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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap for The King: Eternal Monarch!

Part 1 | Part 2


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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Jo Young walks around the streets of Seoul and then someone yells Eun-seob! He pauses and thinks he is in rouble because it isa  female voice.

He starts to walk away. But a woman in an Aston Martin honks and yells, where are you going! I see you! You should be at the police station!

Young peeks at her and sees that she has the same face as Seung-ah. He thinks he is in big trouble. Nari keeps yelling at him and asks him why he is wearing a suit, did you have a blind date? Did you go to a funeral? You did your hair?

He thinks that he should not attract more attention. So he calls her over with his finger. She thinks he must be out of his mind and goes over to him.

Nari – If this is not important then I will kill you!

JY – (she is strong, I have only one way to solve this)

He leans in to her ear.

JY – I have a question, I wonder do I like you are do you like me?

She hits him and says that is why he does not have a girlfriend, don’t do this. What happened to your face? She wipes off the marker. He says it is big trouble if you erase this. But she tells him whatever and says she made japchae for him, just take it.

He touches his face where his mole was.

Meanwhile, Eun-seob is walking down the street thinking about how great Young was at fighting. Young pulls him to the side quickly and asks him why he is wandering around and who this woman is. She is kind of pretty, she has pretty eyes.

Eun-seon says it is Nari! Nari! Myung Nari! Did you see her? What did you tell her? Young tells him that she wants to have a big thing with you and for you to pick up japchae. ES sys to explain this in detail. What did you tell her, why is she making japcahe.

JY asks if he likes her? ES says yes of course! I can’t go there now, just tell her that you are not going now. I need time to settle down. JY asks if he needs 10 minutes. ES says he needs 100 years.


Rose is in the stake out car and shows Tae-eul a pocket kimchi (PPL) so they start to talk about how super good it is. But then they get back on track and start to talk about Shin-jae and why he changed the schedule with Rose?

He says he did not ask him because he would have told him if he wanted to. Tae-eul starts to put on makeup and says that is why she did not ask him also. Rose looks at her putting on makeup. She asks if he is attracted to her wisdom. He asks about the stick thing she is putting on her lips and face (PPL). She tells him this is multi balm. She shares it with him.

Rose happily starts to use it and they start to talk about the victim again. It was his first time at a murder scene like that. She tells him that police have a high rate for suicide. You will see this a lot, but it is just work so do your best to investigate and then get out of the case as soon as possible. Otherwise you will not be able to keep working in this line of work.

She asks what he thinks they need to do to finish the case. he says they need to catch the criminal. Then they see the perp going into the building so they start to run after him. 

It is a chase scene. But Rose is able to stop him easily. However it looks like he stopped breathing? Tae-eul runs up huffing and puffing and says that they only have one handcuff. she texts the team members in a group chat. the boss says he just came home, he will be there soon. Tae-eul tells Shin-jae to not pretend like he did not read it.


Shin-jae is out eating with his mother. He asks her if it is really that fun? She says sorry, I will never do it again. I feel like everything will go well. I don’t think about anything else. I can’t even do much because I don’t have money. You were sick for so long, after you woke up, I felt like I owned the world. I thought I would be happy, but after your appa became like that, I just could not put myself together.

Shin-jae asks how aboji is? She says he is the same. He told me that you send him money in jail. Shin-jae asks if his mother was happy? She says yes, of course, we were living in hell when we thought you were dying. We did not think you would survive. When I think about it, my heart pumps so much.

he says he thought about it, when he woke up, you hugged me. You had a good smell. I first realized that people can have a good smell.

Flashback to Shin-jae as s kid looking at his family photos.

SJ – umma, I was so happy that I was your son.

As a kid, he looks at the mirror and ties to smile like he is in the photo.

SJ – I know that I am not the best son for you. I call the police. I am really sorry about it. So umma, don’t be even more broken.

Umma – it is all my fault, even though it is so difficult, I should not gamble. I am really sorry, adeul. I do not deserve to tell you this because I am not a good umma, but Shin-jae, you are a miracle boy to me.

They both blink away tears and starts to eat. 


A woman looks through the bookstore. It appears that she might have the same face as Shin-jae’s umma. she opens a book and sees a letter of Shin-jae as an adult. She starts to cry.



The boyfriend is being interrogated in the police room. He says that he did not kill her. He touched her because he as so surprised, that is why he has blood all over him. I was about to call the police after taking a shower.

Rose says he did not though. The boyfriend says that you have never faced that situation, I was not myself. the other officer says that this boyfriend borrowed $5k from the victim, did you kill her not to pay it back?

The boyfriend says this is driving him crazy. I called her because of the text, but she did not pick up. She does not even have any money to lend me. She can’t even pay her own bills!

