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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap for The King: Eternal Monarch!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Gon walks through a door into a room that looks like a play gym or something. She asks how he has the key to this place. When she walks around the corner she sees Yong and jump. She thinks it is Eun-seob and asks what is up with his clothes and look and everything. 

But then she realizes that he is not Eun-seob. Ah, this room they are in is her taekwondo studio upstairs area.

Yong looks at all the pictures of the relatives and remembers that thug telling him that Luna does not have family. Tae-eul asks why Gon brought Yong here???

Gon says he could not help it. So Tae-eul tells Yong that she understands what he is thinking, welcome to the republic of Korea.


Nam tells one of the guards that Captain Jo went on vacation and the Emperor is in the study again. They will both be back soon so don’t worry. Ii want you to do something for me. Get the list of all the people who worked in the palace on the night of November 11th as well as whoever came in and out. Everyone.

She asks if it is the one fired? Gon says she is not the thief, it is a different person.


Young starts to look for a cell phone signal in the room. Gon and Tae-eul watch him. Gon is pretty happy and says that he hasn’t’ seen Young like this before. He is cute when he is embarrassed.

Tae-eul asks, what if Eun-seob comes in? Gon says that is why they are here. Yong is not someone that can be easily found either.

But then Eun-seob comes in happily and jumps when he sees Young. He drops what he is holding and points at Yong. Young is about to shoot him. So Gon ha to tell them to say hi to each other.

But they are both super frozen in shock. Gon explains who each other is to each other. But Eun-seob passes out. Tae-eul runs to him and starts to throw Gon’s words back at him about Young not being a person who is found out.

She hits Eun-seob awake. he says that he saw someone that just looked like me! Then he sees Young again and wonders what is going on. Who are you? Young asks him who he is. Tae-eul starts to explain parallel universes and everything and not to be surprised. 

Eun-seob says he didn’t know that he was this handsome. Young asks, how can you not know? People should have told you. Eun-seob tells Tae-eul that she should have told him. But then he says it is not important. So everything he said is true? The Kingdom of Korea exists and he is the emperor? So you are is bodyguard?

Young says it is different that that. Eun-seob asks if he is in the military? We apply for military here, wait, do you not have to go to the military? he passes out again. Tae-eul tells Yong that they should go to his place, it is safer over there.

Eun-seob wakes up and sits in his living room with Gon while Young checks the security. Gon tells Eun-seob that is normal. they talk back and forth about their differences. 

Eun-seob tells Eun-seob that he had a 63 dream. if I am reborn then I want to be your citizen. Gon says he does not grant it. So they say that they should eat half-and-half barbecue chicken. Eun-seob says something impolite like, “are you crazy” which makes Young pull a gun on him. 

Eun-seob hides behind Tae-eul who just came in. Tae-eul tells him to put his gun down! That is illegal here! She sits them both down and tells them that they have a rule. Young has to stay here with Eun-seob and you should not be out together. Eun-seob is Eun-seob during the day and then Young can come out at night.

They both don’t like that. young says that if the same face is the problem then they can get rid of one of them. They all look at Eun-seob. Eun-seob stands up and says that he does not want to make trouble! Don’t regret things! Te-eul calms him down and tells him not to go out at all.

She tells Mr. Lee to follow her. Young is amazed that she talks to Gon like this. Gon says it is actually a lot better than how she used to talk to him. He takes her by the hand and walks out with her, leaving Young and Eun-seob alone.

They chat about their parents and being from Busan. Young asks him who his little siblings are, your kids? Eun-seob says they are his younger siblings. They talk about how Young’s parents are divorced in his world. Eun-seob apologizes and asks if he wants him to hug him.

But Young reaches for his gun. ES tells him he shouldn’t do that, you probably don’t have a girlfriend. ES says he has a boyfriend, then he asks if he believes that? You are actually dumber than you look. Let’s eat. Young tells him that no one eats in enemies territory.

