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The Last Empress: Episode 25 and 26 Live Recap

This crazy show is back on, and y’all, I think it is only getting crazier.

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Hyuk looks at Yura trapped inside the burning car and walks away. Cut to him angry at a club alone and then walking drunkenly back to the Palace. He sees Wang-sik and is about to talk to him but then Wang-sik pulls Suni into his embrace. Hyuk pauses for a moment and looks at them deep in thought. then he walks away.

Suni asks Wang-sik what he is doing? Wang-sik notices Hyuk walk away. Suni asks him wht he is doing? their plan is to kick her out with a scandal with him. he says that they have to make Lee Hyuk want her again. Suni thinks that is nonsense, she is not a woman to Hyuk. WS thinks they need to shake Hyuk. But SUni says that she is there to learn the truth, she does not care about his heart, thinking about him makes her nauseous.

Meanwhile, Hyuk brews in his room as he thinks about the hug. He snickers and then hears Wang-sik’s voice asking to come in. 

WS – Where you looking for me? I did not pick up the phone because I was guarding the Empress.

H – Are you guarding ehr now?

WS – She is thakful to me that I saved her life.

H – Huh? thankful? You were about to kill her but saved hr once so she is thankful?

WS – She understood it because it was your order.

H – Understood it? She is so easy.

WS – yes, she is an understanding person. SOrry it was too late, I am trying to get close to her.

H – You need to make a scandal quickly so I can kick her out. It would be better if I don’t see her.

WS – I will do it as quickly as possible.

H – Did you take care of Min Yura

WS – the car is all burnt

H – Just empty her place and remove all of her belongings

WS – Okay, I will do it, but are you okay? You liked her a lot.

H – the reason she approached me was her greediness. I was getting tired of her wanting something by using me. Then she lied to me also. I cannot trust women. You…you will never betray me right? 

WS – I put my life on the line for you.

H – Yes, thank you. Chun Woo-bin, you are the only one next to me. You are like my own brother. You should think of me like that as well. I want to be real brothers with you.

WS – What is the benedit of being your real brother’

H – I will listen to whatever you want. tell me your wish.

WS – I will save it for later, but you should listen to it.

H – Think of something big, I want to see it as an empresses brothers level

Elsewhere, Suni dries her clothing in her room. Hyuk walks in and asks her what she is doing? Suni explains that she does not have access to the washing room anymore so she has to clean it herself and snap the clothing like this. i cant use the washer or dryer. if you don’t like it, just leave.

Wang-sik asks her if he can help her and starts hanging the clothing. She tells him it is okay, she climbs he ladder to hang the clothing. But then she falls. Hyuk is about to catch er but Wang-sik pushes him and ctches her. Hyuk tries to play it off. Suni thanks Wang-sik (it looks planned) and asks how he is so fast.

She tells Hyuk that she is so happy she knows the world thanks to him, she was so naive before.

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Kang comes in and walks to another room that has food organized all around on the tables. Hyuk asks if she really eats and sleeps like this? You are the empress. She tells them that she has no heater and has all that she needs to survive. These are must have items for living alone. She asks them if they would like a stick coffee? you don’t normally eat like this because you have expensive taste.

She pours a coffee and tells them that the sweet taste is best for coffee. i am super energized.

kang looks around and says that this is why home education is important. You did not learn anything from your mtoher so you behave like this. Did your mother just die without raising you well? When I look at the daughter i can see how the mother was. Was your mtoher just like you? No pride and misbehaving?

Suni tries to hold her feelings back. Hyuk notices this.

Kang keeps talking about her father gambling and how her family is probably not stable. Suni tells her that she will try hard to be graceful. kang explains that they will have the will ceremony from the great grand queen so they should leave.

Kang and Hyuk leaves, Suni hops up in a rage and tells her mothers photo not to worry about what they said. You are not unresponsible with no pride. You are the most responsible and pretty person. I am okay. DOn’t be weak mom.

In another room, kang sits with Hyuk and wonders how the emperss has no dignity, she should not have taken her as an empress. She apologizes to Hyuk. Hyuk says it is not her fault, it is all because of Min Yura. I took care of her yesterday. She lied to me and was all fake. I regret that I did not listen to you.

