WS is listening in. Suni asks if Hyuk really had something to do with Soohyun’s death? he says his mother had to do with it. She said that Sohyun was having an affair and the pregnant baby was not mine. Sohyun died and my kids died, all because of my mother!

Cut to Kang asking if the Emperor said that? It is all my fault? WS is kneeling in front of her as he tells her what is going on. He explains that this is all because of her lie that all of this happened. Kang says that she worked so hard to cover up all of his sins. it was quiet for ten years because of whom! She gets up to see him, but WS tells her that he is with Suni. This makes Kang even angrier. He is telling this to Oh Suni!

In the other room, Hyuk is so happy that Suni listened to him and trusted him. She has given him a lot of help. She says she liked him for 10 years, of course she can’t hate him, she needs to help him during these difficult times. kang bursts in and asks what they are talking about! Hyuk tells WS to remove her. Kang asks, I am your mother, how can you kick me out in front of Oh Suni? Who is your mother?

Suni asks her if she can just stop, how long will you control your son? I am his wife and the empress. Are you going to do the same as you did to Sohyun? Kang slaps her. Hyuk yells for Wang-sik to take Kang out. WS drags her out. She yells that she is not done talking to him and then pulls her hand away. WS apologizes and says that he was too upset so he had to. Kang says that he needs to tell her everything that is going on with the emperor. You know how to survive in the palace right? He says yes, dont’ worry.



Back in the room, Hyuk wants to touch her cheek and says that it is still red. She holds his hands and says that she is okay. Just show me that you are not a puppet anymore. He says that she is right, he will never be swayed by his mother anymore. Discuss all difficult things with me. he hugs her, she pushed him away and asks if he read that novel? We have to read that book first to prepare for the attack. Of course I trust you. He says he will read it tonight.

Suni tells him that she is tired, she will be back. She walks out and he lightly tells her to have a good rest. Suni sits with Wang-sik, he is upset that she let kang hit her. Why protect Hyuk? Suni says that she did it so that Hyuk will be on her side, she doens’t like to do it. WS doesn’t want her to be hit because of that idiot. She doens’t like it that she is on his side or that she is getting hit, the worse thing is that he chouldn’t do anything and could only watch, it made him crazy. Why can’t you just leave the palace? You can go away and live happily like others.

Suni smiles and says it doesn’t hurt much, she has good lower body control so she didn’t fall. he tells her to come with him, they have something to do. Cut to them in the dojo. He tells her that she needs to protect herself, she needs to be strong. he starts to teach her judo.

She is horrible. But she keeps practicing. He watches her.

VO – You should be the one that survives when the time comes that i can’t protect you anymore.

She finally throws him. He tells her to do it again. 

Later that night, Suni thinks she might have a fever, maybe she should get cold air. She opens her window and sees twinking stars. The note says that they will protect her instead of him. She smiles and draws a smily face on the window, then says thank you wang-sik.


Hyuk freaks out in his office after reading the book, he wonders how much Yoon knows. Someone runs in and tells him that the internal team has an investigation. Cut to Kang saying that she Sohyun did not die with a heart attack, but drowned. The novel is tru. She is meeting with the prime minister and his people. She committed suicide because she had an affair and was ashamed.

He asks why she lied. Kang says it was to keep her dignity as an empress, I think my son misunderstood something and wrote this novel with his guess. You know, he liked Sohyun a lot. Why dont’ we just end the investigation here. She sniffs and cries but then smiles when no one is looking.

Ont he way out, Suni sees the nanny and the Prime Minister has a little lovey dovey touch. He leaves. The nanny tirns around and sees her, she is shocked. They go to sit. The nanny does a complete 180 and apologizes to Suni about the Ari situation, of course Suni wouldn’t do anything bad to her. Suni pretends like she is fine and tells the nanny to cooperate with the investigation.

Later, Suni leaves copies of the book all around the palace. All he servants start to read it. The nanny sees her doing in and wonders what’s up. She grabs a copy herself and looks stressed.



Meanwhile, Hyuk runs into his moms room to talk to her about why she sent the investigation team away. Kang says that she did it well, so thank me. Hyuk asks if she really cremated Sohyun? What if the body is still somewhere? Kang says that it is all over, there is no body. Hyuk asks why she lied to him. If you didnt like to me! Kang tells him that he is the one that did it. He should have trusted his wife.

Hyuk asks if she really hated him being so happy? Because of you, my life is messed up, my kids! You killed them all. Kang says that she did not do anything, she is not guilty. Hyuk tells her that she does not trust her anymore, the more you want to kick Oh Suni out, the more I will keep her here. I will not abandon her. Kang asks what she can do to him, he is nothing without Kang.

Hyuk – I am telling you, from now on, I am not your son.

he storms out. Kang yells after him. But then she says, okay, maybe I should abandon you also. She calls for Secretary Choi and asks where Min Yura is.

In the hall, Hyuk asks WS to get a DNA test on the ashes.

