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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

I am a happy camper because this drama has picked right up! The mysterious case Tae-eul and company are working on is finally tying into the main story line in an intruguing way which is about to join these two worlds together.

And, jeez, how crazy is it to have a person steal another person’s life in another reality!!! That’s terrifying. It’s like, your going about your happy life and then another person comes along and is all like, hey, I like your life and I look like you and have your DNA so boom, its my life now. (I’m into it though!)


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Two people throw ashes of someone in the river. It is the old Prince and Ok-nam. 

VO – It was right after the coup, so 24 years has past.

They come again to this spot.

Nam – Back then and now, the scenery is really good over here. It is too much for the resting place for the rebel.

Prince – Sometimes I was wondering, who was that body?

Nam – Does it still bother you that you forgerized the autopsy report? Back then, that was the only way to protect the palace.

Prince – I know, that is why I did it. Sometimes life goes in a different way than expected.

He thinks about giving the autopsy report to Gon. Then he tells Nam that when they talk about this, one or the other of us pushes the conversation away. Nam chuckles and tells him he should not joke. They both start to laugh. Then she grows serious and asks, what happened, what conversation did you have with the Emperor.

The prince says it was the truth. I am sorry but I hid something from you. That body wasn’t suicide or homicide. That body was not the rebel’s body. Nam is shocked.

Prince – The rebel, Lee Rim is still somewhere.

The camera cuts to Lee Rim developing film. The film is of Tae-eul and Chin-jae.

VO – What if the goal of the rebel wasn’t to become the Emperor, what if it was about the pipe?

Cut to Lee Gon in his palace.

VO – I have half the pipe. He will come to get the other half. So my old head maids guess was wrong.

He leaves.

VO – Jung Tae-eul is not dangerous for me.

Tae-eul is shooting in the shooting range.

VO – I am dangerous to her.

Tae-eul and Shin-jae stop shooting in the shooting range. Tae-eul mentions that shooting fast is difficult right? Then she asks if he got the answer sheet? You should shoot at my bullseye too, okay, so you will get promoted before me.

They change and walk off. He asks her why she joined the violence team and not the main office? All of your friends are promoted already. She tells him that she doesn’t care about promotions. He asks why she always applies for the promotion exam. She mutters it is because all her friends are promoted. But don’t worry, I can get the points in the physical exam. He asks, not the written exam?

She gets a call from the team leader, they have to be at a homicide case right away.


Gon talks to his people about his schedule. His secretary ajumma tells him that they will make his schedule after he rests. He wants her to attend everything from his schedule for him and get the meeting with the Prime Minister quicker. The meeting is planned for tomorrow.

Cut to the Prime Minister finding out that her meeting is tomorrow with the Emperor. She curses wen she finds out from her secretary. She tells him to write a report to him. 

She steps in to her outfit area to get her clothing for her meetings. There are shoes and suits on hangers. But the Prime Minister does not like it because they are all mens suits with pants. She doesn’t want to dress like a man to win in politics and asks for other clothing choices. Then she steps to the side and wonders, how did she win over me?


It is a gruesome scene where the murder weapon is a kitchen knife. Tae-eul goes to talk to the roommate to come with her to the police station. The woman is nervous to come right now.

(You might want to close your eyes for this scene, its gross). They look over the body and the CSI person briefs the cops on what she thinks happened. The victim is all gross and bloody and still wearing their face mask for their skin. The captain thinks this happened with someone she knows since she still has her mask pack on her face. Blood is seriously everywhere.

Shin-jae checks the house and sees a photo of the boyfriend. He also wonders why the murder weapon is so clean. The captain says that the criminal cleaned it to remove the evidence. They think it is the person’s first time killing someone since they did not wear gloves.



Seung-ah briefs Nam on all the people who have met the Emperor. She shows photos of these people and also follows their SNS to find out everything that she can about them. 

They were able to find the palace leak. So Nam confronts her and says that she stole things that belong to the palace and leaked information. You are just like a rebel so who told you to do that!

The maid kneels and apologizes. She tells Nam that she said the Emperor had a girlfriend but she did not steal anything. Behind her stands the security guards. One of them looks kind of suspicious. The nurse says that she was working the night shift that night the Emperor cooked. Of course it is obvious that the girlfriend came.

Nam tells her that she knows she is not lying. But you are still fired. The suspicious officer helps her out.


Then we cut to the officers doppelgänger talking to Tae-eul in the interrogation room. She is the roommate of the person who was killed. She tells Tae-eul that she went to the convenience store because she was studying. She asks who the boyfriend is so the roommate shows his SNS. Tae-eul thanks her for it and tells her not to leave the country right now and to please answer her phone calls.

Shin-jae and the captain are looking on in the other room. They start to investigate the woman to see if she is telling the truth about her alibi. Shin-jae goes to the convenience and says he got the alibi, she was here.

He leaves and we see a man reading a newspaper. it is the right hand henchman to Lee Rim. he looks at Shin-jae walking away. On the newspaper it shows a chairman is retiring.

Cut to the chairman who is retiring, he gets driven off by all his drivers. The new heir looks quietly happy.


Back at the station, the team has to wait 3 weeks to get the CSI results on the homicide case. they all sit around their circle table to talk about it. Then they start to joke about things about the captains wife who is CSI. The captain starts to give them a hard time about getting promoted. He tries to pull the conversation back around to the case and tells them that they have to be undercover to catch the murder. He leaves and they grumble.

So they go undercover and start a stake out. Tae-eul and Shin-jae wait in their car biting on genseng and joking about their snack. Then Shin-jae asks Tae-eul where she spent the money last time. She says that she saved it. It was around $10. She says she saves it every time for double eyelid surgery. He stares at her. She asks, should I not do it? He tells her to save her money.