Eun-seob is amazed that Young speaks in sageuk language. Young tells him that he speaks in saturi. They keep talking about how they each speak and how they each look and what their dream is. Eun-seob ays his biggest dream is to become a civilian. He only has two more days until he is discharged. (this scene is pretty long)

Young asks if he becomes jobless then? You don’t even protect the country when two days passes? Eun-seob tells him that he might have more muscle but we can street fight. He takes the food and runs to eat it. he tells him not to shoot him from behind. Young cannot believe that a dumb person like Eun-seob can protect the country in this world.



Gon and Tae-eul go to eat at a chicken place. He makes the cocktail for them. She waves around a cell phone and tells him that, unlike someone, I do not own a mountain full of rare earth material. She gives him a cell phone and says that it a months payment. I save all the numbers you need on it.

She tells him that her hyung-nim is in there because he is the most trustworthy person he can call.

He calls her. She picks up. He tells her it is you. She tells him to hang up.

Gon – Don’t hang up, I wanted to do this

TE – What do you want to do?

Gon – I want to call you on the phone and pick up and talk and ask what you did today and tell you that I miss you.

She hangs up and says me too. he asks, really?

Their chicken comes. She digs a fork into one and tells him that she will taste it for him. He tells her that she doesn’t have to and eats it while holding her hand. He tells her that it tastes good.

She tells him to let her hand go, why don’t you hold my left hand. So he does that and they both eat. She puts on shades. He asks why she is earring shades. So she tells him that after they eat they have to go somewhere. They need to go to the day-to-day mundane things that I planned for a long time.


They go to the toy place where you shoot for a toy. The man recognizes Gon and says her bought a girl this time. How many bullets do you need? She says seven. he tells her that he knows, okay, okay.

So she gets the gun and shoots all the targets off. She gets him a huge stuffed animal. Gon asks if she has a boyfriend who went to the military? She says she can do this with her eyes closed.

She walks off with both men looking stunned.

They walk up the street together. He is holding the stuffed animal. She talks about the best way to fire a gun and what else he might want. She says they can go to Hong-dae next. He doe snot know what is going on.

Cut to a flashback of what Shin-jae said about he and Tae-euls relationships. It was like a train between Hong-dae and Gongdae. So Gon realizes that it means she is far away.

Tae-eul says she likes bath places. Gon asks why she is on his side? Tae-eul says she is not, what are we talking about? Gon asks, how can’t you know what I’m talking about? Can’t you read me? he walks away angrily. But then he walks back and tells her they should go back to mundane everyday life. He holds her hand.

She puts his arm around her shoulder and says that they don’t know when they will see each other again so this is better. They walk with his arms around her. She tells him that there is a woman who waited for Lee Gon, but I am another woman as a police officer.

He asks, what happened, did someone threaten you because of me?

She asks, will that happen? Is that why you are here?

Gon – What happened?

TO – In the North, do you have a dome called K Stadium?

Gon – How do you know that? Did you search it?

TO – Its all screwed up


Henchman-right hand man and Lee Rim get all their bribery gifts in order. The henchman is annoyed that he has to deliver all these things. Lee Rim tells him not to worry, I will not bring someone like you. 

Lee Rim is reading about Trump going to North Korea in the Kingdom of Korea. The news says that peace will come. 

Cut to Gon and Tae-eul listening to the recorded news together where she heard the stadium thing from. She asks TO if it is their world news? He says yes, it is from my world, but you found it here? Who knows about this?

She says she is the only one. I cannot tell anyone and no one will believe it. He asks what she wants to do? She tells him that she wants to figure it out because it is her case.

Gon tells her that it is more difficult than what you might think. She tells him that she did not want to bury it. But if she does bury it, then it is really buried. Because only two people know that this is not from this world, me and the real murderer. Two worlds should not mix like this right? Two worlds should flow on their own. But these two worlds are already mixing and I know it. So what can I do? I am reinvestigating it because I am a Korean police officer. So tell me everything that you know. This is an investigation only you and I can do together.

He asks who is giving the orders? She says I am. He scoffs and she smiles. Then he gives her the autopsy report for Lee Rim. 

Gon says he is a rebel. He should be 69 years old. Find whoever matches his age and finger print. He was found dead in my world. But the body was a different person’s body. 

Tae-eul thinks, if he is still alive, then he is here assuming an identity? Gon says yes, I have to know what he did for the last 24 years.

