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The Last Empress: Episode 31 and 32 Live Recap

Yura’s ex is finally in the picture! What a bombshell last episode. So does anyone think that Yura has also been planning her revenge on the palace this entire time? Taking a tiny break and then heading right into this recap! We will probably start about 15 past the hour!

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Wang-sik tells Suni not to worry, he will be next to her. She nods and a tear falls onto her cheek.

Meanwhile, Hyuk is pacing his room. He talks to the doctor and asks why she is not going into the hospital. The doctor explains that Suni said she does not like hospitals and thta Wang-sik is by her side.

Hyuk thinks that this is not good, I will go there! He starts to walk with all his men and servants to her quarters. But then he thinks that she might be more nervous, so he turns around, all the dozens of people turn around in lock step. But then Hyuk thinks she will be happy tosee him, so he turns around. All the dozens of people turn around again.

he does this dozens of times but then decides that he will go. he walks to he room and is confronted by Geum-mo who says that he is a bad guy. Hyuk lets him come to him. Geum-mo tells Hyuk that he is the worst kind of man and then hits him seveal times as he cries and talks about how he worked so hard to raise her.

Inside, Suni lightly touches Wang-sik’s cut cheek as he sleeps. An OST starts to play as she thinks back to him saving her life at the wedding. She also remembers a hew other heart fluttery moments with him and moments where he tried to protect her feelings.

SN – Thank you. Without you, I would not have survived here.

She covers him with a blanket. Kang peaks in and smiles.

kang – Chun Woo-bin, you are good, *chuckles*

But then her secretaries tell her to go back to her room.

Cut to Oh Helro pouring trash all in Kangs place. She tells her that this place is trash, she can smell it all the way to her house. She hits a secretary with a trash bag and tells them not to play with her sister. But then Helro gets tackled by the head secretary and thrown in jail. The father is thrown in as well.

kang tells them that she will not forgive them. But they say that they don’t care, they will show them what kind of people they are. You should be ready. ThenHelro gives them her resignation letter. Appa tells her good job. he also says that this jail is better than his palce. Helro thinks they can stay there for a long time, they can spend winter here. Kang thinks they are crazy and leaves.

Later on, Hyuk asks Kang to let them go. The media will talk about them more. The Empress had a terrorist attack and her family is in jail? Kng thinks her son might be even stupider now after getting hit, she wants to use the family as an example for touching the Empire.

Hyuk says that he will do all that Kang says, just let the family go. Kang asks if she can trust him, he says that she can, he promises.

She happily sits on the couch with him and tells him that this is a good decision. Don’t forget that we are in the same boat, don’t turn on your mother for Suni, okay? Hyuk looks stoically ahead.

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Wang-sik stops Suni from going to her father and sister in jail, then her family comes in and tells her that they are okay. They thought she released them, she says that she did not. Appa wants her to come home with them. Suni says that she is really okay, Woo-bin helped her. But Helro thinks that these people are not human, they should not treat them as human.

Helro takes out a heat blanket for Suni, and they also pull out a lot of self defense things like mace and guns and all sorts of things. helro tells them that they are on her side so don’t be timid!

Appa hugs his daughters and tells them that he will protect them. We can survive after your mothers death. We can do it!

Meanwhile, Wang-sik meets with Hyuk. Hyuk has a flashback to Wang-sik saving Suni, he is a bit jealous. He asks how Suni is doing. Hyuk says she is okay and asks if he released the family? I can tell the Empress. Hyuk says it is enough for her to be stable.

Cut to Suni meeting with Kang as she drinks her tea. Suni tells her that she just wanted to give her morning greeting and let her know that she has still survived, incase you wondered. But seh also thinks that she is horrible to put a bomb in her sons gift. If she wanted to kill her then she should have done it with her own name. 

Kang tells her that it was so embarrassing when Suni’s family came into the palace and threw trash and hit the emperor. Just sign the divorce contract and leave. 

Suni tells her she is not going to do that, why should she? I am not going to die like Sohyun, I will show you that you are betrayed byt he Empress that you picked. A little rock has come in and will break the huge stone. When cracked, a big rock and let plants in to grow and break. So we will see.

She stands up and leaves.

Wang-sik comes in and tells Kang that he saw who was against their empire right! He says yes, great Queen. Kang tells hm to come in and sit, I have good expectation of you. I will break the news that you have a scandal with the empress. I will do anything. he tells her not to think about anything, as a captain of the royal guard aI only work for the family.

kang is so happy that Hyuk has good people around. But Wang-sik says that he worries about Hyuk becaue he cannot eat or sleep. Wang-sik is alive and is threatening the emperor. Kang tells him to tell her everything. Who else knows about Wang-sik?

