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The Last Empress: Episode 29 and 30 Live Recap

I heard something absolutely bonkers happens today, yet this something also falls perfectly in line with what we expect from this show. So, yep, I’m looking forward to it!

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Wang-sik dugs up the river at the location that Yura told him to. Yura watches in the near distance. Wang-sik gets to something that looks like it is a body with it’s clothes still on, he pulls it out a little bit and starts wailing.

Yura walks a little closer as Wang-sik apologizes to his mother. I am too late right? My mother gets cold easy and does not like the dark. Yura is bout to come even closer but Byun abducts her quietly. He then lets Wang-sik mourn for his mother alone.

Wang-sik covers his mothers body with his jacket and tells her, lets go home. Then he pulls her in a wagon up a path.


Suni wakes with a start. Hyuk asks her what dream she had, he is causally sitting on her bed and drinking. She hugs him right away. he leans in to kiss her but she pushes him away and slaps him. She asks what he is doing. He says that she welcomed him to eagerly. She exclaims that she told him never to come to her room. 

Hyuk – we are a couple. I am the emeror and i am coming to the Emperors room. What is wrong with that? you are the one pretending that we are a couple. I cannot sleep, can I sleep here tonight?

Suni – Are you joking with me? I am not in the mood to joke.  Leave! Can’t you understand Korean!

She kicks him and he cartwheels off the bed backwards (hilarious). She picks him up by his scruff and tells him to leave! She walks him all the way to the door and slams it. Hyuk gets up and thinks that Suni is fun, she triggers his competitiveness.

Suni goes back in her room and thinks that she needs to get a lock for her door. But then she gets a call.


Cut to Suni appearing in front of Wang-sik at the cemetary. he is beside himself in grief.

WS – Empress…my mother….my…mother…

he shows us a photo of his mtoher and lays it in her coffin. Then he punches the ground until his fist bleeds and leaves stains on the grass. Suni just lets him do it. 

WS – Mom, I will kill all those guys that made you like this. I will make them suffer so much. They will beg me to save their life. So wait a little bit, okay? I am so sorry, Sorry Mom.

Flashback to Wang-sik and his mother during happier times. 

WS – how hurt and how cold my poor mom was…

He lowers his head to sob. Suni takes off her scarf, folds it up and puts it in her grave.

SN – You won’t be cold anymore, goodbye.

They close the coffin (maybe Suni closed it?). Wang-sik falls over and cries and cries and cries.

VO – That day, someone died over here. They were hit by Hyuk’s car.

Flashback to the event of that night.

VO – They removed all the CCTV and made an alibi. That was the emperors plan.

More flashbacks to that night. Suni thinks about it all as she hugs Wang-sik.

Suni – (I will protect him….I will protect him)

She rocks Wang-sik and pats him on his back as he continues crying.

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Then we cut to a happier looking Wang-sik walking up his brother in bed. He asks him how he was and gives him a hug. The little brother says that he saw mother in his dream. He asks if Wang-sik is going to leave him like Umma? Wang-sik says no, I will live with you forever and ever.

he gives his little brother the captain of the Royal guard badge and tells him that whenever he wants to see his brother, he can look at that. His little brother thinks it is super cool and gives him another big hug.


Wang-sik exercises on the bike next to hyuk. 

They talk about Wang-sik not showing up and Woobin’s hand, what happened? Hyuk jokes that Woo-bin practices too much, maybe he will kill him in the future? Woo-bin tells him maybe, are you afraid? The King takes it as a joke. he also asks about Suni, how is it going?

WS says that she opened her heart quickly. Hyuk gets upset all of sudden and yells at Woobin about the Queen loving him even though he tried to kill her???? What is the secret?How did she open her heart to you? 

WS says he followed his order. Hyuk asks if that makes him the bad guy! You are not guilty then? Wang-sik is all like, what are you talking about?


he starts cycling on the bike like crazy. The butler comes in and says that he tried to redecorate the Empresses room as ordered, but she is refusing.


He spins off the bike in a really cool and yet funny way and angrily walks away.


The maids tell Suni that she has to take these things or he will kill them. Suni shows them the sign on her door.

Sign: The emperor cannot come in. (This includes the Emperors things).

Suni tells them that this is an order by the empress, take it all back.

