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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap for The King: Eternal Monarch!

Click here for part 1


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Two officers gallop through the bamboo forest. They speak to themselves and says that the emperor is waiting, no questions asked. it is the emperors order.

They get to the emperor who is standing with the prisoner. He tells hem to put him in the deepest jail in the palace. he tells this man that he should know that this is not his end, his end has not even started yet.


Eun-seob is all cut and looking just like Young, but he is still his fumbling mumbling Eun-seob self. he remembers Young telling him what to do, like put on his bullet proof vest for the Emperor. 

Then one of the soldiers talks to him, he has  north Korean accent so it throws Eun-seob off for a second. Eun-seob has to check notes on his phone for who this person is.

Gon comes in and says that they need to arrest whoever is in the forest. Especially a man in his 70s. I also need CCTV footage wherever I had an outside event.

Gopil is confused as to why Gon is giving him the order and not the Captain, they both look at Eun-seob. Eun-seob tries his best to pretend to be Young. But he is so bad, lol. This is pretty funny.


Nam sews a talisman on the emperors clothing. He walks in and she ignores him. He tells her that the Emperor came back, it is even the next day but you did not come to visit me. She casually says that she sent a guard and got the report that he is back. I see your face now, so just leave.

Gon sits on her seat and leans in closely. He mutters that she has a beautiful face and her skin, sigh, you worried about me and could not sleep, is that it. She chuckles that she slept so well without him around. You should leave, you should be busy with all the work that you did not do.

He asks, why are you acting differently, I will tell you where I have been if you ask me.

She puts down her sewing and says that she knows everything. I know where you go. She looks at his cane and tells him that he is chasing fate. it is a secret between you and me right?

He nods.


The palace officers go in to the stables and surround the man who has hopped to this new world. Gon stares at him and tells the other man to get back to work. The man asks if they have an order?

They all uncomfortably look at them while they are working and Gon keeps looking at this one man. This man cuts his hand. The stable leader runs to him and asks, how he can make this mistake? Then he runs off.

Gon – You have only this much courage? Arrest him under house arrest and don’t allow him to contact anyone.


Tae-eul finds out that Shin-jae took some time off. She did not know about it and the captain did not know about it either. They wonder if something happened inside the house with his mother.

She goes to his place and knocks on the door several times. But no one answers. She tries calling.

Shin-jae is actually drinking alone in a private room in a club. he went to see the thug, possibly?

Ah, then the thug comes in and sits with him. He purs him a drink and asks what the problem is, would you like to share it.? Shin-jae tells him, if he wants to share something with him, can you share peanuts? Side dishes are so expensive here. The thug feigns worry and says that he is happy he visited him. Then he opens a bag of money and tells him that he can get all the side dishes he wants with it.

Shin-jae asks, can I have this as payment, I did not open these bottles over here. The thug asks him why he is here then? Shin-jae says that someone called him hyung-nim, he was a very smart person. This is the only place he will not be able to find me. The thug calls for peanuts to be brought to the room and asks him if he has anything else.

Shin-jae asks to use this room for a few days. he is on vacation. The thugs tells him to go someplace warm for vacation! He starts to leave to got o church and says to just go somewhere warm. But it looks like he is going to leave him here as long as he wants.


Gon tries to open Youngs computer, but he does not know the password so he is locked out. ES comes up and says that someone told him that he is a math master and said to bring me the computer as if he will guess the password right away. 

Gon tells him that he thinks he can’t get the password, but actually I am checking the security of the palace. Eun-seob tells him okay, okay, but what is in there anyway? Why are you so into it.

But then the secretary ajumma comes in so Eun-seob stands stiffly in his fake impresion of Young. He tries not to look around.

Then the Prime Minister comes in and greats him. Gon tells her that their security level went up so Captain Jo will be with them. He tells Young that they will spend all night. ES says, Yes Emperor! But he says it so deeply that it is awkward.


In the cafe, nari tells Tae-eul that Eun-seob looks suspicious lately. She looks over at Young. Young tries to relax but it is an impossibility. Tae-eul says she doesn’t notice anything. Nari tells her that Eun-seob is not as handsome as before, and his hairstyle is weck.

Tae-eul sighs at Nari’s taste. then she tells Young that from now on she will only see Young at the hotel so Nari and Eu-seob’s relationship is not damaged. What do you want?