Kang is happy that he is listening now. She wants to give her sone a good present. She wants the Prime Minister to remove Yoon as a prince. They will have a meeting with the Royal Internal affair to decide on it. Hyuk is happy at that.

But Yoon is meeting with the prime minister right now. The Prime Minister asks if Yoon plans on using his right as a prince? Yoon says he was away too long, he should use it now. But did Mother ask you to remove me? I shoed my opinion so I hope you cancel the Internal Affairs meeting. The Prme Minister says that they already summoned the members.

Cut to the Internal Affairs meeting. the prime minister explains that removing Prince Yoon is postponed because he used his right as a prince. I have a new topic: The female can become the emperor of Korea. They talk about Ari and how she is the only heir. They vote on it.

It is voted 7 to 3 to have Ari as the next Emperor.

Kang calls the Prime Minister to discuss this. She says that the Emperor is still young and healthy. The Prime Minister tells her that she is not asking her opinion, she is telling her the result. It is already passed. Kang steams over this and tells her to come in. But he hangs up. Sh calls him a crazy guy. But they also realize that the nanny might have a lot more power soon.

Kang meets with the nanny and tells her that people think of other thing when they are satisfied. Don’t think of any stupid things after the Emperor visited you. The nanny says that she will not. She will not trust others, especially the person that already betrayed her. What should I do to make you trust me?

Kang tells her that she should have no other kids but Ari. She shows her an injection and tells her that if she does not like it then she can leave now. The nanny tells her that she is happy to just live there with her. DOn’t doubt my heart anymore. She shows her arm to her and the secretary injects a green drug into her arm.

Kang tells her that she will get sick for a few days. But it reduces the chances of getting pregnant in the future so it is not that bad. They leave. The nanny thinks that she does not need any other kids except Ari because she will be the Emperor anyway.

Later on, the Royal family sits at the will. But one more person shows up, Yoon. He ells Suni that it is late to say hello and introduces himself. He sits next to Kang. The lawyer reveals the will now that everyone is there. The will changed. All the belongings go to Hyuk and Kang, half and half.

The sister is all like, what? All her inheritance? The lawyer keeps reading. The Island goes to Kang. The sister thinks that Kang alawys wanted that island and now she has it? 

The lawyer presents something for Suni, a painting. Suni wonders if grandmother left this painting to her? it is the painting of an island. Kang tells her that it is a nice painting. Suni says she is thankful for it. But Ari thinks this is strange. Sojin thinks it is super strange, what about me? Why don’t I hav anything?

Yoon thinks this is not like Grandmother at all. Something is going on in the middle. He thinks it is forgerized. Kang thinks he should have been next to grandmother when she was alive. Sojin continues to wonder how she had nothing?

Hyuk and Kang smile as Yoon leaves. But then Wang-sik pulls Yoon to the side and asks if he is going to be on the front lines now? Yoon says that he heard abotu Wang-sik from Byun, you are protecting the Empress. i did not have a chance to give this to the empress because she was so shocked. He hands him something. It is So-hyun’s diary. 

Yoon says that he kept it and Byun read it but there was not something particular about it. 

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Wang-sik takes the diary to Suni in her quarters. She asks him if he knew that Yoon was the prince? how could you know and not tell me? Our family looked stupid. Wang-sik explains their reasons and shows So-hyun’s diary. Suni flips thorugh it, but it is all drawings. then she gets to the picture of the island and says that this is the same painting that grandmother gave her. It is strange that Sohyun and Grandmother both showed me this painting. I need to investigate it.

WS asks ifs he found the maid that ate the Kimbap? She says no. WS cannot see the HR records. Suni tells him that she has someong that can help them.

Cut to Ari going in to see the HR records. She tells them that she is not just anyone now, she is the princess and should see the HR records so she can see who is the elite of elites. Should I call my father?

They give the information to Ari and she gives it to Suni. Suni tells Ari that she is really great. Ari tells her that she should ask HR herself for these things, why did you ask me to do it? Suni tries to explain that seh does not want to look like she is favoring one maid. Ari thinks she is so considerate. Suni thanks her again and gives her a present of a lunch. It looks like she made dukboki for her.

