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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 1

The intrigue is heating up with the actual plot of this show. That is what has be wanting to know more. I personally am not feeling the love story at all, hopefully other people are, but it is still a pass for me.

The idea of this drama itself is to cool though, so I am still watching and enjoying it enough to find out what is going to happen.

Part 1 | Part 2


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-eul pulls out her ID and looks at it outside a building. She remembers Gon telling her that someone like her lives there. 

VO – Same face, same ID, parallel world, that day when I had questions about that, I should have known.

Lee Rim looks at the ID and Tae-eul’s picture in the bookstore and in his photo booth. In the bookstore, the right hand man says that that does not belong there. Lee Rim tells him it is unexpectedly involved, I did not plan it. The right hand man says that she is famous in the underground community. Her name is Luna. If you pay her, she can catch people for you and steal things. She does everything.

Rim – you should find that famous girl and bring her in front of me.

Man – Yes.

Rim – Then I can catch up

VO – To different worlds are mixing together. Even before we are in front of it, we try to hold each others hands like fate.

A little boy plays with a yoyo.


The Prime Minister says hello to Luna thinking that this is Tae-eul. Luna uses banmal to her. The Prime Minister asks her why she is using banmal, she would like to cut her ties.

Luna tells her to campaign somewhere else, I did not vote for you.

SR – You said you were my fan but now you ignore me? 

Luna – Whatever, I have never seen you

SR – What this somebody, it is you, the building the traveler. Is it like a fairytale. Is this your palace.

Luna – *steps close to her* Hey Gongwon eunnie, only two people talk to me, someone who wants to take something from me or someone Ii took from. They don’t end up well, either way. Go away.

SR – You really don’t know me?

Luna grabs her wrist. 

Luna – If you touch me again, I will hit you without notice

SR – Does he know that you are this criminal?

Luna – If you do not have any context in your question, then I will hit you

SR – You really don’t know me or him. You are not that chick I saw in front of the hotel. Are you a twin?

Luna – Am I? You know when I got out of jail, that means you know more about me. If you find my twin then tell me, I am also wondering about that.

She walks away. SR looks at her wrist. Cut to Luna wearing a fancy bracelet in an ice-cream shop. She s eating ice-cream. A little boy is looking at her. Luna tells this little boy to tell his mom to leave quickly because this noona will kill that guy over there. 

The little boy asks why. Luna says it is because that ajusshi betrayed me. But he is eating ice-cream now.

The mother comes and takes the boy away. Luna grabs a chair and hits the man in the head with it. He falls, his head is all bloody. She hits him with the chair again.

Cut to the two of them in the back alley. He i all bloody and laying in trash, but still alive.

Luna – Do you know the good thing about me not having a house or ID? I have no weakness. You have a pretty wife and ugly son like you. 

Man – Don’t touch my kid. I will give you all the money you want.

Luna – I don’t know why someone like you got married and made weaknesses.

Man – Okay I will give you all the money. Back then, I was crazy. My son…

Luna – Prepare the money , the one with the emperors face on it. If you do something wrong then your son will be grinded.


Tae-eul goes to a hospital and meets with a woman. She is looking for a patient from 1995, Lee Sung-jae. The woman says that is a hand written record so they should not have the record here. Thirty years has passed already, they only keep records for ten years. 

Tae-eul asks if she knows any doctor or anyone else who worked here then? The woman says she has worked here for 19 years. Everyone else retired. Our director might know something. Tae-eul asks to see the director, that patient should be remembered because he had polio.

The woman says he doesn’t see patients anymore, if it is about a case then you should have a warrant. What is going on?

Tae-eul tells her it is related to another case. Thank you for your cooperation. The woman walks away. Tae-eul watches her and mutters, how that woman works well or has a lot of experience or something like that. (that woman looked suspicious though).



Cut to the pregnant woman walking. The news talks about the emperor and the Prime Minister and if they are dating. The pregnant woman starts to apply makeup. It looks like this is the poor pregnant woman, she is making herself look like the rich pregnant woman. She puts on all her nice clothing and thinks that this is like a movie. Let’s go somewhere with umma, you have an eunnie now, a prime minister eunnie.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister thinks about how different Tae-eul was. She is driving herself away. Her mother calls and tells her that she had a dream so be careful driving and be careful about losing things. Eunnie sighs about her mothers dream and asks her what is up with the newspaper. Her mother says she did not send her anything and then has to excuse herself for a customer.

That customer is Rim. Rim says that he accidentally left his umbrella there. Do you still have it? She says she kept it and that he looks familiar to her. Wait here a moment.

Elsewhere, the boy that was playing with the yo=yo is sitting outside reading a book about King Arthur. Luna walks up to him so he takes a key from around his neck and gives it to her. he tells her that she came back early.

She takes off her rabbit jacker and throws it behind the boys back. She says that she was running away and picked it up somewhere, its getting cold so it you don’t want to die then wear it. He asks why she lives in a van? Don’t you have money? She says she has a lot of money but she has a lot of enemies. It is something you don’t need to know about.


