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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The King the Eternal Monarch!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Tae-eul gets home and gives her father a big hug. She asks if he was surprised? I tried to contact you but I was Alice in Wonderland. I could not call you or meet you. Did you worry a lot?

Appa – Where you not at home? I didn’t realize that. Just go away or peel all the eggs. Did you go undercover somewhere? I don’t see the horse anymore. Did its owner take it?

Tae-eul sits with a huff and says, you don’t even wonder about your daughter but you wonder about the horse? Let’s not talk for awhile. She starts to peel the eggs. Her father ignores her and starts to talk about the horse owner.

he made him a coffee and talked to him a lot in front of the horse. He is upset that he didn’t even say goodbye. They keep chatting about things.

VO – He said he would be back soon, but he did not come back for a long time.


The police officers continue working on their cases. Rose runs around looking for criminals with the other cops. They are all on foot in a neighborhood with so many alleys. They finally catch him.

VO – I wasn’t even holding my cellphone like I was someone waiting for someone. The Earth is a little rounder now. I was just waiting for him. I have no idea what happened in his world. Because he is someone who lives in the world between 0 and 1.


All the war ships or in the sea, they are ready for war. Gon is on one of the battle ships along with Young and the entire Korean navy. Gon tells the Captain that he wanted to come back to the ship as a retired captain, but he is here as the Emperor.

The general says that he expected him to come like this. Gon tells him that he will be the last one leaving the ship. Please protect the Korean sea. The general says that the Korean navy only fights after we have already won. it is my honor to fight with you.

They raise the Emperor’s flag and they all salute.

The Chinese news expresses their worry against Japan for creating this situation. The Older prince is in China right now looking at the news. His secretary says that they will find an airplane back.

This news is all over the world about Korea and Japan and their protests and conflict. (what the BBC news person says is actually what Japan wanted to do last year in Korea).

the Pro-Japan Korean politicians try to make the Prime Minister look bad in their meetings, but Seo-ryung holds her own. She tells them that the Emperor is on one of the Ships, General Lee’s ship. The men are all like, what?!


The navy soldiers all run to attention. Gon speaks to the general about the waves and the weather. But they talk about how they are going to win this war quickly. Let’s start all the battle ships. Move forward.

All the battle ships start to move in formation. The Kings ship is at the lead.

The Japanese soldiers start to talk about how the Korean soldiers are all moving forward and the Emperors flag is on the lead battle ship. The black flag is the Emperors flag. It means that the Korean Emperor is on that ship. Report.

The Japanese General calls his politicians to retract. But the politicians want to move forward, they will focus on defense not offense since the King is there. So move forward and make the entire world see that the Korean Emperor is running away.


Nam prays to the gods for safety for the King and for the King to win and calm down these heavy winds and waves. she is praying outside in the jangtoktae area where all the food is stored in large jars.

Meanwhile, the pro-Japanese politicians in Korea think that they need to stop this battle, there is no guarantee for safety of the Emperor.


The Koreans tell the Japanese over the loud speaker that they are invading Korean territory. Young thinks things can be dangerous for Gon. But Gon tells them not to defend him, defend the sea. They all say yes.

They prepare even more for battle. Everyone gets their guns and takes their positions on the ship.

Submarines and Aircraft and everything are coming to the area. Young tells Gon that this could lead to war. Gon tells them that Japan is in the territory, a warning shot is their last break. He asks the General if he also wants to stop. The General says he trained for 30 years not to pull back in this situation. I will listen to your order.

They fire the warning shots.

The Japanese go on alert, ‘ish just got real. The Japan General says that means that as soon as we move, they will shoot at us. The Korean emperor is ready to go to war. Another Japanese person says that they are in Korean territory, so this is serious. The general tells them all to stop.

Gon gets word that they all have stopped. Gon tells the general that it seems as if what we want to say has been delivered. Let’s wait a bit more, but not too long.



Tae-eul sits outside and looks at a bag of seeds. She remembers walking through the in-between place with Gon and telling him about it.

TE – I bought this, it was made in the Kingdom of Korea. 

She pours some onto her hand and sprinkles it around the in-between place.

