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The Last Empress: Episode 13 and 14 Live Recap

The Last Empress Live Recap Episode 13 and 14

Some craziness happened in that last episode. It was action on top of action on top of ludicrousness. I mean, one person technically died twice; Once with his own identity and once with another person’s identity, and it all happened in the same hour. But after all that, Suni and Wang-seok watched their former lovers kissing each other on a yacht while they were perched on a bridge. The writing on the bridge read “We’ll see you cries last.” Ooo, does this mean Suni is turning bad also? You know, not bad-bad, but good-bad? Yes, please.

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We open right at the bridge with Suni and Wang-seok looking at the yacht with their two (former) lovers. Suni starts to cry, a tear hits the bracelet she made, it breaks off and crashes to the ground.

Wang-seok tries to put his hand in front of her eyes, but she pushes them away and says, Wait! Wait! She tries to run to the other side of bridge to see them some more, but WS holds her back so she does not recklessly get hit by any cars on the busy street.

Yura thinks that she heard something, Hyuk just smiles and asks if she wants to go inside. they go inside to continue their lovey dovey time.


Yoon sits at the airport reading a book. But hen his mother comes up to him in disguise and tells him, it is nice to see you again, prince. he says, Mo-mo-mother. He looks around at all the guards standing at attention.

Kang tells her son that she missed him and he should have come to thepalace first instead of a hotel. he smiles and changes the subject to the princess Sohyun’s memorial. Umma wants to know why he is talking about it. He tells his mother that she is in his dreams recently, it is strange to him. 

But then he brings up that he will go back to the palace to se Grandmother, he is a bit tired of being outside. His mther is happy to hear it. Yoon says he has to go to the bathroom and walks off. Several guards follow him. They are about to follow him inside, but Yoon takes off his pants so they wont follow him and asks them if they believe him now.

he goes inside by himself and immediately starts to look around. he sees something on the roof that could help him out.

Cut to Yoon escaping outside and running with all his might. he actually bumps into Sojin who thinks he is a pervert. Yoon thinks that he is a fugutive now. He can’t even use his cell phone. 

Inside, Sojin is surprised to see her mother and wonders if there is something going on here? Umma wonders, is there a drinking party? Sojin says that she is there for celebration of the shopping mall. i am casting a guest for our 10 year anniversary. Umma says that she does not believe her. She walks off.

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Sojin turns to Helro and tells her that she saw that right? If you don’t catch Vincent then I will die with stress. Is he really here? She says that she searched the trashcan in the editors office, he should be here!

They hear a service woman answer the phone and say, “you are checking out now, okay VIncent Lee.”

Sojin and Helro try to get to the phone before it is hung up, but they are toooooo laaaaaate.


Suni is still sad on the bridge can can barely walk. But then she runs off to the ledge and – rescues someone???? Another woman is trying to jump but Suni grabbed her from the edge and pulled her up with the help of Wang-sik. They pull her all the way up.

But the woman tries to jump off again. She wants to die becaues her husband cheated on her! I want to die so this pain will end! I don’t want to be pitiful!

Suni tells her that she has to still live! Betraying your wife is not easy! You must listen to what he really has to say. You love him, trust him.

Woman – But what if he really wants to get a divorce! I am afraid!

Suni tries to calm her down and tells her that she needs to check her husbands heart first, Promise me that you wont’ get weak anymore. it is okay, it is okay.

Suni drives back with Wang-seok. She thinks about all her pitter patter moments with the King on the drive.

SN – What you saw today.

WS – I did not see anything. I took you there today.

SN – I just went there for a walk, don’t worry.

At home, we see Suni cleaning her room. She is vacuuming and thinking about Yura. 

YR – Actually, what I told you today is what our emperor did to the past queen. I heard he liked everything so maybe I gave you wrong information.

Suni rolls her eyes and thinks that she did that to F-me. She likes the emperor, what if he is the same? that is why he was so angry. She picks up her phone.

WS Text: Your highness, can you step out for a moment?

Suni goes outside and sees ramen and soju on a platter in front of her door.

Note: Just in case you need it. Cheer up, your highness.

Suni smiles a little bit and takes the platter inside. She sends him a text.

SN: Thank you so much for today, it comforts me to think I have someone on my side.

Wang-sik smiles a little bit. 

Cut to a floating dead princess in a pond. Her eyes are wide open and look freaky. Kang screams herself awake and thinks, maybe he knows something, he shouldn’t.