Shin-jae drinks a coffee with the CSI lady that is he captains wife. He also brought her a lot of boxes. She mentions that she heard he liked sweets so she actually gave him a hot chocolate instead of a coffee. She mentions that his captain always mentions to her that he like sweets and the the new guy likes macaroons and Tae-eul likes meat and Shim (the other officer) likes makguli. Shin thinks it is crazy that Rose like macaroon.

The CSI woman tells him that he should be appreciative that he has a good connection in the CSI. She gives him the report and tells him all the details about the results. She says that from the CCTV, the boyfriend was more suspicious, but now the roommate is more suspicious.

She mentions that she suspects her husband, whoever calls my husband is the alibi, what should I do. Shin-jae says his alibi is me. (about drinking out I think). He leaves and she thinks, nice catch.

He goes to meet Tae-eul somewhere. He jokes that she is out a lot, do you take under the table money? Ah, they are both in the apartment crime scene. They start talking about the crime scene and the roommate. 

Shin-jae thinks, if we arrest her now then that would only be 48 hours. What we need to do is arrest the boyfriend first to remove him from our suspicions. He walks out and says he switched with Rose today. Tae-eul asks, why???

Shin-jae goes to the jail. He is actually there for his mother because he is her guardian. So the officer tells him to sign for it and mentioned that his mother said he was an officer. So Shin-jae shows his badge. The officer thinks that is crazy, your mom comes in often. We always let her go, but she should not come in again. We won’t be able to release her next time.


Gon walks around with Young who is wearing a face mask out and about to hide his identity. Gon goes to a food place and says this is the place. But then all the gangsters come out that Gon and Tae-ul fought with. the gangsters are happy to try and fight Gon again.

Gon is relaxed as usual and tells Young not to kill them, they are civilians. But then Eun-seob ays that he did not expect this. Gon checks his identity and asks, when did you switch? Eun-seob tells him that they just switched so Young could eat.

Gon sighs and tells him to run away, Young will be here soon. So Eun-seob runs away. Gon starts to casually fight away the men with his Emperors stick. Then the real Young comes running up in street clothing and starts to fight them all.

The Captain comes out from another diner and sees Eun-seob so he flashes a badge and all the goons run away. But they are able to catch the head goon. The captain and the other officer are pretty surprised that Eun-seob can fight this well.

So Young has to pretend like he is Eun-seob and asys that he just gave these guys a lesson. Gon is pretty surprised that Young can pull off this accent. The thug says this is strange, I saw him running away! The Captain asks who this guy is? he is looking at Gon.

Gon starts to talk to him. Young tell shim to shut up, adults are talking. Gon looks at him crazy. Young tells them that he is his friend from Busan, he doesn’t know anything because it is his first time in Seoul.

So they let them walk off. The thug keeps muttering that this guy is different from the other guy. 


Elsewhere, Gon gives Young a talking to about being called dumb. But he does not know if he is Eun-seob or Young. Young apologizes and says he is good at spontaneous responses. So Gon tells him he can execute him based on their law, but he will be merciful and have wisdom in this situation. i will give you a break. He grabs a marker and tells him to come here.

Then he puts a mole on his cheek and tells him that he will be executed if this mole disappears. Young thanks him for his mercy, though it is a bit sarcastic. Gon tells him, of course and happily walks off.

He gets a call while walking off from Tae-eul and jokes that he is walking from his room to the living room. He fills her in about getting a hotel so he has a bigger place to relax. She tells him that he should have called her to tell her he is moving places. Not that he is walking around the apartment.

He is startled about something but it ends up being a PPL commercial about coffee that he is holding in his hands. He says this coffee is different and starts talking in detail about it. She tells him that she will kill him, just come downstairs.

So Gon is super happy to prove his hypothesis to make her angry and then see her. He turns around and Young is right there with his mole. He tells Young not to follow him, he just needs 20 minutes.

He walks out from the building and walks to Tae-eul who is standing outside. it is a slow motion scene. She asks, when you first came to this world, if I did not help you, would you still like me?

He says that he would understand her and still like her. She asks, what if I was a super B to you? He says he would still understand because she would have a lot of reasons.

VO – After a lot of time passed, I realized that there is no coincidence with fate. Fate is their own choice. But some fate chooses us.

Gon asks, why are you asking me that?

TE – People usually ask when we meet first. We just cancelled that step. I am going undercover so I just came to see you, that’s good. Did anything happen?

Gon – Nothing happened, it is a peaceful and quiet day. You went through all that traffic and came to see me. 

TE – I am sensitive because I did not eat today, so I will add one more thing. You should not say anything corny before I eat. If nothing happens, then okay.

She turns to leave.

VO – In this moment, the thing that happened is happening, and I had this hunch but I decided to love the fate that chose me.

She turns back around.

TE – I love you.

TE – Is young still inside?

Gon – Wait. I didn’t get what you said.

Gon – Yong went out, didn’t you see? No, that is not important. So, you told me…

TE- He should not come out, so take him back in.

She turns to get into her car.

Gon – Tae-eul, me too.

She looks at him a second and then gets in her car and leaves. But she rolls down her window and tells him, you heard everything. Then she rolls up her window and drives off happily. He yells that he has experience so he won’t get caught.


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