She tells him that she will find it out but yo need to do 17 things while I am figuring it out.

  1. Keep a low profile
  2. Don’t be seen by anyone
  3. Never say you are an emperor
  4. Control Jo Young
  5. Don’t use your gun
  6. Call me when you go somewhere

She says she will tell him the rest wen she thinks of it. He says he will honor her order. Now you should do two things for me. Don’t tell me not to come. Do not tell me that I should leave. I have to leave sometimes and I have to come back. So whatever it is, if you say one or the other, I cannot do anything.

Gon – I am just asking you not to get tired of this. After telling you, I am a bad guy, right?

She nods and looks a bit stunned.

Gon – I am confused as to which part you nodded?

She snaps out of her stunned expression and tells him to leave. Young will be wondering where you are. He asks, what makes you think that he does not know where I am.

She asks, did he follow you here? He tells her, do you have questions now? Goodbye.

He gets up to leave. She asks, do I really no exist in your world? Eun-seob, Young, Nari….they all have the same face. Do I really not exist? I am there right?

He does not answer.



Chin-jae and the captain are eating and drinking soju at a BBQ place. They talk about Shin-jae sleeping at the police station and how Rose picked something nice for him to smell. But he fells something and looks at a car. The person in the car is taking photos of him. But the windows are too dark to see. The car drives off.

The Captain stats to talk about the snow and how it likes it so much. When he sees it, it make shim cry. He mutters how there is not enough snow this year and then starts to talk about how hot the food it.


Shin-jae sleeps alone at the police station and dreams about when he was in bed with a respirator on. His mother was worried about him and tells her husband that Chin-jae has woken up.


The CSI person comes to Tae-eul with the finger prints. She tells Tae-eul that this man died 24 years ago. Tae-eul is shocked to hear it and looks at the report. Everything matches.

Tae-eul asks if he is 1st degree disabled? Polio? His brother died? His cousin died? She flips the pages and sees Gon as a little kid. She thinks that Lee Gon was in this world too.


Gon looks out the window of his expensive hotel room. Young says he checked the room. Gon tells him that they will stay here for awhile, I brought enough gold this time. 

Young tells him that they should go back, I can’t protect you well here. How long have you started coming here? Our life does not exist here. 

Gon tells him he cannot empty the palace, but I also cannot come here. you have to help me. I am going back on Thursday evening, but you will stay here. That is why we came together. 

Young tells him that is nonsense.

Gon says that a person is here who should not be here, the rebel Lee Rim. 

Young asks what he is talking about?

Gon asks him to guess what is happening. You saw your look-a-like. In our world, there is a reason to kill Lee Rim and people to make it happen. But we do not have any people in this world. You are the only one.

Young is about to say something but the time stops. Everything stops, an airplane stops in the air. Gon looks around and thinks this is the third time. Maybe it is not a side effect? Maybe it is a rule. What do I know? The pipe, lee Rim, the bamboo forest, I should have protected the forest entrance.

He writes something. Time starts again. Gon tells Young that Lee Rim also goes back and forth like he does. Time stops when it happens and it just stopped. He should know that the palace is empty. But I don’t know if he went there or came back. I have to go back and find out.

Yong tells him okay, prove that time stopped. Gon tells him to looks in his left pocket. Gon checks his pocket and reads the note that says, “Does this prove it?”

Gon tells Yong that there is something that he and I share. If he takes it from me then he is the only one that can open these two worlds. Then we wont have our life in our world side. So, as soon as you see him, kill him. That is the Emperors order.


One of the detectives calls Jo Young and leaves a message saying that they found Luna. The funny thing is that the finger prints match. That is why I called you.

The detective looks at a screen and says that the funny thing is that she is already in jail. We see Luna in a jail photo.


The Prime Minister relaxes with a laser face helmet. Her secretary comes up and tells her that the palace sent a finger print to the NIS, it is a woman’s finger print. The strange thing is that she did not have an identity until now. But now she has an identity so we could search it.

Seo-ryung takes off her helmet and asks to look at it. She recognizes the woman and asks, what is this? Is she an ex-convict? Her secretary says that Seo-ryung should  not know her. She is a convict with a big record. The weird thing is, as soon as she went in, she got out.