Kang is told of all of this and asks them to call Seo kang Hee (the nanny). 

Cut to the nanny asking the princess (he daughter) why she visited her place? Should I prepare something for you? Yura gives her flowers that the nanny thinks are for her but Yura tells her not to get it twisted. Put this in a vase, you are good at that, this is for my mother, okay? Why should I give you flowers?

Yura takes the flowers to Suni happily and calls her mother pleasantly. Suni happily recieves it and tells her that she will put it by the window so it will grow. Ari tells her that seh should tell everyone in the palace to turn up the heat in here and clean a bit. Suni says that it is good to save money so Ari tells her that she is a great example to the people. Suni jokes that she actually does not have any money, that is why she is doing it.

Ari tells her a secret – Grandmother gave you a lot of money in her will. Suni is all like, what? Ari says it is nothing and then giggles. Suni gives her packing bubble wrap to pop and says it is the best when you have a lot of time. Ari loves it.

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Meanwhile, kang and the nanny talk (Seo kang-hee). kang mentions that Ari likes Suni more than her. The nanny says that she is not sure what she is talking about. But Kang says that she is acting naive, you wanted your friend So-hyun’s position. The nanny says that kang is the one that wanted her in the room and told her to go. kang tells her that if she was a real friend then she would have refused sleeping with the emperor. 

The nanny holds her own and says that she does not want to be the empress, she is not confident to capture his heart, but she can help kang if they need to kick the Empress out. What is the reward? Kang chuckles and asks if she is pretending to be the new Min Yura? Just listen to what I tell you, how dare you. 

Nanny – Seven years ago when Sohyun died, we had a new building celebration. Everyone was busy preparing for the party. But I did not go to the celebration. I was worried about the pregnant Sohyun and looked for her. But i saw you and Sohyun fighting in your room. 

Flashback to Sohyun and Kang. Kang slapped SOhyun

SH – Why are you hitting me? Are you angry because I know the secret to the island? I know about it now so you can’t cover it up anymore. You cannot ruin Changum island the way you want. 

kang – Shut up!

SH – I am going to have a press conferenc and tell them everything about why you are obsessed with that island. I also have evidence from Kang Joo-sung bodyguard.

kang – you will ose everything, including the Emperor, yourself, and the baby. DOn’t you care about that?

SH – He will trust me, it will not go the way you planned.

They both leave, angry. The nanny heard it all. 

kang then goes to talk to Hyuk and asks if he trusts her? SHould I really tell you the relationship they had? I told you they are not real brother and sister, they have no relationship. It is wrong from the begining for a married woman to take a man from her home as her bodyguard. how much did she miss him that she wanted him to stand in front of her own room.

Hyuk – Can you stop?

Kang – You don’t want to hear it but listen to me. This is important and can affect the existance of our empire.

Hyuk – What are you talking about?

Kang – The baby, who is the father?

Hyuk – You trust her but I don’t trust her. They are together all day. Are you sure that the baby is your baby? When you took that tour of Europe, they spent all day in that room. I saw it. Then she got pregnant soon after.

Hyuk – No, it should not be.

Kang- What do you think about this?

She gives him photos of Sohyun and the bodyguard at the mall shopping.

Kang -He would not shop with her if that baby was yours. I know that this baby is his. The Lee empire will become the Kang empire.

Hyuk gets upset and rages. The nanny hears it all.

In the present, the nanny tells kang that she was threatened by Sohyun, right? That is why you killed SOhyun using the Emperors hand. Without that scandal ~!

Kang – Shut up!

Nanny – For Sohyun, the emperor was the only one. The bodyguard had a fiance also. Why did you lie like that?

Kang – if you know all of this, why are you talking about it all of a sudden? 

Nanny – The only reason I closed my mouth or open my mouth is for Ari. The princess can be an Emperor now, take Ari as the crowned princess.

Kang – What? Crowned princess?

Nanny – remove Lee Yoon and put Ari as the crowned princess. I will keep what you did secret until I die and I will help you kick out the Empress with whatever it takes.