She jokes that she used all the money for food and then says that she was so pretty back then. She keeps talking about how cool and pretty she was before. He tells her to shut up and mutters that they should go home. She stretches.

Cut to Rose and the other officer walking up the street undercover in street clothing.


The secretary ajumma meets with Gon to tell him about meeting the Chinese diplomats. Gon goes to meet them in his full empire attire. They thank him for rescuing their fishing boat. They talk about trust and thankfulness. China says that they also have a gift, starting next year Korean’s can come to China without a visa. Gon says it is an important historical present to go where you want when you want.



Tae-eul goes to the cafe and is surprised to see Nari look a little different. Nari says that her customers like her hair. She didn’t cut it, she just got a wig because at this time of the year she gets the urge to wear wigs (or get a haircut). 

They talk about Tae-eul not coming home. Nari thinks she was undercover. But Tae-eul says she went to a man’s house who had a big room, I was not undercover. Nari doesn’t really care and sarcastically says, congratulations.

Tae-eul asks her, if another world exists that has another person who looks exactly like you, what would you feel? Nari says that she should kill that person. TE tells her not to say that in front of a police. Nari says that doppelgängers should die, one or the other, that is the rule of the universe.

TE asks, why is that a rule? Nari says it created confusion, that is why. This cafe is enough with me and the taekwondo place is enough for your father. That is enough. We need balance. Why do you think NASA hides aliens? If there are two worlds, then one world destroys the other world. The place that gets destroyed shouldn’t’ be ours right.


Gon talks to his horse and says that they are leaving but this time only to the bamboo forest. A man with short white hair comes up and says he didn’t know he was coming today, his schedule changed? The King says no, he just stopped by because today is a nice day. You can go back to work.

He says okay, but then the camera cuts to a suspicious man looking at the King.


Jo Young susprises Gon by waiting for him in the bamboo forest. Gon says that he should have known it was too easy to leave the palace. Young asks him where he is going? Your cell phone is off. Are you going to go see Luna?

Gon asks who Luna is. So Young tells him that he is tricked. That woman is Not Jung Tae-eul, she is Luna the criminal. Gon says she shouldn’t be. Young tries to speak sense to him and says that the police and gangsters are looking for her together. She commited a lot of crimes. She has not been caught but she has a big history of crime.

Gon asks, so you are saying that there is a woman in our Kingdom that looks the same as Jung Tae-eul? Young says not the same face, the same person. Gon asks, where is that Luna person. Young tells him he should  know the best.

Young also tells him that he cannot go, if you really want to leave then you have to kill me and go there or go with me. Gon says he will pick the first choice. He chuckles. Young tells him he is better at sword fighting.

He pulls his cell phone out and sees a text about not worrying about his time and to have a nice vacation. Young is a bit shocked to see it. This person is Ho-pil. Gon says that he sent a text to Ho-pil. You are going to have a long vacation.

Gon tells him that he will leave his horse here, they cannot have two horses in the city. You don’t read the link I sent you and you wont believe me at all, so I will take you with me to show you in person.

Yong asks, what are you going to show me? Gon says he is going to show him the place between 1 and 0. The person you are chasing and Jung Te-eul are different. I will find that person later.

Gon makes the gate appear which blows Young’s mind. Gon tells him that this is the beginning, we are going to a different world from now.


Hee rim is in his old looking pottery shop. His guards are there with him. An old man comes up and bows. It is the chairman who retired. The son looks at him and calls him a stupid pig. How dare you bow with my fathers face!

Lee Rim is relaxed and tells them that they should be comfortable. We will have a long conversation. The chairman stands (he is the fake chairman) and asks what they are going to do. This is the last stage to get the company. The heir calls him a stupid pig or something but then everything stops.

Lee Rim notices that everything has stopped and says, so you left the palace again.


Seo-ryung sees an image of a reflection in the mirror and gasps and looks around. But that person is not there. She tries to calm herself.

The time starts again with Lee Rim. Lee Rim asks why they keep coming. The heir tells Lee Rim to do something, he is not police at all. He says that this person will listen to Lee Rim.

Lee Rim asks him what he wants to do after becoming the owner? The heir chuckles and ays that they can publicly says that everything is done and he has a long vacation in a foreign country.

The fake chairman is very polite and says that he will do whatever Lee Rim says. The heir yells and complains and says that this guy does not listen to me! I asked you to bring him! But he only listens to you!

Lee Rim tells him that the process will be done safely. But the heir is so bothered and asks why they can’t just do this over the phone.

But then his doppelgänger comes in! The heir falls to the floor. Lee Rim tells the chairman that he should give the company to his son, his real son. The chairman happily bows. The bad heir asks, what are you guys doing! Then he is stabbed by the right hand man.

The son is all like, um? Then he picks up the knife. It looks like he has to kill his doppelgänger by himself. Lee Rim and the right hand man walk out and the doppelgänger son stabs the heir.

On the news, they talk about the company and how the chairman is stepping down and the son is taking over. A man looks at the news from his restaurant. He kind of looks like he knows what is going on.


Nam gets a message from Gon about how he is leaving the palace with Young. She sighs and has to brace herself on the desk and mentions her heart. Then she thinks about the old prince talking about how that body was not the body of Lee Rim. She calls the secretary and the painter to finish the painting. She tells hi that the unfinished painting looks like blood over white clothing and it bothers her.


Tae-eul is sitting at her computer typing her case report about Gon. She thinks about Gon meeting her for the first time. She smiles. She continues thinking about him and erases her case report.

Then she gets home and sees him waiting for her. So she gets out of her car looking mesmerized. He asks how she was? She nods. He asks, where you waiting for me? She nods. That is good, I was afraid, in case you didn’t want me to come back.

She runs and hugs him.


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