All the servants are getting checked for something and are reciting all the rules of the palace. Another maid tells them that there is a rumor that there is a secret photo of Kang that was released to the public.

In a newspaper, there is a photo of the queen saving a woman on the bridge.

Cut to the Grand Queen asking if Suni is okay. They say that she is fine. The Grand Queen wonders why Suni was out that late? They kind of figure out that Hyuk prepared a royal cruise. Maybe the queen saw it?

In her room, Suni gets up and looks at the necklace that Hyuk gave her.

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Hyuk wakes up on his yacht from a phone call and sits up right away. he says that he will be there quickly so that the queen does not notice it. Yura wakes up with full makeup on and asks if anything is going on? Hyuk tells her that he thinks the Queen saw them, hurry!

Cut to a helocopter flying to the palace.

In the palace, Wang-sik makes the bedroom as if Hyuk slept there last night. he also lights a few candles. Suni comes in and asks if your highness is there, are you there? Are you taking a shower? Wang-sik hides.

Suni is about to go inside but then Hyuk comes out as if he took a shower. He mentions the newspaper article. Suni asks him a wuestion and starts to ask him if he slept there last night? Whatever I saw, whatever I heard, if you say that it is not true then I will believe it.

Hyuk – What are you suspecting? Of course I slept here. I had a meeting on the Royal cruise and came back at 3am. Do I have to tell you all of this? it is my 10 year anniversary of becoming the emperor. Are you doing this because I did not visit your room. You came here this early in the mroning? It makes me uncomfortable.

Suni – You never lied to me?

Hyuk – I was mad at you a little bit but I never hated you.

Suni hugs him and tells him that she was so scared. She tears up and says that she thought his heart changed and that he hated her. But that is not why. it is my misunderstanding.

Hyuk – Were you that mad that we had a little argument, I am sorry that I ent too far.

She hugs him again and tells him that she should have trusted him, she was narrow minded as a Queen and stupid.

he tells her to stop crying, your eyes will be poofy. But he actually looks annoyed.


Hyuk gets to the room fully dressed and tells Wang-sik that he did a good job. Wang-sik notices that the emperor came in through a secret passage. He opens the secret passage.


Oh helro goes home to wash her hair but there is no water. She has shampoo all in her hair. Appa tells her to go to the shop to wash it. So Helro goes to the shop and trips over Yoon who is sleeping on the couch. She starts yelling at him.

He says he did not recognize her. She wonders why he is sleeping in the store! i will call the police! She turns, he yells her no! But he accidentally touches her butt. She judo throws him and drags Yoon to her father to tell him that he slept in the store.

Appa is all like, hi, your back, here, wear these clothes. he gives him a blue jumpsuit to wear and tells him that he can move into his place.


Meanwhile, Kang tells Suni that she did a good job. The people of Korea all approve. All the family are meeting together at a small table. But Grandmother wants to know why Suni went to the bridge last night. Suni says that she did not know how to make the Emperor happy so she was jut walking around. Hyuk says it is all his fault. Suni says she is happy again now.

The little princess starts to talk about rain love fights and how it is nice to see them together again.

Then Yura comes in and tells Hyuk that it is time for him to leave. Yura smils at Suni, Suni kind of smiles and then walks past her. Kang’s eye twitches.

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The press ask Suni all sorts of questions about the bridge incident. Like how did you find that person and you coul dhave been in danger. Suni says that she was just walking past and she only thought about saving that person because life is precious for everyone and it is sinful to kill oneself. 

Another reporter said that the woman did it due to her husbands affair so how did you convince her? Suni tells them that love does not change that easily so try to strust your husband one more time. When you find out everything clearly, then you can act. it is not too late. that is what I told her and what I would have done.

Hyuk mentions that trust is one of the most improtant things among couples.

Yura says that her husband loves her so much, that is why she could do that. The most important things in the country start with the happiness of the family. Yura jokes that everyone will hate them. Hyuk says that they are newly married so everyone will understands. Everyone chuckles and Suni looks at Yura with a happy smile.

Afterward, Suni tells Yura that she should sit with them to eat. it is already prepared so don’t refuse it. Cut to them eating together in the Palace. Suni prpared all of this for Yura and Hyuk because she relies on them a lot. The maids all leave after they prepare everything. Hyuk tells Suni that their public image improved a lot because of her.

Suni talks to Yura and tells her that she would do the same right? How heart breaking was it that that woman was in misery because her husband was having an affair? Yura says that seh can’t even imagine it. She does not understand the reason to rescue a loser when my own life is in danger.