Then we see Yura come in, her face is all fixed as if nothing ever happened. She meets with Kang who tells her that Dr. Seo is not that bad. Your clothing also looks nice. Now you need to keep the promise, did you find his brother? Yura says that her person is on it so they will catch him soon. The time you get all the power is not that far away. The emperor already abandoned me so I will use the rest of my life to support you.

Sojin comes running in with Suni and is shocked to see Min Yura. Yura says that she is Kangs maid now. Hyuk and Wang-sik also come in. Hyuk asks how she can be there. What do you want! How dare you let her in again.

Kang tells them that they should greet each other. Hyuk tells WS to take him out. Kang tells Hyuk that she was his person before, but now she is my person, she is my maid. I did not know you were that cold, she used to be your lover. Min Yura should be so sad.

Yura thanks her. Hyuk tells her to leave. I should have killed you! he grabs a gun and pulls it on her. kang grabs a gun and holds it to Wang-siks head.

Kang – If you take Yura out then I will take Woobin out too. My person is also important, we should respect each other. So what should I do?

The music is intense.

It is a gun stand off.

Finally, Hyuk puts down his gun so Kang does the same. Kang tells him that Yura is hers now, if you touch her again then there will be no mercy.

Suni asks Yura how she wants to survive like this? Yura says that she is useful to someone, that is a good reason to live. Goodbye Empress….Emperor. She walks out.


Sojin and Helro walk through the mall talking business. Sojin thinks something must have happened, so was super happy for the last few days, but today she doens’t even smile, did you haev an argument with the helmet guy? Helro says they broke up. It is because she knows the secret of his family. Sojin asks what kind of secret? helro says it is a murdering family, the mother and brother are all murderers. Sojin feels her pain and wants to give her a hug.

But then Yoon walks up. SOjin is all like, huh, what are you doing here? Yoon pulls Helro away to talk. SOjin is all like, Whaaaaat, she is dating Yoon? So the murder family is – MY FAMILY?!

Yoon tells Helro that he does not want to stop, if he did then he wouldn’t have started. She tells him to cut ties to the royal family. He says he will do it, but not now, now because of his prince position. I have things to do, Sohyun’s death, my grandmothers death, I have to protect your sister also. I need power and the title of Prince, then I can do things. So can you wait a little bit? I will come back to you.

She kisses him.

HR – If you say that you will abandon everything and come to me, then I would have broken up. Please help my sister. Show yourself as the one last normal person in the f-ed up palace, then I will accept you Mr. Lee.

They hug.



Cut to Geum-mo appa fretting at home about Yoon being a prince. Dong-sik comes in and asks if Appa is sick. Appa is all like, dont tell me anything, just leave leave leave. So Dong-sik runs to play with some other kids. But then the captain comes and takes Dong-sik to meet Yura. He tells Yura that he wants to go to Halabogi. She asks him who Halabogi is? You will never see them again. Why did you like to me about your brother! Don’t cry, if you want to see your brother again, then listen to me.

In the palace, Wang-sik and Suni worry about Dong-sik. Byun calls them and says that they found him in the palace. Then they see Dong-sik walking around the corner with Yura. Yura bows to WS and Suni. Then Dong-sik starts to walk to them both.

Yura – what? Do you know him?

Flashback to Byun telling Dong-sik not to recognize his brother outside the house, or his brother will be in danger.

So Dong-sik just asks if Suni is the empress. Yura says that Kang will be his guardian, she brought him from the orphanage.

Dong-sik is pulled away by Yura, but he is able to give Wang-sik a secret hand hold for a moment before leaving.

He is taken to a room that is more like as storage room. But it at least has a bed in it. Then she tells the people outside, if anyone approaches him, let me know, especially a big and tall guy. She thinks back to the river, it looks like she didn’t know that the guy at the river was Wang-sik, he was covered by night and shadows.

She starts to leave and bumps into Suni who drops a lot of marbles. Yura tells her to pick them up one by one, that will make the Emperor happy. Ari comes in and tells Yura, how dare you say that to my Mom! How dare you do that you low class maid! You are going against the empresses order. I heard that you lied a lot and were kicked out of the palace. But now you are still doing it. Yura apologizes. Ari tells her to pick them up! Right now! It is decoration for the emperors office. It was a present from the Thai royal family. Our Emperor like is, there are 152 okay 152. You have to have them all. Otherwise I will tell my father to fire you.

Yura sighs and then tells the other maids to help her. But it looks like this is a distraction strategy for Wang-sik to sneak into the room. They have a teary reunion. Dong-sik says he didn’t say anything just in case he would get hurt. Can I go home now? Wang-sik tells him it will be difficult now, but he will protect him close by. I will protect everything. Can you with stand it a little bit more? That’s a good boy.

he leaves. Yura kind of sees a shadow and then rushes in to yell at Dong-sik about who just visited him. He says no one came there. Yura sees teh captain badge on his overalls. He says he picked it up on the floor. Yura wonders if WB lost the batch that the emperor gave him? She calls someone and says that Woobin is suspicious, find out everything about him. He might be anti palace or have something to do with Wang-sik. The captain tells her that he will find out everything about Wang-sik.