Shin-jae watches from another room and thinks that they need to put the roommate as the prime suspect. The Captain says that they do not have any evidence or anything.

Shin-jae says that he saw the script that the roommate was reading, it had the same type of murder in it. The title is Desire of Magma. the Captain ays that is already interesting. Shin-jae sighs. Tae-eul is also in the room, someone calls her.

It is the roommate so she answers it and the other cops look on quietly. then Tae-eul hangs up and says that the roommate is turning herself in.


Finally, Gon gets a chance to try out this restaurant that he wanted to go to. Young checks out the place and tells him that it is fine.

he goes inside and the owner says, “Your High…” but he catches himself. However, Gon says that they might not be able to try this food ever. They leave. Young asks what happened. Gon explains that the owner recognized them.

Young asks, how can that happen? Gon tells him it means that this man does not belong to this world. If he runs away, that means that he recognizes us. If that is true, then that means that you need to catch him, do not worry about me. Young says yes, your highness.

Gon pulls out his phone Tae-eul gave him and thinks about the 5 people that will help him in any situation. 


The elder Prince takes out a ring from his drawer and looks at photos of him and the Royal family on his desk.

In the Prime Ministers restaurant, she looks like she is thinking of something and pulls out a school history text that she has. She flips through it and sees Lee Rim’s face. She is shocked and thinks back to him saying he left his umbrella a long time ago. I left it here just in case you have it.


Shin-jae and Tae-eul interrogate the roommate. They ask why she killed her roommate. The roommate says that she hated her. They ask why she text the boyfriend then? She says it is because she also hated him.

Shin-jae says that she confessed everything so they will arrest her for the murder. He puts handcuffs on her. Tae-eul looks at her suspiciously.

Tae-eul and the boyfriend go outside, he thinks about this case ad wonders how she can kill her friend. He mentions that he knew it, he did not feel good about her. Tae-eul tells him that she is sorry that he lost a love one. It should not happen again, if it does, call the police first.

She is about to go inside. The boyfriend says that he did not love her, he was just playing. He said she was an actress hopeful, she used two phones. I think she sells herself. Tae-eul asks, what did you just say?

She remembers a woman saying that someone used two cell phones.

Tae-eul asks this boyfriend if one of them was a 2G phone? The boyfriend says that he doesn’t know, he just heard about it from his girlfriend. Why didnt’ she just die later, I was about to break up with her.

Tae-eul punches him. He asks if she is crazy? The police hit a civilian in front of the police station? Tae-eul tells him that he needs to keep his dignity towards the dead. If he does not want to be hit more than go away. I need to leave this case anyway.

Tae-eul starts to dig the crime scene and finds a charger so she talks to herself and says that if she has a charger then that means that the phone should be around here.

Back at the station, the CSI lady gives Shin-jae some information on child Gon from Korea world. She asks why Tae-eul is investigating this kid. Shin-jae also wonders what is going on.


Young stops the restaurant owner and asks him how he knows about him and the emperor? The man starts to try and get away but Young stops him quickly and knocks him out. Then he takes him to be in front of Gon. He also has a flip phone.

Gon – Who are you? Why are Kingdom of Corea citizens in this world?

Man – You are here Emperor.

Gon – It seems as if you do not want to protect your own life so you are working for Lee Rim. Where is the rebel Lee Rim?

Man – Laughs, you look like your father. I wonder if your end will be just like his?

He gets punched by Joon-young.

Gon – You are one of those that lives off of my fathers blood. *flashback to that scene at the palace where his father was ambushed* 

Gon – And you live in this world by stepping on my fathers blood.

Man – That is the balance of the world, it isa  right and just thing. You were born with everything so do not complain just because you do not have your father.

young is about to punch him again. But Gon stops him. 

Gon – That balance can only be adjusted by God. What you all are doing is murder. *tells Young* We are taking him to the Kingdom of Korea.

The man yells to just kill him. KILL ME!

There is no phone number on the phone, so the use of the phone is just to wait for someone to call him. At least we know that you will relieve a call. You can just kill yourself, I give you the order.



The roommate is in jail now. A jail guard tells her that she has a meeting request. The roommate asks what is going on? The lights all turn off. The guard tells her to ignore it.

She goes out and is put in a storage room for the meeting. It is a large room. she walks forward and sees the right hand henchman. She walks toward him.

Man – You shouldn’t have turned yourself in.

her – You came to visit me after I did that. i had no other way. Ajusshi you do not contact me and I have nowhere to hide. What can I do?

Man – Your cell phone, I cancelled it, where is it?

Her – Of course I hid it safely, that is my life line. When are you going to take me out?