SN – Loser?

YN – The wife is also responsible. She shuold regret herself for not paying attention and being ugly.

SN – All the robbers never accept their morality as rock bottom. They all blame the house owners for not locking the door. the douche bag that had an affair and left her and the woman that wants another persons possessions. They all shred.

She shreds up her fish. Everyone looks at her but then Suni smiles and apolgizes she says that she was too into the story. Then she mentions that she stopped by Yura’s place, where you out on a date?

YR – I was with my boyfriend.

SN – Oh, you hav a boyfriend? Yes, it was suspicious that you know mens hearts so well. Emperor, whenever I wanted to know anything about you, I always asked Min.

YR – I gave you the best advice I think, but it didn’t help I am sorry.

SN – Noooo, we are this happy, it is all because of you. Married couples get closer to each other after fighting. i think that old saying is right. How is your boyfriend?

YR – Not like the emperor, I am envious of you more than anyone else in the world. 

SN – you will never ever be happy if you want what someone else has. Even a 3 year old knows that, I am sorry about that. But I should stop asking you for advice about my husband.

Hyuk – This is good soup, do you want to take more?

Yura – I don’t like this fish soup so you can have mine.

Suni stops it and says that she will get a new one. Even though you serve him so closely, we should eat separately, Secretary Min.

Suni smiles but goes to the bar gasping. She watches them through the reflection, they are chuckling at her. Suni then walks off. She cries outside but is given a handkerchief from Wang-seok. She tells him that she is not crying because she is sad, it is because she is embarrased. 

SN – I am so angry because I can’t do anything to her. I am Oh Suni,….that bitch, with my personality *curses a lot* ah….but I should not do that right? I am the queen, I have to maintain my dignity so I should  not fight against those nothing women.

WS – Don’t suppress it, queen. Protect your husband, I will help.

SN – Of course I have to protect him, no on will take him from me. He will not betray his own woman, I followed him for 10 years, I know him.

inside, Yura and Hyuk continue feeding each other their meals. But then Suni has a phone call. She tells Hyuk that he has to go to his office. Prince Lee yoon contacted you.

Hyuk runs off. Outside, Wang-seok hides Suni. He holds her shoulder. Suni pushes him away after a moment. he apologizes and says it was becuse she was crying.

She wipes her tears and runs off.


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Hyuk takes his phone call from Yoon. he tells him it is nice to talk to him a gain. I thought you were not coming back anymore.

Yoon says he is going back to America soon so tell mother not to look for me anymore. She came to my hotel. But don’t worry, I am not going back. I hate the palace that you are in. I saw the new queen on TV, this time, please protect her.

Hyuk hangs up. Yura asks what’s up. Hyuk tells her that his mtoher is looking for Yoon. She is already writing me off. Yura tells him that he is the Emperor already, why are you so insecure?

Hyuk – Yoon is the next in line. I don’t have a son! He should be the king.

YR – It won’t happen.

Hyuk – I forgot that Mom can use Yoon to threaten me. She will use the internal royal inspectors. F**k! Why did he come back!

Cut to Kang in her room doing yoga with her assistant asking questions about yura. Kang thinks she is just a hunting dog that will die after finding the rabbit. She will not give her any shares and will decide when the hunt ends.

Hyuk bursts in and tells her that Yoon called him after 7 years. Umma asks if he heard that she met him? What is wrong with the mother looking for the son? Hyuk wants to know, why now!  kang thinks now is a good time, don’t you miss your own brother? he was the previous emperors favorite.

Hyuk – He left the palace! you can’t control him!

Kang – People can change, you changed like this. Yoon is different than you. He is smart and straight, all perfect. That is what the previous emperor said. His personality is perfect as an emperor.

Hyuk – Are you really going to be against me?

Kang – if you want to keep your position as emperor, pick one. If you kick Yura out right away then I will not look for him. 

Hyuk tells her that he cna’t do anything anymore, I got married because of you! I am going to hate the queen more! Or maybe I can just kill her.

kang – Be careful, the Queen is not a smart person. if a not smart person makes big trouble, then you will lose a lot.

Kang leaves Hyuk seething.

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He throws a lot of things on the ground and storms out. But then he sees a PBA about him and his mother and the palace about always loving the people of Korea.

he is sent into a flashback where he is little and tries to read literature. But he thinks it is too difficult for him, appa! Appa tells him that he will be emperor soon! I told you many many times that you need to be able to read these Chinese characters. youa re so slow!