Gon – I told you that this place does not have wind, rain, time, or air. There are no flowers here.

TE – You never know, maybe no one ever planted any seeds.

she sprinkles a few more.

At her house, she plants a few seeds outside in a pot and tells them not to blossom since they are in a different world. Your friends are in a harsh environment.


The Prime Minister tells the people of Korea that the Japanese battleships retreated. She wants to show her respect to the people fo Korea that fought for the country. Japan announced their apology. 

If the same situation comes again then the Kingdom of Korea will honor the international law and try our hardest to defend the country. Until we have a formal apology, we will stop exporting rare earth materials to Japan (Japan actually did this in real life with materials needed for semi-conductors).

Afterwards, Secretary Kim tells her that her approval rating is sky rocketing. She says that God is helping her now that they have this turbulent time. We were too peaceful before.

he tells her that she should wear something more comfortable. She tells him that these are her battle boots (her zebra leopard high heels) she asks him about China. He says that they might go to the palace first for their Visa. She asks what the order was? they should talk about it with me and just send the palace a happy letter.

Secretary Kim says he prepared a present for her, he convinced a soldier to do it. he heard that the palace had a secret guest, the security level went up so no one saw that person. But it seems like the emperor brought it.

Seo-rung says that she saw her. You are right, she was younger but I am prettier. Let them know that I am going to see them in person. Also, you should find out anything about her.


Tae-eul listened to a radio recording from a murder case and heard the news say something about the biggest stadium in Korea, K stadium. But she searched for the stadium and it is not in Korea. There are no details about that.

She listens to another news recording and thinks that something is not making sense. This sounds like news but why did he record news in his mailbox?

The officers all come back from somewhere and wonder why Tae-eul is in a daydreaming like state. Rose asks her if she saw that they have their physical activity exam next week? She says she saw it and asks him if he has experience searching people?

He says yes, I am specialized in missing people.

She tells them that they should find out where Lee Sang-do’s wife is. They probably moved the kids to another school. The boss keeps asking her questions but she doesn’t answer, just just tells them to keep working out and takes the usb to head out.

She goes home and works. But she thinks about kissing Gon and what he said to her about this being proof that he has dated before. She tells him to take off his clothes. he asks, is that your answer? She asks, do you have a strange scar on your shoulder? He asks who told her?

TE – He asked me if I created that wound.

Gon – It is not 100% wrong because it happened while I met you.

TE – Don’t take everything off.

Gon – Hey, what do you want? My heart was beating.

TE – Just two buttons

Gon – My shoulders are too broad for only two buttons. Let’s just stop.

TE – is it luminous?

Gon – if you wonder, why not turn off all the lights

TE – i am not wondering, I just don’t want to get blamed so go away.

Gon – Crossing this line is more difficult than crossing worlds. Okay, I am going so you should have a good night.

In the present, she tries to stop thinking about it and get back to work. The radio says something about a medical program and the director Lee Jung-in. She pauses it and thinks, Lee Jong-in, the #2 Prince. She says all the details about him being the Uncle of the Emperor. She is starting to put all these things together. 

She listens to more of the radio. the stadium is in the North part of Korea (Not North Korea, like they would say in the Republic of Korea). So she realizes that this guy must have crossed over to the other world and come back or might be from the other world).


A palace worker goes into Gon’s office to give him a hairband that someone dropped. Gon sees that this is Te’s hair band so he thanks this young kid for bringing it to him.

He puts it on his wrist and goes to talk to Nam who is making his bed. He says he was looking for her and wanted to eat dinner with her. She tells him that they have a thief in the palace. I can’t find that person, it is so stressful. Did you eat all your food? You are still a little boy, how did you go to war? Should I wait for you to tell me what you wanted to say?

He asks if they still do not have contact from his uncle? She says that he went to a conference and just came back. I told him that he came back safely so that is good and we hung up.

Gon says, you check all my food and clothing and fabrics and people all in this palace to protect me and you also protected the pipe and save it for me. she tells him, of course I had to do it. That night those rebels wanted to have that pipe, so we had to protect it. Of course I should hide it and not give it way. So when we found Lee Rim’s body, I was looking for the other half, but I could not find it. The body was floating around in the sea for awhile so i thought it might have gone back to the East sea King. I relied on the legend and felt better.