Young shows her a gold bull and says he needs money for it. it is a gold Wall Street bull. He says he heard that Tae-eul knows someone that can pay well for it. Tae-eul says she knows, I sell so may things that the owner thinks I am a corrupt police officer.

She asks to use his hotel. Young says the emperor is not here, though. Tae-eul reminds him that he is here. Tae-eul asks what he is going to use this gold bull for? He says he has to move fast.

So he buys a car with it and uses Eun-seobs license. We see how he got it in a flashback with Eun-seob. Eun-seob actually took the exam but he never got the license. He was the top in the SAT though. But he had a problem turning left and right. Man drives straight! 

Young tell shim whatever, how can you not know how to turn left or right? if you think going to Corea is just traveling abroad, you need to wake up. He mutters that he should just cut his throat. Eun-seob shushes him. 

Then Eun-seob tells Young that he thinks of the emperor a lot, but not as much as I think of my little brother and sister. Your emperor said that this is the way that I can protect my younger siblings.

In the present, Young wonders if Eun-seob is doing fine.


Actually, Eun-seob is about to fall asleep while standing in the office when The prime minister and Gon are talking about he budget. He almost falls asleep standing up.

Seo-ryung and Gon keep talking about boring budget things. Then Seo-ryung asks him if his traveler went home okay? he asks her if she is bored at work. Then he says that she went back fine. The prime minister thinks about Luna and says that she hopes she had a good time in our Kingdom.

A secretary comes in with their food, so they take a break to eat. Eun-seob happily sits and eats with them, forgetting his manners. The Prime Minister looks at him. Eun-seob pulls out a kimchi pouch (PPL) and explains it to the Prime Minister.

They start to eat after commenting about how the food is good. But Seo-ryung says that she won’t eat because she is on a diet. She also asks if he is getting married soon. he asks, do you wan to marry m? She asks, can I? He says no, I already proposed to someone. So what is next on the list?

Eun-seob mutters to himself that this world is so straight forward.


Shin-jae goes to see his doctor. It is after work hours but she tells her nurses that it is fine and tells him to sit. He tells her that he cannot sleep, can I have a prescription? She says no. Don’t turn me into a bad doctor.



Eun-seob looks around a room in the palace, happily. he thinks it looks so cool. He sees a laser mask and puts it on. He looks like Iron Man so he starts to do the iron man hand move.

Gon comes in and tells him to take it off. The emperor never shares anything with anyone. Eun-seob ays he wanted to have good skin also. he gives it to him. 

Gon asks him how he got Young’s password on his cell phone? Eun-seob shows him that he just used face recognition. Then he asks Gon if he still has not gotten the password for the computer? 

Gon sits with the laser mask on and tells young to try his hand at it. Wake me up when you do. Eun-seob gets the password right away. Gon is surprised.

The password it actually Jo Young but in computer numbers (so like 1000000001010101010101000). gon lets himself into the computer and immediately sees security footage of Tae-eul on a bus. He starts to look at all her security footage happily.

This is the footage of them she was walking around Seoul and Busan when she first came to Corea.


then we cut to Korea and see Tae-eul looking at her jacket that is hanging in her closet. She pulls out a photo from the jacket, it is from Corea. She also pull sout the money that is from Corea. It has Gon’s face on it.

She thinks that they have no picture taken together and starts to think about Gon.

There is another flashback to Tae-eul telling Gon about the flowers that she planted from the seeds she got from the Kingdom of Korea. But they do not blossom. Gon tells the flower to listen to me, I am your emperor, I order you to grow in the indoor garden of the place I love. That is my order.

She smiles and asks, so you can do this but you still say that you have never dated anyone. He says that even if someone threatens me with a knife to my throat, I will still say it is the first time. She asks if the seeds sprouted in that palce yet? he says it has no wind and no time, I told you.

She asks if he ran to the end?

He says he tried, but he has not reached the end. I should not be there too long. One day inside is two months outside.

She tells him that she can be his noona then. I thought you looked younger now.

He tells her, even if I have to be there forever, I will still be there for you. Even if I am late.

She tells him not to think about coming here, just think about being together. Don’t go to a nice place alone.

He chuckles. then he looks at her seriously and says that he will miss her so much. she looks at him. He asks, can you come with me? Can you live with me in my world?

She tells him, I will add one more to my list of 17 things. Don’t tell me to go with you. What about my father here, and the police, if you say that, then what can I do?