Kang tells Appa that he is better than before, just wait for him.

The book is thrown to the grown. Yoon is on the ground and reads everything easily. the Emperor is happy and asks him when he learned. kang says that he might have seen the crowned prince learning a few times. The emperor says he is so smart and starts smiling and chuckling.

Yoon reads a bit more then asks for his snack, he is so hungry. The Emperor tells him to go to the kitchen and asks the nanny to give him the best thing. He turns to his other son (hyuk) with a stern face and tells him that he can leave.

then he turns to his wife and says that the crown prince is not built to be the emperor. Kang apologizes and says that Yoon should have been born first.

My Yoon, my yoon, my Yoon……

The words echo in Hyuks head in the present. He grabs something and breaks the TV as the word keep echoing… Yoon should have been born first….Yoon should hve been born first….Then he tells his mothers image on the TV that it will be difficult for her to remove him. Bwahahaha.

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Elsewhere, Suni find the Queen and tells her that she knew that yura loves the King. Umma just sighs and says that she figured this out already. Suni says that she saw Yura with the emperor on the Royal Cruise. But she implies that she thinks it is Yura’s fault, not the King. She knows she should not act too quickly.

Kang is all like, you know that then why are you rescuing people on the street? Min Yura is not just a normal woman. If you give her one thing you will lose everything. 

SN – Teach me, I don’t have any power.

Kang – Why are you asking me? It is your robbery in your house, you should catch them. that is all I can say.

meanwhile, the Grand Queen talks to Suni’s father on Skype and tells him that his daughter is fine, no big injuries. They have a happy conversation when Yoon walks by to do something. They hang up. The grand queen thinks that guy looked like her Yoon and sounded like her Yoon.

But she can’t really think about it anymore because Suni comes in with a request. The Grand queen tells her to tell her anything.

Cut to Yura dragged to the palace jail. Suni walks to her jail. 

YR – Did you give the order to lock me in? What are you doing to someone with no sin?

SN – From now on you are fired.

YR – Ha, you haeve no power for that.

Maid – From today, the Grand Queen gave all the power to hire people to the Queen (Suni). 

YR – Nonsense.

SN – Now you know, Min Yura.


SN – I heard you appointed Min Yura, give me the power to fire her.

Jo – It is my mistake, I put the wrong person there. I am so embarrassed.

SN – You knew it also? DOn’t worry, I am the emperors wife, but I am also the Queen of Korea.

Jo – From today, you have all the power to hire and fire anyone in the palace.

YR – What is my sin?

SN – Bring in the cooks.

The cooks come in.

SN – Answer all of my questions. When I mde the potatoe pancake, why didn’t anyone tell me that it was banned.

Maid – I am sorry! Min Yura told me to never tell you!

YR – These are all lies!

Suni – Bring in the flower people….tell me what Min asked you to do.

FLowermaid – She asked me to bring that flower to your place.

Suni – Listen to me Yura. Your sin is breaking up our relationship by lying to me. It is also a sin of disrespectng the Queen and using the people inside. For all these sins, I will give you my sentence. Seven days in jail and you must say all that you did and you will be fired. You can never ever come back to this position again.

YR – You cannot do this! I will call the emperor!

SN – If the emperor says otherwise, nothing changes. because Kang and Grand Queen will think I made a nice decision.

YR – I am not a sinner! I am not!

Suni walks out and walks into Wang-seok. She asks why he is there, He says that the great grandmother told him to stay there with him and escort her back. They walk back out together.

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Cut to a news cast on TV, it is all about the Empress saving a woman. It was a citizen capture for the video. 

Suni’s appa gives out free chicken today. Yoon thinks that helro would be upset at that but then they see Suni at the door. She says that the Queen let her have a little vacation, there are so many people here. ALl the people stand and clap.

In the palace, the little Queen has a Chinese lesson. Her mother (and maid) has a flashback with their contract canceling due to today. She does not want anything todo with that troublemaker. Just ask the emperor to have a second wife position or whatever.

The maid gets nervous and runs off. She begs in front of kang.

Maid – Please save me!

Kang – Whats up?

Maid – The princess will not regard Princess Ari as her own dauhter and told me to leave the palace with her.

kang – You can leave, but Ari does not have to leave.

kang walks up to her.

kang – Don’t you forget who Ari’s father is?

