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The Last Empress: Episode 27 and 28 Live Recap

Let’s get this crazy party started! It looks like it was Hyuk’s plan to bring Yura back on and to find the maid in order to remove his mother from power, right? Or that is at least our guess over here. But it looks like it will set him up for an even bigger fall in the end!

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ura tells everyone that Kang put poison in Suni’s kimbap, she was sure of it. Suni tells her to reveal the truth right now.Kang tells them that she did not even see yura in that room at all that day.

Yura says that Kang was the one that stopped her from taking the letter because she is the one that put poison in the snack box to blame the empress.

Kang yells, how dare you! Are you crazy! Suni asks if the clothing in a zimplock bag is hers? She found out that the poison there is the same one as the one that killed Grandmother. Just accept what you did.

Hyuk smiles but then he stands and asks if it is really true? he puts on a stunned face. Kang says Suni and Yura are just blaming her with nonsense and poison in her clothing is not evidence that she killed Grandmother. 

Yura is the crazy lady that put sleeping medicine in Grandmothers tea. How can you believe her?

SUni asks how she can torture and threaten the maid? Kang says it was just in case they did this nonsense. Sojin stands and says that her mtoher is bad but not that bad. Hyuk says to send the clothing to the police and do a formal investigation.

Kang looks at him. Hyuk says that he trusts his mother, but they should do the investigation. he tells Wang-sik to take Yura awy. Suni also takes the maid away. But Kang stops her and tells hre, how dare you. You will see how stupid it is to accuse me without any evidence.

Suni tell sher that at least they know that seh was involved in Grandmothes death. Bring me the evidence that you are not the murderer. Now do you know how I felt? If anything happens to me or the maid…well, our life is on the line so we should have insurance right?

Suni takes the maid to her room, the maid has a bit of a headache. Suni asks her if she is injired? The maid says that she had a headache ever since she was trapped in that room. The room was made with concrete but it smelled overwhelmingly of flowers. Suni wonders, flowers have a bad smell?

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In Hyuks room, Yura begs Hyuk to save her. He asks her for the location of Wang-sik’s mothers body. Yura is hesitant to tell him because he could kill her. She wants him to promise that he will not send her to that hospital again. Take me in. I don’t care if I am the lowest rank. Just let me wash your feet or something.

Hyuk grabs her and asks if seh is making fun of him? She says that she has a way to catch Na Wang-sik. She knows him the best in the world. wang-sik is standing there are sell. Hyuk says he can catch Wang-sik without her. he pushes her away and tells Woo-bin to take her out. But Yura begs again. 

Hyuk tells her to just disspaear in front of him. She tries to grab his feet but Wang-sik has her removed as she scream, NO!

Outside, Wang-sik tells his guards to leave first. Then he talks to SUni, she asks what happened. Wang-sik explains that hyuk did this to get from under his mothers control. He used Yura in this regard. But kang is the prime suspect anyway. We need to push her more before she gets away.

Hyuk meets with Kang and says that he took care of Yura, he did not know that sheh would show up alive. Kang rages that she will killher, how dare she come back alive! Hyuk smiles but hides it and tells his mother to stay calm.

But Kang wants to know what hyuk did on the night Grandmtoher died. I know that you took my hair ornament.

Flashback to that night of the crime. Hyuk met with Kang in her room. They talked about the internal affairs meeting. Kang said that Hyuk is the only one that can block it. They think grandmother is insane, how can she ditch him. he takes her hair ornament and leaves. kang smiles.

4:30am the day of the crime

Hyuk goes to meet grandmother, she is sleep or maybe dead. he sees what hse wants to tell the internal affairs. Then he takes out the hair ornament and stabs her. But it is all pillows. Grandmother just got out of the bath and sees him. She asks if he wanted to kill her? What are you so afraid of that you want to kill me? Sohyun’s death? Or attemping to murder Suni? tell me!

he pushes her away and says that he killed Sohyun becuase she was pregnant with someone elses baby. But the grandmtoher tells him that she only knew him, how can he be this monster? They struggle a bit. He asks her if she wants this empire to dissapear! Grandmtoehr says that the empire does not matter, look at yourself! They keep arguing about the empire. Hyuk says his father gave it to him, Grandmtoher says she will not let him destroy it.

But Grandmother falls to the ground crying and Hyuk runs away, she is not stabbed.

