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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Live Recap - Part 1

Now we know that Shin-jaae is one of the people that was sent to Korea from Corea! Ooh, I did not see that coming from the opening episodes. I love it! I gotta tell you, the changing lives aspect is the main thing I love about this show. That part is so amazing. I also really like that Lee Rim is coming back into the scene more and more. I don’t know what itis about him that I like, I don’t want him to win, I just like how eee~vi~l he is.

Who here thinks that little Gon from Korea was not killed and is still alive trapped in a jail somewhere waiting to be used by Lee Rim? Raise your hands! 🙌

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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Gon and Tae-eul stand outside in an empty field. They are all alone. TE says that the address is right, but this person might have put a wrong address on purpose. It may take some time to find because they are hiding so much.

Gon – Because of that, two things are for sure. Song Jung-hye is with Lee Rim and going far away with you is great even if it is work.

TE – Do you get tutored to say those things?

Gon – Surprisingly it is self-study

TE – That is why everyone –

Gon – Coup?

TE – *hits him* You crazy!

GOn – DO you think this is okay?

TE – That is why the people in your palace like you, because you joke when it is difficult. I regret that I should have cancelled more and just kissed first.

Gon – You thought about a lot in a short time. 

TE – Why do you joke like that?

Gon – I am the only person who can joke like this, sorry, I didn’t know you would be this surprised

TE – I don’t know how to comfort myself, how come I have someone I love and that person’s family history is a coup?

Gon – Your Earth is still flat

TE – Yes, it is too flat to be a dumpling wrap

Gon – *holds her shoulders* I made you worry because Song Jung-hye will look like my mother, is that right?

TE – Just in case you miss her

Gon – Not at all, just like Young and Eun-seob are not the same person, she is not my mother because the face is only the symbol of the person

TE – Let me ask you one thing. How can you cross two different worlds, Lee Gon and Lee Rim

Gon – I answered all your question except that question.

TE – Okay, then is this the first time you are dating someone

Gon -Also except that question. Let’s go, it is getting cold.

TE – There is a saying, what men say is worth gold, but you don’t have that?

Gon – Oh, you have that in this world?

TE – *runs to catch up* Who is that woman you made steak over rice for?

Gon – You said you would ask only one question

TE – I did not say only one question

Gon – It was naval school 88 class, you are the only woman

TE – Good response

Gon – *takes her hand* You are not good enough?

TE – *walks backwards holding his hand* It was cool when you were in a uniform

Gon – Why are you holding my hand?

TE – Did you make that food wearing your uniform?

Gon – *chuckles*


Eun-seob meets with Gon at this Korean bread place (PPL). Gon tells him that this is important, I eat this bread every day, the taste is the same as my palace bread maker. Eun-seob asks why he has to know this?

They sit to eat. Eu-seob asks why he called him there? They add jam to their bread and eat it. Gon tells him eating this bread is also good without jam. What I tell you know, you have to remember it carefully. From today, you have to be the real best swordsman int he world. 

Eun-seon says he is crazy too early in the morning. Gon tells him that this coat he is wearing looks like Young’s coat. It is 100 percent cashmere. Eun-seob smiles and says he will be the best swordsman in the world. I didn’t want to brag, but I do take on a lot of people at the city office. What would you like me to do, your highness.


The Prime Minister is at her daughters house filling up her fridge. Her house is fabulous. The mother mutters something about how she didn’t wear those clothes since she had a chaebol son-in-law.

Then they start to sit and happily eat as mother and daughter. Seo-ryung asks if her mother didn’t send her that newspaper. Her mother says no and to eat her side dishes with rice. Seo-ryung thinks it might have been a mistake with the secretary.

She asks if there is anything else going on. The mother asks if the dead guy, Lee Rim, had a hidden son or something? Seo-ryung says no, he died after getting married after the coup. The mother says that someone came to pick up an umbrella and looked like him.

Seo-ryung tells her to be careful, if that rumor spreads than my career is over. Your daughter is prime minister, remember. She says that lightly but seriously. Her mother lightly tells her that she didn’t tell anyone, just you. She is very motherly. Seo-ryung goes to change and looks at the newspaper that has an image of her in it.