Man – Where did you hide it?

Her – that is a secret, when do I go t the other world?

Man – Hey, if you wanted to go to the other world, you should not have killed anyone.

Her – I had no other choice because my roommate heard what was on the phone. So before I give my cell phone to the police. Just take me out. Can’t you?

Man – Just in case, have you heard that jail lost power.

Her – What are you talking about? This is not just a power outage?

Man – *walks close to her* We turn it on and off on a necessary basis. Think about where you hid your phone carefully. tell me when you remember it.

He walks out and she falls to the ground in fear.


Gon tells Nari that he will rent her building. he would also like some of her coffee (PPL). He asks for one of them. She says that she wants to give him two cups. Then she notices Tae-eul walking up. 

Tae-eul smiles and they sit in the cafe to talk.

Gon – I heard that you were undercover and caught the criminal nicely.

TE – Did you make Jo Young follow me again?

Gon – Yes, just a little bit. Young is busy now so I can’t have him follow you. So be with you hyung-nim.

TE – Do you think I am doing this because you had Jo Yong follow me?

Gon – it is not?

TE – If you have someone follow me then you should come in person.

Gon – that is good, but I am not good at hiding because I am so noticeable. it is bright wherever I am

TE – *to Nari* Nari are you not done yet? Bring me something cold to drink (PPL)

Nari – Here it is, don’t steal it and enjoy the sweet flavor. This table is already super sweet though. Eunnie pick up your japchae, why isn’t Eun-seob coming to pick it up *walks away*

Gon – *leans in* I noticed and important thing, I think she likes Eun-seob.

TE – That is not it, Eun-seob likes her.

Gon – It shouldn’t be.

TE – You are not that good? Can I co-investigate this with you? *she pulls out the autopsy report* His name is Lee Sun-jae, he died at the hospital. The nursing home is the last place we have a record of him. The cause of death is natural.

Gon -What about polio?

TE – They had it

Gon – Family?

Gon – Am I there?

TE – Not anymore. You died at age 8.

Gon – He kills himself first and then killed me. Is there any other family? Brother or wife? 

TE – The brother died, the brothers wife is still alive.

TE – Are you okay?

Gon – If it is the same family composition, then she should look like my umma.

TE – Her name is Song Jung-hye. Do you have time tomorrow? We can go to her address together. We can co-investigate.

Gon – I will honor your order.

They both keep drinking the tea. She tells him that it is real, you are brighter now. They both chuckle.


Shin-jae looks at a little Gon’s memorial. Then he remembers when he was in Corea and was watching TV about the Kings murder and funeral. It is the same face.

Son Jung-hye comes and lays flower there. Shin-jae walks away. She looks at him.

She follows him around with a driver. She also looks fabulous by the way. But the door is locked so she can’t get out for a smoke. 

JH – That man came to see my son. Finally, we have the trace. Maybe he is my son’s friend? He is my sons age. 

the driver looks at her.

JH – Report it, I don’t care, I won’t die. I can’t. You all with revive me.

She throws her bracelet away and looks at her wrist laugh crying. It looks like she tried to kill herself so many times.



Eun-seob shows up to the police station and talks to himself as he looks at his text. Shin-jae comes walking in behind him. he tells Shin-jae that he is going home on time and will go home tomorrow forever! Shin-jae congratulates him and asks to see his phone.

Shin-jae asks if he should take it from him or will you give it to me? He takes it and unlocks it with Eun-seob’s face. The photo of Young and Gon in military clothing show up. Shin-jae asks him to tell him where Gon is.

ES says he is at a hotel. He is checked in under my name. Shin-jae asks, if Ii o there with you, that means I can get a key.


The Prime Minister wears her fancy laser mask again (PPL) and massages her own leg. A secretary comes in and gives her more to read. Sae-ryung mutters that whenever she is relaxing her secretary always wants to come in. This secretary is a woman secretary.

The secretary says that she is getting a lot of invitations since it is he end of the year. Seo-ryung thanks her and excuses her to go home. Seo-kyung opens the newspaper, it is the same newspaper about Trump going to North Korea.

She calls her mom about it and checks the mail to see the similarities. Her mom answers. Seo-ryung asks if she sent her a newspaper? Her mo says no, who reads the newspaper anymore anyway?

Seo-ryung hangs up and wonders what this continuing pattern is. She flips through the newspaper that shows all the news going on in Korea. So BTS and Kpop and baseball are all there. She also sees her face there at a baseball game. She gasps.


Shin-jae goes to the hotel and looks around the room in darkness. He checks the cell phone that is on the bed and flips through a jacket. He finds the autopsy report and opens it. He also sees the symbol of Corea on it. He remembers this logo.