He leans in and kisses her quickly. it is just a peck.

TE – what did you just do? You stopped me from saying things

TO – I stopped myself from saying things. When I have a lot of things to say, this is the way in the Kingdom of Korea -.

She kisses him quickly.

TE – So, what can I do in front of the law, I am a government worker.

She smiles and he lovingly stroked her hair.

In the present, she looks at his photo on the dollar bill and the photo that she took of herself in Korea. She puts the two of them together.


He continues to look at her and mutters, I see a beautiful thing like this. In the video, she keeps walking aorund. He sees a little boy with a yo-yo. She walked right past him.

The little boy looks directly at the camera. It catches Gon off guard. He takes interest in this kid. Time stops. A storm comes and his shoulder hurts. Then he sees that time rewound somehow. Tae-eul walks past the kid again.

Gon – What is going on, was this my mistake?

He checks the time, it is May-27-2022 at the Haesong bookstore.

Gon – 2022….? Jung-tae-eul did not wear those clothes that day. What is this?



Lee Rim mixes his colors in his studio. the henchman comes up to him. Lee Rim asks if he got the cell phone yet? the henchman says he is working on it. I am taking care of another thing right now. 

Lee Rim looks at him. the henchman says that Shin-jae went to Song Jung-hye’s son’s tomb and the police went to the nursing home. He is the one who caught the roommate. She is also looking for the roommates cellphone.

Rim – My wrong move. Jung-tae-ul is the move I did not make yet.

Henchman – Dont’ worry, I will find them both.

Rim grabs him by the throat and throws him into the trash fire. it knocks over.

Rim calmly tells him to remove Jung Hun-jee (the roommate) I have to go out now because my nephew has figured things out.


One of the officers tells Gon that he has not found that bookstore he told him about yet. He gives him a collection of all the CCTV footage. Gon tells him to look around for the bookstore some more, including closed places.

VO – he was in The Republic of Korea. The next time stop was in the Kingdom of Korea.

Cut to the Corea right hand man puts books back up in the bookstore. He tells the older Prince that they do not have business today. The older prince says that the door was open.

The right hand man asks if he needs anything? I will find it for you. The Prince says he has nothing, he just wanted to spend some time looking for medical books. 

The right hand man says that they do not have those books here. The Prince says okay and then asks if they have seen each other before? The man says he has seen him before, you are part of the royal family. The prince says that he forgets about that sometimes, sorry for the inconvenience.


the prince stands at the seaside, Gon puts a blanket around him. They start to chat about how Gon comes here every year. Gon says he comes here every year because his uncle (the Prince) is here every year. The uncle chuckles.

JI – How is your problem going?

Gon – I found a symbol, but the solution is not beautiful so I am having a hard time.

JI – You will solve it, you always do.

Gon – Do you believe in fate, uncle?

JI – *laughs* That is a difficult world for a science major.

Gon – It is not clear. People tell fate to go away and challenge it. Should I face it directly?

JI – Life is full of unexpected things. We don’t even know our future at all, but we put our entire life life into a destination and try to get there, then that is destiny. Destiny movies with our effort. Do you have somewhere you want to get?

Gon – Yes, I have it.

JI – Then don’t fight and just go there. I hope a pretty person waits for you there, you should get married this year.

Gon – After I finish proving this, I will visit you with a woman who thinks that the world is flat.

Ji – Yes, I will wait for you Emperor.

They keep looking at the sun.

JI – It is a new sun of the year.

Then we cut to the Palace where Gon is looking at the snow fall in one of his many courtyards.

Gon – Inspector Jung Tae-eul, happy new year.

Then the snow freezes. He thinks, finally, Lee Rim has come to the Kingdom of Korea.


Lee Rim walks though a busy street festival. It looks like a New Years festival for the year 2020. Everyone is cheering when they see the King on his white horse.

The King is looking at Lee Rim. Everyone is taking a photo of him. Gon walks through the crowd on his horse, he is scanning the crowd.

Gon – He should be looking at me. He is not in the video footage, why?

Lee Rim walks toward Gon. 

Gon walks right past Lee Rim, he does not notice him at all. Lee Rim keeps walking.

Gon stops his horse. Lee Rim stops walking. The camera focuses on his cane.

Gon – What did I miss?

In a falshback, Gon thinks about what he is missing. He remembers Tae-eul asking, do you not get young if you are in there? He stands up.