Shin-jae goes to the hotel and lets himself in. He remembers his mother in Corea tell him not to move, I will be back soon. She leaves him on the street in front of a television store. Shin-jae sees the little Emperor crying in the palace. The news says he is having a National funeral for the old Emperor.

In the present, Shin-jae asks Gon if he is really that little Emperor. Gon thinks, this guy heard me crying, a lot more people must have crossed into this world. Shin-jae grips Gon, Gon tells him, one thing is for sure, you are the reason I have to go back to my world. Maybe I am your emperor.

Gon asks, can I ask you anything you remember? A location or a person? 

Shin-jae lets go of him. Gon tells him, help me and I can help you. I will be the one that is closest to what you are looking for. Shinjae tells him, if you want to help me, then go back to your world. If I see you again then I am going to arrest you for having possession of an unlicensed weapon.

He walks off. Young holds his gun on Sin-jae until he walks off.

Gon tells Young not to worry. He knows that Lee Rim did this. Shin-jae only remembers the National funeral, so it must have been when he was young. But why did Rim move a young kid? He either needed him or his parents on this side or the other side.

Young says he will investigate all of that while traveling.


Shin-jae meets TE at her apartment. She asks why he won’t come in? It’s cold outside. Shin-jae tells her that he saw Eun-seob, but it is not Eun-seob. You knew about this? Tae-eul asks, how much did you see, hyung-nim?

Shin-jae asks how much she knows? Is that science fiction you said, him? Do you really believe what he says? 

TE – Yes, I believe everything

SJ – What do you believe about him?

TE – Everything, I will explain it all to you. I need your help -.

But he storms off and goes to his old rich house. He remembers being a little kid and crying. Rim came up to him and asked, did you lose your mother? I will find her for you. Then he wakes up in his rich house with his mother over him, crying.

In the present, Shin-jae looks at his old house and thinks about all this.

In the hotel, Gon looks at the autopsy report and thinks.

Tae-eul looks at the photos of her family and Shin-jae and thinks.


The police department ha a goodbye party for Eun-seob since he is going back to regular civilian world. They area ll eating at a beef restaurant. Rose tells Eun-seob congratulations for being discharged from the military. He calls him hyung so everyone looks at Rose? Then ES says he is two years older than Eun-seob so they are all like, ah, okay. They keep eating again.

Tae-eul looks at her phone and asks Shin-jae where he is? The boss wants to know to so Tae-eul texts him. But then the time stops. Everyone pauses.

Gon starts to remember the number pi to measure the time possibly. Then time starts again. 


Cut to Rim who is in a care setting his watch. His henchman driver tells him that the police went to the nursing home. Also, the other girl is in jail because she caused trouble. I disconnected the phone we gave her and…that restaurant owner disappeared. We are looking for him.

Rim – I hate little cracks.

Cut to Gon who is thinking about the restaurant owner and how he gave him the order to kill himself. He also thought about the need of that cell phone was just for someone to call them.

Tae-eul is also looking at her investigation board and thinks that this case is only something that she and Gon can crack.


The Prime Minister walks into her fabulous office. A white haired man called Shadow (on the character chart) is sitting there reading a newspaper and sipping a tea. He tells her about political things and playing golf with a certain person. 

She does not want to see a chaebol person. He asks, did you wonder how I got a photo of that senator? When do you have time, the chairman wants a meeting. I think he is bored, when are you ready. She tells him tonight and looks a bit serious about it.

Meanwhile, Gon remembers being a little kid sitting in the room his father died and reading what is written on the sword.

lil Gon – The sky gives the spirit and the land helps the soul, the moon shapes and the land and water shapes the river and thunder comes and….(he doesn’t know how to read the rest)

Lee Rim comes up to him in his military attire. He tells him “Using the wise, you destroy all the evil spirits”.

In the present, the phone rings. Gon answers it. It is Rim on the other line.

In the past, Lee Rim asks the prince if he understands what was written in the sword. He says yes, it is the duty of the emperor. Rim asks him, are you going to fullfil that duty?

In the present, Gon tells Rim, remove all the evil using wise men and with that wisdom, straighten up everything. Do you remember my voice? I remember yours. You should have hidden better. I know you are in the Republic of Korea now.

They both drop their hands and destroy the phones. Lee Rim throws his in the fire and Gon breaks his in half.