The princess eats the dukboki while coloring. But the nanny tells her that she should not eat that, she should eat something more balanced. Ari thinks that she wants the dukbogi more than the nanny’s meal. She tells the nanny not to notice her if she sees her there. She walks  off with her dukbogi. 

then a drunk Sojin comes in and says that this is good to see. i raised her for 7 years and then someone took her. I was mtoher for 7 years, you raised her for 7 years, but now the empress is the mother. how can’t you hear mother forever? The nanny tells her to just finishe her drink. Sojin asks if she should say something nice to her? The emperor took care of yura. You might not have your own daughter but you can have the emperor. She walks out.

The nanny smiles and thinks that the emperor dumped Yura.

Meanwhile, Hyuk opens his safe and only sees one 50 Won bill. he calls Wang-sik in there. He thinks it was Min Yura! This can only be opened by me and Min Yura’s finger print. She took over 50 million in gold and other artifacts.

Wang-sik thinks back to getting Yura’s finger print after the Kings Game and then using it to open the safe. he took all the cash, gold, and priceless artifacts.

Wang-sik tells Hyuk that he did not see anything in her things, but he will search somewhere else. Hyuk tells him to lead him there.

Cut to a mental hospital.

There is a patient there who is all burnt from her toes to her arms,  and even her face on her cheek. It is Yura. She wakes up and thinks that Hyuk saved her. He asks her if she is happy to be alive? Do you think you can die so easily and steal all my money?

Hyuk tells the people to come in and dress her burn wounds really hard. She passes out. They wake her up with a splash of water. Hyuk tells them to wake her up so she can feel all the pain.

He leaves, Wang-sik is there as well. Hyuk tells him that he is right, she did not deserve to die. Wang-sik tells him that he learned that real revenge is making the person live in hell that is worse than dying.

VO – Yura, you made my mother die to be like this? Don’t die, survive. I want to know where my mothers body is. You only died once today.

Hyuk chuckles and tells Yura to live in pain for the rest of her life like this


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kang talks to her scholars in the palace and tells htem that they will support them 100%. Study overseas and come back to work for our business. One of the scholars is super hansome so kang gives her people a look and then smiles at him.

The next scene shows her putting on lip gloss as her servants send him in. He tells her that it is his honor to meet with her privately. She asks him if he would like a drink? He tells her that he can’t drink becuse he is a Christian since birth. She tells him that he can still drink but he tells her that they have early morning prayer so he can’t. But he does as her if she read Vincent Lee’s newest novel? It is a super best seller. It was writen by the Empresses sister. A lot of people says it is similar to Empress Sohyun.

Kang is all like, what?

The scholar tells her that the empress dies when she is pregnant and the suspect is the husband. Kang asks how this is similar to Sohyun? The scholar says that there are a lot of similarities like the father in law and the servants. 

kang gets upset and asks him how he can read these things and be their scholar! You are handsome but your insides are all rotten! Before I shred your face, just leave! The secretary comes in so Kang tells her to find out about that novel that Suni’s family member wrote! Why are her family members so troublesome!

Elsewhere, Hyuk sits to drink stick coffee at his Kingly table. he has all the Kingly adornments but mixes it with the stick package. Then he straightens up and takes a sip. His face brightens, it tastes so good. he sits back and wonders how this thing has never been in his life before. But then he becomes overcome with emotion and heads to bed.

However, he can’t sleep, there is something in his bed maybe? He pulls the curtains off and sees blood all over his mattress and his truck emblam? He thinks about hitting the person on the island and then calls for Wang-sik. Wang-sik runs in. 

Wang-sik asks him to step aside as they clean it. But Hyuk is overcome with the broken emblem from his truck and just keeps looking at that.

Later on he tells Wang-sik that he thought he threw it away as soon as Ma Piljoo gave it to him, why is it still here? Wang – sik tells him that he found out who sent him the voice mail that had Min Yura in it. Na Wang-sik was the owner of the cell phone. Hyuk akss him what he is talking about? Na Wang-sik is dead. Yura found out that he was dead. There was also a bullet wound in the head.