But he also remembers Gon telling him that this logo does not belong in this world. 

Young comes in right then and they start fighting around the hotel. A button is accidentally pressed, the window cover opens and Shin-jae sees that this is Young/Eun-seob. So he is shocked, Eun-seob? You were just in the lobby with me. Who are you? You are not Eun-seob.

Then the door opens, Gon walks in. Young tells him that Shin-jae was searching his bedroom. He hands over what Shin-jae has. Shin-jae asks what that symbol is? Young pulls out a gun SJ is stunned that he has a gun. He asks who these people are.

Gon asks if he will believe him? I already told you. Shin-jae asks where his empire is. Gon says it is not here, it is in a different world. Shin-jae asks him to says who he is. Are you Lee Gon?

Gon asks, did Tae-eul tell you those things? Shin-jae asks, does Tae-eul know that? Shin-jae is about to pass out he is so stunned. He remembers a bit more about his childhood.

SJ – So that crying boy is really you? Are you really Lee Gon?

Gon – (He heard me crying. More people crossed into this world).

SJ – tell me *he grabs Gon*

JY – take your hands off of him if you do not want to die.

Gon – One thing for sure is, you are the reason I have to go back to my world. Maybe I am your King.

Fade Out


One thing is for sure, I absolutely love this doppelgänger switcheroo business that Lee Rim has created. That is the makings of a great show. The love story is not for me, but it does’t actually take away from the drama for me either.

A surprising thing for me is that they actually made Luna a more likable character to me than Tae-eul is. Even though Luna is super crazy and rude, she is actually nice and considerate to kids. I wish they did something like that for Tae-eul in the opening two episodes so I could root for her more.

So to recap, I am all for this doppelgänger story. Gimme more.


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  1. Jane M
    May 9, 2020 / 3:03 pm

    I agree. I love how the doppelgangers and their stories are being presented. I actually laughed out loud at the scene where Lee Gon told Young to fight the gangsters, only to discover it was actually Eun Seob! The romance doesn’t interest me, either, but maybe that will be more fleshed out before the end. I love the little boy with the yo-yo with the red string (fate) who also caused the ID badge to fall into the storm drain. My hope is that the writer will be able to continue this complicated story without dropping any of its themes. Oh – how does a barista earn enough money to drive an Aston Martin? Wasn’t there also an exotic yellow sports car in the yard with Maximus that was hers?

    • V
      May 9, 2020 / 3:06 pm

      That scene with the doppelgangers and the gangsters was so funny, I did not see that coming, lol!

      Nari the barista actually owns the entire apartment complex! She rents it out to everyone there. I don’t think they explained that in the show perhaps. It is in the character descriptions on the website!

    • Jackie
      May 9, 2020 / 6:27 pm

      It’s possible that Nari is similar to her other world counterpart in that she works a regular job but comes from a wealthy family. The fancy cars and building are hers and she lent money to lee gon like it was nothing because she could tell he was wealthy, most likely being wealthy herself.

  2. SPDud
    May 9, 2020 / 11:17 pm

    If there’s no new episode preview it must be super spoilery.

    Honestly this show has stopped being a romance and now it’s a multi-dimensional mystery (and perhaps multiple time periods coming soon…). Actually works a bit better now.

  3. WPB
    May 10, 2020 / 3:46 pm

    8 episodes in and I am enjoying this drama. The parallel Universe storyline is very intriguing and appears to be more complicated. I am excited to see how each of the hidden stories reveals and connects. How many doppelgangers are we going to see? It must be super exciting for the support casts as well.
    I can’t remember how the main characters fell for each other. Somehow I still feel the development of their relationship should have built more gradually to be more convincing.

  4. Trudy
    May 11, 2020 / 5:12 am

    What brand is the multi balm Go Eun endorses in this episode? I want to buy one 😊

  5. Anonymous
    May 11, 2020 / 7:44 am

    Wow! What a twist! (I think) Shin Jae knew he was from Corea, he cried (feeling guilty?) when the Mom said “You’re a miracle to me” So did he consciously cross over to ‘replace’ the ill Shin Jae in Korea? Then because it’s been many many years, he kinda forgot about it? If Lee Rim swapped him over, why did he leave him alone for 25 years… then (nicely done) coincidentally he’s close to Tae-Eul?

    Love Eun Seob and Yeong scenes as always!! So funny 😂 😂

    Why did Tae-Eul suddenly (and looks so casual!!) say “I love you”?? And Gon said Me, too. Nooooo!! It ruined it 🙁 🙁 The scene was not sweet, “tried to be funny” but too rushed, and there was no point to it.

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