In te present, Hyuk tells Kang that he did not stab Grandmtoher. Kang says that she did not think it would happen, of course not. Hyuk mentions that if the police know that it is hers then she will be in trouble, he did not tell them. Kang smiles and says that of course he didn’t since his finger prints were all over it.

He asks her what happned in Grandmothers place at 4:30am.

Flashback to Kang finding a lot of poison in her garden. She pours a bunch of it into a vase and then sits in front of Grandmtoher. She tells grandmtoehr that she is giving her poison, if you want to abandon your own son then kill me first. Grandmtoher asks if she is threatening here? kang cries and says that she would rather die there than see the Emperor investigated.

The grandmother throws her poison and calls Kang an ungrateful woman, how dare she say these things about killing herself. Just accept your crime, it is not late. Accept it with Hyuk. I will protect you. Kang tells her that she did not make any crime to ask for forgiveness. I also dont’ trust you at all. You dont’ do anything and I can cover it up.

Grandmother slaps Kang and tells her that they can go to the end. it is all your fault that you made Hyuk that crazy and kicked out Yoon, You should pay for what you did. Kang looks at her with spite and tells her that she should end it here.

Then she stumbles out of the room with her hand over her mouth.

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Kang tells Hyuk that she could have killed her if she wanted. Everyone will suspect me, that is why I did n’t do it. Hyuk tells her that is why she needed another suspect. Why did the kimbap have poison in it? Explain it to me. kang says that mother sprayed the poison on me. That is why I did that.

Hyuk says the one thing they know is that Suni did not do it. DOn’t you want to know who the real murderer is? kang says that Hyuk took her hair ornament and went to Grandmother. That is the clearer evidence right? I have to know so I can cover it up, rely on me emperor.

They stare at each other in a stand still.

Hyuk walks out thinking.

VO – Mother you will not be able to win over me anymore, I am not a puppet that you can play.

kang meets with her secretary and says that she will make SUni get a divorce. Give her a hard schedule so she will be so tired that she will ask to leave. But before that, I need to shake her mind first. She calls SUni’s father and asks if he is worried about how Suni lives.

Cut to Suni, she is cleaning her quarters and thinking about the situation in the castle. But then she hears her fathers voice, he is there to say hello. he comes in and asks why it is so cold in there and that Kang said that she can see her there. But he looks around at her room, it looks horrible.

Appa – What happened to your room?…..well….it is a good formation, I like it. But….do you do everything? Cleaning and cooking?

SN – I am actually okay doing it all alone.

Appa tries to play it all of and pulls out some chicken for Suni to eat. She is so happy to eat it. But he looks a bit concerned as he looks at her. Suni says that his chicken is the best. the Palace food is too healthy. he tells her that he brought all the banchan for her. And he chides himself that he should not have brought cola, he should have brought beer.

he tells her that she does not have to worry about anything and the room really looks good. it looks so comfortable, it is so good. But he is holding back tears. Suni plays along and says that she is really good at these kinds of things. he asks her what she can’t do? they are both hiding their tears. Appa says that she should eat slowly and he will got o the bathroom. Suni cries when he leaves.

Elsewhere, Wang-sik takes Yura back to the hospital. She says he broke his promise. But Wang-sik says that he wants to know where the body is. Yura will not tell becuase that is her life line. Wang-sik calls for the doctors. 

Yura asks to call Suni, I helped her, she should not let me die somewhere here. Call her! But he just leaves and gos to the one way mirror to watch for a moment and then leave. But then he sees another person writing on the wall. he looks like he might have mental issues. he is drawing something and sits in his bed exhausted. Wang-sik keeps walking out.

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A little later on, Suni tells her self to cheer up and not be shaken as she cleans up her fathers things a bit. Then Wang-sik comes in and asks if her father came by. Suni says yes, he came to cheer me up. then she asks if Yura said where his mother is. She did not. Suni wonders how she can be so stubborn like this! i want to just cut her mouth. Wang-sik is pretty bummed. She tells him that he should eat lunch since they are going to have a real war against Kang, they should gain strength.

they eat together but then Hyuk overhears the two of them talking about everyday things. he avoids them but wonders why he is avoiding them. 

Inside, Suni tells Wang sik to enjoy the food. If you enjoy it then it has no calories. Red Sun *snap* (a famous hypnotist did that move). She tells him he has to eat to take his medicine. Plus he works hard and might starve all day. She holds out a ssam roll to him.