Wang-sik says that Yura knows so Kang asks where she is now.

Cut to Yura banging on her hospital door about being let out. The nurse comes to the door and tells her to be quiet before she gets another injection. Yura thinks that hyuk betrayed her, she needs to talk to the empress. I need to talk to the Empress! The nurse texts Wang-sik. 

Wang-sik thanks the nurse and then thinks that Yura is holding onto the last string.

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Elsewhere, The nanny tells Ari that she needs to finish her meal and then finish her homework. Ari is busy popping stuffing wrap. She says that the queen told her to do fun things. But kang-hee just pulls the bubble wrap from her and tells her that she used to love studying, now eat. But Ari says that she wants to eat dduckbogi from her mother and cup noodles. You eat all these mushrooms to make yourself smart! She runs out.

Later on, The Nanny meets with the maid who was given a hard time by Ari. The nanny asks if this is her revenge to Ari for not accepting the apology. The maid apologizes. The Nanny gives her money and tells her that her mother is under dialysis right? You have a hospital bill. Do what I say and I will take care of your mothers surgery. Can you do that?

The maid says that she will do whatever she asks of her.

Meanwhile, Suni holds the book VIncent Lee wrote and wonders what Yoon is thinking. She goes to meet him at the secret location. She asks him what is up with the novel? Is that about So-hyun? You involved my sister in it?

Yoon says that he will take care of it, he will reveal all of the truth. I saw everything, I saw how she died. Everyone is like, whaaaaaaat. Byun says that he said he did not know. Yoon apologizes and says that he did not have the evidence, you know my mother, she will cover it up. He says he wrote the novel to explain what happened to move peoples hearts. But now it is time to finish up the story.

he hands them a picture that is the cover for his follow up novel: The woman that died in the river.

Flashback to Hyuk at the river next to Sohyun’s body floating. Kang says that they are the only ones that see it, the empress died via a heart attack, we need to take care of the body first.

In the present, Byun is so overcome with emotion. He is sad that his daughter died in that way. Yoon says that he will reveal the truth so everyone knows. Suni says that she will help. She will go to that secret room, if the diary points there, then something is there. Byun thinks that is too dangerous.

Wang-sik tells them not to worry, he will take her there. Yoon says that he will find out what he can do.

Yoon goes to the doctors office who switched the blood for Oh Suni’s mother. He tells him that he has to have a press conference and say all that he did. Say it all and I will think about your sentence. A lot of reporters will come tonight.

The doctor calls Kang. She is shocked but tells him not to worry. Don’t mention anything about what happened. She hangs up and thinks that Yoon is really abandoning her like this. She tells her assistant that they have an urgent matter to take care of, go to the hospital.

Yoon goes back to the cafe, Helro meets him and speaks in Aegyo to him. But then Sojin comes in like a burst of lighting. Yoon has to hurry and run to the kitchen, he puts on a helmet as well. Sojin tells Helro that she does not accept her resignation letter.  Then Sojin starts to do Aegyo to helro.

Everyone stays to have a lot of chicken. Sojin might also have a huge entourage that comes everywhere with her, so they are all eating. Sojin tells them that she will give them all take out each! 

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Sojin ends up taking chicken back to her place. She overhears Wang-sik and Suni talking. Suni tells him to go now but she will see him at night. Sojin wonders why her Woo-bin and the enpress will be meeting at night.

Wang-sik then goes to meet with Hyuk. It looks like Hyuk is messing up all his things to look extra used. he is so happy to do this. Then he puts all the things in storage.

Suni goes to storage in order to find a lot of things for her room. She wonders why anyone would throw all of these things away. She takes a lot of things back to her room. Hyuk watches from a distance with a huge smile. Wang-sik wonders why he is behaving like this and asks him if he changed his feelings for the Empress?

Hyuk tries to say noooooo, the Emperor of the country would not like that woman, I just feel pity towards her. he walks away, but Wang-sik looks suspicious.

Meanwhile, Suni gets a call from Yoon, he apologizes to her but does not say what it is for.

Cut to a news report that the Palace is watching. The news says that the Empress hit Ari a lot. The maid says that she took photos. It says that she is nice in front of the camera and not nice behind the camera. The news says that they met the biological mother and asked her. The biological mother says that she does not know and does not want to say because she does not want her Ari to have a hard time.

