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The Last Empress: Episode 15 and 16 Live Recap

Korean Drama The Last Empress Live Recap 15 and 16 on Drama Milk

Yesterday’s episode had to be the most normal episode of them all so far even though Suni did just so happen to save someone from jumping off of the bridge her and Wang-sik were standing on. But let me tell you something, I really thought that bridge incident was a bonding moment for Wang-sik and Suni, wow, what a huge turn of events that was at the end of yesterday’s episode! Wang-sik looked sad about it, but he did the darn thing and set up Suni for character assassination. I don’t think he will really try to kill Suni, but with this show, shoot, he might.

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In the condo room Suni tells the bodyguard to tell all the reporters that this is not true. But Wang-sik tells Suni to stop, he cannot lie to the emperor, if you come closer to me then i will kill myself.

Suddenly Hyuk comes in and is asked a lot of questions. He tells the reporters that this is their problem, they will figure things out themselves first. he bows to them all and they leave. Suni tells him that this is a mistake, she can explain it all to him.

Hyuk – The reason you came here is because you suspect me and Yura, it is true, I love her and she loves me. 

SN – How long

H – That does not matter, the fact that I never loved you matters.

Suni asks him how he can do this to me? How can you be this kind of person? How can you lie o me? What is the real you? How can you do this! How can you be so confident in having an affair!

Hyuk – The emperor is not guilty of anything because I am the emperor. Are you stupid or niave? Of course I should not like anyone like you. My patience stops here. Leave the palace now and I can make you as a woman who does not have an affair.

SN – Why should I leave!

H -If you continue doing this, it will give you a harder time. You will learn what living in the palace is really like.

SN – Jashik!

She tries to slap him but Wang-sik prevents her and grabs her arm. 

Hyuk – Please take care of her becuse she still does not know what is going on. Goodbye Empress.

He leaves, she yells, where are you going! But Wang-sik continues holding her arm. he tells her that she should get a divorce and leave. She tlls him that if she gets a divorce, she will do it, it is none of his business. She slaps him instead.

Then she runs off.

he follows her running away down the stairs. She tries to leave the building but WS remotesly controls the gate and closes it. She tells him to open it. But he does not. he walks toward her menacingly and gets uncomfortably close. She backs up against the gate.


meanwhile, the father is dragged to a gamblin place by someone. But the father tells him that he promised he woul dnot gamble to Suni. However this other man tells him it is nothing, just do it! He forces the father to sit and gamble and puts somethingin the fathers bag. The father tries not to gamble, but he soon gets into the swing of things.

Then the police show up and arrest everyone for gambling illegally.

Cut to Suni at a cliff, water is below her. She asks why she is here. Don’t come near me, stop! But Wang-sik keeps walking towards her so that she will fall off the cliff. She asks if he is going to murder her? Did the emperor ask him to do this? Do you know how dangerous of a crime this is!

Wang-sik – You shuold have listended to the emperor.

He pushes her and she falls off the cliff and into the water.

The emperor sees this as he sits in the car with Yura. They both canot believe that this was done. WS calls the emperor and tells him that he took care of it. Hyuk tells him good job, see youa t the palace.

Wang-sik hangs up and thinks about the same thing happeneing to him from the peir.

WS – No matter what the emperor does, he is not guilty, because he is the emperor.

Wang-sik tears up and leaves.

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helro goes to get her appa from the jail along with yoon. She is upset at him for gambling but he says that he just went out to eat with his friend and his friend told him to gamble and gave him money.

the cops are all like, he gave you $5,000?

They say that they have never seen that kind of money before. But then the cops tell them that their daughter is in the news for cheating on the Emperor. He shows them the footage.

In the palace, Kang looks at the news and says that Suni is a stupid girl, she told her to watch out about being betrayed. She asks where the empress is. The secretary says that they don’t know where she is now. Kang thinks Hyuk might have taken care of her, maybe it is time to remove that thing.

In Hyuk’s room, Yura tells him that it is time for the press conference. He jokes with her about what kind of sad look he should have, she smiles and says that look is perfect. Then they talk about how they need to find the Empresses dead body. She commited suicide because she was caught having an affair. that is the scenario.

Cut to Suni in a clinic. It looks like Byun might have rescued her. her sister calls her, but he hangs up the phone. The doctor comes in and asks how come the Empress is there? Byun tells him that he should not know too much or he will get hurt. Did you give her the best medicine?