The prime minister goes to meet someone in prison. Someone who bought her shoes before. She says that after he bought it for her, it became a big hit. She jokes that someone told her that her ex-husband was still useful. Thank you for the picture of the senator. How did you get that picture?

He tells her, as soon as you sit? Don’t lure me. No wife wiretaps her husband for 24 hours. She tells him to just say why you gave me the picture. He says he was just expecting something in return. What about releasing me in a special release at Christmas. I did not cry.

She tells him, you don’t know? Santa does not give presents to someone who has corruption and escaped to another country. He says he is disappointed, I also give a lot of money to summer bible school. I enjoyed the picture you took with the emperor, but you were too close. Wiretapping the palace is a coup. 

She tells him not to threaten her, I still have the thing I wire tapped you for. The tunnel was the worst thing.

He chuckles and says he just worries about her. I am scared. Now you really want to be the empress? She asks, can’t I? Greed is the most innocent desire, there is nothing wrong with it. I wanted to be a tv announcer and marry a chaebol and be the prime minister and I did all that. Now I want to be the empress, that is it. Because the empress does not have an expiration date.

I came all the way here from the bottom. Her ex-husband asks how she can be ambitious her entire life. She says it is because she is truthful in everything, In my greed and my ambition. Don’t think about Christmas, just wait for Buddhas birthday. 

He says he wants to go to Church, not the temple. She tells him, before that, you should keep the promise that your companies law office suggested, and one more thing. She slides the mail over to him and says this is mail from my mother but my mother never sent it. 

He asks, is someone threatening you? She tells him it might be a negotiation. Can you search the people who were part of the coup? He asks, you want to be the Empress that catches the rebels? You want me to do that?

She tells him that he only had one year left in her term. if she searches for a rebel then she is done. You should do it. If you want to go to Buddhas temple. She starts to walk away. He grumbles, how can you ask a favor like this? I am definitely going to the temple right?


Gon talks to an app and says it is pretty smart, I order a few times and it knows what I like (PPL). Then her food shows up so she calls someone to ask where they are at. Gon puts his jacket around her and says he is here.

He sits next to her, she says this isa  good dating spot, did you come her a lot from the other world? With whom? He says with the minister and other palace people, let’s eat. She tells him that a Korean couple dates next to the water and when they break up, they cry here. she chuckles. He tells her that it is romantic. the sky and water and jealously are all perfect. He takes a bite of the chicken.

She tells him to eat and have a good trip. You said that you have a meeting every Friday about the country. Today is Thursday. He asks, you remembered? She asks, do you know you are super great? She smiles embarrassed, then talks about he case. She gives him the photo fo the dead person.

Gon remembers him from the stables at the palace. he says he will leave Young here and take Eun-seob with him. He has to go and wait for Lee Rim for when he comes. I have to catch him in my world. That is why I will leave Young here. The worst case scenario is that he is the only one that can kill him here.

Tae-eul asks, this is life or death? He holds her hand and tells her, sorry to affect your family. She gives him a hug and says she will pretend that she is okay, but I am not okay. Are you coming back soon?

He says he will be back quickly as if I go from Hannam to Itaewon, like that.

Cut to Young approaching a cowering Eun-seob with clippers. Eun-seob is very against a haircut and says that they can wait. Young sighs and asks, should I just cut your head off and thats it. 

Eun-seob reluctantly holds the clippers. He looks in the mirror and mutters, you only live for tomorrow, the guy who lives for tomorrow gets killed by the guy who lives for today (Ajusshi movie quote). Then he starts to cut his hair like he is Won Bin in Ajusshi. But, of course, not as cool.


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  1. Anonymous
    May 15, 2020 / 4:44 pm

    Lee gon of Korea being alive is one theory that I entertain too👍 If Lee rim raised Lee Gon of Korea, it will be very beneficial to him.

    Luna and Tae-eul as ONE is another theory that i’m rooting for since episode 8.
    After watching episode 9, showing the time skip (2019 to 2022) from videos that Leegon was watching, this made me think that Tae eul time travelled to Corea from 2020 -2021 as Luna. However, Luna has a dark past, no family and lost everything🤔 Seems far-fetched, but I like the idea😁

    • V
      May 16, 2020 / 11:58 am

      Yes, we are in this together.

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