Sojin tells Suni that she is so two-faced. She leaves. Suni asks Kang if this is her way of kicking her out now?

Elsewhere, The nanny keeps Ari from meeting Suni until after the investigation. Ari throws a huge temper tantrum and says that she wants to see her mother! She starts crying a lot and tries to run out.

In the palace room, Suni tells kang that she did not think she was this cheap of a woman as the mother of the Emperor. Kang tells her that she will see who is worse. But Kang just says that the more Suni struggles, the worse she looks. Hyuk tries to apologize for what happened today, but Suni just stares daggers at him and leaves.


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We open with the doctors death. Yoon can’t believe that his mother did this as well, he cannot just stand idly by!

That night, Suni breaks into the secret room with Wang-sik. They don’t think this room has a flower smell. They look in a lot of boxes and wonder why ther are cookies in this secret room. But then Kang comes in with a few other people and asks if the Empress is there? How dare you sneak into this room. I will find out why soon! And I will discover the other rat!

She starts looking around, but then the lights turn off and someone starts to beat everyone up. This gives Suni and Wang-sik a chance to escape. When the lights come back on, Kang tells her people to find them! They should not be far away!

When she looks down, she sees a button that she knows belongs to a guard.

Outside, we find out that byun is the one that saved them. Suni says that she is okay but she does not know what this is. She opens the box and asks what these cookies are. But then Wang-sik gets word that he has to go meet with kang.

Kang has someone hold him and sees that he lost a button. he asks what his real identity is and who is behind him, is it Byun! Tell me! She grabs a gun and holds it to his head. She says, if you lie to me then I will kill you!

But then Sojin runs in and asks Wang-sik how he is so quick! I told you to wait! I have this! You dropped your button!

She holds up a button and then says that she followed him all the way ther, this dropped from his arm.

Flashback to Sojin seeing this scene and then ripping a button off of one of her guards and running in.

Wang-sik reiterates that he does not know what Kang is talking about. kang tells him that it might be a misunderstanding. She gives the button to Wang-sik and tells him to find who this button belongs to. kang and all her people leave.

Sojin tells Wang-sik that she does not know what he is doing, but she does not want him to get hurt. DOn’t look at other women, only look at me.

Later on, Ari tells kang that she wants to see Ari. kang says that she needs to leave this to the adults. But then a knife with a letter hits the wall. The letter says, Lee hyuk, you murderer! Sojin is all like, what? Did you kill someone? Ari asks, did you do something wrong, father! You are a good person!

Wang-sik comes in and gives an order to the guards. Everyone leaves but Woo-bin/Wang-sik stays to talk to kang and Hyuk. He tells him that it seems like a few people are working in the palace in conjunction with Wang-sik. 

Hyuk – it is nothing that his mother died! Why did he do this much! I should have killed him properly, that stupid Ma Pil-joo!

Wang-sik walks up to Hyuk and tells him that it is nothing to worry about, I will bring him in front of you. Hyuk tells him that he trusts him. But then Hyuk goes pretty insane and yells at his staff for being with Wang-sik. he pulls out a gun and points it all around the room as he yells, who is it! WHO IS IT!

Wang-sik tries not to smile.

Later on, Wang-sik puts Hyuk in bed and tells him that he will bring a sedative for him. he leaves. But then Hyuk starts to hear something and hops up with his gun. he starts to yell, come out! Don’t hide! Captain Chun! Wang-sik comes in. Hyuk tells him not to go anywhere, you should be here all the time, he is here to kill me. Wang-sik tells him not to worry, I will protect you.

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Yura’s meal comes to her. She says that she does not want to eat it. He tells her that she should, then he removes his face mask and shows that he is Captain Choo, the old captain. Yura hops up.

Cut to Yoon talking to Suni about the press conference where he wanted to show why her mother died, but his mother stepped in and the chief commited suicide. But Suni does not know what he is talking about, what are you talking about my mother and the chief?

Yoon explains that her mother died because she did not get a blood transfusion at the hospital, actually, the Empire was in the middle of it.

Flashback to the hospital when they found out the news.

Yoon tells her that his brothers blood type is the same as hers.

Flashback to Yoon talking to the doctor as he figured out the blood transfusion issue. The doctor says that a lot of people die for no reason, but she died for the emperor. Yoon attacks him and says that he is not a doctor, he should go to jail!