Gon says he is also relying on the legend and is waiting on his uncle. Things I tell you are not detailed, but I would like you to find the thief while I look for something else. She bows and says okay.

Meanwhile, Yong finds out that Tae-eul does not have a fingerprint record. he asks if this person was able to catch Luna? the man says not yet, but why are you looking for Luna? Yong tells him it is top secret. Did you get the CCTV.

The man says he has it but he is not sure if he should say that they have it or not have it. There is nothing there. There is no face.

Young tells him okay and then takes a photo of everyone working with Nam. He says it is for security purposes. They all wonder what is going on. Seung-ah tells the woman sorry. The guy asks, why are you sorry? Seung-ah asks how her lipstick color looks? He wanted to take my picture, that is why he took all your pictures.

The guy is all like, nope, that is not it. I know Jo-young, I’m his uncle. She is all like, what?

Young goes to work looking at all the CCTV’s with Tae-eul in them. he also shows several photos he took to one of the prisoners and asks which one is Luna? The prisoner picks Tae-eul’s photo.

He collapses in his seat. the prisoner tells him to find her!



Meanwhile, Gon sits to have his portrait painted. Young waits for him. Gon asks what’s up and he painter asks if he should come back? Gon tells him that might be a good idea.

So Gon relaxes. Young sees a mark on his arm and asks what this is? is it like your shoulder wound? Gon tells him it is nothing like that. It is just a mark that shows that someone has come to my heart. Young sighs.

The secretary comes in and tells Gon that prince Jong-in has come. Gon goes to the pond to meet him. He asks how the conference was. Jong-in tells him that it was ruined since the country was almost at war. He could not focus at all.

Gon tells him to stay healthy, you are the only person for me. Jung-in says that is why my life is longing like this. I hope you do not ask me about it ever. But I knew that you would ask me about it some day. The real cause of death of that rebel Lee Rim. 

Jong-in pulls out paperwork and tells him that this is the autopsy report of the real cause of death. His real cause of death is not murder by the Royal guards. His neck was broken and then he was thrown into the sea. It is strange. The strangest thing is that Lee Rim is a strong swordsman but the body was that of a person with polio. Not only his appearance, but hsi blood type and finger prints were the same (not the same?) I was confused and hid the truth.

Gon tells him that he hid it for a long time. You said the rebel was dead when he was not dead. That is not a small sin.

I know your highness. My life was very difficult. I wanted to end my burden. if you prove that strange thing, can you let me know whose body that was? I wondered about that body for my entire life. I do not deserve it, but I want to know as a doctor.


Rose tells Tae-eul that the mother did not move her kids to another school. Tae-eul tells him to follow up on her whereabouts. Then she jokes with Shin-jae and gives him the shorter popsicle. But he grabs the larger on.

She asks Shin-jae if he trusts her, he says yes. She says that she can’t tell him since he said he trusts her. She has something to tell him but it is too science fiction. If it becomes more like science then I will tell you.


Lee Rim goes to Nari’s cafe store. She tells him that he looks familiar to her. Do you live in this town? He says it is his first time here but he thinks he will come here often. Ii like this neighborhood. 

She says it is nice, you can come here often, it rains a lot. Lee Rim mentions that a typhoon might come.

Then the camera scrolls to  a red photo room with developed images hanging. Someone voices over to be careful because a typhoon is coming and a winter typhoon will bring more damage.

Lee Rim leaves the case and opens his umbrella. We see that his veins are all growing and spreading onto his face. But it doesn’t both him. A little does see him though and starts crying. Lee Rim tells him to be careful. Eun-seob runs to the kid and tells them to be careful. Why are you crying? The boy asks, didn’t you see that ajushi? He was strange and scary.

Eun-seob asks what ajusshi? The boy tells him he should have seen him, I was scared. ES tells him not to talk bad about a person’s appearance. You never know what you will look like later. A little girl says not to say that to your dongsaeng. Eun-seob basically tells them its all fine and to go inside the cafe.