GOn – This is nonsense, would that be it? Did he spend his time inside?

In the present, Gon turns his horse around and spots Lee Rim int he crowd. The crowd parts. Lee Rim does not move. Then Lee Rim turns around and faces Gon.

Gon is looking right at him.

Lee Rim thinks about all the video footage, he was in the footage all along. He was just his young self.

VO – He does not get old, he is close to being immortal. What you want is that. You want eternity. You rebel. 

Gon – LEE RIM!

Everyone stares that them. 

They stare at each other.

Fade Out


Okay, the PPL in this show (product placement) is way too much. It makes me not take this drama seriously. I can understand why they have it, they want to make all the money in the world, but hopefully there is a way for it not to be so glaring. 

As far as the actually show goes. I have accepted that these two love each other I am just not on board with it, so i will ignore the love story for the most part. I don’t have any thing good or bad to say about it really, they like each other, okay, moving on.

What I am on board with is the doppelgänger switcheroo! It wasn’t really touched on too much this episode. But that is m y favorite aspect of this show, so hopefully they wont drop it!

It appears that they also still have more world building to get through to explain why Lee Rim is still young. It looks like he is young because he was just chilling in “the in-between” and possibly only leaving to grab a bite to eat or something. So maybe he spent like 4-5 months there which would be 24 years in the normal world.

I am super confused how the camera could pick up the future of 2022??? Does anyone else understand that? Was it like when the lightning struck then all the CCTVs around show a future time stamp? that confuses me so much. I expect that we will figure it all out in the opening of the next episode.

Another thing that confuses me is how Lee Rim can get passed the gate with all the guards there. My guess is that he can get past it due to the time stopping. Maybe it stops long enough for him to run away quickly? I don’t know. I don’t see Lee Rim running anywhere, but he also does not have a horse so I guess he would have to run? ( The image of that makes me laugh 😂).

See y’all tomorrow! Starting next week we will recap this show live! I am still sticking with this show because I am still intrigued. I cannot help it. I must know how all these pieces are going to fit together. I also want to know if little Lee Gon from Korea is still alive and trapped in a cave somewhere.


[No link 😩]

English Translation

SR – The rebel Lee Rim? Is that true? 

SR – Is he still alive?

Rim – I am looking forward to the next meeting.

Gon – People with the same face

TE – You asked me before how far I’ve gone

Gon – The life of those people with the same face

Man – I called the name I remember

Man – Stealing, Lee Gon.

TE – is there something I don’t know?

JY – Do you think you cannot do it?

Man – It can be courage to someone to face fate

JI – Lee Rim, the prince?

JY – Can you be the empress of Korea and throw away everything here?


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  1. Marmele
    May 15, 2020 / 2:15 pm

    That Kid looking into the cctv is not of this earth is it? Isnt he the same that made her drop her Police-id? And is this book shop in the lightning? Is it in both worlds? Questions above Questions. If the date is true does she find a way into the book shop between worlds in the future?
    And is that boy the Dragon?

    • V
      May 16, 2020 / 12:00 pm

      He is kind of a spooky kid.

  2. Jessy
    May 15, 2020 / 3:59 pm

    Yea i believe Lee Gon korean is stil alive somewhere

    • V
      May 16, 2020 / 11:58 am

      I really wonder if he is! It would be exciting.

  3. SPDud
    May 15, 2020 / 11:58 pm

    This isn’t a romance, this is a multi-dimensional police procedural with goofball doppleganger comedy bits dropped in. (and a whole lotta product placement too! Really clumsy with that kim chee during the palace working dinner together there).

    Basically Eun-tak and Gon have a “nice” relationship considering that they’ve barely spent any time together to build a decent coupling. But you’re paying to see the two most beautiful actors in Korea make out together so make the most of it. I just don’t treat this as a romantic show and it’s better that way.

    But what really drives this show is the dimensional splicing of characters and places. It’s so interesting to see how it all plays out. There’s sure to be a time-jumping element to this too considering the big clue we just got today.

    • V
      May 16, 2020 / 11:57 am

      True, true, true

  4. Ton
    May 16, 2020 / 10:36 pm

    I thought the kid with the yoyo is the LeeGon from Republic of Korea that was declared dead. The bookstore owner is the Prince but the younger version since he was from the other side. Every time your not from this side, corea or korea… you age slowly?

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