He thinks about happy times with his family and eats the ssam roll. he also drinks the drunk she has, but it is makgoli so he coughs. She tells him that palace food is not good for her, her digestion is horrible. Wang-sik tells her to eat something else also.

But then Hyuk comes in and asks what he is doing there. he tells him to sit and then sits in the couch between them. (So awkward!). Wang-sik and Suni both scoot over but the couch is too small. Hyuk happily asks if she can give him some food. But she gives it to Wang-sik instead.

Hyuk throws a temper tantrum. Suni asks him why he showed up in her room all of a sudden and tried to be friendly. But Hyuk says that everything is his! he points to everything in the room and asyss that it is all his and stips when his finger gets to Suni. Suni looks at him like, really? Then she pints at her fathers food and says this is not his, her father brought it for him. She excuses herself.

Elsewhere, the secretary tells Kang that the father left. Kang is shocked, he saw how she lives and just left? Sigh, father like daughter. Okay, just make her work until she is too tired to do anything else. Did you find out about the book? The secretary says that the agent in America said that Vincent Lee is a man. kang tells her to investigate it a little bit more and wonders what Helro is doing.

then Wang-sik comes in. Kang says that she told him to seduce Suni, what is taking so long. he tells her that he will do his best then excuses himself. Kang gets a call from someone about the documents. Sh says that she told Sojin to sign the documents and give it to her. I will check it. Wang-sik overhears this as he is leaving. 

He goes to Sojin’s place and takes photos of all the documents. But then Sojin comes in. She asks what he is doing there without her here. He produces a ring and says that it is ehr ring right? She is about to yell at the cleaner but Wang-sik tells her that he will find it out, you don’t have to see it. I will make sure that we have better security.

Sojin thinks he is so trustworthy. If we use this room together then we won’t need any security. the paperwork falls on the ground somehow so Wang-sik picks it up and asks what this paperwork is for. She says that it has to do with her mother, she can sign it and get good returns. 

She starts to sign it. Wang-sik says that she should be careful, you might be in danger. I don’t like it. But Sojin says that she does it all the time. Do you worry about me? Yes, my mother is bad enough to do something. I cannot trust her, she gave me the shopping mall and took it back. 

Wang-sik asks if she wants him to do a secret investigation? i can do it for you princess.

Wang-sik leaves and talks to someone about how he sent them a document about the paper. The owner is Thailand but the bank is Switzerland.


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Ari dances for Suni in her room while Ari looks at the painting that grandmother gave her. Ari wants Suni’s attention but Suni is just focusing on the painting. So Ari hurts herself on purpose and blames it on her maid. She tells her maid that she did it on purpose with the rubber band. But the maid said she would not do that, the priness is the one that pulled it.

Suni asks if she pulled it. Ari says, even if I pulled it, you should have held it so that I will bot be injured! The maid says that she did it so quickly, my hand is hurt. Suni tells Ari to apologize to the maid. The maid is all like, huh? I am the priness. he maid is also like, no, she shouldn’t.

But suni is stern about it. Ari apologizes curtly and tells her to hold he rubber band better next time. Suni does not think that is a truthful apology and tells the maid not to accept it unless it is truthful.

Ari is upset, but she continues trying to apologize. Cut to Sri presenting a lot of money or jewelry to the maid to accept her apology. The maid says that she does not need this kind of apology. Ari thinks the maid is hodling out for more money. SOjin is right, people without anything want more when you are nice.

The maid starts to cry. Suni hears it all and tells Ari to follow her. Ari looks caught. Suni gives Ari a few licks on her calf muscle and tells her what she did wrong. Ari says that she just did whatever she learned there. Sojin and her nanny told her not to ever yield to anyone there. She cries and asks what her fault is! 

Suni picks her up and puts her on the bed. She tells her that money is not an apology. An apology is to try and understand a hurting heart. Ari apologizes to Suni and asks if she will accept her hurting heart. Suni does and dstarts to blow on Ari’s red legs to heal quickly.

The nanny sees it and thinks this is the worst She is enraged.

Elsewhere, Hyuk get a call from s mysterious person. It looks like he thinks it is Wang-sik. Wang-sik is with him in the room. Byun is the one playing the recording and asking where his mothers body is. Hyuk tells him to ask Min Yura.

Hyuk asks WS if Yura is still not talking? wS says no, but maybe he should use her. He should not kill her now. he should listen to what she wants for now. Hyuk thinks about this.