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Meanwhile, Helro and Yoon are lovey dovey as they eat breakfast together, but have to stop when Geum-mo comes out. They pretend like they aren’t dating but helro touches Yoon’s leg under the table. He coughs and asks Geum-mo for more soup, then signals helro to stop. But she does not stop and starts to rub his leg again. However, she rubs her fathers leg on accident. Appa grabs her leg and is all like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHAT IS GOING ON.

Cut to the two of them sitting inf ront of Appa as they are being given a talking to. Appa tells Yoon that there are so many women, why helro? he says that Yoon is like his own son, please meet a better woman. Helro is all like, was I adopted? Is there a birth secret in our family? Appa is all like, look at this, see, see, she has a big temper. Don’t ruin his life!


In the palace, Hyuk pretends like he is sick and goes to see Suni, she rolls her eyes and tells him that she has nothing to talk to him about. He tells her not to leave and holds her hand. But Suni only thinks about Wang-sik at the cemetary and kicks Hyuk.

Suni – Get real you a-hole. DO you think living is just a joke? Do you think it is a play? Someone else is crying blood due to the rock your threw that ripped their stomach open. Do you want to live your life like that? DO you think I am easy because the woman you tried to kill is still staying here. *lots of curse words* If you touch me one more time then i will not stand it anymore.

She leaves.

Hyuk – Empress, what should I do? you are so difficult to me and so easy to Woobin.

Suni goes to see Wang-sik, they happily greet each other. Suni tells him that she worried about him, how is your head, how is your hand, is your hand okay? I knew it, you didnt even put medicine here. It will cause you trouble if it get infected, come with me.

She pulls him away to dress his wound.

SN – This is a pretty deep wound. The wound you can see can be taken care of. But what should we do with the wound in your heart.

She blows on his hand. It is a tender moment. it also looks like this might be the moment that love awakens between the two of them. But they both play it off.

Suni finishes dressing his wound and tells him that she is done. He thanks her and gives her something that she left. It is a new scarf for her. he puts the bright red around her neck and thanks her so much.

She is a bit touched but the gift and stutters that she will see him later. She hurries off, he looks at the bandaid on his hand and smiles. Suni thinks about the scarf as a thank you gift as she sits on her couch. But then she gets a call from Byun.

They meet up in the secret place and talk about the island. Byun says that one of the bodyguards went to that island often. He would spend all day there on the weekend. On the day Sohyun died, he also disappeared. We are looking for him but we have no clue where he is. Suni asks what his name is. Byun says Kang Joo-sung.

Suni remembers that name and thinks back to the very first time she met the King and assassins took over the room. The head terrorist guy was Kang Joosung, he is now in a mental ward on the island. 

Cut to the brother writing on the wall: kang Joosung…Min Yura….kang Jung-sung…Min Yura….

he bangs his head on the wall and then thinks about Yura. it looks like all the photos Kang showed Hyuk are actually doctored photos of kang Joo-sung and Yura? it seems like they are eluding to this. kang Joosung is also Sohyun’s former bodyguard.

So the mental hospital guy is Yura’s baby daddy?

he has an episode where he starts yelling and screaming. the doctors have to come in and retrain him. It takes several of them to do this, they inject him with something that calms him a bit and then leave. But his fingers fall back completely relaxed…did he die? Oh no! maybe not.


Yoon talks to Geum-mo about looking lonely. Geum-mo says he misses his wife, she had a rare blood type. When it is cold, I think of my wife. Yoon asks if she had a disease? Geum says that she had a simple surgery but could not get a blood transfusion due to her AB rh- blood type. 

Yoon says that she has the same blood as the King. Guem wonders how he knows that a-holes blood type, are you his fan too? Yoon says that he just heard it and then walks to the counter to get Geum a beer. While doing that, he thinks to the night that Hyuk got someone elses blood. He was there and saw his mother kick the doctor to save the crowned prince.

he gives Geum the beer and asks, how long has your wife been passed? 

Geum – 10 years exactly

Yoon – What hospital?

Geum – Royal Hospital.

But then the father gets upset again so the conversation ends.

Scene change to Byun talking to Wang-sik abut how the Empress was interested in Chang dom island. They also talk about how money is being snuck out by Kang using Sojin’s name. wang-sik says he can get him more evidence.

he goes to see Sojin who is relaxing in her massage chair. He tells her that the banks are dangerous, they are sneaking out money, if something happens you could be prosecuted. Sojin hops up, scared, and tells him that she is not guilty of this! Wang-sik apologizes and says that she will be blamed for everything. 