Doctor – I will not take your patients anymore, it is shortening my life.

Suni wakes up and tries to sit up. 

Byun – You are concious now.

SN – Am I alive?

B – You should not say anything, I brought you here from the river. You are the Empress right?

SN – Yes, thank you for rescuing me.

B – you need more treatment, you lost a lot of blood and have stitches in your leg.

SN – I have to go back to the palace.

B – It is dangerous to go back now, it wasnt just an accident that you fell into the water right? In the palace, there was an accident where the empress fell into the water and died.

SN – I heard she died from a heart attack.

B – Eeryone thinks that, but it is not the truth.

SN – Who are you?

B – I used to be in the palace. I know what kind of place that is and what kind of devils live there.

The doctor comes running in and turns on the news.

News – the empress should be a good example to the citizens, I am sorry to the trouble that she caused. As a husband, I am so sorry. But this is her private life so please don’t spread any rumors before we have an official statement.

Suni stands up in alarm and asks B to help her one more time. Can you take me to the palace? hea sks if she is really okay, what if something happens to you?

SN  – I am already dead so I am not afraid of anything, I will see the ending of this.

Hyuk keeps reading from the prompter to say all the nice things about the situation.

Hyuk – In case I cause any misunderstanding, I will not reveal a lot today. I will say more later. I am sorry for all the citizens.

he bows but has an evil smile.

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In the back of the palace, Sojin is amazed that the empress has this kind of skill. But she is with the little princess who thinks that Suni is not that kind of person. Sojin tells her that she knows nothing. 

the nanny comes in and tells her that it is time to study. But Ari says that she is not going to study and the Emperor says that I don’t need to see him! I won’t study! She runs off.

Sojin – You are like the dog chasing the chicken

Nanny – What are you talking about?

Sojin – Don’t pretend to be naive, you want to get something from Ari. You looked so happy when you heard that the Empress made a mistake

nanny – Watch your mouth, someone might overhear

Sojin – I wil tell you something scarier, Min Yura is your real competitor, not Suni!

At his room, Suni tells the head guard to let her in. But he says that no one is allowed inside. 

Inside, Yura gives Hyuk a massage. He loves it.

Outside, Suni calls all the maids to her side.

SN – You don’t know that I have the right to control everyone in the palace, do you want me to make a bigger noise?

he nods and lets her in.

Wang-sik is suprised at this turn of evernts

Inside, Suni takes a lot of photos of Hyuk and Yura cheating on her. they both hop up. SN asks if they saw a ghost? Are you rusprised for everyone to see what you are doing? Sure, you can hate me and like another woman. But you tried to kill your wife? I am stupid, I did not know that you wee this trash!

She throws cake and water and ice all over them as she yells. Then she stands up and tells him he thinks she is easy.

SN – You thought I was easy. You only looked at part of me, you made a mistake picking me.

She leaves but is stopped by Wang-sik. The Emperor then pushes her to the ground. He tells her not to do these embarrassing things. But she tells him that he is revealing himself.

Yura – If you leave quietly then you will not undergo these kinds of things.

SN – I will not leave, I will not just be a victim!

H – What did you say?

SN – I will not just be a victim like So-hyun. You are angry when I talk about her.

H – Shut up

SN – As an emperror you can only say shut up! You son of a B.

YR – How dare you say that to the emperor.

SN – *Grabs her by the neck/hair* I am the empress! You are just an employee! *She pushes her to the ground*

SN – *turns back to Hyuk* Listen to me, I will never be kicked out. I will leve myself after I reveal all the things I suffered from here.

She pushes him out of the way and leaves.

She goes to grandmother Jo and collapses in her arms. Sh cries and asks the grandmother what she should do? Grandmother Jo is happy to see her and concerned for her.

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In Hyuk’s office, Wang-sik says that he picked the deepest part to push her in. It is impossible to come out, someone is helping her.

they think anti palace people are helping her so Wang-sik says that he will find out. Give me one more chance. Hyuk says that he trusts him, find out who is helping her inside and outside the palace. 

Wang-sik agrees to do it. Then hyuk asks Yura to take care of the public and her family. But WS says that he will take care of Suni’s father. Yura says no, she will do it. Hyuk tells them both for Yura to do it.

Wang-sik leaves and looks around before he goes into a room. He puts medicine in someones room but then an old fashioned gun is held to his head.