Seo-ryung asks how that can be.


Tae-eul drives to the police station and remembers Gon telling her that there is someone who looks just like her. Tae-eul wonders where her new ID is and who is controlling the balance between these two worlds.


The Prime Minister gets ready to go out. She gets a package from her mother and opens it. It is a newspaper that talks about North Korea and how Trump is the president of America? What is this? Monitoring fake news? She throws it on her coffee table and walks off.


Luna gets out of jail. She is wearing the rabbit jacket again and gets out a cigarette to smoke.

She walks off with the rabbit hood on. A car screeches right up to her making her drop her cigarrette. It is a red sports car. A woman gets out with high heeled shoes. It is the Prime Minister.

PM – I see you gain. We saw each other once.

Luna removes her hoodie.

Luna – That was my last one, what are you going to do?

The Prime Minister walks up to her and they stare at each other.

Fade Out


Okay, almost this entire episode felt like filler. But I am still intrigues with the people hoping from one world to the next. it kind of seems like Shin-jae might be from Corea? It feels like they are alluding to that. 

Also, could it be possible that the young Gon from Korea is not dead? he feels like too important of a person for Rim to kill. But maybe it would be too convoluted of a plot for him to still be alive and have two Lee Min-ho’s running around.


[No link 😩]

English Translation

TE – When you first came to my world, didi you like me?

Gon – I liked you

Luna – I am going to kill that ajusshi over there

Gon – You have to catch that person.

Luna  – Get the money ready with the Emperors face on it.

SR – What happened?

Gon – He killed himself first, then he killed me

Woman – You are a miracle baby

SJ – I saw a strange thing

Woman – Use two cellphones?

KM – Use it on an as needed basis

Gon – You are one of those people who lived standing on my fathers blood

Rim – Will I catch him

JY – Remove your hands if you do not want to die

Gon – Am I here?


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  1. No Longer a K-Drama Newbie
    May 8, 2020 / 4:21 pm

    Thanks for the recap!

    This episode did feel a little like filler to me.
    I enjoyed seeing EunSob & JoYoung interacting – he’s so handsome, its always a treat with him on screen.
    I’m in the same position as i was for the past few weeks – im not interested in the unlce, when he shows up, i feel the momentum slow down. Its now clear that he is replacing people between the two worlds but so what and to what end?

    I find myself more interested in our two lovers developing their bond & figuring out the logistics of living in two different worlds.

    The Prime Minister meeting up with Luna – gosh that woman is something else in both the best and the worst ways.

  2. Anonymous
    May 9, 2020 / 9:12 am

    I agree. This episode was a bit of a drag at the beginning… meeting with China? asking the PM for Tax report? I reckon it took almost half of the episode to ‘go back’ showing us what happened before Gon and Tae-Eul reunited…… when she ran to hug him (Awww) but then, it was nothingness? 🙁 The scene was cut straight to them entering the Taekwondo gym 🙁 🙁 Im disappointed with their date though, which was supposed to be THE date, the first date since she admitted her feeling, and they’re now a couple (Aren’t they?)…. it was funny with the shooting game and soft toy, but it wasn’t sweet or memorable?

    Love Eun Seob and Yeong first meeting… Hahaha!

    I still wonder why Lee Rim waited for 25 years for this grand plan (not sure what it is) Gon said Lee Rim isn’t interested in the Crown… only in the bamboo flute, then wouldn’t have it been easier to steal/rob it when Gon was still a little child?

    Another theory I read elsewhere is, it was Gon who went back in time to save him little self 25 years ago, carrying Tae-Eul’s ID#2 that he stole from Lady Noh’s box… but not a complete or convincing theory yet.

    Shin Jae isn’t warming up to me since first scene of him? I just feel he’s very dark and sheepish. I’m just waiting for him doing something real bad to Gon 🙁

    • Ann
      May 9, 2020 / 10:12 am

      I also suspect that one of them time traveled. But my guess was tae-eul. It could also be shin jae. And as you said it could be lee gon himself.

      My other theory is that another parallel universe exists and lee gon’s savior is from that world. How it happened, I still dont know and no guesses yet 😁

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