Maid – You promised me that I could raise Ari…

Kang – Promise?…haha…you betrayed Queen Sohyun and went to Emperor Hyuks room. You did everything. You told me when you came back with the baby that you do not care about yourself so long as Ari is okay. But now…a promise? Are you going this crazy because I did not fire you back then? Shut up and live like this, as if you do not exist. If you stay here as nobody then at least I will not fire you.

The maid understands and stands back up to leave. She walks out but looks like she might go crazy.

Kang – She grew up a lot, she used to be a little eartchworm I could crush, but now she became like a mountain lion.

The maid calls someone and tells them that she can see them today, please spare some time.


the emperor breaks into the jail and asks who did this to yura. he tells the guard to open the jail before he kills him. He has a gun and tells the guard that this is not a person that takes orders from the Queen. the guard opens the door right away. The Emperor goes inside. Yura passes out (fake passout?)

Cut to the maid seducing another man in a hotel? She asks him how long she will have to wait. She might really be kicked out. he tells her not to worry, we will change the law soon that says the princess can be the emperor. DOn’t you trust me? I am the head of internal investigations. Before that, we have to promote Ari to princess. I have a plan, Ari is the daughter of the emperor, if everyone knows that the Grand Queen hid everything then she is also done.

The maid thinks that they need to remove the Grand queen and place Ari there….then I will be the next Grand Queen? The man says that Ari can be the next Queen. The maid says of course, she did not give birth to Ari only for her to be a princess. You will see, she will be the greatest empress in the history of Korea.

The man says that the current queen should not have a baby. the maid says that the there are alraedy rumors that the Emperor does not love the Queen. We jsut don’t want Yoon to come back. So let’s have our private time.

She gets up to seduce this man (the Prime Minister???) and tells him that he knows how much she trusts him.

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Hyuk holds Yura in the palace and tells her that he will make sure that no one can touch her. Yura thinks that the Queen is with the grandmother. Yura has no one she can trust.  But she has critical information about corruption. She can move the media before the Queen moves. Please bring all the power back after removing Kang.

Hyuk hugs her and tells her thank you, I cant do this without you. FOllow me, I have a present for you. He opens a safe and shows Yura all the money and gold in there. he tells her that she can take it all, he can always refil it You need money to move people. Yura tells him that he should trust Yura no matter what the Queen says. if she knows that I am out then she will be angry. Hyuk says that he should not leave her alone. 

he looks off, determined.

Elsewhre, Wang-seok tells Suni that Yura is out of jail. Suni asks where Hyuk is, lead me there. They go to where he is.

YR – Is this good emperor?

Hyuk – You are touching me everywhere, it is like Heaven

Suni walks up to the door, hearing all of this.

YR – Remember when I gave you a massage when you were with Suni

Hyuk – Of course, how can I forget, I was so happy to have you infront of the queen.

YR – You are 100% mine, you know that?

Hyuk – I gave you my word many many times.

They keep being lovey dovey while Suni is outside tearing up. But then she bursts in. But they are not there, they snuck out.

Suni asks where they are. She asks all the guards. They don’t know. Suni asks Wang-seok to help her, the emperor and Yura dissapeared. You know where he is right? help me. You promised to help me. Please, please.

Wang-sik drives with Suni somewhere, They get to a hotel Suni asks where they are. WS says that this is the emperors condo, he stays at in the 6th floor. Maybe you shuld not go up there.

SN – It is okay, I want to check this with my own eyes.

She walks upstairs with Wang-sik. They get to the door. Suni goes right in easily and sees flowers and food set up everywhere and a bath towel. She looks at Wang-sik and then starts to look around. No one is there. Suni asks if he really came there?

Suddenly, a lot of camera people come in and take a lot of photos of Suni and the bodyguard dating, is this true? Please check this. They give her a lot of photos. Suni tells Wang-sik to tell them that it is not true. But he does not.


WS tells Hyuk that he saw Ma Pil-joo cut the crane line. Hyuk asks why he did not catch him. WS says he thought that Hyk was the one that order it. Hyuk asks how dare he. But WS says that he wants to help him remove the Queen if that is what Hyuk wants. Hyuk tells him to kill her, he will make him head of the guards.

WS says that he will honor that.

In the present, Wang-sik tells Suni to stop, he cannot dishonor the King, he would rather kill himself here.

Fade Out

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Wow, so this is a double cross! They ruined her image with one click of a camera in a flower filled hotel. I wonder how she will rebound from this or if she is just out of the palace? But if she is out of the palace, how can she get her revenge?