Hyuk breaks his cup, upset that Yura might have lied to him and that Na Wang-sik is still alive.

In the hidden hospital, Yura opens a letter with blood on it and a photo of Wang-sik’s mother. On the photo is says, Why did you kill my mother! She hops up and screams, but then the doctors come in to dress her wounds again. They tell her that it is the royal order that they have to treat her.

Cut to Yoon talking to Byun. He tells him that his mother always started the process to remove his Prince title. Byun can’t believe that this mother will abandon her own son if that son blocks her way. Yoon wonders if the empress will figure out the secret of the diary? Byun says that they should trust her.

Meanwhile, Suni reds the diary and wonders what it all means. She turns to a photo and sees a drawing of the same door in her room. then she sees another photo of a rail and starts to go outside to find it. She starts to follow all the drawing in the diary and find all the landmarks that Sohyun drew.

It leads her to a greenhouse. Suni recognizes it as Kang’s greenhouse

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VO – Whenever she goes there, she does not bring her bodyguard. that is suspicious.

Suni thinks the greenhouse should have something. She walks in and runs into Kang. Kang asks her why she is there so late? They start to talk about watering flowers which is why Kang is there so late. She compares flowers to Kids and says that you have to water them to grow. Suni says she will be there a little bit, but Kang can go home if she wants. 

Kang heads out. WS is behind Suni and tells her that he followed her just in case she would get hurt. They both wonder about the greenhouse. There is not enough space to hide a body. But did you hear her say she waters plants here? I never see her watering plants here.

They flip to the next picture. It is of a dragon head. Wang-sik turns his head and sees the nanny, she quickly walks away.

In her room, the nanny thinks that the Empress and the captain of the security team looks like a familiar sight, like it was 7 years ago. She chuckles.

Then suddenly, Wang-sik tries to kill Hyuk by putting a pillow over his head. He manages to suffocate him? OMG is this real? Wang-sik throws the pillow to the side and leaves. Then Hyuk wakes up. He is breathing hard and hops up. Wang-sik runs in and asks what is going on?

Hyuk says that that guy tried to kill him! How can he be in my bedroom! Hyuk tells him that he will be back with a sedative. Hyuk tries to sit and calm himself, but then gets a call from Wang-sik.

WS is actually calling him from outside the room and tells him that he wants his mothers dead body you piece of trash. Tell me right now or I will burn this palace to the ground. Hyuk tells him to do whatever he wants! Then he throws his phone away and huffs and puffs.

Wang-sik comes back into the room so Hyuk tells him that he just called him and threatened him. Wang-sik says that he investigated it a bit, he thinks that Wang-sik is still alive. the guy with theh gun wound is Ma Pil-joo, not Wang-sik. Hyuk tells him that they need to tell wang-sik where the body is. But they don’t know where it is, Min Yura took care of the body.

Cut to Min-Yura in her hospital room. She gets a call and finds the phone under the mattress. She answers, Wang-sik tells her that it is wang-sik so she trhwos the phone away.

He calls back.

WS – Why did you just hang up? We still have a lot to talk about

YR – Are you really Wang-sik? Are you still alive?

WS – Hyuk killed my mother and you helped him. I know you were on the island and snuck him out from the vacation home

YR – What are you talking about? I never did that.

WS – How can you do this? My mother liked you more than her own son. Dong-sik that you gave birth to was risen as her own son. What did you do to my mother!

YR – Don’t threaten me, I am the emperors woman.

WS – You are trapped in the hospital after being dumped by him. Are you still delusional?

YR – Where are you at? Are you here?

WS – Yes, I came here to kill you, wait, I am on my way.

He hangs up, Yura screams and thinks that he will torture her. She knocks on the door for someone to open it, but it is open. She runs out barefoot and tries to escape. She is able to get outside, Wang sik follows her in a car, his lights are on. He revs his engine and zooms the car at her, but then stops right before hitting her. however he revs the engine again and drives past her, she has to roll out of the way. She rolls through the grass and to a beach where she tries to run away again.