Yura – See, emperor, he is not a trust worthy person.

H – DOnt’ look at me, my hands are not trustworthy. What are you doing here? i am asking you.

WS opens the jewelry box.

H – Why this?

WS – I was thinking that the empress should give money to her father to gamble. I wanted to make it so that she sells her jewels to give him money.

YR – I told you not to step in, you are doing this without talking to me?

WS – I am sorry, I wanted to recover your trust to me so I did it.

Hyuk pulls the gun away.

YR – You can’t trust him emperor!

Hyuk – I trust you, but I am not a very forgiving person. Don’t make any more mistakes again.

WS – i will make sure, sir.

Hyuk leaves. Yura look at Wang-sik.

YR – We will see if this was on purpose or just a mistake that the Queen was saved.

She leaves. Wang-sik closes the jewlelry and we see the medicine on her cabinet.

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In Grandmother Jo’s room, Suni tells her that a man taking orders from the Emperor pushed her from the cliff to that dark water. Maybe the emperor is behind that incident on my wedding day. i was almost killed twice after marrying into this royal family. Do you think this was all a coincidence?

Jo – You shuold be very scared all alone! i am sorry.

SN – Grandmother, you shuldnt’ be sorry, you are the only one I can trust. Let me findout the truth.

Jo – If they really wanted to kill you, even the Emperor would not be able to get away with it. Everything should have proper steps though, dont act too hastily or you will get hurt.

SN – I will find out the right steps, but I have a quesiton, why did the last empress die?

jo – Heart attack.

SN – Did you see her last moments in person?

Flashback to A scene with the kang, Jo, Hyuk and Byun! Byun is the Empresses father! he asks where his daughter is! Where is the empress! But Kang says that she was already cremated. kang says that she just wanted him to remember her as pretty. It was so hard for me, blame me. She kind of cries but it is very forced.

The emperor asks hyuk what is goin on! how come she had a heart attack! What is this! Hyuk looks scared and says that she just died, what can I do, she just died! Byun storms out.

In the present, NS says that the last empress might not have died from a heart attack, Suni feels like she cannot trust anyone. grandmother thinks this should not be the case. Go back to your room and I will see the emperor.

Jo goes to see the emperor and yells at him. She slaps him when he says he was fixing the headache that the empress made. 

Jo – I did not know that my grandson was this bad! The empress is all bloody now. How did you become this monster!

H – I will tell you, from now on, I will not take O Suni as the empress. Whatever you say, I will put Min Yura as the Empress.

Jo – That is why you wanted to kill the empress! You tried to kill her! Why cant you say no!

H – Stop, even though you are my grandmother, I cant stand it anymore.

Jo – Why? Are you going to kill me also? Why is Sohyun dead? Are you really part of her death?

H – Watch your mouth please. I do not know what I am going to do today. DOn’t give me a reason to go crazy in front of you.

He pushes his grandmother away and leaves. grandmother falls on the couch in shock, then she starts sobbing.

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In her room, Suni sees the medicine at her boudoir and wonders who put it there. Perhaps that old man? She rmembers him telling her that there was an incident where the former princess died in water in the palace.

She tells herself that she needs to be alert. DOn’t be afraid. Then she calls someone. Does that person know anyone that still works for the palace that serves Empress Sohyun? Who?


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Cut to Suni asking the Ari’s nanny about Sohyun. The nanny says that she does n ot know anything. But Suni says that she was her best friend and head of the secretary team. But the nanny tells her that she erased everything from her memory, please excuse me.

SN – I beg you, my life is on the line, please help me nanny. Don’t you remember any small thing? Please.

Nanny – …..that night, Sohyun and the emperor had a big argument. People could even hear it from outside.

SN – I heard they had a good relationship, why?

Nanny – The emperor suspected that Sohyun had another man, so their relationship started to crack.

SN – Another man? She was pregnant…

Nanny – I don’t know the details.

SN – Another question, did she have any heart issues?

nanny – No, she was very healthy, I cannot blieve that she waould die from a heart attack.

AN – thank you for telling me this, I will repay you for this favor someday.

the nany gets up and kneels in front of Suni.

Nanny – Can you repay me now? Please save me. Kang wants to kick me out. Promise me that you will save me.

SN – Don’t cry, tell me in a way I can understand

Nanny – Ari is not the daughter of Sojin, she is the emperors daughter.