In the present, Suni asks, so my mother died for Lee Hyuk? Yoon confirms and apologizes. Suni gets up teary eyed and leaves. While walking she thinks about all her happy memories with her mother. She actually looked pretty to go to a fan meeting with the emperor, the mother told her that they were supposed to go to Namsan together. She pouts, but then she tells Suni that she wants her to get married to someone who loves her so much. She says that she will make the emperor love her a lot a lot. Umma tells her that is good, my daughter.

Elsewhere, Wang-sik gives medicine to the Emperor. Suni comes in and slaps him hard. He stands up and asks what she is doing.

SN – You killed my mother to live like this? You took my mothers precious life to live like this? You should live properly. But you had an affair and killed people. How can you live like this Hyuk? I was a precious daughter for my mother. But Mom saved you and died. How angry would she be?

Hyuk hits her arms away and tells her that he does not know what she is talking about. he tells Wang-sik to take the Empress to her room. 

SN – Why didn’t you just die? Why did you live? Without you my mother is alive, Sohyun is alive, and grandmother is alive and I would not suffer like this. Why do I have to suffer do to you!

Hyuk – I am chosen as the emperor, who would the doctors save, your mother or me?

SN – I will drag you to the bottom, I will ahve you get punished with my entire body.

Hyuk – Captain Chon, take her out.

Wang-sik takes her out. 

Hyuk remembers that day, he saw Suni crying next to her mother but told his people to leave quickly.

Hyuk – She shouldn’t know about that…. 

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Outside, Wang-sik kneels with the Empress and asks if she is okay. She says that she cannot breathe and wants to get out of that palace. Can you take me out, please?

She tries to catch her breathe.

Meanwhile, Kang is getting a massage by two handsome men. her secretary says that she found the drug that she asked for. Clinical research was done in America so you can take it. She shows her the injection. (this might be a diss on the former Korean president because she had a lot of illegal drugs flown in to make her younger). Then the head secretary comes in and tells her that she has to read this. it is another book from Vincent Lee. Kang hits the secretary and tells her to find who Vincent Lee is! Then she yells for everyone to get out.


Suni tells wang-sik that her mother wanted to come there so much. It is so pretty that it makes me upset. If my mother saw it, then she would be so glad. She never had a chance to come here at all. If I did not go see hyuk that day, I did not know my mother would die that quickly, I thought we could come here at anytime. If she sees me living like this, how sad would she be? I was so stupid and did not know anything. I was super stupid, stupid. She cries a lot so Wang-sik comforts her. She cries into his chest. 

WS – She will understand, don’t cry, if she sees you sad like this then she will be sadder.

SN – Now, I will not be a victim anymore.

WS – I will help you, don’t back down.

She keeps crying. i will protect you Empress, with all my life.

In the palace, Hyuk drinks alone in his bedroom. He thinks about Suni telling him that he should have just died. her mother, Sohyun, and grandmother would still be alive if he died. Why should people suffer for you?

Hyuk tells himself that it is not his fault, he did not know. If I tell her that I did not know, then she will understand. he gets up and goes to Suni’s room to explain, but she is not there. So he walks around the palace and sees Wang-sik and the Empress coming back together.

He stands in there way.

SN – Go away

Hyuk – Empress, I need to tell you something

She walks around him

Hyuk – DOn’t leave

SN – I don’t want to breath the same air as you

Hyuk – No, I want to be with you, you are my wife, we are married, I will not divorce you. I will make you my wife until you die.

He manhandles Suni a little bit. Wang-sik stops him and forces him to the ground.

Hyuk – Chon Woo-bin, what are you doing>

WS – That wish you promised me when I became your brother, I am using it now. Just let her go. I like her, the empress.

Hyuk dramatically looks at Wang-sik, Wang-sik dramatically looks at Hyuk.

their soundtrack plays.

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I love that Wang-sik stood up to the Emperor! I like him and Suni together, so hopefully Hyuk honors Wang-sik’s wish. Hyuk really hasn’t proven to be a man of his word though so that might not happen.


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    • V
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      • Rose
        January 10, 2019 / 1:21 pm

        I know i watched that episode that the emperor promised something to Wang Sik but i cant remember it, what is it again?

        • V
          January 10, 2019 / 1:44 pm

          I think he said he would grant him any wish he wanted. The wish size was not specified so it seemed like it could be almost anything.

          • Rose
            January 10, 2019 / 2:36 pm

            Oh…now i remember. You are right V, will he keep that promise to Wang Sik knowing how unstable he is mentally and emotionally?

            And thanks for the recap! 😊

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    Who’s captain Choi again????

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