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She is able to hide somewhere in a field or construction site or somewhere like that. Maybe it is a storage area? Wang-sik walks up on her and asks her why she is outside like this. She looks at Wang-sik, but doesn’t know it is Wang-sik and tells him to save her. The Emperor listens to whatever you say. I beg you Captain Chon!

He says that the Emperor already abandoned her, why should he? She tells him that she is the one that knows Wang-sik the most. I will do anything you say, just save me. he tells her to go back to the hospital. She tells him that it is better to be killed my Wang-sik, not to go back to the hospital!

Wang-sik asks, can you really do what I ask you to do? Yura nods.


Suni follows Kang throught he greenhouse, but she hides so as not to get noticed. Kang goes through a secret room that is covered by the dragon head. A woman is in the room being tortured. Kang asks her for the evidence, but the woman says that she will give her the evidence if she is released. howevr kang says that she does  not trust her, she is there because she used her mouth.

But the girl says that she only said she ate the kimbap. But Kang tells her that she said she saw Kang coming out of the room. Where is the evidence of that. The woman asks if she really killed the Grandmother? I cannot trust you, if I give it to you then you will kill me also!

Kang tells her people to kill her. the secretary gives the woman a shot and the woman passes out. She might be dead. Then they leave. Wang-sik has to pull Suni away to hide her as Kang tells her person to send the maid to the Island and give her family money to keep it quiet.

Suni and wang-sik come back out and try to find the secret location in the grenhouse. But they are not able to. they are, however, able to steal the body from two or three other secruty guards that try to wheel her away.

inside the palace, kang sits with her family. She tells Hyik that he looks sunken? Sojin thinks that kang looks happy, maybe because Yura is gone? Then Suni comes in and says that she is so happy, she thinks she found the evidence that she did not kill the Grandmtoher. Hyuk asks her if she is starting that again?

Suni tells her that she will leave when she gets her dignity back. She has a critical witness. The maid comes in! She is not dead, maybe she was just drugged asleep. The maid says that she is the witness. Suni explains that she is the maid that ate the kimbap when Grandmother died. 

Sojin is all like, that is you! I heard that poison was super poisonous! Suni explains that he is still alive, that is the evidence that I did not kill grandmtoher. the maid says that she told Kang what happened, but she tried to kill me! I did not know that she would go this far. 

kang asks her if she is making more noise in the palace with this crazy woman? You leave the palace with this woman. Suni tell sher that she did not believe it until she saw it. Then she puts down a screen. In the screen it shows Kang leaving Grandmothers room that night. SUni tells her to say the truth!

Then another woman comes in and says that what the Empress said is true.

it is Yura, she looks at Suni and says that Kang put poison in your kimbap that day, I saw it.

kang tells her to shut up! How dare you!

Suni tells her to reveal the truth. 

Hyuk looks at Wang-sik with a knowing look. Then he looks at his mother and smiles.

Fade Out

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As crazy as always. Had to look away at some of Yura’s scenes, ouch! It is nice that she has come to the rescue of Suni, but I doubt that will last. You know she is just waiting for her way back into the palace again.


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  1. Rose
    January 2, 2019 / 12:19 pm

    I’ve seen some clips….this episode (though i cant understand most of it) is intense from beginning to the end…..wow! 😮

    • V
      January 2, 2019 / 12:24 pm

      It is full speed ahead, for real!

      • Rose
        January 2, 2019 / 12:43 pm

        What a way to start 2019 😂

        Btw, is the emperor playing her own mother? He doesnt seem to be a bit bothered with the evidence that Suni showed and he seem to like it…another double cross from the mother of all double cross kdrama? 😅

        • V
          January 3, 2019 / 1:20 pm

          I think so!

  2. Rose
    January 2, 2019 / 5:34 pm

    V, I just saw on Twitch world…..oh my god! Didnt realize when Suni fell from that ladder and WS caught her, that scene was SOOOOOO HILARIOUS!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    the look on Emperors face when shes falling….cant cant begin to describe it….actually i dont know how to describe it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • V
      January 3, 2019 / 1:21 pm

      That scene was so funny! I had no idea how to describe it while writing, lol!

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