Sojin thinks that she needs to tell her mother this now! Wang-sik tells her to not be upset, trust me princess, we need evidence that you are not related to the crime and we also need to put the name under Kang because you are not guilty after all. Sojin agrees, she says she is not smart, but she is not a bad person also.

She runs to find some data/paperwork and gievs it to Wang-sik.

SJ – Is this enough? I will do anything you ask me!


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Kang meets with Hyuk and asks if he is not eating with her anymore? kang tells the maid to take the food away. kang brings up redecorating the empresses room. DOn’t get feelings for her, if you need a woman then i can prepare it.

he tells her not to talk like that. But then Yoon comes in and tells them if everyone hears this then he is fine with it! Kang tells the bodyguards to leave. then he tells them that he is tired of them, are they really human? When you were injured, I should have been the emperor as father wanted. You took someones life and are here like this!

Hyuk says he does not understand.

Yoon – The owner of the blood you used to save his life was the Empresses mother! That is why he survived! She died because of you two!

Hyuk – Mother…what is this….is this all true?

Kang – I did my best to save you, you know that.

Hyuk – I am asking if this is true.

kang – Maybe it happened, with that sacrifice we can continue our empire.

Yoon – How can you save that, can’t you have a guilty feeling at least?

Kang tells him to just leave. Yoon says it won’t be a secret forever. but Kang wants to know what the Empress will do if seh finds out? Ask for more money? Don’t do anything if you want to keep the position as my son.

Hyuk sits in his seat, completely stunned. 

Meanwhile, Suni goes to the indoor gardens and uses te diary as a key to get in to the secret room. She taps it on a stone and the doors open. But then someone comes in so she hides. kang and her secretary go inside the room, Suni is hiding outside.

Hyuk sees Suni running back to her room. he has a heavy heart. he goes to her room and looks at her from the window.

Hyuk – I did not know, it was not my fault, your mother dying early had nothing to do with me, of course I should survive, I am the emperor. me and the empress have bad relations from the start, we should not be related at all….ugh, its a headache.

Elsewhere, yoon tells Wang-sik to give something to the Empress and to tell her that he is sorry he was too late.

Inside, The nanny talks to Kang and tells her that Suni was sneaking around her gardens. kang thinks that she needs to start her plan sooner.

Cut to the family meeting to discus a bazaar. Kang asks why the Empress came back and how much longer she will have to stand her. At least do something and take this event, the Emperor will help you. Suni says that she can do it and asks what they will be auctioning – one of Kang’s paintings. Then Kang tells Ari that she will have a pictoral with Hyuk. Ari happily says that she will look forward to it.

After the meeting, Hyuk goes back to his office, Kang’s secretary is there. Hyuk goes to his desk and sees his schedule. 

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In Suni’s room, Suni gets ready to leave. She runs out when Wang-sik says that he is there, she is wearing his scarf and he still has her bandaid. They smile and then talk about the Bazaar, Wang-sik thinks it is suspicious. But Suni thinks that Hyuk will be there so it should be okay. they would not do something to her in front of all those important people. Hyuk will come pater after he shoots a pictoral with Ari.

They head out.

Suni sits for the Bazaar as the items are auctioned and Wang-sik wonders why Hyuk is not there yet from the pictoral.

Cut to the pictoral. It is an adorable photo shoot that is made hilarious by Hyuk’s facial expressions as he plays with kid things. The nanny is there as well and looks at her watch.

At the bazaar, Wang-sik tells Suni that Hyuk misunderstood the schedule and is still at the party. he has not left yet. I don’t feel good about this, this is too much for you to run it. Suni thinks they should just start, he should be there soon. She goes tot he front and introduces the Bazaar event to all the guests.

At the pictoral, Hyuk finally finishes taking all the photos and talks to Woobin. Woobin tells him that the Bazaar evet started already, I think your schedule has a mistake in it. Hyuk remembers Kang’s secretary in his office and tells Wang-sik that his mother must be onto something. Protect Suni, I will be there right away.

The Nanny overhears all of this and calls Kang. Kang tells her that the Emperor wont be able to stop this even if he tries. 

