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The Last Empress: Episode 33 and 34 Live Recap

The Last Empress Episode 33 and 34 Recap

The Last Empress has been extended, y’all! They added 4 more episodes. I can understand considering this is the biggest hit on Wednesday and Thursday for any show airing. They had around 15% viewership in their last episode (not the review/break episode). And with shows just hoping to make it to 10 percent, I can see why SBS wants to keep this gravy train rolling. Hey, I’m not complaining.

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Hyuk approaches Suni and Wang-sik as they walk up. But Suni does not want to talk to him and tells him to go away. Hyuk tells her that he will not divorce her, he will make her grow old and die as his wife.

he grabs her forcefully. But Wang-sik tells him to let her go. He forces Hyuk to the ground. Hyuk yells, what are you doing!

WS – The wish you gave me when I became your brother, I want to use it now. Let her go, I like her – the empress.

Hyuk – What did you just say? How dare you like the Emperors wife. Are you crazy?

Suni slaps Wang-sik.

SN – Are you insulting me? Even though our relationship is bad, i am still the wife of the Emperor, do you think I am that easy?

Hyuk – Of course you shoul dbe angry!

WS – Sorry, I was out of my mind, I just thoguht that you were in trouble.

SN – I came back so I will decide all of the decisions I make as Empress, it is none of your business okay? Of course you are fired. Don’t you think I can fire you?

Hyuk – Maybe he was just momentarily crazy, it is your responsibility a little bit.

SN _ Why did this happen? Goodbye, I am tired.

Hyuk – Of course, I was too rude to you. Have a nice sleep. Chon is my person, I will train him.

She leaves.

Hyuk – So don’t carea bout it too much Empress…..yeah, she shouldn’t be that easy.

He chuckles but then grows serious as he looks at Wang-sik

Hyuk – Follow me.

They go to his office.

WS apologizes for what he did. Hyuk says, you were about to kill me, now you are pologizing to me? WS says that his mother called him and told him to process the feelings with the EMpress in a hurry, I am sorry. Hyuk asks if he only did it because of his mother? So you don’t have any feelings? WS says no, of course not, she is your woman.

Hyuk immediately believes him and says that his brother shouldn’t be like that. Then Hyuk says he is a bit confused about his heart toward Suni, he wants to see her and is worried about her so he decided to protect her from his mother. He will do that if he has to do it. So my order for making the Empress your woman is cancelled. This is an order for the Emperor.

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Suni slaps facial product on her face a few times at her desk and thinks that she shouldnt’ have done it, he is already in so much pain. She is so sorry to him.

But then WS comes to see her so they talk about how his face hurts and she is sorry. He tells her it is okay, but why did you do that? SN says that she won’t go against Hyuk, she will be closer to him and use him to shake his mother. WS tells her that he will follow her in whatever she decides. But what if Hyuk really likes you and won’t let you go. SN says he should not worry about it, she will not recieve his dirty heart anyway. I will dig up Sohyun and the Grandmother issue so no death is wasted.

Elsewhere, Kang asks the Nanny, Kanghee, what she did. KH says that teh internal board will sue Sunni for child abuse. Also, all the activists will raise their voice to her. Kang thinks that she should not wait so long or it will not work. Lets do it when we pick Ari’s friends. The nanny asks what she is going to do with Ari? DOnt use Ari. 

Kang saughs and says that she will not harm her Granddaughter, just act your part and I will take care of the rest.

Cut to the day that all the little kids come to play with Ari. They all look high society. 

But Ari is talking to Sunee on viso chat and says that she misses Suni so much, she does not think that she did anything wrong. She does not want to pick her friends without her. Suni tells Ari not to worry and shows her all the cookies that she made for her friends. Ari tells her that she will try to care for others and keep her dignity as the Princess. Suni tells her that she will trust her, have a good friend picking day. Then they hang up.