SN – What?…Ari?…no, nonsense….

Nanny – And …. my daughter….You can check this over with my DNA test.

She brought this test with her and hands it over. it says that Ari is 99.999 percent the nanny’s and Hyuks. While she is looking at the paperwork, the nanny gives Suni a sinister look, but she continues bowing.

The nanny leaves and walks by Yura. She looks at Yura and almost chuckles as she walks by. Yura wonders what is going on.

The nanny goes into a room with Grandmother and Suni. But the grandmother asks, how dare you are here! To the nanny. Suni tells her that she called her there.

Suni leaves. The nanny collapses on the floor and asks to be killed. Jo tells her that she lied to her for all these years and hid behind Kang! Do you think everything will be excused if you just say she is the emperors daughter!

nanny – I did not have any other way to save her!

Jo – Don’t make cowardly excuses with Ari!

Ari comes in.

Ari – Don’t be angry Grandmother, you like me more than my mother, I don’t have to be a princecss. If I become a princess and you hate me then I dont want to be one!

JO – *hugs* It is not your fault, it is the adults fault, dont’ cry, it hurts my heart.

Ari leaves and walks outside.

Ari – I am not just a little girl, I am a princess!

it looks like Ari has gone a little crazy as she walks and spins around outside and calls herself a princess. (Okay, it looks like she was not a princess before, she was just a young lady because she was Sojin’s daughter. But now that she is actually Hyuk’s daughter, she is a real princess). She calls herself princess, princess and spins around. But then she stops and thinks.

Hyuk – Wait, but if my father is the Emperor, then who is my mother?

Inside, The nanny talks to Grandmother Jo about how she betrayed who she served and had the Emperor in her heart. it is unforgivable but her heart to the emperor was true. Jo tells her that she should have been strong and get over her feelings. Also, I cannot forgive you for making a deal with kang. i will apply our rule!

nanny – I will follow that. *bows*

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Elsewhere in the palace, Sunni meets with Kang as Kang is painting.

SN – What do you really want?

K – What are you talking about? You mde all the trouble, we are covering it up

SN – You knew it all from the begining, why did you make Hyuk marry me? Becuase I am dispensable?

Kang – You will be kicked out if you say things that ruin our dignity with only rumors.

SN – Do you worry about me? I am the one that will kick out my position as empress, but the emperor will be kicked out. You need to worry about him first.

K – shut your mouth

SN – Even earthworms will die and scream when you step on them. I will show the true face of Hyuk and what kind of great place this palace is. I will show everything to our people. And the real reason why Empress Sohyun died 7 years ago.

K – Why are you talking about Sohyun?

SN – because I am similar to her, you lied to the public and pretended like this was a love story. Yo blamed the empress and said it was her fault. The reason for her death might not be a heart attack.

K – If a stupid person does something then you will get hurt. So don’t do anything, lower yourself, and survive.

SN – I am sorry, but if I do not do anything then Grandmother will do everything becuse she knows everything. Who the father of Ari is and how she is an out of marriage child.


SN – You did everything to make this man with an affair as a true love person. Now you are kicking out the nanny?

K – it is none of your business.

SN – O course it is my business, my job is listening to the complaints of the citizens.


SN – DOn’t be too upset….I did not even start with what happened 7 years ago.

Suni leaves completely calm. Kang is raging.

While awlking away, Sojin runs to Suni and asks when she came back? Your family is everywhere in the media now! Suni asks what happened to her father. 

Cut to Suni sneaking into a palace room. it looks like it might be Hyuk’s office room. She ads a wire tapping device to his desk. But as she is about to leave, Hyuk and Yura come in so she has to hide.

YR – Grandmotehr scratched your face?

H – My mother has so much corruption

YR – if we reveal everything then she will be damaged.

H – I will just make her ignore our business

YR – I am going to meet reporter Jo, we will make this breaking news

H – I am going to make you my wife. Just leave right now (for the meeting).

YR – Well, I will treat your face first, we should not leave any scars.

They both leave to the back room. Suni hops out but then she has to hide again. Another person has come in. It looks like it is Wang-sik, she sees the scar on his hand as he changes the documents, but she does not see who it is.

Yura goes to the meeting with the reporter and tells him that this will show all the corruption in the palace.