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Meanwhile, Sojin handles all the mall business things at a meeting. Helro is there. The event was a huge success and Helro’s idea worked. But Helro is aonly thinking about Yoon. She remembers him saying that he will leave their house soon. She stands up and thinks that he cannot do this!

She goes to the restaurant and starts interviewing a replacement for Yoon. Yoon comes in and makes a bunch of racket. helro tells him to be quiet and then finished up the interview. the interviewee tells her to call him even if he does not get the job. Then she goes outside to put up more flyers for part time positions.

She puts them up and Yoon secretly takes them off. But helro catches him and says that she knew he was doing it! Why are you doing this to my flyers! He tries to say that she can just pick that other guy, it looked like she liked him. She smiles. He asks if she can likea ny man?

HR – No, I just like you. I like you Mr. Lee. Cant you be more honest. I know you like me too. Cant you be honest. 

He kisses her quickly.

Flashback to helro thanking her people for today and asking the handsome guy for another job. The concept is…..*jealousy* cut to helro and Yoon kissing ouside under the stars.

Elsewhere, Wang-sik pulls Yura out of the hospital again. His goal is to find the body. Yura says if Wang-sik knows then he will not be happy. I abandoned her under the bridge, it will be difficult to find her because she should be buried under a lot of trash.


Back at the palace, the nanny tells Hyuk that the empress hit Ari. Hyuk asks why? The nanny says that Ari was hurt by one of the maids, Suni only trusts the maid and made Ari apologize and hit Ari. Where can she even hit Ari on that little body. I told her never to do it, but she yelled at me and kicked me out. I am not the mother or anything.

The nanny moves closer to Hyuk and rests her head on his shoulder. She tells him that she hurt so much. 

Hyuk – Do you know what I regret the most in my life. Touching you 7 years ago on that night. You are not a woman to me. Back then and now and in the future.

He gets up and leaves.

Nanny – Don’t you pity me!

Hyuk – All you are is Ari’s biological mother.

he leaves. The nanny thinks that he should not treat her like this, she knows more than he thinks she knows.


Grandmother is still alive. The nanny sneaks in and sees the letter. She reads it a bit but then hears footsteps and hides behind the wall. Hyuk stabs his Grandmothers bed, but it is only pillows. the Grandmother comes in and asks if he tried to murder his own Grandmother?

In the present, the nanny takes a drink and says that she saw everything, if you treat me like this, then we should be enemies.

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Hyuk walks through the palace and sees Kang talking to a mysterious woman guest. She is led away by two secretaries. Hyuk asks Kang what this guest is but Kang does not mention it. 

She asks about Min Yura and if he took care of her. he says that he did. Kang then says that they need to take care of Suni too since she accused her of being a murderer. But Hyuk says that they need to let Wang-sik do his job. People already think Kang is a murderer. Kang says she did not say she would kill the Empress, just focus on what i am doing.

In her room, Suni explains that she has good news to all her Live viewers. She says that seh wants to reveal the prime evidence of her not being the murderer of the grandmother. She will call he witness to prove that she is not the murderer. But then she gets a phone call.

the texts wonder if she can trust her or not?

Suni calls the maid and says that she met her the other day, how do you feel? But the person is not the maid, she is another person. it is the woman from the musica. Suni wonders what is going on. The musical woman says that she wants to support a good story. Suni borrowed money from me before she got married. The mother Empress paid off the money.

The text messages start to say that suni was really poor and sold for money? One of the texts says that she is from his neighborhood and is very poor. Did the inlaws remodel her identity.

The actress explains that Suni suffered a lot with a dad that had a lot of debt.

Scene change to the actress meeting with Kang and asking if she can leave now. She happily leaves. Kang wonders why this actress did this unnecessary thing. The secretary explains that she called the news papers to sway the publics opinion.

Suni is still in her room reading all the messages that all talk bad about her, but they are all paid to do it. Suni asks how hey can talk bad about her family? They can talk bad about her but not her family.

The texts keep talking bad about her family and how her mother died 10 years ago and she died by anger and all those things.

But then Hyuk comes in with a champagne glass and starts to read the messages as he scoots her over. he tells her that these people are all talking about nonsense. then he tells the tet people that Sunii has a melo heart, if she cries then he has to calm her down all night. So stop.