The nanny comes in and tells Suni that she asks like a real mother. Suni tells her that is not something the real mother should say since she uses her daughter and puts Ari’s maid in front of the media, you don’t think about hurting Ari at all. The nanny thinks that Suni is the one that hit Ari. Suni says that she really wants Ari to grow up well, that is ehr wish. Doesn’t she know that Ari is the last hope for this rotten empire. The nannys ays that she knows it well, that is why they need to support her.


Ari sits at her desk and all the other kids sit at their desks. They area ll the Grandchildren of super influential people in Korea, either politicians or Chaebols. Kang explains all of this to Ari. But Ari says that they don’t deserve to be her friend because they do not meet the criteria of her mother Oh Suni’s teachings.

Ari – A few days ago you know that I was disciplined by my mother. I know that there are a lot of rumors that my mother tortures me and hates me, but that its all a misunderstanding, it is all my fault.

Kang – What are you talking about!

Ari – These “friends” were worse than me. Play it.

The video is played showing that all the friends are brats and give their parents a hard time. Ari tells one of the girls that represents the Chaebols that she misbehaves a lot. Then the next video is played, the kid says that the Empire is nothing and tells a servant (the head assistant) to open her eyes and he steps on the cookies.

Ari – I am sorry that I took all these videos of you, but I need to know who my friends are. What can I learn from you and all this nonsense, you are all not qualified. But my mother said it is not polite to send guests back. Bring it to me.

The maids bring in cookies. Ari tells them to eat it and leave. It is a cat cookie so Ari tells them to eat it. But it looks like these cookies are poisoned? Ari starts to fall over. The cookies have peanuts in them. Kang tells everyone that Ari has a peanut allergy, how come the mother does not know about it?

Her head servant smiles.

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Suni rushes to Ari’s side and asks what happened. WS tells her that it is not serious. But it has to do with a peanut allergy. Suni tells her that she did not add any peanuts.

Cut to The nanny bursting into Kang’s room upset that kang did this! She told her that hurting Ari was not allowed! I even did that interview with the reporters! How could you do that!

kang tells her that Ari is not in critical condition, so don’t make this much noise. The nanny tells her that Ari could be in critical condition with little things. You don’t care if Ari dies just to kick out the EMpress, or do you want to take out both of them at the same time?

Kang – Ari didn’t die, what is with this big deal?

nanny – I was wrong to trust you. You made me talk about Sohyun. But I know for a fact that you are the one that made the rumor about Sohyun and the affair.

Kang – If Hyuk knows, who will be in more trouble? Ari is the Kid that is like a mirror that shows what Hyuk did wrong. he would not exist without the suspicion to Sohyun. So do you think the Emperor will just leave her alone?

kang – Are you worried about Ari? I can protect Ari, you will regret touching Ari.

She storms out. Kang thinks, how dare she?

Wang-sik tells Hyuk that the priness is recovering. Hyuk thinks that the Empress will be in trouble again, but my mother did it? She shouldn’t have.

The nanny comes in and tells Hyuk that she has something to tell him now. Wang-sik leaves. The nanny falls on her knees and tells him to kill her right now, she is going to reveal all of the truth. 

Hyuk – what are you talking about?

Nanny – 7 years ago, Sohyun and the bodyguard did not have a relationship. that lie was from your mtoher, The bodygaurd had a fiance and you were Sohyun’s only man.

Hwyuk – what did you say? Last tme you said they had a special relationship

Nanny – I had to protect Ari, your mother was threatening me. But I can’t like to myself anymore.

Hyuk grabs her and tells her that she is a bad woman, how come you could not tell me. You were her best friend!

Nanny – I loved you back then. My life was all bad, I could not help it.

Hyuk – Why tell me today!

nanny – Your mother did this today to blame Suni. I saw that your mother tried to harm Ari to kick out the Empress, it reminded me of 7 years ago.

he lets her go.

Hyuk – Are you sure?

Nanny – Yes, I am sure. Dont’ trust your mother anymore and please reveal the truth of my friends death that Kang caused.

Hyuk – How dare you say that. Leave! I don’t want to see you!

She leaves.