But when he opens it is shows a bloody Sohyun and the writing says that the person that killed Sohyun is Lee Hyuk! Lee Hyuk! Lee Hyuk!

Cut to Wang-sik meeting with Kang. She asks him why he is giing this to him. he says that he thinks it is related to her, Yura had it. He does not know what is in it but it seems like you might be in trouble. If you re in trouble then Our empire will be in trouble and the Emperor will be in trouble as well. I work for the palace, I want to work here for a long log long time. To do that, i thought I should protect you and the Emperor. Min is just todays woman. Did I make a mistake?

Kang laughs and says that she understands why the Emperor likes him. Thank you for your heart. You can step out. He leaves and bows.

But she asks him if his name is Chon Woo-bin and if she can look for him when she needs him? He tells her that this would be his honor.

Elsewhere, hyuk goes crazy as he finds out about the swapped filed. Yura says that there must be a mole tht is helping the empress and is working for Kang. hyuk rages and wonders who does this! Where is Oh Suni!

he storms outside and tells Wang-sik to find the mole! Th ehead guard says that the rookie wont’ know how to do anything But Hyuk cuts off the rank from the head guard and tells him that he wants to kill him, it is so hard not to do it. Woo-bin, you take care of the guards now.

Hyuk walks off all the way to Suni’s room. She tells him that he cannot come inside her palce becuse she is so afraid of what he might do. But she does not look afraid. She tells him to live his life rightly. She already decided, me and Sohyun, my last mission as the empress is to tell the truth about what happened to Sohyun and me.

Hyuk grabs her by the collar and says that his word is the truth, so stop doing this, this is my last order. Suni tells him to release her father if he wants to be emperor one more day. 

Hyuk – What will you do? Who will trust you?

SN – They will trust grandmother.

H – Don’t be mistakn, Grandmother is my grandmother and my blood, she will not hurt the palace.

SN – I wonder whose side she will be on. Whose clothes do you think sh will remove, yours or mine?

Hyuk leaves. Suni looks at Wnag-sik. he bows to her, she sees his scar as he leaves

SN – Chon Woo-bin, was this you?


The princess goes to have a swim but bumps into someone while swimming, it is Wang-sik. She freaks out and gets a cramp so he saves her and pulls her out of the water.

SJ – Who are you! I was so shocked that I had a muscle cramp!

WS – I am guard Chon Woo-bin. 

SJ – Do you want to get fired!

WS – The emperor told me I can use it in the evenings.

Suddenly Sojin remembers thta this is that sexy guard that rode the motorcycle and starts to pretend that her foot is really hurt. Cramp! Cramp! He massages it and then gives her a towel. But seh tells him that he cannot look at her face, even her mother hasn’t seen her bare face. 

he smiles and tells her that she is pretty then he asks her how her foot is. She whimpers that it hurts so he starts massaging it again. (Wow, Wang-sik works hard at this revenge)

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Meanwhile, Suni meets with the grandmother. Jo tells her head secretary to take care of what happened to Suni’s father at the police station. Suni thanks her. Jo also asks for them to prepare a condo in the island for Suni’s family to stay for a few days. 

SN – Wait a minute, what are you talking about? Am I going somewhere?

Jo _ You should step aside from this matter. trust me.

SN – No, I cannot leave. I need to find the evidence, I cannot leave like this.

Jo _ hong, please take her to our vacation home.

SN – No! I can’t leave!

VO – Don’t be mistaken, she is my grandmother and my bloodline, she will not do anything to harm me or the palace.

SN – Judging your own grandson, are you afraid? that is why you are kicking me out/ Your bloodline is that important? You are apart of this palace? *maids come to take Suni out* Grandmother! Grandmotehr! i will see to it that the Emperor pays for his sins! Grandmother! Do not do this to me!

Outside, Suni asks team leader Hong if she can pack her belongings at least.

Elsewhere, Jo meets with Kang. kang tells Jo not to trust the nanny, she betrayed her own best friend and slept with the Emperor. She hid being pragnant and came back when Ari was born. She begged me. She wants to make Ari princess.

Jo – Ari is definitely the Emperors daughter!

kang – No, Ari should be Sojin’s daughter until she dies.

Jo – I don’t want to hear this anymore. We will have an urgent meeting tomorrow with the internal investigation police.

kang – For what?