Hyuk gets stopped in traffic and wodners what his mtoehr is trying to do. He yells at his driver, is this the only way! Go as soon as possible.

At the Bazaar, Wang-sik talks to the bodyguards about a potential terrorist attack. he tells them to search quietly but if you see a suspicious person, tell me. They all agree and go back inside. Suni is still at the head of the Bazaar introducing the auction items. They bring out Kang’s painting next. 

It sells for a very expensive price ($200,000?). Wang-sik wonders what that thing is that will be dangerous? The next item comes out, Suni says they are her shoes when she got married.

In the streets, Hyuk is able to get all the cars to pull to the side so the Royal brigaid can go through withouth traffic. 

The last item at the Bazaar is an antique clock from the emperor. But the butler remembers that they do not have the emperors box. Secretary Kang says that she double checked it.

Suni explains that this is the clock from Russia that they got when their empire formed. Suni touches it and says that it is really hot. She is surprised. We see the inside of it, it is a bomb with only 15 seconds left.

Outside, Hyuk is speeding to get to the Bazaar.

Kang is listening to classical music in her office.

The nanny happily looks at the clock.

Wang-sik runs to the empress and throws the clock and then pulls the Empress to the ground quickly. The bomb explodes! Wang-sik tells everyone to protect the Empress! All the guards protect her. Hyuk shows up and asks where the empress is. Wang-sik tells him to get out of the way in Banmal. But then he switches his speech and asks where his car is.

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Hyuk barges into Kangs room and asks her if she has to go this far? Kang is all like what are you talking about? how was your event today? So Hyuk throws her desk to the side and rips up her magazine.

Hyuk – You heard everything from Yoon but you tried to kill her again? I knew you were a scary person but you tried to kill her again?

Kang really wonders what Hyuk is doing. Hyuk tells her that his heart changed, he has to save the empress from her. Kang whispers in his ear, have you ever saved what you like, ever?

Flashback to little Hyuk with a little bird that he is playing with. Kang is uspet at him and sets the bird on fire then releases it. he bird flies away on fire and then drops in the forest (OMG, that is tragic). 

Kang calls the adult Hyuk a stupid person, do you have to lose it again so you will be sane? 

Hyuk – This time, I will protect the Empress properly. I will save her.

Meanwhile, Suni sleeps in her room with Wang-sik watching her at her bedside. But he gets up to leave. She wakes up and holds his hand. 

Wang-sik – Your Highness

Suni – I am scared, dont leave Na Wang-sik.

He sits back down next to her bedside and wipes a tear from her cheek. ANother one falls so he wipes that as well. 

WS – Don’t worry, I will be next to you.

They look at each other deeply, the camera scrolls away.

Fade Out

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I love the love story between Suni and Wang-sik. Though I also love that Hyuk has finally fallen for Suni as well. But they do have a problem considering he took the blood that was meant for her mother due to his wild drunken bike rides through the nights of Seoul. Oh, and he tried to have her killed. Also also, he tried to have her family killed, there was that, too.


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  1. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 12:20 pm

    Ok…….hold your horses…..ssooo….Yuras baby daddy was the former empress ‘s bodyguard?? He is the one in the mental hospital right now? And maybe the reason why Yura was devastated ( i think ) when she was pregnant was shr thought she was abandoned by the baby daddy coz he just disappeared? Gad….more twist and turns 😂

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 12:36 pm

      I THINK SO. 😮

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 12:37 pm

      I love this twist!

  2. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 12:36 pm

    If only the emperor was just bad and not a psychopath….i might really…really push him for Suni….bit still….argh…. confussing! The drama is making me emotionally confused! Its giving me a headache from all the twists and turns…and heartache for the empress, wang sik and….can you believe it….the emperor?? 😵😵😵

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 12:39 pm

      Hyuk is so much of a NO on the romance with Suni that it is hilarious that he is even trying, lol.

  3. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    Btw…thanks again V! 😊

  4. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    Another crazy theory (since this is a crazy drama anyways 😂)

    What if WangSik is really the late emperors son from another woman? He can compete for the throne then 😁

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 1:12 pm

      I just thought about it coz the emperor said before that wangsik feels like a brother to him…but what if….

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