Hyuk goes to Sohyun’s place in the palace and thinks about Sohyun. They use a very vintage screen to show flashbacks of the two of them together. He takes her ashes and goes outside and then sits on the steps and screams.

VO – What did I do? Why did I trust mother and stupidly do this to you with my kids in your wound. I left them, I was stupid. Don’t forgive me.

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Elsewhere, Ari wakes up. Sunii is next to her bedside. They hug and Suni asks if she is really okay. Ari tells her not to worry, she did not eat that much. She knew it smelled like peanuts so she only took a tiny bite. Maybe I passed out a little bit. But I am okay now!

Suni tell sher that this is wonderful, I was worried about you.

Ari tells her that she snuck out one of the cookies she made. Suni tells her that she did not make it. Arii says that she knew it, someone is trying to separate us! I will figure it out.

Suni tells her that the adults will figure it out, I don’t want my Ari to hate anyone or suspect anymore or hold a grudge. I should be more careful so that this does not happen. I am sorry Princess.

Hyuk watches this from the door and smiles.

VO – Sorry Empress, I am not good enough, but this time I won’t be stupid victim anymore. I won’t repeat it anymore. I will protect you.

The family meets. Sojin asks Suni how she did not know the princesses history and cause all of this trouble! Kang basically says the same thing. Suni tells them both that she did not do it, my cookie was a bear cookie but this cookie was a cat cookie.

Kang tells her that she is denying what she did. Your sister is the writer, why are you writing a novel. Where is the evidence? Our internal investigation team will figure it out, so get ready.

Hyuk says that they have to know who will target a little kid. he tells Wang-sik to use his team to find out who is behind it. Kang looks a bit worried.


Hyuk visits the bodyguard in the mental assylum. The doctors tell him that this man does not have all his thoughts together but he still remembers his name. Hyuk asks how long it will take, how many years! Then he asks the man if he really did not have a relationship with Sohyun, you had your own woman? Tell methe truth!

The bodyguard says that he does not know anything. Hyuk pulls him up and tells him that he is the only one that can lift the aligation, so remember! But the bodyguard just yells for Kang to save him and starts freaking out on the ground. He gets shot up with more painkillers. Hyuk tells them to findo ut anything.

he leaves and does not notice the Min Yoora writings on the wall.

In the other room, Min Yura has a nice time eating her food. The former head of guard is talking to her and tells her that Hyuk and Kang’s relationship is all bad now. Hyuk said that he will protect Suni.

Yura starts laugh-shrieking. She wonders what the EMperor is thinking How can he make me like this and protect Suni, Iwon’t let that happen. Can you sneak me out?

Guard – Of course, when you saved my life, I promised to give my loyalty to you. You should get your revenge on Hyuk and Woobin. I will take care of that guy. 

Yura – Of course, you should.

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Wang-sik asks the maids about the bear cookie, they say they dont know. He asks several of the workers/servants if they have seen a suspicious person in the kitchen and if they saw a bear cookie. 

Finally, the nanny says that she saw it. 

WS – What did you see?

Nanny – I saw the empress making a cookie inthe kitchen, it was a bear.

WS – Can you be a witness

Nanny – It is not strong enough evidence becasue she will make a way out. You need to find more critical evidence.

WS – I will find it, you need to keep the promise.

He leaves. The nanny thinks he is working hard and does not think it is because of the order from the Emperor, maybe he really likes the Empress?

WS goes to Ari’s room and asks for the video footge that she shot. Ari asks why she should give it to him. WS says they can help the Empress with that. Ari immediately says that he should have said that in the beginning, I will cooperate for her.

She hands it over, in the video are the bear cookies. WS tells her that she saved the Empress. he then shows this to Hyuk. But he has not been able to find the cookies yet. he is sure that secretary Chae switches it because he was holding it.

They arrest the head secretary and put her in jail. kang finds out that it is because they have video footage of her sneaking out the cookies. Kang thinks she is so stupid, just let her die. But she is more upset that they touched her secretary and thinks the emperor wants to have a fight with her. Call him now!