Gon thinks that the what his old maid said was true. i am in danger now. The rebel, Lee Rim, is still alive. And he has the gateway to another world. If his goal for the rebel coup was the pipe. Then I have half of it and he will come to find the other half.


Tae-eul drives home and parks. But then she sees Gon standing there by the cafe. She is super stunned and tears up a bit. she gets out of the car and looks at him.

Gon – How were you doing?

Gon – Where you waiting for me?

TE – *nods softly*

She runs to him and gives him a big hug. he hugs her back.

VO – Her worry was wrong. It is not that Jung Tae-eul is dangerous to me. I am dangerous to her.

Fade Out


The story is heating up! Which is the reason I keep watching this show. I am not into the romance but I am also one of those people who doesn’t need a romance to keep me watching. I still like both actors


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English Translation

Gon – Did anything happen to you?

Gon – Where you threatened?

TE – So those things will happen?

Gon -I am going to hold your hand becuase I need comfort for my heart. 

NR – For dopplegangers, one of them should die.

JY – If you want me to shoot, then I will shoot.

Man – We found Luna

Gon – They have the same face

SR – *gasps*

JI – Prince Lee Rim

Young – I cannot protect you here.

Gon – He should know it already.

TE – If you see that person

Gon – As soon as you see him, kill him

Gon – that is the emperors order.

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  1. Karen
    May 2, 2020 / 7:50 pm

    This series has just hit critical mass.

  2. May 2, 2020 / 8:25 pm

    This drama is going to be the talk of the world very soon I believed Lee and eul acting and other crew member TKEM fighting

  3. May 2, 2020 / 10:34 pm

    Am i the only one who got confused about thr FINGER PRINTS issue in ep 6? The bad uncle death report said that the finger print Matched (eventhough the dead body is from other world). But why LMH and KGE fingerprints cannot be traced in the different world, and they don’t have same fingerprint with the dopplanger.

    • May 2, 2020 / 11:16 pm

      Lee Min Ho’s supposed doppleganger, the kid who saw Lee Rim kill his uncle, was killed.

    • joo
      May 3, 2020 / 8:48 am

      LMH n KGE’s finger prints couldn’t be traced as there are no records in their respective worlds. When the uncle dead in Republic of Korea, they matched the corpse’s fingerprints taken from the corpse itself with the bad uncle’s fingerprints that exists cause he came from republic of Korea

      • Anonymous
        May 4, 2020 / 6:13 am

        But, what about Luna? Luna exists in Corea… how come Tae-Eul’s fingerprint did not match Luna’s?

        • V
          May 4, 2020 / 7:08 am

          I think that is a big plot hole.

          • Adri
            May 6, 2020 / 11:34 pm

            Luna seems to know about Tae Eul though…remember when she appeared for a split second in the backseat of Tae Eul’s car?

            Maybe she knows a dirty cop in Corea that falsified her prints or got them out of the system? Aside from Lee Rim, Luna seems to be the only other person who’s a couple steps ahead.

  4. Adri
    May 2, 2020 / 11:46 pm

    The battleship scenes were so suspenseful!

  5. Anonymous
    May 3, 2020 / 4:46 am

    Thank you for this translation script, and your comment, really love reading them.

    Lee Rim does not give me any fear though? He’s not scary or powerful… maybe not yet? So far, apart from being forever young (Does it mean Gon can be forever young too because of the bamboo flute?), he is either “playing God” by offering people to swap lives and getting their loyalty from it, or a murderer. But, why does he wait until Gon has already grown up, and Yeong has grown up as a capable protector of Gon? Why didn’t Lee Rim gather up his loyal people earlier…. Unless he just recently realised the bamboo stick’s power and the existence of parallel universe?