Jo _ The Emperor pushed the Empress into the water and with the relationship with him and Yura and with his extramarital daughter and the reinvestigation of Sohyuns death! I am going to make everything an urgent topic to discus.

kang – *holds her hands* are you going to destroy our empire?

Jo _ I already decided. I am going to be at the meeting by myself.

kang – We should have the empire, then you will also survive.

Jo – Sinners should pay for it, You need to say all that you have done!

Kang – Mother!

Jo leaves. kang calls in her team leader and asks where the nanny is! The secretary says that the nanny dissapeared. Kang asks about Ari? Ari is in class.

kang frets and says that this is all because of Oh Suni! their palace is all ruined because of Oh Suni. The secretary says that she saw the empress meeting a familiar looking old man. i am not sure….but, he looked like Empress So-hyun’s father.

kang -What? Is he still alive?

Secretary – His eyes really looked like Captain Byun

SN – Oh Suni met Sohyun’s father….that is it, I was too cocky. I should have abandoned her quicker.

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Grandmother meets with hyuk. He smiles at her and asks if she will be on his side now?

Grandmother goes to Yura and slaps her once for the Empress who suffered. She slaps a second time for herself having to endure Yura.Hyuk steps inbetween then and tells Jo not to do that to his woman.

Jo – How far will you go? Will you get real when I have to drag you in front of the palace internal investigations and humiliate you in front of everyone?

H – Grandmother, how can you be swayed by that woman that you havent known for long?


Grandmother grabs a pillow and starts beating Hyuk all up and down this room. She grabs whatever she can to throw it at him.

Suni is listening outside, she looks touched by grandmothers actions, but is stunned she decides to leave without going in.

later on, Grandmother writes a document.

VO- The emperor Lee Hyuk’s immoral crimes and the real cause of death of Empress Sohyun and Kang’s unspeakable crimes. i want to summon an urgent meeting to talk about all of this.

Outside somewhere, A mysterious man sneaks around the palace. Wang-sik sees him and asks who are you! the man runs away and WS follows.

Inside, the head maid brings food for Grandmother jo. The head maid says that Suni made it for her to apologize for not trusting her. There is another maid there who looks a bit suspicious. Grandmother Jo tastes it and says that it looks pretty like the Empress.

Outside the palace, the mysterious man has managed to escape. He casually walks along the wall. But Wang-sik catches him and flips him around.

later on, Suni goes to the grandmothers room and apologizes, the grandmother is sleeping. 

SN – I am sorry with how I acted yesterday, I was so upset. Thank you for taking care of my father. Please forgive me, i have a bit of a temper.

She sees that grandmother ate all of Suni’s snack that she sent her.

SN – I thought you were mad, but you ate it all. Grandmother are you sleeping? You shouldnt’ sleep like this.

Suni rolls grandmother around, she is stabbed in the chest by an arrow and is all blue! Suni screams, Grandmother! Grandmother!

Hyuk comes in and sees all of this. Suni turns and looks at him.

Fade Out

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Wow, just wow. There is not a moment put to waste in this drama! Poor Grandma Jo! I need a minute to wrap my head around this turn of events. So much to digest! When is the revenge coming!


WS – It bothers me because the empress was the one that found grandmother first

Hyuk – Did you kill my grandmother!

SN – No, I didn’t!

VO – Do you really have to do this grand empress!

VO – The empress is not the empress anymore, you can kill her.

SN – Please take me to the palace, I have to go there.

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    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 2:14 pm

      I know!!!!!! I hope she is faking her own death or something! I don’t want her to be dead!

    December 13, 2018 / 1:30 pm

    I cannot believe what I just read, OMG, like you’ve said V, so much to digest and can’t even think straight. Wow, oh wow, this show is one crazy roller coaster show but I am ready for WS and SN to get together to fight! I thought she might die from food she ate that they told her SN made (poison??) but can’t believe she was stabbed!!! I’m going to miss grandmother and SN is all alone again…

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 2:15 pm

      I thought it might be the food too! But she was stabbed? Say it aint so! Perhaps she could be faking it? I just want to hold on to that belief.

      • Rose
        December 13, 2018 / 2:37 pm

        Oh i do hope it was a fake death 😭😭😭😭

        • JAMMMM
          December 14, 2018 / 7:23 am

          Okay, this makes me feel better, anything can happen in this drama so I’m going to think that she is faking her death, she knew Emperor is after her after what she did to Yura and him. They are really playing with out emotions…

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