The Emperor is meeting with Suni in an apologetic way and says that he will ask his mother why she did it. Suni just says that it is good for her, she worried about their relationship getting tainted. Hyuk says not to worry, even though she is my mother, she is giving you a hard time, so I can’t stand it! She says that it comforts her that he said that.

Hyuk also apologizes for her mother. Suni tries to say thta she went to far back then, you didn’t even know it. In retrospect, you lived instead of my mother and I married you. That is probably not a coincidence, maybe it is Gods will.

Suni – (Yes, my mother brought me here because she couldn’t even close her eyes because she is so angry).

Hyuk  – I will live my entire life paying for your mother. Just give me another chance as see me as you did before. Can you do that?

Suni – I will try.

the butler comes in and tells hyuk to come. Hyuk tells him that he does not want to see her, tell her that I am not coming. The butler explains that she will come to him if he does not come. Hyuk complains that there is nowhere he does not see his mother in this huge palace.


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Sojin takes Wang-sook through themall, she is so happy to date him publically and hang all over him. 

She puts him in a lot of outfits and gushes about how handsome he is as he changes into each one. Then she tells the shop people that she wants to buy all of them. 

WS tells her that she shouldn’t do this. But she says that her motto is to make him the best so I refuse your refusal. Today we will go to the end

But there is a problem at the restaurant. Sojin says that she wants to use the Royal restaurant tonight all for her, what is the problem? The woman says that they have an appointment. Sojin says that she will pay double. Cancel the other one.

But then Hyuk and Suni show upthey see Sojin and Wang-sik. Sojin tells them that they can have a double date. Hyuk wonders how his Chon can date someone like her?

Later on, WS and Suni sit at a table with tons of food around. SN tells him that he looks like a different person and looks super cool. You were always handsome….but….well….just ignore what I said. He blushes. He tells her that she is also pretty. She starts talking about the water.

Elsewhere, Sojin asks Hyuk to to help her and Woobin go well together. Hyuk is all like, are you going to get married a third time! Not Chon Woobin! Never! Sojin continues begging, it is her first and last wish!

But Hyuk is adamantly against it and tells her to stop talking about nonsense. This is my first date with the Empress, why are you here?

SJ – Well, you loved Min Yura so much! And now youa re on a date with the Empress! Fine! I did not even ask for your help!

She storms off

Hyuk – Is she really crazy?

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Everyone sits to eat. It is pretty quiet. Hyuk tells Suni to try something and Sojin tells Wang-sik to try something. She feeds him. But his attention is all on Suni. Sojin asks the Emperor to stop looking at Suni (he is straight staring at her lovingly). Hyuk tells the Empress that he wants her to wear the saffire necklace today. Suni tells her that his mother took it from her awhile ago.

Hyuk – What? that is the symbol of the Empress.

SN – No one takes me as Empress in the palace so I am okay without it.

Music comes on that Sojin says it her favorite song so she asks Woobin to dance. It is a waltz so she pulls him out to the floor to dance. Hyuk also asks for Suni’s hand to dance. He tells her that she is good at dancing right? Suni takes his hand and they go dance.

They all dance the waltz on the floor with WS taking every moment he can to glance at Suni. But then Suni spins and trips and is caught by Wang-sik. So they chance partners and Wang-sik and Suni start dancing. Sojin starts reluctantly dancing with her brother and arguing with her all this time. 

Hyuk spins the Princess into Wang-sik which bumps Suni out of the way so he can dance with her again. the couples are back together. (this is pretty funny).


At the palace, kang yells for people to do things for her, but no one is around. So she gets up and thinks that they should not do this to me. She pulls out her phone becasue someone called at that time. It is the old captain.

Cut to the captain breaking Yura out of the secret hospital. While leaving, Kang Joosung sees her leaving.

Yura is able to break all the way out with the old captain. kang is in the car and tells her to get in.