One of the texts says that Hyuk has calmed the rumors all inone shot. They think it is spring over there, this makes me even more lonely. He asks Suni to play with him tonight. But Suni is still upset and stands up. 

kang is watching and wonders what the Emperor is doing? is he on Suni’s side?

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Cut to Suni bitterly asking Hyuk why he came to her room as they sit on the couch. he just sits and basically chills on the couch as he swirls his champagne glass. Then he asks her to make him another stick coffee. She basically tells him to leave so he does.

He runs into Kang who asks him what he is doing? Hyuk says that the rumor that their relationship is not good will hurt the palace. He tells his mother that he is a little tipsy with wine and to be excused. he walks by and wishes her a good night.

But Kang does not feel good about this and tells her secretary to find out what is going on with him.

meanwhile, Wang-sik goes to the spot where the body is supposed to be. He starts to try and dig the body up. Min Yura is in the distance watching. Wang-sik hits something and pulls it up, it looks like it might be what his mother was wearing that day? he starts sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. Yura comes walking toward him.

WS – I am sorry mom, i am too late right? Mom, you don’t like the dark or the cold.

Yura keeps walking toward him but does not make her presence known.

Back in the palace, Hyuk wakes up with a start again. he takes a swig of his alcohol by his bed and then walks around to take his motorcycle somewhere. Kang sees him, she tells him not to ride his motorcyle now. If it wasn’t for me then you would not be alive right now. Did you forget that?

Flashback to the hospital. Hyuk is in intensive care or surgery. Byun let him ride his motorcyle and gets reprimanded for letting Hyuk drive his motorcycle. But then they find out that there is no blood for him, his blood type is very rare. Kang tells them to find blood for him. The doctor says that they have RH- AB blood, it just came, but they need to use it on another patient for the surgery. kang kicks the doctor and tells him that the prince is not the sam as another person. Just use that blood and save the prince. i will pay for it, okay! The doctors get to work.

In the present, Kang asks Hyuk if he is still giving her a hard time after this accident. he says that he should have died that day, he can’t do anything by himself. he leaves in a rage. kang’s teary face turns stern and psycho looking. She tells him that he cannot die, he is the only puppet to maintain this palace.

We go back to the flashback, it looks like Suni’s mother is the one who needed the very rare blood. They told her that they would be able to save her mother, but now they are saying that they can’t. The family is all there and breaks down in tears at the news.

Suni wakes up crying and calling her mothers name. Hyuk asks her what kind of dream she had. She jumps at the site of him sitting at the edge of her bed. He is still drinking. She quickly pull shim into a big hug. He is taken aback by it.

The look on his face is of complete surprise.

Fade Out

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Wow, it is all connected in this show. Also, fun tidbit, Kang’s secretary was a real life Presidential bodyguard for 10 years. Then she decided to be an actress and got this job!


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  1. Rose
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    Ok…heres another drama that almost everyone is waiting for…..God i love Wedneday and Thursday 😂

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      Wednesday has the best two shows. I heard JTBC’s Friday show is really good too, but we are not watching that one.

      • Rose
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        Whats the one on Friday for jtbc?

        • V
          January 3, 2019 / 1:24 pm

          Sky Castle! It seems like it is a murder mystery?

          • Rose
            January 3, 2019 / 5:31 pm

            I thought thats what you’re talking about, i just thought it was TVN. I heard it was good. I might just finish it then bingewatch it. Im bingewatching The Player right now and im halfway through. It is good! 😁

          • Katakwasabi
            January 4, 2019 / 7:32 pm

            Sky castle is good! It has mystery and twists. But i wont really classify it as a murder mystery, as of ep 12 there is death involved but it was not a murder.

            The plot is well written, its tight and engaging. The characters feel fledged out~ It was not heavily promoted, it started with 1% ratings and jumped to 10% half way through. Imo, the buzz behind this drama is very much because of the acting and the story.

  2. Rose
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    Wait…..is the Emperor starting to fall for Suni?? This drama is bananas!

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      It looks like he is starting to fall for her! 😝

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        Oh my dear lord….i think im going to throw-up… 😫


  3. Rose
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    Wow! Suddenly Sunis family tragedy is more connected to royal family than we thought….this drama just keeps on giving! Thanks again V! 😄

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    January 8, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    Hi, this may not be the right place to post but can someone help me find the background music for My Strange Hero? I’ve looked under OST but I don’t need those songs, I need the instrumental classical type music that plays on almost every episode. Can anyone help??

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