I guess she could go back to work for her fathers restaurant and kind of get revenge with Prince Yoon, somehow?

One thing is for sure, Wang-sik is on  no ones side but his own.


No preview

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  1. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    Hhmmm….it seems, so far this episode is more on a serious side. Not much craziness happening. But its still a solid episode so far

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 12:57 pm

      This episode was a bit on the serious side (for this show 😉)

  2. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Wow! I guess the scene i was looking for was the end part of this episode. WS really double crossed Suni? And more conspiracy showed up (with the maid, the little princess real mom)….wow! I told you, this drama has more double cross than all the dramas i watched combined 😂

    Thanks V for the recap. 😊

  3. Jleigh
    December 12, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Wow! Wait!… did I understand that correctly, Hyuk asked WS to KILL Sunny? Like actually kill and not just destroy her reputation?
    If so, could that be how the corpse with Sunny’s necklace came to be in the earlier episodes? And if that is true, I am really hoping that WS ends up faking her death like he did with his own. While that would take her out of the palace, it would allow her to really scare people behind the scenes, they are already really torn up due to the first queen’s death. Imagine if she actually started showing up and haunting them? That would be very freaky.

    • mimi
      December 12, 2018 / 2:02 pm

      If I’m not mistaken the dead body in the water is the Emperor’s first wife. Remember that he said it’s a necklace that is passed down from Empress to Empress?
      But I guess instead of a betrayal Wang Shik might have tried to save her life. Meaning trying to remove her from the situation without her dying?

      • V
        December 12, 2018 / 6:47 pm

        Yes, the body in the water in the first Queen (I think). The dead body in the very first episode opening scene is still a question mark, but it did have Suni’s necklace on it.

        Hopefully WS is only going to destroy Suni’s reputation and not actually kiss her! that would be a huge turn of events, though I welcome a haunting.

  4. YAYA
    December 12, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    I think this is too much too soon! Heart attack!

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      LOL, it is so much to take in!

  5. YAYA
    December 12, 2018 / 2:00 pm

    I don’t think that she is out of the palace because the nanny will bow before her and give her documents. She should trust no one!

  6. mimi
    December 12, 2018 / 2:05 pm

    I’m mad at the plotline with the nanny/secret mom. For once I don’t like Ari, she’s creepy with the way she always compliments every one in power. But mostly I think there are enough conspiracies already in this drama.
    I can’t wait for the next episode. Thank you for the recap.

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      I feel like that storyline is just in there to spice things up a bit since this is a 24 hour drama. It is kind of strange that the little princess compliments everyone though. (Everyone except her nanny/mom).

    • Jleigh
      December 12, 2018 / 7:09 pm

      Personally I think part of the reason is the girl is A) starved for affection and B)she is very aware of her fragile position in the palace and is trying to use honey and compliments to prevent people from abandoning/kicking her out.
      As far as we can see, her “mother” does not want her, her father does not like her, her real mother is training/manipulating her for her own needs..etc. In that kind of environment, it is not hard to come out a bit twisted.
      I hope that she will be saved by Sunny and WS, she needs to live life as a real little girl without worrying about the future.

      • Rose
        December 12, 2018 / 9:26 pm

        No wonder the other prince run-away, that palace is a nut house! I just hope that little princess can still be saved and not become her family (well except for the grandma queen, shes nice) 😁

        • V
          December 13, 2018 / 5:19 am

          Yes, she is starved for affection. Little thing probably needs a hug.

    • Sana
      December 13, 2018 / 1:15 am

      I really dislike Ari too. I’m sorry to say this of a child but her weird unnatural acting and voice gets on my nerves! Also the Nanny also scheming just seems a bit pointless considering there are already a few antagonists in the drama.

    December 12, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    With all the twist this show has, I’m thinking WS and SN planned this to make Emperor believe that she is going to be out. I know for fact that Sunny is NOT out of palace and I know WS is going to help her. He is double crossing against Emperor. I’m pretty sure WS and Sunny are in a same team and will work together. Story is that they’ll fall in love during all this craziness! I’m rooting for them for sure~

    • Rose
      December 12, 2018 / 9:30 pm

      I also hope that Suni realize that the Emperor that shes inlove with is not a good person….she should wake-up in the reality that her life is in danger because the emperor and yura wants her gone, no matter what kind of gone, gone from the palace or gone for good.

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