Kang – You can’t even protect yourself but you want to help me? You saved Captain Choo and contacted me through him? you are really crazy.

Yura – You won’t regret saving my life because I have a card to capture Hyuk. Na Wang-sik. I will give him to you.

Kang – How can you catch him?

Wang-sik – He has a brother. If we use the brother then we can catch him. If we fail, then you can have my life. Trust me.

Kang – We should take care of your face first.

Later, Wang-sik runs to Yura’s room. The maid says that only their medical team can open the door so she does not know what happened. But she shows him a picture of the old captain that she thought was a new employee.

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Wang-sik talks to byun about this, he tells Byun that he did not kill him because he wanted her to be a witness against Hyuk. But if she does something to Dong-sik then I will kill her as Wang-sik, not as Woobin.

In the palace, Hyuk looks around frantically and comedically for something. It is pure comedy hour right now. Then he finds it and yells, I FOUND IT! Kiss.

After that, he goes to kang and tells her to apologize to Suni. Kang is all like, you have lost your mind. I will not apologize to her, I am the head Empress. kang tells her that he will show what she did to frame the Empress. I will reveal it. he shows her the pictures.

kang – Are you seduced by Suni?

Hyuk – Also, bring back the saffire necklace that you took from her.

Kang – Why that thing? Did she also tell you that?

Hyuk – That belonged to the EMpress, if you do that then I will release Choi, that is my last mercy to you.

Kang has a press conference where she says that what the Empress did to Ari is all wrong. Everyone knows that she cares about the Princess as her own daugher. I will not let all those lies to Suni pass as the elder of the palace. SO please keep loving my empress. *Very Fake Smile*

Later on, Kang apologizes to Suni, Ari, and Hyuk for what she did. But Ari tells her that she should not apologize like that. You have to show your true heart. Ummoni, until you feel her truth, don’t accept her apology. Suni tells Ari that she is right, she needs to think about it a little bit.

Hyuk clears his throat. The maids bring in the necklace that the Empress wears. Kang gives it to her. Hyuk also tells Kang to return all of Suni’s maids and servants to her. kang reluctantly says that she was going to do it all anyway. She tells the servants to serve Suni perfectly. Suni thanks her and looks at Hyuk with a smile.

Hyuk put the necklace back on her. He also shows her that he is wearing the bracelet that she made for him a long time ago.

Sojin sarcastically says that Ari was so happy to get hit and keeps saying something sarcastic to Hyuk and the Mother.

Later on, Choi kneals in front of Kang and tells her that she did not have to save her. She could have been responsible for everything. Kang says that she went one step backward to go two steps forward. Call Oh Helro, now we can stop her from pretending to be Vincent Lee.

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In her room, Suni compares the necklace with the drawing in the diary and wonders what secret it has. She runs her hands over the necklace and the camera zooms to the tomb where Sohyun is. She is not all rotten, she looks as she did during life.

Cut to Vincent Lee (aka Yoon). He puts a photo in his book and then talks to Byun. 

Byun – ou said you have a question

Yoon – I heard Kang Joosoon had a fiance, do you know about her?

Byun – I did not see her in person, I was about to meet her the day he dissapeared. I heard she was pregnant so I bought her a present

Yoon – She was pregnant?

Helro calls. Yoon answers. She tells him that Kang sent her a car for an interview and basically dragged her to the palace. What should I do? Yoon tells her to get out of there, he will be there. Waste time.

WS tells Suni that Kang brought fans and the media, he does not feel good about this. SUni thinks that Kang knows that Helro is not VIncent Lee, this is trouble.

Cut to a mini press conference with helro at the head. kang tells them all that she was a big fan of VIncent Lees book and wants to hear about the novel with Oh Helro who is also the Empresses sister.

Helro texts Yoon to see where he is, they are about to start now!

Suni shows up with hyuk and sits. She smiles, but looks sternly at kang.

Flashback to the head secretary telling VInent Lees Agent to tell her if helro is not the real Vincent Lee, they wont touch his company if he does.