Meanwhile, Suni wonders how Yura can abandon her own son and use him. She wonders if the emperor knows about Dong-sik. WS thinks that he would kill him if he did. Yura tells kang that the wrist watch had GPS on it, so Wang-sik should show up. kang thinks he will know it is a trap. Yura thinks that he cares about his brother so much, so he will come.

Elsewhere, Hyuk keeps reading the book. The passage is on how the butler snuck out the body and buried her with the blue sapphire necklace. Wang-sik comes in and says that the ashes are not human. Hyuk says that he needs to see Yoon.

Cut to the river where Hyuk meets Yoon. He asks him how much he saw that night. Yoon asked him if he read the entire book. Hyuk asks, Did you really sneak out the body? Yoon asks, Are you nervous that the book is true?

He breaks Hyuks grip on him and asks if he still trusts Mom? If you want to know the truth then show me one of your cards. Is this that difficult to acknowledge? You should be ashamed! Not as the emperor, but as a man, a husband, and a father. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hyuk was about to punch him but Yoon  blocks it and punches Hyuk.

Wang-sik is looking on.

Yoon – What I want to say is all in that book, whether you believe it or not is all up to you.

In the palace, Suni has a little date with Ari and Dong-sik. But Ari does not really understand him, she asks what language he is speaking. Suni explains that he is talking in saturi. He says he is from an island. She says she is a language genius, how can she not understand that? He asks if she can understand Korean.

Everyone is smiling because they all understand him, she is the only one that does not. She is a bit jealous. Suni tells her that she is happy that she has a good friend. they start to play. Yura says Dong-sik has another schedule. Ari asks where he is going? I want to go to, I want to learn saturi!

Later on, The empress meets with Hyuk who is in the middle of a drunken stupor. She smiles and says that she worried about him, did you read the novel? The last sentence bothers me. You know, that thing about the butler sneaking out the body and burying it under the floer garden. It is just a novel, it shouldn’t be true, but I searched as to if we have that floer garden. After Sohyun died, I heard you burned all the Freesia flower gardens. But one remained. In your mothers greenhouse.

Hyuk tells her that it is a mistake, it shouldnt’ be. Suni whispers that it was there. But then she apologizes and says that she shouldnt’ have brought it up, don’t drink too much, don’t hurt your health. She leaves. Hyuk wonders how the freesia can be in the palace.

While leaving, Suni sees Wang-sik, they share a moment as they pass each other.

In his room, Hyuk is very drunk. He walks through the secret passage and heads to the garden. WS tells Yoon that Hyuk is on the move.

Hyuk looks for the freesia in the flower garden. But he is stupid drunk. He manages to stumble upon it and starts destroying all the flowers while yelling, WHERE IS SOHYUN!

Yoon comes in with a ton of people and asks why he is there, are you here to find the body that you killed? Flashes go off. kang is there too along with suni. They all ask him if he is there to remove the evidence? He laughs and tells them that he does not know anything. Yoon tells him that Sohyun is not there, because I buried her in the Empress garden. Bodies dont’ tell lies, critical evience should be in the body.

Hyuk has a headache and passes out. Sojin looks at him with pity. Wang-sik is there too and has his usual blank face. 

The next day, Ari plays outside with her maids. But then she is rushed away. The polcie show up just like they did in the opening scene of the first episode.

Hundreds of people come to take photos. 

A garden is dug up. 

The body is found.



News: Sohyuns dead body is found. Hyuk was digging in the freesia and tried to find the dead body. Is that true? Yes it is true. A lot of people want to know the truth, but he is not meeting anyone because he is unstable. Kang tried to make the case that the empress had an affair and killed herself. But we will see if this is a homicide case or suicide case.

Yura looks at the news and thinks that it is nonsense that Kang Joo-sung and Sohyun would have an affair.

Hyuk goes to the secret hospital to Kang Joo-sung’s room, but he is not there anymore.

In the palace, Suni looks for something.

Kang frets and cries stress tears in her room. Then the nanny comes in.

Kang – Can you testify one thing for me? You say that you saw the emperor push Sohyun into the pond.

Nanny – Are you really abandoning your son? I can’t, why should I lie like that?

Kang – If you do that then I will make Ari the Empress now. Without the emperor, she can be the female emperor.

Nanny – Can you do that?

Flashback to the night Sohyun and Hyuk argued by the pond. She slapped him, he chocked her and threw her into the pond.

But she was able to crawl to the side. The nanny comes to the side and is about to help her up. But she sees Sohyun holding her baby and says that it was (will be?) difficult to give birth to hers. Then she pushes Sohyun under the water. So the nanny was the one!

In the present, the nanny thinks that her Ari will be head of the country? her choice 7 years ago was right. she walks out but runs into Suni who asks her who she is.

Fade Out


Wow, that was a big twist at the end. I don’t even know if the nanny will get her just dues since all the evidence is probably gone? I do love how Dong-sik and Ari are hanging out in the palace and she does not know saturi (like a thick regional accent), that was a cute twist.

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