    Gon is charming, handsome, spoilt (abusing his power, Ha!), confident, but scared of Lady Noh (it’s cute!) but… sometimes he displays “flat” face expression when it should be more? Unless, that is how King’s expression should be. I wasn’t keen on Tae-Eul from episode 1 to 4.. maybe partly due to the (wrong) superficial reason (not as pretty as Son Ye Jin.. I know.. I shouldn’t) and partly due to her facial expression appearing to be blank the whole time? But in Episode 5 and 6, she grew on me…….. I kinda understand and agree that she should have been reserved this whole time, the fact is she met a random guy who said he’s a King and he’s been loving her for 25 years, Haha really??! If she believed that and was sweet and giggly to him from day 1, then something was very wrong with her. Now that she knows who Gon is, she trusts him and starts to grow (or realise) feelings for him… I like how they ended it in Episode 6. She realises she misses him after being apart from him. That’s very sweet and realistic.

    • V
      May 5, 2020 / 9:44 am

      I fel like Lee Rim just has a weight of “what is going on” when he is on screen that makes me alert, lol. i also wonder about the forever young thing. This should mean that Lee Gon is forever young as well I think????

  6. SPDud
    May 3, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    And as they say, now things got interesting.

    It’s starting to dawn on the king that there’s a lot more interaction between the dimensions, and that could pose a problem for those he cares about. If his evil but cool uncle is still alive then Japanese missile destroyers will be the least of his worries.

    We’re at Ep 6 and they’re still laying down backstory? That’s a hint that Ep 18 wont be the last, I’m pretty sure they will set this up for Season 2 so expect a pretty epic journey.

    Ah, the battle scenes. Since when have we seen anything even remotely like this in a K-Drama? It was interesting for the juxtaposition of the players, as the Kingdom’s naval “style” looks like a Western-type military (like the US or Royal Navy), and the Japanese resemble something completely different than their modern-day image (the hats remind me of the Norks uniforms…). The Kingdom certainly has a lot of US-made weapons, so how did things go down in WWII in that world? This only begs more questions.

    I do get annoyed at the Japanese always being the frickin’ bad guys for a lot of Koreans. My God, they’re sitting right next to a country ruled by a insane monarchy with WMDs and who has a horde of underage girls for his pleasure. I get the politics and things a century ago were terrible but enough already, you’re not gonna get an
    apology so just move on. (Sigh).

    Oh Tae-ul, you are so very very cute. This drama knows what it is, and it’s the perfect cross between the two most innovative Dramas in the last 20 years: Goblin and Palace. To that end, Tae-eul does come across like a butched-up Eun-tak. Not an accident, a lot of people critiqued Goblin on account of seeming to make Eun-tak a little too emotionally dependent on Kim Shin. So now Tae-eul (who very noticeably wears a sweater wrapped around her neck like Eun-tak did) gets to be all brave and strong and sure…until she finally sees the King reappear in front of her and she runs like a little school girl into his arms. I loved that scene.

  7. Anonymous
    May 4, 2020 / 6:14 am

    Is it just me… but the more they replay the killing scene when Gon was 8 years old, the more the “saviour” looks like Shin-Jae?

    • Adri
      May 6, 2020 / 11:28 pm

      Yeaaaahhh…I’m starting to wonder about that too. I have a feeling he’s going to visit Corea at some point. It’s a matter of “when” and how it fits into the timeline.

      I’m so excited!

  8. Anonymous
    May 4, 2020 / 6:20 am

    I’m confused with Tae-Eul’s IDs… Can someone help me?

    So, Gon has one since “that day – let’s call it ID #1, and Tae-Eul brought one with her and put it in the box as ordered by Lady Noh – let’s call it ID#2.

    Gon gave ID#1 to Tae-Eul during the Steak and Rice meal made by Gon. Lady Noh discovered that ID#2 was gone, someone stole it. OK, so when Tae-Eul was leaving, she was given back her belonging from the box…… so she was supposed to have 2 IDs with her, right? Did she leave with only 1 ID? She didn’t ask about ID#2?

    • V
      May 4, 2020 / 7:07 am

      I think she left with one ID, it is her very old one (ID#1). He gave her that one because they lost her new one (ID#2). At least, I think that is what is going on. Anyone else have any ideas?

      • Smurfett820
        May 8, 2020 / 8:34 am

        Yes. It had to happen this way because ID #2 has to be stolen in order for the stealer to time travel and save Gon 25 years ago and leave this “hair down” ID #2 behind.

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