Back at the press conference, the editor is there. The journalists ask her a lot of questions that she cannot answer.

Suni says that she has a surprised event for everyone, the Emperor is going to read from the book. Hyuk is all like, I am? Suni says that it would be pretty impressive if the Emperor reads all the best sentences that the readers picked.

Hyuk starts reading.

Hyuk – The Emperor suspected the relationship of his wife and exploded that night. Shut up the nonsense, just tell me the kind of relationship you had with him.

Flashback to that night, all the he reads is what happened.

Hyuk – Mrs. Spencers eyes were shook. Are you this kind of person? It is the first time I realized you were this bad. Mrs. Spencer left the room sad and Mr. Spencer followed her. He was so upset. he kept telling her to tell him the truth. The wife was scared and moved backward. She was pushed into the lake. She tried to survive, but Mr. Spencer was so angry so he did not save her and left. Soon after, when Spencer came back to the lake, that place was so quiet. Mrs. Spencer was not moving and pale as if like a wax statue. “She died because of me, I killed her, Including the kids in the wound.” I killed her my pushing her, I did not mean to kill her. Then Mrs. Spencer showed up and told him to calm down. “She died with a heart attach, you were never here okay?” She tried to calm him down, but he did not hear anything, he just kept crying as he looked at his cold wife. The mother did not even look at the dead body, she just hugged her own son and thought he was the poor thing. Oh, poor thing. they did not know one thing, the loyal butler snuck out the dead body.

Kang – STOP!

Byun is there as well and comes in. 

Byun – So my daughter died like that! …. So who killed Sohyun? he looks at Kang and at Hyuk.

Fade Out

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This show keeps the heat up the entire episode. I love it.


Kang – I did not do anything

Byun – Don’t insult my dead tal.

Nanny – I did not know anything that happened that night.

VO – Empress? 

YR – You should not lie to Noona

SN – Captain Chon, you should not go out and meet Dong-shik by yourself. Never.

Kang – What can Suni do for you?

Hyuk – I am telling you, even if she does not take me as a human being, I will not abandon her forever

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  1. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 11:19 am

    Oh…they added 4 more episodes? Awesome! 😁

  2. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 12:21 pm

    Wait….take care of Yuras face? Dont tell me they are going to do a WangSik 2.0??? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • V
      January 17, 2019 / 12:37 pm

      Her face is about to be full fixed by the next episode 🤣

      • Rose
        January 17, 2019 / 12:50 pm

        I wont be surprised at all if that happens 😂

  3. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 12:41 pm

    Well….suprisingly, no one died today 😜

    …..now….how can i hate the Emperor???!!! Need to tell myself all the time that he’s a lunatic and a psycho pretending to be a sheep or an angel 😄

    • V
      January 17, 2019 / 1:41 pm

      OMG, right! They are really redeeming his character. 😜

      • elaine
        January 19, 2019 / 12:23 am

        They totally are! Especially with that preview! I wonder if that will last through to the end and if he’ll make some major noble sacrifice to bring justice to all the evil that happened including his own involvement. Also, Jang Nara looking so gorgeous all dolled up at the “double date” ! Love her!

  4. Olabisi
    January 17, 2019 / 12:42 pm


  5. Krystal Kyler
    May 27, 2020 / 1:16 pm

    Did hyuk die in the last episode????
    What about the girl??
    Her corpse was found in the first episode

    • V
      May 27, 2020 / 1:31 pm

      I think that was the corpse of the former Queen. And yes, I think hyuk died by being exploded??? I’m not sure, I need to go back and watch 😜. The behind the scenes is that the actor already had a fan meeting planned in another country and could not film the final two episodes. (the show had already been extended twice by then)

  6. NIS
    January 10, 2021 / 5:03 am

    This drama was the kdarama that made me a big kdrama fan. I still remember the heart breaking ending of this.😣 This made me to watch more and more kdramas even though I have exams ahead.😹

    • V
      January 10, 2021 / 12:10 pm

      This is a good one to create Kdrama fans!

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